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How dad and me act in public

Cause of today's sissified morality, studs can't horse around or even show affection openly like real men. An innocent chore a boy does for his daddy, can be misunderstood by women & their pussy-whipped girly men. That's why an innocent service I do for dad at home, I can't do in public. If dad uses me as his pissboy at a truckstop, some asshole might object. A wholesome, innocent act like being dad's urinal & drinking his hot piss, might get his accused of sexual child abuse, & get him labeled a degenerate pederast. So I only do fuckin shit like that, or sucking dad off, at home. Only dad's buds get to see me give his a blow job, or take his fuckpole up my shitchute.

Dad is a trucker. He wears a kahki uniform. To support his manhood, he wears a jockstrap under his trousers. He sports the bulge of his jock pouch on his right hand side. I get a real fuckin kick outta the way he all the time gropes hisself to adjust his manmeat. Like all born cocksmen, he does it openly in public. He don't give a fuckin shit who's watching. When he sports a hardon that tents out his pants, he never tries to hide it. He struts around for all to see. It makes me Goddam proud to see other manly studs get boned lookin at my daddy's hardon.

Every wed. dad took me to "Men Only" nite at the Y. On the way over & in the locker room, dad talked to me about sex. Dad loved looking into my wide-eyed innocent face & saying the filthiest sex shit to me. Dad loved sleazy sex action & taught me to lust to perform devient sex acts too. By the time we stripped down nude at the Y, we both had rock hard rammers. Our mantools stuck out from our bods, & dripped a steady flow of precum lube. Thank God that from the time I was 12, my manmeat was almost as large as my father's. We liked to measure our cocks by pressing them together, to compare.

Me & dad left the locker room fully erect. Our hardons bobbed up & down as we walked. Dad put his arm around my shoulder, & whispered in my ear so that his tongue licked my ear, "Yer a fuckin good boy, son. Just like yer fuck hungry daddy, yer not shy bout exposin yer sex tool to anyone. So when ya meet my fuckin pals, they're gonna ask ya to perform some filthy degenerate acts with me." Dad slid his arm down from my shoulder, to my butt. He shoved his hand tween my asschecks, right into my sweaty crack. He felt for my shit canal entry hole, & jammed his middle finger all the way in. "A couple of my good budz are ex-cons. Ones a Goddam rapist, & anothers a fuckin child molester. I want you to show them the same respect you show me, & let em do whutever the fuck they want to you." My dad worked 2 more fingers into my shithole. "Yer gonna have to do some ruff shit that's more pervert than I've made ya do. I want you to obey any orders they give ya with a loud, 'Yes Sir.'. I don't care how fuckin embarrassed or ashamed ya are. And ya gotta act like ya enjoy the degrading sex action they dig."

My daddy was going to turn what was our fine & pure father son sexplay games, into child abuse. He was handing me over to sex criminals to be used like a fuckin boywhore slut. I began to sob. Dad laffed at my tears. With a cruel smile he said, "ya see son, I made a deal with these bastards. If they let me do any acts of sexual abuse to them, they could do the same to you. Ya see Paul, I'm usin yer total & blind love fer me, to turn you into filthy scumbag street trash."

My daddy made me feel like a real dirty piece o' shit. He degraded me so fuckin bad that I felt like I deserved to be treated like scum. I felt like I was the degenerate pervert. When we got to the pool, dad's pals were sittin round talkin bout sex. When they saw us they stood, & dad pushed me down to my knees. I was face level with their lube juicin cocks. My daddy introed them to me 1 by 1. I barked out to them like a marine, "Sir, hello Sir. It is my honer, Sir, to be at your sex service. I am a trained cocksucker, piece of scum, Sir. May I have the honor, Sir, of taking your abuse." I then would take their cock knobs in my filthy cocksuckin mouth, & tongue clean the lube scum from their piss slots.

My dad declared, "My son has given up his manhood to be a muthafuckin pussyboy. Feel free to sexually & physically abuse the lil' fuckin pig in any perverted way. He has no feelings, so treat him like an animal. Use him like a piece of fuck meat, without mercy. He deserves to be hurt & punished." That said, my dad pissed on me, & I drank his piss.

Dad shook the last drops of urine into my mouth. He spit down in my face. He smacked my face with his hardon, & bent over to whisper in my ear. "My fuckin son Paul, I love you more than anything in the world. My cock is hard from my love for you. It's you I think of when I dump my manseed. To see you grovel & accept the abuse of over-sexed Sadistic cocksmen, both breaks my heart & sexually excites me. Show me you love me with yer heart & soul by getting turned on by whut these dirty bastards are gonna do to you. Let go of yer manhood. Surrender to being a slut whore for the pleasure of masculine whoremasters. I get worked up by your debasement. You're my pathetic sex toy. Goddam you, you fuckin worthless cunt bitch. Make me ashamed that yer my son. Me & my pals are gonna damage you for life." Then my father whalloped me across the face with the back of his hand. Me & my father had both lost our humanity, & where now just sex lusting filth.

Uncle george

My first experience happened a long time before my I was 18, and thus cant be told here, so I will tell of a tale when I was 19.

One summer I was staying at my parents home while they were away for a long holiday. It wasnt much of a hardship, as I could laze by the swimming pool all day. It was well secluded, and as a family we usually didnt bother about swimwear, unless our guests were shy. Anyway, one particular day that summer I was in for a shock. I was sprawled over a sun bed lapping up the sun when I heard the front door bell. I nearly ignored it, then thought better of it, picked up a wrap and went to answer it. I peaked through the glass, and saw it was Uncle George. He wasnt only an uncle, but he had also been best man at my parents wedding, and he and his wife still spent a lot of time with mum and dad.

I opened the door. "Hi, Uncle George. What can I do for you? Come in." He was a little taller than me, and beginning to get bulky round the waist, but didnt look like his fifty years.

"Hi, Jon. Your aunts away for a few days, so rather than have the two of us living alone I thought I would come and keep you company, if thats okay. And the thought of the pool didnt even enter my mind!"

I laughed. You could spend time with a lot of worse people than Uncle George; the idea appealed. "Good idea, Uncle. Get your bags, and come on in." He went back to his car, opened the boot, and took out two suitcases. "Hey, you sure Auntie Mary has only gone for a few days?" I joked, "You can have your usual room. Im going back out to the pool." I walked back outside, threw the wrap back on to the ground, and lay back on my sun bed.

After a few minutes I heard a muffled cough, and looked round. Uncle was standing there in swim shorts. I blushed as I remembered George and Mary were, despite their long friendship with my parents, one of those couples for whom we had to cover up. "Oh, sorry Uncle. I forgot. Ill just go and get... "

He interrupted me, "No, Jon. Its fine. Its your house; you should be able to do as you want. Anyway, I think its Auntie Mary who feels more embarrassed." I noticed as he talked that he was looking more at my pelvic area than my eyes. My cock tended to have that effect on people. Flaccid it was still seven inches long, and thick. My balls were built to match, and the whole area was thick with black curly hair.

"Okay, Uncle, but only in you take your trunks off. Its a great feeling, I bet youll like it." I expected a no, but instead he agreed, and slipped them off in front of me. His tackle was about the opposite of mine, with a small thin penis, and small balls. "Hey, grab a sun bed, and lap up some sun before lunch." He lay down near me, face down. I was lying on my back, with dark sunglasses on, so I could study him without him realising. He had a really nice bum, still tight but huggable. I wouldnt mind finding my cock in there. Unfortunately my cock seemed to be thinking along similar lines, and I could feel it lifting off my balls as it grew erect. I had never had an older man before; the more I thought about it, the worse it became. I was now fully erect, all ten inches. I knew I was going to have to wank, but how?

I got up slowly, and walked to the changing hut. This was more like a small cottage really, with sauna, shower and bar, and a big sofa. I lay down on the sofa, hoping my uncle was asleep, and started pulling on my cock. My eyes were closed, thinking of that bum, and wandering what his arsehole was like. I groaned, and wanked harder. Then I felt a hand on my balls, stroking them, lifting them. I opened my eyes to see Uncle George kneeling by the sofa caressing my testicles.

"Oh Jon, youre magnificent. Let me." He took my cock in his hand and continued wanking me. I slid my legs off the sofa, one either side of him. My balls were now jumping up and down in front of his eyes. I looked down, and saw his little penis was erect. Even like that it was still smaller than flaccid one. Poor Auntie Mary cant have had much of a sex life. Perhaps thats where she had gone! Uncle George bent forward and started licking at my balls. I was in ecstasy. I knew then that my uncle was going to be mine--the thought of a nineteen year old having a fifty year old as a sex slave was intoxicating! I doubt he had ever been with a man before, but by the time I was finished with him, thats all he would want. "Uncle, you can suck my cock now!" He looked up, shocked. I think it was both the idea of sucking this boy he had known from a newborn child, and also that this boy was giving orders. He could see the look in my eyes, though, and knew he would have to obey. His tongue travelled up my shaft, reaching the rim of my uncut cock. "Lick, Uncle, lick. More. Now take the head in your mouth. Suck!" His lips stretched, trying to accommodate me. I put my hands on his head and pulled it forward. I could hear muffled groans in protest, but it was too late. The excitement of the situation caught up with me, and my semen started to spurt out. He tried to withdraw his head, but I kept it in place, his body wriggling behind. I could feel it was my usual enormous load of cum, and my uncle was determined to back away, but I wouldnt let him, and he had no option but to swallow. My penis was gradually reducing, and I let my uncle fall back on to the floor. He was coughing and spluttering, but most of my cum had gone down his throat. Amazingly his little dick was still trying manfully to maintain an erection. "Right. Now start wanking yourself, Uncle, and see what you can produce."

"I cant, Jon, not in front of you. And you really shouldnt have do... "

"Shut up, you creepy little turd, and do what I say," I shouted at him, and kicked his balls. He scammed, and started to pull at his own penis. "Come on, faster. Pull hard. Up and down, until it hurts. You are going to do just as I say for the next few days!" I watched as he wanked, pulling the skin up and down. He began to moan, and I knew he was about to cum. I grabbed a glass off the bar, put it over the end of his cock, and caught the cum. It wasnt a bad effort for such a tiny pair of balls. "Okay, Uncle, drink this." He took the glass reluctantly, and drained the semen out of it. "Come on now, lets have a swim." I raced to the pool and dived in, whilst my uncle look at me with bewilderment in his eyes.

It was some time later, and we were having lunch. "How long have you wanted to do that to me, Uncle?" I enquired. "Ive never thought about it before."

"Thats not really true is it?"

"It is with you. But... "

"Would you like to be fucked Uncle? In fact would you like to be fucked by your nephew? I was looking at your cute little bum earlier. Thats what got me stiff. Id like to drill your ass, and I am going to drill it. All right, Uncle?"

"No, Jon, you cant. This has gone far enough. I should never have come here." "But why did you? Youve always followed what Auntie Mary says. I think you want to be ordered around, so I repeat, for the next few days you will do as I say." Uncle George got up from the table, still naked, and started towards the door of the house. "Uncle, come back here!"

"NO; Im going before I regret doing things. I must." "Come back, and sit at my feet. Now!" He stopped, and turned round.

"Oh, Jon. I want to be used, but I didnt think for one moment it would be you. Alright." I had him. He was a sub, and I liked to be a dom. He sat at my feet.

"Stay there. Ill only be gone few minutes. If you move I will whip you. Do you understand?" He nodded his head, and I got up and went into the house. I picked up a few things I thought we might need, and then went back out to the pool. He had moved. Not far, but still moved. "I told you not to move. Now come here and lie face down on that table." He started whining, but took him and hauled him to the table. It was one of those stout wooden picnic tables, easily capable of holding a man. He halted in front of it and I pushed him forward. "DOWN". I quickly tied his hands and feet to the legs, leaving him spread-eagled; mouth over one end, and arsehole open to the sky at the other. I nipped back into the house. Something else we could use. I came out with the video camera on the tripod, and set it up. He started complaining again, so I put the ball gag in his mouth. I used the paddle on his buttocks, until they were red, and then the horsewhip across his back. I was an expert at this. I could apply just enough pressure to sting horribly, but without leaving anything but a slight red wheal. He was now moving violently from side to side and up and down. I could tell he was in pain, and my erection had grown once again at the thought.

Time to start loosening up the rear, I thought. I started to stroke his sphincter, and it contracted. It was quite a tight hole, and was going to take some work. I moistened my finger with some jelly, and started to insert it up his anus. His body moved away at first, and then relaxed. I spent a little time getting him used to one finger, and then two, and then three. By the end he was in between pain, and the joy of anal play. I picked up the butt plug, jellied it up, and then thrust it straight into him. This time there was no doubt. It was pure pain, but now it was in. Finally I put a collar round his neck, and released him from his bonds, first his legs, then his arms, then his gag. He rolled off the table, and sat on the bench. The plug immediately went further up his arse, and he cried in pain. "Get that fucking thing out of me."

"No, uncle, thats just what it is doing. It will loosen up your hole so you can satisfy your nephew. Now, we need some groceries, so we had better go and do some shopping. You can take the collar off, and put a pair of tight shorts and a t-shirt on."

"I am not going out with this thing up my bum, and Im certainly not wearing any tight shorts." I still had the whip by me, so picked it up, and gave it a flick. I hit what I was aiming for. His testicles were just overhanging the seat, and the end of the whip just caught them. He screamed and screamed, and held his balls in his hand. I left him to it, and went inside to get dressed. I pulled a shirt and pair of jeans on, and then picked a pair of my old shorts out of the wardrobe. They would probably just about go round his waist, but they wouldnt leave much to the imagination. I then chose an old t-shirt that would not quite meet up with the top of the shorts, a pair of rope sandals, and then borrowed something from my mothers room.

I threw the clothes at him "Put them on, and no more arguing!" He did as I said. The shorts were ideal. Although not see through, they might just as well have been. He had to pull them right up to do up the button at the waist, and that pressed his genitals right into the fabric, and the shape of the butt plug was equally pronounced at the rear. The t-shirt stretched over his chest, and the rope sandals just finished off the picture. I then passed the handbag to him. He reddened, and visibly cringed, but I could see he was beginning to accept who was boss. What folk would think of him I couldnt guess. We set off in his car to a shopping mall he often used with Auntie Mary, and went into the Asda store. We had finished getting all we needed and were making our way to the checkout, when a colleague of my uncles intercepted us.

"Hi, George. What are you doing out?" He started stuttering, and then managed to say he was helping me, and then introduced me as his nephew.

"How do you do, Mr. Jordan," I replied. "Auntie Marys away and so are my parents, so Uncle George is spending some days with the boss, eh Uncle!" I slapped him on the back. "I should explain, when I was young he always thought I got my own way, so he called me the boss. You had better go and pay; Ill see you outside. Dont forget your handbag." As he almost crawled away, I continued talking to Mr. Jordan raising my voice so all around could hear it. "He insists on wearing those tight shorts, and cant put the money anywhere!" I laughed, and everyone looked to Uncle George. "See you again, Mr. Jordan." I walked out and stood by the car, waiting while uncle unloaded the trolley. "Right. Now take off your clothes and sit in the car."

"Ill be seen. I cant do it. You cant make me here; you havent got your whip. I refuse." I had chosen the clothes carefully. I pulled down on the t-shirt with one hand, and the shorts with the other, and there was a very naked Uncle George. He quickly hopped into the car, and as we drove off I threw the remnants of cloth into the waste bin. On the way home he constantly tried to cover himself up, but any truck driver or coach passenger could see straight into the open car, much to my delight. Once back in the house I put the collar back on his neck, and then took him out to the poolside. "Over the table again, Uncle, and make sure those legs are spread wide." I tied him very tightly this time, but left the gag out. If he screamed, no one would hear. I quickly stripped off, and gave my very erect cock a good dose of jelly. His anus was just at my cock height. I think my uncles cherry was about to be picked. I yanked the butt plug out, and he yelled, and in the same stroke pushed my flesh into him. The first thrust absorbed about a quarter of my length, and led to a screaming crying groan from uncles mouth. I withdrew a bit and then pushed again, harder this time. I was almost in, the third time should do it. It did, and uncles body was quivering with the shock and delight of his nephews cock. I knew I wouldnt be long cumming.

Precum had been oozing out of me almost since I had last cum, and the thought of this had been in front of my eyes since I had first seen his anus. The hot sticky fluid shot out of me, once again entering my uncle, but this time into his bowels. I slowly pulled out, and went round to his mouth "Now clean me up." His tongue came out and started licking away at my cum covered cock. His eyes were damp from crying caused by the pain, but they were subservient. He wanted what he was getting, and I knew that there would be no more problems!

We spent the night by the pool, me inside on the sofa, and my uncle outside, chained to the side. "Morning" I shouted as I exited on my way to jump in the pool. I swam a few lengths, and soon felt exhilarated. I got out and walked over to my uncle. "I suppose you need a crap and pee. So we will go for a walk." I undid the chain at the far end and told him to go. He started to stand up "No, crawl". The meadow by the house was open, but still secluded, and although it didnt belong to us, we often used it for walks. Off we went, into the meadow. He fell back, and I looked round to see him peeing, splashing himself. "I can see you need some practice at this Uncle George. How is your arsehole this morning, by the way." I had given him some cream to put on it, which would numb any pain.

"Okay nephew, thank you. I am looking forward to having you enter me again." I had told him in future to call me nephew. I thought Jon was too familiar for a slave, and sir too formal.

"Good. I feel like a suck at the moment, though." I dropped my trousers, and knelt on the ground. He crawled up to me and started on my erect penis. He was already improving, and could take more of my cock into his increasingly eager mouth. I was determined to make the most of it this time, and relished as his tongue whipped around my shaft, and into my pee slit. I started face fucking him, and felt the tip of my cock against the back of his mouth. I started moaning and groaning, and the movements speeded up.

Precum was dripping out and lubricating his mouth; I could feel it going deeper in. His hands were round my buttocks pulling me into him. Again my fluid burst into him, and he drank deeply, swallowing my cum gladly now. He was truly my sex slave. After a while I got up "Come, Uncle, its your turn again." There was a footbridge over the roadway just over the rise. I thought that would be an excellent place for his next cum. When we reached it I said, "Right. Out into the middle of the bridge, and wank until you cum. Catch it in your hand and drink it. Then you can come back to me!" He meekly walked off and did as instructed. Just the sight of him gave me another hardon, and I ended up wanking as I watched. One or two cars hooted as they passed; it was obvious what was going on, but there was nothing that could be done about it. I came just as he did, and watched as he swallowed his cum.

He walked back to me, the chain trailing behind. "I think I can trust you now. Ill take the chain off, but well leave the collar on, just to show youre not a stray!"

"Thank you, nephew, I promise I wont run away. But I need a shit. Please can I go?" "Over there, and be quick." He ran off to some bushes, and I started walking back to the house. When he got back I told him he could wash, and then get my breakfast. We could then plan the rest of the day. I went and showered. After we had eaten, I had decided on a plan.

"Right, Uncle. First we had better see to your arse. Go and lie down on the table." I had a bigger butt plug for him this morning; his hole needed a bit of further expansion. I lubed it up, and then firmly pushed into his mancunt. His cry told me it was painful, but I wasnt here to be kind. "Now roll over, and show your apology for a cock." He did as told, and I put a tight strap round his balls, pulling until they bulged, and then a similarly tight cock ring. I dont think he would be cumming without my permission. "We had better go and get some clothes for you to go out in. Hop in the car." The difference in twenty-four hours was amazing. Yesterday he had moaned and tried to refuse; today he was almost eager. Whether he would still be when he knew the clothes I had in mind I wasnt so sure. I drove over to his house, and pulled up in his garage. He was out of view of his neighbours.

"Inside, and well see what we can find." He slid out of the car and waddled into the house. "Now, up to Auntie Marys room." The thought suddenly dawned on him as to the type of clothing I had in mind, and a blush spread over his face. "So. It wont be the first youve tried on some of her clothes, then?"

"No, nephew. But only in the house."

"Well this time you can be the slut you really are, and parade around in public. Now lets see what weve got." I was surprised what my aunt had. For someone in their forties she had some very sexy stuff. I picked out a lacy suspender belt, black stockings, a skimpy black skirt, white blouse and black bra for my Uncle to wear, with a pair of high heel shoes. In one of the drawers I found some boob enhancers, and a tarty wig in another. With my skill at applying make up Uncle George looked just as I wanted him to--a slut out for a fuck. The little skirt only just covered the top of the stockings, and the artificial boobs were just the right size. After some practice he managed the heels without falling over, and I decided he could be released on an unsuspecting world. "I think it must be about time for lunch. Lets go." This time I walked him out of the front of the house, so any neighbours watching would see, and left him standing there whilst I reversed the car out for him. I wanted to go somewhere where he might be known, but I wasnt, and would be likely to let a dubious looking female in. I suddenly remembered he often ate at a place near his work, which was often used by bohemian characters, as well as his business colleagues. I told him where we going, and on the way he picked up some money from the bank machine. Sitting in the car I could watch all the stares he was getting. He had a good pair of legs, and looked pretty convincing.

As we walked into the restaurant I put my hand up his skirt, and gave his bum a quick squeeze, making him squeal, just as the waiter came over to seat us. Uncle George reddened as the waiter enquired if all was well, and tried to make his voice suitable effeminate saying it was. After we had ordered I leant forward and said "Dont you think its time you visited the loo? I want to see you go into the Ladies!"

"Yes, nephew." The stares followed his steps towards the toilets, many unashamedly moving up and down the body. I felt so randy I could have fucked there and then, but we still had the whole meal to go through. When he came back I asked if all had gone well. Again, yes.

"Good. I want to fuck you as soon as we leave. Do you know somewhere near here we can go?"

"There is the park behind the restaurant, but it is mostly open."

"Itll do. Itll just add to my enjoyment." For once for me I couldnt eat fast enough. Most of the meal my cock pressed against my pants, and I just thought about that pussy I was soon going to be jabbing it in. Luckily the park was less than two minutes walk, but, like my uncle had said, it was pretty open. At the far end there was some thin bushes up against an old wall. I reckoned we could get behind there. I pushed Uncle Georges back against the wall, put my hand between his legs and pulled out the butt plug. With my other hand I undid my flies and pulled my cock out. Within seconds I had rammed it up his arsehole, and fucking him madly. I was desperate; out of the corner of my eye I could see two guys watching us, and this only made me more randy. They would think it was some straight guy fucking a whore, not Uncle George being fucked up his arse by nephew Jon! I increased my speed, thrusting deep into this man pussy, as I started to cum. I pulled out, letting the semen spill down the black skirt, and onto the stockings. I took a banknote out of my back pocket and shoved it down his fake cleavage, "Okay get lost whore" I said loudly. My uncle looked surprised, and then noticed for the first time the guys watching us who by now both had broad smiles on their faces. In a whisper I added "Back to the car, quickly." I watched him walk off, while I adjusted my dress, and followed him. As people passed you could see them looking at the stains on his dress, knowing full well what he had been up to, shaking their heads. They would have shaken twice as fast if they had known it was a man!

He had back to the car just seconds before, so I jumped in and sped off. "Take your skirt and blouse off now, and let the truckers enjoy the view." I was heading towards the commercial end of town, and at this time of day you could be sure there would be a heap of trucks heading back to base. After we had passed two or three word was passed down and horns were going off. I grinned and waved as we drove past. "Stand up, uncle, and wiggle your arse at them." I decided it was time to head for home, with my slave.

Crusing the park

I just got my ass fucked and blasted my load at the wayside. I was still hornier than hell. So I decided to go to the park and cruise around. Just thinking about a hot daddy to suck off or fuck made my cock jump up and take notice.

I grabbed my cock. I was as hard as a rock. Well now I see you're all ready for some action. Just hold on and we will be at the park in awhile..

Ok daddy! I can wait my cock was telling me.

As if you have a choice in the matter as I shook my cock.

I busted out laughing thinking what anyone would think if they heard me talking to my cock.

We arrived at the park and there was no one there any ways there were no cars there. I went to the bathroom to check it out. Damn no one in there either.

I looked out and saw a man setting on the bench. I started to walk towards him and hoping he was interested in fooling around. As I got closer to were he was setting I could see that he was little older than I was.

I walked up to him and said, "Hi, nice day."

"Yes it is a nice day."

"Mind if I set down beside you?" I asked him.

"Sit down my son and make yourself to home." He called me son. I wondered if he wanted to fool around.

He asked me my name. I told him, "I'm Jim and you are?"

"I am Russell. Glad to meet you, Jim."

"I haven't seen you hear before Russell?"

"I just moved here from another town."

"Where you staying?"

"In the motel for a couple of nights then I don't know where I will be staying."

"What brings you to the park, Jim?"

As he was asking me these questions he was rubbing his cock.

"Just cruising to see what I can find."

"You interested in fooling around Russell?"

"Fuck, yes I am."

"Well it looks like you're ready, too, Jim."

"Damn right I am."

"You ever have a black cock up your ass?"

"Fuck no, I never have but I sure do dream about it."

"Would you like to get fucked by this black cock?"

"I would love to suck it, too, daddy."

"Oh yes, son! You may suck daddy's cock till he fills your mouth full of daddy's cum." He reached over and grabbed my cock. "Oh, son! Daddy would like you to fuck his ass. Would you fuck daddy's ass real good, son?"

"Damn right, I will daddy. Oh, daddy, I want to make love to you so bad. Can we go to your place?

"Sorry son, but we can't go there as they do not allow anyone but me in the room."

"Well then, daddy, we can go to my place then. Would you like to come to my place, daddy?"

"I sure would, but I don't drive."

"That is ok. You can ride with me."

"Ride you I will, son."

"Oh, daddy you sure can ride your son's cock but not till we get home."

As we were walking to the car I noticed one of his legs was stiff. Once we got to the car he told me that he had a wooden leg.

"I guess I should have told you that before but I was afraid you would be turned off by it like so many other men are."

"Oh, daddy, I am not turned off by that one bit. So get your ass in the car and let's get going."

"OK, son, whatever you say."

Once in the car he sat right next to me.

"You don't mind if daddy sets by you, son?"

"You may sit as close to me as you want to, daddy." I looked at him and we kissed each other.

"You're not scared of me are you, son?"

"Hell no, daddy I really do like you. When I first sat down next to you I knew that I wanted to be more than a sex partner to you."

"Damn, son, that was what I was thinking, too. I don't know what it is about you son that made my cock pop up like it did. I mean it has never done that before."

"Yes, daddy, I know what you mean. My cock did the same thing."

All the way to my house we talked about how he lost his leg and what he was doing. I told him that I was a farmer and operating my parent's farm.

"You live with your parents then?" he asked.

"No, I have my own house that was the agreement I made with my dad. Here we are daddy this is my home."

He reached in the back seat and took his leg. "You want to carry my leg inside for me?"

"Sure I will, daddy, but how are you going to get inside?"

"I can hop with one leg. That's no problem."

Once inside the house we sat on the couch. We took each other into each others arms and started to make out. We kissed each other so deeply. We slowly took each others shirt off. I kissed his neck while he was kissing my neck. I was caressing his chest and rubbing his tits.

"Oh yes, son, that feels so good. Let daddy do the same to you, son."

As we were caressing each others chest and sucking on each others tits our other hand was unbuckling the cutoffs. We stood up while we were kissing each other. Our cut offs started to drop to the floor but they got hung up on our hard cocks. We slowly took our hands and helped them fall to the floor. We broke apart and just stood there naked. We looked at each others naked body for a long time not saying a word.

"Let's go to the bed room and get more comfortable."

We lay down on the bed so we could both suck each others cock. I took his cock into my mouth with one big gulp. He let out a moan.

I took his balls in one hand and started to play with them. He had such nice balls not to big and not to small just right in my book.

He took my cock into his mouth with one gulp as well I let out a moan. He started to play with my balls. He pulled off my cock to tell me that I had really nice balls.

I felt his cock getting harder and harder. I knew it would not be long and daddy would be filling my hot mouth with his hot cum.

I felt my cock getting hardier and hardier as well. I started to feel my hot cum starting to enter the shaft of my cock. I knew it would not be long and I would be filling daddy's mouth with his son's hot cum.

Just then he let out a loud moan. I felt daddy's hot cum filling my hot mouth. I swallowed as fast as I could so I would not spill any of his hot cum. I took every last drop of daddy's load. I could not hold off any longer.

Daddy took one big gulp. That was all it took to let my hot cum fill daddy's hot mouth.

We sucked each others cock till they went soft. We turn around and hugged each other and kissed some more.

"Oh, son, you drained daddy real good."

"Oh, daddy, you drained your son real good as well. I have never had someone suck me like you did, daddy."

"That goes for me, too, son. Hey, son!"

"Yes, daddy."

"I can't fuck you right now as you really drained your old daddy."

"That's OK, daddy. We can wait till morning."

"You mean you want me to stay the night with you?"

"I sure do. That is if you want to."

"I sure do."

We fell to sleep in each others arms.

The neighbors nephew

I couldn't believe what I saw when the neighbors nephew showed up to move in. Our neighbor had told us that her nephew would be moving in to help her and him out with finances. There he stood bent over grabbing something out of the trunk of his car, mmm nice ass I thought, wonder what team he plays on.(little did I know I was soon to find out) Things went on like normal for a few months with me hardly seeing him at all.

Okay lets tell you about what he looks like, he is about 6' tall trim hot body with a smooth chest and nice firm pecs. I had watched him a time or two mowing the lawn thinking how nice it would be to be able to be the one making him sweat like that. Well we made it thru the summer and into fall. I was out raking the leaves when I saw him come home and he looked like he had just lost his best friend. I asked him what was up and he said it was nothing that he had just had a fight with one of his good friends and was afraid they wouldn't be able to stay friends. I asked what could be so bad that his friend wouldn't want to stay friends. He stated it was kind of personal so I didn't press it. I did tell him that when I was done with the leave I was going to have a beer or two to relax and if he wanted to he could come over and join me to drown his sorrows and relax.

He said that sounds like a good idea see you in a short. I told him to give me about 20 min. after I was done to shower and get rid of the dust, and then to come on over, Well I was just getting done in the shower when the door bell rang. I knew it was Roy and I hollered to him to come on in and I would be done in a minute. I came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel and just about shit when I saw him standing there with no shirt and a tight fitting pair of shorts showing he had a nice package. I told him to grab us a beer while I threw on some shorts. I knew just which ones to wear. They were an old pair that had baggy legs that would easily show my cock hanging down my leg when I sat on the couch just right.

After a few beers I could tell Roy was getting quite buzzed, as was I.I had noticed Roy taking quick peeks at my cock head for about the last hour, and wondered how can I get his hot mouth on my cock. I mentioned we should get something to eat, he thought that was a good idea. I asked what he would like and he looked me in the eye and said a nice big sausage would do just fine. While I was in the kitchen looking in the freezer to see what was in there for sausage, I found out what type of sausage he really wanted, as when I turned around to ask him a question there he stood naked and holding a nice hard cock. I started to say something but before I could get a word out he was up next to me kissing me and grabbing my cock thru my shorts leg saying this is the kind of sausage I have been wanting.

Well with that comment all thought of food was soon gone from my mind. We proceeded to go back into the living room and onto the couch. I grabbed the remote and hit play on the DVD and a hot gay porno started. Little did I know I was being worked over by a pro so to speak. As the DVD started Roy told me it was his boyfriend who had dumped him earlier today. As I started to say I was sorry to hear that Roy said don't worry he was an ass and I needed to be rid of him. Then he surprised me by saying he wanted to try what was going on in the DVD. So we did. He started by licking my cock to slurp up the precum and then he deep throated me like I had not had before and then he started to hum while I was in his throat and that just about shot me over the edge.

Since I didn't want to come to soon and really wanted this to last I had Roy back off and let me have a taste of his hot body. I started by licking his nipples and lightly biting them till they were hard as nails, the whole while Roy is moaning how much he likes it. I continue on down to lick his navel and into his bush where I find waiting for me a nice thick 7" cock leaking precum like mad. As I take his cock into my mouth and down my throat it is to much for Roy and he blasts his first load down my throat. As he pulls his shrinking cock from my lips he states it is my turn to show you a thing or two, and show me he did. The way he took my thick 7.5x6 cut cock down his throat I knew he had done this more than once before. The next thing I knew my balls were in his mouth as well as my cock, what a feeling.

I told Roy I was getting close to cumming and he pulled off and said I ant you in my ass and I want to feel you blast in my hot hole. I proceeded to bend him over the back of the couch and pressed my cock tip up to his rosebud pucker. I asked him if he was ready and he just moaned and said god yes please fuck my hole. I entered nice and slow to let him get used to my thickness, then I began to pound his tight ass like it was the only thing keeping me alive (boy did I feel alive fucking this hot stud). As I pounded his ass he kept telling me how much he enjoyed the feel of my cock sliding in and out of his tight ass. He then began to milk my cock with his ass bringing me to the edge as I was telling him I was cumming he screams pull out and shoot all over me.

So just as I reach the point of no return I pulled out and shot all over his ass and back and as I am still shooting blast 4 or 5 he swings around and grabs my cock and sticks it into his mouth to milk the last drops out of my cock. I figured we were done since we had both reached climax. However I was wrong, guess I forgot how quick a 25yr old can recover and be ready for round two. Round two lasted all night and we both fucked and sucked each other many times that night. If you like this story let me know and I can tell you what happened over Christmas break.

My daddy needs my love

My parents should never have gotten married. They were both good people, but together they were a lousy couple. Where he was kind and loving, she was hard and controlling. Throughout my childhood, our house was always filled with her yelling and my dad's silence. I felt so bad for him - he always looked slightly sad, and very lonely. I wanted to protect him, to make it up to him for my mother's meanness - but I just didn't know how.

When I was very young, they shared the same bed. I remember crawling in with them one Saturday morning, and curling up like a baby kitten between the densely haired calves of my daddy's spread legs while he planned the day with my mother. The slightly sour smell of his unwashed skin made my nose twitch with pleasure, and I nestled myself up tightly against him, letting my cheek lie against the fleshy bulk of his lower leg. Not knowing what drove me, I began to slowly edge myself up inch by inch between his legs as my parents talked, twisting and adjusting myself restlessly to hide the fact that I was slowly creeping up toward that mysterious spot where his legs joined. Somehow, I instinctively knew that what I wanted, whatever it was, was against the rules. Far too soon, my daddy noticed what I was doing and, in a slightly choked voice, said, "Ronnie, I think that's enough of that, kiddo." He slid his hands under me and lifted me up into the air, his strong upper arms knotting with muscle as he held me for almost a minute over his head and laughingly juggled me from hand to hand while I giggled uncontrollably. Then he sat me down gently on the floor beside their bed, patted my little butt, and told me it was time to leave him and my mother alone for a while. As I left the room, I looked back to see him turning to her. The sheet slid off him as he moved, and I saw his thigh and ass for the first time. His hand was moving toward her breast as her face began to harden - and I shut the door behind me.

That was the last time I remember seeing them in bed together. Not long after, my mother cleaned out a room at the other end of the house and declared that she would be sleeping there from then on. According to her, my dad moved around too much at night, and it kept her awake. After that, my dad seemed to get even sadder - and I realized that he was lonely. For him, living with my mother was just like living alone. He started working a second job, and often wouldn't get home till after midnight.

The only TV we had was in my dad's bedroom. My mother hated television, and my dad loved it. So, whenever I wanted to watch anything, I had permission to go into his room and watch it with him. As I got older, I became a real TV addict. I'd do my homework in front of it, reading my schoolbooks with one eye and watching some silly sitcom with the other. Many nights, I would just fall asleep in the middle of my daddy's bed. Then, he'd have to wake me up so that I could stumble back to my own room to sleep. If I was really out of it, he would just sigh really deep and pick me up in his arms, drape me over his shoulder and carry me back to my room to dump me on my own bed. It wasn't any trouble for him. I had always been small, and stayed that way even as I grew up. Meanwhile, he was a naturally big man whose day job at the local factory had made even more meaty and muscular.

Finally, one night when he got home from work around one in the morning, he shook me awake and said, "Son, do you just want to sleep in here with me tonight? I know you're a little old to be sleeping with Daddy, but I'm too tired to carry you to your own room - and you look too tired to walk there."

I half-opened my eyes and looked up at him. He had taken off his work shirt and pants, and was standing there in just a pair of pale blue boxers. I could see them bulging on the left side, so full of his cock that the fly on his boxers was gaping open as the cloth was pulled sideways. Dimly, I could feel my own young dick begin to stiffen. Inside that hole was the cock that had made me, the cock that I had always wanted to touch but had never been allowed to. Pretending to be even sleepier than I was, I said, "Ummm ... OK, daddy .... I guess I can just sleep here tonight."

"OK, then. But you'd better get undressed before you slide in. Your mother would kill me if you slept in your clothes and got them all wrinkled."

My heart was pounding harder than it ever had before. Still pretending to be almost asleep, I slowly unbuttoned my shirt and let it slide from my skinny shoulders. My daddy watched me with a smile on his face as I carefully folded it and laid it on a chair. Then, I turned my back to him and unbuckled my belt, undid the button on the top of my pants, and slid my zipper down. I took my pants off, first one leg and then the other, feeling my daddy's eyes still staring at me as I bent over to pick them up and set them on the chair. Impulsively, I stripped off my underpants as well and carefully folded them on top of everything else. When I turned around, I saw a look on his face that I'd never seen before. He looked happy and sad and hungry all at the same time. His eyes were wide and his mouth was slightly open, and when he spoke he almost sounded like he was panting slightly.

"Good boy. Very good boy. Now hop on in."

He bent forward to fold back the covers on the bed, and patted the sheet for me to lie down on. I crawled in and smiled up at him as he stood over me. I could see his heart beating rapidly in his chest, and his boxers looked even fuller than they had before. With a smile, he turned out the light and I felt his side of the bed sink beneath his weight as he crawled in beside me.

Daddy lay on his back with his eyes closed, but I was wide awake. I stared at the dense forest of hair on his broad chest, the fat dark buds of his nipples and the round beer belly that rose and fell as he breathed. It was too hot a night for blankets, so I was able to stare at all of him - all except for the part still hidden inside those blue boxers. This was my daddy, the person I loved the most in the whole world. Suddenly, I could feel my heart hurting for him. I wanted him to be happy. I wanted him to have all the love he deserved but didn't get from my mother. Here he was, a good man working two jobs to provide for his wife and son, and yet he was alone. I let my head fall on his outstretched arm and his hand came up to cup my shoulder.

After a few minutes his breathing told me that he had fallen asleep, so I opened my eyes and turned to face him. Then I dared to put my hand softly on his chest. The kinky hairs there were crisp and springy, they tickled my small hand. His breathing got faster but was still deep and quiet. So I ran my hand over to his right nipple and began to gently stroke it. In his sleep, he made a sort of cooing sound and a smile appeared on his face. Without thinking about it, I dropped my head to his chest and began to suck on that nipple, nursing at his breast. He was the person who fed me, clothed me, made sure that I was safe. With all my heart, I wanted to belong to him.

His coos turned to moans. Looking down, I saw his blue cotton boxers rising. As his cock hardened, searching for room to grow, the head of his dick slid out of the gap in the cloth. It was the first time I had ever seen my daddy's babymaker, and it was so beautiful. His cock was almost 8" long. Incredibly fat at the base, thinner in the middle, it was crowned by an enormous knob of dickhead. It curved outward, a proud weapon coming out of its sheath. He was uncut, and in the dim light I could see his foreskin beginning to pull back as the big purple head emerged. The slit at the end of his cock was open, and drops of precum were bubbling out of it already. It had been so long since anyone had loved his body, and he needed it so badly.

Still sucking on his tit, I reached down to touch his dick. I dipped one fingertip in the clear honey dangling from his cockhead and then smeared it on the nipple I was nursing on. I was doing everything by instinct. I didn't know what I was supposed to do, I only knew what I wanted to do, what felt right.

Then my dad was awake.

"Wh - what the fuck? Ronnie, what are you doing?"

I was scared. Really scared. What if he got mad? What if he threw me out of bed? What if I had hurt him even worse than my mother had? Acting on instinct alone, I began to nurse even harder while reaching up to stroke his face with my hand. The hand was still slick with his honey.

"Son, no, you can't. You - oh, fuck - you can't want this. It's not right. We can't do this. Please, son stop. Stop now."

But I wouldn't. I kept sucking. I put my fingers against his lips and gently pushed them in. Without thinking, my daddy began to suck and lap my fingers, tasting his own sweetness on them

"Please, Daddy, it's OK. I love you. I want you. I want to touch you. I want you to touch me. I want to belong to you completely. Please Daddy, let me show you that I love you.

With my fingers still in his mouth, my daddy began to moan. His words muffled by my hand, he answered me.

"Oh yes, my baby boy, oh yes Daddy does love you. He loves you so much. But he doesn't want to hurt you. Yes, Daddy wants to touch you too. Daddy wants to feel you against him, to hold you tight, to wash every square inch of you with his tongue. He's always wanted to. But he's so afraid of hurting his boy, of going too far with his little man that he loves so much."

"It's OK, Daddy. You won't hurt me. Nothing you could do to me would ever hurt me, so long as it's you touching me and loving me. I'm here for you. I'll always be here to make you happy."

Saying this, I lifted myself up and laid myself on top of my daddy, my small body resting lightly on top of his. As his stomach rose and fell so did my body, as I pressed my mouth against his and felt his tongue enter my mouth. At first slow, then deep and hard. His breath entered me, and I wrapped my legs around his waist to hug him even tighter against me.

And then, my daddy took control. All the strength that I had always known was in him welled up and his softness evaporated. His lips began to bruise mine, then I could feel his huge hands on my shoulders. He was pressing me downwards. My body began to slide down my daddy's, my mouth wide open and pouring out drool.

"That's it, baby boy. That's it. Oh yeah, you're so full of water. You're making me so wet. Your mouth is so big, so fucking big. You're making a hole for Daddy, aren't you? You're making a hole in your head for Daddy to fuck. And Daddy's gonna fuck it. Oh yeah baby, Daddy's gonna fuck it so full and so hard. You want to touch Daddy? You want to make Daddy happy? Well, you're sure as shit gonna do that. You're gonna take Daddy to the moon and back. You're gonna make Daddy fuckin' FLY."

I was already flying. The dirtier his words got, the more excited I became. As my lips scraped down his chest, over his belly, and toward his crotch I was shaking with excitement. At last. At long last I was going to taste my daddy. My own cock was so hard that it felt like it was going to burst.

Then I felt it. The head of his prick bashed against my chin as my head slid downwards, and with just a quick twist of my neck I was able to get my lips on his plum-colored knob. My teeth lightly grazed his cockhead, causing my daddy to gasp, as I eagerly tried to wrap my mouth around his rammer. My tongue slurped up the increasingly milky liquid pouring from his dickhead as my cheeks began to bulge out.

His fat knob hit one cheek, then the other, before taking aim at my slender throat. I didn't even choke - he tasted too good, I wanted him too much. Quickly learning to breathe through my nose, I tried to swallow more and more of my daddy's throbbing tool. Inch by inch he eased it down my throat, going slowly but never retreating. His cock had found it's home, and it was determined to cum in.

"Oh yeah, that's Daddy's boy. That's Daddy's pussyboy. That's Daddy's cocksucker."

I went crazy when he called me these names. They were so right, so true. So much what I wanted to be. I crammed the last of his cockshaft down my throat, and felt my bloated lips flatten against his wiry pubic hairs.

"YES. Oh, fuck yes. That's it. That's what Daddy's wanted, what Daddy's needed. To be inside his boy. To feel his boy's throat wrapped around every inch his daddy has to offer. To know his baby boy is a hole. A hole hungry for his Daddy to FILL!! Now, my cocksucker son, you and your daddy are going to FUCK!!!"

With his hands on my head holding me all the way down on his pulsing dick, my daddy flipped me over onto my back so that he was on top of me. I could feel his weight pressing me down, almost smothering me, all the gentleness gone as the animal in him took over completely. Then, groaning and gasping, he began to fuck my head. My head bounced up and down against the mattress as his dick pounded into me. Using only his elbows to support himself, my daddy put almost his full weight on me as he mercilessly stuffed my mouth and throat full of his enormous cock over and over and over. My head was nothing but an empty tube, a gaping hole for his metal-hard fuckshaft.

"UNNNNGGGGGHHHH!!! AAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!! FUCKfuckfuckfuckfuck. OH FUCK!!!! OOOOAAAAHHHHH!!!! I'm FUCKIN' my baby!! I'm FUCKING my baby's face!!! Fillin' up my cocksucker son with all that daddymeat he's been so hungry for. Takin' away his virginity. Takin' away his innocence. Makin' him just a tight wet hole for his Daddy to fuck. Makin' him belong to Daddy. Makin' him belong to Daddy. OH YEAH, HE'S DADDY'S BOY NOW!!!!!

And then my daddy was cumming. The first few blasts shot into my throat and stomach. But then my daddy was pulling out and stroking himself and pouring what seemed to be gallons of boiling hot white mancream all over my face - my chin, my lips, my nose, my eyes. There was so much that it ran down my cheeks and neck coating my whole head with a layer of thick daddyspunk. At the same time, my own dick began to fire like an automatic pistol, sending jets of my boyjuice up all over my daddy's ass and back as he crouched above me. It was perfect.

After catching my breath, still lying on my back, I began to use my tongue to wash my face. I worked to lap up all the sweet and tasty daddycream that my little tongue could reach. Seeing this, my daddy lowered his face to mine and used his huge cow-like tongue to help me. As he washed his own juice off my eyes and nose, he whispered, "Daddy loves you. And Daddy knows you love him. And Daddy knows that you want him - always."

And I did. And I still do.


My name is Ronnie. And as long as I live, I'll never forget the first night that my Daddy let himself make love to me. As far back as I could remember I had always been in love with him and had wanted to belong to him completely, in every possible way. He and my mother had been sleeping apart for years, and he was so lonely, so hungry for the touch of another person's body, that when we finally came together both of us went a little crazy.

After watching TV in his room, I fell asleep on his bed as usual. What made this night different was that for the first time he didn't make me get up and go back to my own room. Instead, he was so tired himself that instead of rousting me he just let me climb under the covers with him. It was too good an opportunity for me to pass up. I stripped off my shirt my pants, even my bleached white underpants, and quickly slid in beside him. After he fell asleep, I couldn't help myself. I had to touch his big beefy body, I so much needed to feel his hair and his skin brushing my fingertips. Gently at first, I started to stoke his chest. Then I dropped my head down on one of his big rubbery tits and began to nurse on it, sucking my daddy's juicy nipple harder and harder. That woke him up. He tried to stop me, telling me that he "didn't want to hurt his little man who he loved so much." But I made him see how hungry I was for him, how much I needed to touch and taste his fleshy body. Finally, as he moaned and cooed, he let me drop my drooling mouth down onto his big, eight-inch dick. He grabbed my head, and shoved his thick meat down my grasping throat. Eagerly, I sucked the heavy clotted cream up out of his bulging balls and through his pisstube, down my gulping throat and into my little tummy. As he pulled out, he shot even more volleys of his pent up manhoney all over my chin and mouth and nose and eyes. He was smiling at me, watching his milky sperm run down my cheeks, down my neck, behind my ears. As he crouched over me, my own young dick began to shoot uncontrollably, splatting onto his daddyass, running down the crack between his cheeks, dripping into his butt hole. As I started to scream with uncontrollable pleasure, he mashed his lips onto mine, pushed his cow-fat tongue into my head, and began to wash the thick clots of his cream out of my mouth.

"Oh yes, my little cocksucker son. Oh, yes. You make Daddy so happy, so fuckin' happy. You have such a fantastic mouth, such a tight and wet facehole just made for Daddy to fuck. Oh my darling baby boy, use your little tongue to get all that sweet cum. Lick it off your face. Lap all around your lips, reach as far as you can, scoop up Daddy's babymilk."

I tried to catch as much as I could, but there was too much and my tongue was just too small. Lovingly, my daddy helped me. He put his broad, rough tongue all over my face, greedily lapping his own sperm from my nose and eyes. Then, smiling from ear to ear, he scooted forward until his heavy butt globes were hanging above my face.

OOBaby's face is clean now, but what about poor Daddy's ass? It's so slimed up, all coated with his Ronnie's hot juicy cum. Daddy thinks we need to do something about that. Daddy thinks his greedy little cocksucker needs to clean up the mess he made. Don't you think so, my hungry little pussyboy? Don't you think it's time to clean Daddy's ass off for him? Come on, sweet boy. Use your tongue. Get Daddy's ass all slick and wet. Make my cheeks shine with your spit. Wash out my hole, the hole you clogged up when you shot out all that babycream of yours. Oh yeah, my little honey man. Eat my ass. Eat my fuckin' ass NOW!"

My hands were already grabbing at the round orbs of daddy flesh hanging over me, clutching at the cheeks of his furry ass and trying to pull them down onto my panting face. I could already smell his funky hole, and the idea of wrapping my lips around it and shoving my tongue up inside my own daddy's shitter had me excited beyond anything I ever thought possible.

As soon as he lowered himself enough, I began to lap as hard and as fast as I could. First the left cheek, then the right, shining up the flesh of his butt with the spit drooling out of my mouth. Then, almost fainting from pleasure, I used my hands to pull apart the two halves of his succulent ass. It opened to me like a ripe peach, fuzzy and pink with that contracted brown pit at the center. I lapped around the crack first, and my daddy begin to moan and gasp above me. Then, stretching my tongue out to it's farthest limit, I plunged it into the hot pink center of my daddy as fast and as hard as I could. His hole opened up for me as if it was welcoming me home. I tried to use the strongest muscles in my tongue to pull his hole open still more, to make it yield up to me it's deep rose-colored center, the center hidden inside the brown folds pushing against my straining lips.

"Ah, that's so nice. So fuckin' nice. What a pussyboy I have. What a hungry little hole slave. Keep going deeper, pussyboy. Make Daddy's hole happy, make it know how much you love to eat ass."

For a long time, we just stayed like that. My daddy rocked back and forth above me, crouching on his haunches over his baby boy's head as I lapped and kissed and plunged and cleaned him deeper and deeper.

By then, both of our dicks were stone-hard again. Before I had eaten nearly enough of his ass, my big daddy reached down between his legs and pulled me out from under him. Raising my face up to his, he jammed his tongue inside my mouth.

"Yeah, my little man's mouth tastes so good. Tastes like ass x my ass. Let your daddy taste himself on your tongue and in your spit. Oh, baby boy, baby boy, how fuckin good you taste."

Still smiling my daddy pushed me back against the headboard of the bed. I looked at him with my eyes blinking rapidly, tears of happiness running down my cheeks. I knew now that my daddy loved me, really loved me.

"Look at Ronnie's beautiful young cock. So smooth, so hard. So full of cum. Baby, has anybody ever sucked your dick for you? Has any other man ever let you feed him your prick and sucked out your boycream for you?"

"No, Daddy. Nobody. I never wanted anybody else. I only want you to touch me x to swallow and suck me.

"My little virgin boy. So sweet, so beautiful. It's time, son It's time for Daddy to make you shoot your load inside a man."

Bending his head down, he took my aching cock between his lips.

"Oh, Daddy, that feels so good. Your mouth is so hot, so warm for your baby to slide into."

My shaft was soaked with the precum drizzling out of my cockhead. Daddy lapped all around the sides of my dick, and then slurped the tip of his tongue into my cock slit. With the tip of his tongue, he spooned out the blobs of liquid bubbling out of it. Then, very slowly, he opened his mouth wide and took me inch by inch into his head.

At first, Daddy sucked me gently. His lips were soft and loose as they slid up and down my boycock. He would take three inches of me into his mouth, pull off, take in four, pull off, go still deeper, working me up to a fever pitch of lust. As his lips vibrated around my granite-hard fucktool, I threw my head back and began to shake my hair from side to side.

"Daddy's mouth feels so good on my boymeat. I can feel the skin of my dick sliding over your tongue, being caressed by your lips. Love me Daddy, please love me. Love me like a man."

His mouth got rougher. He tightened his lips, making the hole my prick was sliding in and out of smaller and harder. Each time my cockhead came out, it caught on the ridge of his lips and emerged from his mouth with a tiny "pop". Then he would shove his mouth back down on me again, making my sensitive gumdrop head feel the friction of his lips as it dove back into the steamy wet cavern of his mouth.

Reaching up with his hands, my daddy began to stroke and twist the hard nubs of my nipples. Holding them tight between thumb and forefinger, he started to stretch and pull at my tit buttons. He raked his short fingernails over them causing me to shiver and shake as he dug into the tender flesh on my chest.

Like the rest of me, my voice was out of control. It came out soft and then loud, breaking wildly in pitch. "Don't stop, Daddy. Don't stop. Touch your son hard with your big hands. Twist my tits. Twist them harder, as hard as you can. Take my cock down your throat, let me feel you swallow every inch of your kid's stiff prong. Stroke me, possess me, suck me deep inside you."

I could feel his tongue swirling madly around and around my shaft. I could feel the tip of my cock jamming into the top of his throat. It was too much. I was unable to hold back any longer.

"Oh, Daddy! I've gotta let go in you. Please, papa, please! I've gotta cum. Inside the mouth of the man whose cream I came from! Swallow my juice, Daddy. Take every drop of me. Let me shoot MY jizz into YOU!!"

I came. And came. Rearing up on my heels, I shot volley after volley of my young spunk into my big daddy's throat. He was grunting like a hog. Like a pig rutting in a trough, he guzzled every sticky squirt of me. Every pearly drop. Every fuckin' one.

It was the best. The best ever.

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