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Basketball son

I was in the bathroom with my son, Tom. We had just come from basketball practice at his high school. Sitting in those bleachers watching him run around getting all sweaty was really turning me on. I know, hes my son, and thats weird, but I couldnt help noticing his hot body. Hes 18, and about average height. Hes really thin, but he is in great shape. His arms were smooth, and revealed their muscles when flexed. The top of his pecs were visible through the v-neck jersey. His shorts ended in mid-thigh, showing off a good length of his thin, powerful legs. His blond hair was matted to his forehead in sweat, but he was virtually hairless elsewhere, from what I could see. His body moved to gracefully, and he had such determination on his cute, boy-ish face.

When we arrived home, he went straight for the shower, but I was too horny to just let him go, so I followed him into the bathroom, his jersey already taken off. His chest is defined in the way that an active teenage boy develops muscles. He wasnt what I would call a jock, and I wouldnt call him muscular, but you knew he was fit just looking at him. A slight trail of dark hair peeked out from the wide waistband of his jock strap, which itself was only slightly visible above the waistband of his short shorts. His thin, smooth frame gave him a younger appearance, which made him a real nice piece of eye candy. His modesty seemed to prevent him from removing his shorts in front of dad, but I had every intention of making him do so. My cock was feeling cramped, and I wanted my little son help me with that.

We were just shooting the shit, talking about practice. I told him that he looked good out there. He told me he needed a lot of work, but to be honest, I wasnt paying much attention to how well he was playing ball. I corrected him, "I mean, your body looked good out there. Youre in good shape." I reached out and placed a hand on one of his pecs. "Youve got such a smooth body." I moved my hand across his round shoulder and down his arm, feeling his firm bicep. I placed my hand back on his pec, my thumb tweaking his nipple. His face reddened, no doubt in embarrassment of having his old mans hands all over his young body. My hand moved down to his abs, and I rubbed around there for a while, looking my son in the eyes. He was intently watching my hand run over his smooth skin. "Id like to see more," I told him with my firm grip on his shoulder. His face started to show a bit of worry, so I knew Id have to be more firm. I squeezed his shoulder, and said, "Take your shorts down, Tom."

He looked me in the eye, and new the decision had been made for him. He tucked his thumbs into either side of his basketball shorts, and tugged them down to his sock-covered ankles. He straightened up, and I got a superb view of his newly-revealed crotch. The waist of his white jock strap wrapped around his narrow waist, narrowly revealing the line of his pelvic bone above. The pouch was pulled tight against his privates. His dick was outlined in the tight fabric. The two straps on either side ran down his hips and behind, under his ass. My hand was irresistibly drawn to his cock-filled jock. I gently fondled his package, and he gave out a whimper. He was clearly distraught, but he knew better that to question the actions of his dad, so he leaned back passively onto the sink, and allowed me to touch his most private muscles.

His dick was getting harder as I played with it through the fabric if his jock strap. The thick head bulged against its confines, and the shaft was bent to fit inside. As it grew, Tom grew more agitated. His hands tightly gripped the edge of the sink on either side of his body. He was squirming his hips, sometimes away from my exploring hands, and sometime grinding into them. He was letting out curt groans, but I couldnt tell if they were of pleasure or discomfort. But I was getting so hot on Toms thickening member that I didnt stop to ask.

I grabbed his hips and pulled him away from the sink to turn him around. The jock strap straps were pulled tight under his cheeks, making his cute ass stand out. As I squeezed his small flesh pillows, Tom was clenching and releasing them, making them alternately firm then soft. I slid my hand between his cheeks and rubbed it up and down his crack. I pulled him farther away from the sink, then pushed his shoulders forward, causing him to bend over. He gripped the edge of the sink, and his ass stuck out before me. I got on my knees and grabbed his cheeks and spread them apart, getting a whiff of his sweaty pungent ass odor. My thumb pressed against his puckering anus. This is the first time Tom spoke, saying, "Aw, Dad, what are you doing?" I knew I had to be violating him pretty bad for him to speak up like that. He was a straight boy, and he might be okay with me fondling his crotch, but the ass was off limits to him. But not to me.

"Im going to fuck you, Tom," I answered. He had a worried look on his face as he looked back at me fondling his ass. But he knew I was in control here, and he couldnt resist.

I got some lotion out of a drawer and coated a finger with it. I then poked it at my sons rosebud, sliding it into his forbidden tunnel. As I pushed it further into him, he raised himself onto his toes in some small attempt to free his ass from my probing touch. The confines of his boy-ass were tight, but my finger soon found it to be loosening. I pulled out, and slid in two fingers, eliciting a grunt from Tom. I looked at his face, reflected in the mirror above the sink. His eyes were squeezed close, and his mouth was gaping wide, allowing for his sporadic noises. His boyish face contorted as I assaulted his ass, plunging my fingers deeper, preparing his rectum for my hard cock.

After a good finger fuck, his ass was aching for something bigger. I stood up and undid my pants. I stripped my clothes off, watching my sons ass present itself before me. I rubbed my hard dick with lotion, readying it for its voyage into the deep recesses of the boys anus. I reached out and grabbed one of Toms shoulders, and with my other hand, I took my dick and aimed it at his puckering hole. I pulled back on his shoulder, causing him to move onto my dick. He protested, his voice halfway between husky man and squeaky adolescent. But I noticed that throughout this process, his dick remained strained in his jock. He was still getting off on his old man taking advantage of him.

Tom is smaller than me, and his ass was virgin-tight, so I had to go slow when proceeding to bust his cherry with my man meat. His teeth were clenched as he bore down onto my dick. Slowly, inch by inch of my hard dick disappeared into Toms tight rectum. It seemed like forever, but his small body was finally able to contain my massive meat. I dug my hips into his ass, getting my dick as deep as it would go. My basketball sons ass was now mine. I grabbed his hips and moved my cock in and out of his hole, fucking him crazy. I reached around to grab his crotch; his dick was hard, bulging in the basket of his jockey.

Tom took my dick well. He bucked back onto my thrusts, our flesh making a loud slapping noise. He was really getting into this. I quickened my pace, and Toms moans got louder. Gripping his narrow waist, I pounded his virgin ass. He arched his back, pointing his butt out at me, allowing me to really work his anus with my dick. I was thrusting so hard, I felt like I could lift Tom right off the ground. His small body was jarred with every inward thrust.

"Oh, god, Dad," Tom gasped. He ground his buttocks into my hips, burying my cock deep in his ass. Moans and grunts escaped Toms lungs, and he wore an expression of pure exhilaration. As I continued to fondle his genitalia, his vocal exasperations became more intense. "Oh, fuck, Dad! Ahh!" I didnt know if he was crying out in protest or in pleasure, but it turned me on to hear my sons throat utter such exclamations about his dads cock up his ass. I pounded with greater intensity. His ass clenched around my hard dick, his hot adolescent body, taught with sexual energy, turned me on so much. The fact that I had made him appreciate his forced anal entry wasnt lost on me. I had turned this straight jock into a bottom boy.

He still clenched with a mild pain when I thrust my cock deep into his ass, and seeing that face in the mirror, wrought with momentary agony, between moments of sexual delight, put me over the edge. With my next thrust, I began to shoot my seed into Toms ass. Gripping his hips, and pulling him onto my cock, I emptied my nuts deep inside my son.

After catching my breath, I pulled my semi-hard cock out of Toms broken-in anus. He straightened and turned toward me. "Youre a good fuck, son," I told him. He just stared down at my dick, probably thinking about how it was just lodged up his ass. His own dick was still poking at the front of his jock strap. As I walked out of the bathroom, he stripped off his jockey, and stepped in the shower. When he came out, I could see that he had relieved himself of all the sexual energy that I had built up in him. I knew we would make a good team, my basketball son and I.

The foreman

Maxwell Construction Company was building this new community down in South Carolina. We were out in the middle of nowhere--miles from anywhere. Twenty of us were crammed into two sleeping trailers on the job sight. This made for a monastic sort of life, but for the kind of money we were making it was well worth it. Other than the drivers of the rigs, the rest of the men had come up by private cars. As for myself, I had car. I had ridden with Harry Carter in his RV. I was in awe of Harry. He was a big man, ugly as sin, and about as mean as a man could get and still live. Looking at him, I guessed him to be about fifty. He had taken charge of Carter Construction after the death of his father. Even though he was now the sole owner of the firm, he retained his hands on position, acting as our foreman.

I was soon to find out what ever he said--we did! It was like that tired old joke--if Harry said shit the men squatted. Carter Construction Company paid top dollar and his men had been with him for years, they were loyal and used to him, so nothing really bothered them. Since I was the newest of the team and the smallest, I got the job of running all the wiring through the raw construction. It was on that first day that the hazing began. Harry and the boys seemed to delight in giving me a hard time. Harry would creep up behind me whenever he saw I was bending over doing something and goose me. When I would lose my balance and fall, he would laugh like it was a big joke, telling me I should use my little fairy wings to steady myself. It was when he first started calling me "Princess" that I really began to worry. That nickname soon stuck and all the guys all began calling me--Princess.

As much as I hated being called Princess, I had to accept it and begin answering to it--as it now was my nickname. All the guys were pretty decent when Harry wasn't around, but still they all made me feel like I was somehow different from them--less of a man than they were. I suppose when standing next to all those animals I did look different. Standing about five nine, slight build and with my blond hair, next to those hunks I looked more like a boy than a man. Still I was almost twenty-five and I was beginning to bulk up from the work. I had even started going without my shirt to try to get that kind of rugged, tanned leather look the other guys had. I quickly found out this only made things worse. Harry would come up to me and pinch my nipples, asking if the Princess was still a virginhad he found his prince charming yet?

Twisting my nipples and bringing me to my knees in front of him, the guys would gather around, watching Harry's antics and laugh at me. What was even worse, as Harry's abuse continued, the guys were starting to believe I was a fairy. Now at night some of them were even hitting on me, wanting me to give them head. Then hearing some of the guys talking, I wanted to die when I heard that Harry was running this lottery to see which one of them would be the first to fuck my ass. It seems strange to say now, but as they began treating me differently, I actually began to feel different, and began to believe that I was different. I was becoming a crotch watcher and that didn't go unnoticed by the guys. Now when we'd take our breaks, a couple of them would come over and stand with their crotches positioned just inches from my face and start talking to me all nice and softly ask me if I was ready to show him a good time tonight.

When anyone would come up to me, he would put his arm around me and give me a big hug as we were talking. Then the next trick they started pulling was boxing me in and feeling up my ass. There was nothing I could do but accept their hassling and pawing. By the end of the month, I was so used to the groping and being felt up, that I didn't even jump or pull away anymore. I had stopped resisting them. This was when the boys really began getting bolder. Now, in the showers they would run their hands up my ass crack and try to corn hole me with their fingers. One bozo finally came out telling me that if I gave him a little head, it would just be between the two of us. The last straw was when I was in the shower and Jackson took my hand, pulling it to his cock, telling me he could show me a real good time. Feeling that hard rod in my hand, my fingers just seemed to close around it, and I began getting this strange excited feeling in my groin. Then realizing what I was doing, I pulled my hand away and pushed the big lug backwards, and I ran from the showers.

All the way in the shower, I could hear him laughing and warning me that he was going to win that lottery money because he was going to be the first cock up my ass. This was the proof that that bastard Harry Carter was somehow behind all of this. As it turned out, Jackson was the boldest of all the guys and he kept at me day and night. He always seemed to be working at the same place and at the same time that I was, and he would go out of his way to rub up against me or feel me up. To make matters even worse the weather was getting hotter each day and the boys had begun to wear even less clothing on the job. With all the touching and joking now, I had to look at their hard and almost naked bodies, and it had started affecting me more than I was ready to admit.

Then on one of the real scorchers occurred when Jackson and I were working together. He was wearing just a baggy pair of cutoff jeans and his tool belt. Every time he'd stoop or bend, the tip of his monster cock would hang out of the leg of his shorts. There was no way I could stop staring at him. It never occurred to me that he was doing this on purpose, or that he and the others were watching me as I kept ogling his meat. Suddenly looking up into that grinning face of his, I realized they all had been watching me the whole time. He grinned and drawing his hand over his cock, he said it was all mine anytime I wanted it to suck on it. After feeling this rush of excitement that the mere thought, I knew then that I was losing it. I was now thinking of men as sexual objects. I felt I was now less of a man, but somehow that didn't bother me anymore.

With the men running around the project working half naked during the day, that was distraction enough, but at night they would lounge around our trailer in just their jockeys or boxers. I had begun to lay in my bunk watching these rough beautifully sculptured hunks, and I had now had begun wondering what it would be like to be fucked by a man. I had long since surrendered to the feelings of lust and this did not go unnoticed by the boys. To drive me further to the edge, they then began running around the trailer bare ass naked. Now, at night I was surrounded by these naked men lying around with their cocks and assesproudly displayed for me to look at. Now I had started having these crazy fantasies about sex with men. In fact it was so bad, that I was even dreaming about that bastard Harry Carter, who had started all of this shit.

My nights were now a nightmare of sexual dreams. To make matters even worse, the project had begun falling further behind schedule, and we had begun working longer hours. I was nearing exhaustion from the workload and lack of sleep. It was now even affecting the boys, because now they had no free time to escape to the local roadside bar. They were becoming more and more restless--like caged animals in heat. After five weeks of rising at five AM and quitting at nearly ten PM, while working seven days a week, we were all driven to the breaking point. The crew had just finished the shift when I just had to be alone. They only solemn place I could think of was the communal shower the boys had rigged between the two sleeping trailers. They had stretched canvas and boards across both ends of the trailers, forming a low privacy wall.

I knew if I waited until they all had showered, I could have the place to myself. When they were all in their bunks, I slipped out and went into the showers. I was all lathered up when Jackson came in. Tossing his towel over the low privacy wall, he just stood there naked--looking at me with an evil grin on his face. Looking over at him, I saw that hard body of his dusted with red hair and his cock was now standing proudly Moving over to where I was standing, he stood before me with his legs spread wide and his cock touching me, telling me it was time. Knowing only too well what he wanted, I told him to go to hell. He reached out and pulled me close to him. I could feel his hard cock now pushing between my legs.

Now terrified at what was happening, I let out a cry for help and tried to pull myself away. Suddenly, I found myself on my knees--staring at his hard drooling cock. Telling me to just feel it, almost without thinking, I reached out and I took his cock in my hand. It was so alive. Then he told me to stroke it. I had never touched another man before, let alone beat his meat for him, but still I did as he told me to. After a few strokes, he said to put it into my mouth and taste it. Begging him not to force me to do this, he said, "I know you want it boy--and so do you!" Feeling his hand now on the back of my head, he began pulling me closer to him. His hips pushed forward when the head of his cock touched my lips. Then, I just opened my mouth.

As his cock filled my mouth and I tasted his precum, suddenly I wanted him-- I had to have him. Looking up at that red headed hunk, his cock in my mouth he just lustily hissed, "Go baby!" Then he began slowly pumping his hips, working more of his cock into my throat. Out of the corner of my eye I could see Jake standing there watching us. He began moving around the both of us and began stroking his cock. He and the others must have heard me cry out. (My big mistake) Then I heard Jake saying, "If Jackson's going to win the lottery, at least I'm going to get a blowjob! How about you boys?" Suddenly the others were all crowded around us. Then one of the others yelled out, "Look guys, the Princess likes it--he's got a boner!"

"Oh god, no!" I though, "This can't be happening to me!" But as Jackson's cock began working ever deeper into my throat, which seemed to be all that mattered. I heard this chanting, "Go Jackson, go! Give it all to him!" and I just let it happen. When I felt Jackson's body began stiffening, I knew he was ready to blow. When Jackson let go, his monster cock stabbed itself deeper into my throat, and I could feel the hot ropes of cum shooting into me. With each volley of cum, I was loosing any resistance I had. I had now become a cocksucker--I was their cocksucker. Now, each of the boys wanted his turn with the Princess. Suddenly, there was a line of hot, naked men waiting their turn at the Princess. From that point on it was endless, cock after cock shoved into my mouth. With each load of cum shot into my mouth--I wanted more.

Some of guys in line had started bitching about how long it was taking. I felt someone pouring liquid soap on my ass, and unable to talk with a cock shoved down my throat, I realized Jackson was preparing to fuck me. Suddenly, I had this white-hot pain searing my hole and I felt his cock plowing into my ass. While trying to scream, all that got me was more cock down my throat. I was now on my hands and knees with Jackson plowing my ass and Franklin pumping my mouth--it had turned into a gangbang. With my mind whirling and these strange sensations running wild through by body, when a third cock plowed into my ass, I was loose as a two bit whore.

The boys had their bitch to fuck and they didn't give a damn if it was a man instead of a woman. They had a hot cunt and that was all that mattered to them. As for the way I felt about it, they really didn't give a damn. This was what I had been dreading, yet fantasying about---me on my knees, naked, being fucked, and me--willingly sucking them all. I had no shame now at letting these men have their sexual way with me. I had now been reduced to a depraved sexual animal. I wanted to be fucked now--even more that they wanted to fuck me. I soon had lost any idea of how many of them were using me or how many times each guy did. I was in this sexual euphoria and all that mattered was a stiff cock inside me.

It must have been almost midnight when finally the boys had gotten their jollies. Leaving me in a heap, laying there on the wet wooden floor, they began showering as if nothing had happened. They had gotten what they wanted--sexual release. Laughing and talking they headed back to their trailers. They had this newly found feeling of camaraderie--having shared the most personal experience a man can have with his buddies--a gang rape. The last man to leave was Jackson. He stood there naked looking down at me, warning me I'd better say nothing about this to anyone, because it was my word against theirs--twenty to one!

Watching him as he left, I managed to pull myself to my feet. With their cum still running out of my ass, I realized I was never going to be a man again in their eyes-- I was a bitch, their bitch. Cleaning myself off as best I could, I tried to think of what I was going to do next. Shivering from the early dawn air, I headed back to my trailer. I had reasoned that I had been forced into this and I had been raped, but how do I tell myself that I had liked it. I had liked being fucked. I liked sucking cock. Harry had known it all along what I really was--I was a fagot. I had finally accepted the simple fact that I was a whore. Entering the trailer, I found it eerily quiet. These men, I thought, had been my friends. None of them would even look at me or say a word about what had just happened, as I walked past the rows of bunks.

Coming to my bunk and pulling sheet back, I just stood there naked and I spoke out, "Do any of you boys want sloppy seconds?" The roar of approval was deafening. Suddenly, my bunk was surrounded by hot horny naked men and it began all over again. I was fucked front and rear from every position, and by morning, I was so damn sore I couldn't walk. I had gone from a virgin to a male whore when those twenty guys gang raped me and now I was eagerly their bitch. It was Jackson who had bragged to Harry that he had won the lottery and he wanted his money. I just wanted to cry when Harry came to our trailer to tell me he didn't care what I did at night. As long as I was on his payroll, I had to earn my keep working. While I struggled out of bed, he stood watching me with this evil grin as I began carefully dressing, while still wincing from the pain from any movement.

How I hated that man--he had been the one that had made me like this. The slow brain washing of the men, the touching and fondling of my body by his crew, and then finally when his animals raped me. The only thing that kept me going was my hatred towards Harry Carter. We were on the downside of this job now and the guys tried to make it easy for me as they could by helping me with the heavier lifting, and even doing some of my work for me, but at night it was another matter. I was their sex toy to be enjoyed and relished. The boys had even worked out kind of rotation system. I never knew how it worked, or who was next. All I knew was I would be fucked.

After a while, I even began to know how to please each of them. The boys in turn did begin to treat me like a Princess. Somehow, now even Harry had stopped ragging on me, but now that didn't matter. It was true now, I was a whore and I sucked cock. Nothing he could say or do would ever hurt me again. Still in the back of my mind, I blamed Harry for what had happened to me. He was the one that had started it all. He was the one that had made me a fagot. How could I blame the boys? They were just a bunch of married men pent up with raging hormones that needed release, and I was that release.

The crew was now just about finished up with the project. All that was left was the cleanup. I knew the men would be leaving for home and off to their wives and families. My use to them was over. I had been nothing in their lives but a good fuck. They would slip into their old lives, but my life was now changed forever.

It was late that afternoon when Harry had summoned us all together, telling us our next contract was to build a shopping center and we would be relocating the trailers just outside of a place called La Port, Indiana. Then he dismissed us. Well that was it. My life as I knew it was over. When we were back in the trailer, as I was packing my things, I told the boys I didn't think I would be seeing them again. I was touched when they passed the hat chipping in money for me, but not one of them said he was sorry for what they had done to me. That night it was bittersweet as we mated this one last time. Each one of them said how good a fuck I was, or how they would miss me, but no one said the words I wanted to hear. I needed someone to just say he loved me.

I knew I was going to miss them all as I stood there watching them load their cars, and one by one pull away. Picking up my bag, I headed over to Harry's RV. Harry never locked his RV, so I just went inside. I knew he would be over at the project finishing up the last details, so I just settled in the reclining passenger seat and I waited for him.

As the day's sun heated up Harry's RV, I began getting sleepy and just drifted off. Suddenly, I was awakened by the motion of the RV and the bumping of its wheels, as Harry pulled out of the lot and onto the open road.

Sitting up after gaining my composure, I told him he could just drop me in the nearest town at the bus station. I didn't want to work for him anymore. Harry looked over saying that was fine with him. He would drop me off in a few days, but for now I was stuck with him. I didn't want to stay with this bastard an hour--let alone a few days--but I was stuck out here in the middle of nowhere. As we moved down the highway, I kept glaring at that ugly bastard and wondering why--why had he done this to me. There had to be a reason. Then, when he pulled off the main highway and down this gravel road, I wondered what the bastard was up to. I just sat there in the passenger seat watching as we moved off the gravel road and into this wooded area. Then he slowed and we took another turn.

After what seemed entirely too long, he pulled up and parked. Sitting there I could see this small clearing through the RV's window. The clearing had a small creek running through it. It was almost like a little Garden of Eden. Sliding out of his seat, Harry said he was going for a swim before supper and did I want to join him. After my telling him to go to hell, he began stripping. Refusing even to look at him, the next thing I knew, he was out the door bounding naked towards the water. I had to admit he was a beautiful animal, all covered with hair and built like a bull.

As he hit the water, I began to realize how hot and sweaty l was and thinking I might as well wash up, I began stripping. Leaving the RV and walking slowly towards the water, I noticed that Harry was watching me every foot of the way. As soon as I was in the water, he was on me like a little kid splashing and pulling me under the surface. As our bodies touched, I could feel my body begin responding to him.

I kept thinking, this isn't right, I should hate this man for what he did to me. Then I could feel his hard cock pressing against me. Wanting to fight him as his lips pressed tightly to mine and his tongue forced its way into my mouth. My body just simply surrendered to him. Half dragging, half carrying me over to the shallows, I could feel his fingers working into my ass. Damn him I thought, he made me what I am and now he wants to fuck me as his trophy. Pushing me back and lifting my legs, his cock began sliding into my ass, and my body began doing my thinking for me. I wanted that cock of his. I needed him. Pushing me almost double, he began ravaging my ass. I wanted even more of him. When he had pulled out of me and we were washing ourselves off, I moved quickly to him and licked my way down that beautifully hairy body. I took his cock into my mouth and began working that beautiful tool with my throat muscles. I had him so hot; he only lasted a few delirious seconds before I had him shooting his cum into me. I had learned my craft very well--I knew how to expertly please a man-- any man--even this pig.

He was now crazy with lust, and pulling me down, I spread my legs for him, eager to have him deep inside me. This time he was so tender and gentle with me. As he rode my ass, he was in tears and he began begging me to forgive him for what he'd done to me. As his hairy body pressed against me, he lifted his face to mine and we kissed. My mouth was still flavored with his cum as he began this thing with his tongue. Since I was a child, no man had kissed me--certainly not like this. He was almost fucking my mouth with his tongue as he sucked the very air out of my lungs. I wanted to continue to hate him, but he was so loving, so tender and all man. As his cock burrowed even deeper into me, he began doing this wonderful thing with his hips. He seemed to be grinding and working my ass--and it was driving me wild!

When it was over, I lay there in the water with his arms around me and I wondered how this loving man could be the same man that had tormented me all those months. When I began shivering from the early night air, he lifted me and carried me to the RV, saying we would eat and then get some sleep. Dressing only in shorts, I watched as he puttered around his little kitchen fixing us supper. I was thinking how different he looked and acted. He was a different person. With a great flourish, he set out scrambled eggs, sausage, and toast like he had performed a gourmet masterpiece. Then like some provincial French waiter, he held up his finger as if to say the meal needed a special touch, and rummaging around in the refrigerator under the tiny stove, he produced a bottle of cheap wine. I figured this, because the bottle had a screw-off cap, no cork to pull.

It took us just a few minutes to eat and do up the dishes, but the wine was another matter. When we had finished, he led me to the bedroom of the RV. It wasn't the wine that made me go so willingly, I found myself wanting him. After carefully turning down the sheets, we slid out of our shorts and crawled into bed. Not a word was said between us. After giving myself to him, he fucked me most of that night. When I finally did sleep, it was with his cock up my ass and my arms around him. When I woke it was with a start--he was gone. Dashing out of the RV, I was dumbfounded to see him hanging from this tree. His arms were over his head and he was naked except for this sleeveless work shirt and the tool bet around his waist.

It was almost comical to see the tools and then his hard cock standing proud between the tools. Thinking, how, who and rushing over to him he glared down at me saying, "Is this the way you want me Princess?" As soon as I was near him his arms suddenly came down around me and I realized he was just pretending to be tied up. Holding me close to him and kissing me, he said he was going to fuck my ass off. As we fell to the ground, he rolled on top of me and spread my legs over his shoulders. Soon he sank deep inside me, asking, "And just how do you like your new stud my love." Needless to say, for the next two weeks we didn't go anywhere. I had everything I wanted, everything I needed. I had Harry. It was on the way back to La Port that that Harry admitted he had goaded the guys into fucking me.

When I asked why he hadn't just admitted he was hot for my ass from the day he'd hired me, Harry said that in fact, that was the only reason he'd hired me, but I was so damn straight, he knew he didn't stand a chance with me. Going on he said he had to find some way to make me want him. It all sounded so reasonable when he said it, a little warped but reasonable.

Looking over at me and asking, "Did the Princess find his prince charming ye?" Standing and putting my arms around him, I found myself saying, "Now and for ever after." Looking up at me he said simply, "I love you Princess. I'll do my best to make you a good Prince." Putting my arms around him and nibbling on his ear I asked, "Enough to let me fuck you, Prince?". Suddenly we lurched to a stop and coasting over to the side of the road, he dragged me back to the bedroom without saying another word.

Stripping down and crawling on the bed he said, "My Princess' wish is my command." This was unreal and dropping my shorts and crawling up on the bed, I lifted his legs and after spitting on my fingers, began lubing his ass. I could tell instantly that he was a virgin and I began to realize he was giving himself to me. Remembering how it felt to be deflowered, I wanted this to be wonderful for him. Crawling between his legs and lapping and sucking his asshole, I was now hard and ready. Slowly as I began entry, he just closed his eyes saying, "Go baby, make me yours."

Now lust had taken over, and in one sharp push, I was in and fucking him like some wild animal--rutting his conquest. Finally feeling my seed shooting deep inside him and letting his legs down, we lay there joined as one. I licked the tears from his face. Whispering softly to him, "I love you--you animal."

We would have stayed that way longer, but someone was pounding on the RV door. After pulling on our shorts, Harry answered the door. It was this patrolman asking if we were having a problem. Then looking at us and grinning he said, "Now boy you better move along now and don't be pulling off on the shoulder with this rig for no good reason." Giving us a wink then he said to get moving before he gave out a ticket.

Reaching over and stroking Harry's cock, I said tonight I was going to show him just how much the boys taught me. "Baby I'm going to teach you everything I learned." When we finally pulled into the company's headquarters, we could see the sleeping trailers and equipment had already arrived and was being readied by the boys for the next job. Slowing, then stopping and parking, when Harry and I stepped off the RV, the boys were speechless. After the crew had finished circling around us, Harry put his arm around me proclaiming, "Our Princess had found his Prince boys." Nothing was said. It was like I'd said, Harry Carter was a big man and he was as mean and ugly as a man could get, and when he wanted something he usually got it. Harry wanted me and I was now all his--and God help the man who would lay a hand on me.

That was as far as the fairy tail went, even though we were lovers now, I was still expected to work side by side with the men, because everyone on his team pulled his own weight. It was at night we became royalty.

Drunk pops and his slut son

My family decided to take a trip to the hot country of Mexico. It will only be my dad, mum,my sister Meg our babysitter Lina and me. We have traveled everywhere since we were young. We had a week every year to pick where. This time my mums choice was Mexico. We were all very excited to make this trip. Especially my dad, since he loved tequila and drinking coronas. The first couple days it was just getting to know the resort. Eating and going swiming while mum and dad went there own way leaving us with the nanny. It was so much fun. On the 3rd day of this vacation, my mom , sister and nanny wanted to go shopping and just have a girls night out. I had to stay with my dad.

My dad a 37 year old hottie, very muscular and well kept always had time for me. He always would put me on his lap and rub my ear lobes till they were red hot! I dont know why but I think he just loved doing that. I loved it too. I loved being on his lap. This night my dad was drinking his coronas by the pool and I was taking my jumps in the pool by the hotel we were staying at. My dad kept a close eye on me but I was jus too hyper to keep a focus on me. Suddenly, I turned towards my dad and I saw a cute sexy lady talking to him. My dad was smiling at her. I can tell that he was already getting trashed like usual. But he kept flirting with her. I kept looking at them. Everytime my dad would laugh he qould rub his cock, like if he was adjusting his horny cock. The pretty chick kept talking to him , when I saw the bartender give her a drink that dad got her. I was starting to get upset. If my mum would see it , she would be yelling at him. You see, my dad has always been a ladys man. He is very athletic, and looks very good. Its no surprise this bitch was after him.

I kept swimming but keeping an eye on them. My dad never looked towards me to see where I was. But I had to do something. I was seeing the girl getting closer to him, so close that she would laugh and grab his shoulder. oh my , I was getting mad! So I climbed out the pool and walked towards them.

"Hey daddy, im done!" I interupted.

"Hey Bibi, I was wondering where you were!" Dad said.

"Oh is this your boy!!? He is so adorable! I can see where he got the good looks!" She smiled at both of us.

"Yeah he is going to be a heartbreaker alright. " my dad replied.

"Daddy I want to go to the room. Im tired." I said with a sad face.

"Oh c'mon sweetie, jus a lil more. Plus I want to finish this drink.LAst one ok?" he said

"Ok ok, daddy, il go swim for a lil more." I said runnin to the pool

So I left them alone again but kept an eye on them. My dad was starting to get so drunk. His posture was begining to look slump. The chick was just flirting with him and thats when I saw her reach out to dad , grabbing a piece of paper he gave her. She took it and put it in her side pocket. Not too secure, because it was sticking out. And she took a big gulp of the beer and they said goodye. She turned towards me and walked to the side of the pool. She bent down to where I was and waved goodbye to me.I smiled at her and said bye too. When she stood up , I saw the paper fall out of her pocket. she never notcied it. So I reached out and took it. I never told her. So she left and that when dad stumbling yelled out for me.

"Bibi, c'mon. Lets go. Im getting tired." dad said.

"Ok daddy, lets go." I replied.

We went to our room and dad right away told me to go to bed. It was 9 pm. Mum wont be coming back till very late. girls night out in Mexico. So no time soon. I went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. I reached in my fanny pack and I took out the note dad gave her. and it said.. MEET ME IN MY ROOM AT 10. ILL LEAVE DOOR OPEN. IL BE READY FOR YOU IN THE BEDROOM. SON WILL FALL ASLEEP SOON. ROOM112 JASON.

Omg!! My dad was going to fuck her! And I have proof. I always thought my dad was hot. I didnt understand how he would be able too. He was totally drunk. But I was so curious to how he was waiting for her. So I went to my bedrooom and waited till 10 to get up and slowly sneak into his room. Wow, when I walked into the room, he only had a light lamp on. It looked dark . My dad was passed out on the bed. legs spread open with just his white boxers . I was in shock at how good my dad looked. So I slowly got close to him. He was breathing hard. I saw towards his waist and saw the hole of his boxers and part of his cock limp sideways.

I was so nervous. So curious to look inside even more. So I got on top of the bed and I reached in his boxers thru the hole. And I felt his cock. So soft , so warm. So with my lil hands I was able to pull it completely out. like 6 inches limp. His bed head flopping to the side. My dad was sound asleep. For some reason the urge to put it in my mouth came in mind. So my 10 yr old lips leaned in and put the entire head of my dad limp cock in my mouth. It felt so good. I was sucking it with my tongue like a pro. all of a sudden it started getting bigger and bigger. That my hand was no longer able to hold it around. It was so big. 6 inches became 9 inches! Sticking straight up. I loved how it looked. So I kept sucking my daddies cock. I was sucking it from the side, the head, back to the bottom. All of a sudden I felt daddies hand on my lower back. My daddys hand was lowering my shorts. I looked at him and his eyes were still closed. So I continued to suck his cock while he had a full grip of my butt.

HE started to rub my butt. And with one of his fingers he started to go in my crack. I didnt know what he was trying to do, but his cock was so good, and it tickled so I let him. My daddy was playing with my virgin fuck hole. Lil did I know that that night he will be taking my virginity.

" Bibi, you lil slut, I always knew you loved your daddy cock!" he whispered.

"Yes daddy, you taste so good." I said

"Keep sucking daddies cock. Your so fucking good." he said

He moved his finger toward his mouth. Sucked it and placed it again by my hole. But this time he started pressing inwards. My dad was finger fucking me for the first time.

"Mmmmm Bibi, your lil hole feels so good. Why didn't you come sooner to play with daddy?" He asked.

"I dont know daddy, I was scared." I said while sucking on his cock.

"Come here!" he said picking my from my waist and placing my butt on his face and my mouth towards his cock. My daddy was eating my ass out with his tongue while his 10 yr old son sucked on 9 inches of uncut cock! I felt his tongue wiggle in my hole, while everyonce in while I would feel his finger go inside of me. Spreading my cheeks and spitting make it so nice and wet. I was loving the taste of my dads cock. I forgot all about daddy fingering my virgin hole.Suddenly he pushed me off his face and pushing me down to his waist. My dad got up on his knees and put me on all fours like a dog. And again put his face in my butt. Sucking my and getting it so wet. It was driving me crazy. His tongue felt so good. I was smiling!

"Your going to be my lil bitch Bibi! Look at you quivering while I eat you. I think your ready for daddy" he said. He got back up.

He grabbed my hips and pulled them a lil higher. I was still in a doggie position. He pulled my waist up to even out with his 9 incher. My dad was going to fuck me for the very first time.

"You have to be quiet Bibi, this is going to hurt. But just relax and you will be fine baby! He whispered.

"Ok daddy...." I said back.

Suddenly I felt the head of his cock pressure around my virgin 10 yr old hole. He just kept rubbing in up and down, and then pressure in my hole. He would spit again, and just rub back and down. Then again, he would pressure my hole.

"Oh baby, you have such a good looking ass. And this hole will be mine. I will be forever your first fuck. No matter who you fuck next. I took your cherry baby, just like your mother. Im your first." he moaned

Suddenly he pushed in!

"aaaaddmmmmmmmmm!" I moaned.

"shhhh Bibi, shhhhh! Take it relax." He commanded

And my daddy pressed the entire head in. and Just kept it there for a while. Letting me adjust to his intrusion. I wold hear him spit again. And rubbed it all over his cock. And then he would push a lil more.

" hurts!" I whispered.

"I know baby, shhh, you will be fine. Just relax. Baby, you have the head inside you already...c'mon imma push a lil more...ok!" he whispered.

And my daddy pushed more inside. Now it was his head and one more inch inside of me.

"mmmmmmm daddy, it hurts. It hurts. I am relaxing. mmmmmm I like how it feels daddy!" I smiled at him

"Oh fuck Bibi, you look just like you mum! That smile drives me crazy....c'mon...take 2 more inches!" as he pushed more inside

"ahhhhgggg...mmmmmm! Daddy!!! mmmmmmm" I moaned.

My dad had pushed half of his cock inside my virgin tight hole. He rested there for a bit. Rubbing my back and he reached to my shoulders and pushed all 9 inches deep inside!

"There you see baby...."Daddy pushed!

"Agggggggghhhh...daddy, wait....aahhhhhh! It feels so big!" I whispered

And tmy daddy started to take it out slowly and push it back in. I started to get use to it. My daddy was begining to fuck me like if it was mum. He had one hand on my sholder and the other on my waist. Guiding my lil ass to his cock. I can hear his breath deepened and he sped up in the fucking.

"Fuck bibi, your fucking hot. Look at you take daddies 9 inches! Your mom, didn't take it all at once. You lil fuck, you took all 9! Fuck! Your going to be a good lil fuck when mum is not around. Fuck even when she is!." He smiles at me

He kept fucking me fard now.So hard that his balls were slappin my ass too. He was deep inside me. in and out for a while.

"FUck bibi, your going to make me cum. You want daddys milk baby! You want what made you dont you?" He asked me

"Yes daddy, I want all of it." I said back

Daddy started to fuck me so fast the bed started to make noise. He was sweating and breathing so hard. I was moving back and forth. My knees started to hurt. All of a sudden daddy went so deep inside of me and he fell on me and stood still. His sweaty abs were touching my back. Daddy was breating so hard this is when I notcied something different. I felt his 9 inch cock, pump something deep inside of me.

"AAAHHHHHHhhhhh ggggg fuck Bibi, im cumming inside your boy pussy....fuck!! Bibi im shooting inside of you!" dad gasp

But my daddy didn't move. He just rested on my back while his thick cock grew bigger. Ripping my insides to his size. His cock was jerking like crazy. touching something inside me that mademe move my waist towards his cock. My slutty ass was moving so he can go deeper. His cock jerked like 20 times. I felt his cum hit hard inside of me. it was the best feeling ever. My dad, stood back up. He grabbed my waist and began to pull his cock out slowly.

"Dam sport, your a good fuck. I cant believe you came in here to suck my cock. And look , daddy took your virgin hole. Now imma make you a good bitch. Fuck with someone like you, its going to be fun. Dam...all 9 inches in my boy! " as he gliding his still hard cock out.

"Daddy, it felt so good. I want to be yours all the time. I want yout o do it to me every day!" I smiled at him

Daddy was completely out. He pushed me down on my tummy and climbed off the bed. His cock was sticking up. I saw lil traces of blood on it. And he walked towards my face.

"See this baby?" as he grabbed his cock and showed me the blood on it.

"This is the best gift you can give me Bibi, Knowing that I ripped your cherry apart. I took your virginity. And this blood is the proof! Your mine now you lil slut." he said as he sucked the blood off his finger.

I just smiled

"Now get off the bed and hit the shower. Go to bed. Your mum and sis should be coming soon. " he said

Dirty daddy and his filthy family

Physically, my father, his brother and their father my Grandpa dont have a lot in common. Thank God, I dont look like any of them.

Grandpa has a fat and hairy body. He is bald on top with a ratty looking gray hair fringe that hangs in a U-shape round his bald patch. Hes got piggy little eyes, a big, red-and-blue veined nose and a mean little mouth with wet, purplish lips that always seem to be pouting. Behind them, he wears false teeth. Well, some of the time he wears false teeth. Underneath his fat, blubbery neck there are two vast, sagging tits that flop around his distended stomach, which in turn hangs over and almost totally obscures his groin. A pathetic little prick, about the size of a peanut when its un-engorged, flops round a pair of dark, hairy balls that disappear between a couple of surprisingly spindly legs. Hes got hair all over his front, hair all over his back and hair on his ass. The only place there isnt any hair is round his cock, mainly because he keeps it shaved a distinctly odd piece of hygiene on a body that stinks as bad as it looks.

His eldest son, my uncle Ibrahim, is different. Hes as skinny as Grandpa is fat, glabrous as much as his Father is hairy but with a full head of hair. Ibrahim has oddly large eyes, black and anonymous, that sit close together on top of a long, aquiline nose that hangs over a thin-lipped mouth, which never seems to smile. This could have something to do with the fact that Uncle Ibrahim has rotten teeth which, combined with the fact that he never seems to brush them (let alone floss), gives him a breath that would fell a horse in mid-gallop. His chest is concave and narrow, while his stomach is a curious little round ball that almost makes him look like hes pregnant. Beneath his gut, a long, skinny cock and a pair of pendulous, sagging balls swing around, almost down to his knees. If you had to sum him up youd call him a bit scary. And he is. There are days when Uncle Ibrahim walks pretty close to the edge of reality.

My own Daddy, Moishe, has a bit of both of them in him, to coin a phrase. Hes fairly tall, hes got plenty of hair on his head, which he wears in a mullet. Theres hardly any hair on his chest or back but a forest of it that starts below his waist and goes all the way to his ankles back and front. His bush is so dense around his ass-crack that he has to keep it shaved just in order to let him wipe himself without pulling out a handful of hair every time he takes a shit. Like both the others, his hair and his eyes are black. My Daddy has, what people sometimes call, "even features", meaning they more or less match on both sides. But this doesnt obscure the fact that hes butt-ugly. His features are coarse and his mouth looks as if it is fixed in a perpetual snarl. And where Grandpas flaccid dick barely exists and Uncle Ibrahims is long enough to tie a parcel with, Daddys wang is a respectable eight inches or so with a propensity to curve upwards when its erect, pointing backwards into his navel.

Which reminds me to mention that Grandpas cock transforms itself when it is hard. The little peanut in the fat forest becomes a handy rod of iron a good seven inches long when hes got it up. Which is pretty often.

See, the reason I have all this intimate information about my male family members is that they spend most of their time bare-assed naked, sitting round the house, looking at TV, staring out the windows and jerking off in between times until one of them can be prevailed on to get dressed, go outside and grab some poor guys off the streets so they can "express themselves" sexually.

This kind of behaviour has been going on forever, as far as I can tell. Even when Uncle Ibrahim and my Daddy were married to their wives, the women were expected to cope with the fact there were three naked men sloping off round the house, dragging men and boys back home whenever they could to go a few rounds on the living room floor with them. No surprise that none of the women stuck round. Grandpas wife (I dont call her Grandma because I never saw her) gave up on him after the two boys were born. Ibrahims wife lasted about two days and chucked it in and my Mother may her name be praised lasted long enough to give birth to me before fleeing into the night just before one Christmas when the three men decided to rape a Santa Claus they had hijacked from bell-ringing duties outside Macys.

My Mother did leave me one lasting legacy some reasonable looks. Which is to say, I look pretty normal: fairish hair, hazel eyes, 5ft 10 inches tall, slim build and, praise God, not hairy at all. Just average.

One thing I have to admit about my family not one of them tried to molest me while I was growing up. But neither did they try to curb their enthusiasm for rough trade and weird sex while I was around. Oh, dear me no.

These men were so off-hand about their sexual experimentation that they didnt bother trying to hide the tools of their trade. There were always spools of binding tape lying around, waiting to be used on their next victim to gag him, bind his arms and legs or do anything else they saw as adding to their enjoyment. Then there was Uncle Ibrahims enthusiasm for hurting the boys he used to drag home, for which he needed things like clothes pegs, butterfly clips, cigarettes and candles as well as a range of food items ranging from Lebanese cucumbers and marrows (good for loosening up their crappers, he said) to pigs livers and calves heads.

My uncle didnt believe in using things like KY or Vaseline he said they stopped the pleasure he got from direct, skin-on-skin friction when his mammoth cock would surge up some poor bastards asshole.

Grandpa was not as violent. His greatest pleasure was to haul home grown men who he could humiliate by forcing them to do baby things, like crapping in their own pants. Sometimes he would hold little classes where he "taught" men to use baby potties and where he pretended to be their "Mommy", using the threat of a few rounds with Uncle Ibrahim to force them to suckle on "Mommys special titty" the cheesy little prick he kept buried in the folds of fat in his groin. I guess he thought he was adding to his persona as a "Mommy" by dressing up in huge womens sundresses, which, no matter how large their size, never managed to fully cover his bloated body.

My Daddy, on the other hand, was comparatively normal. He just liked shaving all the hair off the boys he brought home and then forcing them to lick and suck on his densely haired cock and balls. He really seemed to enjoy pissing on their hairless bodies and then having the boys piss down his throat. Strange to say, quite a few of the boys he brought home seemed to enjoy this performance. Some of them even turned on to him because he looked so ugly.

A few of the men Grandpa dragged home ended up enjoying themselves and even started to turn on to the old mans disgusting body. Which is more than you can say about the reaction of the boys who suffered under Uncle Ibrahim. When he let them out the door, covered in cigarette burns, bruises and blood, they ran (or hobbled) away as fast as they could.

The really odd thing is that not one of them seems to have ever complained to the cops. Which may have been just as well, since quite a few of the local constabulary were regular visitors to the house where they often joined in the fun. I never saw one of them submit himself to Uncle Ibrahim, however.

It may sound strange to you, but I grew up in this environment without it ever giving me the horrors or even pause to reflect. To me it was all normal and though it soon became clear when I started school that the other boys fathers and male relatives didnt act the same way, I accepted the assurances of my family that these other men were gutless wimps who needed women to wipe their asses. I sometimes watched the grim sport in the living room with a connoisseurs eye but with no real interest or enthusiasm for what was going on.

That changed when I stopped being a legal minor and officially became an adult. On the day of my 18th birthday, the Filthy Family decided it was time to give me a real treat--my very own orgy.

It was decided that my Daddy would take me out to dinner that night for a special birthday meal at my favourite restaurant. To make it a real celebration, Daddy ordered wine to go with the meal and, at the end, he called for a couple of liqueurs to go with our coffee. I had never seen Daddy is such a great mood he was jovial, cracked jokes, flattered me, told me what a stud I had developed into. It was going to my head like the booze and I was close to floating off the ground.

After the meal, we stumbled outside and Daddy frantically waved down a taxi. Two of them slowed down, but when they saw I was pissed out of my mind, they speeded up again and sped off. Finally, one taxi did stop and Daddy pushed me into the back seat and told the driver to take us home. The cab had barely left the restaurant when Daddy was on his knees, yanking open my pants and pulling my cock out. I was so pissed I thought it was hilarious.

Daddy seemed to enjoy it too, because his mouth locked onto my rock hard penis and he didnt stop sucking until we pulled up outside the house.

The front door opened and there was Grandpa and Uncle Ibrahim standing in the doorway, ready to welcome home the birthday boy. Grandpa had especially bought a brand new sundress, covered in a pattern of sunflowers, which hed "adapted" for his special use by cutting a hole in the front, right over his groin, so that his "special titty" was within easy reach. Hed long ago given up the unequal fight to climb out of his drag when the time had come to "feed" his "babies".

Uncle Ibrahim actually looked quite impressive, wearing a pair of long black boots, leather chaps, a leather waistcoat and a leather peaked cap with his sunken little chest, stark white, hairless abdomen and legs and long, pendulous cock, all exposed to view.

"Shit, will you take a look at the length of that guys roger," gasped the taxi driver the nicest compliment I think Uncle Ibrahim has ever received.

"It gets even bigger than that when its erect," said Daddy as he paid the fare. "Would you care to join us inside for a closer inspection?"

"Maybe another day," said the driver. "But, on the other hand, why not?" He pulled his cab right into the curb, got out, locked up and joined my Daddy as he helped to support me up to the front door.

"Welcome home chicken," blabs my Grandpa. "Yeah, welcome home kid," says Ibrahim. And together: "Happy birthday!"

"Hey, this your birthday?" asks the cabby. "Yes, this is my sons birthday," says Daddy. "Hes 18 today."

"Oh, so thats why you were giving him a celebration gobble in the back seat, eh?" the driver laughs.

"Yeah," says Daddy, "its been a long time coming. In fact he still hasnt come."

"Sheesh, you are one funny dude," laughs the driver, who has now succeeded in helping Daddy to bring me through the front door, forcing Grandpa and Uncle Ibrahim out of the way.

Inside the living room I try to focus on whats going on. There seem to be people everywhere. As my eyes adjust to the candlelit gloom inside, I begin to see that there is a familiar line up of old favourite types all over the floor and the furniture: boys with their mouths taped shut, their wrists and ankles bound together, big men in their early 30s and 40s wearing diapers and a clutch of naked, hairless youths lolling about, playing with each others cocks. Ah, home sweet home.

The cabbys eyes are out on stalks and his right hand is already at work inside his blue working pants, giving the trouser snake under the fabric a preparatory work out.

"Son," says Daddy, "we decided to lay on a beef buffet for you so you can decide what kind of fuck you want to inaugurate your adult life with. We figured that youd seen enough over the years to decide what really turns you on, so weve laid it all on so you can make your choice. The only condition is: we want to watch you do it."

The cabby is mumbling to himself: "You lucky boy . . . you goddamn lucky boy."

Its hard for me to decide whether I am still falling-down drunk or whether I have died and gone to Heaven: some weird kind of Heaven, for sure, by Heaven anyway.

"Hey Boy," intervenes Uncle Ibrahim, "dont just go for the soft option. You are never gonna have another first time ever again in your life so make it something you are gonna remember always: go for some tough love, Boy. Kick a few of these soft boys into shape and bugger their pink little asses. Take as many as you want."

"Now just one mother-fuckin minute Ibrahim," says Grandpa. "Maybe hed be happier teaching some of these fine, older men how to do their Number Twos in their potties and how to lick each others asses clean afterwards. Wouldnt you like that precious?"

But it is my Daddy who takes control.

"Son," he says, "Ive laid on this fine collection of hairless boys for you and theyre all horny as hell waiting for you to wash them down with your hot, golden nectar though I suppose some of them would rather drink it than bathe in it. With all the wine weve drunk tonight you ought to have enough piss in you to service the lot of them. And theyve all had their assholes primed and stretched and greased so you can slide that beautiful big schlong of yours into any one of them you like or you can have every one of them fuck you instead, if youd prefer that. Just tell me. Whatever you want, youll get."

"Gee Daddy . . . Grandpa . . . Uncle Ibrahim, I cant hardly speak, I feel so honored by you all," I say, the words fighting to get out through the emotion of the moment.

"Youve all been so good to me, all my life, and now you want to send me on my way as a man with the best damn sex anyone could hope for. But I have to tell you that I want something else not hairless boys, or middle-aged babies or torture victims. Ive know for years what it is I want, and these guys arent it."

There is a stunned silence except for the cabby mumbling to himself by the doorway that "the kids these days are all ingrates, all goddamn ingrates".

Dad breaks the silence.

"OK, Son, you tell us what it is you want and well organise it. If we can, that is."

"What it is I want, Daddy," I begin, "the thing I really want and have always dreamed about, is to be fucked up the ass by my Daddy and my Grandpa and my uncle. And I dont know if you can organise that."

Theres a moments silence and then one big whoop of joy from Daddy, a broad laugh from Uncle Ibrahim and a flutter of applause from Grandpa.

"Son, of course well fuck you up your pretty little ass," says Daddy. "And when weve finished you can have any of these men to service you as well."

"And me too," chimes in the cabby. "Me too."

"Okay, you too," says Daddy. "But first, its a Daddys right to go first, isnt it? The droit de signeur as they say."

And with that Daddy starts pulling off my clothing, throwing them on the floor until he comes to my underpants, which he gently pulls to the ground and hands to my Grandpa.

"Stick your nose into these, Father," says Daddy. "They ought to get you in the mood to service your own Grandson when Ive finished with him."

The team of men and boys in the room is gathering round to watch my Daddy deflower his son even the torture boys are wriggling forward to get a better look.

"OK men, here I go," shouts Daddy, pulling down his pants, flinging off his shirt and underwear and striding towards me with his hairy haunches and legs, making him look like some satyr from mythology.

In a flash he is on his knees with his mouth clamped around my hot throbbing cock.

"Oh my God," mumbles Daddy as he tries to talk with my wang in his mouth, "this tastes like heaven."

"Dont talk with your mouth full," calls out Grandpa ever ready with sound advice. "Dont you ever remember your manners?"

Daddy is guiding me down to the floor where he spreads my naked body out against our blood-red (so practical) carpet. He lifts my legs in the air and presses them gently back against my chest, telling Grandpa to hand him some Vaseline to grease up my twat.

"No Daddy, no grease," I whisper. "I want to feel every millimetre of my Daddys boner as it pokes up my ass."

"Attaboy," shouts Uncle Ibrahim. "The boy takes after me after all!"

"Well, here goes Son," Daddy says. "Im afraid it is gonna hurt without any grease but were gonna enjoy it anyway, yes?"

"You betcha, Daddy".

And with that Daddy grabs hold of his back-springing dick, yanks it forward and guides it slowly and gently into my rectum.

It takes a few minutes but Daddys cock is soon buried deep inside my bowels and he is beginning to pump me solidly as the size of his cock continues to expand. I cant say it doesnt hurt because it does but it is good hurt, sexy hurt. And Im loving it.

The crowd of men and boys is now thoroughly aroused by what theyre seeing and one of them start a slow hand-clap, beating time to the rhythm of Daddys thrusts. Soon all of them are clapping as sweat begins to pour off our two bodies and Daddys furry lower body makes muffled slapping sounds as our flesh beats together.

His thrusts get stronger and harder and his big ugly face is showing how much effort hes putting into buggering the anus of his only son. Daddy moves his body forward a little and lowers himself down so he can whisper to me.

"Im gonna cum soon Son," he says. "Im about to send a blast of hot spunk right into your body so your gonna soon be even more part of me than ever. Oh holy God, here I go."

And with a wail you could hear a block away, Daddy shoots his sperm into my bowels with a ferocious energy thats strong enough to light up New York City.

As soon as he catches his breath, Daddy lifts himself off me and stands up, to the applause of the men and boys crowding round. A drop of sperm hangs off the end of his cock and he wriggles it over my face so that it falls and goes straight into my mouth.

"Well caught that boy," he says, "or, should I say, that man. Now, hows about we finish up with a nice warm, golden shower to make it all complete?"

"Maybe later, Daddy," I tell him. "Give me a golden rain check will you?"

Daddy gives me a big, broad smile and turns towards his Father.

"Okay Father your turn," he says.

Now this, I think to myself, is going to be interesting. How is big fat Grandpa going to manage to fuck me when he can barely manage to put his "special titty" into the mouths of his grown up babies?

But I underestimated him. Instead of trying to mount me from the front like Daddy had done, Grandpa lies on the floor with the help of three of his "babies" while another of them pumps his cock into life.

With the sweetest smile Ive ever seen on his face, Grandpa invites me to straddle his whale-like body and slide his cock up my ass. Which is exactly what I do. And it works like a charm.

I begin to lift myself up and down on his cock and in moments I can feel it growing in size and strength. In a few minutes it is Grandpa who is rising and lowering his bulk from the floor as he pounds his cock into my guts.

The audience is doing is slow hand-clapping routine again, which picks up speed along with Grandpas mighty thrusts into my hole. I watch Grandpas face as he screws it up in concentration, mentally managing each thrust of his cock and controlling the flow of sperm as it rises from his prostate and balls and starts climbing to the head of his cock. Then, with one last gigantic thrust Grandpa spills his load into my twat, mixing a grandfathers spunk with a fathers jizz in the crucible ass of their next generation male.

I climb off Grandpa and his "babies" pull him into an upright position. One of them is asking him why he doesnt do that to them. Grandpa ignores him, pushing his helpers out of the way so he can reach out and grab me by the arm.

"Just one more tiny little detail," he says to me, before falling heavily on to his knees and pulling out his false teeth. "Thish is shomthin real special I wan ya to feel on your firsht day on va job."

With that he plunges his head into my crotch and sucks my cock into his toothless mouth. Its like being sucked by a hot, wet vacuum cleaner and I have to admit it feels fantastic a real step up from being chewed by teeth.

"Oh good stuff, Grandpa," I tell him. "But not right now." And I pull my prick out of his dribbling mouth with a pop.

Daddy walks across to Uncle Ibrahim as he starts to move towards me.

"Ibrahim, you treat him soft, you hear? No burns or hot wax or vegetable dildos on my Son, you hear?"

Ibrahim just smiles to himself that secret, dirty smile of his and comes across to where I am standing. My cock, which had slumped into repose while my Grandpa was fucking me, was back at attention. I surprised myself by discovering that I was actually looking forward to feeling Ibrahims incredibly long pisser make its way up my asshole.

"Im proud of you Boy," says Ibrahim, laying a hand on my cock. "I loved the way you took those cocks up your ass without any goo. Youre a boy sorry, a man after my own heart. And I plan to shove my modest little pea-shooter so far up you itll pass your heart on the way to your mouth. You think youll enjoy that?"

"I know Im gonna enjoy that Uncle Ibrahim," I tell him. "How do you want to take me? Bending over, legs in the air, what?"

He leans forward to whisper in my ear and, for the first time, I become aware hes lost that stinking breath of his. He must have cleaned his teeth in honour of this special occasion. Wow! Im impressed.

"What Id really like to do is to put you in a sling with your arms and legs tied down. Then Id like to take a crap right on your face and put that turd into the freezer so, when I take it out and its all hard and solid, I can ram it up your ass and we can both share the same piece of shit. In fact, youd be able to take a crap with the same piece of shit Id already dumped on you. But I dont think your Daddy is gonna let that happen any time soon."

"Uncle Ibrahim, youre forgetting Im an adult now. I can do what I like."

He looks thunderstruck. "You mean you might like to do that?" he whispers furiously. "Maybe some day soon?"

"Maybe," I say. Let him wait and wonder and thanks for giving me something new to fantasize about.

What Uncle Ibrahim wants me to do is bend over with both my arms and legs outstretched so I look like a donkey or a dog or something, walking along on four legs. Then he stretches my legs out and kneels behind me.

"First thing we gotta do is clean that spunk out of you otherwise your shit-hole is going to be too greasy and my cock will just slide in and you wont feel all the lumps and ridges on my donger as it rams into your butt," my Uncle explains.

So he presses his mouth to my asshole and, using his tongue to probe and clean, sucking as much of my Daddys and my Grandpas sperm out of me as possible. When hes satisfied hes got most of it out, he comes round in front of me and presses his mouth against mine, depositing the two loads of jizz on my tongue along with one or two other odds and ends he found lying around inside my hole. It blisses me out and causes a bit of a stir round the room as well.

"Oh boy, oh boy," I hear the Cabby groaning, "will ya look at the workout that kid is getting? Whata family this is."

Then Uncle Ibrahim is back behind me, his unbelievably long and spindly cock in his hand, ready to start the journey up my asshole. And, my Uncle being my Uncle, theres no pantsing around with gentle little thrusts and timid little pushes.

He lines his cock up with my hole and rams it straight home.

"Fuck me dead," I scream out as the pain rockets up through my body.

"Ill fuck you any way I can get," growls Uncle Ibrahim. My Daddy takes a step forward in case Ibrahim has gone too far but is reassured by the fact that I am whacking my ass back against my Uncles huge long donger as hard as I can go.

The sight of this rough fuck in front of them has been too much for the crowd of men and boys whove been watching my deflowering. Some of them have grabbed their own cocks and are beating them as hard as they can go. Others are doing it with the man standing next to them. A couple of Grandpas "babies" have lost their diapers and are busily ramming their cocks up the asses of Uncle Ibrahims torture boys.

Daddy is locked in a sandwich with two of his hairless boys while another one has climbed up on a chair and is feeding his cock into Daddys mouth. Grandpa has managed to save one of the "babies" for himself and is sprawled out in the corner while the "baby" nurses furiously on his "special titty".

But the best time is being had by me. Im convinced my uncle was right when he said hed push his prick up past my heart it feels like it has grown inside me and is about to start popping out of my mouth. Id sometimes wondered whether it would be best being fucked by a cock that was short and fat or long and thin and now I knew. Thin and really, really long is a blast.

I had been pounded up the ass for almost 15 minutes by Uncle Ibrahim and I knew that he was about to blow. His breath was coming in harsh, hacking gusts and his cock was pounding my ass so fast and furious that my hole was beginning to burn and bleed. One of the "babies" got behind Uncle Ibrahim and grabbed his balls, stretching them backwards and jamming them into my uncles own asshole. The yelp he gave made it sound as if he was about to crawl up the wall. Then, with a mighty yell that turned everyones head in our direction, Uncle Ibrahim shot his load deep, deep into my guts.

The whole room stank of the smell of cum as it splayed out everywhere. Everyone was cuming cuming into mouths, cuming into assholes, coming over faces. Everyone but me.

I wasnt cuming. I needed to hang onto my jizz for just another few minutes.

So when Uncle Ibrahim had finally pulled his big long schlong out of my ass and everyone else had more or less calmed down, I announced that there was one more trick to be turned before I could consider myself a free and liberated pervert.

I lay on the floor and asked my Daddy, My Grandpa and my uncle to kneel on both sides of me while everyone else could look on. When everyone was more or less in position, I told my family that I was about to beat off for the last time in my life.

"From now on, when I cum it is gonna be up someones asshole or in someones mouth or in some other hole in somebodys body," I said. "This, I hope, will be the last time I every beat my own meat. But I want to do it because I want my Daddy and my Grandpa and my uncle to lick the spunk off me after Ive come. Is that OK with you guys?"

My three male relatives nod their heads enthusiastically but Daddy wants to know if Im sure I would rather let him pull my pudding.

"No Daddy," I say. "This has to be me." And I star to wank.

It only takes a couple of minutes and the sperm flies out of my cockhead and drenches me in lovely, white gooey spunk on my face, my tits, my arms and my stomach. Like a team of synchronised swimmers, Daddy, Grandpa and Uncle Ibrahim lunge at me and start sucking the goop off my face and body. They clearly love it and I love watching them do it. And Im not the only one.

"Man oh man, will ya look at those animals?" bawls the taxi driver. "How do ya figure one family gets to live so fuckin disgustin?"

He makes me smile with pleasure.

"Start as you plan to continue," I think to myself. "This is the first day of the rest of my dirty, perverted life."

60 year old first timer

He was 59 years old when I met him 7 years ago. I was 42. Jim was 6 foot and 240 pounds. He was a clean-shaven, fair skinned man with his white hair neatly combed back and had eyes as sparkling blue as a pool of water. I met him while helping a mutual friend, Harold and his wife, move to a new apartment. After the move we all sat in Harolds kitchen for coffee and cake. The kitchen was a bit cluttered so I stood off to the side as we ate, drank and talked. But really, my reason for standing off to the side was to catch glimpses of Jim and simply admire the view of him. He was a masculine, beautiful man. I could see from the slightly opened collar that he had a bit of white fur on his chest. That was the last time I saw Jim until a year later when he was 60 and we helped Harold moved again to a new house.

This time around, Jim rode back and forth with me every time we picked up a load in my truck for the move. As we rode, Jim and I took these opportunities to chat and find out about each other. I had to ding a way to fish out some information about Jims sexual interests and I started by asking him if he had a computer. Jim told me that he knew nothing of computers. I told him about all the things you can see on the computer (porn). Jim told me that he had been divorced for a long time and had a winter home in the Ozarks and came up to Iowa during the summer. This was August now, so his summer was almost over and hed head south about October.

Jim told me that he was retired and did as he pleased. He told me that when he went south that there was this 40 year old, married lady who owned a motel and when her husband, who drank too much, passed out, shed come over and ride his ten-inch cock. My first thought was he was telling me some bull, bragging, as some guys tend to do. He told me that he hadnt had any sex since he came back to Iowa and he asked me if I knew of any ladies that liked to play. He had no clue that I was gay. I told Jim that I played with a couple of ladies, but that I liked to play with guys too. He said that was okay. "To each his own, but I want to meet a couple of ladies to fuck. You dont know of any?" I didnt clarify my statement by telling him that the last time I played with ladies was in my mid twenties in the Army.

I told Jim that I didnt know of any ladies that like to play, but that there was this camera web site called ICU and that you can see couples playing on camera and chat with them and that some would even invite you over to play if you lived near by and hit it off on camera.

That really peeked his interest and he wanted to see for himself. After the move was over, Jim and I sat with Harold and his wife for a couple of beers for a while. And it was a long while, because I couldnt wait to get Jim home and see where it would lead. Finally we got to my house and I introduced Jim to my older partner, Nick.

Nick busied himself in the kitchen while I showed Jim ICU. We went to the straight room, but found no couples playing on cam, just some single, straight guys looking. Jim was really caught up in what we were seeing. Without his knowledge, I switched to the gay rooms, because I knew that there would be guys on camera showing all and playing with themselves. The sight of real people playing with themselves mesmerized Jim. My friend John who was 52 at the time and loved older men hailed me. I said to Jim, "Theres my buddy John. Lets, see what hes up to. Ill turn on my camera too, so he can see me. Is that alright with you?"

Jim said it was okay with him. I introduced John and Jim And John loved the view of Jim. I asked John to show himself to Jim. So John, who was a 510", beefy 250 pounder himself, stood up and had a big, fat, juicy hard on. John asked me to have Jim show himself. Jim agreed, but he simply pulled it out of his zipper. It was soft. I said to Jim, "John wants you to show him the whole package." Jim undid his pants and pulled them to his knees and pulled up his shirt to expose his belly. Jim had a thin coat of soft hair on his belly and he had a heavy, hefty palm full of low hanger below his thick, uncut cock. It was still soft, but started to thicken.

I told Jim that I needed to take a shower and playfully asked him if he wanted to shower with me. To my surprise he said, "Okay." I then told John that Jim and me were going to shower and come back.

As Jim and I started to undress in my bedroom I could tell that he was very nervous. He was shaking like a leaf. As he undressed he talked about some of the women he had and how they liked to ride him. It seemed as if he were trying to convince me that what he was about to do was not him at all. That he was totally straight. I readied the water temperature and turned to watch Jim walk into the bathroom. It was a lovely sight. His cock was somewhat soft, but thicker than before and looked to be about 7 inches. Id say about half erect as he sauntered my way. His balls looked so full and heavy; almost the size of a 14-inch softball. He was so nervous and said, I never did anything like this before. I responded, "Ill do only what you like. If anything I do bothers you, let me know and Ill stop."

As we were in the shower, I was toward the back and Jim was under the showerhead with his back to me. I soaped up the washcloth and washed his backside from head to toe. He was shaking the whole time and uncomfortable spread his legs upon request so I could wash his ass. I soaped up some more and came close to him, my hard cock pressed against him as I reached around him to wash his chest and downward. All the while he was shivering from nervousness and kept telling me about how ladies liked to ride his cock. I washed his balls first and could feel that his cock was hard now. Finally I wrapped the washcloth around his cock to clean it of the sweat he built from moving furniture. It seemed to be as big as he said. He wasnt bragging after all.

I asked him to turn around and as he did so the profile of his cock revealed a ten-inch, fat piece of manhood with a bulbous head the size of a plum. It was beautiful, angry looking cock, reddened from being so engorged and the plum sized head had a purplish hue. I stroked his cock as it was rinsed free of soap and bent to take it in my mouth. Jim leaned against the wall and slowly fucked my mouth as he moaned with each slow penetration. I sensed that he was getting close, so I pulled off and asked him to go to the other bedroom with me. As we dried off he kept telling me about how he hadnt done this and the ladies he knew really liked to ride his cock. This time I believed him about how the ladies liked his cock.

Once in the other bedroom, where the computer was, I asked Jim if I could get my friend John back on camera so that he could see his cock fully erect and Jim agreed. John loved the view of Jim all naked and hard. Jim put on a little show for Jim by stroking himself and he even let me suck his cock while Jim watched. As we did so, John beat off and came for us. I asked Jim if it was okay to take some pictures and surprisingly, Jim agreed, so my partner Nick took some pictures of Jim feeding me his cock in various positions on the bed. After Nick left I asked Jim if I could take some video and he agreed to that too as long as I gave him a copy. So I put the camera on the tri-pod. I introduced Jim to several new experiences that night. I rimmed his clean ass. He loved it so much that he threw his legs in the air countless times. I bathed his balls with my tongue and took his fat, ten inches to its base as he lied on his back. He clasped his hands upon my head and moaned with each stroke to meet my downward thrust. Intermittently I held his cock in my mouth, massaging it with my throat muscles and suckling as he moaned and groaned from the sensation of having his cock so deep in a warm, wet mouth. Couldnt stay there for more than a minute though because I had to come up for air. Ten inches sure can cut off the breathing, but I didnt linger too long. I took a deep breath and went down for more, nestling my nose in his thick coat of downy soft pubic hair.

I asked Jim if he wanted to suck cock, but he said that he wasnt ready for that yet, but he did grab me and stroke me here and then. After an hour of play I decided that it was time to taste his cum. I sucked him slowly and deeply and sensed his impending release as he laid on his back, He started to fuck my mouth, at first slowly as I sucked him, but then he took over clasping his hands on the side of my head and quickened his pace as he dropped his hips and thrusting upwards to deeply penetrate my face. As he did so his hefty sized balls tighten and slapped my chin with each drive upwards. His breathing quickened and his moans turned to guttural groans from his chest. His body tightened as he started to pant and say, "Your gonna get me! Its gonna blow!! Im cumming! Im gonna cum!!" Then, "oooooohhh, aaaahhhh!!" And he gushed and spurted a stream of cum that washed over my tongue and teeth. Then he thrusted into my mouth and held it there as he spurted more down my throat, moaning and groaning as his cock expanded and contracted with each jetty of his sweet, warm cum.

After wards I came up for air to see him relaxed, satiated one damned, handsome smile on his face. I rested myself between his spread legs, resting my head upon his belly as his warm wet, cock shrunk under my chest, while he rubbed and petted my scalp. Not a word was spoken. We simply enjoyed the moment. After ten minutes I told him that I wanted one more taste of him before we dressed. I asked him to roll over. He did so and I dove into his ass for one last rim job. I gave him a good tongue fucking and with each little bit of penetration he lifted his ass up to meet my tongue. His ass was all wet and lubed and I cautiously kissed my way to his neck. As I did so I rubbed the head of my cock against his sphincter and felt his ass raise with each probe of my head between his ass cheeks. Finally I left my cock-head rest against his hole and felt him rise as if he were trying to get me inside him and so I did. Slowly I worked the head of my cock into his ass and let him take it from there until I was in to my base. He said not a word, but simply let me fuck him with slow strokes until after ten minutes of fucking I quickened my pace. Every time I stroked into him he raised his ass to meet me and make my penetration deep until I started to moan and groan and pulled out to cum on his ass.

After cleaning and dressing, Jim stayed to chat with my partner and me. As they talked they discovered that they were classmates in grammar school. Small world.

Jim came back a few days later for more and several times after that. I even got Jim involved in a three way with me and another 60-year-old married friend of mine.

I asked Jim why he did all that with me if he had never done it before. Jim told me that he had never, ever even considered sex with a man until that night. He said that I caught him at the right time. He hadnt had sex in months at the time and the camera action on ICU got him horny. He said that his original intent was to get his rocks off and leave, never to come back again, but that I had awakened something in him that he did not know existed. He discovered that men suck cock better than women and men knew how to satisfy another man.

Jim left for the Ozarks that October and it would be another year or so before I saw or heard from him again. One night he knocked on my door unexpectedly. I asked him where the hell he had been. Jim told me that he got tired of retirement and became an over the road driver and that he had gotten married and moved back to town. He told me that one day his wife was out and the 35 year old neighbor lady asked him to fix his sink, but what she really wanted was to seduce him, so as he was fucking her in the bedroom, her husband jumped out of the closet. It was set up. When the husband showed himself, Jim said he thought he was dead meat, but the husband said, "Can I have some of that?!" (Jims cock). So they had a three way and had been doing so for a few weeks, but Jim told me that he missed my mouth and wanted some more. Jim and I played a few times and even invited my married buddy to join us once. Eventually Jim and his wife moved to Las Vegas. Jim called me up one day to ask me if I knew of any guys in Las Vegas who liked to play. Unfortunately I didnt. That was the last time I heard from Jim. That was about four years ago. I hope he found him self a nice man to play with. Jim never did suck cock while I knew him, but he came pretty damned close. I wonder if he is doing so now. I sure do miss him. He was a very handsome, nice man. He did fuck me on his last visit and that was another first for him.

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