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Blackmailing dad

I want to tell you about how I managed to start having sex with my hot dad. I was sixteen and fucked around with several of my friends, but I fuckin lusted after my dad. He was a real stud who took care of himself and stayed in excellent shape. It would become very clear to me why he was so obsessed about keeping fit and his secret would also allow me to take advantage of that hot body.

My dad was basically a nice guy. We had an o.k. relationship, as I grew older we spent less and less time together. I was always going with my friends and he was either working or working out and jogging. When I was around fourteen my parents marriage was in real trouble. There was always a lot of yelling and door slamming going on. My sister and I always stayed out of it, as we wouldn't have known what to say anyway. One day I was home and heard my parents arguing and I heard my mother screaming at my dad how he fucked any whore who would let him. I pricked up my ears at this point in the argument because it had to do with sex. I distinctly heard my mother tell my father that if she ever found proof of his infidelity she would divorce him immediately and take him for half of everything. It wasn't long after that my parents seemed to reconcile their differences.

There was a big group of guys who hung out together. We would do normal guy stuff like play football, basketball, and baseball together. One day I was on my way over to my friend Ed's to play a game of touch football on a hot summer afternnon. I was about four blocks away from Ed's house when I had to take a detour on my bike because of road work. I pedalled around the work and took a road I rarely travelled.

It was on the outskirts of town kind of and there were only a few houses and some woods. I was half way up the road when I spotted what looked like my dad's suv parked in the driveway of one of the houses. It couldn't be his I reasoned, but I went closer to take a better look and, sure enough, it was my dad's.

A million things went through my mind at that point. My father worked in an office and would have had no occaision to visit anyone's home for work purposes. I couldn't figure out what he was doing there in the middle of the afternoon. I took a chance and snuck over to the side of the house and peeked in the window. My heart was racing. I kept looking over my shoulder to see if the neighbors were watching. I couldn't see anyone in the room I was looking into. I satyed and watched for about fifteen minutes when I saw someone walk into the room followed by another person. It was my dad and another lady! She was wearing a robe and he was adjusting his clothes. She went over to him and gave him a really long kiss and fondled his crotch while he was fixing his tie. They both laughed and began to kiss some more. My father undid her robe and went down on his knees to suck her snatch. She was really getting into it. They probably had fucked upstairs once already and now she wanted more. While he was licking her pussy he took out his hard erection and began to paw it. I was so confused and turned on, I couldn't look away. I was so lucky most people were at work that day or I am convinced I would have had alot of explaining to do to the authorities.

His dick was big! I had seen it many times in our house as my dad was proud of his hot body and took no pains with me to cover it up. The two of them were both horny again. The woman laid on the floor and my dad stuck his cock into her and began fucking her. I was entranced to see my father's tight, hot ass swinging back and forth as he pounded into this woman who was loving every inch of his dick. It wasn't long before my father began pounding into her with more force and shot his load deep inside of her. I was pissed! I felt bad for my mom and was worried what would happen if she ever found out. I grabbed my bike and headed off to Ed's house, but I didn't stay long. I had too much on my mind. I had cooked up a fantasy in my mind that I was determined to make a reality.

The next couple of weeks I jacked off constantly thinking of my fathers fuck tool sliding in and out of that bitches cunt. I had no idea if she was a nice lady or not, I never really thought about her. I was too preoccupied with my father and his schlong.

I also became quite the proficient spy and learned what a sex fiend my dad really was. He fucked anyone, or so it woulod seem. I would follow him when his cell rang and he said it was business he had to take in another room. I waited outside the door and heard him whispering to one of his lady friends making plans to see her. He would often tell my mom he he was meeting up with a couple of his buddies and would be going out. My mom had ceased to care. They were only going throught the motions.

I tried to follow him on my bike a couple of times, but it was pointless, not only because I couldn't keep up, but because I was so conspicuous. I had an older friend who agreed to pull surveilance with me. His parents had divorced because his dad cheated too and he was only too eager to help me out with my project. I didn't tell him my whole plan. We followed my dad and I wrote down the adresses or noted down the hotel names and dates of stay. I compiled quite alot of data that I would need to present my case.

One night when my mom and sister were out of the house I confronted my father with all the evidence I had against him. He was pissed. He was even more enraged when I told him what I wanted from him in exchange for my silence. He screamed at me that not only was a fucking blackmailer, but a fucking faggot to boot. I was nervous and scared I ran to my room and locked myself in. We didn't speak for several days. I was more determined than before. He just made me want him more when he gave me the silent treatment.

He came into my room a week later and sat on my bed and poured out his whole sordid story. I wasn't moved and got up to lock the door. I told him if he didn't show me his dick, he would be the sorriest mother fucker to ever land himself before a divorce court. He blinked in disbeleief and made all kinds of empty promises. I stood silently with my arms crossed and let him know I meant business. My father got up said "here you go you little fuck you want to see my cock, you can kiss my ass too!" as he undid his belt and trousers, turned around, and exposed his ass to me.

"There, you happy! You fucking little queer!" he spat while pulling up his pants.

"Not so fast" I told him yanking back down his pants from behind. He was so flumoxed he offered barely any resistance. I was treading on thin ice, but I was determined to make this happen even if I wound up getting my ass kicked, which from the look on my dad's face looked quite probable.

I pushed him so he had to stady himself by leaning his arms on the bed. His ass was up in the air and I parted his cheeks and shoved my face in between his beautiful globes and inhaled deeply. I glanced lovingly at his hairless spincter and ran my tongue across it, "just once", I told myself.

We both stood up. My dad pulled his pants up and gave me a wild, scared look before walking out my door leaving it open. I stood up to close it and bust a nut thinking about my dad's perfect pooter.

Sunday came and seemed like it would be more of the same. My Mom went out with friends to brunch, my sister had staye d over a friends, and my father and I were avoiding one another, or so I thought. I usually slept late, but today my door burst open and my father barged in naked. I awoke frightened and aroused at the same time.

"You want to get this out of your system get ready for a day you won't forget!" he said while bending over from behind to show me his fruit bowl.

I reached out to grab his low hanging nuts, but he stood up and told me I needed to get dressed. We would be going over a friends house who was out of town, so we wouldn't be discovered. I threw on my clothes so fast my shirt was inside out. I met him downstairs and he told me to get into the car and wait for him. I heard him talking with my mom, telling her we were going out for some father son time. He gave me devilish smirk which made me smile back.

The drive over wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. We wound up talking and he asked me if I thought I was gay. I told him there was no thinking about it. I loved dick. He told me he loved me anyway, but didn't appreciate my tactics. I asked him if he ever fucked around with other guys and he said just about evey guy does it when he is young. It is a rite of passge, but that he considered himself straight. I was a bit crestfallen, but remembered how he tore into that ladies snatch that day, and decided I loved him anyway.

We arrived at the Thompson's house. I had been here many times for pool parties. I was good friends with Chuck Thompson, a guy in my class. I knew they were away in Europe and my mom was supposed to be housesitting. My dad had told her he would check on the place today so she could enjoy herself. He often did these kindnesses, but now I realized it was never really about her and I was a little sad.

He suggested we take a quick swim before getting down to it. I told him I didn't have a suit to which he promptly frowned at me before dropping his shorts and skivies to the deck. The house wasn't overlooked by any others and the backyard was thickly hedged for privacy. I'm sure the Thompson's must skinny dip as well. I stayed over several times and Chuck and I did it. My dad was naked in no time and smiling up at me from the pool. I was a bit slower and much shyer now than I thought I would be. My dick was standing straight out for one thing. My dad whistled when he saw my cock standing at attention.

"Do I do that to you?" he asked with a puzzled look on his face.

I blushed and nodded yes before canonballing near him. We wrestled and horsed around. We swam for about a half hour and then I couldn't help myself. I grabbed for his nuts under water. He looked into my eyes and then closed his eyes while I jacked his expanding cock. I dove under the water to try and suck it, but could only stay under for short periods before surfacing.

"You're sure" he asked looking deep into my eyes. "Because this is some fucked up shit you know?"he said to me.

I nodded. He swam to the ladder and started to get out. I was right behind him when he squatted down so I had a perfect view of his shitter. I wasted no time and lunged for it with my tongue and mouth. I ate that ass like I had been doing it forever. I was a born natural! Dad seemed suprised not only at my expertise, but also at his enjoyment of my skills.

We had to stay outside because we didn't have any towels. I decided to lick the water off my father's hot masculine body, like any dutiful son would. My tongue ran over ever inch of that man. I didn't skip any part. Not his nipples, which I found out were very sensitive, not his balls and cock, not even between his manly toes which I sucked into my mouth one by one. I was in heaven. The sun warmed and dried us both in no time, but we were soon dripping with sweat as our father/son day progressed.

I couldn't get enough of my old man's johnson. I licked and sucked until he grunted and yelled out that he was cumming before flooding my mouth with his baby batter. I licked it all from his drippy cock. He fell back on the chaise panting and looking at me with new found respect. I grabbed the key to the house and rummaged through the bathrooms until I found what I needed and headed outside.

I decided to give my dad a little show. I stood next to him while he regained his strength. I slathered my dick with baby lotion and went to town jacking my cock. My father was mesmerized by my big cock. It was longer and thicker than his. I didn't call this to his attention, but knew he was thinking it. He watched in awe as I worked myself over in a new record. I wanted him to see what I like to think of as my sexual trick. I felt my balls tighten and knew I was close. I aimed my cock at my father's eagerly expectant face as I shot rope after rope of jizz into his face. I cum alot and had a good load banked up since yesterday. My father sat gaping at the amount of cum that flooded out of me. The jizz was all over him. He looked shocked and yet his jutting cock let me know I might have a convert.

"You fucking freak!" he yelled. "I'll teach you to cover your father in cum like a whore" he yelled while bending me onto the chaise with my asshole in the air. He picked up the lotion bottle and slather his python liberally. He slapped my ass with his incredibly stiff erection before asking me to guide him into me. I never wanted anything more in my life. My hand grasped his twitching rod and guided it to my hole. I had been here before with my friends and backed onto it like the whore my father knew me to be. He fed it to me slowly, inch by amazing inch, before bottoming out so his major low hangers banged into my own. It was a pretty hot day after all!

My father is a power top. He reamed me hard and deep. He called me such filthy names I could never repeat them. He slapped my ass as he was pounding me which drove me to want him to ram me even harder. I was the happiest son alive. My head rolled from side to side as the pleasure coming from my battered asshole and prostate washed over me in waves before I couldn't take it anymore and, miraculously found out I could orgasm without touching my pole at all! My spasming shincter milked my dad and he busted his nut all over my insides. It was seeping out from around his impaled cock and I realized I took after my old man in that department as well as being a male slut. We collapsed on the chaise to rest.

It was time for us to wash off, so we dove into the pool for another swim. There was alot of grab assing and horsing around, but my father seemed a little more subdued. We lounged around by the pool until we dried off and then my father went into the house and returned with some drinks and sun tan lotion. He sprawled out on his belly and asked me to cover hih with lotion, even though he has a swarthy complexion. I obliged and lovongly ran my hands across his muscled shoulders and back, up his legs, and nervouse with excitement, his beautiful man globes. I was in awe of their beauty and probably put way too much lotion on. I was tempted to do something I had wanted to for years. I raised my hand and gave my father a slap on the ass so hard it seemed to reverberate around the yard. He raised himslef up on his arms, but I pushed him back and gave him another loud "thwack" on the other cheek. He turned and gave me a quizical look.

"You've been a bad daddy" I said in a childish tone. He nodded his agreement and put his head back down. I let loose another slap making sure with every slap that it parted his cheeks so I got alook at his hot man pussy. It seemed to have some kind of effect I hadn't expected.

"You need to get in between my cheeks, so I don't burn down there too!" he instructed me. A sly smile spread across my face as I squeezed the sun tan lotion down his ass crack. He shuddered from the sensation. I took my finger and ran it up and down his canyon, slicking everything up as I went along. My finger rounded his tight bunghole and stopped. He nodded. I pushed ever so gently as his shoulders tensed up. I pushed my finger in and out and kissed his wondrous ass cheek. His ass pushed back and I shoved another into him. Before long I was finger banging him with three fingers and he was bucking back to meet my thrusts and moaning like he was in heat. I took my big fucktool and pushed it along in his canyon, and squeezed more lotion onto it. It was an amazing feeling and I almost shot my load right up his back, but I eased off and went back to fingering his hole to stop from cumming.

A few minutes passed and he looked back and told me we may as well do everything, since we started. I nodded and guided my dick to his winking asshole. I pushed and he sucked in air. I waited until he adjusted to being penetrated, but he didn't seem to get any more comfortable, and, selfish son that I am, I went balls deep into him before he told me it was a no go. He reared off the chair. I grabbed his chest from behind and begged him to let me have this, this one time. Sweat rolled down his face and I eased back after a few minutes. I took it slow from that point on and he collpased in a heap onto the chair. I began taking slow, gentle thrusts. I didn't know what the status was. I was afraid I might be forcing him and asked him if he wanted me to stop. He shook his head no and realxed his head onto his hands. My lust took over and I started to take longer deeper thrusts into him. He soon responded by moving his ass backwards to meet my thrusts and then began to moan like he did before, thats when I knew I had him. I raped his hole and took no prisoners. He shuddered and cursed like he did when he was the one doing the fucking. I pounded him so hard and so deep I thought I would solve our oil crisis and we both discovered that he could take it as well as he gave it. I couldn't last long with all the baby oil and all. I was soon dumping my load up his ass in gallons. He in turn jacked himself so he shot all over the chair which we would have to wash later. I pulled my dick from his ass and watched as my cum came flooding out. I lapped up what I could as I watched his hole return to normal. It was an amazing experience. Since that time my parents have divorced. My mother never had another relationship that I knew of. My father and I fucked around all the time after this. We did everyhting. He was still a ladies man and every now and again we would tag team a girl or a guy, but we always found time for each other too.

Me and my man

I was Friday night and I was racing home from school to get ready for my weekend with Richard.

I had met him four weeks ago through a friend and we had been seeing each other since then. He was the man of my dreams. He was 6'3, well muscled but well proportioned, tan, with black hair and green eyes. What was most attractive about him, was his authoritative personality and the way he made me feel horny just from thinking about him. He was 36 and I was 22. We were a perfect match sexually, he was a total top and since I had met him all I wanted was to be his bottom boy, his little cunt, his pussyboy that lived to please him. He was the man of my dreams and together we made a perfect couple.

I took a quick shower, as I wanted to be clean inside and out. As I stood in front of my dresser and looked for a hot pair of panties to wear for Richard I couldn't help but check myself out in the mirror. I was 6'2, and had swimmer's build. My hair was long, all the way to my shoulders and I had a good tan from a vacation I had recently returned from. I was completely hairless from the neck down, just like Richard liked it. Although I naturally had very little hair, Richard told me to shave what little I did have. I must say that I really enjoyed being totally hairless as it made me feel more feminine and knowing I was doing it because Richard told me to, made me feel horny.

I finally decided on a sexy pair of white panties I had been saving for a special occasion. It was a thong I had bought at a women's lingerie store. It was very small and I could barely fit my dick and balls inside it. As I put it on it rode up high into my crack caressing my boy cunt. The material was soft and slippery against my skin and there was a small metal heart that was attached to the front. I posed for a few minutes in the mirror and admired how sexy I looked. Next I slid into a tight pair of jeans that nicely showed off my bubble butt and put on a tight t-shirt with a large v-neck that showed off my smooth, tan chest. It was almost time. I was meeting Richard in a restaurant just a few blocks away. I pulled on a pair of sneakers and I was off.

When I arrived at the restaurant Richard was already there. He was drinking a glass of scotch as he looked up and smiled at me. "There you are. I was beginning to think you'd never show up", he said playfully as he gave me a passionate kiss. My knees buckled as he penetrated my mouth with his tongue. I wrapped my hands around his neck as he grabbed me by the waist and fondled my ass. He finally released me and we sat down in a booth, both on the same side, Richard's arm around me.

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting"

"Never mind about that, I was waiting the whole day to finally see you"

"You have no idea how much I've been looking forward to this weekend..."

"Oh, I think I have an idea." he said as he fondled my crotch under the table. Just being in his presence was making me hard.

We ordered our food and we ate as Richard told me about how his week had gone. He was a lawyer and ran a small law firm with his friend Bill. He usually had a lot of stories to tell me every Friday. Since I was a student at the local college we didn't get much time to spend during the week so on Friday's we would have a date after which we would spend the weekend at his house, not emerging until Monday morning.

As our dessert arrived, Richard undid my jeans and slid his hand inside to feel my package. "Nice, I see you got all dressed up for me", he whispered. "Oh yeah baby" I responded barely able to contain myself. I had not cum since last Sunday. Richard didn't let me cum by myself, he made me wait all week so I was extra horny for him on the weekend. At first he would jack me off sometime during our 'sessions'. However one time I had cum while he was fucking me without even touching my dick. Richard thought it was hot that I would get off only on getting fucked and had since only let me cum in that manner. Although at first I had trouble with this, after a few weekends, the built up sexual energy from the week and the fact that cumming in this way gave me the best orgasm I had ever had, made it quite easy to cum without touching myself, only when being fucked.

As we ate our dessert Richard made his way to my boycunt and was now fingering me. I couldn't help but let out a few moans as he massaged my prostate. Richard only smiled knowing how horny he was making me. Thankfully the restaurant was nearly empty and no one was sitting in close proximity to us. Richard suddenly pulled out his two fingers and swirled them in the whipped cream from his dessert. "Lick them clean" he ordered. I couldn't be happier to oblige. I took his large hand in both of mine and I began to vigorously lick his fingers looking into his green eyes. I could taste my own ass juice and the whipped cream mixing together. Richard smiled, "You're such a little slut, there's nothing you won't do". I knew he was right and as I finished licking his fingers he called for the check. Once he paid the bill, I was about to get up as I realized my jeans were still undone. Embarrassed I quickly zipped them up and looked around whether anyone had noticed. Fortunately no one had.

We made our way to the parking lot. As we got to the car Richard seized me and started to kiss me passionately, leaning me against the car. I surrendered to his will and he took full advantage, groping me in every possible way. Richard knew I was slightly embarrassed of doing such things in public yet at the same time that the idea turned me on. Once he had thoroughly inspected my mouth with his tongue and felt up both my ass and crotch he opened the car.

As we drove to Richards house, as usual he unzipped his pants saying, "Lets get a little warmed up". I knew what that meant as I took his semi-hard dick out of his pants and started sucking on it. Richard was 9 inches long, not the longest dick I'd had in my life but definitely the fattest. At first I had trouble getting my mouth to open wide enough to even get in. However with weeks of practice I could now take his dick all the way to the base in both my mouth and ass.

"Oh yeah!" Richard moaned as he made the turn off the expressway towards his house. I was now sucking on his hairy balls one at a time. "Yeah suck that!" Richard continued to moan. We had now turned onto a small residential street so Richard was now using his left hand to hold my long hair as I resumed deep throating his dick. I would go down all the way until my nose was buried in his pubes and then come up to use my tongue on his circumcised cock head. As we pulled into Richard's driveway he began to shoot volley after volley of hot cum into my throat. As I felt the last spasm of cum hit the back of my throat we pulled into the garage. I knew better than to stop. I licked the now half flaccid cock from the sweet cum that had just filled my mouth. I couldn't be happier to have received Richards load of cum after a whole week of deprivation. Finally after about ten minutes Richard pulled my head off his dick by my hair.

"Common, there'll be more where that came from"

We got out of the car into the now closed garage and made our way in the dark towards the door leading into the main hallway. Richard guided me with his hand on my ass, gently massaging my ass crack through the jeans and occasionally giving my ass a slap of encouragement.

Richard lived in a suburban neighbourhood in a medium sized bungalow with two bedrooms. He had a fenced yard that was virtually private as the fence was quite high and the houses around it were all one storey high. He had a kitchen/dining room/living room open concept. The master bedroom had a large bathroom with a built in hot tub and the other bedroom Richard used as a study, to keep his law books and to do work at home. The main room was sparsely furnished. It had a nice black leather couch set including a reclining chair and a glass coffee table. There was a dining area with a solid oak table and six chairs and a large screen TV. There were a few erotic male paintings on the walls but other than that the room was nearly empty. The bedroom had a large king sized four-poster bed with a dresser at the foot of the bed and night tables on each side. There was a leather chair in one corner and a medium sized TV in the other.

As we entered the main room I stripped off my shirt and threw it on the floor. Richard went to the bedroom to change as I poured him a glass of scotch. I was undoing my jeans and trying to wiggle out of them when he came up behind me and started to kiss my neck vigorously. I could feel that he had changed into his silk robe as he was pressing himself against my back. His large hands were caressing my chest as he squeezed my nipples causing me to let out a moan. "You like that, you little slut?" he whispered in my ear "Do you like when daddy plays with your tits?"

"Yeah I love it when you play with my tits, daddy"

"Have you missed daddy all week?"

"Oh yeah I need you to fuck me daddy"

"That's my little slut. Don't worry you'll get plenty of daddy's cock this weekend. But you have to be patient. Turn around and lets see my little pussyboy"

He pulled away as I turned around to face him. He had a seductive smile on his face that told me he liked what he saw. He grabbed the scotch I had poured him off the counter and sat down in his big black leather chair, reclining back and continuing to watch me.

"Finish taking off your pants" he ordered.

I began to wiggle out of my tight jeans as he watched. It took me some time to get them off but by the time I did I could see Richard was rubbing his crotch through his silk robe. "I like you panties." he commented as I turned around to let him get a good look at my ass. "I'm glad you like them" I responded. "Go get my camcorder" he ordered.

Immediately ran to the bedroom to retrieve the camcorder from one of the night tables. I could feel Richard watching my ass as it presented itself spectacularly in my new thong. Richard often liked to record our time together to have something during the week when we couldn't see each other. The idea of him having videos of me made me even hornier. Sometimes we would watch the videos together and I had to admit they were hot. Seeing myself doing what I did got me even hornier than doing them in the first place (if that was possible). I got the camcorder and hurried back. Richard had opened up his burgundy silk robe and now had his legs open and ready for me. I handed him the camcorder and waited for what he wanted me to do.

"What's this?" he said as he looked at the front of my thong. The panties were now wet from the precum my dick was leaking ever since Richard had fingered me in the restaurant. "I'm sorry sir" I said blushing as he turned on the camcorder. "Say what you're sorry for to the camera," he ordered.

"I'm sorry sir, for wetting my panties with my precum."

"You're very horny tonight, aren't you?"

"Yes sir".

"That's ok I like it when you get like this, the hornier you are the more you beg for this." he said pointing to his cock. "It's a shame you ruined those panties though. You'll have nothing else to wear all weekend. I guess I'll need to keep you naked until Monday. Take them off."

I slid off the panties slowly just the way Richard liked it. First I pulled down the back working the panties down over each of my round butt cheeks. Then I turned around and worked the front down, my dick immediately sprung out, released from its cage, sticking out 6 inches from my hairless pubic area. I wiggled out of the panties bending over with my ass towards Richard revealing my eager, hairless, boycunt. I could hear as Richard zoomed in on my hole and so I took some extra time to finally get the panties off my feet.

"Nice. Come here and show daddy what you're good at."

I approached Richard slowly getting on my knees as he pointed to the area between his legs. "Get to work boy." he ordered.

I didn't need to be told twice. I took told of Richard's cock and began to work the shaft with my spit getting it nice and wet. I looked up at Richard from time to time making sure to smile seductively into the camera, just the way he liked it. I was working his cock for about 20 minutes as he continued to film me, when he pushed my head off, "Go get my riding crop" I hurried to the bedroom to retrieve a long, black riding crop from the closet where Richard kept all sorts of sex toys he liked to use on me. I ran back, my dick bobbing up and down as I got back between Richard's legs, handing him the crop. "Good boy." he commented, "Get back to work and stick your ass out a bit more so that I can get it warmed up".

I resumed sucking on Richards 9inch cock, taking it all the way down to his pubes burying my nose and taking a good whiff of my man. At the same time I pushed out my ass, spreading my legs slightly in order to expose my cunt as Richard liked to whip me directly on my hole.

I began to moan as Richard was warming my ass up with the crop while at the same time filming the whole thing with his other hand. He started with my butt cheeks, alternating between the two until they were stinging quite a bit. I imagined my butt must have had a nice pink glow by then. Then came what I liked the most. Richard began to use the crop to tease my hole, gently spanking it in succession and rubbing it against my cunt lips. My hole began to pulse as I was trying to savour the attention it was getting.

"Ok I think you've earned the right to take my cock up your ass. Go get some lube from the night stand"

As I quickly ran to the bedroom to retrieve the lube Richard mounted the camcorder on a tripod we frequently used. He removed his robe and when I arrived back was reclining back in his black leather chair. I handed him the lube as he squirted some on his dick and began to work up and down his shaft. "Beg" he ordered. As I got on my knees in front of his chair, my dick still leaking precum, I couldn't be more hornier.

"Please sir, fuck me. I need you inside me. I need you to fill me with your seed like the slut that I am. Please, sir I've been a good boy all week. I need to feel you inside me."

"Ok boy you're going to ride my dick. Get over here."

I got up and began to straddle Richard as he lay back in the chair. As I got on top of him I balanced myself on the armrests. He grabbed me by the hips and slowly began to lower me onto his, now fully erect, monster dick. Although the intrusion was painful at first I quickly adjusted to the size as although my hole did not get ant use during the week, Richard made me keep it stretched for him by wearing a butt plug. I finally made it all the way down his pole savouring the feeling of fullness that only Richard's cock gave me, when Richard ordered, "Get to work"

I repositioned myself slightly and started my accent slowly until I only had his cock head inside my hole. Squeezing my cunt tightly I slid down this time a little faster, yet still taking time to savour the large cock that was now engorged inside me. With each stroke I was getting faster and faster. My leg muscles were starting to hurt from having to pump Richard's dick so fast. Since I started seeing Richard my legs had gotten more muscular as every weekend gave me quite a physical workout. Seeing my fatigue Richard instructed me to change position. I leaned forward placing my hands on his chest and slid my legs back so that I was now straddling his dick in a kneeling position over him. The change of position gave my legs a much needed rest.

I continued to work Richard's dick with my cunt and I could now hear swishing and slurping sounds each time I slid up and down. My own dick was on the verge of exploding. Thankfully I could see Richard was getting close to orgasm as well.

Then suddenly I couldn't resist any longer and my erect dick started shooting squirts of cum all over Richard's chest, some even landing on the back of the black leather chair. At the same time my cunt was going into ecstatic spasms bringing Richard closer to shooting as well. Then it finally happened, the thing I was waiting for the entire week. I continued to bob up and down on Richard's cock as he began to empty his seed deep inside my cunt. I could feel the warm cum filling me and giving me a second sense of euphoria following my own orgasm. As Richard emptied his cum inside me he grabbed me and began to kiss me passionately. I collapsed on his chest letting him do with me what he pleased. As he kissed me his dick was getting smaller inside my ass until it popped out. I immediately clenched my hole to prevent any cum from flowing out. I wanted to hold it inside me for as long as possible. I curled up in Richard's arms and we lay like that for several minutes enjoying the ecstasy that had just washed over us.

"You got your boy cum all over the place. Clean it up and don't forget to clean my dick while you're at it"

I eagerly began lapping up the cum from Richard's chest, my horniness quickly returning. I started with the cum on his chest taking extra time to suck on his large nipples. I was about to work my way down to clean his cock, when Richard scooped up the cum that had landed on the back of the leather chair and presented it to me. I eagerly began to suck on his fingers as he worked them inside my mouth, making sure they were clean from my cum. When Richard was satisfied as to their cleanliness he pushed my head down indicating I should resume my work down below. I eagerly moved off him back between his legs and resumed the position I had been in when I was sucking him off. His cock was semi-hard and as I began to diligently clean it with my tongue it began to grow quite rapidly. I savoured the taste of Richard's cum and my own juices. Luckily I had given myself a nice cleansing before our date. After about twenty minutes of cleaning Richard finally said "That's enough boy, lets save some for later. Go get yourself washed up"

I got up and proceeded to the shower knowing that Richard would soon be joining me. As I got in the shower I turned up the hot water letting it run all over my body. I had built up quite a sweat working my cunt up and down Richard's pole. I began to wash myself again taking care to be clean for my man inside and out. As I was finishing my routine the shower door opened and Richard walked in like he usually did. "Why don't you wash me now." he ordered. I didn't need to be told twice. I began to lather up his muscular body. Once I had finished washing him as was our routine I got on my knees and opened my mouth. "That's a good slut. You know you're place" With those words Richard released a golden shower right into my waiting mouth. I was careful to take all the piss letting only a few drops fall down my chin. Although this was not my favorite activity, I endured it because Richard wanted it. He said it was a way for him to 'mark his bitch' and let it know where its place was.

When he was finished Richards simply walked out of the shower leaving me on my knees. I quickly rewashed and stepped out of the shower. Once I dried myself I proceeded to the bedroom, only to find Richard sprawled on the king sized bed, his majestic body, totally naked. "Do you want a massage, sir?" I asked meekly.

"Of course I do, grab the oil and lets gets started."

As he flipped over I retrieved the oil from the dresser and began to massage Richard's back. I had taken a course in massage techniques a while back at a request of an old boyfriend so I knew what I was doing. Massaging Richard was making me horny once more. My boy cunt was beginning to twitch, in need of some more attention. Since I had met Richard the only time I felt truly complete and satisfied was when he filled me with his manhood. It was a feeling hard to describe in words. I felt like I was his and somehow that thought made me feel safe. Suddenly Richard flipped over. He grabbed me and pinned me to the bed, pressing me down into the bed with his left leg and holding my hands over my head as I lay, totally under his control.

He began to kiss me feverishly. While his right hand continued to hold my hands above my head, his left hand was exploring my body. He fondled my tits, pinching and squeezing my nipples then working his way down began to play with my dick, which had sprung to full attention due to the treatment I was receiving. I enjoyed it when Richard had his way with me, when he took control of me leaving me no choice.

Now came what I had been hoping for. He parted my legs and at the same time moved himself more on top of me. In this position he lifted my right leg and in one quick motion entered my already stretched boycunt with his 9 inch cock. In one quick motion he was in all the way. I gasped from the sensation.

"Baby like?"

"Oh yeah...fuck me...I need to be filled with your me what I slut I am...please...fuck me...I need your cock so bad...fuck me..."

Richard didn't need any more encouragement. He raised himself up lifting both my legs into the air. "Wrap your legs around, daddy." he commanded. As I wrapped my long smooth legs around his torso, Richard began to pump my cunt with his cock. I was immediately in a state of ecstasy. I looked into Richard's eyes. He was starring at me intently, like a man who knew what he wanted. As he continued to fuck my ass, I could hear his balls hitting my back with each vigorous stroke. I had expanded to accommodate his cock, so that now he was gliding in and out with ease. As Richard increased his pace he grabbed both my legs spreading them further apart in the air, as if trying to go even deeper with each stroke. Suddenly I felt him burst inside me as my bowls were filled with his hot seed. As his orgasm subsided Richard collapsed on top of me exhausted from the rather long fuck session. I kissed him as he slid off me lying down beside me. As he fell a sleep I snuggled up to his muscular chest before I finally also, drifted off to sleep.

My dad is a god

It was summer and me and my dad where at home. My mum has died 2 years ago so it was just me and my dad.

My dad is 37 years old. He is tall, brown hair, green eyes ad a godly hairless chest. He has six packs and muscles, his body is god-shaped because he goes to the gym twice a week.

I am 18 years old, blond hair, I have six packs too, but I am not as hot as my dad. I"ve known i was gay for 5 years.

I"ve been fantasizing about my dad for so many years...One day he has gone to the gym I was masturbating and fantasizing about him in the living room. Suddenly, he opened the door and caught me. "What r u doing?", he said with a smile on his face. I didn"t know what to say, I got my cock inside my boxers. "Its ok",said my dad. "You were just having fun". "Yeah", I said nervously and ran into my room.

He came into the room. He told me "No body its ok, lets see a movie and you will forget it". I agreed. we laid on the bed and put a movie to see. After 2 hours my dad put his arm behind my neck to my other arm. He came too close to me. I could feel his hot breath, I wanted to kiss him sooooo hard. Suddenly he put his hand on my shirt, on my six-packs. "Your body is very nice", he mentioned. "Yeah, yours is the coolest.". My dad laughed. After 10 minutes his hand went through my pants in my boxers and touched my cock.

"What are you doing?", I asked. I looked at him and he started kissing me. he undressed me. Ripped my shirt and he undressed his self too. He had an 9 inch cock. It was so hot. My cock was 7 inch. He kissed me again and said "I love you and I will show you this right now." He grabbed me on his muscular arms. His chest was so hot. He got me into the bathroom. He started the bath. When the bath was full of hot water he put me in with his muscular arms. He got in too.

"Is that going to be your first time?", he asked me. "Yes", I said. He made out with me again. Then he grabbed my cock and started sucking it. I liked it soo much. It was my first time so my cock instantly shot hot creamy cum into my dad"s mouth. "Damn, I didnt want it that fast" ,said my dad. "Can u handle one more?". "Sure", I answered. Then he started sucking my cock again very fast. I was moaning soo loud. It was paining but I liked it.

After this he made out with me again licked my six-packs and the told me "Do u want me to show u what pain means", he asked me. "Yeah", I answered. He told me to turn round and put his hard cock in my hole. I screamed from pain. He started going in and out faster and faster "Ohhhh yeah", he was saying. After this he started going much faster and faster. Soon my hole was filled with hot cum. He cuddled me and whispered in my ear "How was that". "I love you dad", I said. "I love you too he said and put his cock out of my hole and started masturbating. I started masturbating too. He grabbed my cock and I grabbed his. After a while I shot a hot shot of cum on his packs. "Lick it", he ordered. "I"m not sure dad, I have never done that.", I said. "Lick it and u will love it", he said. I licked my sperm in his hot packs, it was so nice and salty. All of a sudden he cummed on my face. His cum was much much more than mine. "In my mouth", I said.

He put all of is cum in my mouth. It was too much. I swallowed it all.

I laid on his sexy chest and packs and kissed him. "Dad can we fuck each other everyday?" , I asked. "Of course babe", he answered. That night we slept in the same bed cuddled and naked. We had had many hot nights.

Body paint

As it often happens, people are sometimes in the right place at the right time when something interesting in their lives occurs. This is what took place in my case.

I was attending a party one night and ran into a friend of mine. He was involved in designing sets for a movie that was being made. He was having difficulty in coming up with a design to be used for a dance routine, the setting for which was to be some sort of African theme. Now, one of my hobbies was sketching and painting in both oils and watercolors. After talking to my friend for a few minutes, I took a napkin and roughly sketched out an idea that occurred to me. He thought my idea was great and asked me if I would pursue it and make a few more sketches in watercolor and get the in touch with him again in a day or so.

By noon the next day, I had completed the sketches and scenes so I called my friend and he came to my apartment to pick them up that afternoon. The scenes were very simple and basically of two zebras grazing against a bak ground of African green trees and shrubbery. That night my friend called me and told me he had shown my ideas to the dance choreographer and the director of the movie and they wanted me to come their studio and talk with them the next morning.

The director, choreographer, my friend and I met and the director told me that they liked my idea. After he and the choreographer had a brief discussion they had changed their concept of the dance routine they previously had in mind. They came up with a new approach, after seeing my watercolor scenes. They want to omit the two zebras and have male and female dancers dancing a routine wearing body make-up resembling zebras. The background set would be the same scene that I had submitted but perhaps with a giraffe in the far background.

They asked me to make a few sketches of a male and female dancer made up to look like zebras. I was also asked if I would assist the make-up people in putting the make-up on the dancers. I agree to make the sketches and told them I would have them ready for them later in the day and I would be glad to help with the make-up

The dance choreographer selected six males and one female after auditioning several hundred dancers. When doing so he not only wanted people who could dance but wanted the men to be tall and have similar and good physiques since they would be dancing partially nude. The choreographer was gay and had an excellent choice in men.

The people responsible for the music meet with the choreographer and had composed the music that would accomplish what he had in mind for the sequence. The intent was for the routine to be artistic and in very good taste and in no way vulgar, crude, or obscene. Each of the male dancers would be given the opportunity to come forward from the other men in the line up dancing in the back of the female and do a special dance with the female exhibiting their individual dance steps. The choreography of the entire routine was to mimic the movements of a zebra as if it had a human form. The dance scene would take only a maximum of seven minutes and was only a small but very important segment of the movie.

The dancers had been rehearsing for a week and the two male and one female make-up artists and I observed the dancers in two rehearsals. The costume department had provided a black wig resembling the mane of a zebra. The males were wearing their wigs and black T backs and the female was wearing her wig and a very brief black bikini. The intention of the choreographer was to get the dancers used to dancing practically in the nude.

After observing the dancers, I made a few changes in my sketches to better portray the muscles, anatomy and movements of the dancers. I meet with the people who were going to apply the body make-up and we decided that we should obtain a model and apply the body make-up on him and take photographs so each of us could look at the photographs as a guide while making up the dancers. We agreed that no two zebras have the exact same stripes and therefore it was not necessary for each dancer to be exactly the same. The female was going to put the body make-up on the female dancer and the other two guys and myself would work on the six male dancers each of us having two individuals.

When we put the body make-up on the model, we were able to estimate that it would take a maximum of four hours to do each dancer.

The day before the dance routine was to be filmed, the director decided that the dancers would dance in the nude instead of wearing a brief bikini or posing straps as originally intended. So adjustments were made in the body make-up to de-emphasize the private parts of the dancers bodies and the camera crew were directed to not take close ups of the dancers genitals.

The dancers came in after the last rehearsal and their bodies were completely shaved except their pubic hair that were trimmed to all looking alike. Three of the male dancers were asked to come in the next morning at 8:00AM to have their bodies painted. The other three males and female was asked to come in at 11:00AM. The filming of the scene was scheduled for 4:00PM.

Promptly at 8:00AM the three male dancers showed up. The two make up artist each took a dancer and I took Bo into a private make up room and we shut the doors to begin work on applying body paint.

Bo went to a locker and removed all his clothes and came and stood in front of me. I began by applying a basic lotion to his body both to be a base for the body paint and to make it easier for removal after the filming was completed. As I was applying the lotion and rubbing it into his skin, I got an erection that I tried to hide from Bo. I had covered his entire body except his penis and testicles. I kept wondering to myself if I could touch his private area without ejaculating in my pants. I grit my teeth and grabbed his flaccid cock and did my job. Bo immediately obtains an erection but I ignored it thinking that even a straight person would obtain an erection if his privates were massaged as I had done.

As I was applying the basic lotion, I could not help but notice the structure of Bos body. There was not an ounce of fat. His body was as hard as a rock. When I was working on his legs, buttocks, back and chest, I could feel his muscles that he had obtained because of dancing. All of the male dancers were built like Bo.

I then began to put white make up over his body and when I got to Bos private area he still had an erection sticking straight out into my near face. I started to take hold of his cock when I realized that that area was going to be covered with black body paint. So I had no excuse to give this area of his body any attention at this time. As I began using a grease pencil to sketch where I was going to put the gray and black the stripes on his body, my throbbing cock was straining to be released in my underwear. I was as horny has I have ever been.

I managed to finish sketching his feet, the backside of his legs, buttocks and back. I went and stood in front of Bo and started to sketch his face. Bos erection was sticking me in the groin. Bo backed away from me and asked, "Your queer arent you?" I took a hold of my hard cock in my pants and asked, "Am I that obvious?" Bo replied, "Well I am not gay and the whole idea of gay sex is disgusting to me personally, but being a dancer I have a lot of gay friends, so I dont have any bad feelings toward you. Just do not get any ideas. I just am having difficulty with my pecker and do not know what I can do about it. If you were a female and handle my manhood like you have been doing, by now I would have raped you". "Well then Bo. Look at me. Think about putting that big cock up my ass and that should make it go down". Bo began to laugh and he looked down at his cock and it was flaccid, then he looked up at me and smiled. He said, "That works". I looked down at my cock and it to was no longer erected. I told Bo, "Well, it worked for me". Bo grinned real big and suggested that we proceed with the body paint.

I finished my work on Bo and stepped back and looked at him and admired my work. I had done a damn good job and Bo looked like a handsome zebra. Bo looked in the mirror and said "Wow". He reached around and picked up his wig and put it on. I looked at my watch and it was a few minutes before 11:00AM. I was ahead of scheduled.

Bo and I left the make-up room and went out into the outer office and the other three dancers were waiting for their turn. All of them began pointing at Bo telling him how great he looked. I escorted Bo into another room were he was to wait until everyone was finished and all go to the set together.

Shortly after we got into the other room the other two dancers with their body painted came into the room. It was amazing to see the three guys together. They all looked alike and you could hardly see any difference in the three.

When I came back into the room where the remaining three dancers were waiting for their make up. One of them jumped up and said, "I am next. This is the man I want to make me look like a zebra". After we got into the make up room, he turned towards me and smiled, winked at me and said, "Hi! Im Mark, Lets get this show on the road". Mark threw his wig over on a long leather bench and went to a locker and undressed. I had had the pleasure of shaving Marks magnificent body the evening before. Mark was standing nude in front of me and he complimented me on the make up job that I did on Bo.

As I had done on Bos body, I began to apply the base lotion and rubbed it into to Marks skin. Mark kept telling me how great I was making him feel. I was thinking how great it would feel if Mark was massaging lotion to my body. My full erection was again in my pants and I could feel the precum oozing out my dick onto my underwear. When I got on my knees to put lotion on Marks privates, Mark back off and said, "Just a minute please. I am going to have to have a talk with Buster". Mark looked down and took a hold of his semi hard cock and said, "Now Buster! Just because this nice man is on his knees does not mean that you have to come to attention". Mark looked at me with a smile and said, "Buster has a head of his own and never listens to me". I informed Mark that I had the same problem and Mark said, "Ive noticed". I put some more lotion on my hand and looked up to see that Marks eight and half inches was in my face. I applied the lotion to Marks cock, balls and his asshole area. Marks cock was dripping precum and I gently wiped it off. Mark was squirming and grinning.

I applied the white make-up and finished sketching the strips and as I finished paint on the strips on Marks backside and started to paint his face, Mark backed up and told me, "Buster has been ever patient. He is now demanding relief. Would you please jack Buster off? That is the only way he is going to behave himself". I looked at my watch and I had plenty of time to finish making up Mark. So, I dropped to my knees again and it did not take long for me to get Buster off. Marks cock shot cum through the air onto my hair, eyes and on my T-shirt. Mark was grinning ear to ear and handed me a wet towel to clean up with. I finished with body painting and Mark too looked great. Mark put on his wig and pranced in front of the mirror admiring himself.

Just before Mark and I were about to leave the make up room, Mark looked me in the eyes and said, "Man, your cock has been hard most of this afternoon. When I have finished with this film and after I get all this crap off me, I want to have a good sucking and fucking session with you".

Mark and I joined the other male dancers and one of the make-up artists was spraying something onto the body of one of the dancers. He told me that what he was using would cause their bodies to glisten under the spotlights. He said that he had touched up the make-up on everyone. He also had decided to glue the dancers penises to their scrotum to keep them from moving around during their dance routine. Mark was the last to be sprayed down and glued.

Someone came to the door and told us that they were ready to begin filming and they wanted the dancers on the set. One of the make-up guys knock on the door of the female dancer and told her to join us on the set in a few minutes but to give the male dancers time to get on the set first. As we were leaving the choreographer meet us at the door and compliment us on the make-up job that we had done. As the dancers walked down the hall we followed observing their movements with their butts swinging and walking with a stride that only the way dancers can walk. On their backs, the stripes coming together just right to accented the movement of their spines. We were proud of our small herd of zebras.

The filming of the dance performance went very smoothly and was completed in three takes. The performance was magnificent. It was evident that the dancers had had training in ballet as well as other forms of dancing. It was not only wonderful the witness the beauty of the graceful dancers but the music also was appropriate for the performance.

The director announced, "Its a wrap", he asked everyone to stay in place for a moment that he had something to say. "I have been directing movies for many years and I have never seen a group of dancers as professional as you guys and gal. You gave a tremendous performance and one that you and many of us as well as viewers will remember for a long time. Your greatness has now been capture on film and it has only taken us a little over an hour. This is Friday and we will not be filming any more until Monday. To you dancers and make-up people it means that you will not have to go through repeating the long process that you have been through today. I also want to thank the brilliant choreographer, the musicians, the people who built the sets, to all the crew that has been involved and especially to this gentlemen over there that triggered the whole idea for this performance. I know all of you are tired and want to get home. Have a nice weekend."

As everyone else, I was proud, elated, pleased and thrilled about the successful day. As I walked down the hallway following these graceful, beautiful, young dancers with their zebra body paint, prancing down the hall to the make up rooms, I was horny, experiencing lust, desire and anticipation to have sex with Mark. Now that was about all that mattered and Mark even considering me as a choice flattered me.

When we got to the make-up rooms everyone was in a hurry to get their make up off and go home. I followed Bo and Mark into our room and shut the door. I had to apply another material on their bodies to help them take off the body paint when they showered. Bo was first and he announced that he had a date that night and wanted to leave as soon as possible.

As I applied the substance and rubbed it into Bos skin, I could not help but become erect. Mark was seated on the long leather bench waiting for his turn. Mark also had an erection that he quickly covered by taking off his wig and holding it in his lap. Bo went to the shower and I was about half way through rubbing the material on Marks body when someone knocked on the door. My cock was as hard as a rock and was tenting my pants out, I picked up Mark and Bos wigs, holding them in front of me, Mark turned his back to the door, and I went to the open the door. One of the make-up artists was standing there and told me how much he appreciated my help and that everyone was gone except two dancers still in the shower. He asked me to close and lock the door when I left. I handed him the wigs, closed and locked the door again.

My cock had begun to behave and I noticed that Buster was also soft. As I was turning around Bo was out of the shower and finished drying off and was dressing. I returned to putting the substance on Mark. Bo finished dressing and as he started to the door he said, "Mark, I know you to well. You two queers have great sex after I leave. My girl and I are going to get it on tonight. I will wait outside until the other guys leave and will lock the outside door". Shortly after Mark got into the shower, I heard Bo say "Goodnight everyone" and I heard the outside door being locked and shut. I immediately removed my clothes, turned off all the lights except a small lamp on the dressing table and joined Mark in the shower.

When I got into the shower, Mark said, "Welcome to my shower, now maybe you can help me get this zebra shit off me". I took a bar of soap and rubbed it all over his body and was amazed how fast the paint was coming off and was amused by how long it took me to apply it in the first place. When I looked down, I saw the paint running down the drain and I also saw Marks big cock jutting straight out. I looked at my cock and judged that Mark was at least one or two inches larger than me but mine was a little larger around.

After I had scrubbed Mark down from his head to the bottom of his feet and especially between the cracks of his ass, around his asshole, nuts and Buster, Mark took the soap and told me, "Now it is time for me to touch and massage your beautiful body and make you feel as good as you have made me all day". I was tired and feeling the strain from the days activities. The warm water from the shower was hitting my skin and Marks hands were all over me and I began to feel much better. Mark remarked, "Man, I can feel you relaxing. You were so tense. Are you apprehensive about having sex with me?" I said, "No, I just surprised that you would want to with me". He smiled and gently kissed my lips while running his fingers through the wet hair on my chest.

He put his arms around my shoulders pinning my arms to my side and began to kiss my neck and on down to my nipples. He then raised my arms and kissed and licked under each armpit, then back to my nipples on to my navel where he swirled his tongue for a long time. Mark had moved his arms wrapped around my body still pending down arms. As he went lower so did his arms and as he neared my cock, my arms and hands were free and I put my hands on his head and gently pushed him to my raging cock that was waiting the warmth of his mouth. He took my cock all the way down to the base and was deep throating me. It had been so long since I had had sex that I had almost forgot what a sensation could occur by having my cock sucked. I was about at the point that I was going to shoot, when I took hold of Marks head and lifted him up were I kissed him running my tongue deep into his mouth. I could taste the precum that I had been depositing into Marks mouth.

Mark had beautiful round tits surrounded by muscles causing them to extend out from his chest. I bent down and began to suck and lick them and the way Mark reacted I knew that he was enjoying what I was doing. Mark said, "I love to have someone to play with my tits". I looked up and said, "Ill remember that". I continued to kiss, suck, tickle and gently bite his tits until he placed his hands on my shoulders and guided me to his cock. I placed my fingers around his cock and stroked it and while stroking, I swirled my tongue around the head and he began involuntarily tremble. Very fast, I swallowed his dick and had my nose buried in his wet pubic hair that tickled my nose and upper lip. I tasted the precum in the back of my throat and it was a wonderful intoxicating taste. I had reached my arms around Mark and was griping his hard muscled buttocks while I continued to suck his cock that was jumping up and down in my throat. I could feel his strong buttocks tensing up and relaxing as he was gently and slowly fucking my face. Mark was certainly enjoying the moment almost as much as I. Mark reached for my head and pulled me up and as I was getting up, he said, "Buster is going to start spitting unless you stop".

Mark put his arms around me and took hold of my butt with both hands and one finger pressed on my asshole and he pulled me close and kissed me several times and then asked, "Are you ready to get out of the shower?" Without saying anything, I took hold of Marks cock, turned off the shower with the other hand and opened the shower door. We quickly dried off and I went to the leather bench and removed my clothes that I had left on the bench, and put them on the floor. We moved the bench out from the wall and Mark had me lye down on my back. Mark moved to the back of my head and began straddling the bench and working him self down until his asshole was directly above my mouth. I rimmed his puckered asshole for a few minutes and Mark told me that, "Buster has found a home in your mouth and he likes it there. Can he come inside again?" I welcomed Buster all the way down my throat.

Mark leaned over while his dick was in my mouth and began deep throating my rod. Both of our bodies began to tense and our breathing was becoming irregular. I did not know if Mark wanted to climax at this time or not. He appeared to be ready to shoot at any time. He had said earlier that he wanted to fuck. I knew that if he did not stop that I would have no choice. I pushed him up to get his cock out of my mouth and told him that I was about to cum. He immediately pulled away from my dick and began to squeeze it real hard and said, "Dont you dare. I want you to unload that thing up my ass".

Mark got off me and went over to the dressing table and picked up a jar of moisturizing cream and asked, "Will this do? I have never used it before". I told him that I did not know that I have never used it for this purpose. Mark reached in his locker and came back with two rubbers and the cream. He put one of the rubbers on the floor with the cream and opened the package of one of the rubbers. He bent down and took my dick deep down his throat and bounced up and down a couple of times leaving my dick very wet with his spit and then put the rubber on my cock. He reached down and got the cream and put it on my cock and then bent his knees down in a setting position and applied the cream to his asshole and worked it up inside.

Once again he straddled the bench and me, with both feet on the floor, he began to lower his asshole towards my dick. As I entered into him he would stop a moment and moan and then lower himself further until I was all the way in his hole. He began to move up and down fucking my dick with his ass. His cock and nuts were slapping my abdomen in rhythm to his movements. In a short time, I looked up and he was moving his arms and upper body in sequence with his hip movements and it was as if he was hearing music and dancing on my dick. This was the first for me. I had never seen anyone to enjoy being fucked in this manner. He continued this action for awhile then he set all the way down on my dick and put all his weight on me and began to swing his right leg forward and his left leg back and was doing the splits while on my cock and then he would reverse his legs and do the same thing. As he did this, his asshole would get real tight around my cock and is butt would move up and down in a fucking motion. He continued this action for about five minutes. It was as if this dancer was exercising or practicing his moves, while both satisfying himself and my cock and my cock on the inside him was the only thing that kept him from flying through the air. I had taken a hold of his cock while he was doing these acrobatic motions and his dick had been sliding up and down through my fingers.

Mark lay down on my stomach with my dick still in his asshole and he put his arms around me and his head on my chest and asked me, "Are you about to cum?" I told him, "Yes, that I could not hold off much longer". He said, "Man, let it go when youre ready. Give that cum to my fucking asshole". He continued to lie on my chest while his buttocks and asshole went up and down on my cock. I was enjoying being fucked with his hole and my ass had been sweating on the leather and my buttocks was tightening and relaxing as I attempted to fuck Mark. My cock began to shoot again and again until nothing was left. Mark continued with his movements until I became flaccid and slipped out. Mark and I were almost out of breath as he lay on top of me until we both had recovered. I still had a hold of Marks hard cock between our bodies.

Mark got off of me and removed my rubber and leaned over and sucked all the cum off my flaccid dick. It felt so good but did not respond so far as to get hard. Mark went into the bathroom and flushed the rubber down the toilet and returned knelt down beside me and began to massage my chest and shoulders.

After a sometime, he asked if he could fuck me. I asked in what position. He wanted me on my stomach. I turned over on the bench and he pulled up my rear and I got on my knees and he began to rim me. It was only moments that his tongue was so far up my asshole that it felt like his entire eight and half inches was there. Mark picked up the jar of cream and applied a generous amount up my hole. I was more than ready to be fucked. I wanted his glorious cock inside me. He helped me slid my legs so I was again lying on my stomach.

Mark put on the other rubber and applied cream to his covered cock. He once again straddled the bench and me and lay down on top of my back. His cock was between the crack of my butt and he was sliding it up and down fucking my crack between our bodies. He then moves himself back and reached around and aimed his cock into my asshole. Slowly entering me and if I moaned he would stop and then continued until it was all the way in and his nuts where close to my butt as if they also wanted to enter. He began fucking me slowly and gradually increasing speed. He set up a rhythm and he was pulling all the way out of my hole and ramming it all the way back in.

Marks movements again began to be as if he was hearing fast music and dancing with his dick fucking me. His nuts were slapping my rear as though my ass was a drum. I was sweating and the sweat was causing my whole body to slid up and down with each thrust that Mark made while plowing my hole. I became Marks dancing partner and I had another erection and it was also sliding up and down between the leather bench and my stomach enjoying the dance movements. Mark was also sweating and I felt sweat from his body on my back. Even his nuts were sweating and his sweat dripped down between my ass onto my nuts.

Mark set up, without removing his cock inside of my asshole, and he had a leg on each side of the bench and began to fuck me from his new position. He was hitting my prostrate almost every other thrust. I was ready to climb the walls with the enjoyment that he was giving me. Mark was going strong and again his arms were moving in the air as if he were directing a band. Mark said, "Buster is about to explode". I told him that I was about to shoot also. I had barely gotten the words out of my mouth and I shot off onto the bench and my stomach and my asshole began to spasm causing Mark to increase his speed and let go pumping cum into his rubber far up in my hole. I could feel the warmth of his cum and Buster had let go a big load.

Mark collapsed on my back bringing his feet and legs up on top of my legs with his dick still inside me. His full weight was on top of me but it felt so good to be so close. Mark slid his hand underneath me and took a hold of my semi hard dick. He said, "Man you made a big mess down there". We both laughed and we remained in this position for a while until I began to feel uncomfortable from Marks weight on top of me.

Mark stood up and helped me off the bench. I reached over and got a towel and wiped off the cum and sweat from the leather bench. I set down while Mark flushed his rubber down the toilet. He joined me on the bench and put his arm around me and kissed me on my lips and my forehead. Mark put his hand on my leg and asked, "Why dont we take another shower, get dressed and go get something to eat. We have not eaten all day and I am starved". I got up and started running towards the shower and Mark reached out and pinched my ass.

After we had showered, dried each other off, dressed, we pushed the bench back into it place. Mark recovered the wrappers for the condoms and put them in his pocket and we looked around to see if there were any more evidenced of our sexual activity before we left.

There was a restaurant a short distance from the studio and Mark and I drove our cars and meet there. We both eat a big meal and enjoyed talking to each other. I asked Mark, "Why a good-looking guy like you has never settled down and found a lover to live your life with?" Mark replied, "Who is going to put up with a dancer who is constantly moving around from city to city following jobs available to him. Hell, I would not put up with someone like me. If I ever get a job in a theater on Broadway, Las Vegas or someplace and going to be there for awhile, maybe I will find someone". Then he said that, "He was going to leave in a few hours since his job was finished here and drive to Las Vegas where he had a job and rehearsal that will begin Tuesday. Maybe this job will last a long time and I will be able to settle down".

Mark asked me, "Why havent you settled down". I explained that "I had been in a long term relationship for a number of years and my partner and I split the covers six months ago. You have been the first person I have had sex with since my ex an I broke up". I reach under the table and took hold of Marks hand and told him, "Mark, the wonderful sex that we enjoyed tonight is greatly appreciated and has help me realize that there are beautiful people like yourself that may be interested in me. I have been so depressed and insecure for these past six months and now I am ready to come back to the real world and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for that". As Mark and I were holding hands, he took his other hand and patted my hand and said, "You are more than welcome. We did have the best sex together that I have had in a long time".

We paid our bills and I followed Mark to his car. Mark got in and rolled down his window and I leaned over put my arm through the window patted his shoulder and looked him in the eye and said, "Goodbye and Good Luck Zebra". He smiled and said, "Goodbye Body Painter".

Mark and I never have seen each other since but I do have a copy of the movie that I watch often and each time, seeing him and with the memories of our sex together causes me to get an erection. I hope that Mark and "Buster" are having a good time.

One hell of a camping trip

Every year in summer, me and my brother Gordon go to my uncle"s cabin by the lake . Gordon is two years older than me, but we get along fine. Brian, my uncle is 32 and a goodlooking guy. This year would be the last time Gordon and I went together. "Cause next year, my brother would be eightteen and he would be in college. Brian and us, we were more like friends than family. He always had beer and liquor and didn"t mind the fact that we weren"t allowed to drink yet. Sometimes he had weed as well, and just like he didn"t care about the alcohol regulations, he ignored the narcotic regulations.

The first day we had gone fishing and swimming in the lake and I was very tired. So, at 12 o"clock I went to bed. Gordon and Brian stayed up. Before I fell asleep I still heard them laughing and talking.

I woke up and the clock told me it was 2a.m. Gordon wasn"t in bed yet. I was thirsty, so I got out of bed, dressed only in a boxer and headed for the door. I opened it a little and was suddenly very awake. There, in front of the fire place, on the rug, lay two naked bodies. Two naked men. Gordon and my uncle. I was shocked but out of curiosity I kept watching.

I saw my brother licking Brians balls. Brian moaned softly, took my brothers head in his hands and brought it to his dick. Gordon willingly sucked in the hard tool. It must have been 8,5". I felt my own cock growing and swelling. My brother sucked enthusiastically .

Uncle Brian facefucked him and with a loud grunt he came. Gordon kissed him and I could see how my uncle licked his own cum out of my brothers mouth. Then he returned the favor and started to suck Gordon. After a few minutes he came too.

The two of them stood up and I crept back to my bed. Gordon came in and lay on his bed. Within two minutes he was fast asleep and I had a raging hardon. I went to my brothers bed, slowly pulled of the covers till I could see his soft dick, still shiny with saliva. I jacked looking at him and came on his stomach. I didn"t dare to clean it up so I just went back to bed.

The next morning, I looked at them with totaly different eyes. The images of last night kept spooking trough my had and I constantly had an erection. Lucky enough I wore loose pants and an oversized T-shirt. During breakfast uncle Brian suddenly announced that we would go on a three day hike. I loved hiking with my brother and my uncle. We packed our bags and marched into the woods.

Round 4 o"clock we found an open spot near a small lake. We set up camp and went swimming. After fifteen minutes, Brian got out of the water, took of his swimming shorts and went sunbathing on the little pebble beach that was near our camp. I watched him, and admired his tan and musceled body, and I glanced at his cock, surrounded by his darkbrown pubes. Gordon laid himself next to Brian and took of his shorts too. Gordon was blonde, slightly to the ginger side, and so were his pubes.

"Jack! Join us, the city doesn"t do your tan any good!" Brian called.

So I stept out of the water, took of my shorts and laid myself on the other side of my uncle Brian. I felt them looking at me and managed to keep my dick under control.

"Your brother is almost a man, Gordon."

"I noticed it too."

Proud of those remarks I closed my eyes and sunbathed.

Later that evening we sat around the fire after dinner and Brian rolled a joint.

"So, tell me Jack, how"s love treating you?"

"Well, not good, I broke up with my girlfriend three weeks ago."

"Auch, sorry."

"Never mind."

He passed the joint to Gordon.

"Why did you break up?"

"Well, she couldn"t excite me anymore."

Gordon passed me the joint and I took a big draw.

"Well, after a while it becomes boring, it happens to every couple. " Gordon said.

"Did you ever have sex with her?" uncle Brian asked me.

I blushed. "No, I"m still a virgin." I softly said.

"Well everything at it"s time." Brian said, "After all, you"re only sixteen. I had sex the first time when I was 18, so , there"s time enough."

We talked about sex and fantasies and masturbating and all those things you talk about with friends. An hour later I had a erection from here to Mexico, and at the sight of their pants so did my brother and my uncle.

"Man, I"ve got hardon." Gordon said.

"Well, I don"t mind if you...well, just go ahead." Brian laughed.

"Do you mind, Jack?" my uncle asked me.

"No, I guess I don"t."

"Well, I think I"ll join your brother."

Gordon and uncle Brian unbuttoned their jeans, pulled out their peckers trough the fly of their boxers and started to jerk off.

I gazed at their hard cocks. Uncle Brian a 8,5" and my broter a 7,5".

With my 6" inches I was too ashamed to join them.

Brian stopped and looked at me, still holding his hard cock.

"Don"t wonna join us? Why not?"

"I don"t know, your dicks a just so big, and mine isn"t."

"Are you afraid we would make fun of you?"

"No, it"s just..."

"Come on brother, ofcourse our cocks are bigger than yours, you still have to grow."

Brian stood up, pulled me on my feet and took of my pants in one fast move. Gordon took off my t-shirt.

"We"ve already seen you naked on the beach, why would this be any different?" Gordon said.

Brians hands touched my dick through the fabric. I was surprised, but not shocked.

"You seem to have a nice cock there Jack."

Gordon cupped my balls.

"And good fat balls as well." he said.

I took of my briefs and showed myself to them.

"See? Nothing to be ashamed of. You"ve got a nice fat 6 incher there."

Gordon pushed me on the ground and licked my nutsack.

Uncle Brian took off al his clothes and put his knees on either side of me so he was sitting on my chest but wasn"t hurting me. I saw his fat hairy balls lying on my chest and his beautiful cock pointing upwards. He pointed it towards me. I lifted my head and tasted my first cock. His hot cockhead touched my tongue and I felt Brian quivre in excitement. I savored the salty taste of his precum.

Gordon was now licking from my asshole to the top of my penis. It felt so good. My brother was one hell of a licker.

Brian slowly moved his dick deeper in my mouth. My tongue licked the hard shaft, swirled around the tasty head. I looked up and saw that his face was filled with pleasure. My hands reached up from his belly to his hairy chest. I found his nipples and played with them. My brother was now sucking me deepthroat an I felt my balls contract. With a burst I came in his mouth. I sucked and licked harder and jacked off my uncle.

My dick was softening but Gordon kept sucking like he was an addict. With one hand I cupped Brians balls and tickled them as I sucked him to an orgasm. And then, his balls contracted in my hands and his sperm filled my mouth. Uncle Brian kissed me and swallowed his juices.

We both rested but then saw that Gordon didn"t cum yet. So Brian sat on him the same way as he had sat on me but the other way around, so his ass was near Gordons face.

He jerked him off in slow movements while Gordon licked his asshole. I didn"t know what was expected from me so I just watched.

"Jack, I think your brother would really like his ass licked."

Happy to be at service but unsure what do do I took his cheeks in my hands and pulled them appart.

"Yeah, that"s it. Now lick your brother."

I did as I was told and started to lick my brothers asshole. Gordon suddenly pushed out with his ass so my tongue could lick more and when he relaxed his muscle again my tongue was pulled in his butthole. I heard him moan. Whether it was my tongue or Brians hands that caused it, was unsure. So i decided to find out. I rimmed his ass with my hot wet tongue and there came the moan again. I found pleasure in licking slow and fast and rimming his ass and licking his balls, it was a revelation. Gordons nutsack pulled together in my mouth while I had a finger up his ass. I looked up and saw him cum allover uncle Brian. He scooped up some with his finger and tasted it.

"Hmmm, man cum. Want a taste, Jack? Your brothers sperm is delicious."

He scooped up another fingers and i sucked his finger in, savoring the salty juices of my brother. This was a night of firsts for me.

The three of us lay there on the ground, relaxing after our tiresome activities.

"What do you think about a train?" Gordon asked.

"What? A train as in a means of transport?"" I asked puzzled.

"Sounds good to me, nephew. But I think we beter explain Jack here, what atrain is."

"Lets just show him."

I remained lying down, eager to learn what a train was.

Uncle Brian gaver me a condom and took one himself too.

"You don"t mind being in front, Gordon?" he asked.

"As long as we trade places from time to time..."

My brother went on hands and knees as Brian lubricated his asshole with some lubricant.

He put on a condom and with a slow movement he shoved his rod up my brothers ass. Gordon yelped but quickly sighed with pleasure. Now I knew what a "train" was. I took the bottle of lubricant a lubricated my uncles ass, put on a condom and took a deep breath.

I placed my cockhead at Brians ass and with a small swift move I entered his butt.

"Aaahhhhhhhhh!" I moaned.

Brian impaled his butt on me and then he recommenced fucking my brother. They were both panting loudly. I grabbed my uncles hips and joined the rythm. This felt so good. Brian was incredibly tight, and he milked me with his rectum. I grinded my pubes against hsi slightly hairy butt. I was about to come when suddenly Brians stopped fucking and pulled out of Gordons ass. My brother moved in behind me and lubricated my asshole. Brian pulled my cock out of him and began to comfort me.

"It"s ok, it will hurt a bit at first but then it will be the best thing you"ve ever had. Just trust me. You"re brother wouln"t want to hurt you would he?

"I"m ready, Jack, are you?"

"Sure, fill me up." I laughed nervously.

I felt Gordons head at my rear and slowly he shoved himself in. It hurted at first and I yelped in pain, Gordon didn"t pull out neither did he shoved his dick further down.

Suddenly I relaxed and the pain turned in to a wonderful feeling. Uncle Brian sucked my hard dick and I grunted: "Come on, Gordon, shove your hard hot horny manmeat up my ass. Fuck me!"

My brother gladly did what I asked him and soon we had a rythm going. His hot flesh filled me and I loved the sensation, he pounded in and out. I milked him, just as uncle Brian had done to me and Gordon really seemed to like it.

I noticed Brian was no longer sucking me and when I looked over my shoulder I saw he was fucking Gordon.

And then I felt it comming, my hot jizz was being pumped out and with a hunormeous orgasm i came. Just few seconds later Gordon and Brian came too.

We went to bed. I slept in the tent with Gordon, who seemed to fall asleep very very fast.

I wasn"t tired at all. Too many things had happened today.

I silently got out of my sleeping bag, sneaked out of the tent and stepped to Brians tent. I cautiously zipped it open and looked in. He was sleeping as well.

I went in and closed the tent again. I sneaked towards my uncle unzipped his sleeping bag and saw that he slpet naked. I took off my briefs, put myself in a 69 and started to suck my uncles limp dick. It didn"t take me long to get him rockhard. Suddenly brian stirred. He woke up.

"Hi there, Jack. Don"t stop."

So I continued sucking him.

"And who do we have here? Mister Jacks Dick. Mmm, do you look tasty tonight."

Brian sucked me vigurously.

Suddenly he stopped and asked: "If you wanted sex, then why didn"t you suck you brother?"

"I already had his dick up my ass."

Uncle Brian laughed. "So you want me to fuck you? Ok."

He pushed me on my back, lubricated my ass and put on a condom.

He put my ankles on his shoulders and with one hard push he entered my butt.

"Oooooh, uncle Brian , you"re so big and thick, I wish I had a dick like yours."

"Don"t worry, it won"t take long till yours is as big and thick as mine."

He fucked me and I enjoyed. What I liked most about this position was that I could see him, I loved how his face showed his pleasure.

It didn"t take long for him to cum and I had the best orgasm ever.

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