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I liked reading superhero comic books. Dad says that I am too old for them, but I don't want to stop reading them. I love the stories and also the stories I make up with the characters. I imagine myself locked in a clenching struggle against all those masculine muscles. I get hard thinking about Superman's cock of steel. I blast off picturing the training Batman gives to Robin.

I was in my room the other day, reading the latest issue of Robin. I was lying on top of my bed, nude. Robin has been enrolled in a prep school, so I started making up a story about the hazing Robin faced from the other students and how he'd have to submit so as not to give away his secret identity. I'd occassionally reach down and fist my cock, which was rock hard.

"What's got you excited, Sport?" I opened up my eyes to see Dad standing in the doorway looking at my hard cock. I turned beet red and tried to hide my cock with my hands. "Relax, Sport! I don't mean to spoil your fun." Dad walked into my room, closing the door behind him. He came and sat down on my bed next to me. "It's not like I don't know how good it feels to jerk off, Sport."

I relaxed a bit, but was still nervous. I mean, here I was, naked and hard and my dad was sitting right beside me. I could feel his leg against my hip. Dad was a stock broker, but he was in good shape. Dad's hair was mostly gray now, but it looked good, especially with his sharp blue eyes. He had a build that can only be described as rugged. Dad loosened his tie and unbuttoned the top buttons of his shirt. I could see the hairs on his chest.

I had been holding my breath and when I finally remembered to breath, Dad's cologne filled my senses. My cock twitched. Dad looked down at it, smiled and chuckled a little. Suddenly I felt real sexy. I think it was because I realized that Dad was getting pleasure from looking at my body. I looked to his crotch and saw a definite bulge. My mind filled with hot sexy dirty wild and pleasurable thoughts.

Dad took hold of my hand and wrapped it around my cock. He used my hand to start jerking my cock. I cried out and thrusted my hips up. Dad laughed some more and said "You like that, Sport?" I put my other hand over his to keep him jerking my cock. "Oh Dad!" Dad took that hand and brought it to his crotch. Feeling his hard cock through his pants told me that Dad found this exciting too.

I felt a momentary twinge of guilt and disappointment when Dad stood up and broke our contact. Both disappeared when Dad started undressing. I got up and helped Dad with his pants. Dad tousled my hair when I dropped to my knees. His cock was already leaking. "Only do what you want, son" I looked up at my naked father and I felt filled with love and lust. I leaned forward and licked the pre-cum off his cock. Dad looked down, smiling. "Like father, like son!" I was too busy and too happy to care about what Dad was saying. I could feel the cum churning in my own balls.

After a minute or two, Dad stood me up. He hugged me and kissed me. "Let's finish jerking off, Sport. We'll have time for other stuff later." Dad had me sit on my bed, with my back against the headboard. My legs were spread out and my cock sticking straight up. Dad sat in front of me. He crossed his legs over mine and our cocks came together. Dad wrapped his hands around both our cocks. "nothing like a good jerk, eh Sport? Except for a good jerk with your son." Dad had the biggest sexiest grin I ever saw. Feeling Dad's hands on my cock, his cock rubbing against mine, seeing him in this sexy way, was just too much for me. My load just blasted out of my cock. It flew up to eyelevel then fell back onto our cocks, my dad's and mine. The next instant Dad did the same thing.

I felt so complete. I took the cum and spread it over my belly. I could see Dad's approval in his smile.

"Sport? SPORT!" The knocking on my door snapped me back to reality. "Yeah Dad?" "Time for supper, Sport." I wiped my cum off my belly. "Be right there Dad!" I quickly threw on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I knew I'd be jerking off to that fantasy again.

I opened my door and stepped out. I was surprized to find my dad still there. "What were you doing in there , Sport? I was calling you for two minutes." Dad put his arm around my shoulder and lead me downstairs to supper. I had a new hardon by the time I reached the bottom of the stairs.

I came home from practice. I needed to shower and needed to piss. Dad's car was in the driveway. It was Mom's late night at work. I headed upstairs, using my t-shirt to wipe the sweat from my body. When I got to the bathroom, I could hear the shower already going. Dad must be in there. The thought of Dad washing himself caused my dick to swell a little and reminded my bladder that it needed emptying.

Would Dad mind if I pissed while he was taking a shower? Should I just go in, piss and get out? I could just imagine walking in. I'd be able to see Dad's outline through the semi-clear shower curtain. "Sorry Dad, I couldn't wait!" Standing at the toilet, my shorts down to my knees. Dad pokes his head out from behind the curtain. "No problem Sport! A man's gotta do, what a man's gotta do!"

Even while I am pissing my cock hardens in my hand. I hear Dad turn off the shower. "Oh shit, what if Dad sees my dick hard!" I think. I feel Dad put his arm around my shoulder. "Got a lake in there, Sport?" I am in shock. There's my Dad standing next to me, naked, and my cock is hard and getting harder.

"Looks like you need to get rid of something besides piss, Sport!" Dad reaches down and strokes my hard cock. I can't help moaning with pleasure. I glance over to my Dad. He is looking down at my cock, smiling and stroking. I look down at Dad's crotch. Holy Shit! Dad's dick is sticking straight out and must be at least 9". I start to reach for it but stop myself. Dad looks down at my hand, then at me and then takes my hand and wraps it around his dick.

Dad starts stroking himself, using my hand, but then lets go of my hand. I continue stroking my Dad. "My Dad! I'm stroking off my Dad!" I am so excited and I hear my dad making the same moans I made when he started stroking my dick. UH! UH! UH! "Are you about to cum, Sport?" I nod my head "yes". Dad push down the toilet seat and sat right in front of me. He pulls me forward. My dick entering his open mouth. I grab onto Dad's head instinctively.

FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I blasted my teenaged spunk right into my Dad's mouth. When I looked down on Dad swallowing my juice and sucking my dick, I got harder and I wildly fucked my dick deeper down my Dad's throat. Dad grabbed my ass cheeks to steady himself, his fingers right at my hole. I could feel my hole pucker at Dad's fingers. I had been fingering myself while beating off for about six months now.

Dad pulled off my softening dick. "mmmm tasty Sport!" I looked down in disbelief as Dad licked his lips and a last drop of cum from the tip of my dick. Dad slowly start stroking his cock again. "tell me Sport, have you ever sucked a cock before? One of your buddies perhaps? Or some guy at the rest stop?" I blushed bright red. Dad's smile just got wider. "Tell me who you sucked, Sport! And how often have you sucked dick." I couldn't believe it when I heard myself saying "Me and Joey (that's my best friend) have been sucking each other for a couple of years now, Dad. And um I've also sucked Mr. Williams, my last customer on my paper route, a couple of times."

Dad put his hands on my shoulders and I willingly dropped to my knees. Dad moved his hands away from his gorgeous dick. I held my breath as I lightly ran my hands over the cock and balls that had made me. I leaned in and inhaled my Dad's aroma. "Go ahead, Sport, take a taste of your old man!" I looked up into my Dad's eyes as I opened my mouth and took in his cock for the first time. There was already pre-cum all over Dad's head. I lapped it up eagerly. Dad moaned again as I began sucking on his cock. "Oh Sport. I can see now why Bill Williams brags about the blow jobs he gets!" I pulled off my Dad's cock in shock. "Mr. Williams t-t-told you????" "Relax Sport, He never said who was blowing him. If he had, we would have been doing this sooner." With that, Dad, pushed on the back of my head and I resumed sucking on him.

Dad started rubbing my ass cheeks as I sucked his dick. I got on all fours so Dad could get at my ass better. I moaned and wiggled my ass and sucked even harder on my dad's dick when he ran his hand along my ass. He found my hole and pressed his finger into me. Dad later would tell me how amazed he was when my ass just swallowed his finger. Dad finger fucked my ass for a bit then pulled his finger out. He held it under my nose so I could get a whiff. "No time to fuck you today Sport. Your Mother will be home any minute." With that, Dad grabbed my head and fucked his dick in and out of my mouth. I gagged once, but was soon taking Dad right down my throat. With a loud grunt, Dad filled my mouth with his joy juice. I can't tell you how much I enjoyed that cum load.

Dad had such a look of peace on his face after he came. Then he started laughing. I got a bit peeved at that, until Dad pointed to his leg and foot. I blushed and smiled, looking at a second load I didn't even realized I had shot. "Sport, I think we need to go camping this weekend, just you and me!" Dad patted my ass. Dad stood me up and slapped my ass as he pushed me towards the shower. "Better get cleaned up before your Mom gets home, Sport."

The sound of the shower stopping, shook me out of my fantasy. I looked down to see the cum load I had shot in my shorts. I hurried to my room. Mom would be home soon. I kept my door open enough to see if Dad would walk naked from the shower to his room.

School had been real boring all morning so I decided to skip the rest of the day. It was real easy slipping away at lunch and I didn't live too far from school. Both Mom and Dad worked, so I figured on just heading home and vegging in front of the TV all afternoon. But when I got home, I saw Dad's car in the driveway. "Shit." I thought, "there goes that plan." Then I thought that maybe Dad was just getting some papers he had been working on last night. I quietly opened the back door and snuck into my own house.

I could see a pair of suitcases in the hallway and what looked like a shirt on the floor. Suddenly I heard my Dad yell "AAHHHHH Fuck, Yeah!!!!!!!!!" I could tell he was in the livingroom. I peeked around and almost gave myself away by yelling out myself. There was my Dad and another guy, both naked. My Dad was bent over the couch and the other guy was fucking him. I watched amazed until my own cock started to hurt. I realized I was getting hard and my cock needed to be let out. The guy fucking my Dad had the biggest dick I ever seen. My hole began to tingle while I watched my Dad's hole get stretched. And Dad seemed to enjoy it too. He was moaning and practically begging this guy to fuck him harder, faster, rougher.

Then the guy pulled out of Dad. I ducked back around the wall. I thought they would catch me, but after a few seconds, I had to look again. The guy was sitting in Dad's Laz-E-Boy. Dad was sitting right on the guy's cock. dad was facing the guy and they were kissing as Dad bounced up and down on this guy's cock. from where I was, I could see that dad's cock was hard too and rubbing against the guy's chest as Dad went up and down. I heard Dad saying "Ginny is sorry she couldn't get away from work." Ginny is my Mom's name. The guy just laughed and said "You have a tighter pussy anyhow." With that, he grabbed my Dad's hips and thrusted his cock all the way up my Dad's ass. after a couple of thrusts, He really pulled my Dad down onto his cock. Dad cried out and started blasting his load on this guy's chest.

The guy stopped fucking. Dad wiggled down into his lap. I watched them kissing and licking Dad's cum off each other. Dad then said "Oh Jake, I am so glad you are moving back. I've missed you and so has Ginny. And you can finally meet Bobby." The guy (I guess his name was Jake. I can be soooo brillant sometimes) said "I'm glad to be back. I've missed you and Ginny too. I especially miss the wild nights the three of us would spend together." It was kind of getting too mushy for me, so I tip-toed out the back door. Still I couldn't help thinking about what I just saw and what I just heard. From the sounds of things, this Jake guy had (has?) sex with both my Dad and my Mom. My cock and my hole twitched at the thought.

I nearly jumped out of my skin, when I felt a hand clamp down on my shoulder. "Here you are! When I didn't see you in Science, I figured you skipped." It was my best friend, Joey. "Want to come over my house? My folks just got some more pot in and I know where they hide it." I said "sure" thinking that sharing a joint with Joey is just what I needed now. Joey notice my cock in my jeans. It hadn't gotten soft at all. When we got to his house, Joey lead me up to his parents' bedroom. I watched him get the bag of pot and roll a joint. I think Joey's parents know he's dipping into their stash. Joey lit the joint, took a hit , and passed it to me. Joey also dug out his dad's porno stash. Joey liked jerking while he smoked and I liked doing it too.

We sat side-by-side on Joey's parents' bed. We were stroking our cocks, looking at the pictures and passing the joint back and forth. "So what had you hard earlier?" Joey was always direct. "Have you ever seen anyone doing it, Joey? I mean for real, not in a magazine or video" I asked. "Just you beating your meat is all. You mean you saw someone having sex. Who and where? Do you think they are still going at it?" I felt more turned on by telling Joey so I continued. "When I got home today, my Dad was there." "You saw your Dad fucking your Mom??"

Joey started stroking his cock faster. "No, My Dad was there but my Mom wasn't." "Your Dad was fucking someone else?" Joey's hand was almost a blur.

"No, Dad wasn't fucking anybody, he was getting some guy." "Holy...." Joey's load can blasting out of his cock, splattering himself and me.

After Joey had recovered, he said "You were just shitting me, right? Your Dad really wasn't geting fucked, was he?" "I'm not shitting you, Joey. It was real. just...just don't tell anyone. OK?" "No problem, Bud!, but if you want some insurance to make sure I don't blab this....." I didn't understand what Joey was saying, so I just smiled. The next thing I know, Joey has his head in my lap and my dick in his mouth. I couldn't believe Joey was sucking me, but his mouth was just what I needed. I grabbed his head and shoot my load into him. And it looked so hot, seeing Joey drink down my load.

Joey drank every drop I had to give. Joey then sat up, licking his lips "There, now if I breathe a word about your Dad, you can tell the whole school, that I am a cocksucker." From downstairs, we heard the door open. "Are you smoking up there, Joey?" It was his mom. Quickly we pulled our jeans back on. Joey was waving the smoke around to try and clear the air. "No Ma! I'm up here studying with Bobby."

I headed back home. I was still a little confused by everything, but between the pot and cumming in Joey's mouth, I was feeling pretty good. when I got back, I saw my Dad in the back, grilling up some steaks. Jake was sitting nearby, sipping a beer. Jake was just wearing shorts and I could see the head of his cock just sticking out of the leg of his shorts. I could feel my cock start to harden again.

"Hey Sport!" My Dad called me over. "I want you to met my college roommate, Jake. He's going to be staying with us for a while, Sport."Jake stood and shoke my hand. "So this is Bobby, who I've heard so much about." Jake held me by my shoulders. "You never said he was this good looking." Jake whispered to me "your old man is very proud of you." I'm surprized my jeans didn't rip, my cock felt so hard. I wanted to drop to my knees right there and suck on Jake's cock and make him fuck me. I was able to restrain myself...... then.

Just that afternoon, I had come home and saw my Dad and his old college roommate, Jake. At the time I didn't know it was Dad's college roommate. Instead I just saw this big hulking he-man with the biggest cock I had ever seen fucking the shit out of Dad's ass. And Dad enjoying it too. It got me so hot, that my best friend, Joey, saw my hardon and ended up sucking me off. Then when I got home again, Dad tells me that Jake is going to be staying with us for a while.

At supper that night I couldn't help looking both at Jake and at my Dad. Mostly I was looking at Jake's crotch. Mom, Dad, and Jake seemed to be caught up in reminding each other of things they did in college to notice me. Once Mom started in, "Remember the first time I caught you two together?" That caught my interest. Dad got red-faced and said "Ginny, maybe that story is best for some other time." Mom looked over at me and said "I suppose you are right Dear." Jake was just smiling like anything.

That night I must have jerked off 5 times, all to the image burned into my brain, the image of Jake fucking my Dad's ass. I could hear my Mom giggling and shrieking in her room. She is like that sometimes when Dad is fucking her. I went downstairs to get a snack and there was my Dad at his desk in his den going over some papers. I was a little confused, but then it hit me -- Jake was fucking Mom. Dad looked up and saw me there. "What's up Sport?" "Just getting a snack Dad." Just then Mom let out a really loud shriek. Dad blushed. We both looked at each other, knowing what was happening, but each not saying anything. "Don't stay up too late, Sport!" "No Dad" As I made my way to the kitchen, I notice Dad shutting off his light and making his way upstairs to his room. There was no way I could miss the hardon in his pants.

When I came down for breakfast the next morning, there was Jake in the kitchen. He was wearing only a pair of boxers. I threw a boner right away.

Jake looked over at me and smiled. "Want some milk, Bobby? It makes for strong bones!" I got real nervous, stammered that I was late for school, and ran out the door. I did see Jake chuckling to himself as I left. That got me kind of pissed. I mean I couldn't help it if I throw a boner, right? Lots of guys throw boners all the time, right? I bet Jake just likes to tease guys like me, right?

In school I kept looking for Joey. At first I thought he might be out sick or something, but then I saw him in our Science class. When class let out, Joey practically ran from the room. First getting teased by Jake, then Joey ducking on me, I was starting to get real mad. I cut my last class to hide in the bushes near the back door Joey always uses. Sure enough, Joey came running out the door. I grabbed him and pulled him into the bushes with me. Joey cried out when I grabbed him. I swear that I could see his heart pounding. Watching his chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath back, I thought "God that is so sexy!" When Joey saw it was me, he started babbling about how he was sorry about yesterday and how he had taken advantage of me and how he was sorry if it ruined our friendship and so on. He kept going on and on. I could get a word in edgewise, so I pulled him to me and kissed him on his mouth to shut him up. At first Joey tried to pull away, but then his arms went around my body and pulled me closer. My cock was already hard. I could feel Joey's getting hard as he started kissing me back.

After what seemed like a second and eternity, we pulled apart. We were both breathing hard, staring at each other. Then Joey broke out in the sexiest grin "I guess you aren't mad at me for taking advantage of you yesterday." I smiled and punched him lightly in the shoulder. "If that was taking advantage of me, you can do it anytime. But don't be shock if I 'take advantage' of you too!" Joey dived on me, pushing me to the ground. He rubbed his bulging crotch into mine and he kissed me again. "Is your house free? My mom has her bridge club over today." I thought for a second. Hard to do with Joey lightly humping into me. "Today's Thursday. Mom works late, so I have the house til 6:30." "Let's go!" Joey practically pulled my arm from my socket as he pulled me out. As we came out of the bushes, covered with dirt and with two huge hardons tenting our pants, we literally ran right into Molly O'Brien. All three of us froze for a second, Molly's books dropped to the ground.As Molly knelt to pick up her books, she was eye level with my crotch. Her eyes went wide. Joey grabbed my arm and pulled me away, calling out "Sorry Molly, Bobby and I are in a hurry!"

We managed to get back to my house without anyone else seeing us. Up in my room we sat on my bed, looking at each other. There was an awkward silence. "Um so now what?" I reached over and rubbed the crotch of Joey's pants "I think now is when I 'take advantage' of you." Joey shivered and his cock pulsed. I pulled down his zipper. His hard cock pushed his briefs out the opening I had made. There was a wet spot right where his cock head was. I bent down and could smell Joey's horny boy scent. I placed my mouth right over the wet spot and began to suck. I could taste Joey's pre-cum but also the cotteny taste of his briefs. Wanting to taste Joey directly, I tugged his briefs down with a little difficulty. Joey's cock head was slick with pre-cum. I took a good whiff and then took a tenative lick. Joey's cock twitched when my tongue touched it. I could hear the sharp intake of breath, when I took the head into my mouth and sucked. Pre-cum practically squirted onto my tongue. I sucked harder. Joey put his hands on my head and pushed me further onto his cock. I don't know how long I sucked on Joey's cock when he pulled me off.

"Wasn't I doing it right?" I looked worriedly at Joey. He smiled and said "You were great, but I want to suck on you before I cum!" I had forgotten my own cock while sucking Joey's. Joey pulled my shirt off and rubbed my chest. It felt so good. I then pulled Joey's shirt off him and pulled him in close. We hugged and kissed. Our hands explored every inch of each other. Joey reached down and undid my pants. Our cocks were hard and leaking. We had a little sword fight with our cock, laughing and giggling. Then Joey pushed me down on the bed. Joey got on all fours between my legs, bent down and took my whole cock into his warm wet mouth. It was even better than I remembered it from yesterday. I laid there watching Joey bobbing up and down. I could tell he was enjoying sucking on my cock as much as I was enjoying him suck on it. A feeling of pure love/lust filled me. I wanted to give Joey everything he wanted and also to take from him everything I wanted.

I could see Joey's cock hanging between his legs, drooling out pre-cum. I pulled at Joey and made him to realize that he should move around and over me. His pre-cum dripped on me. I stuck my tongue out to catch the drops. I put my hands on his ass and pulled him closer to my hungry mouth. We became cock-sucking animals. Slurping, licking, sucking, swallowing, humping, and moaning, we were in our own world. We matched each other suck for suck, lick for lick. I could feel the cum building in my balls. Do you know how hard it is to keep sucking while you're blasting a load down your buddy's throat? But suck I did as Joey filled my mouth with his spunk. We kept sucking as our cocks softened in the other's mouth.

Suddenly, Joey yelled "What the fuck????" and sat up. I could see a wet line across his back. I turned to see Jake standing next to my bed. His cock was out and in his hand. Jake squeezed and stroked his cock and a blast of his cum hit me right on my chest. Jake took another stroke, then shook his head. He looked down at me and Joey. "Great show, boys!" Joey got a little nervous and started to gather up his clothes. I had forgotten all about Jake in my lust for Joey. I looked right into Jake's eyes and saw a look of lust and friendship. "Don't worry Joey, Jake enjoyed himself too much to tell your parents." Saying that, I wipe Jake's cum from my chest and ate it. Jake smiled. Joey had gotten dressed. "I'll...I'll see you tomorrow, Bobby?" Jake answered "I'm sure you will. And I'd like to see you both tomorrow." Joey opened his mouth to say something, but thought better of it. As he left I could see Joey's cock hardening in his pants again.

Jake sat down on the bed next to me. He wiped the remaining cum from my chest and ate it himself. "So I won't tell his (gestering after Joey) parents, but what about yours? Aren't you afraid I'll tell your parents?" I shook my head "no" and smiled.

So there I was, sitting on my bed, naked, next to my Dad's old college roommate, Jake. Jake, who I saw fucking my Dad, who I heard fucking my Mom, and who had just caught me and my best friend Joey sucking each other.

"You aren't afraid I'll tell your parents that their son is a cocksucker?" "nope!" "and why not, Bobby?" Jake gave a stroke to his cock, which was stick out his shorts, and waved it about a bit."Well, I don't think sticking a cock in your mouth is any worst then sticking one up your ass." Jake narrowed his eyes, looking at me. "You saw." It wasn't a question, but I shook my head "yes" anyway. Jake stared at me a bit more and then said "Your father fucks me too....sometimes." My cock was starting to harden back up again. "Cool! Do you think I could watch sometime?" Jake laughed. "You are as horny as your mother, Bobby!"

I grinned. I also looked down at Jake's cock. It was hard and pre-cum was oozing out his piss slit. I leaned over. My mouth opening as I approached the cock that fucked both my parents. I quickly licked up Jake's pre-cum and then took his whole cock into my mouth. Jake moaned and put his hands on my head. Jake's cock was thicker than Joey's and it tasted different too. I was sucking all the taste I could from Jake's cock. Jake was just cooing and running his hands through my hair. I pulled off his cock and licked down his shaft to his balls. Jake lifted my head up to pull off his shorts. I took the break to really give Jake's body the once over. He was big, but there didn't seem to be an ounce of fat on him (unless you count his cock which was big and fat) He was real hairy too. I reached over and ran my hand through his chest hair. "You like my hairy chest, Bobby?" I rubbed against one of Jake's nipples. It felt hard and Jake flinched a bit. I must have looked worried because Jake said "It's OK Bobby. My nips are sensitive, but I like when they get played with. I love it when your dad chews on them." I didn't need to be told twice. I dived for Jake's nipple. I started playing with it with my tongue, then sucking on it. Jake inhaled sharply. He pressed my head into his chest. I sucked on both of Jake's nipples, alternating first the right side, the the left.

After a while, I decided it was time to suck his cock again. So I had Jake sit back against the headboard on my bed. Jake spread his legs and I crawled up between them. His cock was rock hard. I bent down and swallowed that great looking and great tasting cock. My ass was sticking up in the air. Jake reached back and began rubbing my ass cheeks. I liked how it felt a whole lot. Jake spun me around, but I kept sucking on his cock. He rubbed my ass cheeks some more, then I could feel him pull my cheeks apart. When Jake's tongue licked along my crack, my head shot up, Jake's cock popping out of my mouth. This caused my ass to push back on Jake's face. I think the only reason I didn't lose a load is because it had only been 10 minutes since I shot down Joey's throat. I moan so loud when Jake pushed his tongue right into my hole. My cock was harder that I could ever remember it being.

When I found my voice again, I asked Jake to fuck me. I could feel Jake wiggling his tongue all around my hole. Jake finally pulled back. "I'll fuck you, Bobby, but not today. You are too tight. I can tell. We got to work that hole open a bit first." I could almost see the lust in his eyes as he said "You'll enjoy that as much as the fuck" and then he pulled my ass back on his face and his tongue was back in my hole. I looked down and saw my own cock drooling all over Jake's chest. I bent my hard cock down and fucked my slit on Jake's hard nipple. I could feel Jake moaning in my asshole.

It took a bit for my sex fogged brain to work, but then I realized that if Jake wasn't going to fuck me today, I could suck his load out. I leaned back down. As I sucked, I thought about how this would feel up me and remembering how it looked going in and out of Dad's ass.

"ANYONE HOME!!??!!!" It was Dad, calling up from downstairs. I started to scramble off Jake, but he held me in place. "WE'RE UP HERE, BOB!" Jake yelled back down. I tried to pull away again. It's one thing to talk like it is no big deal for your dad to know about you sucking cock, and another to actually have him see you doing it. But Jake held me on his cock. "Keep sucking Bobby! I'm almost there." I could hear Dad climbing the stairs. Jake was thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth now. I went back to sucking. Just as Dad got to my door, Jake yelled out "FUCK!!" and jammed my head down into his crotch. I couldn't believe how much cum Jake had to shoot out. Try as I might to swallow it all, some dripped out of my moouth and back over Jake's cock.

"WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE!!!!!!" I looked up at Dad. I started to smile, but the look on Dad's face made me nervous. "What the hell are you doing to my son, Jake?" Dad pulled me off the bed. "Are you OK Bobby? He didn't hurt you, did he?" Before I could answer, Dad turned back to Jake. "I thought I could trust you, Jake. How could you betray me and Ginny like this? What were you thinking?" "Hold on a minute, Bob..." Jake started "Have you no shame? He's only a kid for christ sake!" Dad kept going on. I could see Jake getting mad. I had to stop this.

"DAD!!!" I screamed at the top of my lungs. Both my dad and Jake looked at me. "Dad, Jake didn't make me do anything. I wanted to suck his cock. I liked sucking his cock. I loved sucking his cock as much as you...."

I stopped, not sure if I should tell Dad I had seen how much he enjoyed getting fucked by Jake. "As much as I what, Bobby?" "" "He saw us fucking the other day, Bob." Jake came to my rescue there. Dad looked at Jake, then back to me. I nodded my head. Dad blushed.

"That doesn't matter. Bobby, you are too young to know what you want. Jake, you're older, you should not have taken advantage of Bobby." "Bob, he is older then we were when we first sucked each other." "We were just experimenting then, no older guy ever took advantage of us." I was starting to get angry. What did Dad know about what I want? I stepped up to him. I grabed his pants and as I dropped to my knees, I pulled them and his boxers down to his knees. before Dad could react, I grabbed his cock and shoved it in my mouth. I started sucking. Dad tried to pull me off. But I grabbed onto his legs and refused to be pried loose. I could hear Jake laugh. At the same time I could feel Dad's cock start to harden in my mouth. Then I felt Dad stop trying to pull me off, but was now pushing me further into his crotch. I looked up at my dad. I'll never forget the look of pleasure on his face. His eyes were closed and there was the biggest smile I ever saw on his face. That made me suck even harder and to run my tongue around Dad's shaft. Jake came up behind Dad. He hugged Dad and kissed him on the cheek. "He's good, isn't he?" Jake said in my dad's ear. Dad nodded and moaned. Then I saw Jake disappear down behind Dad. I could feel pre-cum ooze out of Dad's cock as he moaned even louder and wiggled his hips. "Keep that up, Jake, and I'll be wanting to get fucked again." "That's the idea, Bob! I want you hot to be fuck, then I'm going to watch Bobby fuck you silly." Fuck Dad??? I hadn't thought about it before, but the idea did stir something in me. My cock which had soften when Dad was yelling at Jake, started hardening again. Dad looked down at me and saw how my cock was hardening. "Do you really want to do that, Bobby?" I pulled off Dad's cock but kept stroking it. "Yeah Dad, I think I do." Dad smiled down at me. "I never could say "no" to you Bobby."

"A-HEM! So this is why there was no dinner on the table." Dad looked up. Jake peered around from behind Dad. I turned my head. There was Mom, standing in my doorway. "Honey, I can explain..." Dad started. "What's to explain, dear? My three guys are getting their rocks off." Mom walked in and kissed Dad on the cheek. Jake stood up and Mom kissed him on the mouth.

Then she leaned down and kissed me on the forehead. She also gave Dad's cock a lick then winked at me. "You boys keep playing. I'll order some pizza for us." With that Mom left my bedroom.

I stood up. "I uh guess we should get dressed for supper." Dad grabbed me in a hug and kissed me on the mouth. "You heard your mother, Bobby. She said 'keep playing', so we keep playing." With that Dad got to his knees and began sucking on me. Jake, Dad and I kept licking and sucking and rimming and stroking each other for quite a while. Then Mom called up "Pizza's here, boys! come and get it!" I started looking around for my underpants at least. Jake slapped my ass. "Just come on down, Bobby." Seeing Jake and Dad head downstairs naked made me shrug my shoulders and follow them down. I was a little shock but also a bit turned on when I saw Mom. She was wearing this really short teddie and it was so sheer you could see that was all Mom had on. Mom came over to me. She kissed me on the cheek but also grabbed hold of my cock. "Did you have fun, Bobby?" I turned beet red. I swallowed hard. "UM Yeah Mom I um did." "Good!"

We sat down to eat. Dad even gave me a beer. jake leaned over and whispered to me "She wants you Bobby. Your mom wants your cock."

I love my old man

I was standing there, waiting for him. He said he just had to grab something in the bedroom, and then we'd get going. But he'd been in there for a couple minutes, and I was going to fall asleep. I was tired, after all.

"Scott, come help me with this, its heavy!", I heard being called from the room.

Grumbling about going to be late for the game, which I had been looking forward to all season, I hauled all of my whopping 125 pounds of myself to my feet. I wished I wasn't quite so skinny or young looking, at 18 i looked like I was like 15. Short, blondish-brown hair, brown eyes and glasses, and a fair complexion didn't help the kiddy look, even if i wasn't a quite short 5'11.

Anyway, I went into the bedroom, and Jake was standing there, semi-struggling with something...and I could tell it was heavy, even through the robe he was struggling through.

He looked up with that smiling face of his and said with a grin, "Can you come over here and lift this for me? I can't seem to make it come off..."

I just looked at him with the same kind of grin, muttered to myself about what a nut he was, and went over to him.

Now, i have to explain this. Jake can turn me on with his words, his mind, or just his body, even though for some reason he didn't know it. Even though he was quite a bit older than myself, I never lost the feeling of temptation around him, even after satisfying it!

So i went over to him, and said "Here, gimme a sec to tinker around, and I'm sure i can help you out, ok?" He just grinned in agreement as i moved my hands around the robe, looking for the "problem". I got stuck at a couple of hard places in all of the wonderful grey fur all over his chest...played around with them for a moment. "You know, Jake, i don't think these are the problem right now, but you might want to let me check them out later.

He, not surprisingly, just nodded his head...the upper one.

I moved around to the back, found some irregular swellings...after initial examination, I realized that wasn't it either. I got it in my head to start facing this problem from the bottom up. So I got on my knees, put one hand around each of Jakes furry ankles, and just worked my way up, feeling and rubbing as i went. I looked up a little...and if saw the problem.

Whipping the belt off, the robe fell to the floor. "I think I found it, guy", I said grinning.

"You certainly did! Now you can help me get that sucker off!"

I just loved the phrasing.... Still on my knees, Jake reached down and pulled off my black t-shirt, revealing my thin torso, just starting to fuzz up. I pushed him over to his bed, into a sitting position and started going to work...

As I ran my tongue around the head of his long, beautiful member, he started to really breath heavy, playing with my hair as i played with his big hairy balls. I tongued up and down the shaft, feather kissing the head when i got to it. Jake started to moan a little...

"You need to relax, you seem tense...let me help" Said I, grinning still. I laid him down on him back, with all his limbs spread out. "First, I need to get rid of these!" I said, jumping out of dockers and starting to remove my tight white cotton boxer-briefs...

"Wait!" Jake cried. I was never one to argue, so I waited to see what was up. He pulled me up on him, and told me to sit on his chest. Weighing as little as I did, I wasn't worried about crushing him, so i sat, wondering what was going on. As he propped a pillow under his head, he told me to close my eyes. I did. I felt two hands reach around and start molding the flesh of my ass and started to get excited...and then i felt something warm and moist in my crotch.... I opened my eyes and looked down, and Jake was licking and sucking right threw my shorts! I just thought "whoa, man" to myself and said out loud, "Hey, old man, thats no way to treat a friend!"

Mystified, he stopped. I stood over him, legs spread, and dropped my now-damp shorts, letting my large member and rock-sized balls dangle. "This is the right way", i grinned, kneeling over his face, and facing his dripping dick, and just swallowed the whole things straight down. He moaned and followed suit, pushing my ass to get more of it in his mouth. As we tongued, licked, slurped and moaned, i felt him start doing some thing hole started to tickle...and all of a sudden WHOOSH, I hada finger in a place where only one thing is appreciated more. I yelled in ecstasy right into his pulsing member.

"Hold on a sec!" I said, pulling off of his hand. "Get up!"

He looked at my, puzzled, and did. I took his place on the bed, and said, "Now get on top me!" He grinned, and did, our dicks smearing together with saliva and precum. I didn't even bother with the smile, just grabbed his face and kissed him with all the passion I had flowing through me. I almost came right there, as I kissed him warm, beautiful mouth, and wrapped my arms around him, squeezing his hot, furry chest to mine, and wrapping my legs around him like I was attaching myself. This was extreme pleasure, but it was also something better--this was the love I had for this man, and it was about to all come out.

When the kiss broke off, I told him to sit up. He complied, and I responded by grabbing under my knees and hauling my legs behind my head, spreading open the already gaping hole.

"Now what am I supposed to do with that?" Jake questioned?

All I could respond was with panting and a look straight into his eyes.

He grinned and started teasing my aching hole with his fingers, licking his lips. "You know what I'm going to do?" he smirked. "Not any idea", I wickedly replied. "I'm going to suck that asshole right off of you!"

His reply could not have been more welcome!

He bent over and went to work, his and lips teasing, probing, sucking and biting all over. I actually started yelping it felt so good. If he had stopped I might have gone crazy, yet he was driving me insane anyway.

Yet he did stop...and I almost complained, until he resumed with something just slightly different...

As one, then two, then finally three fingers slid inside of me and started to explore everything I wanted it to, while a hot mouth engulfed my cock, which was now beet red and flowing with precum. I screamed in delight, not knowing what could feel better. However, I knew I couldn't last long like that...and I didn't.... "Jake, Jake!!!!" I yelled. He looked up at me and half mumbled, "Yes, what is it?"

"This is it!!"" I yelled, as i started to spurt a burning load of jizz all over his face and head, as my asshole contracted and writhed on his fingers. He opened his mouth, catching some, more just going everywhere. I grinned at him saying, "Thanks a lot old man. Get me to cum before you, just to show me up! Ill get even with you!"

Jake, of course, just grinned.

I pushed him over onto his back, and said "Now your at MY mercy.", while i started to sit on the monster beneath me--and I'm not talking about Jake!

With his eyes wide and his dick twitching, Jake was engulfed in me. I sat down all the way, leaned over, and kissed him again. After I got back up, I led my hands through the warm fuzz coating his front and said, "Don't forget these!" as I started to twitch his nipples. He started to whimper a little, and I was enjoying it all the way. Then I started to move my rear...just a little at first, then more and more! We both started to moan, and just the sound of each other made us even harder. I humped up and down, not letting go of his nipples, as he reached around wit hone hand to grab my ass and the other to jack me off. I started screaming again, and this time he joined me. Moans, yells, sweat, and cum were everywhere! I felt his whole body start to shake, and I knew he was going to blow. As soon as I felt the first spurt hit me inside, it set me off too...we exploded, and I had cum dripping out of me, on me, and all over Jake, while he nearly convulsed in ecstasy.

I fell over on top of him, squeezing him tight to me, and I just had to ask him one thing.

"Guess it's a little too late to make the game, huh?"

Me and my man

I was Friday night and I was racing home from school to get ready for my weekend with Richard.

I had met him four weeks ago through a friend and we had been seeing each other since then. He was the man of my dreams. He was 6'3, well muscled but well proportioned, tan, with black hair and green eyes. What was most attractive about him, was his authoritative personality and the way he made me feel horny just from thinking about him. He was 36 and I was 22. We were a perfect match sexually, he was a total top and since I had met him all I wanted was to be his bottom boy, his little cunt, his pussyboy that lived to please him. He was the man of my dreams and together we made a perfect couple.

I took a quick shower, as I wanted to be clean inside and out. As I stood in front of my dresser and looked for a hot pair of panties to wear for Richard I couldn't help but check myself out in the mirror. I was 6'2, and had swimmer's build. My hair was long, all the way to my shoulders and I had a good tan from a vacation I had recently returned from. I was completely hairless from the neck down, just like Richard liked it. Although I naturally had very little hair, Richard told me to shave what little I did have. I must say that I really enjoyed being totally hairless as it made me feel more feminine and knowing I was doing it because Richard told me to, made me feel horny.

I finally decided on a sexy pair of white panties I had been saving for a special occasion. It was a thong I had bought at a women's lingerie store. It was very small and I could barely fit my dick and balls inside it. As I put it on it rode up high into my crack caressing my boy cunt. The material was soft and slippery against my skin and there was a small metal heart that was attached to the front. I posed for a few minutes in the mirror and admired how sexy I looked. Next I slid into a tight pair of jeans that nicely showed off my bubble butt and put on a tight t-shirt with a large v-neck that showed off my smooth, tan chest. It was almost time. I was meeting Richard in a restaurant just a few blocks away. I pulled on a pair of sneakers and I was off.

When I arrived at the restaurant Richard was already there. He was drinking a glass of scotch as he looked up and smiled at me. "There you are. I was beginning to think you'd never show up", he said playfully as he gave me a passionate kiss. My knees buckled as he penetrated my mouth with his tongue. I wrapped my hands around his neck as he grabbed me by the waist and fondled my ass. He finally released me and we sat down in a booth, both on the same side, Richard's arm around me.

"I'm sorry for keeping you waiting"

"Never mind about that, I was waiting the whole day to finally see you"

"You have no idea how much I've been looking forward to this weekend..."

"Oh, I think I have an idea." he said as he fondled my crotch under the table. Just being in his presence was making me hard.

We ordered our food and we ate as Richard told me about how his week had gone. He was a lawyer and ran a small law firm with his friend Bill. He usually had a lot of stories to tell me every Friday. Since I was a student at the local college we didn't get much time to spend during the week so on Friday's we would have a date after which we would spend the weekend at his house, not emerging until Monday morning.

As our dessert arrived, Richard undid my jeans and slid his hand inside to feel my package. "Nice, I see you got all dressed up for me", he whispered. "Oh yeah baby" I responded barely able to contain myself. I had not cum since last Sunday. Richard didn't let me cum by myself, he made me wait all week so I was extra horny for him on the weekend. At first he would jack me off sometime during our 'sessions'. However one time I had cum while he was fucking me without even touching my dick. Richard thought it was hot that I would get off only on getting fucked and had since only let me cum in that manner. Although at first I had trouble with this, after a few weekends, the built up sexual energy from the week and the fact that cumming in this way gave me the best orgasm I had ever had, made it quite easy to cum without touching myself, only when being fucked.

As we ate our dessert Richard made his way to my boycunt and was now fingering me. I couldn't help but let out a few moans as he massaged my prostate. Richard only smiled knowing how horny he was making me. Thankfully the restaurant was nearly empty and no one was sitting in close proximity to us. Richard suddenly pulled out his two fingers and swirled them in the whipped cream from his dessert. "Lick them clean" he ordered. I couldn't be happier to oblige. I took his large hand in both of mine and I began to vigorously lick his fingers looking into his green eyes. I could taste my own ass juice and the whipped cream mixing together. Richard smiled, "You're such a little slut, there's nothing you won't do". I knew he was right and as I finished licking his fingers he called for the check. Once he paid the bill, I was about to get up as I realized my jeans were still undone. Embarrassed I quickly zipped them up and looked around whether anyone had noticed. Fortunately no one had.

We made our way to the parking lot. As we got to the car Richard seized me and started to kiss me passionately, leaning me against the car. I surrendered to his will and he took full advantage, groping me in every possible way. Richard knew I was slightly embarrassed of doing such things in public yet at the same time that the idea turned me on. Once he had thoroughly inspected my mouth with his tongue and felt up both my ass and crotch he opened the car.

As we drove to Richards house, as usual he unzipped his pants saying, "Lets get a little warmed up". I knew what that meant as I took his semi-hard dick out of his pants and started sucking on it. Richard was 9 inches long, not the longest dick I'd had in my life but definitely the fattest. At first I had trouble getting my mouth to open wide enough to even get in. However with weeks of practice I could now take his dick all the way to the base in both my mouth and ass.

"Oh yeah!" Richard moaned as he made the turn off the expressway towards his house. I was now sucking on his hairy balls one at a time. "Yeah suck that!" Richard continued to moan. We had now turned onto a small residential street so Richard was now using his left hand to hold my long hair as I resumed deep throating his dick. I would go down all the way until my nose was buried in his pubes and then come up to use my tongue on his circumcised cock head. As we pulled into Richard's driveway he began to shoot volley after volley of hot cum into my throat. As I felt the last spasm of cum hit the back of my throat we pulled into the garage. I knew better than to stop. I licked the now half flaccid cock from the sweet cum that had just filled my mouth. I couldn't be happier to have received Richards load of cum after a whole week of deprivation. Finally after about ten minutes Richard pulled my head off his dick by my hair.

"Common, there'll be more where that came from"

We got out of the car into the now closed garage and made our way in the dark towards the door leading into the main hallway. Richard guided me with his hand on my ass, gently massaging my ass crack through the jeans and occasionally giving my ass a slap of encouragement.

Richard lived in a suburban neighbourhood in a medium sized bungalow with two bedrooms. He had a fenced yard that was virtually private as the fence was quite high and the houses around it were all one storey high. He had a kitchen/dining room/living room open concept. The master bedroom had a large bathroom with a built in hot tub and the other bedroom Richard used as a study, to keep his law books and to do work at home. The main room was sparsely furnished. It had a nice black leather couch set including a reclining chair and a glass coffee table. There was a dining area with a solid oak table and six chairs and a large screen TV. There were a few erotic male paintings on the walls but other than that the room was nearly empty. The bedroom had a large king sized four-poster bed with a dresser at the foot of the bed and night tables on each side. There was a leather chair in one corner and a medium sized TV in the other.

As we entered the main room I stripped off my shirt and threw it on the floor. Richard went to the bedroom to change as I poured him a glass of scotch. I was undoing my jeans and trying to wiggle out of them when he came up behind me and started to kiss my neck vigorously. I could feel that he had changed into his silk robe as he was pressing himself against my back. His large hands were caressing my chest as he squeezed my nipples causing me to let out a moan. "You like that, you little slut?" he whispered in my ear "Do you like when daddy plays with your tits?"

"Yeah I love it when you play with my tits, daddy"

"Have you missed daddy all week?"

"Oh yeah I need you to fuck me daddy"

"That's my little slut. Don't worry you'll get plenty of daddy's cock this weekend. But you have to be patient. Turn around and lets see my little pussyboy"

He pulled away as I turned around to face him. He had a seductive smile on his face that told me he liked what he saw. He grabbed the scotch I had poured him off the counter and sat down in his big black leather chair, reclining back and continuing to watch me.

"Finish taking off your pants" he ordered.

I began to wiggle out of my tight jeans as he watched. It took me some time to get them off but by the time I did I could see Richard was rubbing his crotch through his silk robe. "I like you panties." he commented as I turned around to let him get a good look at my ass. "I'm glad you like them" I responded. "Go get my camcorder" he ordered.

Immediately ran to the bedroom to retrieve the camcorder from one of the night tables. I could feel Richard watching my ass as it presented itself spectacularly in my new thong. Richard often liked to record our time together to have something during the week when we couldn't see each other. The idea of him having videos of me made me even hornier. Sometimes we would watch the videos together and I had to admit they were hot. Seeing myself doing what I did got me even hornier than doing them in the first place (if that was possible). I got the camcorder and hurried back. Richard had opened up his burgundy silk robe and now had his legs open and ready for me. I handed him the camcorder and waited for what he wanted me to do.

"What's this?" he said as he looked at the front of my thong. The panties were now wet from the precum my dick was leaking ever since Richard had fingered me in the restaurant. "I'm sorry sir" I said blushing as he turned on the camcorder. "Say what you're sorry for to the camera," he ordered.

"I'm sorry sir, for wetting my panties with my precum."

"You're very horny tonight, aren't you?"

"Yes sir".

"That's ok I like it when you get like this, the hornier you are the more you beg for this." he said pointing to his cock. "It's a shame you ruined those panties though. You'll have nothing else to wear all weekend. I guess I'll need to keep you naked until Monday. Take them off."

I slid off the panties slowly just the way Richard liked it. First I pulled down the back working the panties down over each of my round butt cheeks. Then I turned around and worked the front down, my dick immediately sprung out, released from its cage, sticking out 6 inches from my hairless pubic area. I wiggled out of the panties bending over with my ass towards Richard revealing my eager, hairless, boycunt. I could hear as Richard zoomed in on my hole and so I took some extra time to finally get the panties off my feet.

"Nice. Come here and show daddy what you're good at."

I approached Richard slowly getting on my knees as he pointed to the area between his legs. "Get to work boy." he ordered.

I didn't need to be told twice. I took told of Richard's cock and began to work the shaft with my spit getting it nice and wet. I looked up at Richard from time to time making sure to smile seductively into the camera, just the way he liked it. I was working his cock for about 20 minutes as he continued to film me, when he pushed my head off, "Go get my riding crop" I hurried to the bedroom to retrieve a long, black riding crop from the closet where Richard kept all sorts of sex toys he liked to use on me. I ran back, my dick bobbing up and down as I got back between Richard's legs, handing him the crop. "Good boy." he commented, "Get back to work and stick your ass out a bit more so that I can get it warmed up".

I resumed sucking on Richards 9inch cock, taking it all the way down to his pubes burying my nose and taking a good whiff of my man. At the same time I pushed out my ass, spreading my legs slightly in order to expose my cunt as Richard liked to whip me directly on my hole.

I began to moan as Richard was warming my ass up with the crop while at the same time filming the whole thing with his other hand. He started with my butt cheeks, alternating between the two until they were stinging quite a bit. I imagined my butt must have had a nice pink glow by then. Then came what I liked the most. Richard began to use the crop to tease my hole, gently spanking it in succession and rubbing it against my cunt lips. My hole began to pulse as I was trying to savour the attention it was getting.

"Ok I think you've earned the right to take my cock up your ass. Go get some lube from the night stand"

As I quickly ran to the bedroom to retrieve the lube Richard mounted the camcorder on a tripod we frequently used. He removed his robe and when I arrived back was reclining back in his black leather chair. I handed him the lube as he squirted some on his dick and began to work up and down his shaft. "Beg" he ordered. As I got on my knees in front of his chair, my dick still leaking precum, I couldn't be more hornier.

"Please sir, fuck me. I need you inside me. I need you to fill me with your seed like the slut that I am. Please, sir I've been a good boy all week. I need to feel you inside me."

"Ok boy you're going to ride my dick. Get over here."

I got up and began to straddle Richard as he lay back in the chair. As I got on top of him I balanced myself on the armrests. He grabbed me by the hips and slowly began to lower me onto his, now fully erect, monster dick. Although the intrusion was painful at first I quickly adjusted to the size as although my hole did not get ant use during the week, Richard made me keep it stretched for him by wearing a butt plug. I finally made it all the way down his pole savouring the feeling of fullness that only Richard's cock gave me, when Richard ordered, "Get to work"

I repositioned myself slightly and started my accent slowly until I only had his cock head inside my hole. Squeezing my cunt tightly I slid down this time a little faster, yet still taking time to savour the large cock that was now engorged inside me. With each stroke I was getting faster and faster. My leg muscles were starting to hurt from having to pump Richard's dick so fast. Since I started seeing Richard my legs had gotten more muscular as every weekend gave me quite a physical workout. Seeing my fatigue Richard instructed me to change position. I leaned forward placing my hands on his chest and slid my legs back so that I was now straddling his dick in a kneeling position over him. The change of position gave my legs a much needed rest.

I continued to work Richard's dick with my cunt and I could now hear swishing and slurping sounds each time I slid up and down. My own dick was on the verge of exploding. Thankfully I could see Richard was getting close to orgasm as well.

Then suddenly I couldn't resist any longer and my erect dick started shooting squirts of cum all over Richard's chest, some even landing on the back of the black leather chair. At the same time my cunt was going into ecstatic spasms bringing Richard closer to shooting as well. Then it finally happened, the thing I was waiting for the entire week. I continued to bob up and down on Richard's cock as he began to empty his seed deep inside my cunt. I could feel the warm cum filling me and giving me a second sense of euphoria following my own orgasm. As Richard emptied his cum inside me he grabbed me and began to kiss me passionately. I collapsed on his chest letting him do with me what he pleased. As he kissed me his dick was getting smaller inside my ass until it popped out. I immediately clenched my hole to prevent any cum from flowing out. I wanted to hold it inside me for as long as possible. I curled up in Richard's arms and we lay like that for several minutes enjoying the ecstasy that had just washed over us.

"You got your boy cum all over the place. Clean it up and don't forget to clean my dick while you're at it"

I eagerly began lapping up the cum from Richard's chest, my horniness quickly returning. I started with the cum on his chest taking extra time to suck on his large nipples. I was about to work my way down to clean his cock, when Richard scooped up the cum that had landed on the back of the leather chair and presented it to me. I eagerly began to suck on his fingers as he worked them inside my mouth, making sure they were clean from my cum. When Richard was satisfied as to their cleanliness he pushed my head down indicating I should resume my work down below. I eagerly moved off him back between his legs and resumed the position I had been in when I was sucking him off. His cock was semi-hard and as I began to diligently clean it with my tongue it began to grow quite rapidly. I savoured the taste of Richard's cum and my own juices. Luckily I had given myself a nice cleansing before our date. After about twenty minutes of cleaning Richard finally said "That's enough boy, lets save some for later. Go get yourself washed up"

I got up and proceeded to the shower knowing that Richard would soon be joining me. As I got in the shower I turned up the hot water letting it run all over my body. I had built up quite a sweat working my cunt up and down Richard's pole. I began to wash myself again taking care to be clean for my man inside and out. As I was finishing my routine the shower door opened and Richard walked in like he usually did. "Why don't you wash me now." he ordered. I didn't need to be told twice. I began to lather up his muscular body. Once I had finished washing him as was our routine I got on my knees and opened my mouth. "That's a good slut. You know you're place" With those words Richard released a golden shower right into my waiting mouth. I was careful to take all the piss letting only a few drops fall down my chin. Although this was not my favorite activity, I endured it because Richard wanted it. He said it was a way for him to 'mark his bitch' and let it know where its place was.

When he was finished Richards simply walked out of the shower leaving me on my knees. I quickly rewashed and stepped out of the shower. Once I dried myself I proceeded to the bedroom, only to find Richard sprawled on the king sized bed, his majestic body, totally naked. "Do you want a massage, sir?" I asked meekly.

"Of course I do, grab the oil and lets gets started."

As he flipped over I retrieved the oil from the dresser and began to massage Richard's back. I had taken a course in massage techniques a while back at a request of an old boyfriend so I knew what I was doing. Massaging Richard was making me horny once more. My boy cunt was beginning to twitch, in need of some more attention. Since I had met Richard the only time I felt truly complete and satisfied was when he filled me with his manhood. It was a feeling hard to describe in words. I felt like I was his and somehow that thought made me feel safe. Suddenly Richard flipped over. He grabbed me and pinned me to the bed, pressing me down into the bed with his left leg and holding my hands over my head as I lay, totally under his control.

He began to kiss me feverishly. While his right hand continued to hold my hands above my head, his left hand was exploring my body. He fondled my tits, pinching and squeezing my nipples then working his way down began to play with my dick, which had sprung to full attention due to the treatment I was receiving. I enjoyed it when Richard had his way with me, when he took control of me leaving me no choice.

Now came what I had been hoping for. He parted my legs and at the same time moved himself more on top of me. In this position he lifted my right leg and in one quick motion entered my already stretched boycunt with his 9 inch cock. In one quick motion he was in all the way. I gasped from the sensation.

"Baby like?"

"Oh yeah...fuck me...I need to be filled with your me what I slut I am...please...fuck me...I need your cock so bad...fuck me..."

Richard didn't need any more encouragement. He raised himself up lifting both my legs into the air. "Wrap your legs around, daddy." he commanded. As I wrapped my long smooth legs around his torso, Richard began to pump my cunt with his cock. I was immediately in a state of ecstasy. I looked into Richard's eyes. He was starring at me intently, like a man who knew what he wanted. As he continued to fuck my ass, I could hear his balls hitting my back with each vigorous stroke. I had expanded to accommodate his cock, so that now he was gliding in and out with ease. As Richard increased his pace he grabbed both my legs spreading them further apart in the air, as if trying to go even deeper with each stroke. Suddenly I felt him burst inside me as my bowls were filled with his hot seed. As his orgasm subsided Richard collapsed on top of me exhausted from the rather long fuck session. I kissed him as he slid off me lying down beside me. As he fell a sleep I snuggled up to his muscular chest before I finally also, drifted off to sleep.

Waterboy for a day

It was a super hot and lazy summer that year. My older brother was the water boy for the varsity baseball team. One day I was psyched to cover for him while he was getting a tooth pulled. It might cure my boredom. I didn't realize how much work it was, though. The players got all ticked if they didn't have a full cold bottle ready for them at the drop of their bat.

Even though I was busy running around filling water bottles most of the time, I still couldn't help noticing the muscular players' fine features. I was sheepish and tried not to be obvious about how distracting their bulges or tuft of chest hair sprouting from their v-necks were. They were so rugged. So was the coach. He was a burly guy that had huge furry forearms that gave me pause. I know he saw me looking at them. He took note of my weakness with an almost imperceptible sideways glance. I was scared. His devious scowl made my dick instantly thick and I stumbled. I found myself eye-level with four healthy baskets. Just then two of the guys started adjusting their meat in their cups. I was on all fours with my jaw slacked involuntarily. The pitcher kept talking to the other guys but stepped forward so that his pud was almost grazing my eyebrow. It was electric and I had to cure my paralysis and scramble away. I couldn't think of anything else after that. Instinctively, I wanted what was under those strained pinstriped loins.

It started pouring, ending practice early and everyone went to the locker room to hit the showers. I had never been in the older guys' section of the locker room. It smelled funny. I wasn't sure what to do. I must have looked vulnerable because when the coach came in he put his hand on my thigh, gave it a quick squeeze and told me that I did good for my first time. I didn't know what to say. He stayed there and moved his hand farther up toward my crotch, wrinkled his caterpillar moustache and looked deeply into my eyes. My heart raced. My throbbing dick was visible against my shorts. He leaned forward and said, "I think there's something else you're gonna be good at." I blinked and he stood up, tugging on the waist band of this pants.

There were four other players still in uniform in front of their lockers. The coach looked at them in a way that sent them some message. I think they all sensed I wanted to see what they were all packing. They walked over to the bench I was sitting on. The coach stood behind me with his hands on my shoulders and pivoted me parallel with the bench and guided me to lie on my back.

The coach said, "He's wants to smoke dick. Better feed it to him."

Before I know it my shorts are gone. The four players already have their drawers around their thick hairy thighs. The smell of their sweaty jocks is in the air. Their dicks are dongs and I'm breathless. I'm afraid it could hurt but I want to risk it.

The furry brute player starts patting his bone on my cheek. I'm ashamed but I find I can't help wanting that dick on me. I whimper.

The coach says, "Look at him -- he's fuckin' wantin' it, just like his brother."

The other guy starts playing with my butt.

Another puts my hand on his slab. It's so thick and meaty. I feel all around it in total fascination and lust.

At the same time, the brute pushes his dick past my lips and I move my head in toward it to get as much as I can in. I gag. It stretches my lips wide open. It tastes different and it's a little bit rank. I never want him to take it out though.

I feel the head of another pud swathing my asshole. It feels huge. It's big, dark and hairy with bulging veins. The coach is watching this all and says, "You'd better give him more -- he's a cock pig."

I'm high as a kite, my hand is holding a huge set of tight furry nuts and I feel like I'm gonna cream. I squeeze his set and he grunts, "Yeah, you fuckin' cock slut." I almost suffocate because the brute is clasping my head and driving his dick down my throat.

Then I yelp because the other meathead slammed his bat into me. It really hurts.

He shouts, "You fuckin' want it, don't you." I relax my ass and mumble, "Yeaaah."

I close my eyes and the scent of manly men is all around. It's my first time and it's total dick delight. I open my eyes and look up. There are five guys around me, with hyper-sexy stubble and baseball caps and fur. The coach is nearby with his hand on his crotch giving off a smirk.

The guy I'm giving a hand job to pulls away and says he wants to fuck my ass.

I can't say anything because I'm busy mowin' down the mighty member in my mouth.

I'm so close but I never want it to end. I'm in cock heaven.

The coach says, "Take turns, he's gonna fuckin' squeal."

I feel the two other guys taking turns, plunging in, swiveling their hips. I wriggle. Their cocks are both huge but they both feel different. It's ecstacy. One of them exclaims, "God that's a sweet tight ass clamping down on my stick!"

They're grunting and the cock in my mouth is sweet with precum. There's animal energy as we all work in a pounding rhythm.

Then the coach pulls his pants down and puts his heavy prick on my forehead. He rubs it on the bridge of my nose. I want it. I want all of it on me. I want him to blow his load right there. He slides his furry balls forward and covers my eyes. They're flawless and firm. I've got a dick in my mouth and another canvassing my face. I can't believe it.

Things are getting furious and I don't know how long I can last.

The coach says, "He never thought it'd be this good."

"Look at him lovin' all that dick."

And that does it. I fuckin' blow an arc of jizz right onto the coach's gorgeous furry chest.

He gasps and starts spraying huge gobs of cum all over my face, repeatedly grunting, "Unh! Unhhh!!"

The other guys can't take it either and my mouth stretches to its max while the brute dumps a quart on my tongue.

I want my ass filled and there it goes, feeling totally huge in my butt. They're having the best orgasm they've had in months. The cock in my hand starts to convulse and I jerk it with more force. I feel it spray a hot dollop on my stomach and he shouts, "Oh yeah!"

It reeks.

We're all spent.

The coach leans down and kisses me on the mouth. I feel his bristly moustache and he swallows me up. He breaks free and whispers, "Tell your brother to bring you with him for tomorrow's practice. Your ass is ours."

I can only hope so.

The architects son

I was nearly out of town before I realized that I'd left my blueprints at the house. I swore under my breath as I turned around and headed back. That would be just great, showing up at the work site without the blueprints. I pulled into the alley and walked by the pool to let myself in the back door. The heavy tube was laying on the table right where I'd left it. As I picked it up I heard a noise. It sounded like it came form upstairs, a moan, as if someone were in pain. I laid the tube down and made my way upstairs. I don't know why I didn't call out to Ryan. I normally would have. Half way down the hallway I froze at my son's half-opened bedroom door. There was the moan again, only it wasn't from being in pain. There was Ryan standing reared back, holding onto the railing of the top bunk, naked, thrusting his hips at someone on the bottom bunk. His back was to me and I couldn't make out who it was on the bottom. I took it all in, in a matter of a couple of seconds; the sharp taper of Ryan's upper body, from his broad, heavily muscled shoulders down to his lean hips and his tight bubble butt flexing and his thighs bulging as he thrust. I wasn't particularly upset, mostly shocked, and I wondered how he'd gotten her in the house so quick for I'd only been gone a few minutes. As I turned away from the door and leaned back against the wall to regain control of my breathing it suddenly hit me between the eyes. The pair of legs held up wide on either side of Ryan's hips, and the upturned butt had hair on them! Ryan wasn't fucking a girl; he was fucking another guy!

I pondered only a second what I should do before I crept downstairs and out of the house. My knees were shaking and my hand shook as I opened the truck door. I managed to get it in gear and drive quietly down the alley. All morning I had trouble keeping my mind on my work; something that is crucial for an engineer and architect when you're putting up a fourteen-story building. Finally, after lunch break, I called my assistant over and briefed him and left the project to him.

I pondered on the way home whether to face Ryan with what I'd seen or wait and see what progressed. I took the easy way out. I would wait. To be safe I called out as I went in the house and when there was no answer I went through and out back. There I got another surprise. There were Ryan and his buddy and team mate, Travis, lying by the pool, naked. Travis reached for a towel when he saw me and drew it up his knees. Ryan didn't make any move at all to cover himself.

"Hey dad. You're home early," he said.

"Yeah, I left it to my assistant. He has to get used to making decisions on his own," I said.

"I hope this is okay," Ryan said, motioning to himself and Travis. "We thought it would be great to go back to school with an all-over tan."

"I don't care, just be sure the back gate is locked," I said. "By the way, for whose benefit are you getting this all-over tan? I mean, who's going to see it except the other guys in the locker room?"

"You might be surprised, dad," Ryan replied with a grin.

"You wanta join us, Mr. Hill?" Travis asked, obviously more at ease after he saw my attitude towards their being naked.

"Not like that," I said. "I don't want my butt looking like a lobster. Besides, I don't have anyone to show off an all-over tan." I wondered if he was the one who'd been up on the lower bunk. I couldn't believe he was. Not studly Travis.

"How about Jane Burkett?" Ryan asked with a grin. "I'll bet she would love to see your tanned butt."

"What do you know about me and Jane Burkett?" I asked with a scowl.

"Nothing, except that you get that sly, shit-eating grin on your face at the mention of her name," he said.

"You would be smart not to delve into my private life," I said.

"I'm not delving," Ryan said. "I'm just saying its okay for you to have a life. You're not an old man."

"Hell no, you and Ryan could almost pass for brothers," Travis said. "I wish my old man looked half as good as you do."

"I try to take care of myself," I said modestly.

"So, are you going to joins us?" Travis asked.

"Yeah, I'm going in for a swim, but in a suit, thank you." I said. I went inside to change. Putting the pool in two year ago was one of the smartest things I'd ever done aside from buying Ryan his first set of weights. Ryan and I both enjoyed it and it kept Ryan around home a lot, with a lot of his friends too, but that was okay. With his raging hormones, it was better than having him out running around all the time. Except it appeared now that his hormones were raging right in our house.

I slipped into a brief boxer suit of red-bandana print, one that hugged my thighs and my butt without being too tight. It did show a pretty prominent bulge in front but that couldn't be helped; that's just the way I was built. Besides, it was just me and the two boys. I smiled at what Ryan had said. He was right; Jane Burkett probably would like to see my tanned butt. I was aware of the boys watching me as I walked out to the pool.

"Don't tell me Jane Burkette wouldn't like to get a look at you like that," Ryan said.

"Damn, how do you keep in such great shape, Mr. Hill?" Travis asked.

"Well, I work in construction for one thing," I said. "And I lifted weights all through high school and college. I guess some of it stuck with me."

"A lot of it stuck with you." Travis said.

"Lifting weights is putting it a little mild, don't you think, dad?" Ryan put in. "Dad was a bodybuilder in college. He even competed."

"No kidding! Did you win any of your competitions?" Travis asked excitedly.

"A couple," I said modestly. "Keeping in shape always serves you well. That's the reason I encourage Ryan to stay on a regular workout program."

"Encourage?" Ryan scoffed. "It's a requirement."

"Like you mind," Travis scoffed. "Hell, every guy in school would give their right arm to be built like you."

I went in for a swim and the boys joined me. Travis had been swimming in the pool a lot of times but this was the first time the boys had gone in naked, that I knew of. I was having all kinds of mixed emotions, about both of them. I couldn't believe it was Travis I'd seen earlier with Ryan but then I couldn't imagine Ryan doing what I'd see him doing. Strange feelings kept creeping in and I was feeling suddenly uncomfortable around the two muscular, naked boys. I made an excuse to get out of the pool and went inside.

I pondered the situation for days. Every morning when I left for work I wondered if Ryan had someone lined up to come over to the house. I wondered if Travis was the one; and if he was the only one. I began to worry that there might be others. I finally decided that I had to approach him.

It was Friday night and Ryan was cooking out. It was just the two of us eating early before he went out on a date. I couldn't help wondering with who; whether it was a girl or another guy. The whole time we ate my stomach was tied in knots as I tried to work up the courage to say something. We finished eating and I cleaned up the mess while Ryan went upstairs to shower and change for his date.

Enough contemplation and agonizing; I had to do it. I went upstairs, my heart in my throat. Ryan and I had always had an open line of communication. We could talk about anything...but nothing like this had ever come up. He was standing at his dresser with his back to the door. He wasn't dressed yet.

"Ryan?" I said as tapped lightly on his door.

"Yeah, come in," he said as he rummaged around in the drawers. "What's up?"

"That's what I want ask you," I began. He looked at me over his shoulder with a curious scowl. "The other morning, I, uh...I left my blueprints on the table and had to come back for them. I heard a noise and when I came upstairs...." I let my voice trail off, counting on him to get the picture.

He laid his head back with his eyes closed and I saw him suck in a deep breath. "Oh, Geezusss! You saw!"


He blew the air out of his lungs. "Well, that must've been the surprise of your life," he said, his voice wavering, without looking around.

"Shocked was more like it," I said. "Then I come home early in the day and find you and Travis naked at the pool..." Again, I let my words just hang there, hoping to find out if Travis was the one.

"You said it was okay," he said defensively, now turned around.

"It is okay. But you only asked me because I came home and found you both naked, isn't that right?"

"Yeah, we've been doing it for quite awhile," he admitted.

"Yes, you don't think I noticed your butts were already toasty brown?" Then I came right out with it. "Ryan, was it Travis I saw you with?"

He hesitated then nodded before he said, "Yeah."

His answer, even though I knew what it would be, knocked the wind out of me for a second. "Well, I guess I didn't know you, uh...played the other side of the fence, son. Has there been..anyone else?"

"No. Just Travis," he replied.

"How long?" I asked.

He shrugged and looked at me then glanced away. "A couple of months. He thinks he might be gay."

"And what, you're helping him decide?" I hoped it didn't sound sarcastic.

"More or less, I guess you could say that. You know Travis and I have always been pretty close. I guess it was only natural that he would come to me to help him sort things out."

"Yes, I just didn't realize how close," I said.

"For the record, he approached me, dad," he said. "I was the only one he could talk to about it. When we really got into it he...well, he asked me if I would..if I would be willing to help him find out."

"Has he decided?" I asked.

"Yeah, he pretty much admits he's gay."

"How about you?" I asked. "Are you deciding the issue for yourself, too, in the process?"

"Me? Hell, no. There's nothing to decide, I'm straight," he replied emphatically. "I know what it must look like to you, but I do still like girls, dad. I can't deny I like it with Travis but honestly, I wouldn't be doing it at all if he hadn't asked me."

"You make it sound like you're doing him a favor," I said.

"I guess I am, in a way. But I admit, I don't mind doing it," he said.

There was a pause and we both shifted our weight nervously. It was the first time that I knew we had ever been uncomfortable being in each other's presence. But then this was the first time we'd gotten into a conversation about Ryan's private sex life. I had always assumed he had could he not, looking the way he did.

"Just be careful where it takes you, Ryan," I said quietly.

"You mean don't let him turn me gay?" He laughed softly. "Don't worry, dad. Being gay isn't something you turn into. You are or you're not, and you don't have much to say about it either way."

"You don't necessarily have to be gay to enjoy the gay life-style," I warned.

"Dad, I hope you don't hold this against Travis," he said. "Or me."

"No. Especially not you. You're my son."

"What about Travis?" he asked.

"Not Travis, either. He's a good kid."

"Dad, if I, uh.....if I were gay.....I'm not, but if I were......"

"I wouldn't think any less of you," I assured him.

"Well, you don't have anything to worry about," he said.

"I'm not going to worry about it," I said. "Are you going to tell Travis that I know?"

"Can I?" he asked. "Do you mind if I tell him?"

"No, I don't mind, if you think he can handle it."

There was a moment of quiet and we glanced at each other warily, as if each of us were waiting for the other to say something.

"Is that all you wanted to ask me, dad?" he asked.

"Just one more thing. Is Ryan doing this with anyone else?"


"You're sure of that."

"Yeah, he would tell me," Ryan said. "Why do you ask?"

"Well, I was also going to ask if you're using condoms."

Ryan's face turned a soft shade of red. "No."

"Okay, if you think you don't need to," I said.

The next few days were turmoil for me. Nearly as bad as the days after I first discovered the two boys. I worried that I hadn't handled it right. I should have shown more indignation, maybe even anger. But where would that have gotten us? Mostly, though, it caused old memories to dredge themselves up. A couple of days later Ryan brought it up again.

"Dad, I talked to Travis, told him you knew," Ryan announced.

"And? How did he handle it?' I asked.

"He was embarrassed at first, till I assured him you were cool with it."

"I'm not cool with it, Ryan," I said sternly.

"But you're not being judgmental. He says it's going to take some getting used to, being around you, but he's glad there's someone else who understands."

"I didn't say I understood either. I'm just saying I'm okay with it."

"He couldn't believe we even talked about it; that you asked me about it. He said his dad would have taken him out and beat the crap out of him, then disowned him and kicked him out."

"And that would've accomplished what?"

"Thanks, dad, for understanding. I know you understand, just from the way you're handling it." He chortled nervously. "Geezuss, dad, how many men do you know would be so calm and understanding if they found out their son was screwing another guy? Or even if their son had a gay friend?"

"Maybe I do understand," I said with a shrug. "I always told you there's nothing you and I can't talk about. Okay, I wasn't expecting this but its just one of those times where a father has to put his money where his mouth is."

"Can I invite Travis over, or do you think it's too soon?" he asked.

"If it's not too soon for him," I said.

"I thought we could cook out and go swimming. The usual stuff; try to make him comfortable."

We made it for Saturday evening. I had the Weber fired up out on the deck well before Travis arrived. I could tell he was uneasy the way he walked out on the deck. I saw the way Ryan was looking at me, then Travis, waiting to see how we would greet each other.

"How do you want your hamburgers, Travis" I asked, looking up over the grill.

"Uh.. medium well," he said.

"Did you put the beer on ice like I told you?" I asked Ryan.

"Yes sir."

The two boys looked at each other, Travis with a look of surprise. "Are you guys going anyplace tonight? I mean, neither of you are driving, right?" I asked.

"No, sir," Travis replied.

"Good. Get us all a beer, then," I said. Maybe I was over-compensating, going out of my way to make the kid feel comfortable, serving him beer. And maybe I had ulterior motives. If he drank he would most certainly not be driving. I would see to that. And if he had too much, well, he would just have to spend the night. Maybe that was my motive for the beer. I didn't know for sure but the thoughts were there. What I did know was that he showed up looking hot as hell in his denim cut-offs with his thick muscular legs sticking out and his butt filling out the rear and the rest of him bulging out in front. And the tank top that made his shoulders look even wider and showed off the sides of his thick pecs, and his tits poking through the thin material. The kid was a stud. I didn't mind at all him being there and I settled into a mind-set that I cared even less that he was gay.

We had a second round of beer with our meal. The first had already begun to have its effect. I sensed Travis' nervousness and I wished there was something I could say that would put him more at ease. I was doing the best I knew how and I didn't want to be the one to bring it up. When Ryan went inside for the steak sauce, Travis brought it up.

"Mr. Hill, I want to thank you for least not condemning me," he said.

"I'm in no position to condemn anybody. Don't worry about it."

"Well, thanks, anyway. Shit, if my dad knew....."

"Maybe you underestimate your dad," I said.

Travis laughed. "No, I'm not underestimating my dad," he said emphatically. "If he knew, I would be physically thrown out of the house."

"If that ever happens, Travis, you're welcome to come here," I said.

Ryan returned with the steak sauce and Travis cut the conversation short. After we had eaten the boys asked if they could have another beer.

"Okay, but you're spending the night, then," I told Travis.

"If it's okay," he said.

"I wasn't asking, son, I was telling you, you're spending the night. Better go call your dad."

The third beer was making me warm inside, right up to the fuzziness in my head; I knew it had to be affecting the boys. I managed to ward off the thoughts and imaginations that kept creeping in, about the boy being there the whole night. The boys wanted to go swimming and wanted me to join them; I knew they meant naked. My common sense made me hesitant, but I did it anyway. Watching them strip off their clothes made me even warmer inside, and that was from watching Ryan as well as Travis. He was as much of a stud as Travis, and with my new-found knowledge I found myself looking at him in the same way I did Travis. Not that I believed Ryan was gay, but they were more or less in the same boat. They stripped naked and dove in. I knew I should put on a suit; I didn't trust myself. I didn't trust my own hormones around these two young studs. But before I could decide on my own, they goaded me into coming in naked. I had nothing to be ashamed of so I slipped my shorts off and dove in.

"Wow! You're a good diver," Travis said when I surfaced at the other end of the pool.

"Dad was also a diver in college," Ryan said proudly.

"Was there anything you didn't do when you were younger?" Travis asked.

"If there was, the list is pretty short," Ryan answered.

"Well, maybe some things that I'm not going to talk to you guys about," I said. We swam and had a good time but I shied away from their boyish horseplay. I was afraid it would get out of hand and we, or I, would end up doing something I would regret. Travis had hold of the edge of the pool, lying face down with his body floating out from the edge like a dead body. His tight, round butt bobbed up and down out of the surface, his legs spread open and I could see his manhood bobbing around in the water. I gulped down the saliva that flooded my mouth but I couldn't turn away. Ryan was floating on his back, looking up into the dark sky, his big cock lolling around in the shallow water across his belly. Something, a strange force, tugged at me, urging me to move between Travis's legs but I managed to fight it down. Travis moved his legs, in and out of the water, causing his butt to bob up and down through the surface. It was as if he were purposely teasing, tempting; goading me on; or one of us. Maybe he was trying to goad Ryan into making a move. Quickly, I dove under and swam to the end of the pool. I surfaced with a strong gasp of air. Travis and Ryan had floated towards each other and were holding each other's hands. It didn't mean anything, except that now, maybe it did. I was a little perturbed that they were acting so boldly in front of me. But just as quickly, they used the leverage to shove away from each other and began swimming around.

I left the pool first, pleading old age, which I knew neither of them believed. I just didn't know what they believed. It didn't matter, I had to get out of the pool, out of their naked presence. I was stretched out on the couch watching television in a pair of old college gym shorts when the boys came in. They were still wet, with their towels around their waists. I thought it was funny that they were displaying such modesty all of a sudden.

"How many guys dad's age can still wear their college gym shorts," Ryan pointed out. Then, "I think we're going on up to bed, dad. The swimming, on top of the beer, sapped me."

"See you in the morning," I said casually. "Is there any particular time you need to be home, Travis?" I asked.

He laughed. "Hell, my dad doesn't know or care when or if I get home," he said.

How sad, I thought. I wondered if they would sleep together, or for the looks of things, if Travis would take the other bunk. I wondered how bold they would be now that I knew. With them upstairs, I couldn't concentrate on the TV. I gave them time to get settled in. I was surprised when I went upstairs to see Ryan's door wide open. I leaned my head in as I went by to tell them good night. They were both in Ryan's bed, naked at least to below the waist, watching TV. On second glance it was very obvious that they were completely naked. My breath came short as I tried to imagine what their night together would be like. I tore myself away from the door and went to my own room.

Sleep wouldn't come. I couldn't get the boys out of my mind; the way they looked down in the pool, Travis, stretched out in the water with his beautiful butt bobbing up and down. And they were in bed together. I could well understand Ryan's attraction to his teammate's butt. I told myself that I would not get up and go check on them....more honestly, to spy on them....but I left my door open a wide crack, hoping perhaps to hear them. I knew what they would probably be doing and they knew I knew, which would give them the freedom to do it.

I didn't even doze. I tossed and turned with frustration, even envy that my son was in there in bed with the cute, muscular stud instead of me, and what they would no doubt be doing. Yeah, it finally surfaced; I let it come out. I wanted Travis as much as he wanted Ryan. I couldn't believe I was lying there so casual about my son fucking his teammate in the next room. I wouldn't have allowed him to bring a girl into the house like this.

I could hear their muffled voices and laughter. When the sounds died down and I heard soft moans I couldn't take it anymore. I got up and crept out into the hallway and down to Ryan's door. It was closed, but I put my ear to the door to listen. He was fucking him; I could tell by the sounds they were making. Ours is an old house with large keyholes to accommodate skeleton keys. I knelt down and peered through the keyhole and my heart pounded in my chest. Travis's hips were tilted up till he was almost bent in half and Ryan was arched up over him driving his big cock in and out of his ass like a pile driver. I ached at the sight of his tight butt muscles flexing as he lunged downward each time, and the sight of his thick, long cock disappearing into Travis's asshole. I could see the side of Travis's face screwed up in agonized lust as he was being fucked. I stayed crouched down there for several minutes before I had to stand up. If I stayed, they would surely hear my heavy breathing. My cock stood straight out as I crept away from the door. Back in my room I jacked off with my eyes closed to capture the image of the two boys.

The next morning I could barely look them in the eye for fear of revealing myself; my secret longings, as well as the fact that I had spied on them. The two boys acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. All I could think about all day was what I saw through the keyhole, and hunky Travis walking around with Ryan's come inside him. I wrestled with two devils at the same time. I tried to accept the situation, even though I was beginning to have fears that Ryan might be settling into a new lifestyle too easily. There was another part of me being nagged to take a step into the lifestyle myself, with Travis. It was a constant battle and I could never be sure from one day to the next which side was winning. Then one day the battle came to me. Up until that time I'd been able to keep a safe distance, with no real opportunity to succumb to my desires. Till one evening Travis came over when Ryan wasn't home. I was sitting out by the pool, after supper, reading the paper and having a beer. It was past dusk, moving into darkness; the sun was gone but the soft light shone on the water in the pool.

He was wearing dark blue onion-skin running shorts that were slit up the sides clear to the waistband. When he sat down, all of his thighs and some of his butt showed. And a white T-shirt with the sleeves cut off. Sweat gleamed on his forehead and his shirt was soaked with sweat around the armpits and down the center of his pecs.

"Ryan's not here," I told him as he sat down.

"I know. I was out running and decided to stop by. I hope its okay."

"Sure, you're welcome here anytime, Travis, you know that. Want a beer, since you're obviously not driving?"

"Yeah, thanks," he said as he got up to go get it himself. "Want me to bring you another one?"

I picked up my bottle to check it. "Yes, please." I watched him as he went into the house, his tight bubble butt churning inside the thin shorts, and the muscles of his thick thighs flexing and bulging as he walked. I found my breath coming short as I imagined those hard butt muscles squeezing around my son's thick cock. I shouldn't have offered him a beer. Ryan was out of town, visiting his cousin; I had no business being alone with Travis.

He came back with two cold beers and set one down beside me. He tilted his up and downed it completely. "Hey, I'm not driving," he said when I scowled at him, lifting his legs to show his running shoes. "There's nothing like an ice cold beer after a good run," he said. "Unless it's a good swim," he added.

His hint to go swimming wasn't lost on me, but I received it hesitantly, and I thought, wisely. Wise, until I crumbled, when he asked me outright.

"Is it okay if I go in the pool, Mr. Hill?" he asked.

"Sure," I said without hesitation.

"You gonna join me?" he asked as he stood up and peeled off his shirt and stepped out of his sneakers. He bent over to pull his sock socks off and his back spread out like bat wings.

"I don't know, I just finished eating," I said.

"You know, they debunked that myth a long time ago about waiting a half hour after eating to go swimming," he said.

"Old habits," I said, as I watched him take off his running shorts. By the time his shorts hit the deck in twin circles, I debunked the myth myself. "Okay, why not?" I stood up to undress. Travis dove in and swam the length of the pool under-water. He broke the surface at the other end, did a twist and swam back to my end where he treaded water and watched me undress.

"You're really built, Mr. Hill," he said.

"Thanks, so are you, Travis," I said.

"I just hope I'm still built as good as you are when I'm your age."

"You've already got the foundation, just don't loose it," I told him. "Boys built as well as you and Ryan can keep their muscles all their life if they keep using them."

"Oh, I intend to keep using them," Travis said. "I'll be playing sports all through college, and then I'm going to work where I have to use my muscles. Like you, Mr. Hill, in construction or something like that. Maybe even in a gym."

"Well, you have to like the type of work you're doing," I said. "You could keep your muscles built up shoveling shit, but it's no way to make a living."

He laughed and swam backwards to give me room to dive in as I approached the end of the pool. "Better turn the lights off, can't tell when somebody might happen by," I said as I bent down and switched off the pool lights before I dove in.

We swam and laughed and talked about school, college and girls and sports, and it felt good. I would've felt a little awkward talking about girls but Travis brought Ryan into it.

"He's got girls practically climbing all over him," he said.

"No doubt, so do..." I cut myself off, embarrassed.

"Its okay, Mr. Hill," the boy said. "Yeah, I admit, I do too, because nobody knows. And I date, to keep it that way."

"Yes, I though you did," I said. I was feeling proud of myself for keeping my urges in check. Talking helped distance my mind from my feelings, despite the fact that I found it impossible to take my eyes off of the boy.

Then he made his move. Not that I recognized it as such at first. It was so subtle as not to be noticeable at first. He swam to the side of the pool face down and clasped his hands over the edge. He let his body float with his bubble butt sticking up out of the water and his legs lying apart, much like the time before. I stood with my back to the other side of the pool, gazing at him, my eyes focused on his butt. The V of his tanned, muscular legs were like an invitation, or worse, a trap, with his hard butt as the bait. In my mind I found myself taking the bait; then my body was taking it. I moved through the water towards him, walking along the bottom of the pool. When I stood between his feet I grabbed his toes and tugged on them.

"Are you drowning?" I joked.

He lifted his head out of the water. "No, just relaxing," he said. His tone was husky and soft. I moved up between his calves and shoved his legs out wider. My mouth was watering at the sight of his butt. In the next seconds I had to make my decision; come out with it or get the hell out of the pool. "You planned this, didn't you," I said huskily as I put my hands on his butt.

He looked over his shoulder with a pleased look. "I knew Ryan wouldn't be home, if that's what you mean," he said.

I squeezed his butt. When he flexed the muscles they were so tight there was barely an indent from my fingers. I pressed them together, pulled them apart and moved up further between his thighs. My cock was raging hard, bobbing around in the water. I clasped my hands around his slim hips and pulled the V of his thighs against me. I knew he could feel my cock poking against his balls. It was the first time in twenty years that I'd touched another man like this, since I fucked my older brother.

That was my only experience with man-sex. Jay was twenty-four at the time; I was just a few days past eighteen. He was home from college and preparing to leave for the Saudi Arabia to work for a big oil company. I was home from a date, in bed, but not asleep. I was looking at one of the girlie magazines I had hid under my mattress. Jay had been out saying good-bye to some of his friends and I didn't hear him come in. He was at my door before I knew he was home and there I was with a girlie magazine and my cock sticking up and bobbing up and down over my belly. I jumped at the sound of his voice and laid the magazine down but it was too late. He saw my embarrassment.

"Don't let me interrupt," he joked. "I thought you had a date. Didn't get any, huh?" he said with that big smile of his.

He put me at ease and I thought what the hell, he's my big brother, I wasn't doing anything that he hadn't done, or probably wasn't still doing. "You will be disappointed to know, big brother that I have only got it twice in my entire life."

"Come on, I don't believe that for a minute!" he said, surprised. "Why're you being so modest?"

"I wish I were. I just haven't scored. I wish I was getting as much as people think."

"Shit, the reason they think it is..well, look at you. You're a little stud. How big is that thing, anyway? Bigger than me, that's for sure, and you're not done growing. You were bigger than me when you were sixteen. Shit, you're gonna be a horse. How big is it?"

"I don't know. Big, that's all," he said.

"The fuck you don't know," he chided me. "No guy hung like that hasn't measured it."

"Okay..nine inches, last time I measured it," I admit

"Shit, if I'd had a cock like that when I was eighteen, I would have scored every day and twice on Saturday night."

"You always had a way with girls, though," he said.

He laughed, shaking his head. "If you only knew...."

"Knew what?" I asked.

He was looking at me funny, real hard, up and down and his eyes fixed on my cock. He walked over to the edge of the bed and boldly wrapped his hand around my cock. I was stunned. "Do you how to use this thing?" he asked huskily. "Except for a pump handle."

"Yeah, I told you've I've fucked two girls."

"Were they any good?" he asked.

"One was. But I've got no real basis for comparison like you do," I said.

"Do you want to establish a broader basis for comparison?" he asked.

"What eighteen year old do you know ever turned down a piece of ass?" I said smartly. I thought he was saying we would go out together and he would set me up with a girl, maybe an older girl, one of his friends. But instead he started taking off his clothes. I watched him with confused interest. Jay was built good. He had been a tight end on the football team when he was in high school and he kept his body in good shape. When he was down to his shorts he left my room. I thought it was ended, he was going to bed, but I wondered why he'd taken off his clothes and left them in my room. He came back and I noticed the pouch of his briefs was heavier and sticking out more. On his way to my bed he took off his shorts and kicked them away, revealing his thick, rubbery cock. I couldn't tell at that stage, of course, but it looked like he was right, I might be bigger than him, although he was nothing to throw rocks at.

He stood beside my bed, looking down at me with that funny look in his eyes again. "Do you want to fuck me?" he asked.

It was like he'd dropped a bomb in the middle of my chest. I actually felt the breath go out of my lungs and I went brain-dead for a minute. When I was able to breathe in again and get some oxygen to my brain, the awful realization came to me that my big brother was gay!

Jay laughed at the look on my face. "That surprises you, doesn't it?"

I swallowed and gulped down the frog in my throat, nodding my answer till I could find my voice. "Surprise isn't exactly the word for it," I managed. \

"I've been thinking it's time you knew; you're old enough to handle it," he said. His eyes raked over my body again. "When I walked in and saw you laying here all naked and hard, I knew this was the time. I didn't want to go to Saudi Arabia for two long years and leave you not knowing, and me living with the thought that some other guy latched on to you first."

"What makes you think a guy would try to latch on to me, period?" I asked.

"Oh, Ryan," he said, shaking his head. "Open your eyes. You've got guys drooling over you, you just don't know it." He squeezed my cock again. "So do you want to fuck me?"

I swallowed again and my eyes fell to the side of his butt. Jay had a great butt, too. Tight and round, just like the girls liked. I was sort of liking the way it looked too. "S-sure, if....if you w-want me to."

So I fucked him. He climbed up on my bed and sat down on my cock and I fucked him most of the night. He showed me a lot of different positions. He said he was dam near too wore out to get up and catch his plane. I wasn't worn out at all. I wasn't even confused anymore. After Jay left and I had time to think about it, it seemed the most natural thing in the world to happen between two brothers if they had a relationship like me and Jay. But those feelings never flowed over to any other guy. I went right back to girls and kept my little secret and racked it up as the homosexual experience that I'd read most boys have once in their young lives.

Until now. Until Travis. I was kneading his butt muscles, causing tiny ripples to flow back across the pool. My cock was poking against his balls with some serious intentions now. It was on the tip of my tongue to ask him if he wanted it, but I couldn't find my voice. And it would've sounded foolish anyway. No kid lays in the pool with his butt sticking up out of water and a guy standing between his legs playing with it unless he wants something to happen. I dug my fingers between his muscles. He was slick there. Sometime or other he had used lube. Obviously not water soluble. It was very waterproof...probably Vaseline. I drew my hips back so my cock could bob upward and it pointed up over his butt, throbbing and bobbing up and down like it was begging for the boy's ass. I pulled his butt apart and...." you want this?"....and set the head of my cock against his asshole. It felt so hot in the cool water. I saw Travis's knuckles tighten around the edge of the pool and he nodded.

For a fleeting moment I thought, what if Ryan came back unexpectedly and caught us. Somehow, it not only didn't matter, I half wished he would come up on us. I clasped my hands around Travis's hipbones and pushed. My cockhead stretched his rubbery entrance but was restrained by the tight ring of his sphincter standing sentry against his hot asshole. I gripped his hips tighter and pushed harder and forced the head through the stubborn hole. The muscles in Travis's shoulders and back hunched up tight and I heard him take in a gasp of air. God, he was hot in there! Like a furnace after the cool water. I slid my cock the rest of the way in him.

"Awwwhhhhh, Mr. Hill!" he gasped.

"Is it okay?" I asked. He didn't act like I'd hurt him so I started fucking him.

"Oh yeah," he replied. "Oh, yeah, it's okay."

It was incredible, my cock pulling out into the cool water then sliding back into the heat of his asshole. The visual was as good as the physical. I loved watching the boy's muscles ripple and bulge as he hunkered back for my cock, and the way his taut, round butt muscles clenched around it when I shoved in then relaxed as I was pulling out. I fucked him slowly at first, mesmerized by the sight of my cock going in and out of his asshole stretched around its girth. But my lust gradually took over and I picked up speed, and with it came more power to my thrusts. He liked it hard, I could tell, and the more speed I got the more he groaned. We were making waves. Big waves. I could hear the water splashing against the opposite of the pool.

"Ohhhhh....awwwwhhh, Mr. Hill that feels so good!"

I wanted to tell him to call me Jim. He was giving as well as he was getting and in turn getting as well as he was giving. It was a mutual, raw lust that threatened to boil over. I could almost feel the temperature of the water rise around us. He was twisting his butt around and shoving back onto my cock. He loved it when I twisted my hips and cork-screwed my cock into him.

"Ohhh.....Oh, Godd, Mr.'re making it so good, you're gonna make me come if you keep doing that!" he gasped.

I fucked him harder. I wasn't ready for us to finish but if he was going to go off I wanted to make it something he would remember. I fucked him like a stallion on a mare. Even my nostrils flared out like a stallion's and my cock felt as big as a horse's cock.

"Ohh....Ohhhh.....Ohh, Godd......Oh, GOdd.......Ooohhhh, Mr. Hill!" Oh, yess....Ohhhh, fuck me! Fuck me, Mr. Hill. I'm gonna come! Fuck me!"

His asshole suddenly squeezed hard around my cock, then loosened then tightened and loosened again, and I knew he was comming. I fucked him to work up my own load before he finished. Stupidly, I asked him. "Can I come in you?"

"Yesss!" he cried softly. "Yesss, I wanta feel it!"

I slammed my cock into him and pulled back on his hips so hard that his butt and my loins melted together. My cock throbbed hard, bucked several times inside him then exploded.

"AAAhhhhhhhh!" he cried, tossing his head back. "Awwwhhhhh, I can feel it! I can feel your hot come shooting inside me!"

His ass was loving it. It squeezed and palpitated nervously as I plugged him and filled him with my load. He felt hotter inside, as if I was fucking through my own come. He began to relax before I was finished and I kept fucking him till I had drained my balls inside him. My buoyancy in the water was all that kept my legs from buckling under me.

Travis pulled himself to the edge of the pool and my cock slipped out of his ass, leaving a trail of tiny ropes of come floating in the water. Come ran out of his ass before it closed up to mix with the ropes and when he straightened in the water I saw the long ropes of his own come floating around. I wondered if the stuff would rise to the top or go to the bottom; if it would dissipate in the water.

Travis clung to the edge of the pool like it was a life preserver. I swam over to him and pressed my body against his back. It was dumb, but foremost in my mind at that moment was how I stacked up against Ryan. I wanted to ask him but it would've sounded juvenile. When he had caught his breath he climbed out of the pool I got a wonderful view of his asshole right in my face, still gaping a little bit. He stumbled over to where his clothes were.

"I gotta tell you, Mr. Hill, you really know how to fuck," he said.

Despite what we had done.....the forbidden intimacy......I was taken aback by his boldness in talking to me like that.

"Well, I've had some experience," I said.

"With other guys?"

"No," I lied.

"I don't know who's the best, you or Ryan," he said.

"It's not something you have to decide," I said, although I wished he would and tell me. "You won't tell Ryan about this, okay?"

"Not if you don't want me to."

"Not yet," I said.

"Can we do this again, Mr. Hill?" he asked.

Watching him pull on his shorts, it was difficult to tell him no, but I did. Sort of. "I don't know.....maybe it's not a good idea," I said.

"All right," he said with a smile. "If you're worrying about me being underage, don't. I'm eighteen. Just barely..two weeks ago, in fact. I would sure like to, Mr. Hill. Anytime you say. If you don't want Ryan to know, we can work it around him."

I wanted it to happen again as badly as he did, and I didn't want him to leave with it hanging. "Well, sometime...maybe...when Ryan is away, if you happen to drop by...."

Travis smiled.

When Ryan returned home he and Travis picked up where they left off. It was becoming almost routine for one of them to stay over at the other's house. I figured they must be fucking every night of the week, and I couldn't help being concerned that one of those nights when they were shrouded in intimacy, Travis might slip and tell Ryan what had happened between us. Or worse, that Travis's dad might catch them and become brutally physical with both of them. It didn't surprise me much when Ryan brought it up one night after supper when we were swimming.

"I've been afraid to bring this up, dad, but....well, Travis talks about you all the time," he began rather hesitantly. A cold chill ran down my spine. Had Travis told him?

"What's he saying about me?" I asked. He laughed.

" hot you are." I feigned surprise, mixed with a scowl of indignation.

"That's hardly a way to talk about his best friend's father," I said.

"You know he's gay, you shouldn't be offended by it," Ryan said.

"I'm not offended," I said. "I'm just wondering what significance should be attached to such remarks coming from a boy his age."

"Do you want to know what else he said?" Ryan asked with a soft chuckle.

"Yeah, I guess so."

"Maybe I'd better not. I'm not sure you're ready for it," he said.

"Try me."

"Promise you won't get mad at Travis, or me, for saying it."


"He would like to get it on with you and me at the same time."

I tried to appear shocked, as I should have been, but the idea excited me and I wasn't sure I was successful. The thought had entered my mind as well but I forced my common sense to prevail. "I don't think so," I said with one eyebrow cocked, my sign of mild disapproval.

Ryan laughed. "Well, you didn't fall over in a dead faint like Travis said you would."

"And how did you say I would react?" I asked.

"Just what you did.....turn it down. But just in case....the offer stands," he added with a sly grin.

I wished he hadn't said that. It made it easier for me to give it serious thought. I decided it was a good time to approach another matter. "Ryan, I've been wondering .....concerned.....about you two staying over so often......."

"Come on dad," he said with a grin, "what's to wonder about? You know what's going on."

"Yes, and that causes me concern. Not when Travis stays over here but when you stay over at Travis's house, with his dad and all. He's a big man and he can be brutal and mean when he's drunk. If he ever caught you boys........"

"He gets mean only when he's partially drunk," Ryan said. "We're careful to wait and be sure he's totally drunk; like passed out drunk."

"All right, I was worried, that's all."

The two boys became more open with their relationship, and although I didn't believe Ryan was reciprocating in any way, I became more worried that he was settling into the lifestyle with Travis too easily. They continued to spend a lot of time at each other's houses, mostly at our house because we had a pool and, I thought, because of Travis's dad. I even began to find Travis' extra clothes in Ryan's closet.

One night I came in late from having a beer after work with some of the crew and found Ryan's door wide open. The two boys lay sleeping, naked, their arms and legs entangled like two lovers It was a beautiful sight. I paused at the door to gaze at them. Part of me wondered if it weren't by design, that they were perhaps tempting me. And it made me wonder what sleeping arrangements they had at Travis's house. I was even more worried because the boys were becoming so casual about it and I was afraid they might get careless, and if his dad ever caught them like this there would be hell to pay. I made it a point to bring it up again with Ryan the next day. We were working in the back yard, Ryan in his old gym shorts that he'd had since his freshman year, and I had on a pair of denim cutoffs and a tank top.

"I came home last night and found your bedroom door wide open," I said. He looked at me like, what's the big deal.

"Is that a problem?" he asked.

"No, not here, but it led me to wonder where and how you guys sleep when you're at Travis's house. Knowing how his dad feels, it would bring holy havoc down on Travis if his dad sobered up and found you sleeping the way I did."

"That's the reason Travis likes to spend the night here," Ryan said.

"Oh, I though it was the pool," I said.

"That too, but mostly he likes your laid back attitude about us. And he thinks you're hot," he added with a grin.

"So, what are the sleeping arrangements at his house?" I asked, ignoring his added remark.

"We're in the same bed but we sleep in our shorts, and with the door shut," he said.

"The door is shut all night, and locked?" I asked with a suspicious scowl.

"There is no lock on the door, but Travis's dad doesn't look in on us like you do. He doesn't much give a dam if Travis is even there."

"You understand, I'm not checking up on you, Ryan," I said. "I just thought it was strange that your door was open. You almost always have it shut."

He laughed. "Hell, dad, there's not much reason for you to be checking up on us, is there. And we both know why I always kept my door shut; why any teen-ager keeps his door shut. I was jacking off." He didn't cease to amaze me with his candor. It was my turn to laugh. "There's something ironic about that," I said. "You used to keep your door closed because you didn't want me to catch you jacking off and now you leave it wide open." I didn't know how much more at ease or bold they could be except to let me watch them having sex. Then one day....

I came home one evening about dark from washing my truck. I went about getting supper, curious why Ryan hadn't already started it. Curious that I didn't even know where he was; he hadn't come down when I came in. I went to the bottom of the stairs and called up for the boys then went back to set out plates for three, assuming that Travis would be there. When no one answered or came down I went upstairs to check. There was no one upstairs. I went back down and checked out on the deck to get the surprise of my life, if there could be any more surprises.

There were Travis and Ryan on a cushion from one of the lounge chairs alongside the pool. Travis was laid back with his legs lifted high around Ryan's hips while Ryan fucked him. I stood there in the doorway, shocked. Knowing what was going on between the two, even catching them at it, was one thing. Seeing them doing it so openly was quite another. Did they have no shame? Of course not. They saw no shame in what they were doing and I had done nothing to instill it in them. On the contrary, obviously, I had made them feel free to do it. My biggest concern at that moment was the neighbors.

As I stood watching them I was even surer that they knew exactly what they were doing; that there was a plan to their actions. They knew I had gone to wash my truck and that I wouldn't be gone very long. They intended for me to catch them. I stood and watched them for several minutes. It was like a scene from a good porno movie, except the moans weren't contrived. They were sincere, coming from both of them. I pondered what I should do. Go quietly back in the house and let them come in when they were finished? Or walk out and let them know I was home. I tried to think if what I might say.

It was the base lust-instincts in me that finally prevailed over discretion and common sense. I took a deep breath and walked out to the pool. Ryan had his back to me and I was barefoot so they didn't hear me.

"Supper will be ready shortly, you guys," I said.

I fully expected them to stop and bolt, or cower in embarrassment and shame to find me standing right there beside them. They didn't. Ryan looked up at me, his eyes hazed over, his mouth open and his nostrils flared as he gasped in short breaths in unison with the thrusts of his cock. A trace of a smile tried to form on his lips. Travis hadn't seen me at first. His eyes widened when he saw me but he, too, was too much into being fucked to be concerned about me, Ryan's dad, standing there watching them. Maybe they thought I would walk away but I couldn't. I was mesmerized with the sight of the two tanned, muscular athletes; Ryan's tight, round butt muscles flexing and clenching to drive his big cock into his team mate's ass, his arms bulging to hold the boy's legs out wide and his back muscles rippling as he moved. I was equally mesmerized that I was actually standing there watching my son fuck another boy. I wondered if I should have acted more like Travis's dad.

They didn't stop till they were finished, and I stayed as a witness to the end. Ryan never let up and didn't miss a stroke as he reached his climax. It was difficult to tell that he was coming until Travis began moaning and whimpering that he could feel Ryan's load shooting into him. When he was finished, he collapsed on top of Travis and they lay for a moment to catch their breath. I didn't know if Travis had come or not. Finally, Ryan shoved himself up from Travis's body, in a push-up position then on up to his haunches. His cock extracted from the boy's asshole with a soft suctioning noise and he reared back on his haunches between Travis's legs. His cock still hung out in a rubbery-hard stance. That's when I saw Travis's cock standing up over his belly, bucking and throbbing angrily. He hadn't gone off. Ryan struggled to his feet and I put out my hand to pull him up and steady him. He reached down to pull Travis to his feet. His cock bobbed and swayed around like a battering ram.

"Whew!" Travis gasped as he grasped the railing over the edge of the pool.

"You can say that again," Ryan said. Then he looked at me. "Sorry if we held up supper, dad," he added with a grin.

"Not at all. Get washed up," I said. I walked away mentally shaking my head at the whole scene. I couldn't believe they had the balls to do it right in front of me. They acted as if they'd just finished a tennis match. More, I couldn't believe I had stood and watched them, as if they'd been playing a game of checkers.

They came into the house naked and went upstairs to shower. They came down a few minutes later in their shorts and pitched in to help me finish getting supper on the table. It was strange, sitting down with the two young studs after witnessing them having sex out by the pool. But we all acted as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened.

I pondered it for several days, wrestling with what I should do or say, if anything. I knew I shouldn't make them feel so comfortable in their behavior. I kept relating it in my mind to Ryan having a girl in his room, or coming home to find him fucking a girl by the pool. My reaction would be far different, I was sure, and I knew it should be even more severe since it involved another male. But just as they felt no shame or embarrassment in what they were doing, I couldn't conjure up much in the way of fatherly outrage either. But complete acceptance was tantamount to encouraging them, and that could well lead to Ryan falling deeper into the lifestyle that he had grown so comfortable in. I didn't know what to do or what to say. Forbidding it was not a viable option.

The situation worsened when Travis showed up one night with bruises on his face and blood on his shirt.

"What happened?" I asked as I let him in.

"My dad," he said simply.

I cringed inside at the thought that he had found out about Ryan and Travis. "What happened?" I asked again. "Did he.....find out?"

"No, it wasn't that. It was something else entirely. I wouldn't even be here standing if he found that out."

Ryan came down to see who I was talking to, aghast at his friend's face.

"Geezuss, Travis, what happened!"

"His dad," I replied for him. "Did you call the police?" I asked.

"No, that would only make matters worse, later," Travis said. "He'll get over it and everything will be all right."

"No, everything won't be all right," I said. "If you let him get by with it the first time, he will..."

"This isn't the first time," Travis cut in.

I was welling up with anger that a man would do this to his son, and my anger was eager to get out. "Do you want me to go over there?" I asked.

"No, I'm afraid of what he might do," Travis said.

"I'm not particularly afraid of what he might do," I said.

"Just let it go," he said. "You don't need to get involved in our little family spats."

"I'm afraid I'm already involved, with you showing up at my door looking like this," I said.

"I'm sorry, I... I should leave," he said as he half-turned to go.

"No," Ryan said and grabbed him by the arm.

I took his other arm. "You're not going anywhere, son," I said. "And don't apologize. But you can't expect me not to get involved."

"It's something we have to work out," Travis said.

"Men like that....a man who would do this to his son.....aren't interested in working things out," I said. I was angry and I hurt inside seeing the fear in the boy's eyes.

"You said one time, Mr. Hill, that I could stay here. Could this be one of those times?"

"Of course, as long as you need to," I said. "Ryan will take you upstairs." I didn't go up with them. I couldn't get my anger under control and seeing the boy....and what else the man might have done to him, would only make it worse. Just then there was a loud pounding on the door. I knew instinctively that it was Travis's dad. I braced myself and opened the door.

"Is my son here?" he demanded.

"Yes." He was a big, muscular man buy my anger made him look smaller.

"I want to see him."

"I don't think that's a good idea right now," I said calmly.

"I said I want to see him!" he bellowed.

"I don't think so," I said, my voice taking on an edge. The man's voice was seething with anger. That was okay, his anger was focused on me instead of his son at the moment.

"He's my son! And I wanta see him, now!" he bellowed. He made a move as if to come in but I blocked his way.

"He's your son, not your punching bag," I said.

It made him even angrier that I was standing up to him. That probably didn't happen very often. He made the move again and again, I blocked him.

"If you come near the boy, you'll have to come through me," I said. It had been years since I'd had an altercation with another man and I could feel the adrenalin rush coming on. I was ready for this guy.

He stiffened but backed down, reluctantly. He walked backwards off the porch.

"This isn't over," he warned angrily. "I know what's going on between those two little perverts. And I'll bet you do, too, and you're letting it happen, probably right here in your own house. Hell, I'll bet you're in on it. Are you fucking him, too? Are you fucking your own son?"

The adrenalin became anger and I stepped through the door and pulled it closed behind me. Deep I caught him by his shirt before he stumbled backwards down the steps and slammed him against the side of the house. Dam, it felt good. I think part of it was, I didn't want to let him get away without having the altercation.

"Listen, you perverted son-of-a-bitch, if I hear even a whisper that you've spread that crap around, you'll look worse than your son. And if you ever touch the boy again, I will kill you. You got that?" When he didn't answer me I slammed him against the side of the house again so hard that his head bounced off the wall. "You got that!" I hissed.

"Yeah.....yeah, I got it," he replied in a snarling tone. I was surprised that he was so subdued, that he didn't fight back, and a little worried that there was no trace of fear in his voice. "This ain't over," he said.

I let go of his shirt and shoved him down the steps and he headed for his car. I stood there till he drove off, determined not to let him see how badly he had shaken me. Dam, he knew! How the hell did he find out? Suddenly I was angry with the boys. I turned around to see the door open and they were standing at the bottom of the stairs.

"You sure handled him, dad," Ryan said with pride.

"Yeah, thanks, Mr. Hill," said Travis.

"Like he said, it's not over," I said.

"Yeah, I know. I have to go back to him," said Travis.

"No, you don't. I said you could stay here as long as you need to. That means permanently if need be."

I saw the tears well up in his eyes, and Ryan's eyes got wetter, too. "He knows about you boys," I said. "You told me that wasn't the cause of your fight," I said to Travis.

"It wasn't at first. Then he started making accusations and getting madder and madder without even giving me a chance to say anything."

"What I want to know is, how did he find out?" I looked at Ryan.

"It's my fault," Travis put in quickly. "He never saw us or anything. It was was something I wrote and he found it."

"Something you wrote?" Ryan asked. "About me? Us?"

"About you...about me...about us...but I never mentioned anybody by name. It was just what I wrote. He jumped to conclusions, because of all the time we spend together."

"What was it?" Ryan asked.

"I don't have it. He burned it in the fireplace."

Ryan looked sadly disappointed and Travis looked hurt and apologetic.

"Well, get up to bed," I said. I didn't go to bed. I sat up staring blankly at the television trying to understand the situation. That a man would hit his son. And recalling the looks the boys gave each other, for the first time I realized what they meant to each other. It was my fault. I had let things go to far.

Ryan came downstairs. "Thanks, dad," he said quietly. "And Travis wants to thank you."

I shrugged. He sat down beside me on the couch.

"You're an unbelievable father," he said.

I smiled and squeezed his leg. "It's something fathers do," I said.

"No, it's something my dad does," he said. "You can't possibly know how much I respect and admire you, and love you for understanding."

"I'm just not sure what it is that I understand," I said.

"Can I ask you something, dad? It's pretty bold, and personal," he warned.


"Have you ever had sex with another guy?"

I was taken aback by his question but tried not to show it. I scrambled for an answer, whether or not to tell the truth; about Travis or about the time I fucked my older brother.

"Truth?" I said.

"You've always been truthful with me," he reminded me.

"Yes," I replied.

"You have?! Who was it?" he asked. He sounded both excited and surprised at my answer.

"My older brother," I replied, surprised how easily it came out.

Ryan's mouth dropped and his eyes widened. I almost wanted to laugh at his expression. "Uncle Mike?! You fucked Uncle Mike?!"

I nodded. "I had just turned eighteen. He was twenty four, getting ready to go overseas."

Ryan was so surprised that he was breathless for a moment. "How did it happen?" he asked. "I mean, who...."

"Who initiated it?" I finished for him. "Mike did. And me being younger than him, and curious and horny, I went along with it. It only happened that one time," I added. It wasn't a lie. It was the only time between me and my brother, and if I was implying that it was the only time, period, with any other guy, well okay. But I had committed myself to the truth. Did it have to be the whole truth.....the truth about me and Travis?

"If he hadn't gone off to Saudi Arabia.....if he'd stayed home, do you think it might've.....if things might have gone further?" Ryan asked.

"I don't know. I guess so if he wanted it to. Like I said I was young and horny and..well, he was my older brother."

"That's how you understand me and Travis so well," he said.

"I think you and Travis have taken it to a much higher level," I said. "And I'm not sure I should have permitted it."

He looked at me with one eyebrow screwed up. "With all due respect, Dad, it's not something you could've stopped. Maybe we wouldn't be quite so open about it but....."

"I permitted more than I should have," I cut in. "What man stands and watches his son fuck another boy without doing or saying anything?"

"My dad, that's who," he said. "Any other man.... somebody like Travis's dad.....would have beaten the shit out of us. No matter what anybody might think about the two of us, you've all but saved Travis's life, letting him stay here."

I wished he hadn't brought Travis up. I swallowed, hoping he didn't hear me gulp down the frog in my throat. I had to tell him; the whole truth. His admiration and respect for me were diminished if I held it back from him.

"Son, you said I've always been truthful with you, which I have, but does that mean just truth, or the whole truth?"

"It's whatever you decide to tell me," he said. "I know you would never lie to me." He was so innocently trusting it frightened me that he looked up to me so.

"Sometimes the truth hurts, and this truth might hurt real bad. But I have to say's about Travis," I began. I wanted to swallow the words but they were already out there for him to hear. From the look on his face, he knew before I finished.

"Travis?... and... you?" he asked in a near whisper.

I nodded, afraid to look at him. "You can't blame him. It wasn't his fault," I said. "It wasn't his fault that it happened, and it wasn't his fault that he didn't tell you. I made him promise he wouldn't."

"He didn't; not even a hint," Ryan said. "But it doesn't have to be anybody's fault. It happened and.....hell, Dad, that's great!" he said, squeezing my leg. "He was wanting it to happen so bad."

I was surprised and relieved at his reaction, and I was able to relax with a loose smile. "Well, it..was pretty great," I said.

He laughed, sounding elated.

"Well, it's my turn to thank you for being so understanding," I said.

"Oh, I understand completely," he said.

"Nobody can know," I warned, "nobody except the three of us. Travis' dad already suspects what's going on. If he ever had solid proof, God only knows what he would to do Travis."

"Don't worry, dad, nobody will find out," he assured me. He stood up. "Is it all right if I tell Travis I know?"

"I guess so. I didn't make any promises not to tell. And he sort of wanted you to know anyway, I think." I chortled. "Don't make any big deal out of him keeping it a secret from you."

"I won't. I respect him for that," Ryan said.

Ryan was almost skipping across the room he was so happy. At the bottom of the stairs he paused and turned around with a twinkle in his eye. "Dad, does this mean you would be okay with Travis' idea...about all three of us sometime?"

I looked at him and smiled and shrugged.

Ryan stayed with us and we didn't hear from his dad. It soon became evident that he would remain with us. We took him back to his house to get his stuff. Travis was worried that his dad might be there.

"Don't worry about it," I told him.

"He has a gun," Travis said. "I don't know if he would ever use it, but I thought you should know."

Would he use it? If he was drunk, I figured he would be capable of anything. I asked Travis where he kept the gun.

"Under the mattress," he replied.

"When you're packing your stuff, take it," I suggested. His eyes flew open, aghast. "Take it," I said again. "I'll let him know it's gone. I'll tell him I took it."

"What if he won't let us in," Travis said as we pulled up to the house.

Ryan laughed and that put it to rest. He knew I wouldn't be intimidated by the man. We all three got out and walked up to the house. Travis lingered back a little.

"You do the talking," I told him, "I'll be right here to back you up."

He looked frightened but he moved ahead of me as we went up on the porch. I was hoping the bastard didn't greet us at the door with the gun. He didn't. He opened the door with a beer in his hand. Geezuss, no teenage boy should have to admit that somebody like that was his dad!

"I...I've come for my stuff," Travis said as bravely as he could.

"You don't have any stuff here," the man said. "I got rid of everything. Your room's empty." There was a smirk on his face. "I didn't figure you would be coming back. I figured you would want to live with your faggot friend and his faggot father so I got rid of all of your stuff."

I could see Travis' shoulders slump in defeat and my anger surged through me. I stepped around Travis, pushing him out of the way and barged through the door. I slammed the door shut behind me, leaving the two boys out on the porch. I grabbed the man by the balls and squeezed. He dropped his beer and yowled but I cut it short with my hand over his mouth.

"You filthy mother-fucking son-of-a-bitch!" I swore, the words dripping with the venom of my anger and contempt for the man. "If your son wasn't on the other side of that door, I swear I would cut these off and feed ‘em to you," I said, giving his balls a harder squeeze. My hand almost vibrated from his scream. "Now you listen to me, you dirty cocksucker. As of right now, you don't have a son. I know that tears your heart out, but I just want to be sure you understand...from this day on, Travis is MY son. And you can't even begin to imagine what I'll do if you mess with either of my sons."

I removed my hand from his mouth and let go of his balls. He doubled over, still in pain, and slumped to the floor. I kicked him. It was a brutal thing to do but I couldn't help myself. It scared me a little; too, that I was capable of being so brutal and it angered me that he was able to bring that out in me. I opened the door and stepped outside, closing the door behind me.

"Let's go."


"Let's go!" I snapped. Then I put my arm across Travis' shoulder. "There's nothing here, Travis."

Travis cried all the way home, with Ryan trying to comfort him. I reached over and touched Ryan's arm.

"Let him let it out," I said. "He needs to let it all out."

Travis was devastated that his father had thrown out everything he owned. "He threw away my whole life," he said.

"Try to make a new life, with us," Ryan told him.

I told Ryan that Travis would have to do that on his own, in his own time. But we did what we could to help him start over. The first thing we did was shopping for new clothes and the boys had fun with that. I bought him new bedroom furniture and we set him up in his own room. The boys seemed a little awkward with that when we were setting up the bed.

"Every boy needs his own room," I said. "And it looks better if you each have your own room. I'm not saying you have to sleep here."

Travis settled into his new life with us and it was becoming easier to think of him as my own won. Then it happened; out of the blue one Saturday afternoon when the three of us were doing jobs that had been put off too long. As usual, the boys had on old gym shorts that they had outgrown and I had on my workout shorts and work boots. None of us wore shirts. We mowed the grass and raked around the fence and pulled weeds around the flower beds, not something that got done on a regular basis. I was finishing up in the yard and told the boys to go in and start on the garage. There was stuff that needed be loaded into the pickup and hauled off and tools needed to be put away. When I came in from the yard the garage door was shut. It should have been opened and the truck parked outside. I got a little pissed at the thought that they might have ignored me, but then I heard them inside the garage. I went to the service door. There was Travis bent over the work bench with his legs spread apart and Ryan standing behind him, pounding his cock in and out of his ass. The boy's knuckles were white around the edge of the work bench.

Travis and Ryan having sex was as common as sitting down to a meal, but I was still surprised when I came up on them. It's just not something you expect to see, your son fucking his buddy right out in the open. But I had let them come to this far, to feel free to do it.

"We needed a break," Ryan said casually as he pumped his cock in and out of Travis' ass.

"I thought we would take a break in the pool when we were finished," I said.

"Travis wanted it now," Ryan said. "It's okay, dad, we'll clean the garage. You don't even have to help. We can do it. Unless you want to join us."

By his tone, he wasn't asking if I wanted to join them in cleaning the garage. I hesitated and knew I was lost. Then Travis put the clincher on it.

"Maybe we could use some help," he said.

I turned back and locked the door. "Well, you've wanted this for a long time," I said as I walked over to the work bench.

Travis looked up at me with longing in his eyes. That look that he always had when Ryan was fucking him. I shoved my shorts down and boldly stood in front of him, offering him my meat-packed jock in his face. He wrapped his hands around my butt and pulled me to him eagerly. I smashed my jock into his face and felt his hot breath through the mesh material. He mauled my pouch with his mouth and his tongue and my cock responded. Before long, my jock was tented something awful. The material was stretched apart so you could see the dark hue of my cock through the threads. He put his fingers into the waistband and tried to pull it down but I wouldn't let him. I didn't know why I was teasing him but I did. I kept the pouch in his face but wouldn't let him have the real thing in the flesh. It drove him nuts.

"Aww, please, Mr. Hill, stop teasing me. Let me have it!" he begged, clawing at my jockstrap.

I laughed softly and held him at bay for a bit longer before I moved my hands and let him pull my jockstrap down. He took my cock in his mouth and gobbled it like a hungry wolf.

"Aww, man, you never did that for me," Ryan complained.

There I had it. Travis hadn't been sucking Ryan's cock. I thought it strange but I was glad that he sucked mine first. Maybe mine was the first he had ever sucked, but he didn't act like it was his first cock. I wondered who else; and I was sure Ryan was wondering, too.

Travis clasped his hands around my butt, urging me fuck his mouth. I put my hands on the back of his head and fed him my cock. Again, I was having to tell myself that it was happening; that I was standing there watching my teenage son fuck his buddy and his buddy was sucking my cock. I wondered what Ryan was thinking.

Suddenly, Ryan pulled his cock out. "I gotta have some of that, dammit. Come on, you can have his ass for awhile" he said as he came around the work bench.

I pulled my cock out of Travis's mouth and walked around behind him. My throat was tight just looking at his round, firm butt muscles and that still-gaping hole that seemed anxious to be filled with my cock. Part of it was seeing my son's huge cock swaying back and forth. I was surprised that Travis took Ryan's cock fresh from his asshole, but it didn't seem to matter to him; he was clean.

"Ohhhh, Godddd!" Ryan moaned as Travis took his cock. "Awww, mann, what have I been missing...Ohhh yeah..Ohhh, suck it, man...suck that big cock."

I spat on my cock and set the head into the gaping hole. Travis moaned around Ryan's cock and squirmed around anxiously. He groaned louder as I shoved my cock in him.

"MMMmmmnnhhhhh!" he groaned.

"Ohhh, this is too hot!" Ryan said. "Watching you fuck my best friend while he's sucking my cock."

For a long time all that could be heard were the sounds of our sex; our heavy breathing and moans and the steady slap of my loins against Travis' butt and his wet sucking noises around Ryan's cock. Ryan was watching intently; he never took his eyes off of me fucking his buddy.

"Awww, do you believe this, dad?" Ryan asked, looking across Travis with a loose grin.

"No," I said. But watching the boy's tanned, smooth stomach muscles ripple and dance as he fucked his cock in and out of his buddy's mouth, made me believe the thoughts that were creeping into my head. Actually it wasn't the first time I'd had the thoughts, but it was the first time I had let the thoughts roam free. I had begun to notice Ryan's butt more and more, and I found my mouth dry at the sight of his naked body. Geezuss, I wanted him, like I wanted Travis. I wanted to fuck my son! I tried to dismiss the idea from my mind. What we were doing was bad enough. I couldn't stoop to such depravity. Or could I? I wondered if he would think it was depraved, of he would see it simply as the next level in our relationship.

"Ohhh, I'm getting close," Ryan gasped suddenly. He put his hands on each side of Travis' face as he fucked his mouth. "Do you want me to cum in your mouth?" he asked.

Travis got off his cock to answer. "Yes, I wanta try it," he said.

I had been working to hold off but now I wanted to let it go. I tried to gauge myself to the level of Ryan's lust.

"Oh..Oh..Oh, Godd...You want it..comes!"

His muscles stood taut as his body trembled. Then he began to lurch and I knew he was giving Travis his load. Travis uttered a squealing moan and sucked like a hungry puppy. I banged his butt harder to work up my own climax. Ryan watched. My breathing became ragged and my nostrils flared as I sucked in enough oxygen to keep the machine in motion. Finally the trigger tripped and the stuff came gushing through my cock. Travis moaned again and slammed his hard butt back onto my cock in a frenzy. My legs were shaking by the time I emptied my balls inside the boy's ass. Ryan's cock pulled free of Travis' mouth with a loud suctioning noise as he stumbled backwards. I pulled Travis up and pressed my body against his back. It was hot in the garage and we were dripping with sweat.

"Man, we need to do this outside next time," Ryan joked.

So Travis was living with us. He fit in easily and I was glad that he was so comfortable with us. Or so I thought. We were well into the holiday season and the boy had fun decorating the house and the tree and wrapping presents. I was deeply gratified that Travis was so happy, and I had never seen Ryan so happy. Then, two days before Christmas, Travis disappeared. Ryan came into y room in the middle of the night looking for him.

"I thought he might have slept in here," he said.

"Uhh...No," I said, surprised that he would think that, for Travis and I had never slept together. We checked all through the house and I checked the garage, trying not to think that maybe he had left with my truck. The truck was still there.

"Maybe he went back to his dad's place," Ryan said.

We got dressed and headed there. His dad answered the door with the same surly scowl as last time. But then, we had awakened him in the middle of the night.

"We're looking for Ryan, is he here?" I asked.


I didn't know whether to believe him or not. "Mind if we check ourselves?"

"He ain't here, he's never been here and he ain't likely to be here anytime soon," the man said. "And no, you can't come in and check for yourselves."

I decided not to press it. If I barged in, he might call the police. So Ryan and I left. Ryan was about to panic. "Okay, let's think about it," I said. "You're a teenager, put yourself in his place. Get into his head. If you were going to leave home, where would you be right now?" I asked.

He thought about it for minute. "If I was heading off, for good, I would be on the highway trying to hitch a ride. If I just wanted to get away...I would the falls."

"The falls? It's December, and he's on foot," I said.

Ryan shrugged.

"Okay, we'll check the falls." He wasn't there. We headed for the highway. "East or West?" I asked Ryan.

"I would be heading West, where it's warmer."

I turned onto the Interstate heading West. We drove for several miles, searching the roadside for him.

"I'm going to take a chance and check out the truck stop up ahead," I said.

"He could be well past the truck stop," Ryan said.

"Yeah, he could be," I said, but turned into the truck stop anyway. We went inside, through the travel store, into the restaurant. I looked all around but Ryan spotted him first.

"Nice call, dad," he said, poking me and nodding to where Travis was sitting with an older guy. We walked over to the booth. Travis saw us and his face blanched, I guessed from embarrassment.

"Travis! Where the hell have you been?" Ryan blurted.

Travis looked away, glancing at the man across from him. I checked him out in a brief sweep of my eyes and draw my own conclusions. Travis was hitching a ride, or the guy was picking him up. Either way, it was no good.

"We missed you, Travis," I said calmly. When he looked around at me, I asked, "What's going on?" After I asked, I looked at the guy, directing my question to him as well.

"He was wanting a ride," the man said. "Hey, are you his dad?"

"You could say that," I replied.

"Hey, he approached me," the man said, holding his hands up defensively.

"Come on, Travis," I said. I didn't feel the need to confront the trucker. He hesitated but when Ryan put his hand on his shoulder, he slid out of the booth. Ryan put his arm across his shoulder. Travis looked at the man and thanked him.

"Hey, no problem. I hope you get everything worked out," the man said. He looked at me again. "Hey, there was nothing funny going on. He wanted a ride, that's all."

Outside, Ryan asked him, "How come you took off like that in the middle of the night? Where were you going? And just before Christmas..."

"I thought you guys should have Christmas to yourselves," he said meekly.

"Why would you think that?" I asked him calmly.

"You''re family. You're Ryan's dad, he's your son."

"And you are....?" I asked.

"I'm just...hell, nobody," he blurted as he turned and walked faster to the truck.

Ryan rushed after him, grabbed his shoulder and turned him around. He sort of cowered, as if he thought Ryan might hit him, and in that moment I felt a new surge of hatred for his father.

"Listen to me," Ryan said, holding him by both his shoulders. "You're not a nobody. You're my best friend, for chrissakes! You've been like a brother to me for so long I don't know if I could feel any more for a real brother if I had one. When dad said you could stay with us he didn't mean, oh, except for holidays. You're as much a part of this family as I am."

Ryan glanced at me with a questioning look, wanting help. I approached them; I put one hand on Travis' shoulder, in a tight grip that let him know I meant business, like a father. In that moment, I wasn't Mr. Hill any longer; I was his father.

"Young man, I don't want to ever hear you talk like that again," I said firmly. "You are a part of this family whether you like it or not. But I guess I failed to tell you the ground rules. So here's what you can expect from now on. I'm gonna want to know where you are at all times, and who you're with and what you're doing, just like Ryan. You account for yourself, to me, just like Ryan does. Is that understood?"

"Yes, sir," he said meekly.

"You don't have to call him sir," Ryan said, laughing.

"I've heard you call him sir, and you're his own son," Travis said.

"Yeah, I call him sir when he'd mad, but that...."

I held up a silencing hand. "I don't want to hear that again either," I said gruffly. "I don't want to hear that Ryan's my real son and you're what, a boarder? You tell me, Travis, what am I to you?" The way I asked, the question demanded and answer.

"I...I...I want think of dad, except....."

"Except what?" I asked.

"Except I've got a dad and...and you're Ryan's dad...I know you said you didn't want to hear that again, but that doesn't change anything, and I'm not going to try to be something I'm not. It's not fair to Ryan."

Ryan gasped, "Not fair!? What's not fair!?"

"Look, Travis, you're not taking Ryan's place. What if I had two sons, or three? One doesn't take the other's place. A father is capable of loving more than one son."

"Let's just make it two sons, okay?" Ryan put in jokingly. But Travis didn't see the humor. He was about to burst into tears.

"Some men aren't capable of loving even one son," he said. He looked at me and I could see the tears glistening in his eyes. "My dad never said it..never told me...that he loved me..not once."

"Well, I'm saying it...if it means anything. I love you, Travis."

He puckered up and the dam burst. I reached out and drew him into my arms just as he started sobbing. Ryan stepped up and put his arm around him too. We must have been a sight, standing there in the shadows of the parking lot all wrapped around each other but I didn't much care. The trucker that Travis had been sitting with came out and gave me a ‘thumbs up'. I nodded. \

It was quiet driving back. Travis sat in the middle. Ryan and I both had our arms around him.

"Don't ever do this to me again," I told him.

"I won't," he said.

"Say it like you mean it," I chided him.

"I won't, sir. I guess there won't be any reason to."

"There wasn't any reason this time, dumb-ass," Ryan growled.

Back home we had some hot chocolate before we went up to bed. Again, it was quiet between us and none of us were uncomfortable with it. There was nothing more that needed to be said. The boys went upstairs first while I rinsed out the cups and turned out the lights. I was undressing when Ryan came into my room, naked. I gave him a curious look.

"Dad, Travis...well, he didn't say it, but I know he...he wants to sleep in here, with your bed. I think it would make him feel safe. Would you care?"

"You know I wouldn't care, but you also know that we probably won't get much sleep."

"Yeah, I know...I think he knows that, too. I think that's part of the reason he wants to sleep here."

"Do you have any problem with this, Ryan? Taking him in permanently, as a son; what I said to him out in the parking lot?"

"No. I want that as much as he does." He paused then went on. "And I was talking about more than just Travis sleeping with you...."


"In all the time that Travis and I have...well, been doing it, I've never done anything in return. But I've been thinking about it, and when I do, I want it to be with you the first time. What I'm saying, is, I...I think I'm ready, dad."


"Yeah, I...I've been thinking about it and..I'm ready for you to fuck me," he said. "Travis has convinced me that it's something pretty intense so I...I want you to fuck me. And I don't mind if Travis is with us when it happens. In fact, I think it would be kind of neat, like my brother watching me getting it from our dad."

I nodded, too out of breath to say anything for a moment. "All right," I managed finally. "Do you want to go get him?"

"There's one other thing, dad...he, uh...he would like to call you dad. He didn't say it, but I know he wants to. He's so desperate and hurting to have a real dad in his life, and you're about as real as they come."

"What about me calling him son? Are you going to have a problem with that?"

"Heck no, Travis is like a brother to me anyway. So is it okay if he calls you dad?"

"Yes, I would be honored."

"I don't know if he'll do it right away," Ryan said.

"Whenever he feels comfortable with it," I said.

Ryan left and came back a moment later with Travis; both of them beautifully naked. They came and stood beside the bed, giving me a chance to gaze at their magnificent young bodies.

"You got room for two more?" Ryan asked me.

I was in the middle of the bed and I didn't move. "Sure, climb in," I said as I spread my arms out to welcome them. They climbed in on either side of me, lying on my arms. "I hope you boys didn't come in here expecting to get any sleep," I joked.

"No, I don't want to sleep," Travis said. "I want to thank you for what you did for me tonight; for everything you've done."

"You already did that, by coming back home to us," I said.

"But I want to show" It came out quietly but reverberated around the room. "Ryan said it's okay if I call you that."

I smiled and pulled him half onto my body. "Come over here, son...both of you," I said as I pulled Ryan against me as well. Before I could say anything else, Travis had raised up and leaned down over me and was sucking my cock into his mouth. "Ohhhhhhhh," I moaned softly. "Awww, son, that feels so good!"

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