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Dad and me

It was a typicial australian summer ..HOT and humid , it had been one of the hottest summers i can remember , everyday i would try and rush home from school to spend the afternoon drinking a few of my fathers beers and keeping cool swimming in the Pool , i always complained it was too hot but i hated it cold so i never wanted summer to end .

My dad (Robert) and i ( tom) lived alone together since mum died ,it was 3 years ago , she died suddenly in a car accident , it hit dad hard , she was the love of his life but it was just the 2 of us now , doing the best we could . dad worked in the city , he would catch the train to work each morning , stop of for a game of squash or workout with the boys from the office and be home around 6, id try hard to make dinner for us each night and if i forgot dad would order in takeout , My dad was in his 40s , fit , alittle bit podgy in the gut from the beers , short dark hair , think arms and a frown on his face like he was always worried , big think hairy legs from all the sports he did when he was younger , when i saw him swimming in the pool id admire his big think torso and his black hairy chest , quite different from my lean surfers body , blue eyes and a mop of wavy blonde hair , must have got it from mums side, sometimes id see my dads think massive cock through his wet white drunks as he swum in the pool , it would make my cock go hard and id run inside to make sure dad didnt see ...

Today was a particually hot day , so i decided to have an extra beer strip of and float around in the pool untill dad got hone .. laying naked in the hot sun fantazing about sex made me go hard as a rock with noone around to see i fantazized abit more and decide to give my cock a abit of a tug , closing my eyes i dreamed as i stroked my cock only to be suddenly awaken by the words TOM !! tom !! TOM what the fuck do you think your doing? i opened my eyes and there by the side of the pool was my dad , butt naked with the biggest grin of his face as he caught me wanking off in the pool ..Tom you look like your having fun he barked at me , i scrambled for cover only to knock myself off into the water with my legs flying into the air and the roar of my dads laughter .. dad jumped into the pool scooped me up into his arms , messed up my hair and laughed and laughed and laughed .... We sat together on the side of the pool together and he asked me how often i had a wank.

Dont be embarrashed he said , i do it all the time , dad started grabing his big massive cock and started pulling it , "come on son join ya old dad in a wank " i started to relax and tugged at my cock bringing it up hard and wet, well well Tom you sure as hell have taken after ya dad with that cock, when your as old as me it might be this big , i looked across and saw my dad massive cock , i swear it was as thick as his arm , nested in a bush a black hair , now i was hard and wanted to cum.... i threw my head back and started pounding my young hard cock , dad to was pounding his think hard cock ..oh yeah son cum for ya daddy , suddenly dad grabed my cock and a volt of excitment went threw my body , the sensation of someone stroking my cock .... oh yes daddy make me cum... cum for your daddy son , let me see your hot white cumm..

oh yes oh yes , just then a dad let out this almighty groam that made my balls shutter with fury, as i felt my cum build up inside me ready to explode , just then a mass a hot steaming cum started sperting across my chest and face my dad erupted gallons of hot man juice all over me , that was the moment i bucked in pleasure and my cock spewed its young man cum all over my hairless chest .. oh yes daddy oh yess ... it felt like a lifetime as my body bucked and exploded my cum everywhere ... i lay limp and exsasted .. dad scooped me up in this arms , my body lay in this hard hairy muscular arms , he kissed me on the lips as he carrried me into the house and into his room .... wow , i thought what is my dad going to teach me now as he layed me face down into the bed...

Travel to Sicily

My name is Jeff and when I was 18, after graduating high school and before starting college, I went to Italy by myself to do some solo traveling for a few weeks before meeting up with friends later in the trip. I had learned a bunch of Italian in high school, and was looking forward to immersing myself in the language to really learn it. I was nervous though too, as I had never traveled alone, and was going to have to negotiate everything in a language I only knew in the classroom!

I started off in Sicily. I aimed for a small town literally underneath a volcano that, according to my guide book, had a pretty good youth hostel. It was in late May (my private high school graduates early), so there were very few travelers, and I was actually one of the few people at the hostel. I got in late the first day and just wanted to check in and crash. The guy at the desk that night was surprised to see anybody checking in that late and actually seemed excited to have some business. He spoke English well and took a lot of time to show me the place, where my room was, and where I could put my bags. He seemed nice enough, older than me, in his late 30s-early 40s, in shape and just starting to go gray around the sides. He asked if I wanted anything to eat or drink and I was actually pretty hungry so I said sure. He lead me to a small kitchen off the main entrance and actually made me a small sandwich and gave me an orange "Fanta". Fanta was big in Italy I guess. I gulped it down while he talked some more about the town. He was very friendly and put me totally at ease.

In a prolonged pause in the conversation I said, "Well I guess I'll take the keys now and go to bed."

He looked embarrassed that he hadn't given me the keys yet, and handed them to me, saying goodnight. I was the only person in my 8-bunk room and I just put my stuff away and crashed.

The next day I did some sight-seeing, and ended up getting back to the hostel in the late afternoon. I was expecting to meet other travelers, people to hang out with, maybe hit a bar or something, but the only other people there were some hard-core mountain hikers from Portugal that were setting up for a big backpacking trek. Needless to say, we didn't have much in common. I ended up grabbing some dinner from a grocery store and watching TV, alone, in the common room for the evening trying to understand what was being said in the weird Italian game-shows.

As it got dark, I was getting kind of bored. What was I thinking traveling 1/2-way around the world alone? I was plain bored without anybody to hang out with. I heard the front door open and all though I couldn't see anything, I heard what sounded like the check-in guy from last night's voice. I guess he was coming on again for the evening desk shift. He rustled around with a few things and walked into the common room.

"Oh hello!" He said in Italian and seemed pleasantly surprised to see me. I smiled and said hello back. He started talking to me and I thought that this would be a great chance to practice my the very least it was something to do. I told him (in Italian) that I was traveling and where I wanted to go in Sicily and how I was kind of bored and looking forward to meeting up with my friends in a few weeks. He humored me and spoke back in very slow, simple, easy-to-understand Italian. His name was Nico and we were getting along pretty good, he was a totally cool guy and was being really friendly, even offering to drive me at some point to the various places I wanted to see in Sicily! He talked about how he owned several businesses in town and that the hostel was one of them. He took the evening shift here sometimes to go over all the book-keeping. He was into hiking, cycling, and mountain climbing. The conversation drifted quiet and out of nowhere he invited me to a party that his friends were having that night in town! I was actually pretty tired by that point, and despite my earlier boredom, I declined. I didn't want to be all awkward in a room full of Italian people. The thought did cross my mind though that this cool athletic Italian guy might know some hot Italian girls. He said it was my loss and went back to the front desk and I kept watching TV until I went to bed.

The next day I did some hiking up on the Volcano. It was a great day and I was tired and dirty when I got back to the hostel. Again, there was no one around so I ate dinner from the same place I did the day before and started watching TV. Nico came in again that evening and I found myself glad to see him...he was kind of my only friend there. We talked a bit and I mentioned that I was really sore from the hike. He said that he had some well-tested post-hike stretch routines he always did. He sat on the floor near the couch and started to show them to me. I didn't want to be rude and figured it might actually help. So, I got off the couch and sat on the rug next to him, trying to mimic his poses. He had some reverse figure 4 thing going on, with one leg out straight, and the other bent and pulled behind him. I was kind of embarrassed at first because his shorts weren't all that long and stretched out like that they didn't do much to hide his anatomy. I tried to do it with him but I wasn't quite getting my leg around. He moved over and put his hands gently on my thigh and ankle to move it. I didn't think much of it as I figured this was Italy; straight guys hug and kiss and stuff here...when in Rome right? He let his hands linger just to the point where I was feeling weird though and then he let go.

"Good, that's right," he said as he got up, "Work on that a bit and you won't be sore tomorrow." His hand was on my leg though just long enough to weird me out. I started thinking...was Nico gay? He didn't really seem it, I mean, not like the gay guys you see on TV and stuff...all flamboyant and with a lisp. He seemed really manly. But what was with the near-caress and all this special attention? Was he coming on to me? I had never been hit on by a guy before and while my head totally rejected the idea and I quickly pushed it out of my mind...a part of me was strangely flattered! I was as straight as they come, played varsity basketball, and never even looked at another guy before. While I had sex with a 2 chicks in high school, I was looking forward to all the freshman pussy I was going to get in college! I erased any gay thougths from my mind and went back to my room to take a much needed shower.

As I undressed for the shower, I couldn't help but think that if Nico was gay he would probably love to watch me shower. I mean, why wouldn't a gay guy want to hit on me? I was lean, tall, not with bulging muscles, but toned anyway. I didn't have much hair on my body, save for a little happy train from my belly button down to my pubic hair, and I don't know if gay guys like smooth guys or what... wait, what was I thinking! Why do I care what gay guys like or not? I pushed the thoughts out my head and soaped up and rinsed off, letting the hot water cascade off me, lingering a little. It felt strangely good to be naked and alone in Italy with nobody who knew me around for 1000 miles. I quickly pushed more thoughts out of my head about if Nico was thinking about me being naked and alone as well.

After the shower, I grabbed this journal I had bought and went back to the common room to write in it about my trip so far. I was sitting at a desk when Nico came back into the room and said he was going home.

He said, "You really missed a good time last night Jeff, it was one of those nights..." I nodded and did feel pretty bad for not taking the chance to really experience Italian culture and nightlife.

I said, "Maybe next time..I was just too tired." He said sure but then he walked over and did something I completely did not expect....

He put his hand of my knee, ran it up my thigh about 6 inches and said, "Really, you should, I think you would have a great time.." I completely froze. I was totally freaked out.

Nothing like that had ever happened to me before and I barely managed to stammer out a semi-polite, obviously uncomfortable, "Uh, yeah, uh, ok."

He smiled and said, "Ci vediamo Jeff." He winked while he gave my upper thigh a squeeze and left.

I was turning somersaults inside. I was alone in the common room...and I had definitely just been hit on by a gay guy! I went over it again in my head, my emotions all over the place. I had no problem with gay guys but never was made the object of affection by one before! I felt weired-out on one hand but downright flattered on the other. I quickly closed the journal and went back to my empty 8 bunk room. I sat down on my bed and started to put my things away. I had this incredibly dirty but sexy feeling come over me and in spite of myself I started feeling horney! I tried to suppress it but as I was changing out of my clothes to go to bed, and being all alone, having just been hit on...being made to feel wanted. I started getting fucking hard! I couldn't believe this. I wasn't gay! The desk was closed for the night, so I knew that I had the big empty room to myself and I couldn't help but start to give into the dirty sexy feelings I was having. A gay guy, who I'm sure has been with many other guys, wanted my body! I shut off the lights, locked the door, and stood there just in my white briefs. I just stood in the room, getting harder by the second, imagining that Nico was watching me and that he would love to see my big cock that I was actually really proud of. I couldn't believe I was letting myself go like this...I mean, I wasn't gay right??!! No one who knew anything about me within 1000miles and I just went with it. I walked over to one of the other bunks in the room, sort of knelt down on it, arching my back to stick out my ass. I started to pull off my briefs, peeling them down past my little ass until they were around my knees. I bent over feeling the sweet night air swirl around my cock, balls, and exposed ass. That's what gay guys like right. That's what they want...a nice young ass bent over for them. That's what Nico wants right? It felt so fucking hot to have my ass spread, totally naked on the other side of the world, hard as a fucking rock. I rolled onto my back, took my briefs completely off, and spread my legs bringing my knees back exposing my ass more. I let my hand wander down under my balls and it found the place I had never touched like this before. It took about 4 seconds after that, and while rubbing my little ass hole for the first time, alone and naked in a foreign country, I brought myself to the biggest orgasm I had ever had, my hot cum exploding all over the bed spread in a torrent of pleasure. I just stayed there after, quiet and heaving for a minute or two. I was totally exhausted and after flipping over the severely stained bedspread, I climbed into my bunk.

The next day when I woke up, what had happend last night felt like a dream. It didn't even seem real. My briefs lying next to the empty bunk and its flipped bedspread were the only evidence. As the clouds cleared and I got ready for the day I was wondering what I would do if he was working again that night. I didn't know what I'd let myself do if he asked me to go out. I thought, "Shit, of course I'd never do anything with another guy, I'm not gay!" But I also found myself thinking, in a very quiet, distant, but real part of my mind..."No one here knows me, no one could find anything out, and you only live once right...?"

Sure enough, after another day of hiking and site-seeing, after some quick eats and a shower I was watching TV as Nico came on for his evening shift. He started casually chatting again and even though I was nervous as hell I tried to play it cool, like the hand on the leg thing last didn't freak me out. After a while, he said, "Hey Jeff, so my friends and I are going out again tonight...I REALLY think you should come." He almost had a knowing twinkle in his eye or something. I felt a lump in my it was, what was I going to do? A gay was asking me to go out for who the hell knows what... and what was that look in his eye?

My rational side jumped out first and I started to back out saying, "Well, I don't have anything to wear, just travel clothes." Which was true. The dark quiet side was pissed at me and I almost hoped he wouldn't let that sit. He didn't.

He said, "That's no excuse Jeff." He walked over to the couch and grabbed my arm. "You can borrow something from me my young friend." He caught me, taking away my only excuse.

"Oh I really don't want to be a burden..." I stammered.

"Relax," he said, again with that knowing twinkle, "You're going to have a good time". He locked up the desk and we left the hostel.

He took me to his place. I had the biggest butterflies of my life, especially when we were actually walking up the stairs to his place and I walked into the door that he held open for me. It was this huge stucco town-house type place with marble floors and clearly expensive leather furniture. You walked up to the main level on the second floor.

He was really nice, not assuming anything at all, and asked if I would like a drink. He mixed me something very strong and said that he was going to go take a shower and that I should go to his closet in the master bedroom on the third floor and pick out anything I'd like to wear. He said my jeans were kind of beat up and that he should have a bunch of things that I could try. He really set me at ease and after a few sips of whatever fuming concoction he made me, I was feeling pretty good. He walked down a hall and disappeared around a corner. I heard the shower go on and I wandered upstairs into his huge bedroom...a bedroom that took up the entire third floor. I let myself into the walk-in closet and starting flipping through his things. The shower was running and so I seemed to have the place to myself for the moment.

I unbuttoned my shirt and let it hang open on my shoulders. The night air felt cool on my bare chest. I undid my belt buckle and top jeans button and unzipped them, letting them hang open. I took a huge swig of the drink and let my shirt fall to the ground. The drink was really strong and I was pretty buzzed at this point, if not downright drunk. I started to flip through his clothes and my jeans just sort of fell off me as I walked deeper into the closet. I had that "drunk and taking off my clothes feeling" and it felt great. All of a sudden Nico was there in the closet door! He was wearing a towel around his waist and was dripping from the shower...which was still running downstairs.

"I forgot my shampoo" he said, with a little smirk. I instinctively pulled whatever I was holding off the rack, it happened to be a pair of leather pants, over to cover myself and got completely flushed. He was totally well built, tan, much more muscular than me. He commanded a very manly presence and made me feel kind of shrimp. He asked if I was having trouble and just came over to where I was. I held the pants I had in my hands over myself reflexively but the first thing he did was take them away from me saying, in English, "Those wont fit..." leaving me exposed in nothing but my underpants. I couldn't believe what was happening, I was standing there in another man's closet, in nothing but my underwear, while he wore nothing but a towel. I was almost shivering with nerves and excitement. I just stood stock still, blushing, looking at the ground, and he non-chalantly flipped through his clothes, water beading on his toned and tan body, inches away from me. He sighed and shook his head, and then turned to me and actually put his hand on my hip. I gulped at this touch, still staring at the ground. He then ran his hand slowly up my side saying seductively...

"Why you are so thin my young man?" He faced me head on and put both hands on my hips...sizing me up..."And such a small waist...I don't think I have anything to fit you." He stood right in front of me, holding me at my waist, letting his hands rub up and down my sides and back. My cock couldn't help but start to grow and did it grow fast! Another man was feasting on the sight of my young body and it so turned me on. He looked down to my groin, watching as my meaty cock grew under my briefs right before his eyes. I gulped down another huge swig of the drink and I slowly looked up at him, blushing and sheepish, and bit my lower lip. He smiled a dirty smile, and without a word, he slipped his hand over my huge bulge and started to rub it, define it through the thin fabric. I closed my eyes put my head back and let out a deep sigh. Another man was touching my cock and I couldn't believe how badly I wanted it! It was feeling so dirty but so good to have this older man making me feel like a total sex object. He ran his hand up my chest and started to put his fingers into my mouth. I kept my eyes closed and instinctively started to suck on his fingers, while his other hand reached back to my cloth-covered cock. I was going with it completely and was going to let this older man do whatever he wanted to me...have his way with me.

All of a sudden he said, "I saw what you in your room last night Jeff" he said. "I was watching you through a peep-hole I have set up in that room...that's why I put you in that big empty room at the end of the hall, to keep my eye on you..." I couldn't believe it...he had seen the whole thing! He probably was watching me in the shower and had seen me completely spread open, pleasuring myself and playing with my ass! A hot wave of embarrassment came over me and I kept my eyes shut, sucking on his fingers even harder. "You're just a dirty American boy aren't you Jeff? I knew that from the moment I saw you."

"Yes Nico..." I stammered, drool dripping out of my mouth as he slid his wet fingers in and out.

"I think you want to see how I have fun with young American boys Jeff....Do you want to be dirty tonight Jeff...Dirty like you were last night on the bunk?" I felt pre-cum starting to stain my briefs as he spoke to me like this.

"Yes Nico..." I said, " saw me.." I couldn't believe how fucking sexy this was to me and how badly I wanted to be this older man's dirty young slut.

"Yes, I saw you were very dirty. And you're going to be even dirtier tonight. walk slowly over to that couch in the corner Jeff." Nico said. "Slide down your little briefs just to your knees and get on all fours facing the back of the couch like you did last night." He slipped his wet fingers out of my mouth and moved to the side to let me walk past. I walked slowly towards the couch, a black leather one, a hot wave of dirtiness flowing over me, my heart skipping beats, and palms sweating. He was talking to me in the firm, confident way, controlling and seductive at the same time. I was hypnotized. I reached the couch and and leaned into it, arching my back and thrusting out my 18 year old little ass, just as I did last night.

"Mmmm, you have such a sweet little boy's ass Jeff," said Nico. I put one knee on the shiny leather cushion and looked over my shoulder as I slowly slid my tight briefs down past my smooth little ass. "That's right Jeff." said Nico, a huge bulge beginning to show under his towel. "Leave those sexy underpants around your knees. You're being such a good dirty boy for me." My heart was in my throat and I climbed onto the couch, briefs around my knees, and stuck my smooth tight little naked ass up in the air, feeling so dirty and naughty I couldn't stand it. I wondered how many young studs had gotten up on the same couch before and done dirty things with this older man. Nico was taking control of me and I needed every minute of it. My cock was rock hard and dripping pre-cum on his fancy couch. "I want you to move that little ass for me Jeff," said Nico. "Move that sweet little dirty American ass for me". I starting moving my body, exposing my ass completely for this total stranger who wanted my body.

I heard him sigh and moan and start to walk over to the couch. "You're being very good Jeff." He gave my ass a loud smack and let his hand linger, massaging and rubbing the smooth rounds of my ass. I could feel the heat of his body right behind me. I glanced back and saw a bottle of something in his hand. I heard him pop the top and felt a cool silky wetness being dripped onto my ass. I jumped a little at the surprise but Nico grabbed my waist firmly and held me in place, saying "Not so fast Jeff, I'm going to get you all ready and wet for me." I started getting sacred, thinking that I had no idea what I had got myself into, I wondered what he had planned for me...and if he knew that I had never had anything in my ass before, EVER. I was shifting around a little, starting to get scared, but then couldn't help but let out a long sigh and moan as he put the bottle down and started to rub and slide the wetness all over my dirty little ass. He let his finger start at the top of my crack and glided it down and circled it around my virgin ass hole. He then put a fresh dolop of astroglide right on my ass hole, and swirled his finger gently and lightly over my hole, teasing me and watching my ass dance for him in ecstasy. It felt completely amazing. Here was this total stranger, almost old enough to be my father, rubbing lube all over my virgin ass. It was dripping down my ass, and he was rubbing it all over, harder now, and massaging my tight balls. I was so close to coming from this, and was so turned on having a coating of slippery lube now completely covering every part of my ass and balls. He didn't touch my cock even though I was begging him to rub me off right then and there. I then felt him press on my hole a little firmer. I tensed up instinctively, but could not ignore how good it felt, and how badly I wanted something in my ass! I was scared and was taking short quick breaths, but as he pushed a little harder and his wet, slippery finger dipped into my sweet young honey hole, I relaxed and let out a long moan..

"Oooooooooohhhmmmmmmmmmmm Nico, that feels amazing...."

"That's right Jeff" Nico said, "My dirty American boy loves having his ass fingered by an older stranger...because he's a total slut," and he pulled his finger in and out slowly and completely a few times. I totally relaxed and gave way to his finger owning my ass, leaning into and biting the back of the couch as he fingered me.

He pulled his finger out and said, "Turn around Jeff. Sit on this couch and face me." I did as I was told, and turned around, seeing for the first time that Nico had let his towel fall to the floor. He stood before me completely naked, a toned, masculine body, with some wispy hairs on his chest and legs, and with his beautiful, fully erect, 8" thick cut cock right in front of me at eye level. I nestled into the couch before him, sliding my wet ass all over the smooth leather. Nico took his cock in his hands and said, "I'm going to put this cock in your mouth Jeff,and you're going to learn how to be a cock-sucking slut."

"Yes Nico," I nodded and noticed that my mouth actually watered! He climbed onto the couch, straddling me with his knees on either side of me. His massive manhood danced and bounced right in front of my face.

"Open your mouth Jeff," he said as he grabbed hold of the hair on the back of my head. I did as I was told and looked up at him expectantly and obediently. He smiled and said, "You're such a dirty boy Jeff, and I'm going to put my fucking cock in your dirty mouth." He then put the ribbed tip of his shaft on my lower ip and eased it in slowly, letting his manhood fill my wet mouth completely. I took it in as far as I thought I could, but he pushed it in further, making my gag and choke. He pulled it out and let me cough a bit before grabbing my hair and forcing it in again. Drool dribbled out of my mouth around his sweet penis and I started to move my head myself, sliding my hot wet mouth up and down his cock and taking in all the musty-manly smells I could, letting them intoxicate me further. "You're such a good little American cock sucker Jeff. "Suck my fucking dick." He was fucking my face now, banging my head against the back of the couch. My own cock, ignored at the moment, was harder than it had ever been and banged against his legs now and then as he fucked my face. He pulled out and a long line of drool and pre-cum attached my wet lower lip to the tip of his shaft before breaking off and sliding onto my chest. I licked my lips, tasting the precum and swallowing it down. I was breathing heavily and even more turned on than before and I looked up to the man who owned me right now, looking for more.

Nico smiled and grabbed his cock, wet with my saliva, and said, "Now I'm going to put this in your fucking ass." He backed off the couch and said, "Be a good dirty boy and bring your fucking legs up." He was making me do exactly what my dirty little secret side wanted to do. I drew my legs up, holding the backs of my thighs, sliding further down on the couch, astroglide from my ass all over the shiny leather. I was an eightteen-year-old alone, completely exposed for him, a total older stranger, with my sweet little ass all wet with lube and begging for his cock. I felt the head of it pressing my button-hole. He kept it there for just a moment. I wanted to slide myself onto it and was pushing my own ass towards it to increase the pressure, my own turgid member just dancing straight up. "You have such a sweet little dirty boy American ass-hole Jeff... and I'm gonna put my big fucking cock in it." With that, I felt my insides explode as he thrust his way in. It went in easy with all the lube, but the stretching was unbelievable as he slowly pushed it deeper and deeper inside me.

"Oooooooooohhhhhhh goooddd!!" I yelled, pleasure and pain exploding in my head with his hot member deep inside me. He started to thrust in and out, breathing hard as he picked up his pace. "Oh my fucking god, oh yes, oh fuck" I kept saying, with this stranger's big fucking meat owning my ass. I started to fuck him back, moving my body with each of his thrusts as he fucked me hard.

"You're a good little young slut Jeff," Nico said. "You're a good little dirty boy. I'm going to fucking cum inside you Jeff. I want you to come with me. Grab your cock with your hands and jerk yourself off as I cum inside your young little ass hole." I did as I was told. I grabbed my cock while he kept riding my hole and just as he threw his head back "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh yesssss JEFFFFF you fucking sluuutttt" I felt a hot jet of cum explode inside me. As I felt this, my cock released its own torrent of pleasure, spewing with enough force to hit me in my face and chest. I orgasmed for what seemed like a full minute, feeling his hot cock pump me full of semen.

He pulled out slowly and pushed back in a few times, his cum dribbling out of my ass and onto the couch. I was totally spent, my own cum all over my face and chest. Nico moaned and said "I'm going to finish my shower Jeff" and walked away smiling. I felt amazing, sitting there on the other side of the world on a leather couch covered in another man's cum, my own cum, and another man's cock having just been in my ass. I smiled I was well on my way to discovering myself as a young slut.

Patricks barebacks me

I had been chatting with this dude, Patrick (Pat), online for awhile now. We meet on a web site and exchanged some briefs messages then decided to chat on messenger more.

Let me tell u bout he and I. He is 44 yo shaved head, goatee, hairy body sexy as hell and a beautiful 7.5 c thick cock. The hottest cock head I have ever seen. We exchanged some pics and I couldn't believe how sexy this dude was. Im almost 21, slim, smooth, kinda long blondish hair with 6c average cock. We chatted more and more often, most of the time dirty chat and what we each would like to do with the other. After quite some time we finally had set plans to meet in person. I went to Pat's apartment, even though I was nervous as hell that we were going to finally meet after all the long chats and talks on the phone. I knocked on the door and thoughts were running thru my head, do I stay here, do I run what will he be like etc. Pat opened the door and here was my first face to face look at this sexy man that I have chatted with for so long. Damn, I thought to myself, he looks sexier in person then in his pics. Shaved head, goatee, and handsome masculine face. Pat had this smile on his face that made my heart beat increase and he said "hey Jay". I replied "hi Patrick". He was wearing a tee-shirt, what I call lounge around/sleeping pants, u know the kind, loose fitting draw string waist band, comfortable as hell. Pat invited me in and closed the door behind me. His apt was nothing fancy but comfortable and home. We sat on the couch talking in general bout things. I couldn't help looking at him, even though there was like 24 years different in our ages, he was sexy, sweet guy. I knew from the pics he sent me what he was hiding in his pants and it was making me excited and also kinda nervous. He asked me "do I look ok, do I look like my pics?" I responded "yes u do bud, u look better then Ur pics, do I look ok to u?" Pat said "hell yes Ur hotter then ur pics and can't believe ur here with me." Im kinda shy and blushed a bit and said "thanks". We talked a bit more relaxing more. Pat offer me a drink, even though I know im not 21, I do drink and gladly said yes to his offer. We each had 2 beers talking and laughing. Pat then grabbed my hand and held it is his lips and kissed it. I thought wow that is so sexy and sweet and my heart raced a bit. Pat then leaned over and started to kiss me on the lips. Damn he was a hot kisser, feeling his whiskers against my face made my cock grow hard. We made out on his couch, kissing, him kissing on my neck which drove me crazy as our hands rubbed each others bodies, head etc. The passion was building in each of us as we drew each other closer and our breathing was increasing. I believe the making, kissing, is so fucking hot, it just builds up for hotter, sexier fun. After about 30 minutes or so hot kissing, hugging, holding and touching each others bodies, Pat looked me in the eyes and asked me if it was ok that we go to his bedroom, no pressure he said, if ur not comfortable its cool man. I said that's fine "stud" it would be more comfortable in there. Pat smiled, grabbed my hand and led me to his bedroom. We both sit on his bed and starting kissing again, and then lay back onto the bed continuing our make session. Slowly we removed each others shirts, revealing our upper bodies to each other. He had a very sexy hairy belly chest and good shaped body, a contrast, which is hot in its self, of his hairy body to my smooth body. We were rubbing each others bodies, kissing passionately then started to rub each others cocks. Pat had on those sleeping pants I told u about and I could feel his manhood thru those pants, damn it was felt nice and growing harder. I had on jeans which I knew he could feel my cock thru but u know jeans kinda mask the real feeling of a cock. Our passion was growing, making us hornier and wanting each other more. I slipped my hand under his pants and felt a huge thick hot cock in my hand. Patrick just moaned as my hand touched him down there and he squeezed my cock some. Patrick looked at me and said "can I remove ur pants so ur more comfortable and unrestrained?" I say yes and assisted him in removing my pants and underwear; we did the same for him because I knew that huge log between his legs need to be out as well. We were fondling each others cocks, kissing, licking each others necks building ourselves up.

I slowly started my way down Pat's sexy body, kissing, licking his chest, nipples, belly, along his masculine legs, kissing the inside of his tights. This stud's hairy body was turning me like no other; I couldn't get enough of him, his tastes and scent. I licked my way down farther to his feet, kissing, licking and sucking on his toes. Damn I felt like a submissive little bitch boi, but couldn't help myself and enjoying every second of it. Here I am, on this hot sexy man's bed, feeling like a sub, kissing and licking his feet as he is lying back, kinda in a slight sitting position, looking down at me, watching me. He is holding, playing, with his cock, which from down here looks huge and I know very hot tasting. I start to kiss and lick back up on his other leg, working my way to his grand prize that he is holding onto for me. My mouth reached the base of his cock, near his hairy balls, right in that area of his legs, cock and balls. Damn I smelt his cock and balls now which was making me so fucking hard I couldn't stand myself. Patrick was rubbing his cock along my face as I kissed around the area of the base of his manhood. I licked, tasted his cock and OMG it tasted awesome. My lips were trying to savor more taste of it in me, my tongue lavishing it. I continue my love making of it with my mouth up the thick head. Damn the rim of his cock head just stood out there, so fucking hot looking and damn good to taste.

I licked around the head, tasting a bit of precum and sticking the tip of my tongue into his pee hole. I opened my mouth wide and started down on his cock, licking it as I went down. I could hear him moan as my hot mouth and breath were upon his thick tool. My mouth started to slobber spit on his cock as I worked up and down on it sucking it good. I tried several times to deep throat him, but it was just too much for me to take as I gagged. I was holding his man dick in one hand, sucking him, trying my damnest to devour every inch of it, gagging as I did, removing my mouth to catch my breath and seeing my salvia stream from my mouth to his plump cock head. Patrick looked down at me and said, "good boi, take daddies cock and swallow it all boi". I went back to work on that beautiful man meat, loving every second and inch of it. I felt Patrick's hand upon the back of my head and him pushing my head down more onto his manhood saying "swallow boi, take me all in." He was pushing down more now saying "swallow boi" as I felt his cock head pushing against my throat, I swallow, gagging and his head entered into my throat, he kept pushing me down more, I was trying to cough but couldn't as my nose was buried into his body, smelling his scent, my lips at the base of his cock, feeling his pubic hair. Patrick said "yeah that a boi, good boi" and released some of his hold on my head, letting me come up for air. His cock removed from my mouth, all wet to the base from my salvia, thick streams of salvia from my mouth to his cock, I look up at him smiling at me as I tried to catch my breath, he said "fuck yeah boi, that was awesome fucking hot." I had this total submissive feeling about myself with him and loved it. I went back to work on his cock, making love to it with my mouth.

Patrick then said, "let me see that ass boi" I did as he asked and moved my ass around to him. He slapped my ass cheeks a couple of times, then started to rub my boi pussy hole with his finger. I heard him say "that's a sweet pink pussy hole boi, damn that's a hot smooth hole." As I worked on his cock, Patrick poked a finger into my hole which made me moan since I haven't being fucked in a while. After a bit of ass play, Patrick said "I want to eat ur boi pussy, I want to taste that pussy" as he rolled me onto my back on the bed. Patrick slide around, lying on his stomach, pushing my legs up high in the air, exposing my tight pink hole to him. He blew a little breath onto my hole which felt fucking great, spread my cheeks with his hands and started to eat and lick my hole. "Oh fuck" I said as he now was loving my love spot with his tongue and mouth, using his fingers to pry my hole open more so that he could suck and tongue my sweet meat pocket. I reached my hands down placing them on the back of his head, pulling his face into my love hole moaning as he was eating me like I have never been ate before. He had a finger poking my hole then licking the juices from my hole and his finger. Patrick then lifted his head, his mouth and goatee wet with my juices, he now on his hands and knees as he leans forward and starts to kiss me again. I could taste myself on his lips and facial hair which was such a fucking turn on. We stopped kissing for a second and looked each other in the eyes, I then looked down, he still on all fours, and I could see that huge man meat, hard and hanging down from his body. His cock made mine look so small, he like 7.5 but thick as my wrist, topped off with a beautiful thick plump head attached to the end of it. I looked down at it a second, he did as well, then we both looked each other in the eyes again, he will a sweet little grin on his face saying "u want me in u boi" and I just let out a soft spoken "yes".

Patrick reached down, grabbed my legs and placed them on his shoulders. All I could do was lay there, looking him in the eyes, knowing what is going to happen. Patrick spit onto his hand and rubbed his spit around my hole, then he told me to spit into his hand, which I did and he again spit into his hand and rubbed our spit on his thick man cock. Patrick looked at me and said "u ready for me boi? U want me?" I just nodded my head yes at him, inside I was nervous but I wanted him bad. I felt pressure against my tight little pink hole as his cock was wanting inside of me. I felt more pressure as he was pushing slightly trying to get in me I started to moan. Patrick said "let me in boi, just let it happen" as I tried to relax wanting him but afraid at the same time. Patrick said "take a deep breath and just let it happen" as I felt greater pressure. Suddenly my head kicked back and I let out a loud "OMG" as his head popped inside of me. Patrick said "fuck yes, damn ur tight boi". I was grasping for air, just knowing he is splitting me wide open. Patrick says "r u ok?" and I moaned out "yes". He then says "im going slow, just relax and let it happen sexy" as I tried to relax as much as possible letting him in me. Patrick pushed more of himself into me, fuck it was feeling so fucking hot, my hole was burning, stretching. My toes were curling down tight trying to deflect some of the pain as my hands were reaching back squeezing onto his pillow. My head was squirming around, moaning, groaning with him pushing more into me. I never knew my hole could stretch that much taking his thick rod into me. I was just trying to breath and then felt his pubic hair pressing against my ass cheeks as his body was pushing against me now. With his manhood all the way deep inside of me, Patrick leaned down and kissed me and said "how's that?" in between breaths I moan out "oh fuck man u thick". Patrick says "yes babe but its in now and all good and on". Patrick kissed me again, and then leaned back up, holding my legs spread wide and started his assault on my aching but willing hole. My body was going into an ecstasy as Patrick was fucking me, giving me what he has. It was the most intense feeling I have had, my pussy lips gripping on his thick cock, massaging it as it ripped me open to a new size. My juices on his bare cock, creating our own lube. I was starting to adjust some to his man meat now and was lifting my head to watch this hairy stud pumping my ass hard. So fucking hot skin to skin, man cock assaulting my boi pussy hole. I was reaching down now, grabbing Patrick's hips, pulling him into me deeper. Patrick saying "yeah boi ur opening now, ur loving this aren't u?" "oh fuck yes stud, fuck me man" I was replying back. Damn he was fucking me good, my love canal excepting every man inch of him, his cock head plunging deep inside of me hitting my spot driving me crazy and wanting more. Its like his cock head knew where it was going, my insides burring hot, juicing his cock all the way. Damn my hole was working his cock, his cock loving my hole, fuck it was on and hot man.

I could feel his cock swelling more inside me, driving deep in me, my cock rock hard, precum leaking out of it and onto my smooth tight stomach. Patrick was driving home his big cock, driving it into me deep and I wanted it all. I was lifting my head, looking at this hot fucking action, pulling him into me and groaning. I could tell Patrick was getting close to exploding; he was swelling, moaning out his head throwing back and forth. Patrick's hard thrushes were shaking the bed, the head board pounding against the wall. Patrick yells out "im cumming, oh fuck" I pull his hips in deep moan out "cum in me stud, breed me" I feel his cock pulse and jump inside me, his cum shooting deep inside of my love canal just as cum shoots from my cock, the first shot shooting over my head, some landing on my face. I felt Patrick dumping inside of me, laying claim to my ass, his cum churning inside me, giving me his babies. Patrick leaned down on top of me, his cock still deep in me, kissing me. My cum messing between our bodies, his cock still throbbing inside of me. Patrick looks me in the eyes and says "u got on sweet fucking ass boi, damn that was hot and u took it like a champ." I said "u took me places stud I have never been man, oh fuck stud". Patrick slowly pulls his cock out of me, my pussy lips gripping it as it backs out of me, not wanting it out and feeling that huge cock head as it leaves my inner hot hole. Patrick looks at my now opened love pocket, smiling and saying "hot boi, my cum is leaking out of u, tighten that sweet hole up and keep my seed in u." I pinch my sore used hole down, trying to keep him inside of me. Patrick says, "that's so hot boi, may babies deep inside of u" I said "oh fuck yes stud it is". I get up to get a towel to wipe my cum from my body, but Patrick stops me and starts to lick my boi seed from my stomach and chest. It was so awesome watching this hot sexy stud man licking my cum from my body. As he finished licking me clean, I look at him, me rubbing my belly and said "I feel ur babies churning inside me stud" which put a smile on his face.

We are going to do more of this aren't we boi, Patrick's states to me. U fucking right we are stud. Any time man.

Cruiseliner cock

It is the Easter weekend and the rain has set in and I can't go to the beach so I sit here hoping to get off soon on the erotic stories from Mature Gay Stories and look at some of the hot young naked hunks and nice hard cocks.

It's boring but my thoughts wander back to Easter twenty years ago - I was in my late thirties when at the last minute I decided to take a ten day cruise of the Pacific out of Sydney. I was lucky (in more ways than one it turned out) to get a twin share berth due to a late cancellation.

Upon embarkation I found my cabin - although it was an inside one with no window it was quite roomy and comfortable with two single bunks and bathroom. As I opened my bag to get a change of gear I wondered to myself what the guy was like with whom I would be sharing hoping it was not some really old guy when there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there he was - he looked to be in his fifties with grey hair and wearing dress jeans and polo shirt and sneakers and he seemed to look very straight laced indeed.

He introduced himself as Stan and it turned out his best mate Greg had pulled out at the last minute due to a death in his family. I asked him which bunk he preferred and he said he didn't care and I said "Do you enjoy a cold drink? - I'm just gonna get changed into something more casual and head for the nearest bar" and he grinned and said, "That sounds like a good idea to me a cold beer would go down really well" I had just kicked off my shoes and taken my shirt and trousers off and was standing there in just my jocks and I could feel his eyes on me and when I looked sideways he was looking at my arse - at the time I was still in good shape and had been told by a number of guys how fuckable my arse looked - when he saw I had seen him looking at me he grinned and said "Yeah - I gotta get into something more comfortable too" and as I slipped on some shorts and t-shirt he shucked his clothes and was standing there in just his jocks going through his bag and now it was my turn to perve - although he had twenty years on me he certainly had a nice firm body for his age with a minimum of body hair and hardly unnoticeable was the nice healthy bulge in his crotch.

I was sitting on my bunk putting clothes into two of the drawers and Stan had made no attempt to get dressed as he proceeded to put his gear in the other drawers and as he moved around his big cock and nuts moved around in his jocks and he caught me looking at his crotch and he said "I won't be a minute and I'll be ready" and he quickly slipped on some shorts and a t-shirt and we were heading upstairs.

He insisted on buying the first drinks and it turned out we both drank the same brew and as we sat there and chatted it seemed we had a lot of similar interests and the more we drank and chatted the more attractive he seemed to become and I was thinking or should I say hoping if he was like me and into guys.

We had been drinking for over three hours and our conversation was beginning to become more liberal and I said "So are you gonna get yourself laid before the cruise is over - there seems to be plenty of available chicks around" and he looked at me for a moment then said "Look - I don't wanna upset you but I really am not into women these days if you know what I mean - I hope this is not gonna spoil our relationship" - I wanted to blurt out there and then that I was delighted and maybe we could suck and fuck one another and I said "That's okay - no worries to each his own I say" and he looked at me and said "Look - I gotta come clean with you - my mate Greg and I have been together for over two years and this cruise was going to be ours together and then his sister up and dies" he was upset and I was sorry I had bought the topic of sex up and I said, "Well - I'm gonna come clean with you - I'm not into women anymore either - I mean if one threw herself at me I'd fuck her but I'm into guys - particularly older guys" he smiled at me and said "Are you saying that to make me feel better or are you trying to flatter me?" and I grinned and said, "Well put it this way - I like what I see or should I say what I saw of you back in the cabin" - we were sitting opposite one another at this round table and next minute I felt Stan's toes gently rubbing into my crotch under the table and I was getting thicker in the stick by the second and he grinned and began rubbing his big toe up and down my now throbbing hard on and he said, "Seems you're interested eh?"

I grinned and said, "Yeah -it's a bit one sided though" and I stretched my leg under the table until my big toe connected with his cock which was well and truly boned up and sticking out of the leg of his shorts and I said "Ooh - I just knew you'd have a nice big one" and he said "Yeah - trouble is how the fuck are we gonna get from here to the cabin both boned up like this without anyone noticing" and I said "I guess we're gonna just have to leave one another's dicks alone and order another beer" and he beckoned to Manuel the horny little Filipino waiter whose cute bubble butt arse I had been perving on all afternoon and ordered two more beers and after our beers had been served Stan leant over the table as my eyes followed Manuel's bubble butt all the way back to the bar and he winked and said "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" and I said "Probably - if it's getting young Manuel bare arsed and buck naked back in our cabin then you're spot on" and he grinned and said "Yeah - I've got a penchant for hot young Asian guys - what gorgeous arses and bodies and cocks they have" and I said "Yeah - we better change the subject for awhile and get rid of our boners so we can go down to our cabin to get ready for dinner.'

Needless to say we had another couple of beers before doing so. When we got into our cabin I said "You wanna shower first?" and he said "Well if you like we can shower together and save time" and I grinned and said "Okay - but I don't know if I can trust myself alone and naked with you" and undressing each other he said "What's fucking trust gotta do with it - I just can't wait to suck your cock" and we were both now naked facing and fondling one another's hard cocks and nuts - Stan's cock unlike mine was uncut and a good inch longer and slightly thicker and curved upwards and he dropped to his knees and swallowed my cut six inches of throbbing cock meat to the hilt and began to suck me off and I was so close to blowing my nut so I pulled my cock from his mouth and got on the floor with him and we fell into a 69er and greedily sucked one another off until we couldn't last any longer and we finished one another off by hand and splattered one another all over in our hot cum - getting in the rather small shower together we cleaned ourselves off and as we dressed for dinner he said "I think you and I are gonna enjoy this cruise and I will be bitterly disappointed if I don't get laid" and I squeezed his big nuts and said "You got no worries if I've got anything to do with it - I can't wait" and he said "Me neither".

Just as we were about to head up for dinner there was a knock on the door - it was Fabian our Filipino cabin steward - he introduced himself and had bought some fresh towels - he looked like Manuel's twin and had the same horny hot body and bubble butt arse and as he smiled profusely and left Stan and I smiled at each other and he said "Things are just getting better and better and this is just the first day" and I said "Yeah - the mind fucking boggles".

We dined and met a staid married couple and two spinsters who shared our table and we couldn't wait til dinner was over and hit the bar.

We were in another bar from the pool one we were at earlier - it was indoors and there was Manuel behind the bar this time proudly mixing cocktails and smiling as if he had been promoted from being a waiter as he bossed around two younger but just as horny Filipino waiters.

We sat at the bar this time and got a beer each and when Manuel was not busy he came over and made small talk and said "You guys are very lucky you have best cabin steward on the ship - Fabian is my best friend and we are from the same Province" Stan looked at me and winked. From later conversation we found out both Manuel and Fabian had been working ten days straight without a break and in two days at our first port of call they had two days leave and we told Manuel that maybe we could all go somewhere together and he seemed very eager and excited.

We had had a big day and a lot to drink and decided to call it a night around midnight. Back in our cabin all we wanted was sleep as Stan said all the beer and the hot 69er had taken its toll and we were both asleep in no time.

Having no porthole we left the bathroom light on and around 6.30am I woke with a major hard on and bursting for a piss so I went to the bathroom and when I came back I turned the reading light on - we had both slept naked and I looked over and Stan was still asleep flat on his back with his beautiful big morning glory nearly touching his navel and I couldn't resist it and went over and kneeling beside his bunk I bent over and began licking his hard cock and big nuts all over - unlike me Stan did not shave his balls and I do not like tonguing hairy nut sacs - he moaned and opened his eyes and moaned "Ooh yeah - what a way to wake up" by now I had his whole cock in my mouth slurping it all over and he said "Hey buddy we got all day - I gotta take a piss" and he stumbled to the bathroom and I got behind him and stuck my hard cock vertically in the crack of nice firm arse as I humped him and put my arms around him and took his big balls in one hand and his cock in the other and shook it for him as he turned to face me as we put our arms around each other and cupped each other's buttocks in our hands and grinded our naked bodies and hard cocks together until he dropped to his knees and expertly sucked the length of my throbber in and out of his mouth then he began tongue bathing my smoothly shaven nuts all over and he said "I just love you nuts they're so smooth" and I said "Yeah - how about I shave yours for you - it feels so good to go smooth in more ways than one" and he said "Anything you say buddy - anything" so I laid a towel on his bunk and got him to lay on his back and put his legs in the air and pull them into his chest and I now had his nice arse hole staring at me and his big balls fully accessible to shave - his cock was still hard and I gripped his big cock knob between the thumb and foreskin of my left hand as I quickly shaved all the bushy pubes from around the base of the shaft of his cock with a safety razor then began to shave his big balls and suddenly there was a light knock on the door and before I could get up off my knees we heard a key and the door opened - it was Fabian with fresh towels - we must have looked a sight - Stan laying back naked with his legs pulled back and his arse big hard cock and half shaven balls fully exposed amd me kneeling beside the bed naked and sporting a king size hard on with a safety razor in one hand.

Fabian just stood there and looked and after what seemed like an eternity he pushed the door shut and covered his mouth with his spare hand and was tittering and said, "Me so very sorry - I thought you would be still asleep" by now Stan and I had both seen the funny side of it and were laughing - what else could we do - meanwhile Fabian was taking a good look at our hard cocks and naked bodies.

I got up and said to Stan "I guess I'll finish that later" and Fabian said "I very sorry - maybe I help you - maybe I finish shave for you Stan" looking at the bulge in Fabian's crotch he was turned on and getting horny and Stan grinned and said "Yes Fabian maybe you can help - but on the condition you get naked too" Fabian looked a bit uncomfortable and made no attempt to make any excuse to leave and I latched on and said "Yeah Fabian - underneath that uniform you seem to have one hot little body" and I reached over and began rubbing my left hand all over his crotch and reached my right arm and hand around and rubbed his cute buns and said "And what's this nice hardness I can feel - ooh yeah you've got such a nice cock and cute arse" by now Fabian was so hot and horny we had him at our mercy and Stan was now standing behind him and between us we had him stripped and buck naked in seconds as he kicked his shoes and sox off and I couldn't wait and dropped to my knees and devoured his six and a half inches of steel hard cut Asian cock and sucked it in and out of my mouth as Stan knelt behind him and sucked his nuts and licked his arse crack as he moaned in pleasure and after a couple of minutes Stan swapped places with me and then we pulled Fabian down to the floor and got in a threeway 69er and sucked dick until we had all had a turn on each other and Fabian really knew how to suck dick and after a few minutes Fabian said he had to get back to work before he was missed and Stan asked him if he wanted to shoot a load before-hand and Fabian told us there wasn't enough time but he could come back later so we both had one last suck on his beautiful cock before he dressed and left promising to be back.

Stan got back on the bed and I finished shaving his nuts until they were silky smooth and he went to the bathroom and rinsed himself off and when he came back he said "Fuck - it does feel good - so cool and it makes my dick and nuts look bigger" and I said "Fuck off - I wish mine was a big as yours - c'mon I wanna suck it" and he said "Much and all as I want you to and much and all as I wanna suck yours I think we should save ourselves for when Fabian comes back - I reckon it will be well worth the wait" and I said "Yeah - I know what you mean after all we're not getting any younger" and he said "Fuck off smart cunt."

We dressed and went up for breakfast and on the way passed the pool bar where Manuel was setting it up for the day and when he saw us he began grinning from ear to ear and said "How are you guys this morning - ready for a big day? - Fabian told me he really likes you and being your cabin steward" and Stan said "Yeah - he's a really good young guy and eager to please" - it was obvious Fabian had already told Manuel about earlier on as Manuel couldn't keep the smile off his face.

After breakfast we went back to the cabin and changed into our swimmers and it turned out we both had the same navy blue brief dick pointer Speedos - we covered up with footy shorts and singlet and went up to the pool area to sunbathe for a while. Around 11.30am Manuel came over and told us that Fabian was looking for us and as we got up to head for our cabin Manuel said "Have a nice day -enjoy yourselves". Fabian was waiting in our cabin and told us he only had thirty minutes so the three of us were naked and on the floor in a threeway 69er in seconds - Stan was sucking my cock and And I was sucking Fabian's as he sucked Stan and Fabian spat out Stan's cock and said "I want you to fuck me please I wanna be fucked by nice big Aussie cock" - there wasn't a great deal of time so Stan suggested I fuck Fabian first - talk about a fabulous fuck.


Fabian our hot little Filipino cabin steward was one fantastic fuck - he controlled the whole fuck with the acquired expert control of his incredible arse muscles. After he had literally fucked my brains out his arse drained my balls dry and left them aching and straight after he had did likewise with Stan and no doubt he could have then followed that up by fucking the arse off both of us but he had to get back to work. After he left Stan and I just lay on our beds totally spent of all energy - we missed lunch and had to grab a snack later in the afternoon when we surfaced and hit the pool bar for drinks - again we were greeted by Manuel smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Over our beers Stan said "Just look at Manuel -you'd have to ram your dick balls and all in his mouth to wipe the smile off his face" and I said "Yeah - but look on the bright side of things he may be even a better fuck than Fabian" and Stan smiled and said "Yeah - we gotta line something up to get the both of them together on their day off even if we have to book into a hotel - fuck sightseeing I'd sooner fuck them" and I said "You know at the rate we're going we're gonna be flat out getting to fuck each other" and I said "Nah - there's no way I'm gonna miss out on putting my dick in your hot arse before this trip is over" and he said "Yeah - I can't wait to fuck your hot arse either - maybe a quick one before dinner tonight" and I said "Maybe - I hope we can" and he said "Why don't we have another beer then head back to the cabin for a sleep - we can book into the last dinner sitting and fuck ourselves up an appetite beforehand.

I think fucking Fabian earlier helped as we both went to sleep in no time and were awakened around 5.00pm by a knock on the door - before we could get up we heard the key and Fabian came in and when he turned the light on he had Manuel with him - they were both out of uniform and wearing shorts and singlets and both looked hornier than ever - they locked the door and stood there smiling and Stan said "Can we help you two guys" and Fabian said "Manuel want you to fuck him" and Manuel grinned widely and nodded his head excitedly I looked at Stan and he at me no doubt he was thinking the same as me as to if we were able perform.

I said "Okay guys - you know the deal - clothes off - strip - c'mon show us what you've got" and without any delay they both were buck naked and standing before us looking like identical twins the same hard cocks same sized tight smooth nut sacs and same gorgeous bubble butt arses - that was enough for me - I was naked already and I pounced on Manuel and swallowed his gorgeous cock in one mouthful as Stan did likewise with Fabian then the four of us got on the floor in a circle 69er and sucked cock until Stan and I had both sucked the two of them then Manuel said "I have to be back at work in forty minutes please fuck me - please put big Aussie cock in me and fuck me like you fuck Fabian" again.

Stan told me to go first and this time Manuel laid across the bunk on his back and raised his legs in the air as I stood before him and raising his gorgeous arse off the bed he rested his legs over my shoulders as I spat on his arse crack and began slicking it up with my throbbing cock knob and he pushed and I slid balls deep into his extremely tight arse and getting myself in a more comfortable position I bent right over until I was resting on the palms of my hands either side of his head as he lowered his legs astride my waist and locked his heels behind my back and we fucked like there was no tomorrow - he was fucking as good if not better than Fabian - the way they both used there arse muscles reminded me of my younger days when I fucked a lot of Thai twat - those Thai chicks were experts and I have even seen them smoke cigarettes with their twat (one even blew smoke rings) so imagine the workout your cock got.

I was now fucking harder and faster and my big balls were slapping into Manuel's arse and nuts with my every fuck thrust and I couldn't hold back and shot my hot load deep up his tight arse as I collapsed over him on the bed and he moaned "Oh yeah - that number one fuck - number one fuck - now Stan you give me number one fuck too - put your big Aussie cock in me" so I rolled off him and Stan got into the same fucking position which Manuel seemed to prefer and fucked him like there was no tomorrow - Fabian got on top of me and he had a raging hard on and I said "Here let me take care of that for you I'll suck you off" and he moaned as I proceeded to give him head and he looked at me and said "Please I would like to fuck you if that is alright" although my cock was now slack I really felt like a fuck as it had been a while and after all he had a gorgeous steel hard cock so I said "Okay - how do you wanna do it" and he said "Like them - just like them" and in no time he had me on my back with my legs locked around his waist as I balanced on my shoulders and he held me under the arse and stood there and fucked me like there was no tomorrow - I was in such bliss and had my eyes closed and when I opened them I saw that Manuel now had Stan in the same position fucking like a wild bronco as both Stan and I just moaned in pleasure of the hot hard Asian cocks ploughing our arses.

Well it was now day six of the cruise and we were so involved in fucking and getting fucked by Manuel and Fabian that Stan and I still hadn't dicked each other but maybe by the time I pen Cruiseliner Cock 3 meanwhile I'm so horny and boned up and being Good Friday with the local cruise venues closed I have no choice - I just gotta go and take myself in hand and beat off.

60 year old first timer

He was 59 years old when I met him 7 years ago. I was 42. Jim was 6 foot and 240 pounds. He was a clean-shaven, fair skinned man with his white hair neatly combed back and had eyes as sparkling blue as a pool of water. I met him while helping a mutual friend, Harold and his wife, move to a new apartment. After the move we all sat in Harolds kitchen for coffee and cake. The kitchen was a bit cluttered so I stood off to the side as we ate, drank and talked. But really, my reason for standing off to the side was to catch glimpses of Jim and simply admire the view of him. He was a masculine, beautiful man. I could see from the slightly opened collar that he had a bit of white fur on his chest. That was the last time I saw Jim until a year later when he was 60 and we helped Harold moved again to a new house.

This time around, Jim rode back and forth with me every time we picked up a load in my truck for the move. As we rode, Jim and I took these opportunities to chat and find out about each other. I had to ding a way to fish out some information about Jims sexual interests and I started by asking him if he had a computer. Jim told me that he knew nothing of computers. I told him about all the things you can see on the computer (porn). Jim told me that he had been divorced for a long time and had a winter home in the Ozarks and came up to Iowa during the summer. This was August now, so his summer was almost over and hed head south about October.

Jim told me that he was retired and did as he pleased. He told me that when he went south that there was this 40 year old, married lady who owned a motel and when her husband, who drank too much, passed out, shed come over and ride his ten-inch cock. My first thought was he was telling me some bull, bragging, as some guys tend to do. He told me that he hadnt had any sex since he came back to Iowa and he asked me if I knew of any ladies that liked to play. He had no clue that I was gay. I told Jim that I played with a couple of ladies, but that I liked to play with guys too. He said that was okay. "To each his own, but I want to meet a couple of ladies to fuck. You dont know of any?" I didnt clarify my statement by telling him that the last time I played with ladies was in my mid twenties in the Army.

I told Jim that I didnt know of any ladies that like to play, but that there was this camera web site called ICU and that you can see couples playing on camera and chat with them and that some would even invite you over to play if you lived near by and hit it off on camera.

That really peeked his interest and he wanted to see for himself. After the move was over, Jim and I sat with Harold and his wife for a couple of beers for a while. And it was a long while, because I couldnt wait to get Jim home and see where it would lead. Finally we got to my house and I introduced Jim to my older partner, Nick.

Nick busied himself in the kitchen while I showed Jim ICU. We went to the straight room, but found no couples playing on cam, just some single, straight guys looking. Jim was really caught up in what we were seeing. Without his knowledge, I switched to the gay rooms, because I knew that there would be guys on camera showing all and playing with themselves. The sight of real people playing with themselves mesmerized Jim. My friend John who was 52 at the time and loved older men hailed me. I said to Jim, "Theres my buddy John. Lets, see what hes up to. Ill turn on my camera too, so he can see me. Is that alright with you?"

Jim said it was okay with him. I introduced John and Jim And John loved the view of Jim. I asked John to show himself to Jim. So John, who was a 510", beefy 250 pounder himself, stood up and had a big, fat, juicy hard on. John asked me to have Jim show himself. Jim agreed, but he simply pulled it out of his zipper. It was soft. I said to Jim, "John wants you to show him the whole package." Jim undid his pants and pulled them to his knees and pulled up his shirt to expose his belly. Jim had a thin coat of soft hair on his belly and he had a heavy, hefty palm full of low hanger below his thick, uncut cock. It was still soft, but started to thicken.

I told Jim that I needed to take a shower and playfully asked him if he wanted to shower with me. To my surprise he said, "Okay." I then told John that Jim and me were going to shower and come back.

As Jim and I started to undress in my bedroom I could tell that he was very nervous. He was shaking like a leaf. As he undressed he talked about some of the women he had and how they liked to ride him. It seemed as if he were trying to convince me that what he was about to do was not him at all. That he was totally straight. I readied the water temperature and turned to watch Jim walk into the bathroom. It was a lovely sight. His cock was somewhat soft, but thicker than before and looked to be about 7 inches. Id say about half erect as he sauntered my way. His balls looked so full and heavy; almost the size of a 14-inch softball. He was so nervous and said, I never did anything like this before. I responded, "Ill do only what you like. If anything I do bothers you, let me know and Ill stop."

As we were in the shower, I was toward the back and Jim was under the showerhead with his back to me. I soaped up the washcloth and washed his backside from head to toe. He was shaking the whole time and uncomfortable spread his legs upon request so I could wash his ass. I soaped up some more and came close to him, my hard cock pressed against him as I reached around him to wash his chest and downward. All the while he was shivering from nervousness and kept telling me about how ladies liked to ride his cock. I washed his balls first and could feel that his cock was hard now. Finally I wrapped the washcloth around his cock to clean it of the sweat he built from moving furniture. It seemed to be as big as he said. He wasnt bragging after all.

I asked him to turn around and as he did so the profile of his cock revealed a ten-inch, fat piece of manhood with a bulbous head the size of a plum. It was beautiful, angry looking cock, reddened from being so engorged and the plum sized head had a purplish hue. I stroked his cock as it was rinsed free of soap and bent to take it in my mouth. Jim leaned against the wall and slowly fucked my mouth as he moaned with each slow penetration. I sensed that he was getting close, so I pulled off and asked him to go to the other bedroom with me. As we dried off he kept telling me about how he hadnt done this and the ladies he knew really liked to ride his cock. This time I believed him about how the ladies liked his cock.

Once in the other bedroom, where the computer was, I asked Jim if I could get my friend John back on camera so that he could see his cock fully erect and Jim agreed. John loved the view of Jim all naked and hard. Jim put on a little show for Jim by stroking himself and he even let me suck his cock while Jim watched. As we did so, John beat off and came for us. I asked Jim if it was okay to take some pictures and surprisingly, Jim agreed, so my partner Nick took some pictures of Jim feeding me his cock in various positions on the bed. After Nick left I asked Jim if I could take some video and he agreed to that too as long as I gave him a copy. So I put the camera on the tri-pod. I introduced Jim to several new experiences that night. I rimmed his clean ass. He loved it so much that he threw his legs in the air countless times. I bathed his balls with my tongue and took his fat, ten inches to its base as he lied on his back. He clasped his hands upon my head and moaned with each stroke to meet my downward thrust. Intermittently I held his cock in my mouth, massaging it with my throat muscles and suckling as he moaned and groaned from the sensation of having his cock so deep in a warm, wet mouth. Couldnt stay there for more than a minute though because I had to come up for air. Ten inches sure can cut off the breathing, but I didnt linger too long. I took a deep breath and went down for more, nestling my nose in his thick coat of downy soft pubic hair.

I asked Jim if he wanted to suck cock, but he said that he wasnt ready for that yet, but he did grab me and stroke me here and then. After an hour of play I decided that it was time to taste his cum. I sucked him slowly and deeply and sensed his impending release as he laid on his back, He started to fuck my mouth, at first slowly as I sucked him, but then he took over clasping his hands on the side of my head and quickened his pace as he dropped his hips and thrusting upwards to deeply penetrate my face. As he did so his hefty sized balls tighten and slapped my chin with each drive upwards. His breathing quickened and his moans turned to guttural groans from his chest. His body tightened as he started to pant and say, "Your gonna get me! Its gonna blow!! Im cumming! Im gonna cum!!" Then, "oooooohhh, aaaahhhh!!" And he gushed and spurted a stream of cum that washed over my tongue and teeth. Then he thrusted into my mouth and held it there as he spurted more down my throat, moaning and groaning as his cock expanded and contracted with each jetty of his sweet, warm cum.

After wards I came up for air to see him relaxed, satiated one damned, handsome smile on his face. I rested myself between his spread legs, resting my head upon his belly as his warm wet, cock shrunk under my chest, while he rubbed and petted my scalp. Not a word was spoken. We simply enjoyed the moment. After ten minutes I told him that I wanted one more taste of him before we dressed. I asked him to roll over. He did so and I dove into his ass for one last rim job. I gave him a good tongue fucking and with each little bit of penetration he lifted his ass up to meet my tongue. His ass was all wet and lubed and I cautiously kissed my way to his neck. As I did so I rubbed the head of my cock against his sphincter and felt his ass raise with each probe of my head between his ass cheeks. Finally I left my cock-head rest against his hole and felt him rise as if he were trying to get me inside him and so I did. Slowly I worked the head of my cock into his ass and let him take it from there until I was in to my base. He said not a word, but simply let me fuck him with slow strokes until after ten minutes of fucking I quickened my pace. Every time I stroked into him he raised his ass to meet me and make my penetration deep until I started to moan and groan and pulled out to cum on his ass.

After cleaning and dressing, Jim stayed to chat with my partner and me. As they talked they discovered that they were classmates in grammar school. Small world.

Jim came back a few days later for more and several times after that. I even got Jim involved in a three way with me and another 60-year-old married friend of mine.

I asked Jim why he did all that with me if he had never done it before. Jim told me that he had never, ever even considered sex with a man until that night. He said that I caught him at the right time. He hadnt had sex in months at the time and the camera action on ICU got him horny. He said that his original intent was to get his rocks off and leave, never to come back again, but that I had awakened something in him that he did not know existed. He discovered that men suck cock better than women and men knew how to satisfy another man.

Jim left for the Ozarks that October and it would be another year or so before I saw or heard from him again. One night he knocked on my door unexpectedly. I asked him where the hell he had been. Jim told me that he got tired of retirement and became an over the road driver and that he had gotten married and moved back to town. He told me that one day his wife was out and the 35 year old neighbor lady asked him to fix his sink, but what she really wanted was to seduce him, so as he was fucking her in the bedroom, her husband jumped out of the closet. It was set up. When the husband showed himself, Jim said he thought he was dead meat, but the husband said, "Can I have some of that?!" (Jims cock). So they had a three way and had been doing so for a few weeks, but Jim told me that he missed my mouth and wanted some more. Jim and I played a few times and even invited my married buddy to join us once. Eventually Jim and his wife moved to Las Vegas. Jim called me up one day to ask me if I knew of any guys in Las Vegas who liked to play. Unfortunately I didnt. That was the last time I heard from Jim. That was about four years ago. I hope he found him self a nice man to play with. Jim never did suck cock while I knew him, but he came pretty damned close. I wonder if he is doing so now. I sure do miss him. He was a very handsome, nice man. He did fuck me on his last visit and that was another first for him.

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