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Two hot students gets spanked

The young teacher stood before the two boys, his face severe.

"Michael, Tim. You two know why you were told to come here today. You're both good kids, but you disrupted my class on Friday, and I can't have that. I'm afraid to let you off too easily, even though you've been good all year so far. If I don't make you remember this, you might be tempted to misbehave again. So, I want you to step into my private office. Now."

Michael and Tim shot scared looks at each other but walked to the back of the room, following their handsome young teacher. Both were 18, good students, but they'd gotten caught being silly while Mr. Newman was out of the room, and he'd told them to come back to his classroom at the middle school on Saturday afternoon at 2:00.

They knew they were in for it when they walked into the room and found the shades drawn; they'd both heard that Mr. Newman was a firm believer in corporal punishment. And even though they'd talked about it together in anxious tones as they rode their bikes to the school, neither knew that the other was looking forward to this punishment with an powerful mix of fear...and desire . Once they were in the small office, Mr. Newman closed the door. He stood glaring at them for a moment, then spoke softly. "Michael, stand in front of my desk."

Michael walked forward and stood with his back to the teacher and to his best friend.

"Take your pants down." Michael hesitated, and the teacher raised his voice. "Do it now!"

Michael's sweaty fingers undid the snap on his jeans and reached to unzip them. He was acutely aware of Tim behind him. Although he'd often thought about getting naked with his friend, this wasn't exactly what he'd had in mind. Still, it was somehow weirdly exciting, knowing his best friend was going to get a good long look at his butt. The thought of Tim watching him as their teacher spanked his ass made his penis tingle. He slipped his pants down around his ankles and waited.

"Underpants too, please."

Michael put his hands beneath the elastic band of his white cotton shorts and shucked them down, his face burning in embarrassment as he imagined Tim's eyes riveted on his naked buttocks. His penis began to harden, and he unconsciously clenched his butt-cheeks in a mixture of fear, mortification--and aroused anticipation. "Lean over the desk, please."

The boy leaned his belly over the hard wood desk, feeling his tingling penis press against the side of it. His cheeks were parted, and he felt his face flush red as he exposed his bare bottom to the gaze of the adult teacher--and his own best friend.

He wondered if Tim could see his asshole. All year long, he'd felt a growing desire for his friend, and wondered if Tim shared his passion. They'd talked around the issue of homosexuality, but neither had identified himself as being gay. As he thought about Tim staring at him now, he felt his sphincter tighten.

Without another word, Mr. Newman walked forward and stopped behind the half-naked boy. Gazing appreciatively at the muscular, athletic bottom of the cute young teenager, he raised his hand back and propelled it forward.


The sound of hard palm connecting to pliant, naked buttock filled the room. Michael flinched, the pain on his butt-cheek spreading across his backside. He felt his penis stiffen, and was mortified.

WHACK! Another blow fell across his sweaty bottom, the noise cracking sharply in the silent office.

Mr. Newman kept his eyes trained keenly on the quivering young bottom spread open before him. He was getting an erection at the sight of the boy's butt growing redder and redder. The teacher had had his eye on Michael's plump young ass since the first day of class, and had longed to administer this hot spanking on it. But since the boy was a good student, he doubted it would ever happen. Now that it was, he was enjoying the hell out of it.

As for Tim, his eyes were absolutely glued to the sight of his best friend's bare butt. He'd been strongly attracted to Michael since the day they'd met, and secretly longed to see him naked. Michael's perfect, boyish rear was everything he'd imagined it to be. He couldn't believe it was finally happening -- and in Mr. Newman's office! The man was hot! Tim thought his friend felt the same way about their teacher -- and even about Tim himself--and as his penis stiffened in his pants he wondered if Michael had a hard-on too.

Mr. Newman had slowly come to stop in his spanking, and as Tim fretted about being next, Michael was relieved to think the humiliating but curiously exciting session was at an end. But instead of letting him pull his pants up over his red-hot bottom, their teacher told him to stay exactly as he was. He ordered the boy to stand beside him.

Michael hesitated, knowing he was about to expose his throbbing hard-on to Mr. Newman, and to Tim. He swallowed hard, put his hands over his crotch and turned. "Take your hands away," the young teacher snapped.

Michael gulped again and let his hands go to his sides. His dick pointed straight up and to his embarrassment he felt it bobbing away as he waddled toward Mr. Newman, his pants and shorts bunched around his knees.

Mr. Newman motioned to Tim now. "Come and stand in front of the desk," he said gruffly.

The boy didn't need instruction. He knew what was expected. He walked slowly over to the desk nervously unzipped his trousers. When he'd slipped them down around his ankles, he quickly yanked his underpants off of his butt and over his rock-hard cock. Then he leaned across the desk, his hard-on pressed against it, and waited.

Michael, meanwhile, had been unable to look away when Tim took down his trousers. When Tim bent over, Michael could see that his cock was stiff as a poker, and he gazed at it longingly, which made his own dick throb in excitement. His eyes roamed lasciviously over Tim's exposed ass cheeks, taking in every delicious detail. His friend's ass was every bit as cute naked as he'd thought it would be: rounded and firm, set high, the cheeks like twin half-melons. For Michael, having Mr. Newman see his own bare butt was hot, but seeing Tim's was thrilling.

Mr. Newman also stared at Tim's naked bottom, and smiled to himself. As with Michael, he'd wanted this boy bent over his desk all semester as well, but had pretty much despaired of getting him to bare his pretty adolescent ass before the end of the school year. And now he had them both at the same time!

Usually his corporal regime was simply a matter of leaning the culprit over his desk, spanking him soundly and sending him on his way. But it was different with these two. The young teacher had caught some pretty strong vibes from both Michael and Tim. He thought they were probably gay, and he'd often wondered if they were lovers. It was patently obvious from the teenagers' raging hard-ons that being together with their pants down was exciting them both -- and that the spanking was a further turn-on. As long as the boys were getting so much out of the experience, Mr. Newman fully intended to exploit the possibilities. He reached into his pocket and shifted his aching cock in his pants, then let the boy have it.


Tim shut his eyes in pain as the teacher's palm made contact with his butt. The pain was intense, but it seemed too coarse through his ass, around his balls and out the head of his straining cock.


The teacher's hand blurred as he brought it down repeatedly on the pliant flesh before him. The boy's butt turned a pleasing shade of pink, then deepened to scarlet as he rained blows upon the teenager's luscious round bottom. Mr. Newman's cock continued to expand in his trousers as he spanked the kid's delicious adolescent rear soundly. Tim was in an agony of conflicting responses. He was both intensely embarrassed and sharply stimulated by his teacher and his best friend gazing on his bare bottom. And while Mr. Newman's carefully administered spanking hurt like hell, it was also making his dick harder than he'd ever known it before.

Finally, the spanking ceased and the young teacher ordered Tim to go and stand by his friend. His face burning in shame, Tim turned and strode toward Michael, his young penis jutting straight out. As he did so, he saw that Michael's own cock was as hard as it had been before. They were definitely going to have to discuss this experience later ... When he was standing by his friend, Tim looked at Mr. Newman and for the first time he saw that their humpy teacher had a pronounced bulge in his trousers. He wondered if Michael could see it, too.

Michael was also staring intently at Mr. Newman's crotch. The idea that the young man was as turned on by the spankings as the boys themselves sent a shiver of desire down his back.

Mr. Newman, meanwhile, stood silently appraising the teenager's throbbing young cocks. Even if they weren't actually gay, the boys were certainly aroused. And he planned to make them even hotter before the session was over. He pulled the chair from behind his desk and placed it in front. Then he reached into a drawer, pulled out a medium sized towel and placed it on the seat. Finally, he sat in the chair and gazed sternly at the boys. "Michael, come here," he said sharply.

The teenager came to him, a look of confusion on his pretty face.

"I want you boys to remember this spanking for the rest of the year. Lay yourself over my lap, please."

Michael hesitated, and the teacher reached out. His hand closed around the boy's stiffened penis and pulled him over. Still gripping the teenager's dick tightly, he pushed the boy over his lap and raised his free hand. In a moment, the room resounded once more with the SPLAT! of a rough palm striking soft, pliant butt-flesh.

Tim stared in amazement as the teacher paddled his friend's butt once more, his fist still gripping Michael's cock. As the blows descended, he saw that Michael had begun to push his ass upwards to meet the strokes, and he found his own penis throbbing wildly as he watched.

Michael was in heaven. As Mr. Newman spanked him, he bucked up his hips to greet each new stroke, each movement forcing his cock to slide up and down in the teacher's grasp. He could never remember being so completely turned on. When he began to cry out, it was not the pain in his red-hot bottom that made his yelp, it was his swiftly mounting orgasm.

When it came, it struck the boy like a thunderbolt. He moaned loudly as he felt his sphincter tighten and wave after wave of hot boy-cum spurted out the head of his beleaguered dick and onto the towel. As his climax dissipated, the spanking ceased and Michael lay, his head spinning, over Mr. Newman's lap.

After a few moments of silence, broken only by Michael's panting for breath, the teacher patted the boy's splendid young butt and told him to get up. Tim had been unable to blink, mesmerized by the incredible scene before him. As Michael lifted himself dizzily from their teacher's lap, his penis slowly softening, Tim almost leaped forward to take his place. The teacher reached for the boy's aching-hard cock and swiftly pulled him over his knee.

Michael was now treated to the sight of Tim over Mr. Newman's lap; the teacher gripping his friend's hardy prong and laying a series of well timed blows to Tim's quivering buttocks. Just as he himself had done, he saw that Tim was pushing his bare butt up to meet the blows their teacher dispensed across the reddened butt-cheeks. But instead of simply allowing Tim to cum, Mr. Newman stopped spanking him and, licking his index finger until it was slick with saliva, pressed it between the boy's smarting buttocks.

Tim was wild with desire as the teacher slipped his index finger between his butt-crack and pressed it against his spasming butthole. As Mr. Newman worked his nimble digit into his butt, he felt the teacher begin stroking his cock-shaft. It didn't take long before Tim cried out, his anus tightening on the teacher's finger as his cock exploded, spraying the towel with hot white jizz. When he was done, he felt Mr. Newman's finger press in harder up his butthole. Finally, the teacher moaned loudly and his body shuddered as he came in his pants, shoving his finger hard up the boy's ass as he spewed his load inside his trousers.

Michael watched this display in amazement, his cock throbbing as his best friend got a thorough finger fucking by the boy's hunky teacher. He longed to grab his dick and beat off to the incredible sight of Mr. Newman's finger poking up Tim's hot butt. And when Tim shot his load, his body arcing and stiffening, all Michael could think of was getting his friend into his bed.

Tim was spent, and felt his body begin to relax. Dazed, he stared at the floor until he could focus on the linoleum again. When the boy was fully at rest, Mr. Newman slowly pulled his finger out of Tim's hot, wet hole, patted him gently on his still-stinging butt and told him to get up. As Tim walked back toward Michael, he was amused to see his friend's penis had grown stiff all over again. Their eyes met and each grinned at the other for a fast moment.

They looked at Mr. Newman, who had retrieved the towel from the chair and was folding it up. Their teacher had a huge wet spot on the crotch of his trousers. After tossing the towel back in the drawer, he turned and looked at the boys as sternly as he could. "I hope you boys learned something today."

The two youths noticed a funny look on their teacher's face, as though he read their secrets, and approved.

"Now pull up your pants and go home."

Michael and Tim re-clothed their lower torsos--already Tim was sporting a fresh erection--and trotted out of the classroom, wincing at the pain in their well-spanked bottoms. When he saw the boys outside the building and safely beyond hearing, Mr. Newman rubbed his palms together and grinned. He hadn't spanked a boy that semester before today, and he had been looking forward to it eagerly. It had been a long time since he'd enjoyed his secret pleasure. Too many months had passed since he'd had an adolescent over his lap. And today's session had an added benefit: The teacher glowed with the assurance that he'd been right about these two boys--and had been able to show the truth to both of them on top of it . As they walked toward their bicycles gingerly, their bottoms burning, Michael and Tim had only two questions between them: was the ride home on their bikes going to be torture--and when could they see each other naked again?

They slowly mounted their bicycles, wincing. Michael stole a sidelong glance at his best friend and said, "My folks are out of town. Wanna come over?"

Tim felt a huge grin spread across his face. "You thinking what I'm thinking?"

Michael grinned back at him and placed his hand over his friend's crotch. Tim's penis jumped at Michael's touch. "What do YOU think?"

"Let's go!" Tim cried. And they were off.

Forced sex with the in-laws

My wife and I had been married about 25 years when we started thinking about buying some type of vacation home. When my wife's parents heard about our interest, they said that they had a friend who needed to sell a place in the Ozarks really cheap. It sounded like just the kind of place we were looking for. We planned a trip to go see the place as soon as possible. It was to be me, my wife, and my mother and father-in-law.

My in-laws had always been great. I loved being around them. They were both getting up in age, both were around 65. My father-in-law was the typical big bellied gray haired man--probably pushing 220 pounds, but always kind and considerate. My mother-in-law was his twin--chubby and huge sagging tits. I had seen her nipples a few times by accident and through her clothes and they really stuck out, at least an inch when she was cold.

My father-in-law, Keith, had gotten detailed directions to the mountain home and a key from his friend. The day before we were to leave, my wife got word that she was needed at work for an audit. She really wasn't that upset as she didn't like long car trips. So it was just the three of us.

We left early Monday morning on our voyage with the goal of spending only one night in a motel. We arrived late at a Motel 6 and got only one room. Sharing a room was not new for us as we had done this on many trips with them before. I think the in-laws had long stopped having sex.

The next morning, we got back on the road and were soon in the mountains of the Ozarks. The scenery was incredible. My mother-in-law, Helen, was in the back seat having the time of her life. Keith was helping me navigate in the front seat. After we turned off of the main road, we were strictly on dirt back roads with no markings at all. Fortunately, the map we had from the owners was fairly detailed. We were at least 40 miles back in the sticks when we finally reached a cabin perched on the side of a mountain. The view was incredible. The air was clean and cool. We knew that this was the place for us.

The three of us quickly got out and looked the place over. Keith opened the cabin and we went inside. The place had a nice kitchen, two bedrooms and a huge living area. The living area also had a king size bed pushed into one corner.

We had just decided to unpack the car when we were startled by a booming voice from the front door. "What you folks doin here?" We all turned to see a large elderly man wearing overalls standing in the door. He was also holding a shot gun. Keith stepped forward and began, "Im Keith, this is my wife Helen, and that is our son-in-law, Mark. We're here to look at the cabin. The owners are friends of ours and we're thinking about buying it." The man quickly replied, "Im the owner of this place, and you folks are trespassin."

I could tell my father-in-law was getting a little nervous as he told man, "I don't think we're in the wrong place, but we will be happy to leave until we can sort this situation out." "I don't need no sortin, you are trespassin. Now the three of ya, back up against the bed." We all moved back against the bed in the living room. The burly grampa then stated, "Now you need to pay for your crime." Me and my father-in-law began reaching for our wallets. "I don't need no money, I want some entertainment. Now all of you strip."

Helen had been very quiet up until this point, but she immediately began protesting and sternly telling the old grandpa that he was out of his mind if he thought we were going to strip. That's when we heard the shot gun being pumped as a shell was readied. We knew at that point he was serious. The three of us slowly began removing our clothes until we were all down to our underwear. I have to say that seeing my in-laws in their underwear was giving me a hard on, just when I didn't need one. "Off with the rest of it, NOW!" our captor shouted. At this point I noticed he had lowered the shot gun and his hand was reaching inside his overalls past his huge belly. I knew he was rubbing that old grandpa cock.

We all slowly removed our underwear. To my surprise, Keith was also showing signs of a hard on. The foreskin on his old uncut cock was beginning to slide back just a bit as I watched him lower his boxers. It was no use hiding my hard cock. It was at full staff as I dropped my underwear and everyone in the room was looking at it. I didn't think I could get any harder until I turned to see my mother-in-law uncovering those 44DDD tits. Her nipples were sticking out at least an inch, with huge saucers behind them. She then leaned over to pull down her panties. That is when I saw the most beautiful hairy cunt I have ever seen. It was incredible and she knew every male in the room was looking at her pussy. I could almost smell her cunt.

Our grandpa captor then ordered the three of us onto the bed, with Helen to be in the middle. "Boys, each of you take a tit and suck it", we were instructed. I didn't like being in this situation, but I had always wanted to suck her tits. Keith and I both took a tit in our mouths and began sucking. Helen was very rigid at first, but I could tell she was beginning to get aroused just like the rest of us. Her breathing was beginning to speed up as we sucked on those hard erect nipples.

I soon heard, "Hey son-in-law, keep suckin that tit, but you need to reach over and stroke your daddy-in-laws cock." I had never ever touched another man's cock, but I realized I really wanted to stroke Keith's cock. I reached over and began fondling those huge hanging balls and was soon moving my hand up and down on his shaft; all the while sucking Helen's tit. Keith now had a solid hard on and I knew he was enjoying it. I knew it wouldn't be long before one of us would cum, but our captor decided it was time for me to change position. "Keith, you keep sucking that tit, but son-in-law, get between her legs and lick that cunt and asshole."

My mature mother-in-law slowly spread her legs as I release suction on her nipple and repositioned myself between her legs. Her pussy smelled so good. It was powdered and very hairy. I slowly began to lick up and down on her slit and it quickly began to open for me revealing a wet pink interior. Her pussy juice was heaven. I buried my tongue into her as deeply as I could. She softly began moaning as her tit was being sucked and her pussy stimulated. Her clit became aroused and sprang up about a half inch. I responded by sucking on it like it was another nipple. Just when I got into a good pattern of licking, Grandpa ordered me to start on her asshole. I had to get my hands under her thighs and lift them so that I could gain access to her rosebud. It was already wet from the licking and pussy juice that was leaking out. My tongue began circling her opening and then pushing deeper as it relaxed and opened. I could see Keith's cock was throbbing as I know he could hear the slurping I was doing on his wife. She was actually squealing as my tongue was in as deep as I could push it into her asshole. I thought I would cum any second as I experienced the smell and sounds of rimming my 65 year old mother-in-law.

Our Grandpa captor had other plans though. "Boy, you want to fuck your mamma-in-law?" He knew that I did and I knew that Helen was ready. Grandpa ordered Keith to lay on his back and for Helen to begin sucking him. My mother-in-law then revealed that she had never sucked a cock and wasn't about to start. My pour father-in-law had never had his cock sucked. Our captor, though, told her bluntly, "You either suck his or you suck mine". She slowly began licking and bobbing on Keith's hard cock. "Now son-in-law, move in behind her and fuck her doggy style". I was ready. My cock slid in with no resistance. I think it startled her a little as my cock appeared to be about 2" longer than Keith's. I had entered a virgin region of her pussy and she was loving it. Keith was also about to cum as I noticed the strained look on his face. I couldn't take anymore and began slamming my cock hard into my mother-in-law. She stopped sucking Keith to scream and I saw stream after stream of my father-in-laws cum pump onto her face. I buried my cock deep into her cunt and held it there as I pumped a full load of cum into her cunt. She was licking the cum off of her face as I finished squirting the last drops into her warm pussy.

I was slowly pulling out when I heard a noise behind me. I turned to see our Grandpa captor stepping out of his overalls and he was showing the thickest cock I have ever seen. He really was as thick as a beer can. Not very long, but I don't think I could have put my hand completely around it. I could also see the look of surprise on Keith's face as well. Helen was still up on her hands and knees and had no clue that she had another naked man in the room staring at a gaping cunt with lots of cum leaking out of it.

Grandpa quietly pulled me aside and aligned his sausage with her cunt. Keith was really getting into watching this old man about rip his wife's pussy apart. Keith looked at me shook his head as if to say, let him do it. I moved aside and watched as the tip of the old cock was rubbed against her soaking pussy lips. She still thought it was me playing with her as she began rock back against the old man's cock. His cock was finally wet enough the he began pushing in and penetrating and stretching her pussy walls. He was about half way in when she realized that something was different. Just as she turned her head to see what was happening, Grampa forced his sausage all the way in. Helen screamed both from the size of the cock inside her and from seeing that it was our captor now fucking her. She didn't know quite what to do as she looked at Keith for guidance. Keith just smiled and said, "You have to let him fuck you".

Keith and I both saw the shot gun lying on the floor, but neither of us was interested in stopping what we were doing. Seeing his wife fucked a second time had given Keith and me raging hardons again. My father-in-law reached over and began stroking my cock as he led me onto the bed next to where his wife was being stretched and fucked. She was really enjoying herself at this point as she was rocking onto the huge donkey size cock.

Keith meanwhile had pushed me down and was beginning to lick and suck my cock. It was still covered with cum and pussy juice from fucking his wife. He seemed to relish the sucking even more as he cleaned my cock and balls. Keith then raised my legs and began licking my asshole. I had never had this done to me by anyone. What an incredible feeling. I'm not sure who was squealing more, me or my mother-in-law.

Keith had stopped licking my asshole but he was still lifting my legs in the air. I was about to be fucked. I didn't know what to think. He was doing this on his own without being forced to by our captor. I was hot and delirious and I wasn't about to stop him. I could feel his cock head massaging the opening of my ass. Then he inched it in ever so slowly. It was a mixture of pain and extreme pleasure and then I could feel his balls and body against mine. He was all the way in. Slowly, he began to pump my ass. He sped up until he matched the rhythm of the old man fucking his wife.

They both were side by side pumping their own respective pussies. I now knew what women feel when they are being fucked and I liked it. The two old men were continuing to speed up and they were close to emptying their seed. As if it were planned, they both began to jerk. I could feel the warm cum filling my insides. My mother-in-law was screaming like a wild animal. She was cumming harder than she had ever done in her life. Suddenly, my prim and proper mother-in-law was screaming, "fuck me" over and over again. It surprised everyone in the room.

My father-in-law was lying on top of me as he let his cock finish emptying into me. He then stood up slowing pulling out of my ass. Grampa was doing the same as everyone was exhausted from the fuck fest.

The old man then walked over and began dressing in his overalls. "I hope you folks like the place and buy it. Love to do this again sometime". With that, he grabbed his shot gun and left.

My in-laws were very quiet as we dressed and left for home. We had driven for about an hour when my mother-in-law said, "We need to buy this place and come back". Keith looked at me and winked as we both knew that our sex lives were about to dramatically improve.


After expending a very interesting visit to the Johnson Space Center in Houston we headed to San Antonio to visit Daddy Patrick. We arrived to the city limits around six o'clock and took a while until we finally found his address.

He lived in a bungalow style house, there were two cars in front of the garage but there was still space for ours. We saw him waving his hand from one window. We knocked at his door anyway and few moments later we saw this incredibly hot looking guy in his middle forties who greeted us: "Hi guys I'm Jared, Patrick's youngest brother. Please come in and make yourselves comfortable. He's still busy in the kitchen and will join us in a moment"

John hadn't seen him since Jared was a teenager. He was wearing a black shirt; almost one third of it was open letting show his majestic hairy chest, the sleeves only covered half of his strong hairy arms. He had a very tidy goatee as the perfect frame for his great friendly smile. His eyes were dark brown; he was bald from his forehead to the half top of his head. His jeans revealed a very well built and endowed man.

Daddy Patrick came from the kitchen and greeted us: "Hey, I'm so glad that you both finally made it". He shook hands with John at the time he said: "I can read in your faces that my little bro just made a great impression on you both". He winked at me right after saying that and hugged me very tight clenching his right hand on my butt. He whispered on my right ear: "I promise we all are going to have a great time together".

Jared is still a little bit shy but once you get to know him he's a sunshine. He lives in Phoenix but is visiting me for few days. When he was in his early twenties he used to be part of a rodeo show in Laredo , then he joined the army following the steps of our older brother Jim in the military world but that was not a life for him. Oh! Excuse me if I talk too much without giving you the chance to say a word but I'm very excited about your presence here. If you think that I'm kind of bossy you should meet Jim. He's quite a character. He joined the navy and served many years in aircraft carriers, got honorable discharge and started a telecom business. He was quite successful in it but now he's retired and lives in Fort Worth . We haven't seen him in many years. He's a very stern demanding disciplinarian guy, if he insists to share his boy with his buddies, there is no way to change his mind. His boy has to suck and swallow what he tells him to and when Jim lines up some guys, his boy better has to have a very well lubbed hole and enjoy the ride until the very last man has been completely satisfied! No wonder our brother is so popular among his former comrades, he's got a great heart and loves sharing with his friends without any limits.

After hearing that I couldn't avoid having an erection. What Daddy Patrick said about his oldest brother was not that much different of what John made me to do with his closest friends few weeks ago. I didn't know in what direction to look at, Jared presence was not very helpful to find a distraction to make my dick soft again.

Jared's partner had a delicate back surgery which involves six months of recovery. My poor brother doesn't like to fool around and hasn't pounded any man hole in four months! Can you imagine that? Such stallion like him... we have to help him before his big bull balls explode. Jared blushed when he heard Daddy Patrick talking like this.

"Well, we all are kind of family now and we are here ready to support each other, right?" said John and looking at me added:. "I'm sure that Federico will gladly help his 'uncle' Jared in any way he can, wouldn't you?" Now I was blushing...

"You already know I'm not expecting an answer after all, you are my obedient son and you do as I say. Jared, I give you my blessing to spend a whole night with my boy to do whatever you please. It's up to you if you want him or not".

Daddy Patrick interrupted, "Well John, don't forget that you're in my home and I have seniority rights. It's quite normal that Jared would go crazy about Federico's sweet ass but he also likes daddies as well, so don't be surprised if he goes after your nice tight pink hole. I already told Jared about our long weekend after Thanksgiving Day at your place. Why do you think he came here? As the say goes: a picture is worth one thousand words...".

Without even finishing the sentence he turned the TV on and pushed the play button of his VCR. Now I was really blown away, somehow he managed to place a hidden camera in John's bedroom and recorded all what happened that night between us. Jared eyes were in trance and burning in lust while he was watching how his brother was breeding me. Daddy Patrick stopped the tape right after the moment he was coming in my mouth. I was expecting that John would demand an explanation for this but all he said was that he wanted to have a copy of the tape.

None of us imagined then that six years later Jared would become a gay porn actor. At first sight it was kind of difficult for me to recognize him because he used a very thick horse shoe moustache and his head was completely shaved in his all mature men cast flicks.

"We should better have dinner now before we all get too horny and the food gets cold... I can bet that you're really hungry after your trip". Daddy Patrick had prepared a Tex-Mex meal. I had never tasted something like that before and I was not used to spicy food at all but we all really enjoyed it.

After dinner we would go out to visit the downtown area. When Jared was about to get up, Daddy Patrick accidentally spilled the content of a saucer on Jared's shirt and pants. "Sh...ut, I'll have to change my clothes. Come with me to my room Federico, I'll need your help". Gosh, I didn't know that would be an excuse to be alone that soon...

Jared got rid of his shirt and pants. He was standing in front of me wearing only but a bright red cotton lycra boxer. He had such gorgeous hairy torso, his chest was a little bit saggy but I didn't mind that at all. All those hairs covering his belly and chest were a huge turn on. His legs were very strong and nicely shaped. My eyes examined every corner of his impressive masculine body and then all my attention was concentrated on his enormous bulge. There was a wet precum stain where the tip of his penis was. He turned around and opened the closet asking me what other pants and shirt I would want him to wear. On top of everything he also had a glorious butt... Daddy Patrick and John cried out from the living room: "Hey guys, hurry up or we won't get a good place".

We went into a gay square dancing club; I had no idea that a place like that could exist in a relatively small city as San Antonio . Jared was wearing a matching black leather hat, vest and boots. He also had a very nice big silver buckle for his thick belt. He looked quite sexy dressed up as an urban cowboy. After drinking some beers I had to go to the toilet. There was nobody, I was kind of relieved because I cannot piss at ease in public places especially when somebody is standing next to me. I heard somebody coming right behind me, it was Jared. He unzipped his pants and very proudly exposed his impressive manhood confirming what I had already suspected about his endowment.

"Do you like what you see down here dear nephew? It's going to be all yours!. Patrick told me that you suck cock like no one else. I thought he was exaggerating but I cannot take out of my mind what I saw in that tape. I want to hear you moan with pleasure with each stroke of my big thick fuck pole going deep inside your warm man hole. I could tell how you really love taking a hot daddy cock all the way in and out your hairy ass. I especially loved watching how eagerly you swallowed his daddy cream. He said that you have the hottest ass he has ever fucked. I can hardly wait to be alone with you and check it out by myself".

I didn't dare to say anything; it was more than evident that he had made up his mind. I just stared at his cock which was easily more than 7 inches long in flaccid state. I just hoped that it wouldn't be so thick as Joachim's. It was the biggest challenge I had to face during that never ending night when all John's friends gang banged me. That monster cock really stretched my poor sphincter to the very limit and I did not want to repeat that experience.

By then I just wanted to be able to take a leak and leave the toilet as soon as possible... I was pushing so hard that all of a sudden I just let go a very loud fart. Oh my God! I wanted to drop dead in that very moment! It was the most embarrassing situation I could ever had imagined. I'm sure it was because of the beans in the Tex-Mex food. Jared just started laughing hysterically. Some guys came into the toilet; thankfully he managed to control himself and we left the place when we were done.

I went back to the table where John and Patrick were sitting with an open view of the dancing area. Jared made himself space on the front dancing row so we had a full view of him. His movements were very agile, it was a complete delight to look at him making all those sexy movements with his hips and winking at me every time that our eyes made contact. Of course many other guys couldn't take their eyes off of him but he only had eyes for me, it was quite flattering.

It was almost midnight by the time we were going back to Daddy Patrick's home. Jared was in the back seat with me; his heavy right hand was lying on my left thigh close to my knee. All that dancing made him sweat a lot and the smell of his leather gear combined with his sweat and eau de cologne was quite erotic to me. That masculine essence had an incredible pheromonal effect that made my inner voice cry: "You want this horny macho to fuck your man cunt nice and slow, long and deep. Make you moan with enormous pleasure as his balls press against your ass while he buries his manhood deep inside you, begging him not to stop. You want his precious hot cum wherever he wants you to take it".

The time passed by and his hand was closer and closer to my crotch. I pretended being absentminded enjoying the city lights when in reality I was struggling to stay calm and not pay attention to my inner thoughts about him. "Is there anything wrong? You're so silent". He placed his strong right arm on my shoulders and pressed me against him. "No Jared, I'm fine..."

We finally arrived to our destination; my heart was beating very hard in expectation. It was not a matter of if I would be fucked, but when and how. We all sat in the living room and chatted a while... out of the blue Daddy Patrick said: "Well, it's getting late. I think is time that I take you to the bathroom and prepare your butt for Jared". "Hey, I'm a grown up man. I can do that by myself and I don't need any help for that". "Watch your mouth young man! That's not the way to talk to an elder. This entails an immediate disciplinary action. I'll teach you to show some respect. Drop your pants and bend over my knee... NOW!". I looked at John and he didn't say a word on my behalf. "Go ahead Patrick you have my blessing, he has to learn some manners after all".

"You heard your daddy; I'm going to smack your ass with my bare hands boy". Once I was in position, John pulled down my briefs exposing my bare buttocks to Daddy Patrick's big hands. He spanked me very hard.

"Do you promise to obey your elders?" "Yes" "Yes what? I can't hear you boy" "Yes sir" "That's better boy" "Are you ready to be an obedient and submissive boy" "Yes sir" "Do you like sucking hot daddies cocks" "Yes sir" "Yes sir, what?" "Yes sir, I love sucking cocks"

By that moment my butt must have been glowing, the blood rushing to my gluteal muscles gave me a very strong pulsating feeling.

"It's OK with me brother, you may take him to the bathroom. I know you're very thorough...". "You heard Jared. Do you want me to make sure that your ass hole deserves his cock?" "Yes sir, I do"

"Do you promise to do exactly what you're told to" "Yes sir, I do" "Get up and pull up your pants... Hey, hey, hey, check this out! This little fucker has a woody!"

"What should we do about this John?". "What about if you play the video tape you showed us before while Federico services our cocks". "Great idea John!"

In no time they all unzipped their flies and sat down next to each other on the three seat coach. "You know what to do son, start with Daddy Patrick. Show him that you really meant what you just said".

"Oh yeah! Suck me boy, that's it, you really give amazing head. I wanted this so much, be careful don't make me cum. Go suck your daddy's cock". When I was sucking John's cock I could hear my load moans coming from the TV speakers, I couldn't see anything but I guess it was the moment when Daddy Patrick and John took turns to fuck me really hard. "Stop! Stop! I don't want to cum yet. Take care of your uncle". Jared's cock was rock hard oozing lots of precum, without hesitation I was on my knees sucking his dripping cock swallowing his salty manly juice. His body was quivering while my head bobbed up and down his cock.

"Look at that Patrick, my boy really knows how to please Jared. This deserves to be taped". "Fuck yeah! I have the video camera right here for occasions like this".

Jared pushed me back gently, got up and pulled down his pants and red boxers. Besides a gorgeous rod he also had big low hanger balls. "Do you like my huge balls nephew? Lick them! Take one at a time in your mouth!"..He was standing like the Colossus of Rhodes as I squatted below him, keeping my balance grabbing his strong hairy legs. "Hey John, would you like to suck my cock while your son takes care of my balls?". "Sure, I was waiting for you to said so".

After a while, John and I were kneeling facing each other in front of Jared, he kissed me deeply for a short moment and we opened our mouths lowering our jaws so Jared could slide his cock between our lips, his hands were keeping our heads together.

"This feels so great! You both make a great team servicing my cock. Oh my, oh my God! I'm about to cum, I HAVE to cum!". He released our heads. "Hurry Federico! Take you uncle's cock all the way in your mouth". "Don't worry Jared, shoot your load my son won't miss any spurt of your precious seed". Jared seized my head very firmly with both hands, face fucking me. He let go a very load guttural moan. His bitter-sweet syrup flooded my mouth many times, I kept sucking and swallowing until it was all gone. He sat back on the coach, leaned forward and kissed me deeply. "Oh boy! You really know how to make a man happy. I'burning in desire to rim your manhole till that little pucker just pulsates and gapes with manpleasure. I want to fuck your mouth again, then shoot my load on your hole and push my thick pole inside. Fucker, I want you so bad".

"Great shot! Quite hot guys! Federico, come with me to the bathroom the time has come". Once we were in the bathroom Daddy Patrick took his clothes off keeping his underwear on. "What are you waiting for? Strip off all your clothes". The scene was a dj vu of my first day with John, this time I was not scared. He grabbed the anal shower nozzle, a lub tube and told me to get into the shower...

When I was sitting in the toilet to release the water he had pumped in my guts, he stood in front of me, pulled down his briefs and slapped my face with his erected cock, then he grabbed my head with both hands and aimed his penis at my mouth. "That's it boy, open it and take my daddy cock in your hot mouth, you know how I like it". After the third enema he made sure that my ass was ready. He told me to bend over and stay very quiet. "Easy boy, just relax and enjoy it. I'm just claiming my seniority rights, remember that I'm just making you ready for Jared. You will be thankful for this preparation. You alreay saw how thicker and longer his penis is compared to mine. Even though he already released a great deal of pressure, he's still horny as hell. I dont expect that he will spend much time in foreplay before he mounts you. All he wants is to stick his dick up your tight ass... well, after this it won't be that tight, ha, ha, ha".

He pushed his dick all the way in and started to fuck me very slowly. "Oh yeah, I love this sweet ass of yours... I jack off almost every night watching our video, longing for the moment I could fuck you again." He started to fuck me harder and faster, he muffled my moans with his left hand while he pulled me against his body with the other hand. All of a sudden he released me, turned me around very quickly and made me kneel. "I want your mouth wide open. I'm going to shut my hot sperm in that hot sexy mouth. That's it young man! Swallow it all, now you know who is in charge here". He put his hands under my armpits and helped me to stand up giving me a deep kiss right after. "Don't have hard feelings. I care for you more than you think".

He put his clothes back on and took mine with him. Before he left the bathroom he handed me a white jock strap and said: "Wash your ass to get rid of the lub remains, dry and put this on. Don't forget to rinse your mouth. I'll tell Jared that you're ready and willing to be sired by him".


Against Daddy Patrick indications, I took a long full relaxing shower. I needed to put my thoughts in order. What he had just done to me didn't feel right and was quite confusing, first he pushes me to Jared's arms and then he looks for an excuse to fuck me before I had the chance to be alone with his brother.

When I opened the bathroom door John was standing waiting for me. "Finally! What the hell were you doing in there? Come, Jared is waiting for you in the living room".

Jared was standing and looked sexier than ever. All he was wearing was his cowboy leather matching gears: hat, vest, boots and very tight leather shorts, the latter was split in three pieces kept together by some kind of shoe laces. There was a breach on each leg and one in the front which let show his cock, there was hardly any room for it and it looked like it would pop out at any moment.

"Howdy! You really took your time! Don't worry I know that my patience is going to be rewarded". Jared guided my hand to the lace that hardly kept his fly closed. His heavy cock flopped as soon as I untied the lace. "Do you like this huge sausage made of man meat? Sooner or later it's going to be all the way inside you. I promise that you're going to love it".

He grabbed my left buttock and led me to the easy chair, he sat down and I stayed standing in front of him. "You look great in that white jock strap. I like your bulge, turn around... I want to check out that sweet ass before I start working it out. Hey, what's this?"

"What do you mean Jared?" John and Daddy Patrick asked almost simultaneously. "Why his ass is not as hairy as I saw in the video tape?" "Ah that... John shaved Federico's ass and balls when he prepared him for the official initiation ceremony given in honor to his closest circle of friends. That was quite an unforgettable night" "Meaning???" "John gave as the honor to breed that delicious ass as many times as we pleased" "How many guys were there?" "Five including us..." "Jesus, John! What makes you share your boy with other men in that way? Well, you don't have to answer that, I highly appreciate the opportunity you're giving to me now... I can tell that was not so long ago, his butt crack hairs are still very short."

Jared spat on his right hand and stroked his cock while he examined my crack with the other hand; he made his thumb wet and poked my asshole.

"By the way brother... I could tell that you thought that I was about to ask something else?" "Nope, you had a wrong perception" "I can tell that you're lying bro..." "Seriously Jared, what else could it be?" "Oh no, no, no. Jesus, Patrick! I know you very well. Did you fuck him already while you were in the bathroom? Be honest man!" "Errr, yes! Yes, brother I couldn't help it. At my age I cannot miss any chance to fuck a hot ass like his... Sometimes you can be so naive... You should have known that when you agreed to my suggestion of taking him to the bathroom." "You bastard! You always manage to do things like this" "Calm down brother, I was on my right to test his obediency and he passed with flying colors... " "Guys, guys, remember that Federico is my boy and I have the last word about who fucks him or not. Patrick always have my blessing to do so... Let's have fun!" "You're right John, my brother won't ever change. It's my turn now..."

Jared got up from the easy chair, slapped my butt and made me turn around. "On your knees boy! Suck my dick and make it really hard, all this nonsense almost made me lose my erection". He loosed the laces on the sides of his leather shorts so he was able to remove it keeping his boots on.

"Oh yes, lick my heavy balls, suck me as hard as you did before, this time I won't cum so easily, I'm saving all my hot man cream for your ass". He handed me a leather strap with a cock ring, I slid it down to the base of his thick shaft and secured it around his balls with the metal claps, I could hardly tightened it using the very last one. "Now you're going to see how long and thick my dick can get".

On those days I was very slim. Jared was almost one foot taller than me and very strong. He took his hat off and lifted me on his left shoulder as I was a puppet, my head was hanging over his back. He aimed the thumb of his right hand and jabbed it up my hole. He kept me in place grabbing my butt while he was carrying me towards his bedroom, all I could see was his hairy ass crack. He dropped me on the bed and I saw that John and Daddy Patrick followed us into the bedroom with video cameras in their hands.

"Hey, I thought it would be just Jared and me?". "Listen son, you just do whatever Jared asks you to do. We won't interfere at all, we just want to record the hot action that is going to take place here in few minutes..."

"Are you ready 'nephew'? I so NEEDED to get you here in bed with me and fuck your hungry hole again and again, bareback, the way a daddy NEEDS to fuck his boy. I know you want to submit to me, Federico, and give me your ass. I'm going to fuck you long, slow and deep, pulling my big thick cock all the way out and sliding it back in really slowly untill my balls press up against your ass cheecks in and out, in and out. These cameras are a huge turn on, I like the idea of horny men jacking off watching me while I fuck you away."

"John go to that side of the bed, I'll stay here right behind Jared ready to take close ups of his heavy dong pounding that willing ass"

"On your knees boy and present that hole to me". I was all fours at the bottom edge of the bed, Jared walked to his night stand and took a black jar with a very thick lub that looked almost like Jell-O.

"This is my favorite one! It's meant for fisting so it won't dry out too soon...". "What????" "Don't worry boy, I'm not that kinky. I'll only use my fuck pole in your hungry hole... no time for rimming. I REALLY have to fuck your ass"

He smeared a generous portion of that cold gel in my crack and his cock. He pushed in his thumbs one at a time, spinning them in all directions making me moan whenever they hit my prostate. "Hey Patrick! You really did a great job preparing his ass for me. It's perfectly clean and ripe for a good fuck, just how I like it"

He teased my slippery butt crack with the tip of his dick head, up and down, up and down until he kept it still aiming at my pucker.

"The time has come boy, take a deep breath and relax. Here it goes the big real thing!" "Oh God, oh my God, ohhhh... Jared!" "That's it boy, take it! Take it like a man!" "Oh Jared, gosh it's so thick, aahh!

The enormous pressure of his huge mushroom head was overwhelming, after few seconds of futile resistance my anal sphincter was finally stretched embracing the invasion of his thick long pole.

"Not even half way in boy! Keep breathing and relax, I won't stop until you take it all!" "Oh my God, it's so huge..." "Ssh, I know you can handle it..."

Jared kept pushing and pushing his nine inches cock until I felt his balls against my butt.

"Good boy! I knew you could take it all. Don't worry I'll stay still until your muscles adapt to my thick pole".

He took it out and pushed it in very slowly three more times. He pulled the lower elastic of my jock straps, uncovering my dick and balls.

"I love watching how your ass swallows my dick" "Oh brother this is fucking hot, from this angle it's pure poesy: balls over balls, your cock and his man cunt in perfect communion" "I've been dreaming of meeting a small framed guy as Federico, he's perfect to try out a position I call the crucifixtion" "We've never heard of that before, show us brother!!" "Federico! Be ready for lots of acrobatics..."

Jared moved his arms under my armpits and bent his elbows clenching his hands behind his neck forcing my back against his hairy chest, my arms were completely extended to the sides. He told me to press my calves against his thighs. He walked away from the bed, turned around and told me to release his legs. I was completed suspended in the air impaled by his huge cock.

"Wow that's quite hot brother! Where did you learn this???" "I also have my little secrets... Do you like this boy?"

The position was not comfortable at all but I loved feeling how his strong body managed to keep me like this, making it look like it was an easy thing. He turned around and walked back to sit down on the bed. I was able to support my feet on its edge. His back went all the way down to the matress and my body followed his because I was still tackled by his arms. He separated his legs so Daddy Patrick had a full frontal view of my ass being sodomized by that huge pole. Jared's feet were on the floor so he had grip to make me bounce. He finally released me and pushed me up halfway. I was supporting my weight with my arms while he was pinching my nipples. I kept moving forward so I was squatting on his cock.

"Yes, that's it boy ride that hot rod up and down"

Very carefully I spun over his dick and now I was facing him. He managed to lift his torso, first supporting himself on his elbows and later on with his arms until we were face to face, he gave me a long deep kiss. Jared told me to wrap my legs around his lower back and my arms around his neck. He got up and I was hanging in front of him taking his cock very deeply up my ass while he was squeezing my buttocks with his hands. He turned around, walked to the left side of the bed and put me there laying on my back. I released his body. Jared grabbed my ankles and made my legs wide apart.

"Now you're going to know how it feels to be fucked by a thick pole like mine!"

This was the first time that he started to move his dick in and out in a faster tempo. I couldn't make any sound, not even moan, my eyes were just spinning in all directions trying to look into his eyes, my toes were curling and clenching. I couldn't believe that such intense pleasure could exist.

"Hey John, Federico is really going nuts, look at his eyes ha, ha... Patrick stay filming on my back" "Of course I keep filming this fantastic rear view. That's it Jared! Ram that cock! It looks so fucking hot!"

Jared started to sweat a lot, he was dripping on me but I didn't mind. He released my legs just to get rid of his leather vest and started to pump his cock again... in and out with slow motioned but intense thrusts, moving his hips sideways once his cock was all the way in. He took my feet on his shoulders and I was able to touch his balls with my fingers, he loved that but he grabbed my wrists and extended my arms sideways... I was ""cruxified" again completely at his mercy.

"Oh Federico! What a wonderful ass... my hot white lava is about to burst deep inside you! Oh my God, Oh my! I'm cumming, I'm..... aaahhh!"

Jared put my feet together and bit my heels very gently, closing his eyes as he was in trance.

"I'm not done yet young man this is just the beginning. I will plow that ass until the cows come home but first I want some cock. I'll suck you real slow edging you about a dozen times till your balls ache".

He pull out his cock and took my jock straps off. He knew how to give head and once again he drove me crazy. I was oozing lots of precum and he licked it all, after a while he made me lay prone over a pilllow keeping my ass higher that the rest of my body.

"I'm going to mount you and stick my fuck pole all the way in and out over and over, I know you love it"

He pushed his dick in very slowy and then pinned me down on the bed feeling his strong hairy body topping me with full control. He licked my neck and nibbled my earlobes. He was fucking me in a real slow tempo.

"Hey John, I can see your hard-on through your pants, drop them down and come here! I want to suck some daddy cock while I fuck your boy"

Some minutes later Jared stood on his knees and lifted my ass to fuck me in doggy position, he grabbed my shoulders and started to pump his dick faster and faster.

"John, get rid of your T-shirt and stand in front of your son!. I want him to suck your cock while I plow his ass..." "Oh yeah! Federico, suck your daddy's cock and take Jared's huge fuck pole at the same time... " "Suck that cock nephew! Work it out! I can tell that John is about to cum, I could taste his salty pre-cum..." "That's it boy, service your daddy! We all know how much you like hot man protein milk shakes in your mouth. I don't want to miss that special daddy son moment in the tape" "Oh Yes! Oh yeah! I'm cumming, I'm cumming son! Don't miss any spurt... Ahhh" "Oh God, that looks so hot! I'm cumming too... "

Jared pulled my body up against his chest and John came closer to me and kissed me deeply holding me tight. Jared put his hands on John's buttocks, so I was trapped between their hot bodies.

'Nice and firm John! I think I could go for some daddy ass!! What do you think?"

John pretended that he didn't hear that. Jared pulled out his cock from my ass dripping lots of cum, I could feel it going down my legs. We all collapsed on the bed for a moment. They turned me around on my back. John was still kissing me deeply tasting his own cum in my mouth. Jared eagerly sucked my cock until he finally made me cum in his mouth. Some sperm got caught in his goatee hairs which looked quite hot. His lips joined John's and we all kissed sharing my cum in a deep kiss.

"Woof guys, hot, hot hot.... I got everything on tape!" "Well brother I guess that was enough, lets head to real family bonding. Take John to the bathroom a prepare his butt for me please" "What??? I thought you were jocking when you said that you wanted some daddy ass" "Nope! Please John, you said that we were some kind of family and.." "Ok, ok, I know what I said and Ill keep my word.." "Good John! Thanks for being so kind to my brother. Now I have an excuse to play with your ass ha, ha, ha" "Patrick!! There you go again!!" "I will try to behave myself but I cannot promise anything, eh John?" "No problem with me bro, you two are full grown men..." "Let's go Johnny! Time to remember older times... When done let's all meet in my bedroom I can't imagine a better moment to show you my brand new kingsize mattress bed"

After Daddy Patrick and John left the bedroom, Jared took me to his bathroom, he just wanted to ged rid of his boots and freshen up for the next round..

Sons surprise

I was setting at the table reading the paper, when the phone rang.

"Hello," I said.

"Hi, Dad. This is Mark."

"How are you, son?"

"I am fine, Dad. Hey, the reason I am calling is to see if it is ok to come over this weekend."

"Sure you can. But I figure you would be going out with your friends since you turned 18 now."

"Naw, I want to come over to your place, Dad."

"Ok, when will you be comming?"

"About 6 friday night."

"Ok see you then. Love you."

"Yeah me to, Dad."

Shit. I forgot to tell Mark that he doesn't have a bedroom any more. Oh well he will just have to sleep on the couch.

Here it is Friday. I have a birthday dinner ready for him and a cake, too. I was setting in the living room and in walked Mark.

"Hi, Dad. Where the hell are you?"

"In here, Mark. Well you look nice Mark in those cutoffs. And you are filling out in your chest, too.

"Yeah, been working out some. It shows."

"Oh yeah. You don't have a bedroom any more. I coverted it into my libary and computer room. I also did something with the bathroom that you were telling me to do. So I did a remolding job on it. Take a look. See if you like it."

"Wow, Dad, the shower is huge. I love it, Dad. Well I guess I will bunk on the floor then."

We ate and bull shitted for awhile. It was late and I was tired. well son I am going to hit the hay.

"OK, good night, Dad."

I was just starting to fall to sleep when I heard Mark come into my room. It was hot and I always sleep naked and on top of the covers. I looked up and saw him standing there with no clothes on. He had one nice slim cock. He was also uncut. His balls were hanging low.



"I want to sleep with you."

"OK, jump in." In he crawled. He pushed up so close to me I felt his cock agaist my ass. he felt good and I was hard as a rock. All at once he reached over and grabbed my cock.

"I want to make love to you, Dad. I waited 18 years for this."

I turned over and gave him a big kiss. I slowly worked my way to his waiting cock. I slowly took it in my mouth. And I started to suck it slowly. Then he pulled out. I thought, OK, he changed his mind.

No, he turned around, so he could suck my cock, too. We were 69ing. I took the head of his cock and worked on it. He moaned and started to fuck my face, I knew he was enjoying this. I then took is cock all the way to the base till I felt his pubes pushing on my nose.

He smelt so good. He took me as far as he could go. I knew I was just about ready to blow. I wanted to hold off till he shot, too. I worked on his cock I felt him getting a little bigger. I knew I would be treated with his sweet cream. I, too, was so close, Then all of sudden he shot. I took his load and I shot my load in his mouth.

He pulled off of me and I let his cock go. He also turned back around.

"That was great, Dad."

"You were great, too, son. Where did you learm to suck like that?"

"I have been sucking guys off in my class for about a year now. But they never did me though. I wouldn't let them. I was saving it just for you Dad."

"You jacked off then, right?"

"No, never did that either. I wanted you to be the very first."

"Well I am honered."

"Oh, yeah, Dad. Whast is that bag for in the shower?"

"Well, son I will show you tommrow, OK?" I patted his ass and we both feel asleep.

The age of innocence

I'm 18 now, 5'11", sandy blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a 6" cut. I went in for a routine sports physical. The doctor was around 53 or so. Anyway the thing was going fine until it got to the hernia check. Usually he had worn a glove, but that was all different this year. I already had my shirt off for the scoliosis thing. And my shoes & socks for the foot check. And then he told me to take my pants off and lay down. At first, he did the usual checking above my cock, but then he felt my balls. I got a boner right away. I was so embarrassed. I was afraid he would know I was gay! Then he began to touch my cock and it got even stiffer. I closed my eyes. Then all of a sudden, I feel a mouth around it.

Faster and faster he sucked, and I was already turned on so I shot my load right away and then looked up to find him stroking the cock on his now naked body. He started to put his 4" uncut up my ass and I was scared. I had heard stories about guys intestines being ripped. Not only that, he didn't have any lube and always heard that was the only way. Well he pushed it all the way in real quick in my young virgin hole. I screamed bloody murder and a nurse flew into the room and saw us, a cute 26 year old male nurse, that is. He locked the door then stripped to reveal his monster 11 1/2" cut. I almost screamed again but I was afraid someone would hear us! So then the doctor( with his short wide dick still in me picked me up, laid down on the table and the nurse climbed up on me and started 69'ing me.

He easily fit my little 2 1/2" dick in his mouth and then began to face fuck me! I couldn't breathe with his rod down my mouth. Then the doc shot his load in my mouth. I shot my little one in the nurse and he shot his in my mouth(and I had thought I couldn't breathe before)! And then he got off the table, pulled me off, the doc got up got some duck tape, put it up to my mouth and leaned me against the table. Now, you don't know pain or pleasure until you have an 11 1/2" pole shoved in your ass. So he lifted me up, climbed on the table. And I 69'd with the doctor. After Nurse Dave's huge horse cock, the doc's was a cinch to deep throat. Well to cut it short, my "physical" lasted 4 hours cause all the "test(e)s" they had to run on me and I never ever missed a routine check up or physical since. Although I do get "sick" and have to go to the doctor alot!

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