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Cruiseliner cock

It is the Easter weekend and the rain has set in and I can't go to the beach so I sit here hoping to get off soon on the erotic stories from Mature Gay Stories and look at some of the hot young naked hunks and nice hard cocks.

It's boring but my thoughts wander back to Easter twenty years ago - I was in my late thirties when at the last minute I decided to take a ten day cruise of the Pacific out of Sydney. I was lucky (in more ways than one it turned out) to get a twin share berth due to a late cancellation.

Upon embarkation I found my cabin - although it was an inside one with no window it was quite roomy and comfortable with two single bunks and bathroom. As I opened my bag to get a change of gear I wondered to myself what the guy was like with whom I would be sharing hoping it was not some really old guy when there was a knock on the door. I opened it and there he was - he looked to be in his fifties with grey hair and wearing dress jeans and polo shirt and sneakers and he seemed to look very straight laced indeed.

He introduced himself as Stan and it turned out his best mate Greg had pulled out at the last minute due to a death in his family. I asked him which bunk he preferred and he said he didn't care and I said "Do you enjoy a cold drink? - I'm just gonna get changed into something more casual and head for the nearest bar" and he grinned and said, "That sounds like a good idea to me a cold beer would go down really well" I had just kicked off my shoes and taken my shirt and trousers off and was standing there in just my jocks and I could feel his eyes on me and when I looked sideways he was looking at my arse - at the time I was still in good shape and had been told by a number of guys how fuckable my arse looked - when he saw I had seen him looking at me he grinned and said "Yeah - I gotta get into something more comfortable too" and as I slipped on some shorts and t-shirt he shucked his clothes and was standing there in just his jocks going through his bag and now it was my turn to perve - although he had twenty years on me he certainly had a nice firm body for his age with a minimum of body hair and hardly unnoticeable was the nice healthy bulge in his crotch.

I was sitting on my bunk putting clothes into two of the drawers and Stan had made no attempt to get dressed as he proceeded to put his gear in the other drawers and as he moved around his big cock and nuts moved around in his jocks and he caught me looking at his crotch and he said "I won't be a minute and I'll be ready" and he quickly slipped on some shorts and a t-shirt and we were heading upstairs.

He insisted on buying the first drinks and it turned out we both drank the same brew and as we sat there and chatted it seemed we had a lot of similar interests and the more we drank and chatted the more attractive he seemed to become and I was thinking or should I say hoping if he was like me and into guys.

We had been drinking for over three hours and our conversation was beginning to become more liberal and I said "So are you gonna get yourself laid before the cruise is over - there seems to be plenty of available chicks around" and he looked at me for a moment then said "Look - I don't wanna upset you but I really am not into women these days if you know what I mean - I hope this is not gonna spoil our relationship" - I wanted to blurt out there and then that I was delighted and maybe we could suck and fuck one another and I said "That's okay - no worries to each his own I say" and he looked at me and said "Look - I gotta come clean with you - my mate Greg and I have been together for over two years and this cruise was going to be ours together and then his sister up and dies" he was upset and I was sorry I had bought the topic of sex up and I said, "Well - I'm gonna come clean with you - I'm not into women anymore either - I mean if one threw herself at me I'd fuck her but I'm into guys - particularly older guys" he smiled at me and said "Are you saying that to make me feel better or are you trying to flatter me?" and I grinned and said, "Well put it this way - I like what I see or should I say what I saw of you back in the cabin" - we were sitting opposite one another at this round table and next minute I felt Stan's toes gently rubbing into my crotch under the table and I was getting thicker in the stick by the second and he grinned and began rubbing his big toe up and down my now throbbing hard on and he said, "Seems you're interested eh?"

I grinned and said, "Yeah -it's a bit one sided though" and I stretched my leg under the table until my big toe connected with his cock which was well and truly boned up and sticking out of the leg of his shorts and I said "Ooh - I just knew you'd have a nice big one" and he said "Yeah - trouble is how the fuck are we gonna get from here to the cabin both boned up like this without anyone noticing" and I said "I guess we're gonna just have to leave one another's dicks alone and order another beer" and he beckoned to Manuel the horny little Filipino waiter whose cute bubble butt arse I had been perving on all afternoon and ordered two more beers and after our beers had been served Stan leant over the table as my eyes followed Manuel's bubble butt all the way back to the bar and he winked and said "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?" and I said "Probably - if it's getting young Manuel bare arsed and buck naked back in our cabin then you're spot on" and he grinned and said "Yeah - I've got a penchant for hot young Asian guys - what gorgeous arses and bodies and cocks they have" and I said "Yeah - we better change the subject for awhile and get rid of our boners so we can go down to our cabin to get ready for dinner.'

Needless to say we had another couple of beers before doing so. When we got into our cabin I said "You wanna shower first?" and he said "Well if you like we can shower together and save time" and I grinned and said "Okay - but I don't know if I can trust myself alone and naked with you" and undressing each other he said "What's fucking trust gotta do with it - I just can't wait to suck your cock" and we were both now naked facing and fondling one another's hard cocks and nuts - Stan's cock unlike mine was uncut and a good inch longer and slightly thicker and curved upwards and he dropped to his knees and swallowed my cut six inches of throbbing cock meat to the hilt and began to suck me off and I was so close to blowing my nut so I pulled my cock from his mouth and got on the floor with him and we fell into a 69er and greedily sucked one another off until we couldn't last any longer and we finished one another off by hand and splattered one another all over in our hot cum - getting in the rather small shower together we cleaned ourselves off and as we dressed for dinner he said "I think you and I are gonna enjoy this cruise and I will be bitterly disappointed if I don't get laid" and I squeezed his big nuts and said "You got no worries if I've got anything to do with it - I can't wait" and he said "Me neither".

Just as we were about to head up for dinner there was a knock on the door - it was Fabian our Filipino cabin steward - he introduced himself and had bought some fresh towels - he looked like Manuel's twin and had the same horny hot body and bubble butt arse and as he smiled profusely and left Stan and I smiled at each other and he said "Things are just getting better and better and this is just the first day" and I said "Yeah - the mind fucking boggles".

We dined and met a staid married couple and two spinsters who shared our table and we couldn't wait til dinner was over and hit the bar.

We were in another bar from the pool one we were at earlier - it was indoors and there was Manuel behind the bar this time proudly mixing cocktails and smiling as if he had been promoted from being a waiter as he bossed around two younger but just as horny Filipino waiters.

We sat at the bar this time and got a beer each and when Manuel was not busy he came over and made small talk and said "You guys are very lucky you have best cabin steward on the ship - Fabian is my best friend and we are from the same Province" Stan looked at me and winked. From later conversation we found out both Manuel and Fabian had been working ten days straight without a break and in two days at our first port of call they had two days leave and we told Manuel that maybe we could all go somewhere together and he seemed very eager and excited.

We had had a big day and a lot to drink and decided to call it a night around midnight. Back in our cabin all we wanted was sleep as Stan said all the beer and the hot 69er had taken its toll and we were both asleep in no time.

Having no porthole we left the bathroom light on and around 6.30am I woke with a major hard on and bursting for a piss so I went to the bathroom and when I came back I turned the reading light on - we had both slept naked and I looked over and Stan was still asleep flat on his back with his beautiful big morning glory nearly touching his navel and I couldn't resist it and went over and kneeling beside his bunk I bent over and began licking his hard cock and big nuts all over - unlike me Stan did not shave his balls and I do not like tonguing hairy nut sacs - he moaned and opened his eyes and moaned "Ooh yeah - what a way to wake up" by now I had his whole cock in my mouth slurping it all over and he said "Hey buddy we got all day - I gotta take a piss" and he stumbled to the bathroom and I got behind him and stuck my hard cock vertically in the crack of nice firm arse as I humped him and put my arms around him and took his big balls in one hand and his cock in the other and shook it for him as he turned to face me as we put our arms around each other and cupped each other's buttocks in our hands and grinded our naked bodies and hard cocks together until he dropped to his knees and expertly sucked the length of my throbber in and out of his mouth then he began tongue bathing my smoothly shaven nuts all over and he said "I just love you nuts they're so smooth" and I said "Yeah - how about I shave yours for you - it feels so good to go smooth in more ways than one" and he said "Anything you say buddy - anything" so I laid a towel on his bunk and got him to lay on his back and put his legs in the air and pull them into his chest and I now had his nice arse hole staring at me and his big balls fully accessible to shave - his cock was still hard and I gripped his big cock knob between the thumb and foreskin of my left hand as I quickly shaved all the bushy pubes from around the base of the shaft of his cock with a safety razor then began to shave his big balls and suddenly there was a light knock on the door and before I could get up off my knees we heard a key and the door opened - it was Fabian with fresh towels - we must have looked a sight - Stan laying back naked with his legs pulled back and his arse big hard cock and half shaven balls fully exposed amd me kneeling beside the bed naked and sporting a king size hard on with a safety razor in one hand.

Fabian just stood there and looked and after what seemed like an eternity he pushed the door shut and covered his mouth with his spare hand and was tittering and said, "Me so very sorry - I thought you would be still asleep" by now Stan and I had both seen the funny side of it and were laughing - what else could we do - meanwhile Fabian was taking a good look at our hard cocks and naked bodies.

I got up and said to Stan "I guess I'll finish that later" and Fabian said "I very sorry - maybe I help you - maybe I finish shave for you Stan" looking at the bulge in Fabian's crotch he was turned on and getting horny and Stan grinned and said "Yes Fabian maybe you can help - but on the condition you get naked too" Fabian looked a bit uncomfortable and made no attempt to make any excuse to leave and I latched on and said "Yeah Fabian - underneath that uniform you seem to have one hot little body" and I reached over and began rubbing my left hand all over his crotch and reached my right arm and hand around and rubbed his cute buns and said "And what's this nice hardness I can feel - ooh yeah you've got such a nice cock and cute arse" by now Fabian was so hot and horny we had him at our mercy and Stan was now standing behind him and between us we had him stripped and buck naked in seconds as he kicked his shoes and sox off and I couldn't wait and dropped to my knees and devoured his six and a half inches of steel hard cut Asian cock and sucked it in and out of my mouth as Stan knelt behind him and sucked his nuts and licked his arse crack as he moaned in pleasure and after a couple of minutes Stan swapped places with me and then we pulled Fabian down to the floor and got in a threeway 69er and sucked dick until we had all had a turn on each other and Fabian really knew how to suck dick and after a few minutes Fabian said he had to get back to work before he was missed and Stan asked him if he wanted to shoot a load before-hand and Fabian told us there wasn't enough time but he could come back later so we both had one last suck on his beautiful cock before he dressed and left promising to be back.

Stan got back on the bed and I finished shaving his nuts until they were silky smooth and he went to the bathroom and rinsed himself off and when he came back he said "Fuck - it does feel good - so cool and it makes my dick and nuts look bigger" and I said "Fuck off - I wish mine was a big as yours - c'mon I wanna suck it" and he said "Much and all as I want you to and much and all as I wanna suck yours I think we should save ourselves for when Fabian comes back - I reckon it will be well worth the wait" and I said "Yeah - I know what you mean after all we're not getting any younger" and he said "Fuck off smart cunt."

We dressed and went up for breakfast and on the way passed the pool bar where Manuel was setting it up for the day and when he saw us he began grinning from ear to ear and said "How are you guys this morning - ready for a big day? - Fabian told me he really likes you and being your cabin steward" and Stan said "Yeah - he's a really good young guy and eager to please" - it was obvious Fabian had already told Manuel about earlier on as Manuel couldn't keep the smile off his face.

After breakfast we went back to the cabin and changed into our swimmers and it turned out we both had the same navy blue brief dick pointer Speedos - we covered up with footy shorts and singlet and went up to the pool area to sunbathe for a while. Around 11.30am Manuel came over and told us that Fabian was looking for us and as we got up to head for our cabin Manuel said "Have a nice day -enjoy yourselves". Fabian was waiting in our cabin and told us he only had thirty minutes so the three of us were naked and on the floor in a threeway 69er in seconds - Stan was sucking my cock and And I was sucking Fabian's as he sucked Stan and Fabian spat out Stan's cock and said "I want you to fuck me please I wanna be fucked by nice big Aussie cock" - there wasn't a great deal of time so Stan suggested I fuck Fabian first - talk about a fabulous fuck.


Fabian our hot little Filipino cabin steward was one fantastic fuck - he controlled the whole fuck with the acquired expert control of his incredible arse muscles. After he had literally fucked my brains out his arse drained my balls dry and left them aching and straight after he had did likewise with Stan and no doubt he could have then followed that up by fucking the arse off both of us but he had to get back to work. After he left Stan and I just lay on our beds totally spent of all energy - we missed lunch and had to grab a snack later in the afternoon when we surfaced and hit the pool bar for drinks - again we were greeted by Manuel smiling like a Cheshire cat.

Over our beers Stan said "Just look at Manuel -you'd have to ram your dick balls and all in his mouth to wipe the smile off his face" and I said "Yeah - but look on the bright side of things he may be even a better fuck than Fabian" and Stan smiled and said "Yeah - we gotta line something up to get the both of them together on their day off even if we have to book into a hotel - fuck sightseeing I'd sooner fuck them" and I said "You know at the rate we're going we're gonna be flat out getting to fuck each other" and I said "Nah - there's no way I'm gonna miss out on putting my dick in your hot arse before this trip is over" and he said "Yeah - I can't wait to fuck your hot arse either - maybe a quick one before dinner tonight" and I said "Maybe - I hope we can" and he said "Why don't we have another beer then head back to the cabin for a sleep - we can book into the last dinner sitting and fuck ourselves up an appetite beforehand.

I think fucking Fabian earlier helped as we both went to sleep in no time and were awakened around 5.00pm by a knock on the door - before we could get up we heard the key and Fabian came in and when he turned the light on he had Manuel with him - they were both out of uniform and wearing shorts and singlets and both looked hornier than ever - they locked the door and stood there smiling and Stan said "Can we help you two guys" and Fabian said "Manuel want you to fuck him" and Manuel grinned widely and nodded his head excitedly I looked at Stan and he at me no doubt he was thinking the same as me as to if we were able perform.

I said "Okay guys - you know the deal - clothes off - strip - c'mon show us what you've got" and without any delay they both were buck naked and standing before us looking like identical twins the same hard cocks same sized tight smooth nut sacs and same gorgeous bubble butt arses - that was enough for me - I was naked already and I pounced on Manuel and swallowed his gorgeous cock in one mouthful as Stan did likewise with Fabian then the four of us got on the floor in a circle 69er and sucked cock until Stan and I had both sucked the two of them then Manuel said "I have to be back at work in forty minutes please fuck me - please put big Aussie cock in me and fuck me like you fuck Fabian" again.

Stan told me to go first and this time Manuel laid across the bunk on his back and raised his legs in the air as I stood before him and raising his gorgeous arse off the bed he rested his legs over my shoulders as I spat on his arse crack and began slicking it up with my throbbing cock knob and he pushed and I slid balls deep into his extremely tight arse and getting myself in a more comfortable position I bent right over until I was resting on the palms of my hands either side of his head as he lowered his legs astride my waist and locked his heels behind my back and we fucked like there was no tomorrow - he was fucking as good if not better than Fabian - the way they both used there arse muscles reminded me of my younger days when I fucked a lot of Thai twat - those Thai chicks were experts and I have even seen them smoke cigarettes with their twat (one even blew smoke rings) so imagine the workout your cock got.

I was now fucking harder and faster and my big balls were slapping into Manuel's arse and nuts with my every fuck thrust and I couldn't hold back and shot my hot load deep up his tight arse as I collapsed over him on the bed and he moaned "Oh yeah - that number one fuck - number one fuck - now Stan you give me number one fuck too - put your big Aussie cock in me" so I rolled off him and Stan got into the same fucking position which Manuel seemed to prefer and fucked him like there was no tomorrow - Fabian got on top of me and he had a raging hard on and I said "Here let me take care of that for you I'll suck you off" and he moaned as I proceeded to give him head and he looked at me and said "Please I would like to fuck you if that is alright" although my cock was now slack I really felt like a fuck as it had been a while and after all he had a gorgeous steel hard cock so I said "Okay - how do you wanna do it" and he said "Like them - just like them" and in no time he had me on my back with my legs locked around his waist as I balanced on my shoulders and he held me under the arse and stood there and fucked me like there was no tomorrow - I was in such bliss and had my eyes closed and when I opened them I saw that Manuel now had Stan in the same position fucking like a wild bronco as both Stan and I just moaned in pleasure of the hot hard Asian cocks ploughing our arses.

Well it was now day six of the cruise and we were so involved in fucking and getting fucked by Manuel and Fabian that Stan and I still hadn't dicked each other but maybe by the time I pen Cruiseliner Cock 3 meanwhile I'm so horny and boned up and being Good Friday with the local cruise venues closed I have no choice - I just gotta go and take myself in hand and beat off.

Troy gets spanked

I come home early from work and am disgusted to find you in the laundry room with my dirty underwear pressed up against your face and your hand rubbing your crotch.

You jump at my approach and fumble for words. "Hi dad. I, uh, was just getting ready to uh, do the laundry."

I just say one word. "March." I follow you into the basement, grabbing a paddle from the Ping-Pong table as we head up to your bedroom.

"Troy, you should be ashamed of yourself. You were violating my privacy. Can you give me any reason why I shouldn't take down your pants right now and put you across my knee?"

"But, dad, I really was going to do laundry. I just noticed your underwear there and thought about last night how you looked in them just before you took them off when we went to bed. And I got all horny. I'm, I'm really sorry dad."

"Yes, Troy, you should be sorry. And I know you'll be a very sorry boy when you're lying bare-assed getting a good spanking. You violated my privacy Troy, so maybe the humiliation of this spanking will help teach you what that feels like."

"Yes Dad. I know you're right."

"Troy, I love you."

"I know Dad. I love you too."

"And it's because I love you that I spank you when you need it."

"I know that too, Dad. Even though it hurts when you spank me, I don't mind because I know its for my own good."

"Come here Troy." As always, I prolong your embarrassment. It's an eternity just until your jeans are at your knees and your face is flushed with mortification knowing that the touch of my hands is getting your cock hard. My hands touch you all over your underwear, then they slowly start exploring inside your underwear.

Eventually, an inch at a time, your underwear joins your jeans at your knees. Your humiliation is complete. Your standing there with your pants down, about to get a painful bare-assed spanking, yet your cock is pointed to the sky and is dripping pre-cum. To your surprise, I lick it off, then tease you with kisses all over your cock.

"Are you going to stain my pants, Troy."

"I don't know, Dad. I'm afraid."

I've always known that while you respect my hand, you fear the paddle almost as much as you fear my belt. You know that before we're done, you're going to be crying hard. In the past, usually just the mention of the paddle is enough to shrink your cock as much as a swim in a lake fed by a glacier. But not this time. My boy is growing up and submitting to dad as a grown-up is sexy in some way, especially with the way he's started comforting you afterwards.

I realize I'd better not risk my pants and take them off. I catch you looking at me and smile. My cock is as hard as yours. It's time for a new part of the ritual, one you've come to anticipate.

A spanking is one way a dad expresses his love for his boy, but there are other ways, such as plenty of hugs and kisses. Sometimes days go by between spankings, but boys need to be kissed much more often than that and as for hugs, whenever a boy's not doing something physical, he should feel his dad close to him. To make it clear that the spanking is part of this loving, it starts with a long hug and kiss. As you feel my tongue in your mouth you think of the other place it goes, and the thought makes you shiver. You also shiver at the thought of what's to come.

Sooner than you'd like, our embrace ends. I sit down and you allow me to guide you over my knee. It's a point of pride with you to always submit to a spanking, at least if you can't talk me out of it. You've never managed to do it yet, but I'm always willing to listen. I've never given you a spanking I wasn't convinced was necessary. I take my time positioning you for maximum efficiency for me and maximum comfort for you. Your cock is positioned on my right thigh, pointing upwards, with your chest supported by my left leg. The only discomfort is going to be in your ass, with no annoying distractions.

I'm aware how hard it is for a boy to hold still while his dad's applying the paddle to his bare ass, so I always allow you to "hang on" to me. Your left arm curves under my thigh, while your right hand grips my ankle.

While my left arm does rest on your back, with my hand on your side in that area between the ribcage and hipbone, it's more for comfort than anything else. You've never even given me cause to warn you of the consequences of struggling. You know that I'll never give you more than you can handle or less than you deserve, so you submit willingly, even gratefully to the inevitable. The sooner it's over, the sooner we can get back to full-time loving.

The fear and embarrassment makes you tense, despite your willingness. I caress and massage your butt until it's relaxed enough for me to begin your spanking.

No matter how often you get spanked, and you've been spanked more and more often as you get older, the first hard whack of the paddle on your bare ass always elicits a gasp of surprise. It's so loud that you seem to hear it more than you can feel it. But only for have a second as you feel a horrible stinging pain that makes you want nothing more than to rub yourself until it goes away. The heat seems to radiate through your entire body and the force of the paddle makes your cock slide over my thigh.

"Please stop dad," you plead involuntary, knowing your spanking has just begun and won't end until I feel you've had enough punishment. I ignore your pleas, and continue spanking you with the paddle.

"No, daddy, no, please," you gasp as tears begin to well up in your eyes. There's wetness at the other end too, as the spanking heats up your ass and pounds your cock into my thigh. At this point in a hand spanking, sometimes your cock wins out and I spank your cum out of your throbbing cock. Not with the paddle though. With little effort I can reduce you to tears, as the paddle has no give at all. A few more whacks have you sobbing openly, pleading "DADDY, PLEASE" when you can catch your breath. Not enough, yet, but it doesn't take many more to achieve my goal. You bawl tears of surrender and cease protesting. You'd let me spank you forever without complaint. And now that you realize and accept that, the spanking ends.

I help you to your feet and take pity on you. It was only your love for me that made you fool around with my underwear. Your cock is still hard and I give it a little squeeze. I don't dare have you lie on the bed with my weight on your butt. I have you bend over the desk and quickly thrust my cock home. With each thrust my crotch touches your red hot ass and hurts almost as much as a hand spanking. Your hand pounds your cock furiously and I come too, with my hands pulling back hard on your hips, once again renewing the pain.

I take you over to the bed, lie down and pull you on top of me. Back to hugs and kisses. I gently begin soothing your throbbing red ass with my hands. Your ass is mine to comfort, mine to punish, mine to love. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, your ass is the physical path to it.

"You know Troy, I don't mind if you want a pair of my underwear to keep close when I'm not around. All you had to do was ask."

"Oh, I know that Dad. But wasn't it more fun this way?"

"You mean you planned this whole thing?"

"Of course I did. I guess I was a bad boy, wasn't I Daddy?"

"Yes Troy. Sometimes I don't know what I'm going to do with you, Troy. But I know what I'm going to have to do this time."

"What's that dad?"

"Well it looks like I'm going to have to put you across my knee."

"Tomorrow, 'kay?"


"And dad?"

"Yes Troy?"

"Could you take my clothes off first?"

"Uh huh. Let's go to sleep Troy, and tomorrow'll be here sooner than you know."

"Okay, dad, G'night. Dad?"

"Yes Troy?"

"I love you. Thank you for taking such good care of me."

"I love you too, Troy. It's my pleasure. I love my boy and I'm very proud of him. Go to sleep."


We kiss for a while then settle into our usual spoon position. The pain has faded into a warm glow you wish you could feel all the time. I treasure the warmth as my cock nestles into its usual resting place between your cheeks. We drift off to sleep.

Sex slave

During the Korean War, I was drafted into the Army. I was neither physically nor mentally ready to go into the service. The real fact of the matter was that I was not suitable for the service. I was gay but was not ready to admit to the world that I was gay and choose to deny that I was gay when I was inducted into the Army. I did not feel that I could ever purposely injure or kill another human being and if it got down to a choice, I would sacrifice my own life rather than take someone elses life. I hated the service from the day I was drafted until the day I received my honorable discharge.

Upon arriving at the base where I was to receive my Basic Training, a Sergeant Walker, who had this snotty attitude, greeted all the new recruits and me and we were told to "fall in". I learned very quickly what the command to "fall in" meant and had to do that many times while I was in the service. We were taken to this building and were issued our uniforms and then taken to our barracks and told to put on our fatigues and boots. My pants were very tight and uncomfortable.

Our Sergeant Walker must have had extra training to have been the most disagreeable, cocky, and unlikable person I had ever meet. He was about six-foot tall, 46 years old, in top physical condition, custom made uniforms, loud voice, crew cut hair, very very masculine and wore a smirk on his face most of the time. The Army was his career and he was proud to let every one know that he was regular Army. There was no way that any of us could have ever liked this man. He was evil through and through, even though he had nice facial features and beautiful dark brown eyes, his personality was disgusting.

It was his responsibility, along with the other cadre, to see that we got the training we needed to be good soldiers and ready for combat duty. This meant everything from learning to march; use of various weapons such as M-1 rifles, BAR, carbine, mortars, pistols, grenades, etc.; getting us in physical shape; to learning to obey commands or take orders without questions.

A few nights after we arrived on base, just before lights out, the Sergeant came into the barracks and ordered everyone to take off all their clothes except our boots and put on our raincoats and be ready to fall in within five minutes. After we fell in, the Sergeant went back into the barracks and a Corporal stepped forward and told us that we were going to have a "short arms inspection". I had no idea what he was talking about. He begins to call out names and we were told as our names were called, we were to go back into the barracks.

When my name was called, I went into the barracks and just to the left was our restroom and showers, the Sergeant was seated in a chair just inside the restroom with rubber gloves on his hands. He motioned me to come in and told me to open my raincoat. As I stood there in front of him exposed, he began to examine my penis and nuts. I had no idea what this man was doing but he stroked my penis for several moments and looked up and said, "Very nice. Before I am through with you, your body is going to be in shape that is worthy of what you have here, while still holding on and referring to my dick". He then had me turn around and lift up my raincoat, bend over and he grabbed my buttocks and spread them apart and examined my anus. When he was through patted my butt and said, "Great ass". Then he yelled at the Corporal, "Next".

As I was putting on my underwear, I asked the guy in the next bunk to me, what was that all about? He said that he thought that the Sergeant was checking to see if any of us had any signs of venereal disease. I thought that was odd because before being inducted I received a through physical exam by the Army doctors. I also thought that the Sergeant had spent a little more time with me than he did with the others and that he was paying a little too much attention to my dick and balls than necessary.

Our training was very demanding on us physically and mentally. We were awaken at 4:30AM and were on the go until lights out at 10:30PM. Everywhere we went rain or shine, we ran. Sometimes we would run while in formation several miles at a time. Each day we spent an hour and half doing calisthenics. Every one was exhausted and when we had short breaks, I and some of the others, would take naps even if it were only for a few minutes.

Every time any of us did something that the Sergeant could find wrong or disliked, he made us do push-ups. His favorite trick with me was while I was doing push ups he would stand next to me yelling at me and he would put his foot on my ass and make me lift the weight of his foot and leg as well as my own weight. Just out of pure devilment he sometimes would put pressure on me with his foot so that I could not do the number of push-ups that he ordered me to do. He would remove his foot and tell me to start all over again.

The bastard would come up to me while at attention and undo a button on my uniform and say, "Soldier, you have a button undone. Give me fifty push ups". I would get down and start to do the push ups and he would drop down on the ground beside me and do fifty push ups before I had finished. He would jump up and say, "Soldier, you are to damn slow. Give me fifty more".

Within three weeks, I noticed that my uniforms were fitting me and as time went by, the uniforms were loose. I had not loss weight but I had loss my excess fat and obtained more muscles. I was not having the difficulty in breathing while running or exercising as I had at the beginning.

The Sergeant had managed to break my spirit and self-esteem and if it had not been for me hating this man so much, I do not think I could have survived Basic Training.

About the sixth or seventh week were going through this course where we had fixed our bayonets on our rifles and were in training to use the bayonets and were stabbing theses dummies on this course. The Sergeant was standing on the side of the course yelling out commands. I was running this course stabbing these dummies saying to myself, "Take that Sergeant Walker". I realized that the Sergeant had taken away my self-respect, my morals, and had turned me into something that I did not like. I could have killed the Sergeant and have no remorse about doing so.

One night just before lights out, another guy, named Rob Alexander and I had taken our showers and as I was drying off, and Rob asked me if I would put a new bandage on his upper back. He had received and injury and could not reach the place on his back to apply a clean bandage. I had just finished putting on the bandage and was still standing close to Robs back when Sergeant Walker and another sergeant were walking by the entrance to the restroom and showers. They stopped and looked in and saw Rob and I standing close together naked.

Two days latter Rob and another soilder were caught having sex. They both were court marshaled and given dishonorable discharges.

At the end of the eighth week of training, the company was really shaping up and I guess that our Company Commander was pleased with our progress. Anyway he gave us a two-day weekend pass. There was a small town not far from the base and I rented a hotel room for one night. After checking into the hotel, I went to my room and took a shower. I stepped out of the shower and looked into a full size mirror for the first time since starting my Basic Training. I hardly recognized myself. My shoulders were wider and more muscular, my arms and legs were more developed and had an appealing shape and I had loss two or more inches around my waist. My buttocks were nicely shaped and my chest, stomach, and abdomen were firm. I was in the best physical shape than I had ever been in my life. This was the first time that I had had the opportunity to see myself in a full-length mirror. The mirrors in the barracks are just large enough to shave and brush your teeth. I stood in front of the full-length mirror for a long time in amazement. I thought to myself, "Sergeant Walker is still a bastard but he did accomplish building up my body in a manner that was worthy of my dick and balls".

It had been so long since I had been alone by myself that I was not really for certain whether my dick still worked. Before I got dressed to go to a movie, I had to make sure and I jerked off twice and released two big loads. After the movie I had to check again just to be sure that it was functioning properly. After I returned from eating, I removed my clothes and lay on the bed naked playing with myself until I fell asleep.

When I woke up Sunday morning my cock was as hard as a rock and I just lay in bed and took my time and masturbated until I shot my cum all over my stomach, chest and neck. I even had a drop on my chin which I licked off and enjoyed tasting. I enjoyed my two days leave being able to become acquainted with myself once again. I did not want to go back to the base. We were to go on maneuvers leaving a 5:00AM the next day.

After we had arrived at the site of the maneuvers and after we had set up our tents, Sergeant Walker yelled for us to fall-in. He called out names and assigned the guys into squads. Each squad was to go on patrols and perform exercises as if they were in a war situation. The sergeant did not call my name and I asked him which squad he wanted me to join. He informed me that I was to stay with him for the day.

After the squads left on their missions, the Sergeant poured coffee for each of us. He lit up a cigarette and set down about six feet in front of me and drank his coffee and smoked his cigarette and I kept catching him starring at me.

He was trying to begin a conversation with me and I just did not have anything to say to this man that I disliked so much. He asked me where I was from and I answered by giving the name of the town. There would be more silence and he would ask me another question and I would give him a very brief answer. Finally, I was feeling bad because I knew that in his way he was trying to be friendly. I asked him if he were married. He replied, "Not any longer. I was married for six months and the fucking bitch divorced me and ran off with an Army Captain. It was a mistake to marry her in the first place. We only had sex three times during our marriage and she was lousy in bed".

After a few minutes of silence, he added, "Hell, I had greater sex fucking the asses of young Korean boys, when I was overseas, than I had with my fucking wife". I did not know what to say and I got up and got us some more coffee.

By this time the sun was directly over us and it was getting warm. We finished our coffee and the Sergeant had smoked several cigarettes. He got up and field strip his cigarettes and picked up a tarp and told me to come with him. He took off into the woods in the opposite direction from which the squads had gone. I had no idea where or why the Sergeant was going but I followed him. We went deep into the woods, by a small creek, about five hundred yards, out of sight from where our tents were.

He spread the tarp out and told me to get my clothes off and get on the tarp. I looked him straight in the eye and asked, "What in the hell. I am not taking my clothes off and getting on the tarp". He just smiled at me and said, "Yes you are and I am going to fuck that beautiful nice ass of yours". I could not believe the gall of this man. I said, "The hell you are" and I turned to walk away. The Sergeant said, "Remember Rob Alexander? Remember me and my sergeant friend seeing you and Rob naked in the shower? The sergeant is a witness and I can have you court marshaled for being a damn queer. You have no choice but to be my sex slave until Basic Training is over. Get your Goddamn clothes off and get down there on your hands and knees".

I did not know what to do. It seemed that I had no other choice. I knew that my being seen by Sergeant Walker and his sergeant friend may have looked suspicious but there was no sex involved. However, if Sergeant Walker was to make a charge against me, an investigation into my past might reveal past gay sexual relations that I had had before being inducted into the service.

As I began to remove my uniform, so was Sergeant Walker. It was the first time I had seen the Sergeant out of uniform and in the nude. He had a body to behold and most any queer such as myself would go apeshit to be with this man. My only problem was to try and not think about what a bastard he was.

I was down on my hands and knees and I looked up and the Sergeant was standing in front of me stroking his nine-inch cock. He said, "Normally, I do not let fucking queers touch my cock but I am feeling generous and you are going to suck it until I say stop". He forced his cock into my mouth and grabbed my head and pushed it in as far as it would go. I started to gag and he just ignored the problem I was having and started to fuck my face real hard.

What he did not know that I was enjoying having his big cock in my mouth and most likely the only way he could tell is if he could see my own dick throbbing and swinging between my legs. It was moving with the motion that the sergeant was fucking my mouth and my cock was banging up against my abdomen.

He was so damn hot. Not only was he sexually hot but also his body was covered with perspiration and his skin was glistening in the sun making his body features even more attractive. His big balls had drawn up and were right next to his cock and were pounding on my chin. I could tell that he was building up a big load and it would not be long before he would begin to shove his huge member up my asshole. He begin to deposit precum in my mouth which I relished the taste. I kept thinking to myself, "If he were only a nice person, I could really make more of an effort to please him".

He removed his dick from my mouth and fumbled around in his pants pocket and got a tube of lubricant. He began to stroke his cock and then applied the lubricant and then moved behind me and jammed his finger covered in lubricant up my asshole. I could tell that he had never been fucked in his asshole by the rough way that he was treating mine with his finger. I tried to prepare myself for the same rough treatment when he stuck his big cock into me.

My assumption was right because he jammed his cock all the way into me in one big thrust and he began to fuck me fast and hard and never slowed down until he ejaculated deep into my ass. I felt his warm cum and he shot off four or five times before he was completely exhausted his supply of cum.

Almost as soon as he finished cumin, as he was pulling out of my hole I shot my load onto the tarp without my cock being touched.

The Sergeant stood up and said, "Well big boy, I see you got your rocks off too".

The Sergeant got dressed before I had finished dressing and he stood there watching me. He said, "Soldier, we have about three more weeks of Basic Training. There are going to be other times that I will expect you to service my cock. I knew when I first saw you that you would be a good fuck buddy. You did alright".

As he turned to walk off we heard a jeep driving up the road. He told me to fold up the tarp and he would go see who was headed in out direction. When I got back to the tent site, the Company Commander and his driver were in the jeep. I saluted and walked away. The Captain asked the Sergeant what I was doing there and he told the officer that I was not feeling very well and he decided that I should not go on the exercises. The Captain said something to the Sergeant that I could not hear, and the Sergeant got in the jeep and yelled at me that he would be back and they took off. It was after the sun had gone down before anyone came back to the tent area. I had spent the afternoon taking naps and enjoying the quiet and peace.

The next day was a repeat of the previous day. The Sergeant and I stayed in the tent area while everyone else was doing some type of combat exercises. The Sergeant and I went back into the woods with the tarp. The only difference this time was that the Sergeant decided that he wanted to give me a blowjob which he had never attempted to give anyone before. For a beginner he learned fast and was really good. I told him that I enjoyed him sucking off my dick and he said that "You are a good teacher and I learned how from you". That was the first compliment or anything nice that I had ever heard him say to anyone. While he was sucking my cock he was masturbating and he unloaded his cum the same time I shot my load into his mouth.

He lit up a cigarette while he was recovering. After he finished his cigarette, he asked me to suck on his soft dick and get it hard because he wanted to fuck me again. This time he had me lie on my back and put my legs over his shoulders. After he got his cock all the way in my asshole, I locked my feet around his neck and watched the expressions on his face while he fucked me. For the first time he did not have that ridiculous smirk on his face.

After fucking me for about a half of an hour, he deposited a very generous load of cum into my hole and remained inside me until he became soft again. As we walked back to the tent area, he put his arm around my shoulder and told me that he enjoyed giving me a blowjob and like the feeling of giving pleasure to my cock and me.

That afternoon, I was lying down in my tent asleep and the Sergeant woke me up and told me to take a walk with him. We were walking through the woods and he stopped and started undoing my pants. He said that he was horny and the only thing he wanted was to give me another blowjob. It was hardly anytime before he had me fully aroused and I was squirting cum down his throat. When he had finished, I asked him if he wanted me to suck him off and he said no and asked me to leave him in the woods that he wanted to be alone and that he was going to jack himself off.

The next day was the last day of the maneuver. I was again asked to stay in the tent area and everyone left except the Sergeant and I. Shortly after everyone left the Company Commander showed up and the Sergeant and the Captain took off somewhere. I spent the whole day drinking coffee, taking naps and enjoying the out of doors.

Early the next morning we packed up and went back to our barracks. Everyone was exhausted. Their uniforms were filthy. Their boots were muddy and had to be cleaned and shined. Their rifles had to be cleaned. I felt like I had been on vacation. All I had to do was to brush off my boots and set back and watch everyone else do what they had to do.

From then on the Sergeant went out of his way to make my life a little easier. In fact, a hell of lot more easy than my fellow soldiers in the Company. I was put on guard duty, when Sergeant Walker was Sergeant of the Guards and the Sergeant made sure that my position on guard duty was out in some God for shaken place were no one would be around.

It was very dark, late at night, and I would walk up and down this fence that I was supposed to be guarding from the enemy. I loosen my belt; holding the rifle on my shoulder, slip my other hand down my pants playing with my dick while walking my post. In a period of two hours, I had had numerous near climaxes that I put off because I knew that when it came time Sergeant to inspect the guards, we would have sex. Naturally, the inspection of my post took longer than the Sergeant had spent inspecting all the other posts put together. When I was on my knees, I told the Sergeant that "I could better observe the enemy (his nine inch cock) from my kneeling position and it was my duty to take the enemy to prison in my mouth". The Sergeant said, "The enemy surrenders".

The Sergeant had made a point many times to arrange situations where we would get together for sex. Sergeant Walker enjoyed giving and receiving blowjobs and he like to fuck me. He would never let me fuck him and the closest I ever came to entering his asshole was to finger fuck him just before and during his ejaculation while having oral sex. He loved to be finger fucked and to be rimed.

The weekend before we finished Basic Training, we both got a weekend pass and he had me meet him at the hotel where I spent my first two-day pass. One of my fancies that I had before reaching the hotel was that I wanted to have sex with Sergeant Walker in front of the full-length mirror so I could see my new body in full action with his magnificent body and nine-inch cock in all its glory. The Sergeant and I fulfilled my fancy. We had great sex numerous times while at the hotel and both enjoyed the comfort of a king size bed in preference to other places we had previously had had sex. I had become very pleased and happy to be the Sergeants sex slave. Sergeant Walker told me "You are the best sex slave that I have ever had. Of course you are the only sex slave I have ever had. The truth is other than a couple of Korean boys, you are the only person I have had gay sex with".

A few days after our hotel rendezvous, Basic Training was over, we all received our orders including the Sergeant and we went our separate ways. When I received my honorable discharge, I still hated being in the Army but my last few weeks in Basic Training will always be remembered. I often wonder about the Sergeant and if he is still successful at making new recruits hate his guts. He was a hot, handsome, macho dude, but a son-of-a-bitch with a body and cock to be envied by the majority of gays as well as straights.

Old folks home

I was sixty-five years old, when my wife, Mary, died. She'd been sick for some time so we hadn't had sex for a couple of years. And, it's funny, but I didn't even miss it. Maybe I'm getting old. And Mary hadn't been looking so great. I mean she wasn't attractive to me anymore, so I was just as happy that my sex life had come to a close. I tell this to people and they laugh at me, because I look much younger than my age. Everyone says I could pass for forty-five. My hair is still full and black. Yeah, there are a couple of grey hairs next to my ears, but otherwise not. I don't have a lot of wrinkles, and my body is still fairly firm. Hey, I'm not a twenty-year old kid, but for sixty-five, really not too bad

The only thing was that after the funeral, I started losing weight, and not shaving every-day, and all that. I guess I'm not that good at taking care of myself. I've always had a woman to cook for me, and tell me to spruce up and everything. First my mother, then my wife. I never had to do anything for myself. My son, Michael, was getting very concerned about me.

"Dad. This is no good. You're not taking care of yourself," he said. "I'm really worried about you."

"Don't be silly, Michael. I'll be just fine," I answered.

"No. You won't be. I can see what's happening here," he said. "Gloria and I have discussed it, and we think you should come and live with us."

"That's ridiculous" I said. "You two kids have your own lives. You don't need an old guy like me around the house all the time."

"Yes, we do," he insisted. "We've talked it over and we want you to come and live with us. We insist."

The two of them wouldn't leave me in peace until I agreed to move into their house. They had a large guest room with a big double bed, and they put me in there. They had no children, so when they both went to work after breakfast I was alone in the house all day. Just like I had been in my own house. But Gloria, at least, cooked all the meals, and left me lunch and made sure I was properly dressed and groomed every day. This went on for a few months, and everything was all right. But then I could see that Gloria was getting edgy. She would snap at me for no reason. I didn't know what was going on. Then one night, I overheard a loudly whispered conversation coming from their bedroom.

Gloria: This is not a hotel, and we're not made of money. Everybody has to pull their own weight around here.

Michael: But, Gloria. He's an old man. He's retired. You knew all this before. Why didn't you say something then?

Gloria: I thought I could put up with it, but I can't. This is no good. He's got to contribute.

Michael: But what can he do at his age?

Gloria: I'll tell you what he can do.....

And then the voices got very low and I couldn't hear anything else. I wondered what they had in mind for me. I knew when they asked me that I shouldn't have come. I should have stuck to my guns. I was so upset that I had a lot of trouble falling asleep that night.

They never said anything to me at all, but a couple of nights later Gloria made some coffee after dinner. I saw something funny. "What kind of powder did you put into my coffee, Gloria?"

"No powder, dad. That was sugar." she answered.

"I usually put in my own sugar," I said

"Well tonight I did it for you. Am I such a terrible daughter-in-law?"

We both laughed as I drank my coffee. About a half hour later I started feeling very sleepy. I started to yawn.

"What's wrong, dad?" Michael asked.

"I don't know. I'm just so sleepy," I answered.

"Maybe you should go up to bed and get a good night's sleep," Gloria suggested. I didn't want to go to bed yet. It was way too early, but I was soooo sleepy. I shook my head trying to shake that drowsy feeling away, but it wouldn't go. I tried to stand up and I started wobbling on my feet. I almost fell.

"Hey, dad. Be careful," Michael said. "Come on. We're going to take you up to bed. Just lean on me." They got on each side of me, and with a little difficulty they got me up the stairs and into my bedroom.

"I'll take his clothes off and put him in bed," Michael said. Gloria nodded and left the room. Michael sat me on the bed and began stripping my garments off me. Every few seconds I started to slide over onto the bed and he'd have to straighten me up to get my undershirt over my head. Finally he was finished, and I drooped down again. This time Michael laid me out carefully in the middle of the bed. I was lying on my stomach and my rear end was in the air. I was practically asleep. I think I was even snoring a little. I think Michael thought I was asleep, but in this deep stupor, I could still hear, and I had a vague idea what was happening. I was waiting for Michael to throw a blanket over my body. But it never happened.

"Is he ready?" she asked.

"There are some things I want to do first," he answered.

"But company is coming in a half hour," she complained.

"There are some things. I have to do first. I want to make sure he doesn't get hurt. He's my father, for Christ's sake. Do you mind?"

"Do whatever you have to do," she said in a resigned but annoyed tone.

"He looks pretty good for his age, don't you think?"

"I suppose so," she answered.

"His ass is still pretty round and firm, not all saggy like most guys his age."

"You want to try it?" she asked.

"Don't get funny, bitch," he snapped.

"I'll be in the bedroom," she said and I heard her walking down the hall. I heard Michael go out of the room and then come back in with a crinkly paper bag. I felt the mattress sag a little as he sat on the edge of the bed, and began to take things out of that bag. I didn't know what was happening, really. I was practically asleep. My eyes were closed and I was breathing evenly and deeply. I felt his hand go down to my rear end, and it felt like he was slipping a finger inside, except the finger felt very cool and slippery. He kept working his finger in and out, and it was like all the time there was more and more slippery goo going into me. But that was ridiculous. Why would my son be doing that? I must be dreaming this, I thought. It could have been a dream, it was starting to feel sooo good. It had to be a dream. Then the finger felt like it was bigger, or maybe it was two fingers in my butt. But that's crazy. Why would my son be putting his fingers into his father's ass? That just wouldn't be right. I must be asleep. But, oh, it was feeling nice. Then it felt like there were three and after that even four fingers in there, working in and out, bending, twisting, kind of stretching my little asshole. I heard him rummage around in the bag for something, and a few seconds later I felt this big hard thing---it felt like plastic. First it played along my cheeks, then my ass lips, and little by little it was feeding inside my body. Wow. What a crazy dream. In my sleep I was getting turned on and wanted to hunch my ass around the intruding instrument and pull it deeper into my body. This was going on and on, and I was just lying there, semi-asleep, just enjoying it for all I was worth. I heard the doorbell ring downstairs, and then Gloria was going down. This must be the company she had mentioned a while ago.

A couple of minutes later I heard two sets of feet climbing the stairs, and then Gloria and a man were at the door of the room.

"There he is," Gloria said. "All yours."

"Not so fast," Michael said. I felt him get up from the side of the bed. "You have the money?" He asked.

"I got it," the man answered.

"Give it to me," Michael said. I heard the crinkle of paper money. Michael must be counting it, I thought.

"I wouldn't be doing this, you know, except my wife is visiting her grandmother in Florida for two months, and I'm really hard up. I just gotta get off." The man said.

"I understand perfectly," Michael answered. "And we're delighted that we could be of help to you in your current situation. In fact, any time you want to come back would be fine."

"I'm going to my room," Gloria said.

"I'm staying here," Michael said to her.

I heard the guy sputter a little. He was flustered. "You mean you're gonna watch me?" the guy asked Michael. "I don't want that."

"Tough," Michael answered. "That's my father over there and I'm staying right here to make sure he doesn't get hurt or anything. Now, get going. You don't have all night. I heard the sound of clothing coming off, and then the naked man climbed on the bed and sat on my legs. I felt a motion, and heard a slappy sound, and I think the guy was working on his equipment, trying to get it hard, It still hadn't occurred to me why he would want to get it hard. I heard Michael approach the bed.

"Here. Put some of this on it. Make it real slippery." The man seemed to be following Michael's instructions, and in a few minutes I felt a large fleshy stick moving around the edges of my rectum. And then it went inside. It went in pretty easily, I guess, after all the playing around Michael had done in that location. I felt a long, long thing easing into my behind. And then I felt the man's chest lying on top of my back. I could feel movements he was making in his pelvic area, which seemed to have the effect of massaging my whole insides. It felt really, really good. How come in all these years I had never tried anything like this? What a fool I was. I could have lived and died never knowing this glorious wonderful feeling inside me. Even though I was pretty passed out I tried to scrunch my ass cheeks a little to grasp that marvelous cock as tightly as I could.

"Oh, this is great," he uttered. "So warm, so smooth, and it's holding me tighter than my wife's pussy. Oh, yes. Oh, yes. Take it, baby. Take it." He started raising his hips higher and plunging into me harder and deeper, and if I had only been awake I would have screamed out with pleasure. But asleep, as I was, I had to enjoy it silently. I felt that long thick cock in my ass actually start to swell as his movements became jerky and erratic, and then I felt a flood of hot liquid gushing up my ass spurt after spurt after spurt. The guy was actually yelling "Yes. Take it cunt. Take my hot load up your tight sweet ass." He was lying on my chest again and I could feel his heart pounding. Then as his heart started slowing I could feel the flesh tube in my rectum ease out. He got off the bed, and he and Michael were talking but I don't know what they were saying, and then I think I went out totally. Because the next thing I knew it was the next morning, and I knew something had happened, but I wasn't sure exactly what. I didn't have my pajamas on. That was strange. I found my pajama bottoms and pulled them on before walking down the hall to the bathroom. I was in the middle of brushing my teeth when I felt I had to go, so I sat down on the toilet. There was this strange wet noise and I felt a gallon of liquid pour out of my ass. It was clear colored. I wondered what that could be. Did I eat something that didn't agree with me last night? I shrugged my shoulders and went back to brushing my teeth. We had breakfast and the two of them left for work the same as usual. I knocked around all day, the same as usual. Nothing different, except my ass felt a little itchy. Maybe it had something to do with that liquid I had expelled.

The kids came home and we had dinner and coffee just like always. And damn it, if I didn't start getting really sleepy again. They helped me up the stairs like they had the night before, and little bits and pieces of memory were starting to come back to me, when Michael stripped me naked, positioned me face down in the center of the bed, and began to feed slippery stuff inside my hole. Yeah, this is what happened last night, I thought. But I couldn't remember what came after the slippery stuff.

A while later the doorbell rang, and Gloria brought someone to my room.

I could feel someone towering over my bed, saying to Michael "Herman, my friend, who was here last night said it was just great. He said it was something I shouldn't miss." If I had been more awake I would have felt flattered.

Again, I heard money changing hands and knew that the fellow was denuding himself before climbing on top of me. "Man, oh man" he said. "What a nice little ass. And he's asleep. He won't disturb me in any way while I'm getting my rocks off in him. I should put my wife to sleep. 'Do this. Do that.' Fuck her. I wanna do what I fucking wanna do."

I heard Michael making sure the guy was well lubricated, and then the guy stretched out, grabbed it with his hand and slowly started feeding it into me. Oh, yeah. This guy was a lot bigger than Herman the one who had fucked me last night, but it was great. It didn't bounce around in my ass at all. It didn't stab into the walls. It just totally and completely filled my whole cavity. Oh, yes. Do it man. Do it.

When it was over, when the big guy had emptied his balls into my tight end, and while he was getting dressed I went out completely again, but the next morning when I woke up I had a little bit more of an idea what was happening in that house. I sat on the toilet and expelled another gigantic load of cum into the bowl, wiped myself and then showered and brushed my teeth.

Even though I was now aware of what was going on every single night, I couldn't bring myself to say anything to Michael or Gloria. It was just too embarrassing. And besides I wasn't unhappy with it or anything. Gloria started cheering up too. She was buying all kinds of new things for the house, and new clothes which she modeled for me. It was nice to see her so happy, and also to know deep inside that I really wasn't such a burden any more. I was paying my own way now, just like she had wanted.

The only thing is I would like to have been awake during all this. To really enjoy it. To work my ass around every guy's dick. That's what I wanted. Finally one night, when they handed me my cup of coffee, I sat it down on the table.

"Look, Michael," I said. "I know what's been going on. No more."

"Dad," he protested.

"No more."

"But dad. We have company coming over later."

"That's okay, Michael. That part is okay. But no more pills and no more powders. I want to be awake not passed out."

"Are you sure, dad?" he asked, not really believing me.

"Yes. I'm sure," I said. "I'll do what you want upstairs but I want to be conscious."

"Okay, dad. If that's what you want." He didn't sound so sure, but I hugged him and told him it was all right.

That night I walked up the stairs myself, got undressed myself and after getting some slippery goo inside me, I lay down right in the center of the bed with my arms and legs outstretched, and my eyes closed, resting, as I waited for my gentleman caller.

A little while later he came. His name was Frank and he was about forty-five years old. Big and stocky with jet black hair, blue eyes and a handsome face. I knew that when he climbed on top of me, he would be bigger than me in every direction, plus heavier too. But I was getting to like weight on top of me. Michael was hanging around near the doorway of my room. "That's okay, Michael. You can go now. And shut the door, please."

"Are you sure, dad? You sure you're gonna be all right."

"I'll be just fine. Frank here is going to take good care of me. Aren't you, Frank?"

"I sure am," he answered. Michael gave a little shrug and left Frank and me alone in the room.

"Get undressed, Frank," I said. He started disrobing and I turned around and lay on my belly again, watching him over my shoulder.

"This is so great to find you," he said. "I love ass. I just love ass, and that bitchy wife of mine won't take it. She keeps making me shove it in her floppy cunt. We've had three kids. You can't even feel anything in there any more. It's like fucking a life preserver,"

"I'm sorry," I said.

"Hell. It's not your fault. You're the guy who's gonna make it up to me. I'm going drop my load inside your hot little ass. Right?"

"Right. Just put on some of that slippery stuff in that tube on the dresser and climb aboard" He put on the goo and got on the bed, planting his large thighs on either side of my own. Then he just flopped down on top of me, Almost knocking the breath out of me as he squeezed my body in his powerful arms. He was moving his lower torso around, letting his cock rub all over my ass. Then he put one hand down and grabbed it, to get it through the little opening. Just like threading a needle. Finally he had the whole sweet thing inside me and he started moving his ass around, just enjoying the feel of the whole thing. Then he would fuck a little. In, Out. In, Out. Then he would grind around a little more. Then he pressed my ass cheeks together around his cock as he hammered up and down. All of a sudden he took it out and I couldn't imagine what I had done wrong. But then he flipped me over on my back and pulled my legs up over his shoulders and crouched over me like a tiger. He stuck it back inside me and I looked into his handsome face, into his handsome eyes as he worked it back and forth. This was a whole new thing for me. Facing my fucker. His dick was going even deeper this way. It was wonderful. Wonderful. He pulled my hips up into his as he plowed me, and his big balls clacked against my own more modest ones. Then He leaned his head down, and we kissed while he was fucking me. We actually kissed. I could feel his whole tongue work its way into my mouth and slurp around, as I sucked on it. And all the time his hips were banging against mine as his cock went deep into my asshole, rubbing my sensitive passages into a frenzy of delight. Wonderful. Wonderful. If only this could last forever, but already I knew it couldn't as I felt his giant dick swell inside me and pour shot after shot of burning glop way, way into me.

"Oh, baby," he breathed. "That was just great. I wish I could come over here every night, but it's so fucking expensive." I was dying to ask how much it was but I couldn't get up the nerve. I also was wishing Frank could come over and fuck me every night. I was going to have try to speak to Michael about making a special deal for Frank or making him an annual club member or something.

"I'll talk to my son," I said. "Maybe I can get him to give you a special deal."

"That would be terrific," he said as he was getting dressed. "My schlong feels right at home in that sweet little ass pussy of yours. It's so fucking comfortable. Tailor made. Made to fit."

The next morning I spoke to Michael about a special arrangement for Frank, but he wouldn't go along. I was really disappointed. But there was always fresh meat for me. Every night. Some of it okay, and some of it magnificent. I meandered around the empty house, all day every day, waiting for the evening to come with my special cylindrical shaped treat of one size or another, always hot, pulsing and alive. And I was alive now, alive as I had never been before in all of my sixty-five years. Life was really great.

One night after my guy had gone home, I heard a shouting match in Michael and Gloria's bedroom. Screaming and yelling, like I had never heard before. A few minutes later Michael opens the door of my room and comes in. "Are you awake, dad?" he asks.

"I'm awake. I heard quite a commotion in there."

"Yeah. We had a little fight. Do you mind if I bunk in here with you tonight, Dad?"

"No, son, that's fine. I don't mind. You take that side," I said patting the left side of the bed.

"Thanks, dad. You're a sport." He climbed into the bed, and we settled down. I was trying to drift off to sleep but he was heaving this way and heaving that way. It was really annoying.

"What's wrong, son. Can't you sleep?" I asked.

"Sorry dad, but I can never fall asleep until I get my nut."

"Your nut?" I asked naively

"Yeah. That means get my rocks off."

"Oh," I said. "Do you want to jerk off? Go right ahead. I won't even look."

"Dad," he complained. "I haven't jacked off since I was fifteen. Haven't had to,"

"So what were you thinking?" I asked. "Did you want to fuck me?"

"Well that would be great if you wouldn't mind. I mean, it's not like you haven't had hundreds of cocks up there, so what's one more. Right?"

"Right, son. That sounds good to me." He took off his pajamas and knelt on the bed, looming over me, but he was straddling my chest.

"Move down my body, son."

He stammered, trying to find the right words. "Dad," he said. "Would you mind terribly giving me a little head first?"

"Head. What's head?"

"A blow job." I guess I still look puzzled because he continued "A blow job. You let me put my cock in your mouth, and you suck on it."

"Oh, really? Okay. I never tried that."

He crawled up higher on my chest and placed his very large penis (larger than his father's) on my top lip. I opened my mouth and he slid the thing into it. Over my tongue, back, back. Oh, wow. This was interesting. An interesting taste, but nice. I ran my tongue all around it and then closed my mouth and tried to make a nice suction for my son. My own little boy. He moved his ass up and down feeding his prong into his own daddy's mouth, as his daddy deliriously sucked away, savoring all the pre-cum fluids pouring over his tongue and down his throat. Oh, my boy. My own little boy, I thought. And with such a nice big juicy pud.

Then he pulled it out of my mouth. "That was great, dad." I really enjoyed that. Now let's get serious." He moved down and placed my legs over his shoulders. He reached for the slippery stuff on the end table, and applied it generously all over his dick, and then eased down sliding the delicious flesh up the passage until our balls locked together. "Oh, yes," I moaned. Oh, yes. Fuck your daddy. Fuck your daddy's pussy, my precious angel."

"Oh yeah, dad. Oh yeah. This is so nice. You don't know how nice this is."

"Yes, I do," I countered. "It's that way for me too." and with that I lifted my legs off his shoulders and wound them around his waist, practically locking my ankles together. I had both hands on his ass, forcing him into me as deep as he could possible go. "If only it could get up to my belly button. How great would that be?" I wondered. He leaned down and he pressed his open lips against my open lips and we kissed and sucked tongues, and dribbled spit into each other's mouth. My own little fella whose diapers I had changed more than thirty years ago. And now, God damn it. We were fucking. We were fucking. "Fuck me son. Fuck me." I tightened my legs around his hips and pressed down on his ass as I slammed my own ass upward to swallow his meat. Heaven. And then the inevitable finish. You know it's about to happen when you feel the thing get real thick inside your ass and then those hot squirts of cum shoot out deep inside you, God knows where. You never see the cum until you sit down on the john the next morning and it blasts out of your insides. Your own son's sweet hot cum.

"That was really great, dad. Thank you. I appreciate it."

"You're very welcome, son. I was only too happy to help you out. But hey. I think we'd better get some sleep now. Right?"

"Right, dad. You're always right."

Michael and Gloria made up in the morning, so I figured I would not be getting that delicious cock soon again. What a disappointment. Nothing lasts. Everything started to go along in the same old way, when one day Michael comes over to me, and we sit down.

"Dad. Could we have a little talk?"

"Of course, son. Let's talk."

"You know that soccer team I'm coaching down at the college?"

"I know, son. What about the team?"

"Well, I was thinking. They're such great young guys, and really horny all the time. You know how it is when you're eighteen. I was thinking they would really love to meet you, and get their dicks inside a nice hot tight passage like yours. What do you think?"

"I think it's a lovely idea. Like a birthday present, but they all get their present on the same day. I'm so proud that I raised such a thoughtful caring person as my son. You're a fine decent man. Worrying so much about those boys. I'm so proud of you. I say yes. Bring them on. Let's give them a good time."

"Hey, dad. Okaaay." We slapped hands. "I'll let you know when I can arrange it."

"Fine, Michael. I'm looking forward."

A few days later, Michael came to me. "Saturday, Gloria is driving to her mother's for the day. I'm gonna set it up for Saturday afternoon around two.

"Saturday is fine with me," I said. And we smiled at each other.

Needless to say Saturday finally rolled around. Around 1:45 the doorbell started to ring. Michael let the boys in while I stretched out naked on my bed upstairs. "We're coming up," Michael called, so I rolled onto my stomach with my ass raised invitingly facing the young fellas as they came through the door. "Wow," somebody said. "Look at that, will you?"

"That's where you guys are gonna stick your hot hard dicks. Everybody ready?" Michael asked.

"Yes," they yelled practically in unison. There were twenty of them. Twenty hot strong young studs with muscular arms and legs gathered at the foot of my bed. I couldn't believe my luck, that these young men who would probably choose some college cunt if they were given the choice, were not only willing, but actually anxious to fuck this old man's ass. I wiggled it around a little trying to get them hotter.

"Okay," Michael yelled. "Everybody get undressed. Dad. You get up on your knees a little more with your ass in the air, so they can move in and out more quickly. We've gotta get this show on the road. Right, guys?"

"Right," they cheered, and so did I.

I turned my head and looked behind me. They had lost their clothing in a big pile on the floor and were all standing there looking at my ass with their large dicks stretched seven to ten inches in front of them. They were all hung like elephants. Just what I like.

Michael started directing the scene as if it were a movie. "Todd. Put some of that slippery goo on your dick, climb up on the bed, and stick your dick into my father's ass. You, Pedro. Go up to the head of the bed, right up by the headboard there, and kneel in front of my father's face so he can swallow your cock in his juicy mouth. Todd was pounding away at my raised butt, and I had handsome Pedro's piece in my mouth, sucking away for dear life like a baby with its bottle. Todd signaled me with his grinding motions that he was about to drop his load and at the same time, I felt the cock in my mouth thicken and pour its sweet nectar down my throat. I roared with happiness.

"Okay," Michael called. "Move, you guys. Owen next at the mouth and Darrell next at the ass. Get going, boys. Let's not waste time here"

Once again I felt the delicious double pounding. The sweet tasty meat sliding around in my mouth, and an enormous wanting dick worming its way up my little asshole, and sawing in and out. The great tickle. That's what I should call it, and may it never stop. "Come on, boys," I thought. "Tickle the whole damn length of my asshole. One after the other. Tickle. Tickle. Tickle. Show me no mercy. I promise not to cry uncle." Is there anything in the world more exhilarating than a good gangbang?

Eventually they all got sucked, or fucked themselves into my ass, and then the ones who got sucked wanted to fuck, and the ones who fucked wanted to get sucked. They were tireless, and so was I. "Just keep 'em coming," I thought "What a great day." I made a mental note to give Michael's cock a big oral or rectal thank you for this.

"Okay, guys. That's fifty dollars each like we agreed," Michael said. They dug into their pockets as they were getting dressed and handed Michael their money. I was shocked. I had no idea he was charging. I really thought he was doing it out of the goodness of his heart,

As they were going downstairs, I heard Gloria coming in. "So how was it, guys?" she asked merrily. "That sure was worth a lousy fifty bucks, wasn't it?"

They all enthusiastically agreed. Maybe the money part was Gloria's idea originally and not Michael's. It sounded just like her.

After that everything went back on schedule, just like before until late one night soon after that evening's male friend had departed, there was a pounding at the door.

"Who is it?" Michael called a little annoyed that we were being disturbed at such a late hour.

"It's the police. Open up." Michael opened the door and two officers walked in.

"I'm officer Collins and this is officer Doyle"

"How do you do, officers," Michael said jovially. "What brings you here at this hour?"

"Actually we've come to arrest all of you for pimping and prostitution. We have a warrant. Read them their rights, Doyle"

Doyle read us our rights.

"This is crazy. Where did you get an idea like that? We're law abiding citizens here." Michael protested.

"Oh, yeah? Do you know a kid named Todd Collins on your soccer team?"


"Well he's my brother, and he told me how you charged him fifty dollars to fuck your father"

"Why would he make up a story like that?" Michael asked.

"He didn't make it up. I've got nineteen other kids with the exact same story. You're all under arrest."

When I realized my comfortable routine was about to be interrupted, I broke down completely and sat there sobbing.

"What's the matter, old man?" Doyle asked me.

"You don't understand. My son is just helping. I need to get fucked. All the time. I don't know why, but I need to get fucked." "Relax. Relax," Collins soothed me. "You're going to prison. Everybody gets fucked in prison." "They do?" I looked sorrowfully into his eyes. "Absolutely. All the time. I promise you." "This is too much for me. I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack." I clutched at my chest and my eyes went wide. "This is too much for me. I need something to relax me right now. I need a fuck. Please." I was begging. I know my son thought I was crazy, but I really felt I was going down if I didn't get a cock in my ass right away. "Doyle, will you take care of that please, while I guard these two?" "Sure, Collins. Leave it to me." Collins stayed downstairs and kept a gun trained on Michael and Gloria, while Doyle and I marched upstairs to my room. We both got undressed, and I noticed that Doyle was a beefy, handsome, over-developed Adonis. His cock, while not the longest I had ever seen, was nice and thick and bulky. I grabbed the slippery stuff and covered his cock with it. Then I climbed on the bed face down, which I guess after all is my favorite position. "You sure don't waste any time, old man," said Doyle, climbing over me and easing his fat cudgel into my hungry hole. He sank down on top of me, hunching away, his big ass cheeks clenching and unclenching as he dug into my itchy hole. "Hey. This isn't half bad," he exclaimed. He wacked and wacked and wacked, his hips making a slapping sound against my buttocks, while a juicy sucking sound was coming from my ass as he plowed into it. "Oh. Oh. Oh," He yelled. "I'm coming. Oh, Jesus. AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHH." "No don't stop," I pleaded. "Don't stop." "I'm finished. You understand that? There ain't no more." "Collins," he called. "You're gonna have to get up here now. I'm coming right down to watch the other two." He jumped quickly into his clothes and ran downstairs. Fortunately then I heard Collins trudging up. "What's the matter, old man? You got a problem?" "I need more cock. Right now. Please help me, officer. Please." I was practically on my knees, when he got undressed and lifted an enormous eleven inch dick to my lips and forced my head down on it. I choked away, happily. While I was sucking, I reached for the slippery stuff and rubbed it all over his cock. Then I turned around and held the point of his dick against my ass, and slowly started moving backward onto it, feeling the whole thing come through the door, and march down my rectal corridor. He was even bigger and more handsome than his partner. He totally dominated me and I loved it. At that point his own instincts took over and he flattened me, and began screwdriving away, as my hole clung to him and caressed his entire mighty dick. Hell. I knew then he wasn't going to last long. He started shoving at crazy angles while making little mewling sounds, and then the cum started blasting out into my system."CHCHCHCHCHHCHCHCHCHAAAAAAAAAARRRGH," he screamed. A loud throaty roar. He and his partner were both very vocal, and I loved it. We both got dressed, and I actually did feel a little calmer now. I felt I might be able now to go downtown with him, and be locked up in his jail. "The things I have to do in this job," he muttered. We were tried for our crimes, and both Michael and Gloria were sentenced to six months in prison. Poor Michael was so upset he started to cry. I tried to comfort him. "Michael. It's not so bad. It's only for six months, and officer Collins told us you get fucked a lot in prison. You might enjoy it." He sneered at me as they led him away. They decided to put me in some kind of institution, which wasn't so bad. There weren't a lot of cells, but anytime you did anything wrong they would strap you into something called a straight jacket, so I tried to be very, very good. My roommate was this big fifty year old good-looking guy, about six foot three inches tall with a blond beard, and really strange eyes. Very light blue, almost colorless, and he had this habit of staring through you which was a little unsettling. I wasn't exactly sure why he was there, and he wasn't very forthcoming with information. His name was Jesse, and I found out he had once been a farmer in Idaho. Probably digging potatoes. I liked Jesse, but I was a little afraid of him, so I didn't get too close.

Then one dark night I woke suddenly in a sweat. Jesse was kneeling next to me with a knife at my throat. "Don't scream," he whispered, "Or I'll have to kill you."

"What do you want?" I asked in a dry strangled voice.

"I need to fuck," he whispered loudly. "I love to fuck and I need to fuck. You understand me?" "Yes, I do. Did you want to fuck me?" "Yeah," he breathed loudly. "Who else? You see anybody else here?" "No. You're right. It's just us. And I don't see why the two of us can't fuck all the time. Do you?" "No, I don't. But if you ever say no, remember I'm gonna slit your fucking throat." "That's okay," I answered. "I'm never gonna say no. I promise. Why don't you climb into bed with me?" We both lifted our nightgowns over our heads and he squeezed into the narrow little bed next to me. We were touching from head to toe. He eased me on my side and began licking his finger and easing it into my asshole. "Nice little ass," he breathed. "Nice little ass, baby." "Jesse," I asked. "do you happen to have any slippery stuff?" "Never use it," He said and began rubbing spit all over his impressive rammer, before pushing it through the lips of my hole. You know it wasn't so bad. I guess I've been fucked enough now so I can get away without the slippery stuff. He turned me over on my stomach and climbed on my back, his cock buried deep within me. "Oh," I moaned. And so did he. Then he slowly started hunching his ass moving his dick deeper and deeper into my being, and I was completely content knowing that this was how my life would end one day. In this room, with Jesse's big long thick dick in my ass, and our perspiration blending together as he fucked me and fucked me and fucked me, and just then he came like a waterfall, and wonder of wonders, he didn't pull out. He just kept going, hard as a diamond sparkling deep inside my fundament. He fucked me, and fucked me, and fucked me. Forever.

Alone but not alone

What are you doing alone? Why are you ignoring me? You lay there asleep, dreaming your dreams; men, hot, sweaty, muscled, nude, black, white, Latino, Chinese, you dream of them all. You tell me that you feel insignificant, insecure and inappropriate at times. Men do look at you when you go out. You don't notice; sometimes you don't care. You go out drinking, clubbing and sometimes tricking. It's an unsafe world we live in but you don't always care. You have made it through 40 years without an STD, injury or accident. Maybe you sometimes think that luck is on your side.

Alone but not alone is how you feel. You work, live and party amongst many people. You have a large number of friends. You have a loving, caring, large family. Yet you still feel alone.

I watch you when you go clubbing or simply out to drink. Flirt? That is way too simple a description for what you do! You seduce, intrigue and entice. No one is safe. Dance becomes a ritual for you. Men join you dancing and the ritual circle grows. You are average, nice looking but average; intelligent but not Einstein; funny but not Leno. Your ritual circle grows; men take off their shirts. Sweaty, lean, firm men kiss you, hug you; making you feel attractive, wanted, empowered. You feed off them like a vampire. You caress their firm chests, their firm ass; you wrap their sweaty hot bodies against yours. You still think of yourself as alone. In the bathroom, an attractive young black man, thanks for the dance earlier. You don't remember but pretend you do. You kiss, embrace and at one point your hands are on his ass and his hard dick that earlier was pressing into your crotch as you embraced. You walk out together, you buy him a drink and when he is distracted you disappear into the crowd. Your feeling of loneliness grows. Your belief that there is nothing out there for you grows. You feel like the last 20 years have been for nothing. Your attention span is short; your career life is short. Your friends ask, what's wrong? Why so snippy? Are you okay? You always tell them yes; no problem; nothing. You drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner. You look for happy hour. Beer isn't drinking; is what you say to yourself and others. You're Southern; Southerners don't drink until noon. Anything before noon is simply a good start. Even straight men like you. Straight men would turn bi for you. You have seduced several supposed straight men. They always come back to you eventually. You don't understand them, but the seduction is a victory to you. Then the loneliness creeps back in again.

One of your oldest straight friends and you go out partying one night. You both drink too much. When you get home; he passes out in your guest room on the spare bed. You make sure he's okay and you go to bed. The next morning, you check on him; he's sleeping in his clothes. He's hot, young, Italian, Southern and a walking wet dream but straight and a friend. You gently tap him to wake up. He's told you that he needs to be somewhere early. He smiles gently at you. You and he have always had a touchy feely, friendship. He hugs you and thanks you for the night stay. You lean over and gently peck him with a kiss and he does back at you. He stretches moaning and hugs you again. You run your hands over his chest; he moans. You run your hands over his thighs; he moans. You kiss him again. He chastely kisses you. You unbutton his jeans; standing up to pull of his socks and the jeans. He has no underwear on. He doesn't stop you. You take off the t-shirt also. Now your oldest straight friend is naked on your spare bed. You kiss him, working your way down his chest; each of his nipples to his steel hard, hot dick that is bouncing against the muscles of his thighs.

His dick is perfect. You begin to kiss it, blow air on it and then you slip it into your mouth. You begin to perform the best blowjob you have ever given. You lick his nuts, his thighs; back to his dick. You work this young man for what seems forever. It begins to moan, groaning with the need for release. He grunts telling you that he's going to cum. You keep on working him. You pull your mouth away (always being safe), start jacking him but you continue to kiss all over his body. He grunts, "Oh God." Then squirts everywhere for an unbelievable amount of time and fluid. When he's done; you clean him off with a strategically located towel. You lay together, cuddling and hugging. He thanks you. You peck a kiss on his full, sexy but straight lips. He excuses himself to clean up and get dressed.

He tells you that he'll call you later and he always does. This has been a repeat performance over the years. He leaves to go to his girlfriends.

Again, you are alone, but not alone.

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