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Biloxi renewal

Ham couldn't sleep, and he thought he heard a noise from downstairs. Probably only one of the many ghosts haunting this old, rotting mansion, he thought. But, still, he was fully awake now. He rose off the cot he'd set up in his room until after everything was packed out and padded down the stairs into the music room. He was barefoot, only wearing his muslin sleeper pants. In twenty-four hours the plantation house his family had lived in for generations would belong to someone else to that mysterious Philippe Lecroix who was rumored to live in a plantation house on the Mississippi over near New Orleans.

Of course it was Ham's own decision to leave. Everyone else in the family was dead. He'd been so avid in rising in the ranks of the wrestling world and making the Olympic team that he hadn't noticed everyone around him withering and dying on this land. When he had awakened to what had happened, the dry rot that had undermined his family, he decided to sell this cursed place and move to San Francisco, where he could start a new life, and no one would know he sprang from a great southern family gone to seed. The only pieces of furniture left in the music room now were the Steinway grand piano and the bench that went with it. He had sat at this piano all afternoon, playing the classical pieces his mother had loved to hear him play. The piano was too big to go to San Francisco. A moving company would be picking it up in the morning, and it would be going straight to storage, who knows for how long. Meanwhile, for some reason he couldn't keep his hands off the keys, playing those pieces his mother had loved, trying to bring her spirit back into the room.

There was a candelabra on the piano, and Ham took up a book of matches and lit the candles. He saw that he'd left half a drink next to the candelabra from his afternoon reveries, and he tossed that off in two gulps and sat down at the piano. He would play; perhaps that would make him drowsy.

He started playing and, indeed, he began to feel drowsy. But it was a funny kind of drowsy. It was a drowsiness that seemed to distance him from his surroundings but that didn't put him to sleep. His arms and legs felt heavy, but he continued to play, his fingers having memorized the proper notes.

He didn't know what made him look up, but when he did, he saw what appeared to be the swirl of a black cape in the window alcove. A black silk cape topped with piercing eyes, which held his and bored into his brain as he watched. At first he wasn't even sure that he was seeing anything real. But, mysteriously, as he became increasingly aware that the man was real, he also increasingly became unconcerned whether he was real. The man's violet eyes held his in thrall. Ham's hands continued to play, but the rest of his body seemed to be held in some sort of suspension.

With a swirl, the man's cape opened, and Ham gasped. The man was of indeterminate age, although age obviously was beginning to catch up with him. Still, he appeared to be in pretty good shape. Ham could tell this, because the man was naked to the waist. But, most shocking of all, his black leather pants were open at the crotch, and Ham could see a tremendously long dong hanging down between two huge balls. Ham felt weak in the knees and wondered why he didn't get up and do something about this obscene intrusion. But those eyes, those mesmerizing eyes, were locked onto his.

Those eyes held his as the man slowly walked over to the piano. Eye contact was lost, however, as the man swooped around Ham and straddled him from the back on the bench.

Ham felt that gigantic cock rising up the small of his back, and he shuddered.

The man told him to continue to play, and Ham continued, his fingers flying on the keys but nothing else about him seeming to work, to be able to connect to any sense of danger. The man pushed Ham's chest slightly forward, and Ham felt sharp nails slicing across his back. He felt the pain, in sort of a distant sense, but he did nothing about it. He could feel the blood oozing out along the slice marks on his back, but then he also could feel the man's mouth on his wounds, kissing them and licking them. This seemed to excite the man, because his cock began to harden against Ham's back.

A great lethargy came over Ham, and his hands just dropped from the keyboard and dangled at his side. He was able to continue sitting on the bench, but he didn't feel capable of doing much else. And he didn't seem to feel worried about anything that was happening to him either.

The man wrapped his arms around Ham and slashed him diagonally from left belly to right shoulder with those long fingernails. He then dug the nails into Ham's nipples. Ham felt the pain, but it seemed to be distant; it seemed to be happening to someone other than him. Then the man's hands went to Ham's cock, pulling his sleeping trousers to under the ball sack and pumping his cock with one hand, while rolling and pulling his balls with the other.

The man was kissing Ham on the side of the neck, and Ham flopped his head over as the man's teeth found Ham's carotid artery and slit it, allowing the man to feed there. Ham felt the man's cock getting even larger, and he felt something else too. The man's chest seemed to be filling out, the pecs he was pushing into Ham's shoulder blades beginning to bulge. All the time Ham was being slowly jacked off, which he found quite pleasant in a drowsy sort of way, as he did the sucking sensation at this neck and the steady rise of the monster cock at his back.

The man sensed Ham tensing, ready to shoot off, and he quickly took his mouth away from Ham's neck and came around to his front and knelt, taking Ham's cock into his mouth and sucking every ounce of the well-conditioned athlete's spouted semen, stripping his lounging pants off in the process.

The man Ham now could see wasn't the man he'd seen in the window. He was years younger now, and in far superior shape. His face had lost most of its crags and creases, and the man was downright handsome, even without those mesmerizing violet eyes. And that cock was a regular blunder bus. Ham had been in a lot of locker rooms in his life, and, truth be known, had stuffed cock and been stuffed, but he'd never seen a dong like that. And it was still growing.

After the man had sucked Ham's cock dry, his lips traveled up Ham's torso, licking at the wounds his fingernails had opened from Ham's belly up to his shoulder. He sank his teeth into each nipple in turn and nursed what blood he could out of them. Ham could feel the sucking sensation, but he slowly was losing any sense of pain. And this vacuum was being replaced by a dreamy sense of pleasure and well-being.

The man's teeth and lips had gone to the un-milked side of Ham's neck, and he had drilled there gently and was lapping up the flow. His hands were at the side's of Ham's chest, with the thumbs of each hand rubbing Ham's nipples, causing Ham's cock to come alive again.

Ham could barely raise his own arms, but he did manage to reach out to the man's chest as he crouched over in front of him, slurping gently at Ham's neck.

Ham could feel the years melting off the man's torso as he fed. Ham ran hands over slowly redeveloping biceps and pecs, down a rib cage that was reforming into an enviable six pack, across a flattening belly, and to that magnificent cock, already well over a foot long and hardening into steel. The man moaned and sighed, and Ham wasn't sure whether it was because of what he was drinking or because Ham was trying to get some sort of understandable measurement of the rising cock.

One of the man's hands came down to Ham's own cock, which was also on a modest rise again, and began stroking it.

It was fully engorged again when the man was finished at Ham's neck. He lifted Ham by his hips and turned his back to the keyboard and just lifted him up and gently laid him on top of the closed piano sounding board. Ham was virtually sitting on the keys and for the next several minutes he was playing a somewhat unmelodious tune with his butt cheeks. The man folded up Ham's legs, spread outward from his body and let Ham know he was to dig his heels into the lower and higher octave keys to maintain his position. Ham was able to do this at least for a while, but all strength and energy were draining out of him. It was only his magnificent conditioning that was holding him together at this point.

The man's mouth came down on Ham's cock and was able to swallow it in time for his second milking of Ham's semen, and from where Ham would see, another ten years melted off the man and another fifty visits to the gym pumped into him.

The man's mouth went directly from Ham's cock to his ass hole, and the man tongued him briefly there and then chewed around the rim, slitting the rim in several places and raising little rivulets of blood, which the man licked at enthusiastically. While he was doing this, a fingernail from each hand was slitting into the artery running up Ham's inner thigh on each side into his groin, and the man sucked from each side, in turn, until Ham lost all feeling in his legs and his heels began to slip off the keys. The man had his cock head at Ham's ass hole then, and he stuffed it in to the rim of the nob. Ham was still aware enough to silently scream and to know he didn't want to slip down onto that gigantic tool. But his heels slowly lost purchase on the front edge of the keyboard, and his hands slipped off the edge of the piano top, and he slowly descended on the man's cock. There was no question of going slowly enough to allow him to open up to a four-inch-thick, seventeen-inch-long cock, so Ham's anal walls split up almost from the entry.

The man, in turn, was becoming very agitated. The rim of Ham's hole had been so cut up that the man's cock was smeared with blood from the beginning, driving him into a frenzy of glorious rejuvenation. The last trickle of blood from Ham's inner thighs was being smeared on the man's outer thighs, and the last drops of blood from Ham's slashed torso were rubbing across the man's chest, abs, and belly. He lost control and just thrust himself into Ham, pushing the young man's now-inert body across the top of the piano with the force of his plunge, exploding his semen into the center of his prey.

The next morning there was no sign of what had transpired in the music room that evening. The blood had been cleaned off the piano keys. The piano top was firmly shut over the piano sounding board and was being held shut with a heavy canvas strap, daring anyone to open it before moving it into storage. Ham never appeared in San Francisco.

The morning after

Damn, had I pissed myself in my sleep? I woke up in a wet spot, rolled over and felt a pain in my ass. My eyes popped open as I sat straight up; I was in a strange bed. Then, I woke up enough to remember last night and I smiled. Not, just to myself, but a big honest visible smile. I laid back down remembering all that had happened the night before and felt cum still oozing from my ass.

Before long, I heard a voice timidly saying, "Are you awake?" It was Don, the reason for my smile, standing in the doorway. I motioned him on in. He walked in rather sheepishly and when he got to the bed he immediately said, "I'm sorry about last night, I had too much to drink and if I took advantage of you, I really feel . . ." I stopped him in mid-sentence and explained that he had done nothing that I hadn't wanted for a long time. Our eyes met, we both smiled and he sat down on the bed beside me, put his arm around me, pulled my head toward his and sucked my lips and tongue into his mouth.

We laid there a minute and to break the silence, I said, "I think we're going to have to wash the sheets before your wife gets back in town." He said, "If we're going to have to wash them anyway, we may as well get them dirtier." I said, "yeah, let's get 'em REAL dirty." And with that, he ripped back the sheet and was all over me. He pulled me down in the bed and we got into a "69" position and sucked each other. I was about ready to blow when he pulled off and reached into the night stand and brought out the lube again.

I thought to myself, I really want him, but I can't take another fucking like he'd done to me last night. Just as the thought crossed my mind, he said, "This morning, I want you to fuck me!" I was surprised, but he didn't have to say it twice. He opened the lube and rubbed it over my dick then applied some to his ass. He laid on his back, tucked a pillow under his ass, and raised his legs, and said, "I want to watch you fuck me". I was hot, hard, and horny as hell. I wasted no time getting into position and pressing my dick against his pucker. We pushed against each other at the same time and I was in. Oh God, it felt so good. I pumped him about twice and shot my load.

"Damn! Damn! Damn!", I said out loud. He told me it was all right, pulled me onto him, wrapped his legs around me, and held me tight. I told him that I wanted it to last forever. He said, "it will, but for now, get down there and get me off, then we'll take a shower and have breakfast". I eagerly heeded his command and sucked him hard and fast until his spunk filled my mouth. I gagged not only on his length, but on the amount he pumped into me.

After laying there a while, he picked up my hand and pulled me into the bathroom and into the shower with him. We let the warm water run off our bodies and shared the soap to lather each other. We rubbed our bodies against each other and I was hard. He looked down at my cock and said, "looks like you're ready to go again". I said, "I'll always be ready anytime you are". He moved around behind me and pressing his hairy, lathered, body against me and whispered into my ear, "I'm not quite ready, but you sure are". He grabbed my dick in his soaped up hand and started jerking the hell out of it. All the while whispering in my ear that he wanted me to be his boy and his bitch. That's all it took for me to shoot cum across the shower and onto the wall.

As we finished rinsing, he asked if I trusted him. I thought it a strange question, but I told him I did. "So you know I'd never do anything to hurt you?" I nodded. We dried off, put on clothes, and headed to the kitchen for breakfast. He put on coffee and started frying bacon while I set the table and scrambled some eggs. As we worked in the kitchen, we kept brushing up against one another and would wink, or give the other a pat, or a dirty grin. About that time, Mark, his 7 year old, walked in. It was a good thing his bedroom door squeaks because Don was almost to the point of ripping my pants off to fuck me on the counter. Mark with a still sleepy voice said, "What's for breakfast?" We all sat down to eat and converse as if nothing had been going on in the bedroom, shower, or kitchen. Don's foot, and then his leg were against mine, which gave me breathless hot flashes.

During the breakfast conversation, Don asked if I would come to work for him. He owned his own business and made sales calls about three times a week, sometime staying over night. He said he could use some help and the pay and especially the benefits would be good. Mark chimed in, "Cool, you could work for my dad and come over more often." I pretended to think about it before I told them both, it was too good of an offer to refuse. Mark said, "Cool!". Don said, "I'll pick you up Monday morning" and gave me a wink.

Alter boy

When I was 16 I was an altar boy at my Catholic Church. We lived right next to the church and the old priest wanted me there all the time to help him out. One day he called me to his rectory and told me he wanted me to draw his bath. He then told me to hold his hand while he got in the tub, to keep him from slipping. He opened his robe and dropped it to the floor. I was amazed to see that he wasn't wearing anything underneath; not even any underwear.

He was so old and wrinkled that he looked funny naked. I was fascinated by his big limp penis and droopy dangling balls. He must have noticed because he asked if I would bathe him. He explained that it would be a sin for him to stroke his own penis, but it was safe for me to. I thought it was neat to hold the heavy wrinkled thing in my hands. On my knees by the tub I pulled on his penis with both hands, surprised when it grew long and stiff.

Father O'Malley laid his head back saying "Bless you my child" over and over as I washed his wiener till it exploded, squirting his hot holy water all over my hands. He thanked me, saying that I had rescued him from temptation.

He said he would repay me by performing the ritual of holy fellatio on me. He got out of the tub and dried off, telling me to remove all of my clothes. With both of us naked he had me sit on a velvet stool while he knelt on a velvet cushion in front of me. My young dick was hard as stone as he dripped holy water on it. Then he removed his dentures and slid his lips all the way to the base. He pumped my pecker with his mouth, licking and gumming it delightfully. He was humming hymns as he sucked, adding a wonderful little buzz to the sensations. When my orgasm hit I was shocked that he continued to suck me, swallowing gobs of sticky sperm as he licked and gnawed my jerking pecker.

The next day I looked forward to another visit with the priest. This time he told me that he needed cleansing in another area. He rolled over in the tub and raised his wrinkled rear high in the air. I used a soapy sponge to bathe the cheeks, but he said to use my fingers to cleanse along the crack. I could tell that he enjoyed it when I touched his butthole, so I rubbed it good. He then told me to be a dear and insert a finger into his rectum to make sure it was clean inside. I thought it was weird, but went along, sliding my pointer in and out, looking forward to the ritual that would follow.

When he rolled back over I saw that his penis was already long and hard, so I hand washed it again, causing an eruption very quickly. While he dried off I quickly stripped and took my position on the stool without even being told. He sucked my dick for a few minutes and then stopped. He asked if I could do him another favor. With my dick raging I said "anything." He explained that it was very important that a man of God be very clean and pure, and that he was concerned that his rectum was still not clean enough. He asked me to insert my penis into his rectum and try to ejaculate semen into his bowels. He said that semen was very pure and would anoint and cleanse him in divine fashion.

He slobbered on my dick to make it slippery and then turned his ass to face me. He spread his knees wide and told me to put my knees on the cushion between his. He then spread his ass wide with his hands and invited me inside. I was surprised at how easily my dick slid into him. At his insistence I buried my penis balls-deep into his butt and started pumping in and out of him like a horn dog. Father O'Malley was loving it, bouncing back against me with every thrust as he recited the rosary. I liked his butthole even better than his mouth. It felt almost as good, and I was more in control. Soon I was filling his most unholy regions with my sacred syrup. Every afternoon from then on I made my mother proud with my private sessions with the Holy Father.

First visit to an adult store

It was getting closer to my 19th birthday. And Peter my older cuz came over. As we were fooling around. He told me he had something very special for me on my 19th birthday.

That really didn't surprise me any. As like all the other birthdays he always had something different in store for me.

But this time he was really serious and kept on saying, "You just wait and see." Well this really got me going. As it was still two weeks before my birthday I kept on bugging him, but he never gave in.

Finally the day came and it was around 7pm. In Peter walked. Well I was in just my cut offs. "Well I see you're up for some excitement."

"Yeah, let's go have a round in bed."

"Oh, no we have to get going. Long drive ahead."

"Where in the hell are we going anyways?"

"You'll see." So off we went. "Let's take your car. Mine isn't running too good."

"Ok, here are the keys. You drive Peter."

"Wow, you're going to let me drive your Roadrunner?" As if he didn't already drive it. Besides I had somethings I wanted to do also.

"Well, I guess I can tell you this much. We are going to the city."

"What for?"

"You will see," is all he would say. Well you will see, too, I thought.

As we were driving along I reached over and grabbed his cock. He told me, "No, not now."

"But I am hornier than hell. I haven't cum for three days."

"Well you just have to wait."

As we got to the city he drove up to this book store.

"What are we doing?"

"You are going in there and see what it is like. This is my gift to you. So let's go."

After we entered the store, Peter was gone. Here I stood alone. The clerk said to me, "First time huh?"

"Yes it is. Never been inside a store like this."

"Well, my son, you go to the basement and you can watch movies. But you need these quarters to use the machines. Just go down he stairs."

When I entered the basement there was only one light on. I saw some guys looking at me. And heard one say, "Nice."

I found the only open booth. I entered and sat down. I noticed this big hole in the wall. But really didn't pay much attietion to it yet, that is. All at once a voice said, "Your first time here?"

"Yeah, how can you tell?"

"You're just setting there and doing nothing. Good sign. Go ahead take your pants off let me see what you have."

I took my pants off and my cock sprang up.

"Oh nice. Now stick it through the hole and I will suck on it for you. If you want to."

"Oh yes, I do. I haven't cum for awhile." As soon as he started to suck on my cock I shot a load in his mouth.

"Boy you sure did cum fast. Turn around let me see your ass. Nice ass. Back up. Let me eat your ass." As I backed up to the hole I felt his tongue going for my hot hole.

"Oh, yeah, eat me." I was in heaven. Then I thought about Peter missing out on this. Then I felt some liquid being smeared on my hole.

"I want to fuck that ass of yours."

"Ok, go ahead, but be gentle, OK?"

I felt the tip of his cock pushing on the door and in it popped.

"Ohhhh, yeah." Slowly he kepty on pushing. I thought he would never end. He felt so good. He started to pump my ass. The more he pumped the hotter I was getting. I reached down and grabbed my cock and started to jack it off. I felt the cum starting to enter my cock so I let loose of my cock. I really didn't want to cum yet. He was fucking me harder. I was moaning and groaning.

"I am going to shoot in you. I am going to fill your ass with my hot load."

Just then I reached down and started to jack my cock. I felt the cum boiling and I couldn't wait any longer. I cried out, "I'm cumming."

"Me, too." I felt his hot load being released inside of me.

He pulled out of me. I felt his cum dripping out of my ass. I heard him leave. Shit I thought I would like to know who he was. Oh well.

As I was leaving one guy asked me if I enjoyed my self.

"Yes I did."

As I was walking to the door the clerk said to me, "Son, you liked it down there?"

"Yes I did and thanks."

"You're welcome. Oh Peter said he would meet you at the car."

I went to the car, and as we were driving home Peter asked me, "Well you liked the book store?"

"Oh yes I did." I told him all about it.

"I know you liked it you were really loud."

"I was?"

"Yes and don't worry about it."

I reached over and felt his cock. "You're dripping."

"Yeah, I just got done fucking someone who was loud."

"Oh." It never occurred to me that it was Peter who fucked me untill we got home and he told me it was all set up for me. "You see, Jim I go there a lot."

"Thanks for the present, Peter." But the birthday party wasn't over yet.

Me and my uncle

Ive have always had a crush on my uncle he is a truck driver and I have fantasy about having sex with a truck driver. One cold morning in Texas, my uncle calls me, "Hey would you go with me and pick up my daughter, shes in jail!" Of course I said yes since I had the biggest crush on him...

Me and my uncle were in the car first we went to a bail bondsman to pay her bond then we had to go to find her; we went all around Dallas/Ft. Worth and we could not find the stinky jail, so out of nowhere it was all silent he just asked me, "Sso you like sucking dick?"

I just froze and taught to myself, "OMG did he just ask me that?" So I immediately responded I love to.

Then he said, "You know ever since you came out to the family about your orientation Ive been wanting to fuck you." I just froze again Im like OMG is this like a dream come true. So then he asks me, "Why dont you suck my dick after we pick up my daughter and drop her off." Im like yeah of course... Ill love to.

So we finally found my cousins location we dropped her off and me and my uncle continued I was so nervous at that point that I wanted to chicken out, but I didnt. My uncle is a truck drive, so he took me to the field were he parks his truck and we got in the truck and immediately he unzipped his pants and there it was--his cock. I then when and start it giving him a blow job and he seemed to be enjoying it The out of nowhere, he pushes me and I landed on my back. He started to finger my ass; it felt so good. The he started to fuck meit was his first experience with a guy, but he loved it.

So he was fucking my ass hardcore for about 8 minutes, then I sucked him off again and he loudly said, "Im cumming, Im cumming!" and shot his big load in my mouth... and we laid down in his trailer both naked and fell asleep for about three hours; we woke up and went at it again. What a day! We still do it up to this day and mess around in his trailer...

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