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Holiday sauna sex

The moment that I saw him I felt something in my stomach...not knowing that soon I would feel something in my ass! Jakes family had taken us away for the weekend in a big hotel. We were both 18 and had no intention of what as going to happen.

We arrived at the hotel room which was just for us two. As we put down the bags, there was an awkward silence, but neither of us knew why. To break the silence I went to the toilet, and left the door open, as I figured it was only Jake! But I turned round as I was pissing and caught him watching me. He apologized straight away but I was turned on by it. Does he like me?

Later on that evening, we had dinner and the went to the arcade, to play on the fruit machines. The I noticed he was watching me, looking at my cock region, and I was turned on, so I started rubbing ma cock, then Jake followed suit. We ended up against the door so nobody could get in, kissing and jackin each other off. After this, when we were in our room, we realised we had a double bed, so I slept naked and so did he. I was looking at him in the night. He was SO FIT!

That morning, around 6A.M, we both awoke, and went to the leisure centre. We didnt know what it had there, we thought it was just and gym. But it was a swimming pool and a sauna. We got changed and jumped in the pool. I felt tension between us, maybe because of yesterday. So I took him into the sauna, then it was only us two. I asked him

"Whats the matter Jake? Is it last night?"

"Yeah, I want more, and I dont know how to ask you Tom!"

So I slowly pulled down my swimming trunks to reveal my 6.5 inch hard-on I had received from his statement and soon enough, his trunks were down too. Then, I went down on this 6 inch cut cock. It was the best cock id ever sucked. He was moanin so hard and then cummed all in my hot, wet mouth. Then he sucked me off, and I cummed so quickly all over his face and over the sauna. We could hear other people in the swimming pool outside but we didnt care, we were so horny. He then said to me;

" Are you going to fuck me in the ass?"

"If you want me two" I said with no hesitation "We need lube"

So Jake hurried into the changing rooms and appeared back in the steamy sauna with baby oil he needed for a skin condition on this leg. That would work! So I smeared it all over my throbbing, big, cut cock, and told him to bend over. IT WAS FUCKIN GREAT. We were moanin at the top of our lungs and we could hear people saying " Are there people having sex in there?" but we continues til id shot another load into Jakes ass, which had already taken a pounding for sure! As he was smearing baby oil on his own meat for my tight ass, I noticed his dad was standing, looking through the window. Had he been there for the whole time? As he noticed that I had noticed him, he came into the room, and he was tossin off a hard-on. He said;

"I know I shouldnt get horny over my son, but wow is that good ass!"

Ok, I thought, as I put my mouth around Jakes dads meat. I was getting it in both holes. Jakes cock filled my ass but Jakes dads 8.5 inch cock was fuckin huge and I wanted it, and I got it in my hot mouth. All the cum was all over me and they licked off each others. Daddy, as I now call him, had a six pack and played a lot of rugby so he had great stamina. And I loved it. I was sucking my own cum out of Jakes arse and Daddy was sucking all Jakes cum outta my arse when the door swung open and 6 men walked in to catch us in the act. They didnt even act surprised, they jus whispered;

"Do it in your room"

So we went into the damp changing rooms and there was a teenager, about our age. So me and Jake decided to finger each others wet, throbbing arses right in front of him, to see what he would do, but he started fingering his own arse, but me and Jake had had enough rampant sex for one day and showered together, washed each others beaten cocks and went back up to the room.

And every week, me, Jake and Daddy have regular sex sessions and belong to a sex club. Me and Jake have now grown to 8 inches each and are lovin sex as str8 boiz!

Nephew does uncle danny

I was young, dumb and full of cum when I jerked off my uncle Danny! He has a 10 inch dick that Id seen while living on the farm. I wanted his cock in my hands but I didnt know how to get it within my reach.

Danny was not the best Uncle in the world, but he sure was sexy! I always loved looking at his crotch when he wore tight jeans. He wore boxer shorts at the time and his long dick always hung down on his right leg. I had to have that Cock!

I was camping in the yard outside my uncles apartment when I was 13 years old. I was jerking off with one of the neighbor kids and decided to go for the Gold! Uncle Danny was my Goal!

I went into his apartment and found that he was asleep on the couch in the living room. His wife was asleep in the bedroom. She had no idea what I was about to do to her husband!

Danny had been drinking beer but not to the point where he would pass out. He was in control of himself and capable of being himself. That changed after I got my hands on him! Finally, after a Heart Attack, he remembers my gesture to him!

Danny was laying on the couch and I gently grabbed his cock in my hands and stroked it until he shot a huge load upon his stomach. I licked the cum off of his belly and returned to my room.

When I visited my Uncle in the hospital, he wanted to show me his Catheter. I was reluctant to look but he reminded me that I had seen his cock earlier! Now he wants a replay of what happened years ago.

My hand was on his cock once again and he pushed my hand toward his ass. Im going to fuck my Uncle and he will be surprised!


In the 70's, people still cruised the streets late at night, and I was one of them. On this particular night, I noticed a guy along Sherman Way, half-heartedly thumbing a ride. I pulled up and opened the passenger side door.
"Get in" I said.

He stepped off the curb, and nearly fell into the car.

"Uhhhh" was all he said.

Even in the dark, I could tell that he was really loaded - easy meat, I thought. I had scoped him out, and was super impressed by the bubble butt that pressed against the shiny black slacks commonly worn by the buss-boys or servers, usually Latinos, my favorite pickups. But, the hair and face didn't match the Latino makeup. Sandy hair, short stature, muscular, blue eyes, not Latino, but just as nice. He looked over at me, and again, kind of groaned.

"Are you OK?" I asked

"Yeah - I just wrecked my car"

"Wow - are you sure you're OK - would you like me to take you to the Emergency Room?"

"Naw, I'm just a little sore, I'll be all right, but thanks"

"Where you headed?"

"Anyplace but home - I'm trying to stay out till I feel sober - my mom's gonna kill me for wrecking the car"

"Well, I'm headed home further down this street, so if you'd like to hang out there for awhile, it's OK with me".

"That's nice of you, if it's not too much trouble I would appreciate it - I don't feel much like walking around the streets the rest of the night till I can go home"

We drove the rest of the way in silence, except for the radio playing, and his soft moans now and then. I pulled into the garage, and we got out of the car, and I walked and he staggered into the house. We settled in the den, and he slumped onto the couch and I was in the side chair. He did his best to remain attentive, but I could see that he was really wrecked.

"How about a cup of coffee?"

"Yeah, I probably need that"

I got up and went to the kitchen. When I got back, he was slumped even further, and was sound asleep. I welcomed the chance to closely check out this young body, and it was a winner. Picture a short body builder, but not the extreme kind, the white shirt opened a few buttons to expose the chest hair (blond), and some pecs that came out of the gym. The muscular legs splayed open and the tight pants showing some interesting bulges in all the right places. As I was scoping him out, the clink of the coffee cups stirred him awake. When he saw me standing over him, he scooted back into the sofa, adjusting his pant legs just enough to accentuate his 'package' nicely.

"Sorry I fell asleep - I'm really messed up, I guess, I'm sorry"

"Don t sweat it - by the way, what's your name?"

"Uh, Mikey"

"I'm Stan - here's your coffee".

"Thanks-I'm sorry to be such a problem"

"Relax, Mikey, I don't have to work tomorrow, so if you want to, you could sleep here tonight, there's plenty of room"

"Wow, that's really nice of you - Maybe I should do that, instead of trying to face my mom with a buzz on"

"Well, you really ought to call her, just so she knows you're OK - you don't want to worry her, right?"

"Yeah, you're right, as much as I hate to call - what time is it?"

"It's about midnight"

"Oh, god,....... ah man,....why do I fuck up like this......oh, sorry for cussing.....You must have kids, huh?"

"No, Mikey, I'm not married "

"Oh......where's the phone - I guess I should get it over with"

I brought the phone to him, then stepped away to give him some space. I went back to the kitchen to refresh the coffee, and tried my best not to listen. When I thought he was finished, I brought the two cups back again.

"She agreed that I shouldn't try to drive if I've been drinking - I didn't have the guts to tell her I wrecked the car. I'll have to deal with that in the morning"

He took another slug of coffee, but it didn't seem to be doing anything to sober him up. My nasty brain shifted into high gear.

"Do you think taking a shower would help sober you up"?

"Man, I need something - I still feel bombed out of my mind"

"Well, the shower is through this way".....I led him into the small bathroom with the shower stall. I went in to the shower stall, and started the warm water running. As I came out of the stall, he was untying his shoes, then dumping the shirt, and stood up to drop his pants, but swayed toward me. I caught him, and steadied him as he unzipped, and just stepped out of them. His eyes were almost closed as he reeled from one side to the other. I held him steady, and he got his fingers into the waistband of the shorts, and without any hesitation, dropped the tighty-whiteys, and woozily stepped out of them. I was in hog heaven, eying this beautiful creature in my arms. He tried to straighten up, but it was obvious that he wasn't going to be able to stand up in the shower.

I leaned him against the entrance to the shower, and told him to hang on. He did, and I quickly dropped my clothes so I could get in the shower with him. I was soon naked, and I pushed the shower door open, took hold of him again, and walked him into the flow of the water. His fogged brain accepted it all, and he allowed me to handle him. I tried to be good, but my cock refused to behave. It lengthened, the began it's upward stance much against my will. As the water cascaded down on us, he began to react to the freshness, and slowly 'came to life' again. I tried to turn him away from me so he wouldn't see my hardon, but he caught sight of it before I could complete the turn.

"OH - Hey, man, Hey - you got the wrong idea! I ain't queer, man, I don't know how you got the idea, but I ain't like that"

As he gained his balance, he strongly removed my arms and a look of panic crossed his face, and he repeated his statement.

"Hey, dude, I'm straight, man."

He backed into a corner of the shower, putting as much space between us as possible......which wasn't much.

"Look Mikey, you may not be gay, but I am. I really tried not to have this happen, honest to god, man, but you needed help to stand up, and I was the only one around. I'm not going to molest you, kid, so try to relax, OK?"

"Can I get out now?"

I stepped aside to allow him past. He avoided my gaze, and seemed to sober up almost instantly, as he quickly moved out of the shower, and wrapped himself in a towel and started drying off as quickly as he could. He was still unsteady, and lurched sideways. I reached out to keep him from falling. It was then I noticed a big bruise on his chest, just under his tits. He winced as I caught him, and stepped back away.

"That's a pretty nasty looking bruise there - I have some ben-gay you can put on it if you want to"

He looked down at it, somewhat surprised. Maybe the booze or dope masked the pain before, but now, he seemed to feel it pretty strongly.

"Aw, man, what else is gonna happen to me tonight? "

He sat back down on the toilet, put his head in his hands, and for a minute I thought he was going to cry. He groaned softly, then pulled himself together. Putting his shirt on was painful, but he finally was dressed except for the shoes and sox.

"Look Mikey, you're welcome to sleep here if you want to. I'm not going to bother you, if that's what you're worried about. It's up to you. I'll be in the den. When you're ready, come in there and let me know what you want to do."

I figured my night was ruined in the worst way. Hot-looking, young, and straight, but scared. What a bummer. I sat down and took a sip of the cold coffee, and waited for him to make his decision. At this point I was ready to drive him back to where I found him and call it a night. He seemed to be taking longer than it would normally take to get dressed. I began to wonder if he fell asleep or something, when he finally came out.

When he did finally come in, he was carrying his shoes and sox. He stood there for a minute, then sat across from me on the couch. He looked up for a second, then looked back at the floor.

"I think we gotta talk."

I wondered what was next.

"I'm here, ready to listen - go ahead and talk"

"The reason I freaked out in there was, well, I had something happen to me once, and it hurt like hell, and I thought for a minute that's what you were going to do to me, and I just flipped out. I mean, it ain't like I never did anything with another guy before. I mean not a lot, and I ain't gay or anything so I didn't want you to think I was one of those stupid skin-head kind of guys or something. I mean, like, if you just wanted to do some other stuff, I could handle that without freaking out, you know?"

"Mikey, you have a way of confusing the hell out of a fellow, you know? You know I'm gay, and you know I got excited to be near you, and all that. Are you telling me that we could do something as long as it didn't hurt like hell? If that's the case, you know I'm ready, if you're sure about what you're willing and maybe want to have happen. Do you want to spell out what you can do and what you can't do, or what?"

"Uhhh......this ain't easy for me to talk about, man. I guess as long as you don't force something on me, we could kind of figure it out as we go along. This ain't easy for me, man, I'm sorry I'm such a dumb-ass, It's just that you've been decent to help me out, and I well, you know, I could get into it, I think."

I had heard all I needed to hear. I stood up, walked over to him, took his hand, pulled him onto his feet, and we headed for the bedroom. As we headed there, I patted him on that bubble butt, and asked him if that's where he got "hurt like hell".

"Is that what you want to do to me?"

"Yes, but I promise not to hurt you like hell. In fact, I promise to make you feel really good. I know a bunch of tricks and all of them will make you feel really good."

"You promise?"

"I promise with all my heart, Mikey, with all my heart."

I kept my promise, and oh, god, am I glad I did - I've never been the same since and Mikey didn't hurt like hell. In fact, I think I made him feel really good, because he came back for more later on.

Lessons with dad

It was the summer of 72 and I, my brother Stevey were just waking up. Our bed was just the right size for a 12 and 9 years old. It was time to take a piss and so off I went the bathroom. Stevey was right behind me so we both relieved ourselves when all of a sudden Dad walked in.

"Hello boys! How did you two sleep last night."

We just stood there and shook off the last few drops of piss and said fine Dad. Now before I go on I should tell you that the standard for our home is for everybody to go nude when ever it is possible. Only when guest were over did we wear clothes.

Dad moved towards the toilet and let his cock hang and said, "Davey would you help me aim."

I was all to happy to help. I grabbed it with my right hand while Stevey stood and watched. He started to touch himself and slowly stroked his dick. Dad let out a sigh of relief as a powerful stream of piss flowed from his cock. I felt it starting to get bigger as I held it. The last few drops I shook off his dick and then he said, "let's go have some more fun in my room boys".

The night before he promised to give us both a good fuck. Stevey was first to jump on Dad's king size bed. He laid down in the middle. I laid next to him and started to beat my 4 inch cock. Dad got out the Polaroid and said, "make a XXX pose for the camera boys".

I said, "ould you like a 69 position?"

"Ya that will be fine son."

I told my brother to get on top and he went right to it. Father took several photos and then said he would like a blow job now. "I want the two of you to work up Daddy's dick real hard so I can fuck you good and hard."

We started with the base of his 8 inch man meat and I took his massive balls into my mouth. Stevey with his little boys mouth took all but 3 inches. That boy is a born cock sucker. He was going at it like a man in the desert who just found water.

Dad grabbed my ass and started to massage me. He kept getting closer to my virgin boy hole. "Stevey, get Daddy some gel from the night stand," he commanded. In went his middle finger. "Now that I got you all lubed up Davey, I think its time for you to give up that cherry ass of yours."

"Are you sure it won't hurt?"

"It will for a little while but I'll have your brother suck on your dick to keep you wanting more. Just tell me to stop and I will. Father dipped his hard cock into the gel and then mounted me from behind. Get your butt up in the air and Stevey get under him and keep his dick hard."

He was under me in a flash.

"Don't worry brother, you'll love feeling Daddy's cock deep inside you and I will make sure your dick is nice and hard."

"Are you ready boy? Good cause here comes my big dick." He entered my boy hole with a single push. "Ok so far son?"

"Ahh I think so, just go slow."

Dad continued to enter my love tube and the pain started to get to me.

"Stop there please, Daddy."

"Ok son, just take a deep breath and hold it and while you do try to tighten your ass muscles around my cock. Then let out your breath and release your ass muscle."

It worked. I was able to take anther two inches with only 4 to go. I repeated the breathing exercise until I had all of my Fathers man meat inside me.

Stevey was so turned on by seeing this all happen up close while he sucked my dick. He started to cum even though it was dry he still kept my cock in his mouth.

"I'm going to start fucking your ass now Davey."

I held on to my brothers legs while Dad started to shove it in and out slowly. I started to really like it. My hips were bucking up and back to get every inch of his man meat.

"You like it don't you son? I knew you would. That's it boy take all of it up your tight little boy pussy." Smack smack! Dad's hands comes down on my buns. The sting turns me on even more.

"Do it again Daddy, your son has been very bad."

Harder this time and twice as many. My buns were on fire as he increased his thrusting till I was almost ready to cum.

"I'm going to cum Daddy!"

"I am too in just minute."

Stevey was now readily anticipating a small load ofLess jizz and he started sucking harder and deeper.

"Ahhhhh Yahhhhh uhhhh ohhhh." My ass tighten up and I felt ecstatic and some discomfort at the same time. Daddy gabbed my hips and this time drove his dick all the way in and let out a yell of ecstasy.

"Yahhh boy take your Daddy's cum, take it all, take it deep."

I was going crazy, my head was spinning and I felt his hot juice in me and I clinched my ass muscles around his softening cock. He kissed me on the cheek and then whispered," I love you son."

"I love you too Dad."

Stevey got up and said, "What about me? "

Dad and I both said in harmony, "I love you too Stevey!"

With that we all took a breather and laid down with Father in the middle. "You boys are the greatest. Give me about 30 minutes and I will be ready for your ass Stevey."

"All right Dad, but in the mean time can I clean off your cock and balls?"

"Sure, go get a wash cloth and clean my dick." I just laid cuddled up with my Father. He gave me a kiss on the lips and then sucked my cock until I came.

Mazolo and luigi

I met Mazolo a few years ago and even we haven't have any experience between us, because we developed a good straight relationship, we have been sharing experiences over the years about our "tastes" of sexual nature.

I met men for the first time when I was 16 years old and since my first time I've had sexual intercourse I enjoyed to "give and receive", even that I've found some guys over the years that have been "in love" with me. I would like to share with you the first time a guy felt in love with me.

It was a saturday afternoon and I was riding by a very popular avenue having a beer in my Jeep, when I got to a red light. When I stopped there were a couple of guys crossing the street, and one of them never lost contact with me, so I decided to turn and come back to try to make a move with them.

When I came over he smiled at me, he was a very atractive young stud, tall, dark skin, dark hair muscular, and the sweetest smile I've ever seem. When he saw me coming back he stopped walking like asking me to come over, so I did we started to talk and I couldn't stay there with all the traffic coming so I invited him to join me in my Jeep, he jumped inmediatly, we exchange looks and I asked him where he wanted to go, and he said that he would not like to lose the time, what about my apartament he said???, uff I said to myself this sounds good enough to have.

So we headed to his apartament and it happened that he shared the place with other guy but he was out visiting his family out of town, we got into the parking lot and without any warning he started to give one of the best kisses I've ever give or receive, we went directly to the apartament took our clothes in the same entrance we were really horny, he pushed my head down I went to suck on that beautiful dick he had.

I started to make love to his dick with my mouth until I felt the tool getting harder and hotter and began to send stings of semen inside my mouth, he kept my head close to him pushing me with his hands, so I kept sucking he never get soft and after a couple of minutes he said: ok, lets go to my bedroom I want to show you how is to make love with me, so we did he never asked me if I wanted or liked he just took a jar of gel and started to apply over his dick, I turn a bit to give him access to my ass, when he saw my asschicks he just drop to his knees and started to kiss them and suck them until he got to my hole and he pushed his tongue inside me, this wasn't my first time, but sure was the first time I felt someone that was hungry to have me I felt like I was his girl, because he acted the way I used to did it with my girlfriends.

Then when I was out of this world he jumped over me and started to push his penis inside of me and even I always asked men to be gentle with my hole, this time I didn't feel any pain he just when inside of me the good 7 inches with very much pleasure, I just arched my back to gave him more access and he spent something like 10 minutes giving me the sweetest fuck of my life then I never knew in what moment he was masturbating me but I started to come like I never did before it was something incredible I sent spurs of come further than a yard and a half of me and I felt when he started to come inside of me, he kept pushing inside me until he got soft.

We went to the bathroom to wash ourselves we did it and came back to the bed, as usual I tought we were going to get dressed and leave but when we were back at the bed he started to caress all over my body he started kissing from my eyes, my mouth, my neck, my arms, my chest, my niples, he sucked them, he kissed my abdominals, my belly boton, then he turned me and kissed every inch of my back, he sucked my asschicks, then my legs and my feet when he was done he was completely hard again he just moved a little bit and I was lubricated enough so he just pushed his dick inside me again.

This time we were on our sides I just moved my leg to gave him more access and he satrted to fuck me nice and hard, I could not understand why sometimes I've had penisses inside me smaller than this and I felt pain at least in the entrance and with this I just felt pure extasis he kept fucking me this time I felt when he started to masturbate me his hand was lubricated I was out of this world asking him to give more and more and more and more, then he just started to caress my niples instead of my dick kept fucking me and without touching my dick I started to come a moments later I felt his penis coming inside me.

We went to the bathroom again to wash ourselfs and came back to the bedroom, we layed there this time I wasn't especting to leave and started to talk he said that he was in love with me since the first time he saw me, I just listen to what he said because for me it was like something unbelievable to talk about love, this was pure sex just that, anyway he kept telling me that I was the eight wonder of the world, I just felt nice because even women with whome I became in love had not telling me things like the things he was telling me, but I didn't want to disturb him so I just listened to him, we felt into the arms of each other and I was felling about embarasing him but he did it with a lot of feeling we kissed all over and felt sleep for a while. We woke up about an hour later embarased and he started to french kissed me I replied it with a kiss too and I felt something growing between my legs, it was his penis again he turned me so he was over me, he just took my legs up and without braking the kiss he started to fuck one more time, this time he was dedicated to feel my body he was caressing me all over.

I felt him deeper inside of me he broke the kiss moved his mouth to my neck and started to sucking my neck, by this time I was again feeling out of this world, he made a big hick on my neck and I just kept asking him to fuck me harder and harder, and he was pushing inside of me until I felt myself coming over our stomaches and then he sending strings of semen inside of me, he was telling my name and he loved me, I couldn't beleived he was telling me a lot of sweet things, honey, sweet, sugar, dear, my love, etc, etc, etc, we felt embarased in the bed until we felt sleep.

When we woke up this time it was 6:00 in the morning, I didn't know what to do I should call my mother to tell her every thing was allright, but he standed up and asked me what I wanted to do, I said I think I got to go home as soon as I can, so he suggested I should call my mother and tell her I was ok, so I took the phone and dialed home and sure my mother answered and I told her not to worry that I had passed of drinks last night and I had to sleep over a friend's house to avoid any kind of problem and she it was ok but to came home as soon as I can, so I told him I had to take wash and go, and he asked me to joined him in the shower and we went to took a shower he started to wash all over my body he apply soap all over me, of course in a minute we were horny again this time when he was taking care of my back washing it I felt his penis in the opening of my hole and with my hands I opened my asschicks to gave him access and he went inside of me.

Sure I was very happy to be fucking that good, but I was starting to care about the way he was treating me, it was a nice fuck, but for me that wasn't love, he kept all the way telling me how much he loved me, then he started to come this time before me and when he was finishing coming, I started to come again like never, we finish our shower and I hurried myself to go home.

When I was allready dressed he said that he had to talk to me, he started to tell me that he was like never in love with someone and he wanted to have a nice relationship, I didn't know what he was talking about, for me that was until then the sweetes night spent with a man, but I told him ok I never been in love with a guy so let thing happened and we would see what would come up for the future, we kissed goodbye and I went home all the time thinking about what had happened that night.

I gave him my telephone and leave home.

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