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Master peter and the butler

Geoffrey pressed his ear to Peter's bedroom door. He could hear the shower running in Peter's private bathroom. He stood like that for several minutes listening to be certain that Peter was in the shower. Once he felt certain that Peter would not come out Geoffrey placed is white-gloved hand on the doorknob and turned slowly. The door eased open and Geoffrey crept silently into the room closing the door quietly behind him. Geoffrey tiptoed across the darkened room, his wing tips squeaking slightly as he did.

Geoffrey was barely visible in the room with his deep chocolate complexion and is deep black butlers uniform he blended right into the darkness. The white of his shirt and his white gloves seemed to be traveling through the air on their own. A small crack of light shone under the bathroom door. Geoffrey was cursing his luck as he made his way through the room. He had hoped to take care of this matter earlier in the day while Peter was in classes at the local university. However, Peter chose today to stay home and cut all his classes.

It made Geoffrey mad to think of just how spoiled Peter was, or rather Master Peter as he was forced to call the spoiled eighteen-year-old brat. Peter didn't care about an education but his father told Peter that if he opted not to go to college he would have to get a job and there was no way Peter was going to do that so he signed up as a communications major. But he only went to classes when felt like it and today he did not feel like going. Therefore Geoffrey was unable to sneak into the youth's room and replace the money he had taken.

It was the first time that Geoffrey had ever taken money from anyone in the house in all the fourteen years that he had worked for the Sullivan family and he felt horrible that he had done it now, but he had no choice. His father had needed a prescription filled. He had neglected to tell Geoffrey that he was on his last pill and it was vital that the prescription be filled right away. Geoffrey's father's memory was not what it once was so Geoffrey at age thirty-four was forced to take on the added role of caretaker. Normally Geoffrey would have just asked Mr. Sullivan for an advance and he would have given it without any argument but Mr. & Mrs. Sullivan were on a cruise and he had no way to get in touch with them right away.

He had considered asking Master Peter for the money but decided against it. How he hated having to call the boy Master Peter but out of respect and tradition this is what was done. The domestic referred to the young men of the house as Master. However, Geoffrey knew that when he referred to the young man as Master Peter it gave the youth great delight. He knew that the boy hated him and saw him more as his possession than a person so when he referred to Peter as Master it made the spoiled youth feel as though his "boy" was being kept in line and that thought turned Geoffrey's stomach.

Ever since he was a small boy Peter seemed to take great delight in making Geoffrey's life miserable. Even as a five year old when Geoffrey would wax the floors Peter would come in just as he finished and track mud all over the floors causing Geoffrey the have to do the whole chore over again. He'd then look at Geoffrey with a sarcastic smile and say, "Soooooorrrryy, Geoffrey". Through out the years Peter took every chance he got to make the poor man's life a nightmare so Geoffrey knew if he'd asked to borrow the cash Peter would delight in the fact that the poor black butler had to come to his white Master Peter for the money. And even after he was forced to beg, Peter still wouldn't give him the money.

So, even though he knew it was wrong Geoffrey took the money from Peter's dresser while he was out and had intended to replace it today when he got his pay and Peter was in classes. Since Peter cut classes Geoffrey never got the chance but when Peter announced that he would be skipping dinner and going out with friends he knew he had to replace the cash right away. If Peter found the money missing he would surely blame Geoffrey. Peter blamed him for everything using him as a scape-goat based on his skin color. And Geoffrey couldn't be out of work so he had no choice but to sneak in while Peter showered.

The butler stood in front of the dresser and pulled the top drawer open slowly with his left hand. In his right he held a fifty-dollar bill to replace the one he had taken. All of a sudden the bathroom door opened and light came pouring into the room--in walked Peter wrapped in a small blue towel that came mid-way down his thighs. His blond hair was tousled but not wet. Apparently Geoffrey had not waited long enough and Peter had not yet gotten into the shower.

Peter glared at Geoffrey as he flipped on the light. They were quite a contrast in appearance. Peter stood 6'4" his skin was a smooth creamy white and his build was muscular with broad shoulders and a sculpted chest that tapered into a 32 inch waist. With a six pack of abs. His thighs were thick and meaty as was his ass. His arms were strong and manly even at the age of eighteen. And most of his big muscular frame was on display as he stood there on his small towel.

Geoffrey one the other hand stood only 5'8" and had a dark Chocolate brown complexion. His frame was much more slight than Peter's, not scrawny but lean and defined. He had a small 30-inch waist that ballooned out in the back to form a massive well-rounded ass. Truth be told his ass was not in proportion with the rest of his body, it was way too large. It stuck so far out in back the tails on his butler's uniform split open in the back allowing his round buttocks to peak out the middle. Although Geoffrey stood there completely dressed and sixteen years older than Peter, who was practically naked, he felt like a naughty child about to be reprimanded.

"What the fuck are you doing, Geoffrey?" Peter demanded to know.

"Aaahhh...Nothing Peter...Uh I mean Master Peter. I was just...Well..."

"It looks like you were stealing from me, Geoffrey. I know that your people are dishonest but I thought that after all these years we could trust you."

Geoffrey gulped back the reply that he wanted to give, "Which was go fuck yourself you racist ass hole!" and instead proceeded to present his case. "I'm sorry Master Peter. I needed the money to fill a prescription for my father and I borrowed it. I was returning it is all. I am very sorry. I know I was wrong and it will never happen again."

"I know it won't Geoffrey because when my parents get back and I tell them what you have done my father will fire you."

"No! Master Peter please!" urged Geoffrey.

"Or maybe I should call the police and tell them that I caught the help stealing," taunted Peter.

"No, don't do that. I'm sorry. Please forgive me!" Geoffrey begged his big lower lip quivering as he did so.

Peter put his hands on his waist and walked across the room. He was inches from the butler's face as he looked down into his dark brown eyes. Geoffrey gulped as Peter's intimidation tactics took effect. Peter walked around Geoffrey and looked him up and down like he was a piece of meat. He took special notice of the way the older man's backside pushed out against the tails of his uniform. "You've got a big ass, Geoffrey. Do you know that?" snarled Peter.

Confused Geoffrey replied, "Yes, Master Peter. I know that."

"No, I mean it's enormous," taunted Peter. "Way too big for the rest of your body. It's ridiculously large. Many of you people have those fat asses don't they, Geoffrey?"

Once again the butler resisted the urge to tell off this spoiled teen and simply said, "Yes, I suppose that is so. I have always had a rather large behind. No matter what I do I can't get rid of it."

Once again Peter Sullivan was staring directly into Geoffrey's eyes when he said, " I think I know of a way that you can make up for what you have done and then we can keep this incident between us."

Glad that Peter had once again changed the subject from the size of his ass and he was going to let go of the issue of the money Geoffrey jumped at his words, "Yes, whatever you say Master Peter."

Peter rubbed his large meaty hands together as he said, "Well taking money from me was wrong and my father taught me that when you've done wrong you must be punished. Do you remember how I was punished when I was a child?"

At that point Geoffrey's spirits feel. He saw that Peter was not going to let the issue of the money go that easily and even worse he now understood why Peter had changed the subject to the size of his ass. The next words Peter spoke confirmed this. "I think that you need your fat ass spanked Geoffrey, so that you will learn that what you have done is wrong."

"Peter, no please!"

"Excuse me. What did you call me?" sneered Peter.

"'I'm sorry. Master Peter. I was just shocked please can't we work this out another way." Though even as he spoke these words Geoffrey knew that Peter would never let him off the hook now. Peter took too much delight in humiliating the poor man and this was the ultimate humiliation.

"I could call the police," replied Peter as he sat on the edge of the bed and motioned for Geoffrey to stand before him. As Peter sat his hairy nuts and his dick popped out and was clearly visible to the other man. The butler was shocked at how small Peter's cock was when the rest of him was so big. Geoffrey knew he had no choice. He made his way slowly to the bed and stood before Peter hanging his head in shame. Peter reached up and placed his hands on the older black mans waist and went to unbutton his uniform pants. Geoffrey gasped, "Wait! What are you doing?"

Disgusted Peter answered, "I'm lowering your pants. You can't be spanked with them on."

"Please if we have to do this can't you at least let me have some pride? Please don't do humiliate me further. Show some sympathy"

"I thought I was be not calling the police," replied Peter. "Now you can let me take down your pants and spank you or I can call the police. Your choice--decide."

Humbled and humiliated Geoffrey whispered, "Please, spank me."

"What?" Peter leaned in cranking his neck pretending that he couldn't hear the reply.

Geoffrey repeated louder, "Spank me. Take down my pants and spank me." He had no pride left at this point.

Peter laughed as he reached up and undid the butler's pants and pushed them down to his knees. Then Peter's eyes almost popped out of his head as he saw the massive bulge in Geoffrey's skimpy red silk underwear. Peter was shocked to see just how big a package the older man had. He had always heard that black men were well hung but never would have guessed that Geoffrey was so blessed. And for a brief moment he almost had a new respect for Geoffrey but that was short lived as he laughed again--this time at Geoffrey's choice of underwear. "Nice underwear--very skimpy and silky. Do they make you feel like a pretty woman?" teased Peter.

Humiliated Geoffrey replied, "No, Master Peter. I just like the way they feel."

Again the sadistic teen laughed, "Whatever you say. Now step out of those pants and get over my knee."

Giving a hard mean look Geoffrey bend at the waist and began to step out of his pants. As he did Peter caught the butler's reflection in the mirror on the other side of the room. As the Geoffrey bent over the tails of his uniform jacket split wide open exposing a full round bare black ass. Peter took note of this as Geoffrey stood back up asking, "Just what the fuck are you wearing? Turn around."

The black man blushed as he did as instructed. His ass was so large the even standing upright his ass pushed the slit down the middle of his jacket wide open and showed part of his flesh mounds. "Lift the back of you jacket and shirt", ordered Peter. Without a word Geoffrey did as instructed. He lifted the shirt and jacket high enough to show the Sullivan boy that he was wearing a red silk thong and that is why his ass was exposed. His meaty cheeks swallowed the string of his thong and seemed to be munching on his skimpy choice of under garment.

Peter fell back on the bed, his towel rising up exposing his small penis and roared with laughter, "A thong! Oh, Geoffrey that's hysterical. I would never have guessed. Now get that fat black ass over here and get over my knee."

Geoffrey lowered his shirt and jacket and made his way over to where Peter sat on the bed. He then draped himself over the eighteen year olds lap adjusting his package so that is it was between the youths legs still encased in his thong. The black man looked and felt ridiculous wearing wing tips, black nylon socks and sock garters with a red bright red thong and the remainder of his butler's uniform draped over the lap of his employer's teen-age son. But what choice did he have?

Peter looked down at Geoffrey's massive chocolate colored ass checks. He always knew that Geoffrey had a large ass but seeing it bare for the first time it looked even larger and Peter found himself wondering how the man every found pants to fit over not only his fat ass but his huge dong as well. Peter ran his hands along Geoffrey's smooth posterior and was shocked at how firm it felt but still with a little bit of bounce and jiggle. Sort of like Jell-O though Peter as he raised his had high in the air and brought it down hard on the butler's left buttock. "Slap!" The sound seemed to echo through the room. Geoffrey flinched and clenched his ass.

Peter began to alternate checks from left to right and then back again spanking the poor butler harder with each stroke. Geoffrey's ass was raised high in the air ready to take each slap. His ass looked like two round over sized loaves of pumpernickel bread. Peter was really getting into things now. How he enjoyed putting the older black man in his place and this was the perfect humiliation. Geoffrey tried his best to hide the fact that his ass was stinging. He didn't want to give Master Peter the satisfaction of knowing it hurt but as the assault on his phat ass continued it became hard to hide his obvious discomfort. Soon Geoffrey's legs were kicking and flailing about trying in a vain attempt to fight off the pain.



Geoffrey was starting to whimper which caused Peter to laugh a little. The domestics black hindquarters were starting to show a nice pink glow. It was faint but it was there and the Sullivan boy was not going to stop until both cheeks were a bright red. By this point Geoffrey had given up the hope of keeping even a small amount of pride by not submitting to the pain. His legs kicked wildly and he was no longer whimpering but actually screaming with each swat to his monstrous ass globes.



All of a sudden Peter stopped spanking and ordered Geoffrey to his feet. It took the butler a moment or two to be able to stand but finally he did facing Peter. "Okay Geoffrey now I think you need to remove your thong for the remainder of your spanking. I don't want to miss a spot," snarled Peter.

"Please, no. Do I have to Master Peter? My entire backside is bared to you in my thong. Please allow me this one last piece of modesty. Given me a chance to hold on to some dignity."

While it was true that Peter could reach every spot he needed to even if the thong remained one the simple fact was he wanted to humiliate the butler even further. Peter began slowly, "If you don't remove the thong I will be forced to call the police and report the fact that I caught you stealing. In that case you will be arrested and out of a job. Not to mention that the spanking you already received will have been in vain. So what will it be?"

The butler was amazed but not shocked at Peter's level of cruelty. Without saying a word he placed his thumbs in the waistband of his silk thing and pulled it from his body while averting his eyes away from the cruel teens face. His massive penis and low hanging shaved balls feel free between his legs and swung back and forth from the sheer weight of them. His cock snaked down his thighs to just a few inches above his knee. This time Peter let out an audible gasp that even Geoffrey heard. Peter was absolutely in awe of the black man's dick. Peter was by no means gay, but had spent his life playing sports and had been in many a locker room and had seen many a cock but Geoffrey's was by far the largest. He was amazed at how much darker the skin on the butlers dick was compared to the rest of him. The head was a big bulbous mushroom shape and his ball sack appeared to house two tennis balls. And the size of his penis was incredible. Like nothing Peter Sullivan had ever seen before. He guessed it to be about 9.5 inches and it was at least as thick as the fat end of a bottle of beer and it was still completely soft.

After hearing Master Peter gasp he knew that the teen was impressed with the size of his manhood and through all his shame he found some glory. For once he had something that Peter wished was his. But this was something that was his and his alone and Peter could not have it. The black man looked at Peter sitting on the edge of his bed in his small towel legs spread wide revealing his own organ. It was as small as Geoffrey' was large. Geoffrey had to stifle a grin.

But of course as always the butler's joy was short lived as Peter saw him looking at his dick. Suddenly the eighteen year old was self-conscious and tried to pull the towel down to cover himself. "What are you looking at? Are you a faggot Geoffrey?!"

"No, sir, Master Peter, sir. I wasn't looking at anything."

"Yeah right I saw you looking at my cock. I bet you are gay. It makes sense now--your skimpy girlie under wear. Your perfectly shaved balls and groomed pubes and now your staring at my cock!" Peter knew this was untrue even as he said it but he also knew that it would offend Geoffrey to question his manhood. Feeling inadequate Peter then added, "Anyway mine gets much bigger when its hard so don't think you have something special there between your legs. Anyway, I wouldn't want a cock the size of yours. The thing's so big it looks like a horse dick! It's unnatural."

Both men knew this was a lie. Peter's dick didn't get much bigger and he'd give anything to have a cock the size of Geoffrey's. And of course the butler knew that now Master Peter would take out his frustration about the size of his small penis on his big round ass. "Shit you are like some freak!" snapped Peter. "You have a donkey's dick and that ass. I have no idea where that came from. It's fucking abnormal how big it is. Now get the fat ass back over my lap so we can complete your punishment."

The black man just hung his head and said, "Yes, sir I know its big. I'm sorry Master Peter."

The butler adjusted himself over the teens lap once again this time he had more trouble trying to adjust his cock now that it was not encased in the thong. As he lay there his cock ran down Peter's leg. Now Peter was really gonna teach the older man a lesson.



Peter was going faster than before. Geoffrey's ass was still burning from his last spanking so it didn't take long for him to feel the pain this time. He began screaming louder than before begging for some mercy. His legs were kicking and his huge cock and balls swung back and forth like a pendulum rubbing against Peter's leg as they did so. This only enraged Peter more. The snotty brat who had everything was jealous of Geoffrey's manhood and would punish him now not only for stealing but also for being better endowed than he was.



Geoffrey could hold back no longer the pain was too intense and Peter would not let up. Finally he allowed himself to just let go. He felt the tears forming in his eyes and the then began to pour down his ebony cheeks. His large black lower lip jutted out exposing the pink inside of his mouth. At thirty-four years of age he had been reduced to a small blubbering child by and eighteen year old brat that he had helped raise.

Peter continued to spank watching how Geoffrey's ass turned from black to black with a twinge of pink to black with a bright red glow. With each smack the black man's ass jiggle ever so slightly. His ass mounds seemed to dance as the punishment continued relentlessly. Then Peter stopped and ran his hand along the well-spanked backside of the domestic.

Again he ordered Geoffrey to his feet. The butler stood facing Peter the tears still streaming down his face. Then Peter ordered his to go stand in the corner and face the wall.

Through his tears Geoffrey pleaded, "Please no!"

"You know the alternative Geoffrey now do it and don't you dare turn around until I say you may."

Dejected Geoffrey slumped over to the corner. He was still wearing the upper half of his butler's uniform and the tails rubbing against his newly spanked backside hurt like hell. He stood in the corner facing the wall feeling stupid but not wanting Peter to call the police.

"Ok," Peter said, "Now I want you to open the split in the back of you jacket so that your fat ass is completely exposed. Then keep your hands at your sides."

Geoffrey didn't even argue. He just pulled the tails of his uniform over to each side of his ass so his over stuffed cushions came popping out the split in the middle. His checks were so big that they held the jacket in place and showed all his ass. He left his hands fall at his sides and just stood there. Behind him he could hear Peter moving around the room doing something but he wasn't sure what. As much as he wanted to turn he didn't dare or Peter would get pissed off and who knows what he'd do next so the black man just stood there hoping this would all end soon. All of a sudden Geoffrey heard a click and saw a quick flash of light, then another. What was going on he wondered.

Then Peter ordered Geoffrey to keep his body facing the wall so his ass was to Peter but to look back over his shoulders that Peter could see his face. Confused Geoffrey did as instructed. Tears were still streaming down his face and his large lower lip quivering as he did. As soon as his head was turned in Peter's direction there was another click and a flash of light but in the instant before the flash momentarily blinded him he saw the camera that Master Peter was holding. The butler got a sinking feeling in his stomach as he realized that the snooty eighteen year old was taking picture of his well-spanked backside.

"Okay Geoffrey you may dress and go back to work now."

The butler turned and faced Peter, wiping the tears from his eyes. "Thank-you Master Peter. May I ask what you intend to do with those pictures you took?"

Peter looked at him thoughtfully and replied, "That depends on you."

"On me?"

"Yes, not only do I have pictures of you from behind but also I have one with your face in it. I guess what I'm getting at is this. I own you now Geoffrey. You will do exactly as I say when I say the way I say. If you comply the pictures will never be seen by another living soul. If you disobey or step out of line I will post them on the Internet for the world to see your big fat spanked ass. Understood?"

Geoffrey realized a new hatred for this spoiled punk. He knew that Master Peter had him right where he wanted him. He had no choice but to say, "Yes, Master Peter I understand." It was at that point Geoffrey realized that the words "Master Peter" took on a whole new meaning. For years Geoffrey knew that Peter loved having him refer to him as Master. But now it was no longer just a term of respect now Peter truly was Geoffrey's Master and Geoffrey would have to bow to his every whim. Geoffrey shuddered at this thought as he dressed and hurried out of the eighteen year olds room wondering what Peter would have in store for him next. He was certain of one thing this was not the end but only the beginning.

The mens club

It was a little on the humid side this summer's day and I was glad the yard work was finished and I looked forward to a nice relaxing shower to clean the sweat and dirt. The only thing left was to put these tools away and head in for that shower.

"Hi Honey, the yard looks great you sure did a great job," said my wife.

Even though she was on the phone talking to her Dad. I motioned to her I was headed for a shower.

"Just hold on, Dad, I need to talk to Tom."

"Hon, you are going to have to wait for that shower, I used all the hot water doing the laundry so I wouldn't have to come home to it from my sister's tomorrow. Remember I am taking the kids for a sleep over for our nephew's birthday. They also needed clothes for me to take."

"I forgot all about that, so I will have to wait on that shower."

"I am sorry, Tom".

"Dad, I was just telling Tom he would have to wait for his shower until the water heats up after I did all the laundry because we are going to Kathy's for your grandson's birthday sleep over. Don't forget you and Tom are coming tomorrow for the family party."

"Tom, Dad said to come over to his place to shower then you and him can go out for a few beers and wings."

"Well a few beers and wings sound great where does he want to go?."

"Dad, Tom wants to know where you want to go for beer and wings."

"Dad says, "The Beer Can" they have the best wings. It is also his treat."

"Tell him I will be there as soon as you and the kids leave."

"Dad, he will be there shortly. He is waiting till the kids and I leave to go to Kathy's which will be shortly. Bye Dad see you tomorrow at Sis's place."

I waved to them as they head out the drive to my sister-in-laws place. My kids had waited for this sleep over. They sure were excited about it. Well I packed a clean set of clothes into a gym bag and headed to my father-in-laws place which was two blocks from our place.

I rang the door bell. Jack my father-in-law answered the door.

"Why, didn't you just come in. You are family you know. Tom."

"Well, Jack I don't know. I guess it is just habit."

Jack said we would go to "The Beer Can" around 6:30 some of his old cronies might be there to chew the fat with. I will admit his friends where a motley crew but they sure knew how to have fun. Well since it was only 4:00 we had time to kill.

"Tom, go take your shower. There is plenty of hot water. Use the master bedroom bath it has the bigger shower."

I went to the master bedroom and striped out of my dirty clothes and put them in the gym bag after I had taken out my clean set. Jack had kept the room pretty much the same since Marg his wife passed away. Now Jack was alone even though he was only 50 and in great shape. He had grey hair and grey mustache but it suited him to a tee. He was certainly a distinguished looking gentleman he turned heads when he was out and about. I turned on the water to get it steamy and hot, there was nothing like a hot shower to ease the day's toils and to get rid of dirt and to soothe the savage mind. Ah! the water cascaded down over my head, down my back and chest and down my legs. The feeling was exhilerating. But there was no soap to wash the grime away.

"Heh, Jack," I yelled. "Where do you keep the soap? There is none in here."

"Damn, I forgot to replace it this morning. I will get it from the hall closet."

I heard the bathroom door open as Jack came in with the soap. I pull the curtain back just a little so I could reach for the soap from Jack. Jack stood there only in jockey shorts.

"I was changing when you called for the soap. Sorry there wasn't any there."

"It's ok, Jack. No big deal."

"Doesn't a hot shower just make the day?" Jack said.

"And how, you can't bet them."

With that I closed the shower and went back to showering. I felt the shower curtain part as Jack stepped in.

"It is a shame for you to enjoy this all by yourself Tom. I hope you don't mind. Here give me the soap and I will wash your back for you."

A little stunned I handed Jack the soap. He lathered his hands up with soap and then started slow circular movements starting at my shoulders and proceeded down my back. I should have told him to leave but the water and his muscular hands kneading my back muscles sure felt good. I had showered with men a the "Y" what was the difference here? Nothing I told myself. His hands were working their magic. I could sense him squatting to do my lower back, legs and feet. His hands started to ascend to my ass again but this time he parted the cheeks and washed the crack. All the while the nice hot water cascaded over me. I felt him stand again he still massaged my back.

"Jack, that sure feels great after a day in the yard. But do you think we should be showering together. You know two adult men aren't suppose to shower together in this close proximity."

"Tom, who is going to know If neither of us says anything?."

"Hey, stupid me."

"By the way, Tom, I hope my daughter is taking care of the family jewels."

With this he reached around in front of me and started to soap my cock and balls.

"Well, Jack, she has been really busy and too tired lately for things like that."

"How long is long?" Jack asked.

"Well, it's been awhile."

"Tom, it must be quite awhile because you haven't asked me to stop fondling your cock yet."

I hadn't realized it but yes I hadn't asked him to remove it because it felt so damn good.

"Jack, it feels great I have to admit. But stop if you want."

"Tom, I have no intentions of stopping. I have wanted to play with your cock and balls for sometime and when this opportunity came up. I seized it. I have seen you in your bathing suit in the summer and wondered what the contents were hidden inside."

With that Jack turned me to face him.

"I want to see what you look like from this side," said Jack.

He washed my hairy chest and continued playing with my cock and balls.

"You look to be in great shape Tom and you are certainly well hung. I certainly hope my daughter appreciates this cock that she married and services it."

I had to admit Jack had a great build as well, even more hair on his well defined chest than me. He sure didn't lack in the cock and ball area as well.

"Well, Jack you didn't seem to lose out in the cock department either," I said.

"You, like it Tom."

"I wouldn't have said so Jack if I hadn't meant it."

"Well here then, take the soap and lather it up and play too."

"Jack, I have never done this before, Played with another man's cock let alone my father-inlaw's."

"Oh! come on Tom, when you were a kid you and your friend never Jacked each other off."

"Well, Jack every kid does that in a rite of passage, but to Jack off your father-in-law as he jacks you off. Is another story."

"Tell me what the difference is Tom? This is just another rite of passage on a different level at a different time with another male."

There he had me, I couldn't tell him.

"So, Tom here's the soap."

Taking the soap as I was told I began to soap my father-in-laws cock. It brought back memories of that time long ago when my friend Billy and I did the deed. My father-in-laws cock was about 7 inches and thick certainly larger than Billy's. He continued to play with me.

"I think we should get out and continue this in the bedroom" Jack stated.

So out we got and Jack began to towel me dry and then I dried him. Going to the bedroom with our towels around our waists. Jack told me to sit in the chair by the window. He flicked on the VCR and TV.

"Here I want to show you something."

I watched as the tape began to appear on the screen. There were a group of men in what looked like a room. I had seen that room somewhere before. I had been there but couldn't place it. The men were all clothed to begin with but they began to disrobe. Then I recognized Sherriff Jones and Tim Took the bank manager and my father-in-law all naked as the day they were born. Then the action started. Sheriff Jones went to his knees and started to suck my father-in-law's cock. Then Tim Took had a go. Then Jack returned the favor to both men.

"Holy shit Jack, I didn't know you were into this."

"Well you do now and what I want to do is suck your cock Tom."

"What Jack."

"You heard me Tom and by the looks of that hardon you want it too."

"Jack showering with you is one thing but you sucking my cock is another."

"Never had a blowjob have you Tom."


"Just as I thought. Tom. Well Tom opportunity is knocking and are you going to answer it."

"I don't know. Fuck man is that my brother-in-law Kathy's husband Reg being sucked and sucking. Wait a minute isn't that coach Reilly from the high school he's sucking."

"Right on both accounts Tom."

"When did all this take place Jack."

"That isn't important now what is, is removing your towel and sucking your cock."

I was mesmerized by the video tape. I didn't realize Jack was undoing my towel and kneeling before me. What brought me back was the sensation of Jack's lips going over the head of my cock and down the shaft.

"Tom, your cock tastes as great as I suspected it would be. Now relax and enjoy me sucking your cock."

"Jack that does feel marvelous."

"See us guys have to stick together and provide our own source of sexual entertainment. You know a man can give a better blowjob than a woman can."

"I have heard that said, and Jack you are proving it to be true."

" Well sit back, enjoy the movie and the sucking."

I watched the movie as Jack expertly sucked my cock. I couldn't get over seeing those men on screen having what looked like great uninhibited sex. My brother-in-law by what I saw enjoyed it immensely. Jack was now sucking my balls and gently squeezing my cock and forcing pre-cum out of it. Which he opended the slit and with his tongue licked it out. How erotic the scene in front of me was, all most surreal.

"Ok, Tom it is time to let me have your juice."

"Jack, don't tell my me you like to swallow."

"Yes, Tom I do so don't hold back just give it to me."

Jack continued the great sucking and licking. It was when he added the the fondling of my balls as he sucked.

that I exploded. Oh! the feeling as I was sucked dried. Then the guilt suddenly hit me.

"What have we done, Jack?."

"Nothing but have some man to man fun. Why do you feel guilty, feel like you have done something wrong. Well that is too be expected but let me tell you. I felt that way when it happened to me as well. But remember Tom I loved my wife immensely but Tom she didn't like sex at all. I loved her too much to divorce her so when the opportunity arose to experiment I took it. I didn't feel like I betrayed her for it wasn't with another women, it was with my boss. He showed me what man sex could be. I stood by my wife through thick and thin and I loved her till the day she died. That is why I took the opportunity with you today to make sure you didn't miss out if you weren't getting anything at home. I know you love my daughter greatly and I want to make sure if you are not getting it that you don't wander to another women. That would distroy my daughter. I know that I saved Kathy's marriage by doing Reg.

"By the way Jack how did you get Reg."

"Remember when we were to go the cottage the three of us to get it ready for the season and you couldn't make it at the last minute. Well when we got there I told Reg that since it was just the two of us I said it was clothing optional. Reg didn't mind in fact he was the first one out of his clothes. He was not at all uncomfortable being nude all day. It was on one of those days I asked him if I could take some pictures of him, on the dock, in the woods, on the deck even tied up in the barn. He said sure what type of pictures do you want. I said as far as you want to take it. Well he said I could take it as far as I wanted. What ever turned my crank. It was when I had him tied up in the barn between the supports that I went down on him. He was really receptive to my cock sucking and I took quite a few picture of him with a hard-on. Over the course of the stay I sucked him when ever I wanted to and I began to train him to do likewise. He took to it like a duck to water."

"Really, well who would have thought Reg was into this type of sex."

"Well, he was ready because my daughter had given up on sex. As Reg said it bored her. I could see the signs in their marriage so I took the bull by the horns. Reg has been sexually satisfied ever since that time at the cottage because he comes here and as you can see by the video goes with me to the guy parties."

I did like my brother-in-law Reg and to not have him in our family would be a great loss. So I guess I had to thank Jack for keeping him in the family. I guess Kathy should thank her Dad as well. We dressed and went to "The Beer Can" and had diner. When we got there I started to recognize some of the patrons as those that were in the video but they were there with their spouses. What a scene, to think I just saw some of them sucking and fucking my father-in-law and brother-in-law. We sat there eating and drinking, no need to get home early, my wife wasn't there. It was nice sitting there chatting and having some fun.

We walked back to Jack's place. I said I needed to get my gym bag and get home. That wasn't what Jack had in mind. We weren't in the door two seconds when Jacke said.

"Ok Tom stripe out of those clothes as I tell you to. First unbutton your shirt. That's it nice and slowly open your shirt now to revel that hairy chest. Feel your tits Tom that is it. I love to watch a man stripe down. Slowly massage your stomach down to your belt buckle. Undo the belt buckle. Wow Tom you are getting turned on I can see the outline of your hard-on in your jeans. Kick off your shoes and socks Tom. Now slowly unzip your pants slowly now that's it. Now one leg at a time remove your jeans. Wow Tom, let me get the camera I want to take a few pics of you in your shirt and jockeys. That's it Tom show that hardon encased in those jockeys, bend back a little. Turn around and bend over show those encased big balls. Great now remove those jockeys. Wow Tom a great shot of you with just your shirt on and your cock sticking out. Come here let me suck it so we can take a photo of it being wet. Hmm Tom I love the taste of your cock.

There that is the last photo, you totally nude with a hard-on. Now Tom come here and stripe me down."


"You heard me, I want you to remove my clothes. You need to know how to stripe a man down. Just take your time."

"I have never striped a man down before."

"Well there is always a first time, so begin."

He was standing there with only a smile and a hard-on. He sat down in his favorite chair.He looked very masculine sitting there, legs apart, quite the erection and that wonderful chest with all its hair.

"Come here Tom."

I approached Jack and as I did he leaned forward in his chair and opened his mouth. It was like a docking station for my cock and it slid in with ease. The sucking began and just as abruptly it stopped.

"Tom, kneel down it is time to learn to suck cock. I trained Reg, now I am going to train you."

"I don't know if I want to do this, Jack. It is never crossed my mind to do anything like this."

"Tom, I saw how you watched the video, how intrigued you were. The only way to get go to one of those guy parties is knowing that you will participate 100 percent no holding back once you are there. You have to know how to suck and other things.

Yes the video and party had turned me on and had fascinated me. So much so that I knelt before my father-in-law and waited for instructions. The first came, suggesting that I start by licking and sucking his balls. Lick up the shaft to the tip, open the slit and lick out the pre-cum with your tongue. Now go slowly down the whole shaft taking it in your mouth ever so slowly. It began to become sexually arousing to have Jack's cock in my mouth, the texture,the warmth, the heat and the aroma of it.

"Tom, not bad for first time sucking. I suggest that you maybe try a little twisting with your mouth as you suck down on it. Maybe pick up the pace a bit and use your tongue as well. Great Tom!!. Tom get ready to taste your first man juice. That's it Tom take it all the way down.

I could feel the first burst of juice and then a second. A little salty to the taste but not as bad as I thought it might taste.

"Tom, that was great. It sure is nice to see a son-in-law sucking my cock and accepting a load into his mouth. Tom it is your turn now, I want a second load from you."

"Jack I didn't think I would enjoy this type of sexuality but there is something to be said about it. It was nice to be in a situation that was secure and friendly for the first time. So when is the next party?."

"Next weekend, I will inform the other members that we have a possible new recruit to initiate."

So Jack began to give me my second blow job today, I can't remember the last time I had sex twice in a day. I dreamt of the week-end coming up and what possibly might occur.

Jack told me that there were 4 founding members of the "Guy Club" and to be invited to the guy parties I had to successfully suck off each of the founding members before the invitation was extended to attend next weekend. So I had a decision to make about getting invited to the all guy party.

"So Tom, do you want to start the ball rolling because with me you have successfully done the first founding memeber."

"Well, I am not quite sure. It is very arousing to watch those guys on the video tape."

"So, what you are telling me then that the answer is yes."

"Well, I guess so."

" Good, I will make the call to go on to the second person. Each remaining person of the founding members will make the next call until you reach the final member."

Jack went to the phone, and made the call. Small talk was made on the phone and then a quick good-bye.

"Tom, your next session if you is tomorrow morning and here is the address. So get dressed go home and have a good night sleep. Get rested up for the session tomorrow. Be there at 9:00am."

" Who is the next person."

"You will know when you get there."

I went home with address in hand and went to sleep until the alarm woke me up. I got showered and shaved and dressed business casual with a new pair of jockeys. I arrived at the address written on page my father-in-law had given me and I rang the door bell.

"Hi Tom."

I couldn't believe my eyes, it was my former department boss at the place I worked.

"Hi Mr. Tobin, nice to see you again."

" Come in Tom, I see you are surprised by the expression on your face."

"Well, Mr. Tobin I am taken a little aback with seeing you. I guess you know why I am here."

"Sure do Tom, and call me Jay."

"Sure Jay."

Jay was around the 57 yr age, good looking, well trimmed body, wavy dark hair with speckles of gray in it. Tall about 6 ft. I would say a former football players shape.

"Tom, may I say you look smartly dressed for this time of morning. So what I am going to do is take the edge off the moment make you relax a bit, is to unzip your fly here and just take your cock and balls out and let them hang there. I love that look, a man standing there with just his cock and balls exposed."

Jay unzipped me and reached in and took out my cock and balls to just hang there."

"Man that looks great Tom."

I did the same to him, exposed his 7" cock to the light and air. I leaned over and started to suck his cock, his being the only second cock I had sucked it was bigger around than my father-in-laws and uncut as well. We fully undressed lay on the living room floor and we 69'd him on the bottom and me on the top. His cock he pushed deep within my throat as I played with his hanging ball just above my nose, oh the smell of man sex. I could tell it was time to down load his load and he drove it deeper as he exploded. His load was sweet to taste and with that I gave him my load as well. The session was over and we dressed and then he handed me the information about the next man sex session.

The third person I was to meet was Monday at noon, I went to the address again with great excitement because I couldn't wait to see who it was. I drove up to this building that said "Cooperative Insurance", I checked the address yes it was the right one.

So I entered,the receptionist said "You must be Mr. Wright".

My answer was yes that was my name.

"Mr. During will be with you in minute."

Mr. During came out of his office, a smartly dressed man in a suit and tie, silver hair and mustache I would say about the age of 55 to 60 a distinguished looking gentleman.

"Tina you are going for lunch now and running those errand. Do that errand that has done before two first which is in the next town we can't miss the deadline."

"Right Mr. During I am on my way, nice meeting you Mr. Wright."

Tina left as Mr. During opened the door for her and after she was gone he flipped the sign saying the office was closed for lunch and then he closed and locked the door.

"Right this way Mr. Wright come to my office."

I followed him to his office and sat in a chair across from his desk as he sat behind his desk. We chatted for awhile just to break the ice.

"Tom. would you mind standing up and slowly as I watch please remove your clothes for me."

I arose out of the chair, and proceeded to take my clothes off. First pulling my shirt out of my pants. undoing the buttons of the cuffs and then the shirt buttons exposing my hairy chest. I bent over to untie my shoes and remove my socks and then stood up and undid my belt buckle. Mr During watching all the time. Slowly the zipper of my pants went down and I stepped out of them standing now only in jockeys and shirt. My hands went to the waist band of the jockeys and I took them off now being only in my shirt with chest and cock and balls exposed. Finally I removed my shirt to stand totally nude before him.

"Tom come here and sit on the top of my desk in front of me. That's it spread those legs apart."

"Like this Mr. During."

"Right Tom, ,may I say Tom what a nice set of balls you have."

He started to play with them while I sat on his desk and he sat in his chair. He leaned forward and inhaled my cock. This man was sure an experienced cocksucker. He then stood up and he slowly disrobed himself as I watched his. He too had a white hairy chest to match his mustache. When he had finished I couldn't believe how fit this man was and the size of his cock at best estimate 9 plus inches. He told me to lay down on the desk with my head over the edge. He went around the desk to where my head hung over the edge. He told me to open my mouth to accept his cock. I did so and he approached and as he approached I wondered where I was going to put that monster cock. He slowly entered my mouth and slid that cock down the curvature of my throat I guess he knew that this position was the best for taking his meat. He then took my cock into his mouth and began sucking it. He would occassionally remove his cock so I could visually see all of it, only to see it disappear into the far reaches of my throat. It was on one of these descents that he spewed forth his load and I hungerly sucked every drop from him Savoring the taste. He withdrew his cock from my mouth slowly so I could suck it clean as he left my mouth. I then heard the back door open, we were caught literally with our pants down. I paniced what to do. Relax I heard him say and with that the door of his office opened. I stared in amazement to see my Dad standing there with another gentleman, which I quickly learned was Mr. During's son who also stood there is amazement.

"Well son welcome to the last founding member session."

"Dad I never suspected you of all people."

"Well get over it son, the facts are I love this."

"Son go sit on the couch over there with Mr. During. because you are going to see your old man in action."

Mr. During and I sat on the couch and watched my Dad get Mr. During's son out of his clothes in quick fashion and then Dad was out of his in a flash. Dad picked Mr. During's son up and sat him on the desk and quickly began sucking his cock. He awhile Dad had the son in the same position I had been in and Dad mounted the son's mouth. Dad's cock as we watch plunged time and again into the willing mouth. Mr. During and I sat there watching and as we did our cocks became harder and harder.

"Get on the desk again son just like Mark here, and Ted you plung your cock into my son's mouth again." We did as we were told.

It was fascinating to watch my dad's cock being sucked into Mark's mouth as I sucked in Mr. During's cock again.

"It is time for a change," Dad announced.

"Right," Mr. During said.

The dads removed their cocks and we son's got off the desk and layed on the floor in opposite directions. The dads approached us and with what seemed lightning speed postioned themselves over their sons.

"Open up son and take in your Dad's cock."

I watched as my Dad's cock came into closer view as it descended to my waiting mouth. I could feel the head pass over my lips as it entered my throat until his balls were resting on my face. He was fully in all the way and then suddenly in one quick motion my cock was all the way in his mouth. I had thought Mr. During was a great cocksucker but Dad here was a master at it. I looked over and watched as Mr. During cock was sucked by his willing son's mouth. What a sight to behold. I was nearing the edge at this point and was reluctant to spill over when Dad said give the juice to me as I give you mine son. I let him know by my sucking action that it was a go. Dad withdrew and then made a final plunge as I watched his balls tighten and to squeeze that sweet load into my waiting mouth at which time I unloaded my cream to him. He moaned as I did. What a beautiful sound the appreciation of a Dad receiving his son's load. Beside me and Dad another father and son were experiencing the same delight. Mr. During and dad removed their cocks from their son's mouth as they let ours fall from theirs.

Well son's welcome to the "Men's Club".

It was then I realized that Mr. During's son and I had passed into the inner sanctum of this all male exclusive club and that Mark and I had been trained at the same time and that the last prerequisite to membership was to accept the official sanction from their own fathers.

Family day on the pool table

I had always thought that about the only thing you could do on a pool table was play pool, but the Taylor brothers went to great length and depth to teach me otherwise.

I'd met the three brothers on the beach at Pataya, Thailand. Their family owned a hotel construction company and was making money hand over fist in throwing up fancy hotels in downtown Bangkok and at the Pataya and Hua Hin beach resorts. All three brothers, in their late twenties and early thirties worked in the family firm, mostly on the construction sites themselves, which had helped them to stay trim and to bulk up nicely.

I met them on the sand below their fancy beach house in Pataya one Saturday afternoon. I was just passing by, walking the water line, when they called out to me and invited me to play doubles volleyball with them for a while. They lacked a fourth, and I was the first one who came along, I guess, who they figured was athletic enough to give them a workout. And, as it turned out, I really did give all three of them a good workout before the afternoon was through.

I was happy to play volleyball with them, because all three of them were real easy to look at, all bulked up in small Speedos that showed off very promising baskets. I'd already seen one of them, the younger brother Randy, at a cast party after a play in Bangkok, which had ended as a major male fuck fest, and where I'd been bottomed twice, so I knew they knew I had been fucked before. Volleyball is a contact sport, and there was a lot of touching and rubbing, which is nice when the bodies are hard and well-cut, which pretty much defined the Taylor brothers.

After an hour of volleyball and beer, Randy invited me up to the house to shower off and to play some pool in the area under their house, which was raised on stilts, during the heat of the day. I accepted, and we all showered at an outdoor shower on the path leading up to the house.

I didn't know how to play pool all that well, and when it was my turn to stroke the ball, Randy got behind me to show me how to hold the cue, and everything just sort of developed quickly from there. He was close in back of me. I could feel his basket against my butt, and knew from that that he was getting really interested in me. He had his arms around me, holding my arms on the cue to show me how to hold it, his chest touching my back, and his chin on my shoulder, and I just turned my face to him, and he came in for a deep kiss. The time of my tour in Bangkok was the anything goes period of my life, so I just went with the kiss.

Then he had his hands all over my chest and nipples and belly and down onto the basket of my Speedo. He flipped me around and lifted me on the table, pushing the pool balls aside, and laid me on my back with my butt at the edge of the table. Then he went for my tits with this tongue. I have large aureoles around my nipples, and they are an especially sensitive point of sexual stimulation for me, so I got all hot and bothered quickly as he thumbed, stroked, pinched, and sucked on my nipples.

I let him know that I liked what he was doing to me, and he said he'd figured that out already, as he'd seen a big Swede doing this to me at the party in Bangkok, and he'd wanted to do it to me ever since. The Swede had stuffed my ass real good with a juicy Swedish sausage too, so I knew where Randy was headed with all of this.

After giving my tits a good workout, he tongued his way down my chest, gave me some head, and then dove for opening up my ass hole with tonguing, kissing, and licking. When he was satisfied that he had me moistened up and opened, he pushed me on up the table and climbed on top with me. He knelt, with his knees under the small of my back, holding my left leg wrapped around his waist, and my right leg being lifted up with my calf on his chest. I was arching my back, with my head and shoulders resting on the surface of the pool table, and I had a good view of him entering me with a super cock. I did some groaning, heavy breathing, and slapping of the table top with my hands as his cock slowly disappeared into my hole.

Randy's brothers, Andy and Frank, had just been standing around and watching us with big grins on their faces, but when Randy had run his cock all the way in and had begun to pump me, the older brother, Frank, stripped off his Speedo and hopped up on the table and straddled my head with his knees and started eating out my cock. He had a nice eight-incher and heavy balls, so I gave those head.

Randy came pretty quickly, and pulled out of me and hopped off the pool table. Frank had saved his load, and, when Randy was gone, Frank flipped me over on my belly, straddled me on his knees with his calves on either side of my thighs, lifted my pelvis up with his hands on my hips, and drilled my ass with a cock that must have been about the same size as Randy's. And I'd been able to handle Randy without much trouble. With Randy, though, I'd managed to stretch my legs and butt cheeks to accommodate his size. But Frank held my thighs in tight together and he really filled and stretched my ass canal as he entered my tightened ass hole and slid and drilled up to his root. I'd been working his cock while Randy was fucking me, so he came almost as quickly as Randy had.

And then it obviously was going to be Andy, the middle brother's, turn. He was the hunkiest of all and had an even longer cock than either of his brothers did. And when he came up on the table, I saw that he'd enhanced that. He had some sort of sheath covering his cock that had little rubber knobby and spiking things all up and down it and it was ribbed.

Frank laid me on my right side, with my right leg bent. He came in behind me and took my left leg and pulled it out and over his body. He was holding my torso up with his right arm around my back. His right hand was cupping my right breast, and he was thumbing my nipple. I turned my head to him, and he came in for a deep kiss as his cock entered my ass, which was now open, loose, and well-lubricated with the cum from both of his brothers. I felt every knob and spike and rib on his cock sheath rub at my prostate and canal walls, as he slowly pushed in nine inches or more. He filled me a good bit deeper than either of his brothers had managed. As he started his pumping action, his lips went to my left nipple, and he gathered it, big aureole and everything, into his mouth and started to suck. I writhed and bucked under him, joining in the rhythm of his fuck. I got my hand on my dick and was stroking myself, when Randy came back up on the table and swallowed my cock and took my cum when I shot my load.

I never did learn how to play pool. I might have, but old man Taylor had arrived during my last skewering and had stripped, sat in a rattan chair, and stroked himself while I was servicing his oldest son and being serviced by his youngest.

Frank unloaded up my ass canal, and then, before I knew it was going to happen, Randy and Frank had delivered me to their dad's lap. He lifted me off his lap and had me place my knees on the wide rattan arms of the chair, facing him, and he cupped my butt cheeks in his big, rough hands, and tongued and kissed my belly and balls for a while and then sucked me off. And he was really good at giving head.

After I'd cum, he sat me back down in his lap, held me by my hips, and skewered my ass with a cock that wasn't nearly as long as any of his son's dicks but that was considerably thicker and had a lot more experience behind it in how to drive a man wild with rotations and various rhythms of pumping. My left leg was hooked on his shoulder, and my right leg was out to the side of the chair. I arched my back, and he brought his mouth back down to my belly and chest, while he pumped me in short strokes from below and got his hand down there and rotated his cock around in my canal. I made little appreciative purring noises for him. I knew the father was far richer than any of the sons. And he was probably harder muscled than any of them too; I certainly felt his most important muscle harder than I had with any of his sons.

He must not have liked the leverage he was getting, though, because he rose from the chair on powerful legs and marched back over to the pool table. I had my arms and legs wrapped around him, his hands were under my butt, and he managed to keep his dong buried in my ass. At the table, I wound up right where I had started with Randy me bent over the table on my chest, and the old man pumping me from behind. At one point, he had me take my legs up with my heels on the edge of the table and my ass waving way out for him, and he swung me against the pressure of his cock, but that got a little much both of us, and he had me stand back down on one leg, with the other one stretched up on the table, and he sort of side split me from in back. And, boy, did he have stamina. He pumped longer than all of his sons put together. A real family man, he seemed to be immensely enjoying his cum mixing with the sperm of all three of his offspring in my ass canal, and nearly a half hour after he'd begun his expedition trip up my ass, he shoot off his load inside me.

I had a really good time, but I'm just as glad that there weren't any other Taylor brothers or a funny uncle or two visiting Pataya to service. The joke was sort of on them, though. I had fucked Mrs. Taylor and we'd had orgasmed together once for each of her sons in a suite in the Montian Hotel in Bangkok just two days before this little party.


In the 70's, people still cruised the streets late at night, and I was one of them. On this particular night, I noticed a guy along Sherman Way, half-heartedly thumbing a ride. I pulled up and opened the passenger side door.
"Get in" I said.

He stepped off the curb, and nearly fell into the car.

"Uhhhh" was all he said.

Even in the dark, I could tell that he was really loaded - easy meat, I thought. I had scoped him out, and was super impressed by the bubble butt that pressed against the shiny black slacks commonly worn by the buss-boys or servers, usually Latinos, my favorite pickups. But, the hair and face didn't match the Latino makeup. Sandy hair, short stature, muscular, blue eyes, not Latino, but just as nice. He looked over at me, and again, kind of groaned.

"Are you OK?" I asked

"Yeah - I just wrecked my car"

"Wow - are you sure you're OK - would you like me to take you to the Emergency Room?"

"Naw, I'm just a little sore, I'll be all right, but thanks"

"Where you headed?"

"Anyplace but home - I'm trying to stay out till I feel sober - my mom's gonna kill me for wrecking the car"

"Well, I'm headed home further down this street, so if you'd like to hang out there for awhile, it's OK with me".

"That's nice of you, if it's not too much trouble I would appreciate it - I don't feel much like walking around the streets the rest of the night till I can go home"

We drove the rest of the way in silence, except for the radio playing, and his soft moans now and then. I pulled into the garage, and we got out of the car, and I walked and he staggered into the house. We settled in the den, and he slumped onto the couch and I was in the side chair. He did his best to remain attentive, but I could see that he was really wrecked.

"How about a cup of coffee?"

"Yeah, I probably need that"

I got up and went to the kitchen. When I got back, he was slumped even further, and was sound asleep. I welcomed the chance to closely check out this young body, and it was a winner. Picture a short body builder, but not the extreme kind, the white shirt opened a few buttons to expose the chest hair (blond), and some pecs that came out of the gym. The muscular legs splayed open and the tight pants showing some interesting bulges in all the right places. As I was scoping him out, the clink of the coffee cups stirred him awake. When he saw me standing over him, he scooted back into the sofa, adjusting his pant legs just enough to accentuate his 'package' nicely.

"Sorry I fell asleep - I'm really messed up, I guess, I'm sorry"

"Don t sweat it - by the way, what's your name?"

"Uh, Mikey"

"I'm Stan - here's your coffee".

"Thanks-I'm sorry to be such a problem"

"Relax, Mikey, I don't have to work tomorrow, so if you want to, you could sleep here tonight, there's plenty of room"

"Wow, that's really nice of you - Maybe I should do that, instead of trying to face my mom with a buzz on"

"Well, you really ought to call her, just so she knows you're OK - you don't want to worry her, right?"

"Yeah, you're right, as much as I hate to call - what time is it?"

"It's about midnight"

"Oh, god,....... ah man,....why do I fuck up like this......oh, sorry for cussing.....You must have kids, huh?"

"No, Mikey, I'm not married "

"Oh......where's the phone - I guess I should get it over with"

I brought the phone to him, then stepped away to give him some space. I went back to the kitchen to refresh the coffee, and tried my best not to listen. When I thought he was finished, I brought the two cups back again.

"She agreed that I shouldn't try to drive if I've been drinking - I didn't have the guts to tell her I wrecked the car. I'll have to deal with that in the morning"

He took another slug of coffee, but it didn't seem to be doing anything to sober him up. My nasty brain shifted into high gear.

"Do you think taking a shower would help sober you up"?

"Man, I need something - I still feel bombed out of my mind"

"Well, the shower is through this way".....I led him into the small bathroom with the shower stall. I went in to the shower stall, and started the warm water running. As I came out of the stall, he was untying his shoes, then dumping the shirt, and stood up to drop his pants, but swayed toward me. I caught him, and steadied him as he unzipped, and just stepped out of them. His eyes were almost closed as he reeled from one side to the other. I held him steady, and he got his fingers into the waistband of the shorts, and without any hesitation, dropped the tighty-whiteys, and woozily stepped out of them. I was in hog heaven, eying this beautiful creature in my arms. He tried to straighten up, but it was obvious that he wasn't going to be able to stand up in the shower.

I leaned him against the entrance to the shower, and told him to hang on. He did, and I quickly dropped my clothes so I could get in the shower with him. I was soon naked, and I pushed the shower door open, took hold of him again, and walked him into the flow of the water. His fogged brain accepted it all, and he allowed me to handle him. I tried to be good, but my cock refused to behave. It lengthened, the began it's upward stance much against my will. As the water cascaded down on us, he began to react to the freshness, and slowly 'came to life' again. I tried to turn him away from me so he wouldn't see my hardon, but he caught sight of it before I could complete the turn.

"OH - Hey, man, Hey - you got the wrong idea! I ain't queer, man, I don't know how you got the idea, but I ain't like that"

As he gained his balance, he strongly removed my arms and a look of panic crossed his face, and he repeated his statement.

"Hey, dude, I'm straight, man."

He backed into a corner of the shower, putting as much space between us as possible......which wasn't much.

"Look Mikey, you may not be gay, but I am. I really tried not to have this happen, honest to god, man, but you needed help to stand up, and I was the only one around. I'm not going to molest you, kid, so try to relax, OK?"

"Can I get out now?"

I stepped aside to allow him past. He avoided my gaze, and seemed to sober up almost instantly, as he quickly moved out of the shower, and wrapped himself in a towel and started drying off as quickly as he could. He was still unsteady, and lurched sideways. I reached out to keep him from falling. It was then I noticed a big bruise on his chest, just under his tits. He winced as I caught him, and stepped back away.

"That's a pretty nasty looking bruise there - I have some ben-gay you can put on it if you want to"

He looked down at it, somewhat surprised. Maybe the booze or dope masked the pain before, but now, he seemed to feel it pretty strongly.

"Aw, man, what else is gonna happen to me tonight? "

He sat back down on the toilet, put his head in his hands, and for a minute I thought he was going to cry. He groaned softly, then pulled himself together. Putting his shirt on was painful, but he finally was dressed except for the shoes and sox.

"Look Mikey, you're welcome to sleep here if you want to. I'm not going to bother you, if that's what you're worried about. It's up to you. I'll be in the den. When you're ready, come in there and let me know what you want to do."

I figured my night was ruined in the worst way. Hot-looking, young, and straight, but scared. What a bummer. I sat down and took a sip of the cold coffee, and waited for him to make his decision. At this point I was ready to drive him back to where I found him and call it a night. He seemed to be taking longer than it would normally take to get dressed. I began to wonder if he fell asleep or something, when he finally came out.

When he did finally come in, he was carrying his shoes and sox. He stood there for a minute, then sat across from me on the couch. He looked up for a second, then looked back at the floor.

"I think we gotta talk."

I wondered what was next.

"I'm here, ready to listen - go ahead and talk"

"The reason I freaked out in there was, well, I had something happen to me once, and it hurt like hell, and I thought for a minute that's what you were going to do to me, and I just flipped out. I mean, it ain't like I never did anything with another guy before. I mean not a lot, and I ain't gay or anything so I didn't want you to think I was one of those stupid skin-head kind of guys or something. I mean, like, if you just wanted to do some other stuff, I could handle that without freaking out, you know?"

"Mikey, you have a way of confusing the hell out of a fellow, you know? You know I'm gay, and you know I got excited to be near you, and all that. Are you telling me that we could do something as long as it didn't hurt like hell? If that's the case, you know I'm ready, if you're sure about what you're willing and maybe want to have happen. Do you want to spell out what you can do and what you can't do, or what?"

"Uhhh......this ain't easy for me to talk about, man. I guess as long as you don't force something on me, we could kind of figure it out as we go along. This ain't easy for me, man, I'm sorry I'm such a dumb-ass, It's just that you've been decent to help me out, and I well, you know, I could get into it, I think."

I had heard all I needed to hear. I stood up, walked over to him, took his hand, pulled him onto his feet, and we headed for the bedroom. As we headed there, I patted him on that bubble butt, and asked him if that's where he got "hurt like hell".

"Is that what you want to do to me?"

"Yes, but I promise not to hurt you like hell. In fact, I promise to make you feel really good. I know a bunch of tricks and all of them will make you feel really good."

"You promise?"

"I promise with all my heart, Mikey, with all my heart."

I kept my promise, and oh, god, am I glad I did - I've never been the same since and Mikey didn't hurt like hell. In fact, I think I made him feel really good, because he came back for more later on.

Train ride

I was 18 and we used to live next door to this guy, Mr. Hayes. His wife left him a couple of years before, when I was about 15. I used to really be a real pain toward him--you know the sort of stuff teenagers do.

Well one day just after my 18th Birthday I'd been up to London and at about 10:30 p.m. ran to catch the late train home. The train was practically empty and I got into the carriage right at the end, there was no one else in it and I made myself comfortable for the 40-minute ride. Just as the train was starting to move, a door opened further down the carriage and who should get in but Mr. Hayes. I wondered where he'd been, but I wasn't going to ask him as he didn't seem to have seen me. I kept quiet.

As the train pulled out of the station I sat there feeling horny as hell, I took a peek and Mr. Hayes had sat down further down the carriage, so as he still couldn't see me, I decided to have a wank. There's nothing like playing with your own cock in a public place where you could get caught--it really gives you a thrill.

Well as the train got going and I really got into it. I must have moaned a few times because all of a sudden he got up and caught sight of me. There was just no way I could hide what I was doing. He walked over to the where I was sitting; I should say that by now I was half on the seat and half on the floor.

"Well" he said. "This is a turn up for the books. What are your parents gonna say?"

"You're not going to tell them are you?" I asked nervously.

There was a silence in the air as he looked down at me and my quickly shrinking cock. "No the police will do that once I report you to them, unless..."


"Unless you do something for me." Mr. Hayes finished.

I said, "Like what?" and then I noticed the bulge in his trousers that was twitching, he stepped over me, straddling my legs and right there in front of me he got his cock out and told me to suck it. "No way!" I protested, but with that he grabbed my head and pushed his cock toward me. I struggled but he held the back of my head with one hand and pinched my nose with the other so that I had to open my mouth to breath. With one push his cock was in my mouth. At first I gagged, there wasn't much I could do, but after the first few moments I realised that somehow I liked it, and I learnt to breath even with his huge cock sliding in and out. It must have been about 8" long--uncut and thick.

Just then the train started to slow up at a station. I went to stop and he told me to just continue. Grabbing my head and rocking back and forth, as the train jolted to a halt, I heard one of the doors open and voices. "What you up to Mr. Hayes? WOW that looks good, can we have a go?"

My worse nightmare! It was Bill & Tom a couple of guys from the local pub, they had been in the year above me at school and had always loved to pick on me. "Yeah sure thing guys. I'm sure Jake will oblige, won't you Jake?"

He didn't give me chance to answer, nor did they, as one held my arms back the other tore at my tight black jeans and soon had them down. Then with Mr. Hayes with his cock still rocking in and out of my mouth, Bill lifted my legs and plunged his cock into my tight anus in one stroke.

"Hey Tom! Looks like Mr. Hayes found us a virgin." I would have screamed if it hadn't been for the cock in my mouth.

Again the train started to slow up for a station, I was vaguely aware that someone got in the same carriage, but because of the position I was in couldn't see who it was. After a bit Bill started to groan and I felt his cock spewing his load into my arse. I thought that I'd get some release there now, but oh no, Bill just pulled out.

"Your turn now Tom" and in Tom went. FUCK he was even bigger that Bill! I thought he'd rip me in two, but some how I managed to relax my arse muscle enough to take his 9" cock so deep that his balls were slapping against my butt cheeks. He fucked me good and proper with long steady strokes. I could feel he was building up to shoot his load up with Bill's.

"Hey Tom, rim Mr. Hayes' arse for him. That way you should both come about the same time and we can all get off at the next stop and leave this little cocksucker to sort himself out before his stop".

With that Mr. Hayes' trousers slid further down and I could hear Ted lapping at his ring peace. That caused Mr. Hayes to really start pumping his cock into my mouth. I mean really fucking my face! Tom blasted another load of cum onto my arse, and with a groan Mr. Hayes pulled out and shot his load all over my face. With that they all tucked away their cocks, leaving me on the floor dazed by what had just happened.

The train pulled into the next station and Mr. Hayes held the door open for Bill & Tom to get out. As he went to go out the door he turned and said to whoever had got on at the last stop, "He's one good cocksucker! You want to try him?"

With that said, he shut the door and walked away. I sat there in shock. I couldn't believe what had just occurred, and then as I looked up I caught a glimpse of the guy who had gotten on at the last stop. He sat there with his cock in his hand, "That was the hottest fuck I've ever seen son!"

It was my Dad, I couldn't believe he had just sat there and watched. I thought he'd go mad, but he didn't.

He just said, "You've got time to blow me before we get home."

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