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Grandpa and the train station


I'm not gonna talk into this thing, Grampa. Yeah, I see the red light. But you said bad things about daddy.

Yes, you did. You said daddy was a missy skinflick. `n I don't know what that means but it doesn't sound nice and daddy wasn't a messy, missy nothing.

There. Now Grampa's laughin' at me. You can hear him, too. Well, if you're listenin' to this record thing Grampa says we're making that's gonna make us a lot of money.

"Okay, men. This is Joe talking now. Big Joe. My son, who went away about a year ago, is Little Joe. The little one who doesn't want to talk right now is Joey. He's five. My grandson. I guess I better give you some background.

"I was sixteen and dumb when I went on a date with Linda. I already knew I preferred boys and men. Hell, I'd been on my knees often enough sucking dick or on all fours with my asshole oozing and ready, to know what I wanted. But my mother said I had to go since my dad worked in the mill for her granddad and it wouldn't do to upset her. I didn't tell her Linda was just slumming `cause she was pissed at her fancy college boyfriend. She woulda been pissed even more if she knew I'd fucked him. Twice. Anyway, things were okay until Linda and her friends hauled out the booze they got from some speakeasy, we got drunk, and somehow I lost my girl virginity to Linda. Knocked her up, too. Little Joe was born the day of the Crash. Same day her old man jumped out of a window. Big window to go with his big office in the big building with the big money that made him so much better than the teenager slob who got his daughter pregnant. He didn't look so big I guess after he hit the sidewalk.

"The day after her father's funeral, she always called the snob bastard "father," like daddy or pop was too common or something, she comes to my house with Little Joe, tells me she doesn't want him or me and walks away. Never saw the bitch again. Never wanted to. Things were kinda rough for a while. Mom died. The mill closed. But we got by. Little Joe had to sleep with me, though, when we lost the house. That's when I learned I didn't like just older men. I liked little boys. Very little boys. Like my own. So by the time he was three, Joey's daddy was sucking my dick just like the pro his old man is. Fucked him on his fourth birthday.

"Took him to the YMCA when he was five to teach him how to swim. That's when I found out there were others out there just like me. Of course most of them were older, fuck, lots older. Christ, half the naked men at the Y wanted to sex Little Joe. I found out the hard way. Well, the hardon way. I told Little Joe to wait for me and just sit real quiet on the bench while I went to take a shit. Trouble is, when I got through with the dump and washed my hands this kid comes into the toilet. Not a young kid like Little Joe. Maybe eleven, twelve, but small, hairless. He comes up to us, there was this white-haired guy at the sinks next to me, and then just stands there looking at our dicks. I got hard, just like I did when Little Joe looked at my dick and the white-haired guy laughed. `Go for it,' he said. `The kid's a good fuck. Had him last week.' And then he left.

"Shit, I was twenty-one, not ninety one. I'm alone in a toilet with a young kid with a small hardon, maybe two, three inches, and the kid turns around and bends over, and his little hole is kinda puffy, and there's white stuff, fuck, there's cum, oozing out. I knew this had to be quick, but apparently kid-fucking was okay at the Y, but still, Little Joe was out in the changing room alone. On the other cock, my dick was hard and leaking.

"I grabbed the kid, pulled him into the nearest stall, got him up on the toilet seat, and told him to bend over, brace himself against the wall and kind of bend his legs. He was just the right height, and it sure the fuck wasn't his first time doing this. I dropped spit on my dick, nudged his little hole with the knob end and then shoved home. I guess he squealed, but I'd already put my hand over his mouth so just this `mmph, mmph, mmph' came out. A few hard and deep strokes and he was moaning and it wasn't pain. A couple more fast ones and when I let his mouth loose he was begging me to fuck him hard. So I did. Fuckin' turned on by fucking in the Y in a toilet stall, hoping that the kid's dad wouldn't just show up, hoping that if he did he'd been the one to turn the kid into a fuck toy. I'm not a fast cummer with my kid, but I sure the fuck was that day. But not so fast the kid didn't whip himself into a frenzy just from my meat goin' in and out of his hole. I came quick, came hard, and then yanked my meat out, lifted the kid up, turned him around, plunked him down on the toilet seat so he could empty if his guts if he wanted to, and then fed him my cock. He was kinda dazed but he did a good job of cleaning.

"I sorta strolled out of the toilet, trying to look like I wasn't a young dad with a still half-plumped-up prick who'd just fucked the cunt of some other daddy's precious boy. I don't think I fooled anybody. At least, not the men who liked other men or boys. You know, half the fucking men at the Y. I saw the white-haired guy in the hall. He just winked at me, and groped his meat. Fuck me if I didn't wink back.

"Then I got to the changing room, and instead of Little Joe sitting by himself, quietly waiting on the bench where I'd left him, there was nobody there. First I panicked and then I saw red. He couldn't have gone off by himself, he was naked, five, and he always obeyed me. So someone took him. And now that I'd got a quick education about what the Y was really all about I knew what had happened. Some motherfucker was using my boy's holes. I was gonna kill the bastard. That's when this guy walked around the corner from behind the row of lockers. He was looking down, wiping his half-soft dick off so he didn't look up at me when he glanced toward me. He musta just seen my dick, which was all the way hard for some reason, and said, `Nice dick, man. You lookin' for the kid?'

"I guess he took my grunt for a "yes," `cause he jerked a thumb over his shoulder. `Kid's in the showers. Great cocksucker, but I don't know if he can deep throat that dick the way he's done all the others. That's one fuckin' large piece of meat.'

"All the others? I'd only been gone long enough to shit and fuck one boy and my son was sucking all the fucking others? I grunted at the man who'd just molested my little boy and headed toward the showers, not quite understanding why I was so goddamned hard. I didn't just go charging in, though. I kinda peeked around the corner. Couldn't see Little Joe, though, not with all the men standing in a group, most with their backs to me, and the showers goin' so the room was kinda steamy. And there was a guy walkin' away from the group toward the entrance, so I ducked away, hoping he hadn't seen me.

"He had. I was standin' just out of sight, but he stopped by me, looked at my hard meat and looked up at me. Then he sorta whispered, `Man, you gotta try that kid in there. Shit can he suck dicks.' He shook his head and looked away like he was embarrassed. I guess he musta been.

"The guy's voice got kinda thoughtful and far away. `I've been coming here for years. Yeah, I knew about all the queer stuff goin' on. How the fuck you gonna avoid it unless you're blind? Didn't like the perverts hanging around and doing stuff in showers and the rooms. Watched my boys like a hawk when I brought them; made sure they were never alone with any of the faggots. And then I walk in the changing room and there's this little boy, sitting on a bench, bobbing his head up and down underneath this old man's belly. The kid was suckin' cock! Like one of those French postcards. And a couple more men standing around watching, jacking, like they're waiting a turn.

"`The guy getting' the blowjob says maybe we ought to take things in the shower, the others just nod, the kid jumps down and holds the old man's hand and they all head off to the showers. I'm so fuckin' hard I can't stand it and I just follow along. I mean, I never thought of kids doin' men. Not really. Yeah, I'd seen some guys trading blowjobs here, and once I walked by a room and I saw this guy getting his ass plowed by one guy while he was blowin' another one. But still, a kid. And one this small?'

"And all the time this guy is talking about what I guess he just did to my Little Joe, he's playing with my dick! Like he don't even know what he's doin'! `They make a circle around the kid and one of the men sees me and my hardon on and moves so I can join in. The kid is just moving around the circle, sucking on each guy in turn. When I squeeze in he's back to the old guy and he's holding the kid's head and fucking his mouth and the kid's loving it and then the guy is cumming. When he's done he turns the kid around and tells him to open his mouth so we can see what a good little cum slut the boy is.

"`Don't know why the kid picked me for next. He just walked over with his mouth full of the old man's cum, holding it all in and then he leaned over and slicked my dick up with the cum. Then he pulled off and I looked down at my slimy dick and his cummy lips and he asked if I wanted to fuck his face. Shit, I don't think the cops coulda stopped me. My first blowjob. >From a little boy who said he was five. I just held his head in place like the old guy did and fucked his mouth. His mouth and throat are tighter than my wife's pussy ever was, even on our wedding night. Fucked him hard and fast and he took it all and then drank down every fuckin' bit of my cum.'

"The guy shook his head again and let go of my dick. He was still lookin' kinda dazed. `What the fuck do I do now? How do I go home to my wife, and my boys, when I just mouth fucked a kid who's practically a baby?'

"I told him I had an idea. Asked him how old his boys were. Nine and thirteen. Asked him if he was afraid now that he'd had one boy he'd want to do the same stuff with his own. He didn't answer but it was still a "yes" in his eyes. So I told him I thought it was a real good idea. Shocked the shit outa him. Told him that after all, since he'd just mouth-fucked my little boy, it was only fair if he brought the nine-year-old to the Y so I could fuck his kid's mouth hole, and with the size of my dick, maybe he'd better learn on some daddy dick first.

"Fucker looked like he wanted to deck me but then he got this funny gleam in his eye and just walked away. Didn't see him the next time I went there, but a couple of months later I did. With his boys. Dead ringers for their dad. The thirteen year old was in a room pulling a train. The younger one was kneeling on a towel in the hallway outside the room sucking off whoever stopped by. Guess dad was grateful to me or something. He let me fuck `em both. It got kinda crowded in the hall with me fucking the boy right there, and all these men jackin' off over us. The older one, well, dad said he lost count after thirteen. Still, it's fuckin' hot to slide your dick into a cum slut's hole that's full of other men's still hot cum. At first he just laid there, but after a few really hard shoves up his ass he started coming to and whimpering and then moaning and by the time I was at full speed with all that cum spurting out of his teen cunt around my dick and onto my pubes he was practically screaming his `fuck me mister, fuck me mister!' right until we both came.

"Oops. Sorry. Lost track there. Anyway, that first day at the Y I used a half-angry, half-scared dad voice right outside the shower to ask if anyone had seen my little boy. Almost cracked me up to see the way they scattered when I walked into the shower room. All except the guy who was getting blown by Little Joe. And Little Joe just kept on sucking, although he did pull his mouth off the long thin dick long enough to grin at me and say, `Hi, daddy.'

"The guy asked me if I was really the kid's dad, especially since my big stiff dick was kinda hard to miss, and when I said I was he winked at me and told me I'd trained my boy well. Then he lunged deep in Little Joe's throat and came. Some of the men were too scared to stay and they'd pretty much hauled ass out of there when I called out. But four men hadn't. So Little Joe got to suck off eight strangers that day. Plus daddy, of course.

"When we were all out of cum, showered, and back in the changing room getting dressed, the man who didn't run away came up to me and quietly asked if I'd ever had my dick up my little boy's cunt. My grin told him the answer. So he told me that he didn't have any kids of his own, but he had an altar boy he could bring in to trade if I'd be interested. He was kind of apologetic that the boy was eight, but I told him that was okay. And it was. We met at the Y the next Sunday, I guess about an hour after mass. It was a real turn on to watch my boy getting fucked by another man for the first time, and a priest, too. Of course, the fact that I was dicking a young boy who obviously had never had a cock my size up his boy pussy before, from the way he was squealing when I first rammed home, was a big help, too.

"Anyway, things were great for me and Little Joe for a long time. But then he, well, he started growing up. Getting hairy like his dad, his balls dropping, his voice changing. So I figured maybe it was time I had a grandson to help raise. Except Little Joe wasn't interested. I mean, he was too big for his age after his first growth spurt, and too strong, for anyone to mess with him, but no one could mistake him for anything but queer as a three dollar bill. But by the time he was eighteen I still hadn't gotten him in bed with a girl.

"Until Mary Lou, Joey's mom. Still don't know why he finally agreed to lose his girl virginity with her, but he did. Like his dad, Little Joe needed to get liquored up before they got started. Fortunately, Mary Lou didn't mind that I was in the room with them, fucking my son hard so he could stay hard enough to fuck her. Not surprising. The friend who found Mary Lou for me also told me that she had a brother in his teens who liked getting fucked by the family German Shepherd, and a father and uncle who fucked any hole that was available any time they got horny.

"It took a couple of tries, but eventually she got pregnant and had Joey here. And that's where the `missy skinflick' thing comes in that Joey was talkin' about.

"See, Little Joe wouldn't let me do anything with Joey. It wasn't because Little Joe got religion, which he did, Catholic of all things, and I sure the fuck know he was surprised that the priest he chose to confess all his lifelong sins to turned out to be the priest who fucked him in the Y. No, it was because Little Joe turned real selfish. You know, like Scrooge in that movie that just came out, with that Sims guy. A miserly skinflint who just wanted Joey all to himself. Which he did for almost four years. Teaching his baby boy how to suck cock, just like I did for him. Finger fucking the toddler's cunt. And eventually fucking little Joey here.

"Only Little Joe got in trouble with the law, and I nearly bankrupted myself tryin' to keep him out of jail, with no fucking luck, and Mary Lou just disappears, so now it's just me and little Joey. With not a lot of money. So I figured a way we could make some. Maybe some big money.

"C'mon, Joey, now be a good boy and come back to the microphone. Yeah, that's right. I'm sorry, Joey, I didn't mean to say anything bad about your daddy. He loves you, but he's gonna be gone for a while so we have to help each other out. Now you can be a real big help to me and your daddy if you just talk in here, and tell the nice man with the machine the stuff we talked about. Go on, boy, tell him about Wednesday afternoon."

I guess since Grampa said he was sorry it's okay.

Wednesday is the day Grampa has his friends come over to visit us. I love daddy but he didn't have any friends I guess, `cause none of `em came to visit. But Grampa has lots `n lots of friends, and they like me, too. We get to play games. I like the game we played last Wednesday best. Five of Grampa's friends came to the apartment. I already knew three of them, but two were new and Grampa said they were all Grampas, too. Let's see, there was Grampa Nick, `n Grampa Sam, `n Grampa Jim, `n Grampa Izzy, that's short for `zeekul or somethin', `n oh yeah, Grampa Joe. I have two Grampa Joes, one real and one pretend.

My Grampa has me stand in the middle of the living room and he puts a blindfold on me. `n then the Grampas walk around and around me like we're playin' musical chairs, `n when Grampa says stop, they do. I can't see `em but I know what they're doing. They're pulling down their pants and their underwear around their ankles and sittin' down. One of `em in Grampa's big chair, and three of `em on the couch. It's kinda crowded with three men on the couch and their legs wide and knees touchin' but Grampa says they don't mind. Then the other two sit on the chairs Grampa brought in from the kitchen.

Then I get to turn `round `n `round `n round `til I get kinda dizzy. Grampa says that's so I don't know where anybody is. Next I start walkin' with my hands out while they whisper "hot" `n "cold" until I find one of the grampas. Their dickies are always hard when I find them. I kinda like suckin' a soft dick and makin' it get all stiff in my mouth, but Grampa says it's all my fault they're hard. On accounta because I'm naked with my own little stiffie, and my grampas like looking at naked little boys with hardons.

I found Grampa Nick first. He's my black grampa. He's got a big dickie, too. Bigger than Grampa's. I always know who he is `cause he's got a special smell around his balls and his hairs. I licked where his pee comes out `n said, "This is Grampa Nick!"

The other grampas `plauded me, `n Grampa Nick put his hands on my head and said, "You know what I want, little Joey?"

I giggled. `course I knew. "You wanna fuck my face?"

"Oh, yeah, baby boy," he said, `n then he pulled my mouth down on his cock. Grampa Nick is a real good face fucker. But see, when the grampas and the daddies and the others come over on Wednesday at lunch time, it's all over so fast. I like it when Grampa fucks my mouth pussy real slow and for a long time before he gives me his grampa juices. Grampa says I'm one of those sluts who likes a, a, leaderly? lizardy? Now you stop laughing, Grampa.

Grampa said to tell you I like a leisurely fuck. In both my holes.

So I just held onto Grampa Nick's knees while he moved my head up and down real fast `n then I could feel his dickie getting even fatter `n then he was shootin' out all his thick hot juice. I swallowed all of it, just like a good cum slut. When Nick let me pull my head up one of the new grampas said, "You sure weren't lyin', Joe. Your kid just swallowed all that cum."

Grampa Nick was in one of the kitchen chairs. I moved to my right `n there was another kitchen chair. It was one of the new grampas. I kinda tripped on his feet but he caught me and moved me between his legs. Then he started feelin' me up. New grampas and daddies did that a lot. They also sounded, worried or somethin', afraid, maybe. `least `til I gave `em a good suck.

"Can't believe I'm doin' this, Joe. The guys would kill me. Yeah, it's one thing to get a quick blowjob from you on the site, or that nelly faggot from the store across the street. But shit, man, face fuckin' a little boy? Your grandson? With all these guys watchin'? No way. Sorry, Joe, I can't."

Grampa snickered. So did I. Lotsa new grampas `n daddies said like that. I reached out my hand. Yep. His dick was all hard and sticky wet. `n real close to my mouth `cause he was half out of the chair like he was gonna stand up and pull up his pants and leave. So I just held onto his dick and sucked him into my mouth. He froze.

Grampa says a man thinks with his dick. I guess this grampa's dick was telling him if he sat down he'd pull out of my mouth, `cause he sorta braced himself on my shoulders and stood up. I kept my mouth on his dickie. He was all smelly and his balls were kinda sweaty. I liked his smell. He smelled like some of the daddies that Grampa said worked down the road where they were building some big old place. Guess grampas worked there too.

He just held onto my face real soft life and held me steady and started pumping my mouth cunt. I like playing with a man's balls while he's fucking my mouth hole. This grampa had big balls. I wiggled one hand between his legs. Oh, wow, he had a really hairy ass, `n his butthole was way deep inside his butt cheeks. Grampa likes me playing with his asshole when I'm sucking him. This grampa did, too. `specially when I shoved two fingers up inside his smelly hole. "Oh Christ, Joe, your kid's got fingers up my ass. Never had, oh jesus fuck I'm cummin'!"

`n he did. Real good. He kinda dropped back in the chair when he was done.

Grampa was next. My real grampa. He was in his chair, and he pulled me over in front of him. He lifted my right hand, sniffed my fingers and then sucked them in.

"Jesus, Joe," my new grampa said. "You're one fuckin' pervert, y'know. Your boy's fingers been up inside my dirty ass and you're suckin' him off?"

Grampa licked one more time, took my fingers out of his mouth. "Sure am, Sam. Just like my fuckin' foreman, who just got through mouth fuckin' my grandson. And you're gonna be back for more, too."

Grampa Sam laughed, kinda shaky, `n said he would.

Grampa always said that the grampas and daddies and the football player from the high school really got off on watching a grampa get a blowjob from his tiny grandson, so that's why he fucked my little mouth, too, on Wednesdays. Even though Grampa gets off on watchin'. But the Wednesday guys don't have a lot of time, so Grampa was just as fast as the others. `cept when he was close he stood up, and had me open up real wide, and then he rested the knob end of his dick on my tongue and spurted and spurted until my mouth was full. I got to show off my mouthful of Grampa cum to the other grampas and then swallowed it all.

Grampa Jim was next. I could tell `cause his dick was so small. The first time he came over he almost left, for real, `cause he didn't want the other men to see how little his dickie is. But Grampa told him that I liked a nice small dick, too, just like Grampa did. They made real nice mouthfuls, and sometimes, like with Grampa Jim, you can get their dickies and their balls in your mouth at the same time. `sides, Grampa Jim has the sweetest cum there is, and he really makes a lot of it.

Grampa Joe, the pretend grampa, was in the middle on the couch. I could tell him, too. Grampa says boy sluts need to know who they're sucking even if they can't see, `nless the dick is new. This Grampa Joe has a bear dick, I told him the first time I sucked him. Just right. This Grampa Joe likes to talk to me while I'm blowin' him. Real dirty stuff. I like dirty talk. He came real hard and fast.

So the last grampa on the couch was Grampa Izzy. I wished I could see his dick. He didn't have any skin on it, but it was thick, and all these ropy kinda things runnin' up and down it. He was almost as long as Grampa and really, really, really sticky wet with his juices. He pushed on the back of my head and I leaned over and swallowed him all the way down, into my throat.

"Ahhhhhhhhhh, Joseph, you were right. I have missed this." He held my head in place while I breathed slow around his meat and felt more juice oozing out of his slit. "Is he a true slut like his father, Joseph? Can he be fucked hard?"

Wow. This kindly old man with the soft hands and the soft voice was talkin' about a hard fuck. `n he used to fuck my daddy, too!

"Go ahead, rabbi. He likes it rough, too, just like his daddy."

Grampa Izzy was my first rabbi. I sucked off the Baptist minister a few times before he moved away. And Father Alan likes to have me come to the church and suck him off in the confessional. Grampa Izzy was the best of all.

Grampa, don't be mad, but Grampa Izzy fucks rough better'n you or daddy. He talked to me, too, but well, it was even dirtier with his voice so soft. Callin' me all sorts of filthy names, tellin' me what a whore I was for taking money for letting him fuck my face, how he wanted to be around when my boy cunt got used to pull a train. I just started driftin' off or somethin' the harder he fucked my mouth, `n the way he was holding my head so tight. `n just when his dickie swelled up so big I thought I was gonna choke, I started cumming! I'd never cum before while suckin' somebody. `n then he's cummin' too, `n I'm twisting and turning and whining around his cock `n shiverin' `n he's just holdin' my head tight and pumpin' my tummy full of really really hot cum.

When he was all done he kinda yanked his dick out of my mouth. I was still holdin' onto his knees real good `cause I don't think I coulda stood up by myself. He tilted my head up to look at him and said in this soft, mean voice, "You are a filthy little boy slut. A dirty cum whore who has no use except for having holes for men to dump their cum in. That is precisely what you are, aren't you, little Joey?"

I just said real quiet, "yessir."

His voice changed when he wiped away a tear from my face with his thumb. "So if you're going to be a filthy cum slut for men to use, men like all of us and your Grampa, then you're going to be the best boy whore ever, aren't you, Joey?" `n then he kissed me real gentle and used his tongue to get some of the cum, mostly his, that was still in my mouth.

I went `n sat on Grampa's chair while my grampas pulled up their pants real quick, and fixed themselves up so they didn't look like they just got through sexing a very little boy. They were always in a hurry to leave when they were done. Grampa let them out the door, and each one handed him a five dollar bill as he left.

Grampa, is that enough about Wednesdays?

Grampa is nodding, so I guess it is. Now I'm s'posed to tell ya about, about, oh yeah, about Grampa and the train station last Friday.

I like to go there. Sometimes we just watch the trains and the people. Grampa says the trains are takin' people everywhere. Some of `em just take people to work and back again. And some trains are goin' all over the country. And on every train there's at least one man who likes little boys like me. `n sometimes lotsa men.

Every time we go, Grampa takes me to a special toilet place. We have to walk really far to get there, `n sometimes Grampa carries me. Sometimes it's empty and we wait around for a while to see if of the grampas and daddies show up. If they don't Grampa helps me practice. He says if I wanna be a really good boy slut I gotta practice my sucking every chance I get.

Last time, I got lots of practice. We went early Friday morning. Real early. I was kinda sleepy `cause it was still dark outside when Grampa made me get up. Then he made me clean myself real good.

There were lots of men in the special toilet on Friday morning. There were four men standin' real close together at the place where you piss. I could tell they weren't pissin' `cause I could see their arms moving and `sides I didn't hear any piss. There were two men by the sinks, and another one was looking through the crack at the edge of the door in the middle toilet stall. All three doors were closed. I like the smell of toilet places. Grampa says they smell like shit, piss, cum, and dis, dis, disfecting something. He likes the smell, too. He always breathes real deep when we go in one, and we both did that time.

One of the men with his back to us at the piss place looked over his shoulder and then grinned real big at Grampa and me. It was Grampa Nick! "Hey, look who's here!" he said, kinda loud. He sorta shoved with his shoulders and turned around. Yep. He wasn't pissin'. His big ol' black dick was too hard. He was the only one with his dick out of his pants, though, at least that I could see.

This guy behind me says, "Christ, man! This here's just a little kid, put that thing away."

Grampa Nick just shook his head and shook his dick at me. "No need," he said, kinda loud again. "The kid here likes cock."

Wow. It got really quiet all of a sudden.

"Wh...what?" the guy behind me said.

"Yeah, just ask his Grampa Joe here."

Two of the other guys at the piss place turned around. The really old guy with the white hair and the skinny dick asked Grampa if that was true. Grampa said it was and then said his little grandson really needed a toilet. That was a fib. Grampa says lying is bad, but fibs are okay if you're gonna make somebody feel good. I didn't have to pee or poo, `cause I went before we left home. But I knew what Grampa really wanted so I didn't say anything.

Grampa went to the middle stall. I like that one best. He tapped on it and asked if his grandson could use the toilet. The guy inside asked if there really was a kid out there. Grampa smiled at me and said "Show him."

So I got on my hands and knees and kinda half crawled under the door. There were two men in there! That was the first time I saw that. I was lookin' up at this man with his back to the door. His pants were on the floor and the man sittin' on the toilet was holding his butt cheeks and sucking his dick. The standing guy looked real funny, all wide-eyed and his mouth was open. He kinda shifted so that the guy on the toilet could see, too. He was funny. He had his mouth full of the man's big cock and his eyes got all wide. Guess he hadn't seen a lot of five year old boys on their knees half way under a toilet stall door. He twisted around, leaned way over even though his dick was still in the man's mouth and unlocked the door. I kept my head down and it swung open.

I stood up and moved closer. I put my hand on his naked ass and put the other on his cock right where it went into the man's mouth. "You've got a nice dickie, mister. Can I suck it?"

I guess I shouldn't have asked. He just sorta shouted out somethin' about oh Christ oh fuck and then shoved his dickie real hard in the man's face. I could tell he was cumming hard. Guess he didn't want me to suck him. When he was done he pulled out of the man's mouth and leaned back against the wall. I looked at the other man. His dick was standing up real straight between his legs. I asked if I could suck *his* dickie and he just nodded, so I rested my hands on his knees, leaned over and sniffed real good. He smelled all sweaty and dirty and sorta cummy. I love that smell too. So I just swallowed him down like daddy and Grampa taught me.

He musta been real horny too. Grampa said sometimes men getting sucked off by pretty little boys like me have a hairy something, uh, something about a horse. Oh yeah, Roy Rogers' horse. Musta been a really hairy one, I guess. I just got my mouth up to his knob and started to play with his pee hole with my tongue and he grabs my head and pulls me down real hard, kinda squashing my face in his belly and getting his dick in my throat and then he's giving me lots `n lots `n lots of real hot cum. I like it. It's all slimy and gooey and smelly.

When he was done I tried to clean him, but he just said, "Enough, kid, enough" and pushed my head away. Grampa says sometimes I do such a good job on a man's dickie that he just can't take any more. Well, not until the next time. I `member Grampa telling me about daddy sucking dick in the shower when he was my age so I turned around and opened my mouth so all the men who were watching could see what a good cum slut I was. Then I swallowed. His cum was kinda bitter, but it still tasted good. I guess all cum tastes good. The men liked that. I could tell.

Then Grampa asked them about me using the toilet and they kinda scrambled to get their pants up and squeeze past me `n Grampa. I like these toilets. Grampa says a queer musta designed them, `cause the stall doors stay open unless you shut `em, and the big holes in the wall that I get to suck dick through are just right even if the door is open.

Grampa left it open so the men could watch. He never did that before. I liked the men looking at me. He sat down on the toilet and had me stand between his knees facing the men. He pointed at the man in the middle, down on one knee so others could see, I guess. "You want to help him get undressed?"

I `spose the men thought I had to pee or poo when Grampa said about me usin' the toilet so they kinda gasped. But the grey haired man just dropped to both knees and scooted in to me. I held onto Grampa's knees while the man lifted my right foot, rested it on his leg, untied my shoe, took it off, took my sock off and then rubbed my foot. He did the same with my left foot. Grampa pulled my tee-shirt out of my pants, I raised my arms and he tugged it over my head. He dropped it on the toilet floor. He says it doesn't matter if a boy slut's clothes get dirty.

The man's hands were kinda shakin' when he undid my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and then tugged them down to the floor. He just stared at my hard little dickie and licked his lips. I held onto Grampa's legs as the man lifted my feet up again and pulled my pants all the way off. Grampa took the jeans and dropped them behind the toilet. Then he stood up. I stepped forward so I was standing between the kneeling man's legs. Grampa told him it was okay to play with me if he wanted to.

He did. He rubbed his hands all over me. Played with my titties. Squeezed my dickie and my balls. Ran his hand between my legs and rubbed his finger over my boy cunt. He stopped and said real surprised, "The kid is lubed!"

"All the better to fuck him with," Grampa said as he dropped his trousers to the floor. His big Grampa dick stood straight out.

"Holy shit! You're gonna put the fucker up inside the kid's butt?"

"Damn right. But I gotta get slicked up a bit first, myself. You want to help out?" Grampa moved his dick past my head, right up to the guy's face.

He pulled his head back. "Hey, man, I don't...."

"Guess you don't," said Grampa. "Probably means some other guy here will be okay with sucking my dick to get it wet so he can play with my little grandson." Everyone said something like "fuck, yeah" and the guy gave in real quick. He wasn't real good. I'm a better dicksucker than him. But he slurped and slobbered all over Grampa's cock and got it pretty wet.

Grampa sat down again with his legs spread real wide. He picked me up and laid me on my back on his chest and belly, holding my legs up high and spreading them real wide too. Grampa told the guy he wanted him to hold Grampa's dick in place right against my boy cunt, but first he thought the guy oughta get his own dick out so he could enjoy the fun, too.

The man was in a real hurry to do what Grampa said. He unzipped and pulled his dickie and balls out of his fly, without even getting off his knees. His hands were shaking again, too, when he grabbed hold of Grampa's big fat dick, and he moaned when Grampa wiggled me into place so that his wide piss slit was nudged up against my hole. Grampa told the guy to lean a bit to his left so the others could see, and he did.

Then Grampa started to push me down real slow while the man held onto Grampa's dick. I tried to relax but Grampa's dick is real big and so he pushed harder and his dickie just popped inside. I squealed kinda loud but Grampa says that's okay when a little boy's cunt gets cock head inside it. `n I didn't even get soft. Grampa says only really good boy sluts stay hard when they first get a dick in their cunts.

I'm a really good boy slut.

Grampa says so. See. Oh. Well you can't see, but Grampa's nodding right now. And he's playing with his dickie. It's leaking. Okay, okay, Grampa, I'll go on.

The man is playing with my little dickie `n Grampa asks him if he wants to do the, the, oh, yeah, the honors. Thanks, Grampa. The man says yes and then he takes hold of my legs right under my knees and asks Grampa if I like it slow or fast. I tell the man I like it fast.

I do. Really. It hurts, `specially with a dickie as big as my Grampa's. But it's a good kinda hurt and it makes me yell real loud. Grampa likes it when a boy yells when he's getting his little pussy filled hard `n fast with a man's big ol' dick.

The man did it harder than Grampa ever did. It hurt. A lot. But Grampa said that was the best boy pussy yell he'd ever heard. `n he asked all the men if it made their dicks hard to hear a little boy slut yell like that, n' they all said "yeah" or somethin' `n that made me feel good. Grampa said I was the best little boy cunt ever, too, on accounta my dickie was still hard. Grampa moved me up and down a little and that made me feel good. I like Grampa's dick movin' around in my boy pussy. The man helped too. He put his left hand on Grampa's knee, and leaned over and started sucking my dickie, and playin' with Grampa's balls, and licking his tongue all around my ass lips `n all over Grampa's dickie.

Then Grampa said to all the men, "Okay, gentlemen, my grandson is open for business." He lifted a hand off my tit and waved at the two big glorious holes in the wall `n said, "Two holes. No waiting. Well, at least not long once Joey here has those pussy lips around your dick."

The men who were watchin' through the holes stood up `n all of a sudden there were two dickies for me. One wasn't very long but it was real fat. The other one was real thin. I kinda laughed and Grampa asked me what was so funny. I pointed to the thin dickie `n said, "That's Jack Sprat's dickie, Grampa."

The men all laughed, and Grampa said, "Well, Mrs. Sprat doesn't have a dickie. I guess that's her daddy's." I nodded and then sat up which made Grampa's dickie feel real good way up inside me, and leaned over and sucked on the fat dick. He was lots wider than Grampa, but Grampa said I had a real special talent that not many little boy cum sluts had. I could sorta wiggle my jaw and then I could open it real wide. So that's what I did.

The fat dick guy sucked in air real loud `n said, "Holy Christ, the kid's got my whole cock in his mouth."

I didn't say nothin' `cause my mouth was full of dick, but I looked up `n saw the man's fingers were holdin' tight on the top of the wall. Grampa says if a man's holding tight on the wall he's really enjoying what's going on with his dick.

I put my hands on the wall and Grampa held me steady with one hand while he played with the thin dick. Fat dick musta liked my sucking, `cause he came real fast. Not a whole lot, but okay. Weird. His cum kinda tasted like coffee. He pulled out `n I shifted around and went down on thin dick. I was just getting' started when this man says, "Well, well, well, your honor."

The man sucking my dickie stopped real sudden and lifted his head and looked over his shoulder. He got all funny kinda white. "D...Davis."

The man standing in the open door wasn't very good looking. Dressed in a fancy suit, but his face was kinda round and white and he had a belly. "Y'know, judge, you've fucked me over in the courtroom lots of times, so I guess this is payback."

He squatted down, dropped to one knee and then reached both arms around the judge on the floor and started undoing his belt. He was quick `n rough, `n then he unzipped the judge's pants and yanked them back over his butt and down to his knees so the judge's naked butt was showing. The judge tried to move, but it musta been kinda hard with his pants holdin' his knees together, `n bein' down on all fours `n stuff. "Davis, I swear to God, I'll...."

"What, judge?" the man said as he unzipped his own pants and hauled out this mean lookin' fat dick, nice `n hard. Grampa's right. It doesn't matter what his face is like, just what his dickie is like. "Who you gonna tell that you were down on your pedo knees in a dirty toilet suckin' a little kid's dick when the mean old lawyer fucked your virgin ass? It is virgin, isn't it, judge? Christ I hope you haven't had dick up your hole before."

The lawyer dropped spit on his dickie, made the judge put his legs together, got up close, used his right hand to hold his dickie in place and kinda nudge it inside a little. The judge groaned, `n then the lawyer put his hands on the judge's shoulders and shoved real real hard.

Wow! I guess the judge is a great man slut. He let out this really big howl, and all the men laughed.

"Damn, guys, either this hole was virgin a second ago or it's so well trained you think it's virgin cunt."

He moved his hips back and forth a couple of times and the judge moaned loud again, his breath real hot on my dickie and my balls. "Hey, granddad, you think your little one will mind suckin' off a dick that's put a load up this manhole here? I'm gonna have a second load just for the boy, if that's okay."

I could feel Grampa's dick twitching inside of me. He said it was okay, and then told me to start sucking Jack Sprat's dick again. So I did.

That was really fun. Grampa was fuckin' me kinda gentle, I was suckin' this thin dick, the judge was slobberin' all over my dickie and slurpin' my cunt hole and Grampa's dick, `n Grampa was playin' with the new dick through the hole, and this lawyer was fuckin' the judge really hard. Then the lawyer shouted somethin' about cummin' up a judge's cunt and the man I was sucking musta liked that `cause he started shooting in my mouth.

The lawyer pulled his dick out of the judge's hole and stood up. He was still hard `n his dickie was all slimy and a big drop of cum was on his pee hole. He was kinda pantin'. "Fuck. Can't believe I just emptied my balls in a fuckin' judge's ass and I'm still ready to go." He scooped the cum onto his finger. He looked at Grampa with a kind of beggin' look on his face.

Grampa said with this kinda smile in his voice, "Why don't you suck the nice man, Joey? Get all that nasty judge slime off his big hard dick?"

"Oh, yes! Grampa," I said.

The lawyer lifted his leg over the judge's back so he was kinda backed up to the wall. It was gettin' real full of people in the stall. But I leaned over and started sucking him good. I like butt slime too. Grampa said, "Any of you gotten fucked over by a judge? Or a lawyer?" He kinda snickered at that. "There's a judge cunt on the floor, freshly fucked, lubed with lawyer cum. You can use him, or use little Joey's mouth, or if you've got enough cum, both." The men all laughed.

So I sucked off the lawyer, who gave me a really good cum. And then I sucked three more dicks through the glorious holes, `n a couple more men fucked the judge. One of `em stayed hard like the lawyer, who kinda squeezed out after cumming down my throat, and the second guy gave me an okay load.

Then this big black dick comes through the hole. Grampa Nick! I was just leaning over to suck on him when some guy says, "Damn, will you look at that nigger's dick!"

It sure got real quiet. Grampa Nick is real big, not just in his dick, so I guess that's why the men just kept their mouths shut. But Grampa Nick just laughed and said, "Yeah, big nigger dick, the kind you white pussies wish you had and the kind you keep begging me to shove up your white man cunts. Now it's gonna sex a tiny little white boy and you're gonna go out of your fuckin' minds jackin' off while I do it."

Grampa reached up stroke Nick's fat leaking dick. Then he said with a smiley voice, "Nick, how'd you like to shove that nigger dick in Joey's ass? Big man cock sliding through a glory hole into a little boy's tight cunt."

"Fuckin' hell," said Grampa Nick. I knew that meant "yes."

Grampa told the judge to just stay where he was, and then he shoved hard in and out of my little cunt a couple of times `n then lifted me up `n off his meat. My hole always feels so empty when Grampa leaves it. He stood me up on his left thigh and bent me over so Grampa Nick's really fat knob was pressed up against my pussy hole. Then he kinda scooted so he was half on the toilet, with his leg up against the wall and then real gentle he moved my pussy toward the wall. Grampa Nick just slid right in. He felt soooo good. Then Grampa Nick started to fuck me.

Grampa, can Grampa Nick fuck me again? I liked his dickie in my hole. Oh goody. Grampa is nodding again. Okay, okay, Grampa, I'll tell them the rest.

I clamped my ass walls down tight around Grampa Nick, just like daddy and Grampa taught me. I tried to keep `em that way, but he was just fucking me real steady `n it felt so good `n I got all tingly and I couldn't help myself. I started shaking and cumming real hard `n then I passed out. `cause I woke up all limp and slumped over, but Grampa was holding me up still and Grampa Nick just kept right on fucking me. The judge was sucking off Grampa and another man was fucking the judge who musta been enjoying it this time the way he was moaning around Grampa's dick. And Grampa Nick just kept on fucking me, but when Grampa said "Hey, Nick, get your ass movin', we got trains to catch," all the men laughed and Grampa Nick started fucking me real hard. I came again, screamin' and shoutin' and that made Grampa Nick slam his dickie up inside my hole real hard and I could feel lots `n lots `n lots of his hot stuff in my cunt. I guess that's when the man fucking the judge came, too.

We were all real quiet. Tired, I guess. Grampa pulled the judge's mouth off of Grampa's dick. The judge looked kinda funny. His eyes were like he wasn't really seein' anything. Grampa asked him if he'd cum yet and the judge just shook his head. I was kinda sittin' in Grampa's arms and he got this real wicked smile.

I like Grampa's wicked smiles. They mean I'm gonna have fun. `n I did.

He told the men to move back and give him room, he was coming out of the toilet stall, and they shouldn't put their cocks away just yet. Even some of the limp dicks, the guys who fucked the judge and fucked my mouth started twitching.

We looked funny getting' out of the stall, didn't we, Grampa?

Can you hear Grampa laughing? I like Grampa's laugh.

Anyway, we musta looked funny `cause the men were sorta chuckling. When the judge stood up he couldn't stand real still and his pants dropped down to the floor, so he did this funny walk out of the stall. Grampa did the same thing, only making it kinda fun. Two men with these funny walks `n a naked little boy. Grampa told the men to clear a space and then he had the judge get on all fours again on the floor. Grampa got down in front of him and the judge just started sucking on Grampa without Grampa saying anything at all. Guess the judge liked sucking dickies after all.

Grampa told me to get behind the judge and asked me if I wanted to play with the judge's hole.

I like playing with a man's butt. Only most of the time I don't get to `cause by the time they're through fucking one of my cunt holes they're not interested any more. I got on my knees and felt up his hole. It was slimy and greasy with all the cum up there and it was leaking out and dropping down over his balls. I put two fingers on the bottom of his hole and rubbed it, but, well, it was kinda like when you put a finger at one of the glorious holes to let the guy know you wanna suck his dick? He was just kinda wide open. Then I got this idea. If a man's big dick could go up another man's butt, maybe he'd like having a kid's hand inside?

I kinda rubbed my hand all around the judge's hole getting it kinda slimy `n slicked up, and made a fist and pushed it at him, but nothin' really happened. Then a man's hand reached out from behind my and pulled my right hand back. I looked over my shoulder. It was the lawyer who fucked the judge first. I looked down. His pants were all messy but he was hard and leaking again.

"Here, kid. This is the way you get in." He showed my how to make my fingers all pointy with my thumb tucked up, and then he held my wrist and leaned over me as he put my fingers back at the judge's hole.

"Now, you know how it feels when a man's dick is pushin' at your boy pussy waitin' to get in your hole?" I nodded. "Well, this is just the same. So what you do is just ease them in a little, yeah, like that, kid. Now when you're gettin' fucked, what happens next?"

"The man shoves until his knob is inside."

"Okay, so do it." `n I did. `course he helped a little and my whole hand went inside and the judge's ass lips just clamped down real tight. He kinda yelped and struggled like he was gonna try to move, but Grampa had his dick way down the judge's throat and he was holding tight on his shoulders.

Wow. A man's cunt is really hot and tight. Just like all the men say mine is.

"Now, real carefully, make a fist inside of his cunt."

Double wow. This was great.

"Now move your arm up inside him real slow, until you feel a kind of bump or lump."

Oh, yeah. There it was. `n the judge jumped and moaned when my fist moved over it.

"Next thing is, you move your fist and your arm back and forth inside his hole."

So I did. It felt really, really good. I guess the judge thought so with the way he started moaning around Grampa's meat. I liked it when men fucked me fast. I wondered if the judge would, too. So I started moving my arm faster. I heard one of the men kinda whisper, almost like he was prayin', "Hoooooooly shit, the kid's fist fucking the judge."

Fist fucking. That sounded good. Now I knew what I was doing. But the more I fisted the judge the more his asshole relaxed, just like mine does, and I was pretty soon half way to my elbow, and then all the way to my elbow. I *like* fist fucking.

Grampa, can I fist fuck you?

Grampa just gave this big sigh then. Did you hear it? He said "maybe." Sometimes when Grampa says "maybe" he means, what is it you like to say, Grampa, oh yeah, he means "like when fucking hell freezes fucking over." But this was one of his good "maybes." The kind that really means yes. Oh wow. I get to fist fuck Grampa, I get to fist fuck Grampa, I get to

Sorry, Grampa. I forgot. I'll finish telling the men what happened.

I was pretty much just watching my arm go in and out of the judge's man cunt, but I still kinda saw all the men standing around us playing with their dicks, and Grampa face fucking the judge kinda hard, and then the lawyer says, "Sir, can I *please" fuck little Joey?"

Jeez. I didn't think lawyers begged. But he sure was. Grampa just laughed `n said if it was okay with me it was okay with him.

Well, yeah, like I'm gonna say no to a dick in my boy pussy.

He whispered to me, if he could shove it in hard `cause he was so horny `n I whispered back he could. So he did. But Grampa Nick had me loosened up so I didn't scream very loud.

Friday was one of the bestest times ever, Grampa. The lawyer was bent over me, holding me around the waist with one hand, the other one on the floor while he shoved his hard hard dickie inside my wet little hole, `n he coached me on how to fist the judge, `n when to do it hard and when to do it slow, `n how men who were being fisted liked to have the fist pulled all the way out so their holes were big `n gaping open and then punched back in again, real hard. `n then he told me to keep on doing that `n keep on fisting the judge's sloppy man cunt faster, while the lawyer was fucking me `n Grampa was fucking the judge's face.

`n all of a sudden the judge starts this screaming kind of "MMPH! MMPH!" around Grampa's dick, and the bump thingie inside him swells up and then I can feel him pumping cum out of his dickie, `n my own bump does something `cause I start screaming and twisting around and the lawyer shouts out he's coming and Grampa starts cumming down the judge's throat. And then there's all this moaning and grunting and gasping and all the men are shooting cum all over us.

When everybody was done it got real quiet again. `n then Grampa pulled his dick out of the judge's mouth, and I pulled my fist out of his ass, and the lawyer pulled his soft dick out of my bottom hole. Grampa says that sometimes men get all `barrassed after bein' bare-assed with a little boy. That's the way they were all lookin'. Nobody was lookin' at anybody else while they looked around for coats `n hats `n clothes `n stuff.

Then Grampa said so everyone could hear, "Well, men, looks like we missed our trains. Think we better call in and say we're all cummed out? Or maybe just sick?" The men kinda laughed and all that funny feeling in the air went away.

The lawyer and the judge were the last ones in the toilet, `sides Grampa and me. The judge was a real mess. Cum all over his suit, dirt, cum in his hair. The lawyer said, "Tell you what, you keep your mouth shut, and so will I."

The judge gave him a funny little smile. "I think I'd prefer our mouths open. Around each other's cocks. Maybe at the same time?"

The lawyer looked like one of the cartoons where the cat gets hit on the head with a hammer and he gets this goofy look on his face. He groped his dickie. "Shit, judge...."

"Harry. You just fucked my, my cunt and helped a toddler fist me, so I think that makes us on a first name basis. At least here. Right, Ben?"

"Uh, yeah, uh, Harry. As for the 69, shit, I've cum four times already and I'm hard again. Where, when?"

As they walked out the door, I heard the judge say, "It looks like you're pretty good with kids. How do you think you'd be with *my* grandson? He's nine."

Grampa laughed, took me back in the stall, found my messy clothes and put them back on me. When we left the toilet there was this policeman outside. He had a big bulge in his pants, and said that Grampa really owed him one. So Grampa told me to unbutton him and give him one of my best blowjobs. He sorta stuttered `cause we were out in the hall with all the lights, but he shut up once I swallowed his dickie. I like cop dickies. He tasted good, too, but just like the Wednesday grampas and daddies he came real fast. But lots of it.

Then Grampa took me home. So that is the story of Wednesday and Friday.

Did I do good, Grampa?

"Big Joe here again. That grunt you just heard was Joey sliding down on my hard meat. Yeah, Joey, you did real good. Now fuck Grampa's dick for a bit while I let the men know what's going on here.

"Now, one of Joey's daddies from Wednesdays works for a record company. So we're gonna start making records of little Joey's stories, like this one. Long-playing records. That way men like us can hear little Joey right in the privacy of our own living rooms and jack off to little boy fucks whenever we want. Hey, it's 1950, so we're gonna use the latest technology. And then there's this queer I know, well, hell, he has to be queer since he's doing a woman's job as a secretary, he's gonna transcribe Joey's stories and then we're gonna get `em printed up for sale so if your wife is likely to hear if you play Joey's LP, well, you can always read quietly and beat your meat that way. And this artist is going to make some drawings and tell Joey's stories that way so we can sell those. Can't wait to see the drawings of little Joey with a lawyer's dick up his ass and his own tiny fist fucking a judge's cunt.

"Aw shit, listening to Joey tell the stories has got me too fuckin' worked up. Oh fuck, oh shit gonna cum up my baby boy's hole, uh, the, the number to call for all this is on the record label, oh Christ my little boy has such a hot tight cunt. Hear him squealin'? Joey's cumming for you guys, clampin' hard around my cock, oh fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck, I'm gonna CUM

Tearoom dad

I graduated from high school in 1979. My parents divorced when I was in the second grade and Dad moved away to a larger city a couple of hundred miles away. I saw him occasionally but only when he came for short visits. I never went to his house. That summer, my mom was finally going to marry her longtime boyfriend, a certified SOB, and everyone knew that it would be a disaster if he and I lived under the same roof. It was decided that I would live with my father for the summer and then start college in the fall. I don't remember whose idea it was for me to move in with Dad but it was wonderful.

I had known forever that I was gay and had become quite a proficient practitioner. I had obtained an exhaustive and thoroughly enjoyable education in all things sexual in the restrooms of the local shopping malls and the public library. There were several excellent and well-used glory holes. I loved my studies and I was a diligent student.

Although the first few days at Dad's house were a bit tense, I knew it would all work out when he told me he didn't mind if I smoked. Mom hated it, her SOB boyfriend preached to me about it, and Mom made me go outside to smoke, even in winter. Dad didn't mind. He even smoked occasionally. I don't think he liked smoking so much, he just thought it looked cool. He bummed a cigarette from me once but turned up his nose when he saw that it was a Salem. He didn't like menthol but he smoked it anyway.

The thing I missed the most at Dad's house was sex. I had gone cold turkey. I didn't know where any tearooms were and I didn't know anyone. I jacked off a lot but that just isn't the same as real man-to-man sex.

The only thing that helped keep my mind off sex even a little was the summer job Dad had found for me. It was a day job but that left the evenings free for fantasies and jacking off. On the morning of the first Saturday, Dad walked into my bedroom wearing a thin nylon tank top and skimpy nylon running shorts cut very high. He wanted to let me know he was going for a run and would be back in an hour or so. The sight of him got me incredibly horny. As he turned to leave the room, I could almost see each cheek under that thin fabric. I'm glad I was still under the covers or Dad would have seen my boner. I wasn't surprised by his outfit and didn't read anything into it, this was the 1970s and running shorts that revealing were common.

I was too horny to stay in bed (at least by myself) so I got up. I remembered that there was a park nearby so I thought I would go check it out. It was a couple of block away and was a rather large park. Portions of the park were heavily wooded. I followed a path up one slope and another randomly choosing which direction to go whenever the path divided or intersected with another path. Suddenly I found myself in a clearing with a small building off to one side. When I got closer, I realized it was a bathroom - one side for men, one side for women. It didn't look like it got much traffic. On the inside, it was a long narrow room with a sink, a urinal trough, and two stalls, all lined up against one wall. With my extensive tearoom education, I immediately knew that this was an excellent set-up. The location was isolated and there was gravel at the entryway so anybody approaching the door would be heard. There was a door and just inside the tearoom was a partition so even when the door was open, an outsider could not see in. There would be more than ample warning if anyone entered the tearoom while anything was going on. The advantages of a urinal trough are obvious - without partitions, guys peeing can see everything and stand as close or as far apart as desired. I went in the first stall and saw that it was fitted out as well as any young tearoom queen could have wished. There was a peephole in the wall next to the trough and a glory hole on the other wall into the next stall. I pulled my shorts down around my ankles (I don't wear underwear) and sat down. It felt like home. In the peephole to my right I had a perfect view of the door, the sink, and the urinal trough. The glory hole to my left was just the right height for a cock and was not too close to the toilet. I leaned back and lit up a cigarette. My dick was growing with anticipation. Now all I had to do was wait.

Sure enough, almost on cue, a guy came in. He pushed a bicycle in front of him and leaned it up against the wall. He was wearing biker's tights with a large obscene bulge. He looked directly at the peephole and groped himself lewdly. He knew that if I wasn't interested in dick I wouldn't be looking through the peep hole. I ever so slightly raised my toes in response. He walked to my stall door and looked through the doorframe. I raised my hips and let him see my hard dick. I pumped it a few times for him to see. Just as I was about to stand up and open the stall door, I heard footsteps approaching on the gravel outside. The door opened and a runner came in breathing heavily, covered in sweat. He went to the sink, splashed water in his face and chest. He had a shirt wadded up hanging from the back of his waistband. He pulled the shirt loose and used it to dry his face and chest. That's when I realized it was Dad. God he was gorgeous. The biker moved to the urinal and pulled his tights down in front exposing his dick and balls. His arms were folded across his chest and his dick stood straight out in front of him. He made no effort to hide his erection. Dad looked up from the sink toward the biker and nodded in my direction with a questioning look. Biker whispered, "He's cool, I checked." Dad moved to the urinal and pulled his dick out and gave it a few strokes. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Was he gay? Was he just looking for a quick blowjob? What was really going on here? Then the biker pulled his tights down to mid-thigh, exposing everything front and back. I couldn't believe my eyes but Dad did the same. Then they turned to face each other and they moved closed together. Their arms went around each other and their lips met. They were kissing. Straight guys looking to get their rock off with a quick blowjob from a fag don't kiss. They certainly don't slurp and French kiss. The biker's back was to me; I could see Dad's arms around him, groping and exploring his butt. He ran his fingers up and down the biker's crack and squeezed his cheeks. They weren't just kissing; they were necking, making out. Their hips were grinding in unison.

Dad knelt down in front of the guy and I thought he was going to suck him but instead he turned the biker around and rimmed him. The biker bent over with his arms against the wall of my stall for stability. Dad spread the guy's cheeks and rimmed deep. I could see Dad's fully erect dick swinging between his legs. The biker was moaning and cooing like a girl in love or a bitch in heat. Then dad stood up and inserted his dick into the biker's butt and fucked him. Hard. It didn't take long. He pulled free. I though Dad would leave but instead he turned his back to the guy and bent over spreading his cheeks wide. It was turn about fair play. The biker returned the favor by rimming him and then fucking him. They both got their rocks off. After a moment to catch his breath, the biker pulled up his tights, rearranged himself and left with his bicycle.

Dad stepped out of his shorts, picked them up, and walked to the stall next to me. He was stark strip naked. I watched him in the peephole until he passed in front of me and then through the glory hole as he entered the other stall. He wiped himself good. It took several wads of toilet paper. The biker must have cum big. I watched each wipe. His heavy dick bobbed, tired and used but too excited to completely deflate. I looked down at my dick and it was dripping precum. I touched the bloated head and instantly I shot off all over myself. I let out a gasp; the force of the orgasm surprised me. I think he heard and knew I came. Rather than leaving when he was all cleaned up, Dad sat down on the toilet, still naked. He leaned back. I lit up a smoke. After a minute or two, he asked if he could borrow a smoke from me. Without saying a word, I passed him a cigarette and my yellow plastic lighter under the partition. His fingers touched mine as he took them. All he said was "Salem, huh." He lit up and handed the lighter back to me. After he had smoked the cigarette, he put on his shorts and left. He made no effort to see who I was and didn't look back as he walked out of the tearoom. I stayed there for a while, thinking, and chain smoking, ... still hard as granite.

I had just seen my dad have sex with another man, in ways that made it clear he craved and enjoyed cock, balls and ass. He was butt naked in a public restroom and wiped cum from his asshole while a complete stranger he never even saw watched the whole thing. Don't get me wrong; I was excited as hell by what I saw. To say it took me by surprise would by the understatement of the year. The thing that kept coming back over and over again was just how fucking sexy he was. My god he was gorgeous. He exuded sex and I wanted him so bad it hurt. When I got home, Dad was out in the backyard getting some sun. He was stretched out on a large towel in the grass. He was wearing the same running shorts, now with the waistband rolled down to make them even smaller. When he saw me he looked up with a big smile. "Just the person I was hoping to see. Rub some of this on my back would you?" He held out a bottle of sun tan lotion. "Sure," I said. He was stretched out on his stomach with his legs spread wide. I knelt down between his legs and pushed them apart a bit wider. I leaned over him, put some lotion on my hands and then started rubbing it on his back. I started at his shoulders and worked my way down. I didn't linger but I was thorough in covering every single square inch. "Did you have a good run," I asked. "Yes, I did."

"While you were gone I walked over to the park."

"See anything you like?"

"Yeah I did. I went exploring and followed a path up a hillside. It was covered with trees. I thought it would lead somewhere interesting but it ended in small clearing with an old restroom."

"Red brick?" Dad asked.


"I know it. It is off the beaten path. Did you go in?"


"Any one else there?"

"Not when I got there but two guys came in later."


"No they came in separately."

My hands by this time were down to the small of Dad's back and I was working my way toward his butt. "You'll never believe what I saw," I said.


"Those two guys I saw in the bathroom, they stood next to each other at the urinal and started kissing."

"Really. Why do you think they did that?" Dad asked.

"I guess because they liked it. Their shorts were pulled down and their dicks were sticking out hard."

As I mentioned that their shorts, my fingers went under Dad's waistband and traced across the top of his butt. He ground his hips in response and pressed back against my hands.

"What did they look like, these two guys?"

"The first guy was a cyclist, he pushed his bike into the bathroom and left it propped against the wall. I'd guess he was in his twenties. The second guy was a runner. He came in wearing nylon running shorts without a shirt. He was very sweaty. He was in his thirties. They were both very nice looking, very muscular." As I described their bodies, my fingers found the top of Dad's butt crack. I traced it lightly with my fingers. He started to rock his hips, almost imperceptibly, in time with my fingers. "It is getting hot out here," I said as I pulled off my shirt. I tossed the shirt onto the ground making sure my Salems and yellow plastic lighter fell out of the shirt pocket where Dad would see them. He didn't say anything but I could see his smile.

"So, these guys, did they just kiss?" Dad asked.

"Oh, they did a lot more than that, that was just for starters. The runner knelt down behind the cyclist and rimmed him, licked his asshole and made him squirm." My fingers were now well down Dad's butt crack. I pulled his shorts down, as I went revealing more and more of his butt. From watching him earlier I already knew he had no tan line.

"Then the runner stood up and started to fuck the cyclist."

"Really, right there in the john?"

"Yes, I couldn't believe it."

"How long did that go on?"

"Quite a while. The cyclist seemed to really be enjoying it."

By now my fingers had found Dad's hole. His hips were rotating in rhythmic imaginary fuck strokes. My fingers were covered in sun tan lotion making them very slippery. "The runner fucked long and hard, his cock pounding in and out." My thumb rubbed circles around the tight ring of muscle at the entrance to Dad's asshole. "Eventually the runner came. But that wasn't the end of it."

"No, there was more?"

"They switched places. The runner pulled his dick out of the cyclist's butt and the cyclist knelt down and rimmed the runner's butthole. I had a better view this time. It was a very tight hole but the cyclist spread the runner's cheeks as wide as he could and licked and sucked and kissed that hole every way he could." My index finger pressed past his sphincter. With my other hand, I pulled my own dick free from my shorts. It was hard as a rock and primed to go.

"After the cyclist rimmed the runner for a while, he stood up, pumped his cock a few times to make sure it was very hard and took aim. I could tell the runner was looking forward to being fucked." I pressed my dickhead against Dad's butt and ran it across his hole several times. His butt was primed and ready for more action. He wanted it. He raised his butt up in anticipation of more dick.

"The cyclist pressed his dick against the runner's asshole and slowly entered him completely." I did the same, my dick slowly entered Dad's butt. As his asshole parted to welcome me into him, Dad relaxed completely and seemed to melt under me. I pushed until my dick was completely buried and my short hairs were pressed tight against Dad's butt. "The cyclist then fucked the runner until he came." I did the same.

Babysitting mr miller

On a Friday afternoon, Mrs. Miller came to talk to me. She was going to an out-of-town wedding for the weekend, and her husband would have to stay home because of a pulled muscle or something. Mrs. Miller asked me to check on him during the weekend, just in case.

- Would you mind making sure that William is doing all right, please?

He's able to walk now but you never know if it gets worse.

- Sure, Mrs. Miller.

- I hope I'm not ruining your plans for the weekend, but all the family is going to the wedding and I didn't know whom to ask.

- No, that's all right. No problem.

- Thank you, young man. You're a sweetheart.

Well, I wasn't sure of that. I just didn't know how to say "no thank you" to this lady. She knows how to nudge people into doing things her way.

I had just moved to Rapid City, South Dakota, and the Millers were my nearest neighbors. She was basically the only person I knew already here, apart from the guys at the office. I'd only seen Mr. Miller - or William as she called him - from far away. He seemed to be a husky man in his late sixties or so, with a charming smile and a sexy bald head, but that's all I could say about him. Too bad he's straight, I thought to myself.

Saturday morning I was thinking about Mr. Miller. I was picturing him as a typical hetero male doing typical hetero things when the Mrs. was away laying all day on the sofa in his grubby underwear with several six-packs of beer watching pro wrestling or nude girls with big tits on TV.

I hoped that was not the case. All the sudden I wasn't too excited about my assignment.

Yet Saturday afternoon I knocked on their door. Mr. Miller shouted me to come in.

- Good afternoon, Mr. Miller. I'm Jim from next door.

- Hi, Jim! Welcome in. And just call me Bill, OK?

- OK.

He was sitting on a big, comfy sofa all right, but the TV was off and instead he was listening to a symphony concert on the public radio. I think it was Mahler but I wasn't quite sure. I sat in a chair.

- You seem to be doing all right.

- Yeah, my back wasn't too bad at all. I just didn't feel like going to that wedding so I used it as an excuse. I'm not too crazy about my wife's relatives.

He grinned at me. He looked cute and sexy. His eyes were friendly and warm yet enigmatic. Like there was more to him than he was willing to reveal.

I was getting interested in him again, until I remembered he was straight. That's the story of my life, I thought to myself --- all the sexy men are straight. I must have been very, very, very bad in my previous life.

- You care for something to eat or drink, I asked.

- Actually there are some sandwiches and lemonade in the fridge. Would you mind fetching them?

- No, not at all.

I went to the kitchen and found a tray of sandwiches and a pitcher of fresh lemonade in the fridge. Grabbed two glasses and some napkins with me and I was ready to return to the living room.

- I see Mrs. Miller has taken a good care of us.

- Yes, she's good at that.

Bill smiled at me and there was an instant electric-like feeling inside me. Suddenly he looked so dreamy I couldn't believe it. I was increasingly supersorry that he was straight. We continued to listen to the music, enjoyed our sandwiches and sipped the lemonade.

I was running my eye all over him every time he didn't see it - but it wasn't too often as he was so animate and gave me looks all the while. It almost felt like he was checking me out, I thought to myself. I tried to keep myself from smiling as I was entertaining that idea.

Then Bill tried to lean forward but couldn't.

- Ouch!

- Is it your back?

- Yeah. But that's all right. I just need to remember I have to beware of it.

- Could I give it a massage?

- Uhm... well... why not?

Bill seemed to be slightly hesitant yet he turned and laid down on the sofa on his belly. I sat next to him and started rubbing his mid back. The position was slightly uncomfortable and Bill noticed it.

- You all right?

- Actually no... You mind if I sit on your thighs? It would be easier from there.

- If you say so.

I sat down on his thighs, my legs apart so that they were on either side of him. This way I could reach his back while I was able to keep mine straight.

I had been giving a lot of massages so I knew what I was doing. I rubbed his back with long, firm strokes. I used enough force so that Bill was sighing appropriately both with pleasure and pain.

After a while Bill went silent for a while.

- You seem to like this...

I didn't quite understand what he meant.

- Yes, I've done this a lot.

- I mean, you really seem to like this...

I was puzzled. What on earth was he talking about?

Then it hit me - I had a hard on and I was rubbing it on Bill's ass while I was giving him the back massage! I had been so carried away I had totally not noticed it. What shall I do? What shall I say?

I jumped off him. I had an instant hard-off.

- Oh no! I'm so sorry. I didn't notice it.

- That's all right. It's just natural.

I wondered why he was so cool about it. He remained on the sofa on his belly. Was he just trying to buy some time to figure out what to do? Or was his back so sore he couldn't throw me out of his apartment even if that's what he was dying to do?

- I guess you don't want me to continue, Mr. Miller?

- It's Bill. And I was quite enjoying it, too, thank you very much.

Now I was just feeling numb. What on earth was going on?

- Shall I continue?

- Yeah! It felt good.

I climbed on the top of him again, careful with not touching him with my crotch. He felt a bit tense when I restarted rubbing his back but went back on sighing as soon as I laid my hands on him.

- A bit higher.

I moved my hands higher.

- A bit higher, please. It feels so good.

I couldn't reach any higher without moving myself. Now my crotch was rubbing against his butt again and my hard-on instantly came back. His sighs became louder, too.

- Oh, yeah! That's wonderful.

I was marveling at the situation. Was he cool about me having a hard-on? Or was he enjoying the very hard-on of mine? I had to make a test.

I went gradually gentler with my hands and at the same time pushed my crotch harder on his ass.

He didn't seem to mind. I went even more gentle and sensual with my rubbing --- and put more weight on my hips. Eventually I was really massaging his buns with my cock now.

His moaning became louder. I couldn't hold back any more.

- Would you like to turn around?

- Oh yes!

I raised myself enough for him to be able to turn on his back. I laid myself onto him and we immediately entwined in a feverish embrace. We kissed each other passionately, fondled each other with our busy hands, moaned, held each other in our arms like there was no tomorrow.

It felt so good, so right and so utterly exciting.

It took us all but forever. Neither was willing to let go as if we might come to senses if we stopped. And we both had obviously been yearning for it for much too long not to let reason to stop us.

I loved kissing him, deep and slow. I could tell he was enjoying it, too. He tasted so good. He felt so good.

Little by little we got rid of our clothes.

I could feel him wriggle with passion underneath me, naked. I could feel his heavy breathing against me. I could smell the musky, sexy odour of his body. I could feel his hard cock against the hardness of mine. I could feel his hand caressing my neck, my back and my ass.

I was so hard and ready to explode.

- Would you like to go 69?

He answered with a nod before I even finished the question. He was ready to explode, too.

I got up and turned around on him. I could feel Bill grab on my ass and take my cock in his mouth. I was already dripping pre-cum like always. I took his dick in my mouth. It was just perfect --- it filled my mouth with the hard, throbbing, tasty flesh. I started blowing him as he did me.

It didn't take long for us both to come. It was almost violent yet a wonderful moment. I squeezed Bill in my arms as hard as I could and pushed my cock deep into his mouth and he came into my mouth simultaneously.

We continued to suck each other well after the climax. There was no rush whatsoever for ending this precious moment. We just wanted to gather the last drops of cum, keep enjoying the afterglow and cherishing the rare moment of two men embracing each other sensuously.

Finally, it was over.

- I guess it's time to call it a day.

His words made me really sad. When shall I see him again? His wife isusually always at home.

- Okay. Good night then. I'll probably see you later, I managed to say.

- Where are you going?

Bill was smiling at me in a puckish way. I was puzzled for a second.

- I thought you said it's time for me to go to bed.

- Yes, I did. But not in yours.

Then I got it. Bill was smiling at me in an ever so charming way. I smiled back.

- I need to go home to get my toothbrush anyway.

- No you don't. Borrow mine.

- I guess I can shower here, too?

- If you don't mind showering with me, that is.

I felt electrified. This was like a beginning of a truly great thing.

And I wasn't wrong.

The train ride home

Right after my eighteenth birthday and graduation from high school in 1973, our music teacher, Mr. Lange, decided to take all of us who were in our school's production of Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance to San Francisco to see some shows. I had played Major General Stanley, so I was thrilled to see a professional actor perform the role. It was exciting, since the biggest show I had seen before was Lily Tomlin in concert at the local junior college. We were going to see the King and I at the American Conservatory Theatre. We were also invited to see Pirates performed at the War Memorial Auditorium. I was overwhelmed with excitement. I went with many of my friends on the train to The Bay Area.

We left my hometown in the middle of the night. We arrived in The City at midday, feeling, what we thought, was the heartbeat of culture and society. We spent three days and two nights at the Hyatt Regency, going up and down the glass elevators. We ate on the wharf, shopped at Ghirardelli Square, rode the cable cars and did all the other tourist activities a gaggle of young folks could do. My musical colleagues and I, of course, thought we were the first to discover this new and exciting way of life. We were as yet unaware of the other exciting aspects to this City by the Bay, however.

The shows were wonderful, but in our silly youthful pride, we knew that our production of Pirates was much better than the one we were seeing performed professionally. I was tired after the three days were over. Most of my money was gone. My chums had grown wearisome to me. The train ride home was a welcome event, even though I would arrive home at one o'clock in the morning.

Waiting at the train station in Oakland, I began looking through the paperback books in the gift shop for something to read on the long ride home. I knew that I wouldn't be able to sleep since I had such vampiric sleeping habits. While looking through the romances and thrillers, this man of about thirty-five years old approached me and asked me what I was reading. I told him that I hadn't made a decision yet, but that I thought I might purchase the book, Jaws.

"Where are you headed?" he queried.

For some reason, I wasn't afraid to talk with this swarthy, masculine man, because I was now cosmopolitan, having been to the theatre in San Francisco. Although I was a small town boy, barely eighteen years old and really, very naive, I now believed myself to be a man of the world. I told him that I was returning home on the next train. He shared with me that he was headed in the same direction. He was a choral teacher in Idaho and had to go through Seattle to get there. His name was Richard. I introduced myself as Ted. It sounded older than my usual nickname, Teddy.

Richard had a beautiful smile; one that truly lights up a room when he walks in. He wore an opened-neck shirt with a white crewneck T-shirt underneath. I could see, however, that his thick, barrel chest was very hairy as some of it peeked out over the collar of his undershirt. I noticed when he shook my hand upon our introduction, that the man had surprisingly long, thick hands with hair on his knuckles. Having grown up with Italian families, I recognized him immediately to be of Italian background.

The call for my train came, so I said how nice it was to meet him, wished him a good journey, and rejoined my friends for the embarkation. He responded in-kind and said that maybe we would see each other on the train. I just smiled and walked away. It seemed as though he was old enough to be my father, so any thoughts outside of being cordial were the furthest thing from my mind at that moment. That all changed as the sun began to set.

The train rolled quickly north from Oakland toward the Oregon border. The gentle jostling was somehow comforting. Every night, while I was growing up, trains would rumble by at the bottom of the hill on which I lived. I would feel the shimmy of my bed from the low, heavily weighted sound wafting from the tracks near the river. I was seated in my upholstered train seat, reading my book. My mind, however, could not concentrate on anything other than the man I met at the train station. He had entered my thoughts and caused a deep arousal I didn't understand at that time.

At about eleven o'clock that night, I couldn't keep the light on anymore for fear I would wake my classmates. I got up and began walking through the train cars. Finally, I decided to stand between the cars on the upper level where I could watch the night go by through the open window. The smell of cattle and rice fields permeated the fresh air that rushed by this Herculean train. While considering the events of the weekend that had just passed, I sensed a presence behind me. I certainly didn't want to encourage a conversation at that point so I didn't look around. I just wanted whomever it was to go away. After a few seconds, I heard a familiar voice say to me,

"Hello, Ted. I thought I might see you on the train."

I was startled to see Richard standing there. He still had his luminescent smile, but it now took on a more intimate hue. I graciously returned his smile and said how nice it was to see him again. He asked what I was doing standing between the cars so late at night. He wanted to know if I had girl troubles.

I said, "No, not at all."

"You do like girls, don't you?"

"Yes, I guess I do." I responded. There was a brief lull in our conversation until Richard commented,

"It gets very lonely on a train at night, doesn't it, Ted?"

"Yes, it does," was all I could muster.

I began to get increasingly nervous. Richard proceeded to put his hand on my shoulder and said,

"I get lonely, too. Sometimes it's nice to spend a little quiet time with a friend when I feel like this. Would you like to spend some quiet time with me?"

"Sure," I answered back, trying to interpret his question as innocently as I could. He started making small circles on my back with his meaty hand. His touch aroused in me dramatic, yet ambiguous feelings. At once, I wanted to run away and, at the same time, put my arms around him.

"You know, Ted, most boys don't touch each other like this; but, if you're okay with this, so am I."

"I'm okay. with this." I insisted. The circles on my back grew larger and lower as we stood there. He walked behind me and put his arms around my sides to touch my chest. My nipples grew instantly hard on my smooth brown chest. He pressed his hips into mine. Since he was only slightly taller than my five foot four inches in height, our bodies fit together very well. I could readily feel his growing excitement pressing into my backside. He put my hand in his and gently slid it between us onto his organ. At that moment, he saw a conductor walking up the aisle toward us. He said,

"C'mon, Ted. Let's go downstairs."

I obediently followed him downstairs. When we arrived in the walkway amongst the luggage, he suggested we go into the bathroom. By this time, his excitement was inescapably visible through his dark blue polyester trousers. Since I had only been with two boys my own age before this, and all we did was masturbate and suck each other, I was not prepared for what was to come next.

He guided me into the small washroom at the foot of the stairs. When the door to the lavatory closed, he embraced me tightly, kissing my neck and face. I could smell cigarettes and Italian food on his clothes. I reached up to press my hands against his thick chest, feeling his curly, black chest hair in relief under his T-shirt. He quickly redirected my focus to between his legs. I began rubbing his swollen shaft with my comparatively tiny hand.

After a couple of minutes touching and rubbing each other, he gently pushed me away so that he could open his pants. As he did this, his white jockey shorts shined brilliantly compared to the darkness of the dim little washroom. He appeared to be cruelly stuffed into his shorts, the fabric looking like it was about to tear under the strain. Both his breathing and facial expression made it clear to me that he was more than ready to release himself on me. As I pulled his shorts down, he removed his shirt and T-shirt over his head so that I could see his strong, hairy body. His enormous organ fell out of his pants like a heavy sausage tumbling from a poorly packed meat freezer. He was much larger than Randy or Curt. He had a great deal more hair around his shaft than I had ever seen and his testicles were huge. There was one other remarkable feature about his cock. He was not circumcised. I recognized this because I had not been circumcised until I was six years old. I reached for his straining monster to pull the sheath away from the huge head that waited beneath. The circumference of his rod was such that I could not begin to get my hand around it. I awkwardly used two hands to begin masturbating him. He had other ideas in mind for me, however. He insistently guided me to kneel on the floor so that I would have a more direct ability to accept his cock into my mouth. I couldn't get much more than his cock-head inside my adolescent jaw. I had to use my hands for the shaft itself. I sucked on it. I stroked it. Just when I thought he might cum, he stopped me. Richard lifted me by my shoulders to a standing position. He took down my pants and started stroking my dick. He then pressed himself against me and started rubbing our bodies together. His touch was like velvet on my rod, smooth, warm and completely inviting. Up to this point, I had become exclusively excited by the events. I felt attractive in a way that I never had before. An older man wanted me, and, this man had a huge dick and hairy body.

Everything changed in the moment he began to take my shoulders and turn me around so that my back was facing him. I remembered what Curt had once wanted to do to me. I recalled that Curt was too large to be able to penetrate my virgin rear end. This man, most assuredly would tear me apart if he tried. He began his final seduction by placing his rod against my butt cheeks. Richard began pushing his staff between my round orbs. I could feel the moisture from his pre-cum lubricating my ass. In that moment I knew I could do no more. I had to tell this man he could not put himself inside me. I was fully afraid of the actual, and most likely painful act of penetration and more frightened still of what that would mean. In my mind, I would be a "woman" like Roger, the local, flamboyantly fey hairdresser who would get run out of my hometown. It couldn't happen. Not yet. I told Richard I couldn't do what he wanted.

He continued to press his cock toward my entry, yet I gently but insistently avoided being completely skewered. Richard was not going to take no for an answer, though. He spit on his hand and used the spit and his pre-cum to lube his huge tool. He wrapped his meaty arms more tightly around my chest and whispered,

"You'll love this, Ted. Really you will."

While I tried to squirm away, he pushed his cock into my ass, allowing only a few of his many thick inches inside me. There was no amount of clenching I could do to prevent his mandatory entry. He withdrew a bit and this time forced more of his monster into my tight, virgin hole. Unsuccessfully trying to stifle my sound, I cried out in searing pain as he impaled me on the remainder of his enormous shaft. Richard spent ten minutes riding my ass, sometimes with his hand on my cock but usually with one hand around my chest and the other holding my hair. He guided me onto all fours, finally laying me flat on the floor so that I could support his pumping time and time again. He suddenly stopped his piston-like action and climbed off of me. I erroneously thought that maybe he had cum. But, no, he was preparing me for another position. He flipped my body onto my back, knelt in front of me, lifted my legs onto his shoulders and without a word or hesitation, he plunged his rigid pole into my ass; only this time, I had a full view of what was happening to me.

The visual image of his cock sliding in and out of my ass reluctantly, yet immensely excited me. I finally decided to release my anxiety and allow him to do whatever he wanted to me. There on the grimy bathroom floor on the train in the middle of the night, I lost my virginity to a stranger. Richard sensed that I was now giving tacit permission for him to fuck me into manhood. He leaned down and kissed me fully on the lips. I tried to turn my head, but he was insistent. Finally, I forgot the cigarette taste of his mouth and my misgivings about being a woman, and gave into his soft lips and almost loving caresses. He fondled my nipples as he continued his increasingly rapid and dynamic thrusts. Soon, he leaned over me with his hands on the floor on either side of me and began pounding me so hard I thought we would both fall right through the floor onto the train tracks. He suddenly stiffened and growled like nothing I had ever heard before. He was cumming inside me. I could feel the force of his semen hitting the walls of my ass. Spasm after violent spasm, he shot his hot liquid into my body, the weight of his body pinning me to the floor so that I could not escape the deluge. Soon, there was a trickle of his man juice falling to the floor from inside me. He was sweating profusely, the hair on his chest matted from perspiration. He lay on top of me, preventing me from breathing as fully as I needed. But, at that point, I didn't care. He finally lifted himself off the floor and began washing himself.

I just lay there, trying to realize what had just happened. I hoped that he would leave so that I could clean myself and make sense of the whole event. My ass felt as though it had been torn apart by an animal. Amazingly, this man was not done. He lifted me to my knees again and pushed his cock into my mouth, repeatedly humping my taut cheeks and lips until his spasms began again. My gagging seemed to urge him on more aggressively. He held the back of my head with his hands as he pumped his juices into me. I couldn't breathe. I had no choice but to swallow his semen. I was so tired and emotionally spent, I almost began to cry, but I couldn't allow myself to do that. I closed my eyes, hoping that when I opened them I would wake up from this chilling dream. Before I looked out from behind my eyelids again, I felt a warm wet feeling on my own cock. Maybe to assuage his own guilt over forcing himself on me, Richard was not going to leave me unsatisfied.

Using his hand as an extension of his mouth, he began to slowly massage my cock. His movements became increasingly rapid as he felt me responding to his touch. It wasn't long before I was shooting my own fluids into his mouth.

After we were done, having gotten everything he wanted, he put on his happy face and thanked me for a good time. With my cum still on his lips, he kissed me. He told me to enjoy the rest of my trip, stuffed his still large, but now spent cock into his pants, zipped up and left me in the bathroom to wash my mouth out. I walked out of the lavatory alone, still afraid people would be able to tell I had been with Richard. I thought they would be able to smell his cum on my breath or his garlicky sweat on my body. Maybe I now looked different than before the rendezvous, I wondered. It was only thirty minutes before I would see my parents at the train station. I carried another bit of shame to keep hidden for the rest of my life. Had I had been raped? To this day, I'm not sure. I simply explained it to myself that it was a sexual experience that got carried away.

My friends grandfather

This is a story about my friend Chuck's grandfather Mr. Rosenfield. Growing up my friend Chuck lived with his grandparents. I've always been attracted to hot old men and Mr. Rosenfield was hot, he had white hair brown eyes and the cutest face and a nice big belly. He was the nicest man but was one of those types that you kinda new was a total pervert, he just always looked like he was horny and wanted to fuck.

When I was at my friends' house and his grandparents were not home we would look at his porno magazines or go into his bottom drawer where his porno's were and watch them and jack off, sometimes he would leave a porno movie sitting out by the VCR in his room and we would watch it, then when he would get home later he would have this kinda smile on his face like maybe he left it out on purpose to give us something to watch and jerk off to which was so hot. That used to set me on fire, then he would always sit down and smoke a cigarette and I don't know why, I guess it's a fetish, but that use to drive me crazy.

I used to love to watch him smoke, when he pulled on it and the red part lit up and when he blew the smoke out, it made me feel like I was cumming. When we would sit in the living room and watch T.V. he always wore sweat pants and when he smoked I would watch him and he would know I was watching and would get a hard on, you could see his cock hard in his pants, he usually had his feet up in his recliner so you had to really look to see it but he was definitely rock hard and he would use his cigarette to get me hot, and every so often he would give his cock a nice stroke like he was shifting it or scratching. We would flirt like that all the time, I think he really enjoyed those times we all hung out and watched T.V. together.

Sometimes when we played hockey out front he would sit on the porch and smoke, when ever I looked over at him he would pull on it and make the red part light up and blow the smoke out all while we had eye contact, so I would always grab my cock a little bit like I was scratching. A couple times when I went over to Chuck's house he would grab me and wrestle with me a little bit and rub his hands all over me I used to love it.

When we got into high school Chuck's grandmother used to work 4pm to 12am like his grandfather who was a chef but they had different days off, so when I used to go over when Chuck's grandmother was not there, a lot of times Mr. Rosenfield would be asleep with his bedroom door wide open and all he used to where was a pair of tight white underwear. So one night Chuck and I were watching T.V. and Chuck fell asleep, so I crept upstairs to get a peek at Mr. Rosenfield asleep, when I got to the top of the stairs which is right outside his bedroom door he was asleep with no blanket just his underwear. So I went in trying not to make to much noise and stood right next to him and just stared, he was so fucking hot, I was ready to cum in my pants. So I took my cock out and started to jerk off, my heart was thumping in my chest and my whole body was tingling and shaking, this was so hot I shot my load all over the carpet next to his bed, he never did wake up, afterwards I could'nt believe I did that and thought it was pretty funny.

Another time my friend Chuck had this porno and the music to it was real recognizable and he said he called home to speek to his grandfather and he could hear the music in the background whitch we both thought was kinda funny. So this one time Chuck and I were in Chuck's room and his grandfather was in his own room watching T.V. I needed to go to the bathroom so I went out Chuck's bedroom and closed the door. When I started to turn the corner to go down the hall I could see right into Mr. Rosenfield's bedroom, he was sitting there with just a pair of shorts on smoking a cigarette watching T.V. he did not see me yet so I pulled back around the corner and just watched him, he was getting me so hot so I took my cock out and started to jerk off. I was leaning out past the corner a little bit so if he looked over he would have saw exactly what I was doing, while I was watching him and jerking off I didn't realize it but he was watching me out the corner of his eye, I could see it, he did not make it obvious he was watching he was just sitting there with the biggest grin.

I got a little nervous and pulled back zipped up then went down the hall to the bathroom which is next to his room, when I walked into the bathroom I said hey Mr Rosenfield and he turned and stared right at my cock just grinning, when I closed the door to the bathroom I thought I was going to explode, so I jerked off and shot a hot load right into the toilet, when I was cumming I let out a little moan so he would hear, hoping it would get him hot. Then I actually got a job bussing tables at the restaurant he worked at and things picked up and got real HOT


Like I said I started bussing tables at the restaurant he worked at. My first night was the first time I saw him since I jerked off watching him smoke a cigarette in his bedroom. When I went into the kitchen he was cutting up some vegetables so I went up to him and asked him how he was doing, he looked at me and the look on his face was like he was shooting a load right there, he had the most inviting smile and he said good, how are you but when he said it, his voice was deep and it seemed like he was talking like that to basically say to me I'm going to fuck you real good.

So I asked him what time he was working to and he said he could get off at nine, which was what time I got off at, I guess I was not really experienced I did not realize he was trying to set it up for us to go someplace private, I was so fucking horny and hot my body was shaking like I was cumming it was just a little overwhelming so I was just like that's cool, then I said I'll talk to you later, we kept glancing at eachother for the rest of the night then when I was leaving after I cloked out I turned around and he was there smiling and said what are you doing Corey and put his hands on mine, like that's exactly what he would have said and done if he walked up to me while I was watching him and jerking off. I just rubbed his hands a little and said Chuck and I are supposed to hang out tomorrow and he said good I'll see you then.

So when I went to my friend's house the next day and it was just me him and his grandfather, apparently his grandmother was out for the day. So when I went up the stairs his grandfather was laying on his side with just underwear and a robe on with his body facing out the door so you could see his chest, his cock in his underwear and his legs, it was so fucking hot, I said hello and he smiled and said hello back. At this point I almost could'nt take it anymore, I was more then hot and horny, I needed it, BAD. I lucked out more then ever, Chuck and I were playing a video game and Chuck said he had to go pick his grandmother up at the mall, which is like 30 to 40 minutes each way, so I was like do you think maybe I could stay here and keep playing the video game ( we were trying to beat it ) and he was like shore and left, I heard him say to his grandfather that I was going to stay while he picked up his grandmother and I heard his grandfather say make sure you lock that front door I don't want anymore kids coming up, so Chuck left and I was like I don't know, just beyond horny and so mellow and relaxed.

So I got up, I had on jeans and a t-shirt, I went into the hall and Mr. Rosenfield was laying on his back smoking a cigarette with his cock sticking straight up in the air inside his underwear, I thought I was going to melt. When I got to the door I said hey Mr Rosenfield and he sat up and pulled on his cigarette and said hey Corey and we just sorta stood there for like 20 seconds, he was staring at my jeans where my cock is and smoking and staring, pulling on his cigarette in a way to get me hot. So I turned around and went to the bathroom door which is like 3 feet from where he was sitting and turned back around and faced him. At this point I new exactly what I was doing and what I wanted and I decided I was gonna take it slow and make this real hot and memorable. So here I am facing him and he is sitting up in bed with his cock rock hard which has got to be like 6 or 7 inches it looked so hot, staring at me smoking a cigarette smiling like I was a stripper ready to give him a show, so I did just that.

I started to unbutton my jeans and pull down my zipper, as I was doing this he said " oh yeah " moaning like this was what he always wanted and he was finally about to get it. So I took my jeans off real slow and my cock was rock hard pointing through my underwear so I started to rub it a little bit, he did'nt touch his cock yet he just watched. Then I took my underwear off and this was kinda funny he pulled on his cigarette and blew the smoke at my cock and said yeah, it got me so hot. Then I slowly took my t-shirt off and started to rub all over myself and my cock moaning, he lit another cigarette then stood up and pulled his underwear off then got into bed with his back against the headboard. He was watching me and stroking his cock nice and slow, then he said come on baby get into bed with your grandfather.

So I walked over and cupped the head of his dick and started to stroke it, slowly, he looked like he was in ecstasy, then he moaned real good and said " I'm red hot " then said come here son and put his right hand on the back of my ass and started to blow me, he was sucking my cock so fucking good bobbing his head up and down, he pulled away and stroked my dick with all the saliva and looked me in my eyes and said " does it feel good " I said yes, I told him how much I always wanted him and he kept stroking me and said I know baby I've wanted to fuck you since you were little, don't you remember how I would pull on my cigarette and try to get you hot and let you see my cock hard in my pants and touch you and stare at you, I was in total ecstasy I said oh daddy I want you so bad, I said I know it sounds funny but I love to watch you smoke your cigarette, he said I know baby do you want me to smoke while we have sex, I said yes, so he took his cigarette out of his ashtray and pulled on it then blew the smoke on my cock, he said yeah Corey you like that baby, he put his cigarette down and pulled me onto the bed and we just went at it , he was on top of me and we were kissing and rubbing all over eachother.

He was licking my face my ears my nose everything and I said please hump me daddy, so our cocks were rock hard against eachother and he humped me so hard and fast, I had my hands on his ass pushing them harder, we were moaning so loud. He kept saying does it feel good son and I kept saying yes daddy, I wish you were my real father or grandfather and he liked that, he said yes do you like incest would you really like it if I was your real grandfather and I said yes I would love it. He sat back with his back against the head board and said come on Corey give your grandfather a hot blow job, so I sucked his cock, he was in heaven he kept moaning oh yeah and kept his hand on the back of my head pushing my head up then down. He had a drink next to his ashtray, Dewar's and water, he stood up and said try this, he dipped his cock into the drink then put it into my mouth, it was so hot, he started to smoke his cigarette again and was saying oh yeah baby this gets you hot, don't it, I said mmm hmm with his cock in my mouth, then the most unexpected thing happened.

He told me to lay flat on my back then he sat on my cock, put his hand on it and slipped it right into his ass, it was unbelievable how good it felt, he just started to ride me and fuck me we were just fucking and moaning, then he pulled off and grabbed my arm and said come here baby and pulled me into the bathroom and into the shower then pushed me onto my knees, the water wasn't on so I did'nt know what we were doing I thought he just wanted me to give him a blow job in the shower.

Then he said here son and put his cock a half a foot from my face and started to piss, all over my face down my chest and I started to scream oh my God yes daddy yes daddy and then I opened my mouth and he pissed right in it and said yes drink your daddy's piss I put my mouth all around his cock and sucked and drank it all down and started to blow him, he was moaning saying yes yes, then he said hold on and took the bar of soap and got some on his fingers and started to slowly rub then finger my ass. I said are you going to fuck me daddy and he said yes I'm gonna fuck you real good. When he put the head in I had to tell him to stop, he said ok and put it in again just real slow and just real slowly got it in, after it was all the way in he started to fuck me good, slow but steady.

Then he turned the shower on to a slow setting and hot water was hitting us, it was three thick streams hitting us slowly. He fucked me and was moaning and saying oh my god Corey oh I love this, then said I'm gonna cum and let out the loudest wale screaming unh unh oh yes I could feel the cum shooting through my rectum all the way inside me it was so forefilling it was what I needed more then anything in life I think, then he pulled it out and I could feel the hot cum all around my asshole, I loved it. He put the shower on a regular setting and we held eachother kissing and rubbing and washing, he picked me up and had my back against the wall and humped me, I wrapped my legs around him. So we shut the shower off and went into the bedroom, he said come on honey I want you to fuck me. So he took out a thing of vasaline and put some on my cock then rubbed some on his asshole, then he got doggy style on his bed and lit up a cigarette and said fuck me. So I put my cock up his ass and was moaning with pleasure enjoying it he kept pushing back on my cock.

It was getting me so hot, he kept smoking his cigarette while I fucked him, I was so hot I said I'm gonna cum and he said yes thats it give me that load, so I shot the fucking hottest load up his ass. We layed down on our backs in bliss he finished the drink he had then layed there and smoked. I thought we were done but he put his cigarette down then lifted my legs up and started to tongue my asshole it felt so good, then he grabbed the thing of vaseline and started to fuck me again, this time it was hotter because he had my legs in the air over his shoulders and I could see the look on his face while he fucked me.

He pulled it out and said suck my cock until I cum, so he layed back and he smoked his cigarette while I gave him a blow job. He was using his hands on the back of my head and moaning and saying don't stop and after awhile of sucking it real good with no warning he just started to cum in my mouth he was moaning and saying yes swallow daddy's cum. We layed there for a couple minutes then he put his cigarette out and said we better get cleaned up. As we were getting dressed he said he would call me, he had my number on the bulletin board downstairs and new it was my own private line.

We have had some good times since then, sometimes he calls and we have phone sex, or we'll meet at a hotel, it's been about 11 years now since we first fucked and we still get together 2 or 3 times a month, now that I'm older, I'm 26 now I don't really hang out with Chuck but I sure am in love with his grandfather. This is a true story, I've had a lot of hot encounters, it's wild. If your a hot older man reading this I hope you jerk off to it and cum real good, thats what I want more then anything, to make you cum. I only wish it was all over my face and in my mouth not in your hands and stomach.

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