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Out of gas

When I started driving, I recall my dad"s repeated warnings about keeping plenty of gas in my car. Well, as this 16-year-old sat on the gravel shoulder of a rather desolate foothill highway after running out of gas, the last thing I wanted to think about was my dad being right, as usual. It didn"t seem that I would have to worry about anybody coming along this road at 1 a.m., so I figured I might as well bunk in my car until daylight. It was mid-summer, so I left the windows down and tried to enjoy the faint breeze coming off the foothills.

All alone in the middle of nowhere, and nothing else to do, I figured it was as good a time as any to jack-off. I stretched out across the seat and leaned back against the passenger door, undid my pants and pushed them down to my knees. I could clearly make out my exposed cock and balls in the bright moonlight that shone through the windshield. I then started to pump my dick to hardness while I cupped my balls. Almost as soon as I settled in for a nice handfuck, headlights rounded the corner. "Wouldn"t you know?" I thought as I stopped beating my meat for a second. The truck passed me by very slowly, enough to make out the shadow of a lone driver behind the wheel. I could swear we made eye contact. It seemed as if it would continue on, hen came to a stop. Back-up lights came on, and the truck pulled to the side of the road in front of my car as I scrambled in the front seat to pull my pants back up.

I was more than a bit scared at this turn of events. After all, even though I was about 5"7", I was a skinny runt who only weighed in at 87 pounds dripping wet. I certainly wasn"t what anyone would call "fighting trim". All the stories of things that happened to teenagers out alone late at night flooded through my mind as the driver"s door of the truck opened. A flashlight came on and the beam was square in my eyes. My heart raced.

"You okay in there?" came a voice.

"Uh... yeah!" I answered back in my best "adult" voice. "Just out of gas."

The light remained in my eyes as footsteps crunched on the gravel towards me.

"Not the best place to run out of gas, young man," said the voice. "Not that any place is a good place to run out of gas. You"re about 10 miles from the nearest gas station, and even if was only 10 feet, ain"t no one gonna be open this time of night." The flashlight was now at my window, and the footsteps had halted.

"So I figured." I snorted.

"You look a bit scared, son." The flashlight was turned up to reveal the face of a rather kindly looking man of about 50 or so. "My name"s Earl, and you have no need to be scared of me."

"I"m Donny," I stammered, feeling relieved, and strangely comforted by the older man"s presence.

"You even old enough to drive this thing? You look barely a teenager!"

Ah, the bane of my youth... always looking younger than I was.

"Yes, I"m old enough." I countered. "Although, maybe I need to be a bit more responsible so I don"t end up in a situation like this, huh?"

The man waved his hand in a fatherly gesture.

"What"s done is done. Come on out and let"s see what we can do about getting you some gas for your car." I opened the door and slid out of the car, into the beam of Earl"s flashlight. In my haste to pull up my pants when Earl"s truck came up, my underwear ended up as more of an afterthought... they were rolled up at the top of my thighs and bunched up in my pants. I was immediately self-conscious as the beam of the flashlight worked up and down over me.

"You look harmless enough. Lock up the car and get in the truck, and we"ll see if I got some gas for you."

I did as he suggested, locking up the car and getting into the passenger side of the truck. As I prepared to get in, the cab"s light gave me a better look at the man; moderate height, hefty in size, balding, dressed in a robe and slippers. He seemed to notice my surprise at his clothing, or more, the lack of it.

"No, I don"t drive everywhere in my robe, son. I live only about a quarter mile back. You caught my attention when I heard you slow down and stop. That, and your repeated tries at starting your car again. Not too many other reasons to stop out here, so I figured you needed some help."

"Well, I appreciate it, Earl."

As I sat down on the seat, I was still a bit uncomfortable from my rolled underwear. Earl eyed me with a slight smile, but didn"t say anything as I pulled the door shut, turning off the overhead light. He started the truck and headed up the road a bit, driving but a short way and turning onto a gravel side road, and then motoring to the top of a small hill. He stopped the truck and turned it off as he flipped off the headlights. My heart seemed to stop.

"Wh-what are you doing?" I croaked.

"Relax, son," Earl said soothingly. "I"m not going to hurt you. I just noticed that you had a problem, and I thought I"d help you out with it."

I was too scared to speak as the man reached across the seat to me and gently placed his hand on my thigh.

"When I drove by you, I was checking to see what kind of person you were, and whether I should stop to help you. I saw you beating off in the moonlight. Well, at least I saw you with your cock in your hand."

As embarrassed as I was, I began to relax a bit at his soothing tone, and the warmth of his huge hand caressing my thigh.

"And, seeing that you have your panties in a bunch, so to speak, I thought I"d give you the chance to either finish the job," his hand slid up to my crotch, "or at least get comfortable."

Two callused fingers found their way into the zipper I had forgotten to pull up in my rush, toying with my pubic hair.

"I... don"t know what to say." I whispered. I was still frightened, but comfortable with his kind touch.

"You don"t have to say a thing, son... your cock is speaking for you."

Sure enough, his gentle tone and steady strokes had my dick getting hard. And, in the moonlight streaming into the cab, I could see that Earl now had his robe open. He wore nothing beneath and he was stroking his own stiff meat with his left hand. It looked enormous in the pale light.

"Want me to stop?" asked Earl.

"No," I gulped.

"Then, please take off your pants for me."

"Won"t someone see us out here?"

"We"re on the back side of my property. Even the wife doesn"t come out here in the daytime. Now, let"s get off with the pants, please."

He pulled back his hand as I obediently pushed off my sneakers, then undid and slid off my pants and rolled-up briefs in one swift move. He reached down and released the seat latch, sliding the bench seat as far back in the cab as it would go.

"The t-shirt, too," whispered Earl. "It"s warm enough. Please."

I slipped my shirt over my head leaned back in the seat as Earl looked me over in the moonlight. I love the look of the full moon"s light on naked skin. Earl obviously liked it, too. He slipped closer to me and reached over with his right hand to stroke my fully erect dick once again, and began kneading my balls with his left.

"Have you done this before, Donny?"

"Yeah." I sighed.

"With an older man?"

"A few. Not... many."

Earl let go of my balls and took my chin in his thick fingers, then bent over as he drew my lips to his, kissing me gently, lovingly. Although I wasn"t very comfortable with kissing another man like this, I found myself returning his kiss while I gingerly reached over and took Earl"s thick cock in my own left hand. The head wasn"t much bigger than my own, but I couldn"t get my hand completely around the shaft. Still, I started to eagerly pump his massive tool.

"Mmmm..." cooed Earl. "Nice. Tell me, Donny... are you gay?"

"I dunno... I like girls... and I like guys," I said, slightly increasing my grip on Earl"s rock-hard cock. "But, mostly, I really like sex. And, at my age, I have a better chance of having sex with a guy than with a girl right now."

"I"d say that your chances of having sex with a man are pretty much guaranteed."

And with that, Earl kissed me again, more enthusiastically, his tongue probing into my mouth. He slipped out of his robe completely, grabbing me up in his arms and pushing his much larger body on top of me as he lay me out on the seat. Our naked bodies were intertwined. My hard dick was pressing against Earl"s stomach while his own huge member was settling between my thighs and resting against my ass. His tongue danced in my mouth as he gently rocked his hips as I wrapped my legs around him to hold his body more firmly to mine, while he slid that phone-pole of his against my young butt crack.

Even though I enjoyed the sensation of his dry-fucking me, I was worried that this man would eventually want to try to stuff that monster cock in me. The head might have gotten in, but anything after that seemed impossible. I"d taken very few dicks in my ass, and knew for sure that this one would kill me. Earl must have sensed my tension.

"Don"t worry, my friend," he said as he started to kiss my chest and lick my nipples, one of my favorite sensations. "Not many can handle it."

He slid back as he worked his tongue down my belly, brushing past my dick and then suckling on my balls. He guided my hand to my dick, which I took as a signal and started to stroke it to his affirmative murmurs. He cupped both of my butt cheeks in his hands and raised my hips upward, taking my whole ball sack into his very warm mouth. Every once in a while, he"d slip his tongue into my anus, sending shivers through me.

"That feels so good," I moaned.

He let my balls fall from his mouth long enough to say: "It"s supposed to, or why bother? You know?"

I was in heaven, beating off while watching this man in the moonlight, his mouth full of my testicles. The image was too exciting, and I couldn"t help but to start pumping my dick a little faster. "I want to cum. I need to cum."

Earl let my balls fall from his lips again and said, "Would you like to cum in my mouth?"


"Ask nicely."

"Oh, please!" I groaned.

"You can do better than that!"

"Please suck me Earl! Please suck my dick and make me cum in your mouth!"

With that, Earl"s hot mouth replaced my hand, enveloping my dick as he started to deep-throat me. His large hands were still cupping my ass cheeks, and he was effortlessly pumping my hips up and down into his mouth. He was fucking his own mouth with my cock! I just let my body go. It felt like an eternity of ecstasy, but I"m sure I didn"t last but a few seconds before I felt my guts ball up, and I exploded like a geyser into my friend"s throat, with Earl hungrily swallowing every drop I could muster. I was like a rag doll as he continued to pull my hips to his face, my cock to the back of his mouth, sucking long after I was spent, softer and softer, until he finally let my drained dick slip from his lips with a soft "pop".

Earl crawled up over my again, drawing me into his arms and kissing me deeply, the taste of my semen still in his mouth. His throbbing meat streaming a line of precum like a snail trail along my thigh. Although I felt like a limp washrag, I reached down and started to stroke his monster cock. With a little effort, we changed positions in the front seat, with Earl laying fully on his back and me between his legs. I wanted so much to see his enormous member up close and make to that huge cock cum.

While it was only around 7" long, I swear that gorgeous piece of man-meat had the circumference of a can of soup. His balls were a perfect compliment to his tree trunk of a dick. I put both hands around his shaft and started a steady pumping rhythm. I put my mouth over the mushroom head, which was all that was going to fit into my young mouth, and sucked his salty precum like nectar. He moaned contentedly as I pumped the shaft up and down while being careful not to hit the sensitive head with my teeth. Earl reached up and took my face into his hands, encouraging me to gently bob my mouth up and down on the head of his massive cock while I stroked the full length of his pole.

"Keep going, Donny. I"m gonna blow your head off when I cum!"

I could feel his shaft tighten in my hands, and the head of that beautiful dick swelled even further. With the way his delicious precum was oozing, I nearly thought he was already cumming.

"Oh, geez..." moaned Earl. "Oh, fuck..."

Earl"s thighs tightened about me like a trap, and his hips began to rock. The head of his cock was so engorged that I couldn"t hope to keep it in my mouth.

"Oh... my... GAWWWWD!" growled Earl as his hips bucked wildly. His huge cock throbbed in my hands like a serpent and the head erupted into my mouth with a torrent that I could not have ever hoped to have contained. My mouth filled instantly, and even as I tried to swallow some of his thick fluid, he came like a volcano. His moans continued as his hot cum sprayed all over my face and ran down in rivulets over my still pumping hands. I tried to put the head of his cock back in my mouth and catch some of the last spurts. It was like trying to put a gushing water hose in my mouth.

Finally, his orgasm subsided. I couldn"t believe the amount of sperm on my face and my hands... on Earl"s dick and stomach. And this didn"t count the near gallon I swore I had swallowed. I lay my head on Earl"s heaving stomach, smeared with his semen, until we both caught our breaths.

Finally, Earl stirred. "I guess we"d better get you some gas in your car and send you on your way before someone worries about you."

"Yeah," I agreed, in a combination of bliss and disappointment at the thought of leaving. "I guess so."

Earl pulled a t-shirt from behind the seat, wiping off what I was unable to swallow, then handed it to me so I could clean up, too. I fumbled for my clothes while he simply wrapped the robe back around him. He started the truck and drove slowly as I put my clothes back on. I exercised a bit more care with my underwear this time, although my previous haste had proven to be a blessing in disguise.

As Earl drove, I leaned over and opened his robe, and slipped as much of his softened cock into my mouth as I could, and suckled like a baby at its mother"s breast. He stroked my hair in appreciation until he brought the truck to a stop. I reluctantly withdrew from my sucking and sat up... and found that we were right back at my car! I looked at Earl, not sure what to think.

"The gas is in the back of my truck," he said, as he leaned over to kiss me on the mouth once more as he gave my crotch a soft squeeze. "Everything else was just... because."

They dont have to know

My boyfriend was working lateagain. This was already his fourth night in a row, but this time he didn't call and tell me. Here it was after midnight, it's storming outside, I'm alone in this apartment once again without Jeremy here, to comfort me, during this distraction. We've been together for seven years and this week has not been great for me at all, I mean once it comes to our sex life, its going dry now. He doesn't seem interested anymore, but maybe it's because of his job holding him back, keeping him to work long hours and not give this horny devil what he wants. Or maybe it's me? . My sexual appetite has been increasing lately

Hmmmwhat the hell I'm I suppose to do? I get up and go the living room and turned on the TV not like there would be anything on, but its something to watch instead of the ceiling all night. Flipping through channels, flipping through channelsnothing, well except for the news. I guess Ill watch that. Damn that thunder is loud; I cannot stand this damn weather! I don't see how people can sleep through it. "Two men rob another 7-11" Well like that's anything new. oh and know the only description the witness knows is that there both black and male. Okay I'm through with this channel. Oh here we go a scary movie to help me go to sleep. I can kill Freddy in my dreams every time. Oh shit he's about to kill another stupid female, look, there she go falling on the groundwell she's dead. As soon as she was about to die, the power goes out and now I'm left in the darkness with this loud thunder roaring over my head and lightening flashing repetitively against my windows.

Just when I thought of just going to bed I hear a knock on the door. Now who the hell is knocking on my door at 12:30 at night? I wanted to look through the peephole but it was way too dark to see. I cracked the door open and said, "Who is this?" "Umm hey I live in the room right across from you I was wonderin' if you had any flashlights 'cuz you know the power is out." He said. He sounded youngmaybe 18 or 19, not really my type but he sounded convincing enough for me to help him out. "How many you need?" I asked. "Just twowell maybe just one." He said correcting himself. "Okay, well did you want to come in, I know it's gotta be cold out there in that hallway." I asked. "Oh thank you sir." He said. I unlocked the door and let him in.

"Damn he was tall, probably a basketball player," I thought to myself. I could only see his white tank top; the rest of him was darkened out. "Whoa it's little bit lighter in here, its pitch black in my room." He said, damn his voice sounded real sexy. "Well I got this huge ass window right here flashin' me with lightening every ten secondsso I guess that's my light sourceYou can sit down if you like." I said. "Thanks sir." He said sitting down quickly like someone had snapped at him to do it. "Oh and please don't call me sir, I feel like your talkin' to old man when you say that, my name is Martin." I said walking to the kitchen, which was right in the open. "I'm Cornell, but I hate that name just call me Nell." He said.

"Aight Nell, I've never met you or seen you before, how long you been livin' across the hall from me?" I asked.

"My boy I mean my partner and I just moved here a couple of weeks ago from Chicago." He said. Hmmm partner now this is getting interesting.

"So do you and your "partner" like it over here Detroit?" I asked getting nosy.

"Yeah it's pretty nice, Eddie that's his name, he's into the performing arts, he's tryna be an actor. So far it's been goin' pretty slow, but I'm payin' the bills from workin' at the supermarket downtown." he said.

"Oh, okay." I said disappointed from the job title, but he is young, at least he's working. "I'm actually trying to get into business, I just enrolled in Wayne State, and so far it's been pretty good."

It got quiet for a minute and then I asked, "So how old are you Nell?"

"Well I'm only 20, but I turn 21 this winter how bout you?" he asked.

I despised him for asking that but I guess I'll tell him anyway, "34" I said.

I was still looking for the flashlight I couldn't find it, shit it was darker over in the kitchen then in the living room. "You know what? I can't seem to find my flashlights for some reason." I said looking through the drawer. "I think Ill try the bed" the lights flickered on along with the radio blasting and my computer turning on. "Well, I guess we don't need them." I said glancing over to him. DAMN! He was fuckin' handsome as hell!! I can't believe I just this fine looking young man walk through my door and I didn't even take advantage of him. He looked a hell of a lot older than 20, that's for sure.

I think I was staring a little too long because then he asked, "Martinis there something wrong?" I woke up from my stupor and stuttered, "Nono I..." He stood up showing me the rest of his muscular body in his blue tank top and black sweat pants. "Maybe I should go" he said walking away towards the door, but I walked over to him saying, "No, no please stayI can't sleep. I mean I'm alone tonightI mean (sigh) would you like to stay and talk a lil more?" He stared at me with those big brown eyes and smiled and said, "Aright, I guess ill stay just a 'lil while, until my partner comes back." He said sitting back down.

"Would you like some coffee?" I asked. He shook his head yes.

We talked and laughed so much, that we didn't even notice the time. "Oh man, its almost 3:30 in the morning, I really don't wanna leave but my partner might be worried." he said.

"Well I guess you right If he's not there then you can come back, I'm not really sleepy yet." I said. "Oh aight then." I get up and walk him to the door and said, "My door is open." He smiled and walked out to go across the hallway. "Damn I hope he comes back!" I thought to myself. I waited ten minutes and I figured that maybe he was there, so I decided to go to bed. Maybe I scared the boy, I mean telling' him door was open did sound like I was going to molest him or somethingeven though that did sound like a good idea.

I lay back on the bed and tried to relax myself, but all I could think of was Nell, and that beautiful body. He was just too fine to pass by. As soon as I was about to drift off to sleep, I hear a faint sound coming from the living room. That may be him, but I'm not sure, maybe I should let him find me. Yeah that's it. Let me just take this sheet off and let some skin show, maybe he would get turned on. Damn I really sound like a hoe right now, but if you're horny, you'd probably do the same, especially if the man looks so right, and your man has been avoiding you for so long. I hear the bedroom door creak open and I could hear the light footsteps coming towards the bed. I pretend like I'm sleeping, but my ass is still exposed to the direction he's standing at.

I felt the bed sink down and his body weight leaned over to me. Then I felt his hot breathe on the side of my neck. I groan a little in my "sleep" and I move closer to him, feeling his soft big lips kissing up against my neck. Damn he felt so good up against my neck. I moaned some more and he wrapped his arm around my waist, rubbing my hard on with his soft, but virile hands, then going down to my long legs, feeling me up. I reached down and rubbed Nell's arm, feeling his warmth, the light hair covering it, the veins that bulged on the skin, and shone through the light from the window. He kissed and sucked further down my shoulders to my arms, while I moved my torso back and forth up against his.

It seems like its been so long since I've been used like this, I was loving second of it. Nell was definitely making up for the lack of sex that I haven't been getting lately. He moved his waist closer to me and I could feel his hard dick pressing up against my ass. His dick was leaving glistening tracks of warm precum on my leg, and searching for the opening. His kisses went back up to my neck and turned into licks on my ear. I moaned feeling his big head pushing through my rectum, stretching it open. I reached over and grabbed his hips and forced more of him inside me, I'm whispering to him to fuck me harder. He gradually speeds up a little bit more hearing the bed squeak a little bit louder, turning us both on.

He stopped kissing my neck and held onto me tighter, as he fucked me harder. We both moaned and grunted, his dick spreading open my ass and going deeper then I ever had one go. I used my ass muscles on his dick, letting him know that I loved every minute of his dick. I held onto his strong arm, bracing myself for the hard fuck he was giving me. I wanted to scream out loud from the pleasure but I knew I could wake up the neighbors. We were both sweating from the heat building up between us, the moon watching us like a voyeur lighting us up, the quietness of the room quickly increasing with moans of delightful pleasure from the both of us.

The bed was creaking louder and our moans were overpowering the creaks. I let out a loud moan, not caring anymore neighbors anymore, and they know what were doing anyways. He flipped me over on my stomach, putting my face in the pillow, ass in the air with his dick still lodged inside of me. I laid there enjoying the hard pounding he was giving me. He leaned down on top of me, feeling his hot breath on my neck and back. My legs trembled and shook the bed, my orgasm was rising slowly and I knew he could tell from my moans getting louder and my ass gripping on his dick like crazy. Then I heard him whisper in my ear, "Come on baby, cum for me." His voice was so sexy and hot, it made my body tremble and I felt my orgasm increase.

I screamed and told him that I was cumming. He plunged in and out slowly stimulating my g-spot; doing the trick my boyfriend usually does to me, which caused me to cum in large amounts. I covered the bed sheets in my hot cum and held onto the pillow as more orgasm subsided. He went back to fucking me with long fast strokes, pulling all the way out and thrusting all the way back in. He fucked for what seemed like hours, but really only minutes, both of us soaked in sweat sticking to the sheets. His cologne stench was getting to me, turning me on because it seemed so familiar. Finally I heard his grunts getting louder informing me that he was to release his load. I worked my ass muscles trying to get long overdue cum filling that I needed.

He stopped pumping and let his seed flow and spray deep inside of me, he grunted and I smiled feeling satisfied that I've finally gotten what I wanted. Once he finished emptying his large load inside of me, he lay back on the bed and relaxed, trying to catch his breath. I looked over to the flashing clock, showing 4:34 and I just realized that I had a boyfriend! I turned over and said, "Hey, I think it's time for you to go."

He looked over and whispered, "Why? What I do wrong?"

"It's nothing you did wrong it's just" I stopped my speech realizing that was Jeremy! "Oh, Jeremy I was just kiddin' it's been a real long night. You know the rainstorm was botherin' me so I could be goin' a 'lil outta my mind." I said trying to shield my self.

He moved over into the light revealing his dark face to me. "I'm sorry I wasn't here to comfort you durin' the storm. You know I woulda been here, but you know, work is gettin' in the way." He said. I smiled back at him looking his dark eyes from the moon's illumination. "So you enjoy yourself tonight." He asked, "I know it's been a while but when your ass out on the bed like that I just had to hit it." We both laughed, I shook my head yes and he said that he had to work in a few hours and that he should go to sleep. I agreed and said goodnight to him knowing that I had to do the same, but I was not sleepy still. Nell popped back into my head, I was a little upset that he didn't show back up again, but also relieved that he didn't cause if he did, then we would end up on some talk show talking about my affair, which I know I didn't want to do.

I woke up at 10 o clock and looked over hoping to see Jeremy lying there, but unfortunately, my wish wasn't granted. I got up and got ready for work, a little depressed that we couldn't get freaky like last night. I walked out the door and looked across the hallway, looking at Nell's room. I walked over to the door, and was about to knock on the door, when reality set through. He has a boyfrienderr "partner" and I gotta boyfriend. I'm too old to be acting like I'm 20 again, plus chasing after a 20 year old is wrong. Maybe I should just give Jeremy another chance to redeem himself, after last night I think I might. I walked away from the door and was about to head into the elevator, when Nell's apartment door opened.

I went into the elevator and kept it opened and watched as Nell exited the room with his work outfit on. He looked even better than last night, a whole lot taller and maybe a little more built. He glanced at me, smiled and walked over the elevator, and said in his deep sexy voice, "Good mornin', Sleep well last night?"

I pushed the lower lobby button and said "Actually no, but I was glad the storm was over." I said.

"You afraid of a 'lil storm?" he said giving me a playful look.

"Yes, I've never been able to get over it. My parents sent me to psychiatrist to get help with this fear, but it never worked. So here I am, 34 years old and still scared of a 'lil lightning." I mocked myself.

He laughed but then tells me, "Well I'm scared of Spiders, I hate them damn things anything with more than four legs is nasty as hell." We both laughed and all I could do was stare into his eyes, those big beautiful brown eyes. The elevator doors opened to the lobby and he walked out first. I followed him out and saw another very attractive light skinned man sitting next to the door.

When Nell, spotted him he called out his name, "Hey Eddie!" Oh it was his boyfriendhis partner. Eddie looked up and walked over to us and said, "You ready to go?" He said his voice was just as sexy as Nell's was.

"Not yet, lemme introduce you to Martin, he lives right across the hallway from us." Nell said.

Eddie smiled, flashing me his perfect commercial smile and said, "It's a pleasure to meet you Martin, nice to meet you." We shook hands; he had nice soft hands, with a strong grip. "It's nice to meet you too, bout time we get some people that's nice in this apartment. All we have is a whole bunch of old cranky people who complain about everything. One time one of them complained about the crickets chirping outside and bugged me about it the whole day." They both laughed at my comment and Eddie said, "Well really need to get going it was nice to meet you Martin, maybe we all could get together sometime, and chill or something." Martin said, both of them walking towards the door waving.

"Bye" I said.

They turned the corner and walked down the street. Eddie seemed like good man, It would be shame to mess up there relationship, maybe I could just stay friends with Nell and not let it go any further than just looks and stares. Then again, when did I say I wanted a relationship?


After work, I went out to lunch with Omari, one of my closest friends that I've known since grade school. Omari and I dated at one time but we really saw each other as friends, so we stay just friends'well maybe friends with "benefits". Since I got with Jeremy, we vowed to not do it anymore and it's always been like that. "So how's it goin' with you and Jeremy?" he asked after we order our food.

"I guess it's aight, this week been real bad though. Every since he started workin' late, I guess it's been messin' up my mind." I said. "What you mean?" he asked. "Lately I've been thinking that he doesn't want me anymore, or maybe he's bored with me." I moved closer to him and got quieter, "Our sex life is aight, but I can't help but to think that he's got someone on the side also." I said.

He looked at me like I was crazy, "Why the hell would you be thinkin' that? Does he ignore you? Does he come home everyday at the same time? Does he smell like fish?" he asked all at once. "Wait smell like fish?" I asked.

"Yeah you know down low men that don't know if they want women or men." I thought about it, "No, I mean we've been together for seven years seven long ass years, there's no possible way he could want another women, he even told me that he was through with women a long time ago. Plus I ain't never smelled fish on him, just some"

"Cologne from another man?" he said cutting me off. It got quiet for a minute and then I said; "You know his cologne did smell a little different when he came home last night. You don't think he was" I stopped and I starred at Omari. "You better check him out." he said.

After lunch we parted ways and I went back to work, thinking about our conversation. It was hard to get back to work thinkin' about Jeremy being with another man. He's already done two of the signs, maybe I should check up on him at his job, just to see what he's doing.

"Jeremy's office can I help you?" the person said. I froze up and I couldn't say anything, "Hello?" The person asked.

I responded "Ummm is Jeremy there? I would like to speak to him."

"Can I ask whose calling?" he said. I wanted to be like hell no bitch, just give him the damn phone but I didn't.

"Tell him this is Martin, his close friend." I said highlighting the close friend part.

It was quiet for a second, a voice appeared on the other side, "Martin" he said.

"Jeremy?" I said.

"Oh, it's you, can I help you with something?"

Jeremy said, OH ITS YOU? Not hearing what he just asked. "Can I help you with something? Jeremy I am not one of your clients. Who was that in your office?" I said.

"Oh that was just one of my co workers. I got a meeting to go to in five minutes. Why are you calling?" he said. "So I can't call my boyfriend up and ask him how he's doing? You know what never mind, lemme just say what I'm going to say. When are you coming home? Are you coming home late again?" I asked. "Yes, but please don't worry about me, I might be home even later then yesterday." he said.

"Later than yesterday? Jeremy this is the second week in a row that you worked late. Now you're working the weekends? When are WE going to have time to spend together??" I said getting angry.

"We will baby, just now ain't a good time, after this we can go on a long"

Then there is a man's voice in the background. "Hey listen baby, I gotta go, ill talk to you later." Then he hung up with out saying bye or I love you. A tear fell from my eye, along with others starting to roll down my face. This can't be happening to me. Does our relationship really mean nothing to him anymore? All it is work, and more work. I laid my head down on my desk and just cried till my eyes went dry.

I left work early today at around 8:30 and walked off my depression back to the apartment. I entered the elevator and pressed the level number, as soon as the doors were about to close, Nell came running to the door, shouting "Hey keep that open for me!"

I pressed the stop button and the door opened slower then normally. I watched as his beautiful appeared again, with a slight sheen of sweat on his forehead. He must of rain all the way over here. "Sorry bout that, didn't see you coming." I said smiling at him. He stepped and I pressed the button again.

We were both quiet on the way up, funny how that happens after talking for three hours last nights. I took quick glances at him, he was wearing his work outfit, and he looked damn good in it. "So how was work today?" I asked him finally getting the nerve to speak.

"It was a really good today, better than the other days." he said. Well at least someone is having a good day, I thought to myself. "You know you never told me where you worked?" he asked.

"I work at Flagstar Bank down the street." I said.

"Forreal? So you know accounting then right?" he asked.

"Yes I do." He smiled at me and said, "So you think you can help me on my accounting assignments?"

I grinned at him and said, "Sure ill help you, I guess I can brush up on my accounting skills anyways, I'm getting' kinda rusty."

All of sudden, the elevator lights started blinking then it went completely dark, the elevator stopped in its tracks. We got really quiet; I'm in shock this actually happening to me. "Nell?" I said.

"Yeah?" he said.

"Are we really stuck in this elevator in the dark?" I asked.

"Ummmmyup that's what it looks like." My eyes were trying to adjust to the darkness but it was pitch black, all I could do is feel around. "I'm pretty sure it's just a minor blackout." he said.

"Do you think there's any emergency lights on here?" I asked trying to feel around on the wall. Then I walked up against his chest, "Oh, I'm sorry, I can't see you." I said. His body felt very warm, and his light cologne wafted in my nose.

The lights blinked and flickered back on, I was still up against him and for some reason I couldn't move away from. "Uhh, you can move now, the lights are back on." he said. I moved away from feeling a little embarrassed. Then we heard the manager over the intercom over our heads say, "There has been a slight power shortage, the maintenance man should have things working within an hour, sorry about the inconvenience." Well that's just I wanted to here, first my boyfriend doesn't want me, now I'm stuck in this damn elevator, three levels from where my room is. That's when I broke down and started crying, there was just too much going on. I sat on the floor and Nell watched me.

"Whoawhat's wrong" Nell said. "The manager said everything's gonna be cool." He sat in front of me and held my shoulder.

"It's not thatit's justI don't know if I should tell you." I said.

"I think it would make you feel better if you told me what's up besides were there only ones in here." he said. He moved over next me and asked again, "So tell me what's wrong, it probably ain't that bad..."

"I think my boyfriend's cheating on me with his co worker." I said cutting him off.

I looked at his face and saw his smile wipe away, "Your boyfriend?" he asked confused.

"Yes, my boyfriend."

He looked away and dropped his head. "I don't know what to sayI mean I had a feeling you were gay but now that I know, I can tell you that Eddie is my boyfriend." he said.

"Well I kinda already knew that." I said.

"How?" he said. "Yesterday, you almost said boyfriend almost three times." I said.

"Oh Opps," he smiled then it quickly erased, when he saw I was still upset.

"Jeremy and I have dating for seven years." I said.

"Damn seven years? That's a long as time." He said. "Well not that long, the beginning it was a breeze, he seemed perfect nowhe just seems uninterested in me. For the past two weeks he's been coming home late, like last night he came at four in the morning, and he used that same excuse, I had to work the late shift, or some shit like that." I told him the whole story, pouring my heart out to someone I barely even knew. I watched his expressions, and he really did seem to feel for what I was going through. When I finished telling him we were both quiet, I guess he was thinking of what to say.

Then he broke the silence, "Eddie cheated on me before."

I looked at him shocked at what he said. "Actually I found out a couple of months ago, before we moved here. I had found a used condom on the floor, and he denied it, but eventually he confessed. It was with his ex that he claimed he was over and through with, and then I found it was all lie."

"So what did you do?" I asked.

"I broke it off." He said quickly.

"So you back with him."

He paused for a couple of seconds then responded, "Well he kept calling me and buying me things trying to get me back in his life. I kept saying that I didn't want to be with but deep down I really wanted to try it againyou know work it all out. So I don't know maybe it was a month later we got back together and we decided to move away, and that's how we ended up here.

"So has it been better between you and Eddie?" I asked.

"Well It seemed like it was, but now I'm having the same suspicions you been having. He's been working late and making excuses, yesterday he was working late, that's when I felt like he was fuckin' around on me again. The power went out and that's when I met you."

There was another awkward silence and then I break it, "So what are you planning on doing now?"

He stared at me and we locked eyes, his eyes showed a scorned man looking for answers, I'm pretty sure my showed the same. We starred at each other for a long time and waiting to see who would make the first move. I decided to go first, slowly moving closer to his face. Then his face came closer to mine, it was all in slow motion.

His face was so close to mine I could feel his warm breath up against my lips As soon as my lips were about to finally make contact, a loud beeping noise echoed through the building, startling both of us. The elevator immediately started to rise to our level, and then the doors opened. We both turned and looked outside the door looking at our rooms across the hallway. We got up off the floor and walked to our own separate rooms, both acting like nothing happened. "Goodnight" I said.

"Goodnight" he said.

I entered the empty dark room. I walked over to kitchen and to get something to drink. That's when I heard, someone knocking on my door. I quickly ran over to the door and opened it, "Nell, Did you need someth" My mouth was quickly covered with his lips. He grabbed my head kissing me furiously and desperately like he was dying to kiss me. We both moaned in each other's mouth's, I held on to his waist and pulled him into the room in no time we were in the bedroom, desperately trying to take our clothes off and trying to kiss at the same time. Once our clothes were off, we laid on the bed and pressed and ground our bodies into each other. Our kiss was wild and passionate; we couldn't get enough of each other.

His feet were tickling my feet, his long legs were intertwined with my legs, his dick rubbed smoothly up against mine leaking precum to lubricate the friction, our chests heaving and bumping up against each others, his nipples also making contact with mine. My hands were rubbing all over his muscular back, his rubbing my thighs then up to my ass. We stopped kissing finally to get some air, "Please fuck me Nell I want you so bad Give me what I need!" I yelled to him. Nell grabbed my legs and put them up on his shoulders. His dick head was rubbing up against my hole, trying to push through. Nell leaned down and kissed me again, while inching his hard on inside me. I was getting spread wide and the pain hit me, but I let him spear me.

After the slow and painful intrusion he gradually picked up speed, both of u moaning, "Yes fuck me, fuck me harder!" was I all I could say. He complied and gave me long hard thrusts deeper inside me. Both of us moaning and groaning from the pleasure we were experiencing. I grabbed his ass and tried to finger it the best I could, being somewhat successful, I felt his dick grow harder inside me, and moans grow louder. "Yeah, finger my ass fuckin' make me cum!" He yelled. The bed was making loud noises now, turning us on even more. I could feel myself ready to shoot all over his stomach, so I reached down between us and jerked myself off. He glanced down and watched me jacking off and my ass sucking on his dick. That set him off.

He screamed, "I'm cumming!" and pushed his whole length inside, his twitched inside me and contracted my ass muscles on it. His started to fill me up in seconds, filling me to capacity with his pent up hot seed. I jerked off harder feeling myself ready to cum. I yelled and sprayed my cum all over his abs and chest. It was a huge load, more then I could ever remember shooting. Once I finished, he put my legs down and laid back on top of me, rubbing the cum between us like glue holding us together, and kissed once again, but more calmly and sensually. He stayed on top of me, with his dick still lodged inside of me, and we fell as asleep.

I woke up and glanced at the clock, it said 1:13 AM. Then I realized Nell wasn't on top of me, he was on my right side. The side my boyfriend slept on, now occupied by the man who lived across from me. The lovemaking was amazing, and it reminded me of the times Jeremy and I use to mess around. I watched Nell's beautiful muscular body as he slept like a baby. He was definitely sexier than most younger men that I've seen, and definitely more intelligent and mature then the majority of guys out there on the streets. I guess I could see my self with him in the days to come.

He woke up about fifteen minutes later and asked, "What time is it?" "Almost 1:30 in the morning." I responded.

"Damn maybe I should go." he said getting up from the bed. As much as I wanted him to stay with me, I knew his man would be wondering where he was.

"Yeah I guess so." I said sounding disappointed. He turned around and looked at me and laid back on the bed, facing me.

"If you want, maybe tomorrow we could do this again." He said. "They don't have to know what's going on."

I smiled at him and said, "Yeah, you'rr right." I grabbed his hand and stroked it.

"So, you wanna do a lil sumthin' before I leave?" he asked moving my hand down to his crotch.

"Aight let's do it."


After the extra lovin' that Nell gave me last night I couldn't help but to think if this "on the low" thing is was going to actually work. Especially with Nell's work schedule, his working hours on the weekend would make it hard for us to do our thing. I mean at least Eddie actually tries to spend time with Nell; even though there relationship is kinda going sour well that's what he told me. For Jeremy and I, he still tries to work late hours on the weekend. I've literally had it with his excuses and shit, I know he's playing me for someone at the office, and well its time for me to get my cake and eat it too.

That night Jeremy came at around 4:30 and instead of welcoming him with some ass like the other night, I just rolled over facing him, pretending to be sleeping. I know that had to piss him off for the rest of the night. The next morning, I woke up to a vacant spot next to me; not too surprised knowing that seems to be his ritual everyday. Usually in the mornings we would make love before he headed off to work. Funny how things change so quickly I got up and got up dressed and prepared myself for a long day at work, my usual ritual since things changed.

I walked out of my apartment and with crazy coincidence; Nell walks out his apartment with his work outfit on. He smiled at me and said, "Good morning." I smiled back and said, "Good morning to you." We walked to the elevator together and as soon as he pressed the button to go do down, I was all over him like I was desperate for attention honestly I do need some attention. We were in a wild kiss; I felt like I was in my late teens again because of how wild we were. Both of us were getting real hot and were about to strip when the elevator doors opened. We stopped what we were doing and we quickly fixed up ourselves up. "Next time I'm pressin' the emergency stop button." I whispered to him. We laughed and we exchanged numbers so we could plan our next time together, and then went our separate ways.

While doing my working my phone starts ring. "Martin Carter speaking?"

"Hey baby."

Hmmm Jeremy. "Ohit's you .can I help you with something?"

Yeah two can play at this game. "Ohh okay you got jokes? Alright Well I gotta surprise for you." He said.

"A surprise? Can I get a hint?" I said, my eyes lighting up.

"Nope no hints cause then you'll find out. What you doin'?" he asked.

Oh, now he wants to be all interested in what I'm doing all of a sudden. "Not much, I haven't been getting much work lately, so it's pretty laid back for me how bout you?" I asked.

"Hold on a second" he said. I could hear someone's voice in the background. It better not be the bitch that I almost cussed out yesterday.

They were talking real soft, and then I heard the other man laughing; that's when I starting getting upset. I was left on hold for what seemed like two hours, so I hung up. You I know you're thinking "well maybe he'll call back and apologize" nopenot this timeany other time he would of and I would of accepted his apology. Not this time, he was "way too occupied" at the moment to talk to his lover of seven years. After a while of just sitting there mad, I then felt the urge to call Nell up. "Ring!" the phone rung in my hand.

"Martin Carter speaking?" I said.

"Hey wassup?" Oh thank you Jesus its Nell.

"Hi, how are you?" I asked all excited like a little boy.

"I'm aight, I'm on my break so I decided to call, and check up on you. You doin' alright?" he asked. Finally someone that cares!

"I'm better now that you called." I said looking at the picture of Jeremy and me at the beach.

"Oh, anotha fight wit Jeremy huh?" he asked.

"No, no it's not that he called me and actually spoke to me, but then I hung up on him after he put me on hold for a long time. It pissed me off hearing him laughing and joking around with someone else in his office except for me." I responded.

"I'd probably do the same if I was in that position, so I don't blame ya." he said.

It was quiet for a couple of seconds then he said, "So when you wanna get together again?"

"You think we could meet up tonight?" I said quickly.

"Ummm Lemme see." It was quiet on the phone once again then he responded, "Yeah I could do it tonight I get off at nine today." he said.

"Alright when you get off just come straight over." I said.

"Aight." he confirmed.

"Oh and please don't keep me waiting" I said trying to turn him on with my sexy voice.

"Man you don't have to worry Bye."

Damn I couldn't wait for tonight. ************************************************** I got off work at about 8:00, which left me time to prepare myself for tonight. I took a long hot shower, using the Old Spice body wash so my whole body could smell good for him. After that, I set up the coffee table and brought out some wine for us to drink. Everything was fine, just perfect for us "Knock,knock,knock"

"Damn it he's here early" I unbuckled the robe I had wrapped around my naked body and said while opening the door, "Baby you don't need to knock on" my speech was cut off when a pair of thick lips planted up against mine. He opened my eyes and saw that Jeremy! "Mmmm.. Jermmmmey" I said trying to talk with his tongue in my mouth.

He finally pulled away from me and said, "I know I didn't need to knock, I just wanted you to come to the door." he said licking his lips. "Oh surprise!" he said sounding like a child.

I looked around, "Ummm Where is it??" I asked.

He his face broke into a frown, "I'm the surprise baby you always talk about how you want me to come home early and well here I am." I had to admit I was happy to see him home early for once, but what was I going to do with Nell!

"Well I'm glad you're here early." I said moving away from him.

"Damn baby you did all of this for me?" he said noticing the little touching I did around the house and the two glasses of wine on the table.

"Yeah all for you." I said in fake enthusiasm.

"And you naked too?Um," he said noticing me wrapping my robe back together. He walked up behind me and started kissing the back of my neck. As much as I wanted to move away from him and tell him to go away, his lips felt too good on my neck for me to even response him. I had to make up a plan fast before something happens and Nell comes in and sees us in a position that him and me should be in at that moment. As soon as he moved further down, I glanced over to the table and stared at the wine simmering in the glass on the table.

I had a plan. "Before we go any furtherlet's get some wine." I said moving away from him and sitting at the couch. He watched me and licked his lips, thinking he was to get some tonight. Then he sat close to me and stared at me while I was pouring some more wine in the glass.

It was silent while I was doing this so I decided to stir up some conversation. "Soooo ummm how was work?" Instead of answering me he moved over to my neck and started kissing it again. "JeremyJeremy..." I called out.

"What?" he moaned on my neck.

"How was work?" I repeated.

He rose away from neck and said, "I don't wanna talk about work right now I'm focused on you and this smooth body you got." He went back to kissing my neck again. Damn his lips felt good, I definitely missed them on me, but I really wanted Nell's lips on me. He rubbed his hands on my legs then slowly rising all the way to my crotch. A soft moan came from throat and my eyes closed, as I falling into his seduction. As we were about to really get into it, I heard a soft knock on my door.

My head jerked up and my eyes bulged out. "Oh Shit it's Nell!" I thought to myself. I didn't even realize I was in that position that I didn't want to be caught in. "Think ThinkIdea!" I held onto Jeremy's body and we rolled off the couch onto the floor.

"Oh shit! Damn, what the fuck?!" Jeremy cursed.

"Ummm someone's at the door." I said quickly getting up and moving away from him tying up my robe, but it was too late. I forgot that I didn't lock the door back and his body came into few.

"Martin?" he said sounding like a little shy boy. I stopped in my tracks; I had to think of something.

"Hey ummm Cornell right?" I said. He gave me that "what the hell is your problem" look and then I blew my eyes telling him that there was someone here. "Yeahummm" He glanced over to the floor and saw Jeremy sitting there giving him a bad look. Now realizing the situation, he said, "Yeah Cornell." He said making me sigh with relieve.

"Who the hell are you?" Jeremy said getting up from the floor and walking over to us. Cornell tensed up and I stopped Jeremy.

"Jeremy this is Cornell... he lives in the room across the hall. Cornell this is my boyfriend Jeremy." I said.

"How do you know him?" he asked staring at me.

"Jeremy calm down, he came over when we had power outage and he asked if he could use a flashlight." I said telling him the truth.

"Oh." he said relaxing.

"Sir, I just moved here a coupla months ago I'm sorry to come in like that." he said backing up to door.

"No wait ummm" Damn now I don't know what to say. He stared at me, his eyes showing that he wanted to leave.

"Ummm never mind justummm come by tomorrow." I said.

He shook his head and said, "Ok" and he closed the door. I sighed again but I was shaking from the adrenaline rush. I had to apologize to him in the morning.

"He married?" Jeremy asked.

"No, a girlfriend, I think." I said.

"Ohwell know that he's gone let's get back to what we were doing." He got up from me and started kissing my neck again. He felt my down my arms and noticed my trembling.

"Baby you aright? You're shaking all over." he said.

"Yeah I'm alright just a little cold." I said trying to cover up the real reason, but looking down at my unraveled robe.

"Well how bout you let Jeremy warm you up then how's that sound?" he said moving down to my nipples. I let out a soft moan again and let him do whatever he wanted he wanted to my body. In no time, we were in the bedroom, naked and grinding on each other. All the while I was thinking of Nell how he would be taking advantage of me. Jeremy's face slowly turned into Nell's, his body grew slimmer but more muscular and taller. Then he replies, "Turn over baby, I wanna hit this ass doggy style." Damn he sounded sexy saying that!

Without any hesitation, I flipped over and surrendered my ass to him. He would comment on how beautiful my ass was and he couldn't wait to get inside of me. Instead of feeling his dick, his long wet tongue buried its way deep inside of my ass.

"Mmmmmmmmmm" I let out tenderly. I hear his light slurping and munching and I feel his hands spread me ass open so he could deeper.

"Ooooohhhh yessss." I slurred out going into another world. I wanted him to do this forever but unfortunately I knew this sensation wasn't going to last long. He kept this up for about ten minutes then he licked his way all the way to back my neck, sending shivers up my spine.

His dick rubbed up and down my ass trying to find the opening. Then I started begging, "Please fuck me I want it so badly please give it to me."

He leaned down and started kissing around my neck and I felt his dick penetrating my ass slowly. I opened my legs wider so he could go all the way inside. His dick buried its way deep inside of me, slowly spreading me open. It just went through like a knife through warm butter. No pain what-so-ever. I just laid there in sexual bliss while this man gave me all he got. His breathing grew intense as his worked my ass like a pro. I was moaning loudly repetitively calling him names and telling him that I loved everything he was doing to me.

He whispered to me, "I'm ready to cum where do you want it?"

"I want it in deep in my assplease fill my ass with your hot cum." I begged.

"You got it baby." he said sucking on my ear and moaning in it. He fucked my ass harder, his dick burrowing its way deep inside of me, making my rectum open up for his dick. Without any warning, his hot load of cum filled my ass. Within seconds my ass was filled to the capacity and oozing all over my ass like hot sweet glaze on donut. He rested for a minute then rolled over on the side of the bed, trying to catch his breath.

I glanced over to Nell's body, watching it slowly transform back into Jeremy. Jeremy smiled at me and turned over and went to sleep in seconds. While I sat there staring up at the ceiling wishing it was Nell giving me his love

Jay and the internet

Bottoms Up, the local gay bar, was near capacity and everyone was enjoying himself. The laughter and noise coming from the bar was more than what the quiet neighborhood generally experienced. The Old Queens Gang was all assembled together at their table for the first time in two weeks. Bryan and Buster had just returned from their vacation trips. Bryan had spent two weeks in Paris and Buster had been in Miami. Jason, Tom, Joe and John had been meeting together at Bottoms Up as the Old Queens Gang had done for several years but Bryan and Buster were missed and it had not been the same without them.

Oliver and Glen came over to the Old Queens Gangs table and greeted everyone and announced to the gang that they had just moved in together and that they were very happy. They again thanked the gang for introducing them to each other.

Glen told the gang that he and Oliver had invited a person to come to the bar with them and his name was Jay. Jay was in the restroom and as soon as he returned that he wanted the gang to meet him. Glen told the gang that he had just meet Jay through his business and that he was concerned about Jay. Jay had been making contacts with individuals on the internet and they were coming to his house and having sex. Glen had had several conversations with Jay and tried to warn him of some of the dangers that he may be subjecting himself but Jay had not taken any of his advice seriously. Glen asked the gang if they would talk to him and that was the main purpose of inviting Jay to come to the bar.

The gang discussed the matter for a few minutes and came to the conclusion that they would talk to Jay, but that they should wait until the next time they saw him. They did not want to jump in and immediately start giving Jay advice moments after first meeting him.

Jay returned from using the restroom and came over to the gangs table where Oliver and Glen were and Glen introduced Jay to everyone.

Jay was in his early thirties, about five foot eight inches, long unkept hair, beard that needed to be trimmed, average build, clean clothes but very worn, and obviously had spent a lot of time in the sun.

Everyone greeted Jay warmly and welcomed him to the bar. The gang, Oliver and Glen continued their conversation and occasionally asked Jay questions about himself trying to get to know him. They learned that Jay was a construction laborer and that was the only trade that he had ever been involved. Jay was a very likeable person, somewhat reserved and shy, insecure, and had a very low opinion of himself.

Joe excused himself from the table and told Jay to bring his drink and come with him that he wanted to introduce him to some of the other people in the bar. After Joe had introduced Jay to a couple of people, they set down on a couple stools at the bar and talked. Jay and Joe got to know each other better and had a good rapport in a very short time. Jay was relaxed and found it easy to talk to Joe. He began to respect Joe and had confidence in him and realized that Joe was the type of person that he would like to have as a good friend, nothing sexual but just as a friend. Jay told Joe that he never liked going to gay bars because no one would ever talk or have anything to do with him. This was the first time that he had ever been to a gay bar and ever had a good feeling about being there.

Joe and Jay returned to the gangs table just as Oliver and Glen were hugging and telling everyone goodbye. Jay shook everyones hands and a quick hug and was just about to leave, when Joe told Glen to bring Jay back to the bar the tomorrow afternoon. Glen turned to Jay and asked him, "Can you join us tomorrow?" Jay replied, "It is so nice to be wanted. As soon as I get off work and clean up, it would be great to see you guys again".

After Oliver, Glen and Jay left, Joe told the gang that Jay was a real nice guy with very little education but very smart who was very lonely, unhappy, and needed a good friend or friends. He felt that the gang could help Jay in more ways than just discouraging him from making dangerous sexual contacts using the internet.

Early in the evening the next day, Jay showed up at the bar by himself and joined the gang at their table and told them that Glen and Oliver may join them later that something had come up and they did not know if they could join them or not.

After a few moments of conversation, Jay whisper into Joes ear, "May I talk to you alone for a few minutes?" Joe picked up his drink in one hand and took Jays arm and lead him outside to the patio where they set down with no one else on the patio. Jay said, "Glen has told me that he disapproves of me making dates on the internet and I guess I do not know why. It is the only way I know how to get someone to have sex with me. Even when I do make contact with someone over half of them see me and walk away. I do not know what to do". "Jay, Glen does not disapprove of you using the internet to arrange sexual contacts. He thinks that you should take more precautions and meet the contacts in a public place and get to know them before inviting them to your home", Joe replied. "I know that is what I should do and I have tried to meet a couple of guys in a nearby coffee shop, but as soon as they see me in person they turn around and leave". Even when they come to my house most of them immediately leave but I do have better luck sometimes when they come to my house".

Jay looked down at the floor and both he a Joe were silent for a moment. Jay broke the silence and said, "I did get lucky last night, after leaving you guys. I had met a guy on the internet and had made a date for him to come to my house late last night. I had taken another shower and was waiting on him with nothing on except a towel wrapped around me. From previous experiences I had learned if I greeted the guys at the door either naked or near naked that I had a better chance with having sex. Anyway, last night after waiting a half hour after he said he would be there, I gave up and lay down on my bed and was jacking off when the doorbell rang. I had already turned the outside light and the living room lights off before going to my bedroom. There was only a small lamp on in the bedroom and it was the only light on in the house. I went to the door with my towel wrapped around me. My cock was sticking straight out from the whacking that it was receiving when the doorbell ring. When I opened the door this real hunk of a man stepped inside and I shut the door. I dropped my towel to the floor and my dick was rock hard. I could see that his eyes immediately went to my crouch and his cock was getting hard in his pants. Then he look up and look me in the face and started to look at me all over. He began to back towards the door saying, No way, No way. I reached over and cupped his nuts in my hand and with the other hand unzipped his pants and began giving a blow job. He dropped his hand from the doorknob and said, What the hell. If you want to suck my dick, go ahead. In no time, I had him undressed and in my bed. The more I sucked on his dick the hornier he became. He was almost ready to shoot and he reached down with his hand and removed his dick and started stroking himself while moving down and took my throbbing cock into his warm mouth. After he had gone down on me several times, he pulled his mouth away from my dick and looked up and said, Damn man, you have a perfect size dick for sucking. I love to suck a real hard dick that is the right size. He began sucking my dick again and I knew that he was getting a lot of enjoyment while doing so. He soon had me seeing stars and it had been a long time since my cock had been so big and hard and feeling so good. We positioned our selves so that we could each give each other a blow job at the same time. Both of us shot off in each others mouths. After we recovered, I made us some coffee and we drank our coffee and smoked several cigarettes. When finished with our coffee and cigarettes, he took me by the arm and we went back to the bedroom and he fucked my ass for almost an hour before we both shot again. He lay down beside me and wrapped his arms and legs around me and we both went to sleep. This morning when we woke up, he got up and we drank a cup of coffee before he left. He told me that, you are a good fuck and I like your dick".

Jay looked at Joe and apologized for being so vivid and giving so many details about his sexual encounter of the previous night. He said that the point that he was trying to make was that he had difficulty in finding sexual partners. The use of the internet had been the most successful way that he had found to contact guys who were interested in having sex with him.

"Jay, your detail description of your sexual escapades last night was not necessary but being at my age, I enjoyed your relating to me your night of passion. However, listen to me and think about what I am going to ask you. I do not expect an answer to my question but just think about it. What if, when you palmed that guys nuts last night, and he responded by knocking the shit out of you or beat you to a pulp?

Joe reached over and put his hand on Jays shoulder and said, "Come on and lets go back and talk to the gang about this thing of picking up sex partners on the internet. I think that they will give you some other things to think about ".

After Joe and Jay had rejoined the gang, Joe waited for the right moment in the conversation and then said, "Heads up you guys, Jay and I have been talking about him contacting potential sex partners by using the internet. Why dont you guys offer some of your wisdom and advice on the subject?"

Jason was the first to say anything. "Jay, you are old enough and been around long enough to know that when ever you pick up or being picked up whether it be in the grocery store, local park, movie, gay bar, internet or anywhere, that there are risks and danger involved. If you do not know the person, you may be getting yourself into serious trouble. Unfortunately there are a lot of idiots out there. You know and we all know about the possible danger but sometimes we ignore or need to be reminded that they do exists".

Tom chimed in, "Yea, there are people who hate the gays and even gay themselves, will go out of their way to do harm. Some of those people hang around the gay web sites with the intent to entrap some unsuspecting gay, to beat up and/or rob or even kill a gay person."

Bryan offered his two cents, "If a guy is so horny and he thinks it is absolutely necessary to have quick sex, there are a few but not many places that he may be safer than taking them to your home. For example, the gay bathes or any place where there are a lot of other gays are around. I do not condone this but even here in the restroom of the bar, often gay guys get their rocks off."

Johns advise, "What we all are trying to say is to get to know the person and find out as much about the person before inviting him to your home or going to his home or to a motel room or any other place that you would be placing yourself in danger. Take your time and date the person for a while before going to bed with him. Before long you may have a long lists of guys that you may want to have repeated sex with."

Buster said, "If you have a friend or someone that you know introduces someone to you, generally you would be safe to pursue a sexual encounter. Another idea for you to consider, here in the bar if someone comes onto you, ask around and see if anyone knows the guy. Those bartenders over there are full of information. If someone has had a bad experience with someone, one or all the bartenders generally know about it and if so they will tell you to stay clear of the guy".

Joe hugged Jay and told him that he had friends here that are concerned and want him to be careful using the internet to arrange sexual contacts. Joe added, "I know several couples that come to this bar and others who have meet each other by using the internet, so it is a wonderful source to meet someone but you just have to be careful.

Jay expressed his thanks to everyone for their concern and their advice and said he was going to go home and reevaluate the situation that he had been placing himself. He told the gang that he would be back to see them in a couple of days.

A week had gone by and no one had seen Jay. Oliver and Glen came into the bar and Joe motioned to Glen to come over to the gangs table. Joe asked Glen if he had seen Jay. Glen told Joe and the gang that he had not seen Jay in over a week. The gang expressed their concern and had been wondering if they had said anything to Jay that may have offended him.

Glen went to the bar to use the telephone. He called Jays house and no one answered and then he called Jays boss and his boss said that he had not seen Jay in two days and that he had not called in sick or anything. Glen came back to report what Jays boss had just told him. Joe suggested that Glen and he go to Jays house and see if they could find out anything. Glen and the gang agreed that this would be a good thing because everyone was beginning to really worry. Jay had always seemed depressed and not very emotionally stable.

Joe and Glen returned to Bottoms Up after going to check on Jay. It was apparent that both were upset. They said that Jays house was locked up; there was a damaged window screen and some dried blood on the porch floor. As they were leaving that they observed dried blood on the driveway.

Buster excused himself and used the telephone on the bar and called his friend, the Chief of Police. Buster explained why he was concerned about Jay and he asked the chief to check to see if there had been any disturbance calls at Jays address. The chief asked Buster for a telephone number that he could call him back. Buster gave the chief the phone number at the bar and he set down on a stool and waited for the chief to return his call. In only a couple minutes, the chief called and informed Buster that the police did receive a call three days ago and that someone attempted to murder Jay and that he was probably still in the hospital.

Buster report to Oliver, Glen and the Old Queens Gang what the chief had just told him. They immediately left the bar, climb into two cars and headed to the hospital. Upon arriving at the hospital they were told Jay was in fair condition, he had been stabbed seven times, had lost a lot of blood, and had regained consciousness that morning. Jay could have company for fifteen minutes but only with two people. Joe and Glen were the obvious to be the two people to visit with Jay.

Jay was real glad to see Joe and Glen. They asked Jay what had happened. Jay said that in the middle of the night he was in bed asleep and heard someone banging on his front door. He went to the door and a man pushed his way inside the house and knocked him down on his back onto the floor. The man straddled him and he had a knife and grabbed his testicles and penis with one hand and was yelling, "You God damn faggot, I going to cut your fucking balls and cock off." I started to fight him off and he stabbed me in the stomach before I could get away. I got up and decided that I would jump through the open window to get away from him and when I did I knocked out the screen. I got up and started to run and he tackled me on the driveway and began to stab me over and over again. I blacked out and did not come to until this morning here in the hospital.

Joe asked, "Who was this that did this to you?" Jay closed his eyes and said, "I think it was a guy that I meet on the internet that agreed to have sex with me about two weeks ago. He never showed up. I am not for sure if that is who it was or not". Glen asked, "Can you identify the man?" Jay replied, "Hell yes, and that is what I told the police this morning and they are going to bring some mug shots in for me to look at."

Joe told Jay that he had eight friends that would be available if he needed anything and the other six friends were outside his room and some of us will be back to visit you later. The nurse came in and told Joe and Glen that they needed to leave. Glen took one of Jays hands and Joe took the other. They gripped his hands real tight, smiled at Jay, before leaving Jays room.

Joe talked to one of the nurses in the hall and asked how long Jay would be in the hospital. She told Joe that she would guess that if all went well that he should be released day after tomorrow but that he would need someone to care for him after he went home.

Joe and Glen joined Oliver and the rest of the gang and briefly told them what they had learned. Jason suggested that they all return to Bottoms Up and talk about what and how they could help Jay.

After the Oliver, Glen and the gang had gotten something to drink they set down at their table and began to discuss and make plans as to what should be done to help Jay. Glen said that, "The first thing I should do is to call Jays boss and let him know what has happened to Jay". Glen left to go to bar and use the telephone to make the call. Glen returned to the table and told everyone that Jays boss is going to hold his job open and that he had not realized how much work that Jay had been doing and how much he had been depending on Jay. Jay would have an increase in salary when he returned and would receive sick pay while he was away from the job and that his company had insurance that would cover Jays hospital and doctors bills.

Joe broke the silence. "Jay is going to need someone to care for him after he gets out of the hospital. I want him to stay at my house until he fully recovers and can take care of himself. I do not think it is safe for him to return to his house. That bastard may come back and try to finish the job that he started". Everyone agreed and they all volunteered to assist with taking care of Jay.

They made out a schedule so that two of them would visit Jay during each visiting hours at the hospital. John pointed out, "Joe is right. Jay is not going to be safe going back to his house until that creep is put behind bars". Bryan said, "I think that as soon as Jay has recovered he will want his own place to stay. I will start looking around to see if I can find a suitable place for him to live". All agreed that Bryan was right and they could not think of anything else that they could do at this time. Oliver stood up and raised his glass and loudly said, "You guys are doing it again. Always coming to the aid of someone in need of help". A number of people in the bar, that overheard Oliver, yelled, "Hear!!, Hear!!".

After Jay was released from the hospital he was very glad that Joe had offered him a place to live while he recovered. Jay also expressed that he was afraid to return to his home and he expressed his appreciation to Bryan for looking for a new place to live.

Bryan found an apartment that he thought that Jay would like and paid the deposit and first months rent. Bryan also contacted Jays landlord and explained Jays situation and his landlord agreed to let Jay out of the lease agreement and refund his deposit.

With eight people working together, within three hours, Jays things were packed, moved to the new apartment, unpacked and made ready for Jay to move into after he had fully recovered. Tom and John packed Jays clothes and were appalled in the condition of his clothes. John suggested that they pick out a couple of changes from his better clothes and put the rest of them in a bags which was not to be unpacked when they got to the new apartment. John told Tom, "We have got to do something about his clothes and shoes. They are worn out and should go to the trash."

Jay made a full recovery and John and Joe took Jay to his new apartment. Jay was thrilled to death and was surprised that everything was unpacked and put in its proper place. John instructed Jay that most of his clothes were in a bag in the closet and that he was not to unpack them for a few days. He also told Jay that after he finished his first day back at work tomorrow, I want you to come to Bottoms Up to be with the Old Queens Gang and have a drink with us.

It was Friday evening and Bottoms Up had a huge crowd for happy hour. The Old Queens Gang had made their rounds greeting everyone and was seated at their table. Oliver and Glen were also somewhere in the bar. John had talked to one of the guys who came to the bar often and this young man was a hairdresser. John had asked the hairdresser if he would do a complete makeover tomorrow on Jay if he could talk Jay into it. John told him that he would pick up the bill. The hairdresser said that he would be happy to do it and that he would not charge anything because he had heard what Jay had been through.

John knew, that the hairdressers lover owned a mens clothing store. John talked to the hair dressers lover and asked him if he would help Jay select a new wardrobe of clothes and shoes both for everyday use and work clothes. John told him that he or the gang would pay for whatever he picked out for Jay. After some discussion Jay was to go to the mens clothing store after the hairdresser had finished the makeover. The owner of the mens store agreed to help Jay select the clothes and shoes but insisted that everything would be charged at costs to the Old Queens Gang.

Jay came into the bar and got himself a drink at the bar and joined the gang. Oliver and Glen also joined the group. After all the greetings were over and everyone was relaxed, John moved around Jays back and put his arms around his shoulders and announced "Jay, the rest of the gang and I have a surprise for you. We want to give you a complete new wardrobe, shoes and a makeover. If you would accept our offer, the hairdresser and owner of a mens clothing store is standing over there and you need to introduce yourself to them and make an appointment for tomorrow. Now this offer is made on the condition that tomorrow afternoon when you are finished that you come back to Bottoms Up and show us the new you and then we will take you out for dinner."

Jay stood up and said, "I, I, I dont know what to say. Sure, Ill do it. Why not? Thank you. Thank you". John motioned to the hairdresser and his lover to come over to the table and he introduced them to Jay.

Saturday afternoon, the Old Queens Gang had assembled at their table and was anxiously awaiting Jays arrival. They did not know what to really expect. Suddenly, someone near the table said "Hi guys". Everyone did a double take. They did not recognize Jay. His hair had been cut, his beard was gone and he was dressed in new comfortable everyday clothes. He looked terrific. Everyone stood up and waited their turn to hug Jay and tell him how great he looked.

Buck who owned the bar, noticed what was going on at the Old Queens Gangs table, came from behind the bar and to the gangs table and took Jay by the shoulders and looked him in the eyes and said, "Man, you are one more good looking dude. I did not even recognize you when you came in. I thought you were a new customer".

A little latter on Jay went to the restroom. When he came back to the table, he said, "I can not believe this. When I was in the john, a guy made advances towards me. I could not believe that he was actually interested and talking to me. Then on the way back to the table another guy offered to by me a drink. What is going on?" Everyone was laughing and happy for Jay. They began talking about going to dinner. Buck came back to the table and whispered into Jays ear. Jay got up and went with Buck a short distance from the table where they talked a few minutes. Jay returned to the table and asked, "What in the fuck is happening? I have a date tomorrow night with Buck. We are going out for dinner and then to a party". Jay said he was confused. "A short time back I overheard someone talking about Buck and James. I thought Buck and James were lovers".

Tom explained to Jay that Buck and James were lovers and about three years ago, James disappeared. No one has seen or heard from James since. The police believed there might have been foul play and Buck for a long time was their primary suspect. For months, Buck, James family and police searched for James and never found a trace. Buck and James loved each other very much and were devoted to each other. Buck and James were roommates and lovers while in college and remained together after college for a number of years until James disappeared. Something horrible happened to James and we just do not know why and how he could have completely disappeared. "Jay, you are the first person that Buck has ever dated or had anything to do with since he lost James".

Buck and James had three more dates. Then one afternoon the Old Queens Gang was at their table talking. Buck came up and set down with them. He said, "Gentlemen, I think I have fallen in love with Jay. We have a date tonight for dinner and Jay as agreed to spend the night with me. It will be the first time we have had sex and I want everything to be just right. I have bought several dozen scented candles, roses, bubble bath soap, new large fluffy towels, matching bathrobes, fruit, appetizers, brandy and champagne. I have selected some nice background music. I do want tonight to be perfect. Do you have any other suggestions as to what I might do?"

Jason laughed and said, "Good grief man. You have got it bad. I think you have everything under control. You and Jay have a good time tonight."

Buck stood up and loudly said, "ATTENION EVERYONE, Tonight I am going to get laid. Drinks are on the house for everyone". Tom yelled, "DAMN BUCK, Did you have to tell everyone we were going to have sex?" Buck began to blush and turned towards Tom and gave him the finger.

A couple of months of Buck and Jay being together most of their free time, they moved in together and are very happy. Buck told the gang that "Jay was a wonderful person and he loved him very much. He was a friend, lover, partner, soul mate and terrific in bed."

Jays makeover not only changed his appearance, his luck with gay men, but most important of all, the way Jay feels about himself.

Bodybuilders build a teen buddy

This is the story of a 17-year-old boy who was given a better life, both in sex and family support. At the age of 16, Jason had many problems in his life. He was failing school and trying to cope with his father's alcoholic behaviour. Jason's mother died when he was six in a car accident. One night Jason came home and his father, who was a successful businessman had started drinking early. By 5pm he was plastered. Jason gave his father his terrible report card. Out of 9 subjects 4 E's, 3 D's, an F and an A is Physical Education. As you could guess his father was unimpressed.

Jason was an athlete who was good at most sports. His favourite sports were sprints and cross-country running competitions and mountain bike riding. Jason was more sports orientated than academically orientated and the girls at his school liked him a lot. Over the years till he was 17 he had many girl friends. But when it came to taking them to be introduced to his Dad, well things turned sour. Jason's Dad often drank and often was in a relationship with another woman. Each week Jason would be give $100 to buy food for him and keep him dressed in good clothes. Often Jason never saw his Dad except for a few hours on weekends. Because Jason was no gifted academically his father was embarrassed of him but loved him. Jason's Dad wanted him to take over his job in business but Jason knew he couldn't. He couldn't understand all the crap they teach in maths like congruence and formulas for unrealistic things. Jason could do basic maths as he managed his own finances and paid for his entry fees for the competitions. He could read and write so he was not dumb but just hated doing things he wasn't interested in.

Jason would run 10 kms weekday morning's rain or shine and then ride his mountain bike 20 kms in the afternoons. On weekends he would be either at the local gym lifting weights or following a special training program for upcoming competitions.

So as you could imagine Jason at 18 had a great body. He was 175 cm tall, about 70 kg, brown short spiked hair and brown eyes. 'Cause of the training Jason did he had muscular arms and his thighs were huge. He had a 6.5 inch tool along with a fully shave body because of his mountain bike riding. He was developing a six pack but he had a little bit of flab but he was slowly getting rid of it. Jason was purely heterosexual.

Occasionally Jason would help out at the Gym with cleaning and taking fees from customers to use they Gym but that was only when the other staff were sick or took leave. Jason's boss at the gym was a great supported of Jason. He would help him with his training program and in return Jason would do work for him at the Gym but for only like $5 an hour. Jason's boss Mike was a bodybuilder and had won many bodybuilding competitions. Mike was like a real father to Jason and would go to his Competitions when Jason knew his Dad wouldn't be there. Often Mike would listen to Jason's problems with his Dad and give advice. Mike too had a body to die for. Six pack, thigh muscles the size of water melons and arm muscles the size of lettuces. Mike was about 195 cm tall, blond short hair, blue eyes and was 27 years old. Obviously he had a shaved body and had a 7.5" cock. Mike was gay but never tried anything on Jason. Plus Mike was in a relationship with Gary another bodybuilder who owned his own Accounting Business. Gary was 29 years old, 185 cm tall, brown hair, blue eyes, and add a similar physique to his partner of 4 years.

Often Jason would be at the gym with them working out. Jason's gym clothes were lycra bike shorts and a white singlet. The other usually wore gym shorts and singlets as well. Jason did not know they were gay as they were straight acting and thought they were good friends and lived together since their house was at the back of the gym. Occasionally Mike & Gary would squeeze Jason's thighs or arms in a kind gesture but never came onto him. Jason's Dad knew nothing about the gym and just thought he was out training.

One night Jason didn't have to work and had done his training and some of his homework. Jason knew that his Dad's girlfriend was coming around to stay that night. Jason's Dad embarrassed him in front of his Dad's girlfriend by calling him dumb with his report card. She started laughing and Jason called her a few names. His Dad demanded he apologise or he could leave the house until he did. Jason went to his room packed his bag of tracksuits, his lycra gear, shorts and t-shirts. After half an hour Jason went into the lounge room where they were sitting and told his Dad he was leaving. His father told him gave him $300 and said "Goodluck. If you want a home and money then you can apologise. Oh don't worry about going back to school it is a waste of my money." Jason took the money and ran outside calling his Dad's girlfriend a few more derogatory names. Jason got on his bike and rode to the gym considering it would still be open. He wanted to tell Mike what had happened.

Jason arrived at the gym and found Mike. He told him what happened and Mike told him he could stay at his place. Mike offered him a full time job as one of the other staff had resigned. Of course Jason took it on and negotiated to stay at his place till he could get some money behind him. After locking up the gym Mike took Jason through to the house for the first time. Gary was there and was wearing just a pair of shorts. Mike told him Jason was going to stay for a while and Gary was more than pleased. Mike setup a bed in the spare room for Jason. Jason showered and went to bed before the others.

Jason woke a few hours latter after hearing, what he thought were moans like you hear on TV when a couple of actors are having sex. Jason got up and went to the toilet. As he went past Gary's room he noticed a street light shining through the window onto the bed and clear as a bell Jason saw that the double bed was empty. Jason approached Mike's room where he could see a dim light. He looked though the partially opened door and saw it was huge. All over the walls he saw posters of body builders. Some clothed and then some naked. Jason saw a A5 poster with two body builders standing naked with one behind the other. The one in front was bending over and the one behind had an erect cock with the top of it in side the ass of the one in front. Jason began to worry. Next minute he heard footsteps coming towards the door. Before Jason could turn the door was open an Gary was standing there in front of him naked.

Jason said, "I was just going to the toilet." "I think you were looking at what we were doing," replied Gary. "I wasn't" Jason said. "Sure how come you have a bulge down below."

Jason looked down and realised that his lycra shorts was spotting a bulge and sticking out like a sore thumb. Gary said, "Time we initiated you into Mike's and my family."

Next minute Gary picked him up and carried him to the Queen size bed at the other end of the room. Mike rolled over with a smile on his face and said,

"Jason how old are you?"

"17 turning 18 next month."

"You ever had sex?"

Jason shook his head.

"Well time you learnt how much we both really love you."

Mike threw off the covers of the Queen size bed and Jason he was also naked with an erect dick. Gary dropped him onto the bed next to Mike. Gary got onto the bed and leaned over the top of Jason. Slowly he moved his head over Jason's stomach and chest licking all the way down his bare chest to the bulge in his lycra pants. Slowly he sucked Jason's love stick through the material. Jason began to squirm and try and move. Mike came over to Jason and held his arms behind his head and whispered in his ear, "Trust me we are going to give you the time of your life." Mike began to kiss Jason on the lips forcing his mouth open and began to lick the inside of Jason's mouth.

Mike was sitting on top Jason's lower leg. He grabbed Jason's lycra pants and pulled them off him and threw them across the room. Next he pulled his jocks off and Jason's cock was standing up like a post. Jason was still squirming but not much as Mike's muscular arms had him pinned. Jason began to lick Mike's tongue and mouth as well. Jason gave up trying to move as he was only hurting himself. Next minute Jason could feel his cock all wet and sliding in and out Gary's mouth. Gary moved his hands to Jason's ass and began to finger fuck Jason with his fingers. First one. Then two, then three just. The sensation caused his cock to harden more and next minute he began to cum. Gary drank several mouthfulls and then took one in his mouth. Gary was sliding up along Jason's body and he could feel Gary's cock resting on his stomach. Mike moved out the way and Gary grabbed Jason's arms and pinned him. Mike squeezed on Jason's jaw forcing his mouth open. Gary released the cum into Jason's mouth and told him to swallow. Jason shook his head so Gary pinched his nose and Jason shut his mouth and opened his mouth with cum gone. Gary let go and began to lick the inside of Jason's mouth.

Mike asked Jason how he felt. Jason replied, "I'm scared." Mike replied, "Don't be. Cause you going to have an enjoyable experience. You going to experience real pain but the pain will be over run with an enjoyable sensation." "What are you going to do to me?" "I'm going to fuck your ass." "Please don't. I'm not gay."

Next minute Gary grabs Jason's hips and rolls him onto his stomach. Gary sat on his lower legs and begins to lick Jason's ass and begins to insert his tongue into Jason's love hole. Mike squats on Jason's back and Jason can feel his cock on his back. Mike reaches to the bedside table and rubs lube all over his cock. He slides his cock down Jason's back and Gary moves out the way. Jason begins to scream. Gary moves up to Jason's head and ties a tie around his mouth. Gary holds Jason's head to the side so he can see his eyes. Mike pushes his lubed love stick into his moist hole. Gary can see Jason's eyes beginning to water. Mike has half of his cock inside and then pushes all the way inside. Jason can feel Mike's ball sac slapping against the back of his ball sac. Gary can see Jason is crying in pain. Mike begins to pull himself out of Jason's tight virgin ass. Mike pulls himself completely out and enters Jason again in one thrusting motion. Jason has tears trickling down his cheeks and Gary begins to wipe the tears away with his hand. Mike begins to thrust in out of Jason's hole. Mike pulls out so the tip of his cock is still inside. Jason's tears begin to stop and Gary removes the gag. Jason can feel Mike's cock expanding. Next minute Mike collapses ontop of Jason biting his ear. Jason's prostate has been sending sensations through his body forcing his cock to pump cum around the sheets and onto Gary's thighs and stomach. Jason can feel Mike's warm cum filling his ass. Mike has reached over to kiss Jason on the face when he suddenly feels his cock inside another hole.

Gary says, "Okay time you learnt how to suck cock Jason."

Jason replies, "Well now that I love being fucked I might as well."

Mike pulls out of Jason's ass to allow Jason to move. Jason slides his mouth down to Gary's thighs and begins to lick his cum of Gary's thighs and stomach. Jason then began to take the whole of Gary's cock into his mouth but began to gag. Mike pulled Jason's head bag and said, "Take it easy." Jason went back down on the cock and began to bob up and down and slowly he could take more and more in his mouth. Jason then could take the whole tool in his mouth. Gary was in ecstasy and began to loose his load. Jason pulled back to take just the tip in his mouth to swallow the cum. Jason took several mouthfulls and was dribbling. Jason cleaned the top of the cock with his tongue by just licking the top of it. Jason pulled himself up to Gary's mouth where he licked the dribble of cum off of Jason's chin and began to kiss him licking the inside of each other's mouths. Jason then moved his mouth over to Mike's cock and began to do the same. Jason just began to lick the top of his cock and along it. Mike grabbed Jason's head and began to pull his head over his cock. Jason got the message to stop playing and suck. He did. Jason moved his hands to Mike's ass and finger fucked him as Gary had done to him before. Then finger fucking caused Mike to cum quickly and Jason's took more mouthloads and then moved to Mike's mouth where Mike opened his mouth. Jason then spat the cum into Mike's mouth and Mike swallowed. Meanwhile Gary had lubed his cock and was pushing into Jason's ass as Mike was giving Jason a deep passionate kiss. Jason's eyes began to water. Gary began to thrust in and out of Jason on their sides. Mike whispered to Jason, "Fuck me little boy." Jason replied, "With pleasure."

Mike rolled over and passed some lube to Jason and layed on his side waiting for Jason to enter. Jason passed the lube back and before Mike was ready he entered in one quick thrust causing Gary's cock to fall out. Jason's cock brought a tear to Mike's eyes who was not a virgin. Gary's thrusting in Jason's ass and the closeness around Jason's cock caused him to loose another load very quickly. Jason was physically tired and began to stop thrusting. Mike told him to keep thrusting and if it wasn't for Gary's thrusting and giving him more Stamina Jason would have been unable to do so. Within another a few seconds Gary finally pumped a load of man juice into Jason.

The two men and teenager had been fucking and sucking for the last hour. Jason announced he had to fuck Gary now to even things up. Gary pulled out and rolled over with Jason is pursuit. Jason entered Gary's hole and Mike re-entered Jason again. Jason thrusted in out for several minutes. Jason's juices had been milked dry. Mike began to pump a load quickly into Jason's ass and the warmness of the man juices set off him to pump his juices. After five minutes Mike pulled his semi-erect cock out and Jason did the same. Mike began to hug Jason and Jason rested his cock on Mike's leg. Gary moved over and pushed his cock to rest along Jason's ass crack. The three fell asleep.

About five hours later Jason woke from something moist wrapped around his tool. Mike was down there sucking his cock and Gary was washing Jason's ass with a cloth. Jason grabbed the cloth and saw it had blood on there. Mike rose to Jason's head and kissed him and said,

"Its okay. Because your ass is virgin it has been adjusting to allow more room for large objects. This caused your ass to bleed. It happens to most people when it is their first time." Jason just nodded. "So how was you first time?" asked Gary.

"It was excellent. I just needed to trust you more especially Mike because I know he wouldn't hurt me unless it was in my best interest."

Mike said, "Well now you know another world I am giving you a choice. You can either stay heterosexual or become gay full time. You become gay with us there is a few rules you will have to abide by."

"After last night I want more. Girls don't interest me cause now that you are my Dad's you need to give love to me by fucking me. Plus its unfair to any girlfriends that I might have if I have sex with guys" replied Jason.

Gary said, "Good well from now on your bed will get moved in here and pushed against this bed so we have more room. You are now are son and must sleep at night with us."

Mike added, "From now on when you are working in the gym or in this house you must wear a g-string, which we'll buy today, lycra bike shorts that we buy. No jocks or shorts or trackpants, unless you are going outside from here which won't be to often cause Gary does all the shopping. Shirt wise you must wear the lycra top that we give you unless you are going out. In the house not tops allowed. We both have to do the same okay."

Jason replied, "Cool. Looks like I will be loved hear"

Gary replied "You certainly will so go shopping shortly so go and have a shower."

Jason kissed both men and showered. When Jason was dressed they went to a sex shop where they purchased several G-Strings for each other. They also purchased a vibrator for Jason and lots of lube to last for a while. They then went to a gym shop and purchased several lycra bike pants. Because they expand and adjust to the size of the wearer they purchased them a size too small. They then purchased one really large bike pants. "What is that for?" Jason asked. Mike replied, "We'll since you are going to go into those competitions and Gary and I are going to keep enter Bodybuilding comps. Then we want a reward for our win. That will be if you come 1st, 2nd or 3rd you will be the meet in the sandwich and for the whole night you will be in between us and keeping us close will be the bike pants. No fucking just to revitalise you after the win. If we win a bodybuilding comp then we will be in the middle and you will have to act as an end." "That will give more reasons to win."

From that day on Jason became their slave more or less. He was allowed to leave the premises for his running, cycling or to participate in a comp. From 18 Jason began to body build and met another guy who he use to run against. Jason found out his friend was gay while talking and they developed a casual sex relationship.

Jason never spoke to his father again and Jason was now given the praise and love he needed everynight. Not always fucking but just simply being fondled and kissed. Jason was yet to tell his friend about his new Dads.

My santa grandpa

So, my mom had to go and stay with my Grandmother, at a clinic in Utah. A few days later, my Dad had to go on an out of state job for a couple of months. So it looked like the rest of the winter would be just me and Grandpa, alone. We were always close, but had gotten closer since Grandma got sick. He was in my thoughts daily--in one way or another.

I had already learned to please an older man. One of my best friends Father, had taught me some very special games that men like to play with guy's my age. I couldn't wait to play them with Grandpa. I knew he would just love them and love me more for playing them with him.

It was our first night together alone. He went to bed, and I asked if I could sleep with him that night. He agreed quickly, so off we went to his room. He had a queen sized bed with plenty of room, but I said that I wanted to sleep right next to him. He just smiled and winked at me, then started to take off his clothes. After dropping his pants and shirt, I had to let out a little laugh. When he asked my why, I had to tell him it was because he looked just like Santa. He was wearing a bright red union thermal outfit, with his big belly and all white long beard. He was a dead ringer for the jolly old man. After he flopped down on the bed, he asked me to take my clothes off and get ready too. He was watching me very closely, so I took them off very slowly. He eyes widened when I took off my t-shirt and then my jockeys.

I told him that I and my folks sleep naked, and asked him if it bothered him. He just shook his head as he continued to stare at my smallish prick. I gave myself a couple of scratches, and my dick began it natural growth. I slipped under the covers and he stayed on the outsides. I leaned over and laid my head on his belly. I slid my hand inside the split and felt the soft hair there. I asked if he was this hairy all over, and when his response was yes, I asked if I could see it all.

He just lay there as I slowly unbuttoned each one on his front, and slipped my hands all over his belly. This is very nice I said. Do you like this? Again he just nodded, and licked his lips. Would you like to get out of it I asked? That was his cue, and he took it.

I first helped him get out of the shoulders and chest. Rubbing my hands all over his belly, I could tell that I was going to get a good sized gift in my stocking tonight. I kissed his nipples, the rolled my tongue around them. He just moaned. I could tell his breath was getting heavier, so I continued kissing and licking my down his torso. With my mouth nuzzled in his pubic hair, I started to rub the growing lump in the bottoms. I could feel his large balls, and started to rub them in my smallish hands, which they filled. I lifted up his bottom and slowly slid the union bottoms off. There lay his cock. Not fully hard, but not soft also.

His eyes bore into me as if to say, "DO IT COCKSUCKER". I held his cock in my hands and slowly slid the skin back and forth. Up and down. The head was fully exposed now and gleaming wet with his precum. I kissed and licked his balls. His body responded with each touch. Licking my way up the cock, I decided to surprise him early, by taking the whole damn thing down my throat at once. OH GOOOODDDDDDDD came from his lips and his body trembled to climax. Wave after wave of his hot cum coated my gullet. From my experience with others, I was able to swallow it all. It tasted sweet, like candy. It was candy to me.

His body coated with sweat, his eyes closed, I thought we were done for the night. I was wrong. After about ten minutes of silence he got up and went to the bathroom. I could hear his powerful piss stream, and wished I was there to watch him. He came back to the bed with a small jar in hand. Without saying a word he laid me on my back and raised my legs onto his shoulders.

He took a finger full of the stuff in the jar and rubbed it in and on my asshole. I knew what was going to happen next, so I reached over and got a large amount of the goo on my hand and coated his cock with it. Are you ready for this he asked? I nodded and felt his cockhead slowly enter me. I think that he could tell that he neednt have worried about hurting, as I had been fucked by Mr. Chiprutt countless times--enough to keep my hole, ready for fucking at any time.

He continued to enter me and just sighed when he got his cock all the way in. He started his fucking movements nice and gentle, slowly building up steam. Since He had just cum, I new it would take him a while to finish. I was in no hurry. He had me flip to doggie style, then onto my side, and then he had me straddle him and ride until I knew he was about to cum again.

I pounded myself down on his cock as hard as I could, and squeezed my anal walls as tight as I could. He let out a roar, the likes of which I haven't heard since, and emptied his balls into my willing ass. I slid to my side, and fell asleep with him still inside me.

When I awoke the next morning, he was still there--cock buried deep within my cum drenched asshole. He was getting hard again.

"See Santa, I can be naughty and nice" I said.

"HO HO HO!" was his reply.

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