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Best daddy cock

I can't remember how I found out about Silverdaddies, but I had always preferred older men. In fact, I had only been with older men and looked exclusively for older men on the one cruising website that I at the time knew about.

I'd find myself daydreaming about older men and looking after them when I was out, even following some that I thought might have been gay, bi or curious.

The first guy I was with I met that way.

The first man I talked to on Silverdaddies was 60 and I could tell by his picture that he had a big cock.

We chatted a few times and agreed to meet. I was nervous. He said he was very aggressive and liked daddy/boi talked and that I had to follow his lead.

My heart was pounding when I got to his building and he buzzed me in. I walked slowly up the stairs, and could hear him open the door to his apartment.

When I got there he was seated on the bed and told me to come and sit by him, which I did.

He didn't touch me then but asked a few questions and I asked him if I could shower. He got a towel and showed me the bathroom and told me that the water nozzle was sensitive and that I should be careful.

I left the door open a bit and showered, making sure I was extra clean for him and couldn't help but stroke my own hard dick and rub my fingers against my boi hole, pressing as I rubbed.

I was scared but excited and licked my lips anticipating him putting his cock into my mouth and thrusting his hips as I sucked him.

I didn't dare cum, because I always like to wait until I'm getting fucked, so that the daddy can feel my hole tighten as he thrusts his cock inside me.

I finished, toweled off and walked out to sit on the bed.

He was naked and sitting on the bed, watching a movie. The guy on the screen had a huge cock and he was kissing another guy. They were both young, about the same age, and I wasn't too turned on by them, though they did have nice members.

My daddy stood in front of me with his cock in my face and I took that as my cue to put it in my mouth. It was such a great dick and big. I licked it from the shaft to his big hairy balls, then slid it into my mouth, going slowly and savoring it.

He grabbed my head and pushed me down onto his cock. I couldn't fit the whole thing so didn't try and continued to suck him slowly and I thought about him stretching my sweet boi hole open with it.

He asked me, "Do you like sucking daddy's cock?"

I answered, "Yes daddy. It's so big."

He took his cock out of my mouth and made me lay down on the bed. He then lay down on top of me and began kissing me saying, "You're so hot. Daddy's gonna love fucking your boi pussy."

We kissed as he laid on top of me, his cock pressing near my whole and it felt so good.

He made me role over. He spread my cheeks and put his face between them. I felt his breath as he moaned and said, "I'm gonna get you nice and wet and ready for daddy's cock."

He flicked his tongue over my whole and I gasped as he continued to eat me out, breathing, "you taste so sweet. You like daddy's tongue."

I could barely talk. He was so hot and my whole body quivered as he ate me out, alternating between quick flicks on his tongue and long licks.

I begged for his cock, saying over and over, "Fuck me daddy."

He kept licking, bringing me too the edge and he moaned, enjoying every bit. I grabbed the back of his head and he pulled my hips so he could plunge his tongue deeper inside me.

He stopped and was breathing heavily. I knew he was going for the lube and condoms.

He rubbed lube on me, put on a condom and rubbed lube up and down his big daddy dick.

He made me lie face down and pressed his cock against my hole. I had only been fucked six times before and only once by a cock his size. He had to be 9 inches and thick.

He went slowly. The head popped in and I gasped a bit and tried to push back instead of squirm away.

"You have a tight hole boi."

"Yes, daddy." I said.

He pushed it in slowly and remained still, lying on top of me so that I couldn't move away. He let me get used to his daddy dick before he pulled it out and put it back in. He started slowly, asking me if I liked daddy's cock.

It felt incredible and I said, "Yes, daddy. It feels so good."

"You want me to fuck you harder?"

"Fuck me daddy. Give me your big daddy dick."

"Youre a good boi. Daddy likes that. You got a good boi pussy."

He liked for me to be loud and I couldn't help but be. His cock went deeper than any before and I could feel it hitting a special spot inside me. He pounded harder and harder, talking all the while and breathing heavily.

I tried to squeeze as he pulled out, to milk his cock, but I could hardly pay attention to what I was doing his cock felt so good, so I just bucked back in time with his thrusts and moaned and told him, "Yes daddy, yes daddy. It feels so good. Fuck me, pound my boi ass daddy."

He pounded for twenty minutes, then rolled me over onto my back, put his arms under my legs and slid his cock back into me. I yelled and we fucked like that for another twenty minutes, before he asked me if I wanted a daddy load. I said, "Yes."

He pulled out, took the condom off and stood at the edge of the bed and stroked his cock, while I sucked on the head. I held my mouth open as he came in bursts, some getting in my mouth, on my chest, my face and on the floor. I sucked his cock, so that no more would drip on the floor.

We finished. I showered, got dress and left, but not before he told me to give him a call if I wanted some more.

I've called him a few times and am to see him again soon and I can't wait.

Best cock I've ever had.

Morning fuck

I was just starting to open my eyes when I felt his cock pressing against my hole. I looked over to see if he was awake.

"Oh, I see daddy wants in my back door."

"Oh, yes he does."

"Well! Daddy you just have to wait a little longer."

"Why are you making me wait?"

"Before we fuck each other we both have to take a shower."

"Do you want to take a shower with me?"

"I sure would like that very much."

"Then afterwards we both have to clean ourselves out on the inside as well."

"Do you want to do that also, daddy?"

"I sure do."

"There, all done now let's go back to bed."

"Now would daddy like to fuck his son?"

"Oh, yes, daddy would like to shove his black cock up his sons white ass."

"Oh, daddy. I want you so bad. My ass is twitching for your cock."

"Turn over and let me get you ready for the fucking you never had. Oh, man what a nice ass you."

"Thanks, daddy."

As he was lubing up my hole his finger slipped into my hole.

"Ohhhh! Daddy, that feels so good."

"You sure do have a tight ass and so damn hot, too."

"Please, daddy, fuck me with your long black cock."

"Oh, son, you're going to get it real soon." He pulled his finger out of my ass. I looked around to see what he was doing. He smiled at me as he was lubing up his cock.

"Oh, daddy! Please fuck me now."

"I am ready now to fuck your tight ass."

I felt the head of his cock starting to enter my ass.

"Oh, damn, you're so tight."

Just then the head slid inside of me. I let out a scream.

"I am going to just hold it in this far till you get use to it, son."

"Ok, daddy, let me get use to your big cock before you go any deeper inside of me."

"Ok, son, you ready for some more of daddy's cock."

"Oh, yes, daddy. I am ready for more of your cock."

He pushed in just a little more and I let out a moan this time.

"Son, you're, getting use to your daddy's cock."

"Oh, yes, daddy, fuck with your big cock all the way."

Just then he started to push in more going so slow to let me get use to his big cock.

"Are you doing ok, son?"

"Oh, yes, daddy. I am doing great just fuck me."

I felt his balls resting on my cheeks.

"I am all the way inside of you now, son."

I felt his cock starting to go up and down inside of me. He would pull all most all the way out of me and then go slow as he pushed back inside of me. I felt his cock getting bigger.

"Oh, son, your daddy is going to fill your ass full of his cum. I am about ready to shot you full." Just then I felt his cock starting to jolt and feeling his hot cum filling my ass. "There, son, your ass is all full now."

As he pulled out of me I felt some of his cum leaking out of me.

"Oh, son, let daddy clean your hole for you." He started to lick my ass clean of his cum. "There, son, you're all clean now."

"Can your son fuck his daddy now?"

"Daddy wants to feel his son's cock deep inside of daddy's ass."

"Turn over and get your ass in the air. Oh daddy I really like the looks of your hot ass." I rimmed his ass real good. As I was lubing his ass up my finger went deep inside of him. "Oh, man, daddy, you're so hot. But you're not as tight as I am."

"Well, no I am not. I have been fucked more than you have."

I was lubing up my cock when he looked back.

"Oh, man, you are bigger now than before."

"Think you can take it daddy?"

"I think so with no trouble at all."

I started to enter his waiting hole. Just as my head started to enter his hole he reached around and grabs my ass. He pulled me deep inside of him with one push.

"Now fuck your daddy real good, son."

I fucked his ass real hard.

"I can't hold off much longer, daddy."

"Shoot your cum inside of daddy's ass."

Just then I started to shoot his ass full of my hot cum. When I was all done shooting my load I pulled out of him. I looked to see if any cum had leaked out of his ass.. Nothing had leaked out. We lay beside each other and kissed and talked.

"Oh, son, that was really great. You sure do know how to please your daddy."

"Well, daddy, you really did please me, too."

"I hope we can do this again."

"I am sure we will daddy."

"You ready to go back to your apartment now?"

"Yes I am."

"As soon as I find me a place to stay I will have you over for a house warming."

"Maybe I will bring a friend or two with me also."

"I would like that."

"Great then let me know then."

"I will."

Caught by dad

It was around 2 in the morning when I reached home. I was horny as hell since I had been not dating for about 6 months. I had had no sex and hand job just couldn't satisfy my 20 year olds' desire. I thought everyone was sleeping and I began grabbing my cock through my jeans, and rushing up the stairs, saying to myself, "It's jack off time."

I lightly closed the door and pushed my jeans to the floor, then my shirt. I turned toward my bed and stripped down my briefs. I lay on my back and started to move my hands up and down my cock. "Uummm Aaahhh It's great. Ooohhh" I made a low moan. I grabbed the gay porn magazines, which I hid it under my bed. I started going through then while jacking myself off.

Suddenly, I heard the door open, "Son." It was dad's voice. I tried to grab the blanket to cover myself but it was too late. Dad saw me. "Ops, I'm sorry, son. I was just coming back and saw your light was on so I thought you might have been sleeping with your light on."

I felt shame and quickly finished covering myself with the blanket. I then hid the porn magazine back under the bed and when I looked up, I saw dad standing in front of my bed. Dad started to take off his shirt and his pants. Soon, he stood there wearing nothing but his low-cut briefs. His briefs seemed to be a little bit small for him. The huge bulge in front of his brief seemed like would burst at any time. I couldn't get my eyes off him and kept staring at his bulge. Then, he walked toward my bed and climbed into it. He pulled back my blankets, which were covering my erection, and I was lying there naked with my hard 7 inches of cock.

"You've got a nice cock, son," Dad said with a grin seeing my hard cock, then continued, "Looks like you want it bad, son." He started to caress my chest and inner thighs softly. "I have wanted to do this for so long, and today I am going to really make love to you, son," He said as he leaned forward and started to kiss me. I felt my body burning as it met my desire.

Open mouth to open mouth, our tongues explored each other. My dad's passionate hands continued to explore my young body. He was on top of me at this point. His left arm was under me pulling my body tighter to him while his right hand was rubbing my buttocks. His hard cock and mine pressed firmly against each other. I reached my hand out and then yanked his briefs off, revealing dad's hard cock. I couldn't see it but I could feel it. It was thick and hairy. I then moved lower and I found his hairy balls. It was huge. I then moved my hand back to his shaft, feeling it swell bigger and bigger. I pressed my body against dad's. Our hot bodies touched, and our hard cocks pressed together sharing the heat.

Dad then stopped kissing and moved to my neck and shoulders. He gave hot, wet kisses, and dad's hot breath made my cock ache from the pleasure in my body. I was overwhelmed with the situation so I laid back on the bed as dad started heading down my body. Dad licked my nipples so they became hard and sensitive. I started squirming from the pleasure so dad held me down at the waist. After that I crawled further up the bed letting dad's head have access to my stomach. Dad then licked the soft hair around my navel, and then he licked a trail down to where he slipped one of my balls into his mouth. He tickled it more and more as I moaned in ecstasy.

"Oohhh Uummm Dad, I want more. Uummm" I moaned.

Suddenly, I felt a warmth feeling around my cock. When I looked down, I was surprise to see dad's wet lips closed over the head of my cock. Dad sucked and tickled with his tongue. He even licked into the pee hole. I bucked my hips from the intense pleasure. Dad then swallowed my entire cock causing it to go down his throat. It was amazing.

"Uummm Ouchhh Dad, I will shoot if you keep doing that. Aaahhh" I grunted as dad sucked me faster and faster. I couldn't hold on any longer. "Ouchhh Uummm" With a loud yell, I shot my hot white cum into dad's waiting mouth. I think I shot too much since some of it dribbled out of dad's mouth and onto his stomach.

"Uummm You taste so good, son," said dad as he moved up the bed to kiss me.

I wanted to give dad the same pleasure as he had given to me, so I moved down to his stomach. Then I could really see his cock. It was red. It was thick and uncut. The foreskin hung heavy over the large purple cock head. I started by massaging his balls and jacking him off. Dad squirmed and moaned, "Oowww My good boy. Aaahhh" I then took his large cock into my mouth and started sucking. I ticked the head and the pee hole with my tongue while rubbing his stomach with my free hand. He started to buck his hips.

I then swept my tongue under dad's foreskin, tasting his pre-cum that had been accumulating under his foreskin. It tasted salty and sweet. I ran my tongued around inside dad's foreskin knowing that it made his cock head swell bigger and bigger, pleasuring the underside of his cock. That made him squirmed and moaned all the more. "Oohhh You did it good, son. I like it. Uummm" Dad thrust his hips upward to meet my mouth while I sucked him. He thrust faster and faster while I sucked him hard and harder. "Son, I'm going to cum. Aaahhh Aaahhh" He screamed. I continued to suck with great force until dad couldn't hold back any longer. He let out a loud scream and pumped spurt after spurt of the thickest, white cum into my mouth. I swallowed it all.

We lay there kissing and caressing each other. Not too much longer and I felt dad's cock hard again. He broke the kiss and then positioned himself at my legs and spread my legs a part. He found my hole and then gently pushed his finger around it. It was wonderful. His finger began to penetrate my horny ass. He did it slowly and cautiously, and then he forced his finger into my ass wildly. It hurt a little bit as he forced his finger inside me, but the pain subsided quickly since I have my sex experience before.

"Do you like that, son? My cock is going to be in there real soon." He said as he lower his head to my ass. With that he began to rim my ass with his tongue. I almost passed out with pleasure and my cock popped straight in the air. Dad's tongue explored every inch of my buttocks and the tip penetrated my hole. It sent electric currents throughout my body. He knew that I was enjoying it.

"Oohhh Dad, please Please fuck me. I want it. Uummm" I begged him. Dad then spat into his hand and stuck his saliva-covered hand into my ass, poking his fingers in the hole. I heard him spit again and the sound of him slicking up his own dick. Then I felt dad's thick cock against my hole. I leapt forward, only to have pulled me back toward him. When I leaned back again his cock plowed all the way up my ass. The pain was temporarily excruciating, but when I heard him let out a loud groan, I knew he loved my tight ass.

"Oohhh Yeah, son, I knew I had waited too long to get to this. Aaahhh Oohhh" He said as he continued to fuck me hard. He started pumping long and hard strokes keeping his thick cock moving in and out. He pulled all the way out, and then shoved it back in again. He kept it up, pulling all the way out and then plunging in. "Ooohhh Son, you got the tightest ass! Uummm" He whispered. Then the rhythm really picked up. He moaned faster, and pumped just as fast. He thrust with all his might.

"Oowww It feels great." I moaned as I reached out my hands and started to jack myself off. I could feel myself cumming, and started shooting all over the bed. "Aaahhh I'm cumming. Oohhh"

I could feel his meat expanding inside of me and all of a sudden he started shooting. "Oohhh God! Baby, yes! Uummm Ouchhh" He yelled as I was filled inside. He shot cum after cum inside me. He pulled out and pushed me on to my stomach. I lay there panting real hard. We lay there for a while, catching our breath. "I'm sorry son, I didn't mean to hurt you but we are not really supposed to do that." Dad said with exhausted breath. He felt guilty and climbed out the bed and walked toward the door and got back to his room, naked, leaving his clothes on the floor.

My first man

I was almost nine years old when I went away to summer camp for two months. I lived in a cabin with three other boys and two counsellors. My senior counsellor was Rob Atkins--we called him Rob. He must have been about 19 or 20, average but athletic build (he taught boating). He was warm and friendly from the first day we arrived, and he was easy to like. He had brown eyes, a thick crop of brown hair, and a winning laid-back smile.

I'll never forget our first shower together. Every week the boys in each cabin showered together with their counsellors. I enjoyed seeing my cabin mates naked, their little dinkies (mine, too) sticking out over their hairless balls. But when Rob dropped his jeans and boxers and stepped under the hot water with us, my heart stood still and then started to race. He was magnificent: perfectly developed body, covered with a light coating of soft brown hair that gathered from his chest to a thick cluster around his navel, then flowed down to a luxuriant bush of tangled curly black hair that framed his dick and balls from above and below.

I'd seen my dad naked once or twice when he'd forgotten to close his bedroom door, so I knew what grown men looked like. I couldn't wait till I looked like that, too. But Rob stirred me in ways that my dad had never done, fine as I thought his generous masculinity looked. I felt a deep churning in my gut and a warm glow beginning to spread from between my legs to other parts of my body. I was transfixed by Rob's beauty, in the full glory of his manhood. I couldn't get the image of him out of my mind after I'd seen him naked in the shower.

I thought about him all the time after that, but especially in those quiet times in the cabin, like when we had our hour's rest after lunch, or when I was trying to fall asleep after lights out. I used to watch for the times when Rob would change his clothes, like when he was getting ready to go down to the waterfront or when he was getting ready for bed. I'd watch him as he took his t-shirt off, then drop his jeans, then step out of his white boxers. He never hid anything from us, so I could visually drink in his full manhood every time he undressed in front of us. He was my hero and I worshipped him every day silently from my bunk.

One day I was alone in the cabin. Rob's jeans and boxers were lying in a heap on the rumpled sheets of his unmade bed. They drew me to themselves like a magnet. I wanted to touch them and be near the things that were closest to Rob's wonderful man's body. I held his jeans to my face and rubbed them gently against my cheek. They were cool and soft, yet rough. The denim smelled of Rob, of Man, and I inhaled deeply, taking into myself his manly scent. I buried my face in Rob's jeans first, then in his boxers, which smelled even more strongly of him. I became aware that my little boy's dinkie had become harder than it had ever been before, and that I was having difficulty breathing. I'd never felt this way before. I started to tremble.

Hardly knowing what I was doing, I pulled my camp uniform off, then my underwear, and pulled Rob's huge (to me) boxers on. My dick was throbbing uncontrollably as it felt itself in the same place where Rob's dick was, all day, every day. Next I pulled on Rob's Levi's and felt my rigid little boycock through Rob's tough yet soft denim, breathing deeply of the scent that rose from his jeans and underwear, and swimming in the ocean of his man-drenched clothes, drunk with excitement, pleasure and unfulfilled desire, losing myself wholly in the erotic power and ecstasy of him.

But the moment came to an unexpected end when Rob himself walked into the cabin and found me in the middle of his sheets, disappearing in a mound of his Levi's and boxers. I was terrified. He didn't get mad, though. He came over and sat next to me on the bed, put his arm around me, and smiled down at me. "Does it feel good?" he asked. "Yes," I said. "Then it's OK," he said, stroking my shoulders and down my back. He gathered me close to him and put my head against the hair on his bare chest (he'd just come back from the waterfront). He stroked my hair and held me close to him, and gradually I relaxed with gratitude, love, and worship. I wanted to stay this way with him for ever.

When he felt I was calm, he said in a low voice, "Come to my bed after lights out tonight, after the other boys have fallen asleep." I could say nothing. I wanted to weep with happiness. The moment passed, and the other boys came back.

After I went to bed, I was in a fever of waiting until I could go to Rob as he'd asked. I thought the other boys would never go to sleep, but eventually they did. I slipped down from my bunk and went over to Rob's bed. He whispered, "Take your pyjamas off." I dropped them on the floor by his bed. Rob lifted the blankets back and welcomed me into his warm nest. He was completely naked. I got a hard-on immediately, he felt so warm and his hair was so fuzzy. He engulfed me in his arms and held me close to his body, gently stroking and caressing my head, my back, and the soft hairless cheeks of my little boy's ass. I was in heaven!

Rob gently took my hand and moved it down till it rested between his legs. He spread his thighs to make it easier for me to explore him. His beautiful big man's dick was still soft. I touched it lovingly, relishing its softness and warmth, worshipping it's mansize and strength. It felt slightly damp, sort of humid. I threaded my fingers through his wondrous thick and tangled bush. "At last, at last!" I thought. I'd been looking at his hairy majesty every night for so long, and now I was tangled in it! I slid my hand down under his dick to his huge warm damp ballsac and cradled his balls in my hand. I heard Rob sigh with pleasure.

I felt his huge man's dick grow strong and hard against my stomach. His dick felt hotter than the rest of him, and as I focused on how strong, hard, and hot it felt against my skin, my own dick got harder and started to pulse in rhythm with my driving heartbeat.

Daddys driving lessons

Hey I'm Hunter and you're reading my 10th story on this website! If you want to comment on it or just talk, feel free to email me at xxilsanslecoeurxxat gmail dot com just mention that you're from here because I post on a lot of other sites. Enjoy!

I was super horny, so I climbed into my bed, stripped out of my jeans, and slid my hand into my boxers. I brought a bottle of lube out, greased up my shaft, and started jerking off as fast as I could, my hand flying up and down the 8' erection. Soon, I felt the tension at the base of my cock begin to loosen, and with a gasp I came in my boxers, thick shots of cream wetting the thin fabric.

'Come on Justin, get in the car!' I heard my dad call from downstairs. I hopped out of bed and came running down, pulling my jeans on as I went. Finally, I had my permit! My dad was going to teach me how to drive, so that I could get my license.

I hopped into the car, ran a hand through my short brown hair, and watched as my dad got into the driver's seat. 'Watch what I do, Justin,' he instructed. 'I'm going to drive us down to the church parking lot, and we'll drive around there.'

'Alright,' I said, adjusting my pants. Already the cum in my boxers was making them stiff and a little uncomfortable. I could smell the scent of fresh cum, but I hoped that my dad wouldn't.

When we got there, Dad had me slide over his lap and take control of the wheel. While I did so, I felt the thick, hard shaft of his cock inside his pants. No doubt about it, Dad was horny. I couldn't help but feel my own penis begin to stiffen again. I pushed aside my arousal and took the wheel, driving just as Dad had showed me.

'You're pretty good, son,' he said, smiling at me. I noticed a distinct bulge in the front of his pants, and I was sure I had one that matched.

Dad must have noticed me staring, because he adjusted his pants to hide the erection. 'Maybe we should get back to the house now'' he said.

'I guess,' I replied.

'What's wrong son?' he asked. 'You drove really well. At this rate, you'll have your license in no time!'

'It's nothing,' I answered, wishing my boner would go away. But thinking about it only made it bigger and harder. I felt a small pool of precum on my skin.

'No, what's wrong?' he insisted, scooting closer to me. One of his shoulders was pressing against mine.

'Let's just go home Dad.'

'I know what's wrong,' Dad said softly. 'I know what's wrong with both of us.' I watched as his hands shifted towards my lap, fingers extended, and didn't even try to move away when they began to caress my penis through my jeans.

'Dad, we shouldn't,' I moaned quietly as he unbuttoned my pants.

'Why not?' he grunted sexily.

'Because' You're my dad!'

'So?' was his breathless response as he pulled my cock out from my cum-stained boxers. 'What if I don't care?' I didn't answer, just let him pull my pants down, revealing my dripping meat. Dad didn't hesitate to take it in his mouth, his warm tongue playing up and down my hard shaft. I moaned and thrusted deeper in his mouth, loving every second of it.

Dad kept on sucking me, going crazy, sucking my young penis like a lollipop. When I came he sucked down my nectar greedily, pulling away to take off his own pants. 10' of thick, hard cock came from his underwear, poking up to his washboard abs. 'Have you ever taken a dick in your ass, son?' Dad asked. I shook my head. 'Good. I'm gonna enjoy fucking your virgin hole.' I went into the back seat and poked my butt into the air, spreading my ass cheeks for my dad's huge cock.

He didn't waste any time climbing over the seat and sticking his tongue into my tight asshole, poking it deep inside. I almost came again as he probed around inside of me, licking every inch of me that he could reach. Just when I didn't think I could take it anymore, he replaced his tongue with the tip of his hard manhood, teasing me by poking and skimming my hole.

Finally, he rammed his huge stick inside of me so fast I didn't feel the pain until his balls were pressing against my ass. I almost screamed as he pulled back out, then rammed it in again, panting lustily.

Dad humped away at my tight, virgin ass, telling me what a good boy I was for taking Daddy's giant dick, saying that he loved me and that he wanted me to feel his love. Which, of course, I did. I felt his love for me with every thrust. After almost an hour of Dad pounding me furiously, I leaned down and told me 'I'm gonna cum, son.'

'Do it Daddy,' I answered. 'Cum into your son's little ass.'

'I'm gonna' I'm gonna shoot!' As he said the last word, I felt his dick twitch as he shot his nut deep inside of me, each shot warm and sticky in my hole.

After about 7 shots of cum, Dad fell out of me, his dick already going soft. Needless to say, Dad and I went for a lot of driving lessons after that day.

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