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The transient santa

I had been Christmas shopping at a local Mall. I was ready to go home before the first predicted burst of winter weather hit the Smokey Mountains. Heavy snow flakes and blistering winds were in the air as I headed toward my Caddy in the Mall parking lot. The temperature was dropping very fast that evening & I needed to stop by the Liquor & Grocery Stores before the roads became solid ice! The Interstate route would be a faster route toward home and save me some time. I had to get home soon!

Before turning onto the ramp to the Interstate, I noticed a handsome looking "Daddy-Type" man hitching a ride. He was covered with snow and I felt guilty after being in such Christmas spirit while at the Mall. Therefore, I did what I never do! I ask him if he needed a ride. He was very accepting and we chatted on the way down the Interstate. He told me that his name was Khristoff and also told me a little bit about his life. He said that he was very glad that I stopped and was glad to meet an Angel who would be so kind to give him give him a ride!

When I ask Khristoff what exit he wanted off, he replied, "I don't know, I just want to get warm for the night because I live under the bridge near the Mall." I replied, "Would you like to spend the evening at my house?" His reply was, "Yes, If you don't mind!" I said, "what the hell, it's Christmas time, Khristoff, however, you'll have to spend the night. I'm not going to go back out in this storm once I get home!" He looked at me with a beautiful smile and a sparkle in his eyes while tears rolled down his rosy wind burned cheeks. I was trying to figure out if he was gay or straight after the looks he gave me. His long un-trimmed beard reminded me of Santa. All I wanted to do for this poor soul was to offer him a hot bath or shower, a shave, and a warm bed for the night.

We picked up some beer at the liquor store on the way home. Khristoff was nice enough to purchase the wine and a pre-cooked chicken and condiments at the local market. We had everything we needed for the anticipated snow storm! I couldn't wait to get home as the roads were getting very icy.

After arriving at my home, Khris removed his wet clothing in the guest room and ask me where the bathroom was located. I had drawn a bath for him and included some bath salts and provided him with toiletries and many candles, which would make him feel comfortable!

I told Khris to take his time in the tub and I would get dinner ready. When he got out of the tub/shower, he looked like a new man and expressed his appreciation for my concern and hospitality to him! He cleaned up the kitchen after dinner & movies and I showed him to the guest room where he disrobed and crawled underneath the heavy blankets & comforter.

I retired to my own bedroom and fell asleep, only dreaming of the glimpse of his body that I saw when he disrobed in the guest room which was just off the den. After an hour into my dreams, I was awaken by a hand on my arm. It was Khris, smelling like the bath salts and gel that I'd provided for him earlier! He then placed his hand on my chest and ask if he could sleep with me. I said, "Why do You want to sleep with me?" He replied, "to make love to someone who cares about me!" My semi-hard cock, already wet from my dreams, immediately came to a full erection. I was ready for Khris to keep me warm!

Without any hesitation, I moved over to the other side of the bed, which felt like the North Pole, allowing Khris to lay on the sheets which were warm from my body heat. I didn't even notice the cold side of my own bed because I was instantly pulled near his warm body and held in his huge warm arms the moment he slid under the covers with me. He was very gentle and affectionate towards me. I ask Khris if he had ever been with a man before. He replied, "only once or twice my dear Angel, but I need to be with you now!" I felt comfortable and knew that he was not someone who was out to rip me off or take advantage of my hospitality.

His soft body was warm and exciting! He used every party of his body to make me happy! His beard tickled my thighs as he went down on my hard cock. His warm tongue soothed me and slid into my mouth, ears and ass like a gentle bear looking for honey! Our warm bodies seemed to come together like a wax casting from Leonardo! We held each other gently but fucked each other with hot passionate action. My cock was inside him, and his inside me. He licked every part of my body with pure pleasure! Our bedroom gymnastics continued for hours and we fell asleep in each others arms. I was thrilled to have Kris in my home! The night was wonderful!

The next morning, I woke up with a hard 10" cock between my butt cheeks and two strong arms around my waist. I turned over to face Khris with my 7" piss-hardon, throbbing cock against Santa's huge toy. Our eyes met briefly and I told him that I had to piss. Immediately, he picked me up out of bed and carried me to the bathroom, he bent over in the hot shower and told me to piss on his ass. I was surprised! We then made Love in the shower and tasted each other's man juice before having sex again in bed. Damn, He was Hot!

Khris was tired after our morning sex and he fell asleep in my bed. I went to the kitchen, made breakfast and returned to my bedroom with Breakfast in Bed! He was impressed and ask for dessert. I told him I didn't have dessert. He replied, "You are dessert!" Again, we fucked & sucked for hours and then we cuddled in front of the fireplace for hours on a Lamb's Wool Blanket. I was in Heaven! This continued for three days while we were snowed inside my home.

Before taking Khris back to his Bridge, I ask him if I could do anything for him. He replied, "No, but you're the first Man who's cock I've sucked and you're a good friend!" He wouldn't take any money from me. He wanted to go back to The Bridge! I never heard from him again. One year later, I got a check in the mail for $1,000.00. From Khristoff. I donated it to a local Food Bank for PWA's. and the Homeless.

Thanks Khris! Your Money helped so many people. I hope to hear from you again! You made my Heart come alive with more than sexual pleasure! You are SANTA!

A boy scout is always prepared

I have been in Boy Scouts since I was 7 years old. Over the years, I worked my way through many merit badges and levels in scouting. By the time I was 12, I knew that I was gay, too. While I enjoyed checking out all of the hot, horny guys at camp, what I really appreciated were the older, more mature and hung scout masters.

I worked at a boy scout camp for four summers. The first summer was when I was 18. I was on the waterfront crew, which not only meant that I got to see all of the boys in their swimsuits, but also that I got to supervise the shower areas. The Boy Scouts are very careful about men and boys sharing restroom and shower areas, though I was in charge of monitoring both.

While many boys are shy about showering nude, most older guys are not. I definitely used this to my advantage. One day, between lessons, I was in the "mens" shower room, even though I was only 18. I was showering nude when two scout masters came in. One was about 45 and the other was about 25. They were uncle and nephew. Both men entered the shower area, and I immediately noticed a striking similarity between the two: their cock size. Both men were about 5' 9", but had penises that were at least 7 inches not erect. While trying to prevent my own large member from swelling too much, I carefully checked them out. Both hot, I decided. While I enjoyed seeing almost any man naked, regardless of their size, I especially liked the way that Nate, the older guy, portrayed his manhood.

One night a few days later, I snuck into the campsite that Nate was at while he was away at a campfire with his troop. I intended to steal a pair of Nate's underwear, because I wanted to smell them and masturbate with them. I found a pair of his size 32 Calvin Klein briefs, exactly my size. They were very smelly and had what appeared to be piss or cum stains on them.

However, the real find was what else was in that case...a copy of a XXX gay men's magazine and a Maglite flashlight with a lubed-up condom on it. So now I knew that not only was Nate gay, but that he liked anal sex as much as I did. Furthermore, he must be a bottom, I deduced. This was great for me, as I had always been a top when I fucked my friends in high school, as I had the largest dick when I was 16.

The next day, I went to Nate's campsite after dark when all of the Boy Scouts were asleep. I asked Nate if I could speak to him in his tent about some of his boys that were acting up at the pool. He said sure, and I went into his tent with him. Instead, I pulled out the magazine and confronted him. In desperation, he plead with me not to tell, and assured me that he had never had sex with any of the boys in his troop. I unquestionably believed him, and I still do. But, I said, I was interested in having sex with him anyway. He agreed.

That night, back in the woods away from the pool in the cool Vermont night, Nate led me to a quite meadow. I quickly undid the fly to Nate's Boy Scout shorts, and pulled his 9" cock out of the fly of his boxers. I lavishly licked his big head and strong, full scrotom until it oozed with delight. After 20 minutes of foreplay, I asked Nate if I could fuck him. He said absolutely, and I lubed up my veiny cock and fucked him hard for over 20 minutes. After I blew my load, he fucked me hard for another 20 minutes. After at least 5 orgasms from each of us, we left the meadow. Nate and his troop left that next night and we never spoke again.

Two hot students gets spanked

The young teacher stood before the two boys, his face severe.

"Michael, Tim. You two know why you were told to come here today. You're both good kids, but you disrupted my class on Friday, and I can't have that. I'm afraid to let you off too easily, even though you've been good all year so far. If I don't make you remember this, you might be tempted to misbehave again. So, I want you to step into my private office. Now."

Michael and Tim shot scared looks at each other but walked to the back of the room, following their handsome young teacher. Both were 18, good students, but they'd gotten caught being silly while Mr. Newman was out of the room, and he'd told them to come back to his classroom at the middle school on Saturday afternoon at 2:00.

They knew they were in for it when they walked into the room and found the shades drawn; they'd both heard that Mr. Newman was a firm believer in corporal punishment. And even though they'd talked about it together in anxious tones as they rode their bikes to the school, neither knew that the other was looking forward to this punishment with an powerful mix of fear...and desire . Once they were in the small office, Mr. Newman closed the door. He stood glaring at them for a moment, then spoke softly. "Michael, stand in front of my desk."

Michael walked forward and stood with his back to the teacher and to his best friend.

"Take your pants down." Michael hesitated, and the teacher raised his voice. "Do it now!"

Michael's sweaty fingers undid the snap on his jeans and reached to unzip them. He was acutely aware of Tim behind him. Although he'd often thought about getting naked with his friend, this wasn't exactly what he'd had in mind. Still, it was somehow weirdly exciting, knowing his best friend was going to get a good long look at his butt. The thought of Tim watching him as their teacher spanked his ass made his penis tingle. He slipped his pants down around his ankles and waited.

"Underpants too, please."

Michael put his hands beneath the elastic band of his white cotton shorts and shucked them down, his face burning in embarrassment as he imagined Tim's eyes riveted on his naked buttocks. His penis began to harden, and he unconsciously clenched his butt-cheeks in a mixture of fear, mortification--and aroused anticipation. "Lean over the desk, please."

The boy leaned his belly over the hard wood desk, feeling his tingling penis press against the side of it. His cheeks were parted, and he felt his face flush red as he exposed his bare bottom to the gaze of the adult teacher--and his own best friend.

He wondered if Tim could see his asshole. All year long, he'd felt a growing desire for his friend, and wondered if Tim shared his passion. They'd talked around the issue of homosexuality, but neither had identified himself as being gay. As he thought about Tim staring at him now, he felt his sphincter tighten.

Without another word, Mr. Newman walked forward and stopped behind the half-naked boy. Gazing appreciatively at the muscular, athletic bottom of the cute young teenager, he raised his hand back and propelled it forward.


The sound of hard palm connecting to pliant, naked buttock filled the room. Michael flinched, the pain on his butt-cheek spreading across his backside. He felt his penis stiffen, and was mortified.

WHACK! Another blow fell across his sweaty bottom, the noise cracking sharply in the silent office.

Mr. Newman kept his eyes trained keenly on the quivering young bottom spread open before him. He was getting an erection at the sight of the boy's butt growing redder and redder. The teacher had had his eye on Michael's plump young ass since the first day of class, and had longed to administer this hot spanking on it. But since the boy was a good student, he doubted it would ever happen. Now that it was, he was enjoying the hell out of it.

As for Tim, his eyes were absolutely glued to the sight of his best friend's bare butt. He'd been strongly attracted to Michael since the day they'd met, and secretly longed to see him naked. Michael's perfect, boyish rear was everything he'd imagined it to be. He couldn't believe it was finally happening -- and in Mr. Newman's office! The man was hot! Tim thought his friend felt the same way about their teacher -- and even about Tim himself--and as his penis stiffened in his pants he wondered if Michael had a hard-on too.

Mr. Newman had slowly come to stop in his spanking, and as Tim fretted about being next, Michael was relieved to think the humiliating but curiously exciting session was at an end. But instead of letting him pull his pants up over his red-hot bottom, their teacher told him to stay exactly as he was. He ordered the boy to stand beside him.

Michael hesitated, knowing he was about to expose his throbbing hard-on to Mr. Newman, and to Tim. He swallowed hard, put his hands over his crotch and turned. "Take your hands away," the young teacher snapped.

Michael gulped again and let his hands go to his sides. His dick pointed straight up and to his embarrassment he felt it bobbing away as he waddled toward Mr. Newman, his pants and shorts bunched around his knees.

Mr. Newman motioned to Tim now. "Come and stand in front of the desk," he said gruffly.

The boy didn't need instruction. He knew what was expected. He walked slowly over to the desk nervously unzipped his trousers. When he'd slipped them down around his ankles, he quickly yanked his underpants off of his butt and over his rock-hard cock. Then he leaned across the desk, his hard-on pressed against it, and waited.

Michael, meanwhile, had been unable to look away when Tim took down his trousers. When Tim bent over, Michael could see that his cock was stiff as a poker, and he gazed at it longingly, which made his own dick throb in excitement. His eyes roamed lasciviously over Tim's exposed ass cheeks, taking in every delicious detail. His friend's ass was every bit as cute naked as he'd thought it would be: rounded and firm, set high, the cheeks like twin half-melons. For Michael, having Mr. Newman see his own bare butt was hot, but seeing Tim's was thrilling.

Mr. Newman also stared at Tim's naked bottom, and smiled to himself. As with Michael, he'd wanted this boy bent over his desk all semester as well, but had pretty much despaired of getting him to bare his pretty adolescent ass before the end of the school year. And now he had them both at the same time!

Usually his corporal regime was simply a matter of leaning the culprit over his desk, spanking him soundly and sending him on his way. But it was different with these two. The young teacher had caught some pretty strong vibes from both Michael and Tim. He thought they were probably gay, and he'd often wondered if they were lovers. It was patently obvious from the teenagers' raging hard-ons that being together with their pants down was exciting them both -- and that the spanking was a further turn-on. As long as the boys were getting so much out of the experience, Mr. Newman fully intended to exploit the possibilities. He reached into his pocket and shifted his aching cock in his pants, then let the boy have it.


Tim shut his eyes in pain as the teacher's palm made contact with his butt. The pain was intense, but it seemed too coarse through his ass, around his balls and out the head of his straining cock.


The teacher's hand blurred as he brought it down repeatedly on the pliant flesh before him. The boy's butt turned a pleasing shade of pink, then deepened to scarlet as he rained blows upon the teenager's luscious round bottom. Mr. Newman's cock continued to expand in his trousers as he spanked the kid's delicious adolescent rear soundly. Tim was in an agony of conflicting responses. He was both intensely embarrassed and sharply stimulated by his teacher and his best friend gazing on his bare bottom. And while Mr. Newman's carefully administered spanking hurt like hell, it was also making his dick harder than he'd ever known it before.

Finally, the spanking ceased and the young teacher ordered Tim to go and stand by his friend. His face burning in shame, Tim turned and strode toward Michael, his young penis jutting straight out. As he did so, he saw that Michael's own cock was as hard as it had been before. They were definitely going to have to discuss this experience later ... When he was standing by his friend, Tim looked at Mr. Newman and for the first time he saw that their humpy teacher had a pronounced bulge in his trousers. He wondered if Michael could see it, too.

Michael was also staring intently at Mr. Newman's crotch. The idea that the young man was as turned on by the spankings as the boys themselves sent a shiver of desire down his back.

Mr. Newman, meanwhile, stood silently appraising the teenager's throbbing young cocks. Even if they weren't actually gay, the boys were certainly aroused. And he planned to make them even hotter before the session was over. He pulled the chair from behind his desk and placed it in front. Then he reached into a drawer, pulled out a medium sized towel and placed it on the seat. Finally, he sat in the chair and gazed sternly at the boys. "Michael, come here," he said sharply.

The teenager came to him, a look of confusion on his pretty face.

"I want you boys to remember this spanking for the rest of the year. Lay yourself over my lap, please."

Michael hesitated, and the teacher reached out. His hand closed around the boy's stiffened penis and pulled him over. Still gripping the teenager's dick tightly, he pushed the boy over his lap and raised his free hand. In a moment, the room resounded once more with the SPLAT! of a rough palm striking soft, pliant butt-flesh.

Tim stared in amazement as the teacher paddled his friend's butt once more, his fist still gripping Michael's cock. As the blows descended, he saw that Michael had begun to push his ass upwards to meet the strokes, and he found his own penis throbbing wildly as he watched.

Michael was in heaven. As Mr. Newman spanked him, he bucked up his hips to greet each new stroke, each movement forcing his cock to slide up and down in the teacher's grasp. He could never remember being so completely turned on. When he began to cry out, it was not the pain in his red-hot bottom that made his yelp, it was his swiftly mounting orgasm.

When it came, it struck the boy like a thunderbolt. He moaned loudly as he felt his sphincter tighten and wave after wave of hot boy-cum spurted out the head of his beleaguered dick and onto the towel. As his climax dissipated, the spanking ceased and Michael lay, his head spinning, over Mr. Newman's lap.

After a few moments of silence, broken only by Michael's panting for breath, the teacher patted the boy's splendid young butt and told him to get up. Tim had been unable to blink, mesmerized by the incredible scene before him. As Michael lifted himself dizzily from their teacher's lap, his penis slowly softening, Tim almost leaped forward to take his place. The teacher reached for the boy's aching-hard cock and swiftly pulled him over his knee.

Michael was now treated to the sight of Tim over Mr. Newman's lap; the teacher gripping his friend's hardy prong and laying a series of well timed blows to Tim's quivering buttocks. Just as he himself had done, he saw that Tim was pushing his bare butt up to meet the blows their teacher dispensed across the reddened butt-cheeks. But instead of simply allowing Tim to cum, Mr. Newman stopped spanking him and, licking his index finger until it was slick with saliva, pressed it between the boy's smarting buttocks.

Tim was wild with desire as the teacher slipped his index finger between his butt-crack and pressed it against his spasming butthole. As Mr. Newman worked his nimble digit into his butt, he felt the teacher begin stroking his cock-shaft. It didn't take long before Tim cried out, his anus tightening on the teacher's finger as his cock exploded, spraying the towel with hot white jizz. When he was done, he felt Mr. Newman's finger press in harder up his butthole. Finally, the teacher moaned loudly and his body shuddered as he came in his pants, shoving his finger hard up the boy's ass as he spewed his load inside his trousers.

Michael watched this display in amazement, his cock throbbing as his best friend got a thorough finger fucking by the boy's hunky teacher. He longed to grab his dick and beat off to the incredible sight of Mr. Newman's finger poking up Tim's hot butt. And when Tim shot his load, his body arcing and stiffening, all Michael could think of was getting his friend into his bed.

Tim was spent, and felt his body begin to relax. Dazed, he stared at the floor until he could focus on the linoleum again. When the boy was fully at rest, Mr. Newman slowly pulled his finger out of Tim's hot, wet hole, patted him gently on his still-stinging butt and told him to get up. As Tim walked back toward Michael, he was amused to see his friend's penis had grown stiff all over again. Their eyes met and each grinned at the other for a fast moment.

They looked at Mr. Newman, who had retrieved the towel from the chair and was folding it up. Their teacher had a huge wet spot on the crotch of his trousers. After tossing the towel back in the drawer, he turned and looked at the boys as sternly as he could. "I hope you boys learned something today."

The two youths noticed a funny look on their teacher's face, as though he read their secrets, and approved.

"Now pull up your pants and go home."

Michael and Tim re-clothed their lower torsos--already Tim was sporting a fresh erection--and trotted out of the classroom, wincing at the pain in their well-spanked bottoms. When he saw the boys outside the building and safely beyond hearing, Mr. Newman rubbed his palms together and grinned. He hadn't spanked a boy that semester before today, and he had been looking forward to it eagerly. It had been a long time since he'd enjoyed his secret pleasure. Too many months had passed since he'd had an adolescent over his lap. And today's session had an added benefit: The teacher glowed with the assurance that he'd been right about these two boys--and had been able to show the truth to both of them on top of it . As they walked toward their bicycles gingerly, their bottoms burning, Michael and Tim had only two questions between them: was the ride home on their bikes going to be torture--and when could they see each other naked again?

They slowly mounted their bicycles, wincing. Michael stole a sidelong glance at his best friend and said, "My folks are out of town. Wanna come over?"

Tim felt a huge grin spread across his face. "You thinking what I'm thinking?"

Michael grinned back at him and placed his hand over his friend's crotch. Tim's penis jumped at Michael's touch. "What do YOU think?"

"Let's go!" Tim cried. And they were off.

Sex with stepdad - amazing

I have always been attracted to my stepfather. He was so hairy and very toned. I would try to watch him in the shower because he always left the door cracked. Well, one day, I decided that looking just wasnt enough. When I got up enough guts I stood outside the bathroom door, got naked, then walked in. As I was pulling the shower curtain away, my step-dad (Jimmy) said, "Whats going on?"

So I replied with, "I want to suck your cock, I wont tell mom."

He looked very angry and he pushed me out of the shower yelling, "GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE!" So I went running out, put my clothes back on and went outside.

About 20 minutes later I came back inside and he was sitting on the couch in his robe. I didnt know what to do, I was so embarrassed. I was going to go to the bathroom and as I walked past him, he said, "Come here." So I walked over to him and he said, "Im so sorry for yelling at you; I didnt mean to hurt you. I was just very confused as to what you were doing."

I told him it was okay. The whole time he was talking to me, I was looking at his hairy chest poking out from under his robe. He then said, "If you want my cock, go right ahead and take it."

He untied his robe and there was his beautiful 7 inch cock surrounded by a bush of hair. It took me about a half a second to drop to my knees and start sucking away. As I was sucking he was moaning--I guess I was doing a good job.

After a couple minutes of sucking his cock, I looked up to him and asked him to fuck me. He was looking quite shocked, replying with, "I dont know, Im not too sure about this."

After I few minutes of convincing he gave in. He started to put on a condom and I told him no, "I want you to bareback me." He agreed and I got on my hands and knees on the living room floor and he got behind be, slowly brining his cock to my hole. He didnt really move much, he slowly started pushing it into my ass. He was going very slow and I was getting annoyed, so I thrust backward and his cock went shooting into my ass.

Just as I did this, he released a loud moan. I told him to fuck me hard, so he began pounding away at my ass. I could have shot my load right then, but I wanted to hold it for as long as possible. Just the sight and feel of his hairy sweating body pressing up against mine was very orgasmic. After about 20 minutes of him pounding away at my ass, he said he had to cum. So I quickly got up and started sucking his cock. He shot his load in my mouth.

I dont think he had beaten off or had had sex in a few months because the amount of cum he shot down my throat felt like cups. I was in heaven.

After everything was said and done. We agreed that we would do this very often.

Comming out

"Mom, Dad, there's something I have to tell you." I'd rehearsed the line over and over and it still sounded cheesy. But I really wanted to get it over with and put my cards on the table. I had been waiting all week for my Dad to come home from one of his business trips so I could tell my news to both my parents at the same time.

They sat on opposite sides of the dinner table and I did my best not to look either of them in the eyes. But I knew they were both beaming at me curiously.

"It's just eh ... I've discovered that ... I like boys a lot better than girls, and eh ... well, I just thought you might want to know that. It's no big deal really, I thought about it a lot and ..." I just blurted out my rehearsed text so I could get out of the house and visit my friend Jon. I had been fooling around with Jon a lot lately and he had introduced me to the wonders of boy-to-boy sex, bringing me to my current position.

For a split second it was silent, then Dad said in a flat tone, "You mean you are ... you're one of those?"

I nodded. "Yes, Dad. I'm gay. I hope that's okay, I mean, I'm fine with that."

Mom jumped up, knocking over her chair, and spurted out of the kitchen. From the other room I could hear her sobbing and crying and I felt awkward about her reaction. From the corner of my eyes I glanced at my Dad who sat frozen, staring at his folded hands on the table with an empty look on his face. I knew I couldn't leave the house until at least one of my parents had said something so I slowly walked out of the kitchen. "I'll be up in my room, Dad. I hope Mom will calm down soon." He didn't respond so I went upstairs and closed my bedroom door to shut out Mom's hysterious sobbing.

About fifteen minutes later I heard a tap on the door. "Come in." I said anxiously. Dad stepped in and closed the door carefully behind him. He turned around and stood in the middle of my room. He rarely entered my room and his tall posture seemed to fill the entire space. I was sitting on my bed and my low perspective made him look even more intimidating. "Well, son, that's a little bomb you dropped back there." His face was serious and concerned.

"How's Mom?" I asked.

"Well, she's still crying and won't talk to me. So I thought maybe you and I could have a little chat first."

"Sure" I said. "What do you want to know?"

Dad cleared his throat. "Ehrm, well, basically, I mean ... why?"

"Why I like boys?"

He shrugged. "Yeah, I mean, what is it that they have that girls can't offer you?"

I couldn't help but grin, "Well Dad, that seems pretty obvious, don't you think?"

He smiled wryly and relaxed a bit. He shifted towards the table across my room and sat down on top of it. "So, did you have ... ever done it with other boys?"

Did I ever! Jon had introduced me to just about every boy's dick in our class. And just last week we spent an afternoon in the public toilet by the park where we had sucked off half a dozen of strangers and at least five guys we knew from our neighborhood, each one of them sporting big juicy dicks and shooting their hot and heavy loads down our thirsty boy throats. We were both having a great time sucking on a couple of fat, uncut trucker dicks, when a policeman entered the cottage. He grabbed us by our ears and summoned all the men out, after which he insisted on fucking both our tight boy's asses, pumping his copload deep into Jon's gut while I sat on the dirty floor licking his balls and sweaty, smelly asscrack.

But obviously I wasn't going to tell my dad all that. I was pretty sure he'd freak out and ground me for the rest of my life. So I said, "Yes, Dad, I have done it. With a good friend in school."

He gulped and looked more uncomfortable by the minute. I had never seen my dad shy away from anything but also had I never discussed sex with him. He stared at his hands and asked, "And what kind of things did you do with him?" I looked at my dad, thinking he was going to be mad at me if I told him any details, but his curiosity seemed sincere. I took a deep breath and made the plunge. "Well, first we sucked each others dicks, and then he licked my ...." Dad's eyes widened and he looked at my face. "You mean, take it in your mouth and all?"

"Sure, Dad. And in fact, Jon has quite a long one, but I sucked it all the way in, down into my throat. That's really something ..." Dad jumped up abruptly and for a moment I thought he was going to slap me, or at least walk out and slam the door behind him. Then he quickly gathered himself and sat down again, but in the split second he had been standing up in front of me I could have sworn I saw something big and hard pushing forward the crotch in his dark pants. Apparently something in what I had said had him aroused and I was sure he sat down so quickly to hide his excitement from me.

For almost a minute we were both silent. I could have sworn my dad's face had turned red. He loosened his tie and unbuttoned his collar. His other hand was hanging between his legs, as if he was trying to hide something from me. He really had me curious and I wanted to find out what it was that made him so uncomfortable. But he broke the silence first. "You know, I really can't understand how that's possible. I mean, you actually swallowed it? A guy's dick?" He really started turning red now and I almost felt I had to save him from this awkward situation. Yet I also wanted to see if I'd seen it correctly and his dick was really hard, but I wasn't sure how; after all he was my dad! And at the same time he was a very attractive man, tall and muscular with a hint of grey hairs making him look only more masculine. When I was a couple of years younger I used to sit and watch my dad when he was working out in our basement. I often spied on him in the shower through the halfopen door, jacking off to the sight of his hairy chest and the big dangling dick between his legs. In fact, he was the very man that had made me realise my feelings for other guys in the first place.

I looked at my dad's face and I couldn't believe myself when I said, "I can show it to you ... if you want."

He sat up straight and looked at the door, then back at me. "Are you saying what I think you're saying, son?" I was unsure whether his tone was surprised or angry. I sat on the edge of my bed and looked straight at him. "I guess so ... Dad."

He shifted his hips maybe an inch, then sat back again as if he still wasn't sure what to do. Both his hands were now between his legs taking a firm grip of the visibly growing bulge. He swallowed audibly. "I don't know, Ricky. Don't get me wrong, I just ... wonder what makes guys so special for you, that's all. I'm just trying to understand, you know."

He seemed really sincere and I was getting an instant hardon. I cleared my throat and said, "Sure Dad, and I really like to help you understand. I don't mind at all." He nodded slowly. "Well, I guess it can't hurt, can it?" I shook my head.

He rose to his feet and unbuckled his belt. I could see his hands shake and he had trouble unbuttoning his trousers. My head started spinning as I realised what was happening but my cock turned rockhard and throbbed inside my baggy pants.

I decided to help my dad and pulled down his zipper. The trousers dropped to the floor and a big swelling in his white briefs bulged forward. The thin fabric couldn't hide the clear outline of a gently throbbing lump of flesh stretching to the left. Between his legs the damp, white material clung around a pair of big, heavy balls . The Y-front stretched open and revealed a small piece of dark, smooth skin. Dad unbuttoned his shirt and his hairy chest made it clear that he was still working out almost daily, even when he was on the road. Then he pushed his hips forward, maybe five inches in front of my face. I could smell his sweet, musky skin and the heat of his crotch radiated on my cheeks.

"Well, son, let's see if you can explain that to your old dad." He was trying to sound relaxed and cheerful, but I could see his face was still flushed and his legs were trembling. I cupped my hand over his flyfront and took a firm grip. It felt like I took hold of a large zucchini, only it was warm and I could feel pulsing veins all along its length. I had seen my dad's dick before and I knew it was big, but I'd never seen it hard! I used both hands to pull down the shorts and the shaft swung forward against my face, leaving a sticky string of precum on my cheeck. I took an eyefull and couldn't believe the size of it. From the darkhaired base to the glistening, dripping piss slit I estimated it would be almost a foot!

"So ... what do you think?" He shook his big bat in front of me, and he really seemed proud of its impressive stature.

"Jesus, Dad! It's ... enormous!" He winked at me. "Yes, I guess it is. That's why I can't believe guys can actually swallow it all."

"Well, seriously, Dad, I'm not sure if I can swallow THIS monster."

He froze as if he'd waken from a dream. "I see. Of course, Ricky, I'm sorry. What was I thinking!" I couldn't believe my ears; Dad was apologising to me for making an indecent proposal. Now I was confused. And disappointed now Dad seemed to back out before I had had the chance to show him any of my skills.

"Come on, son, let's forget about the whole thing. What I just said, it's nothing." He unsuccessfully tried to push his throbbing meat back into his shorts and stepped back. But before he could pull up his pants I sank to my knees and grabbed hold of his meat. I wasn't going to let him get away that easy! I opened my mouth wide and sucked in Dad enormous prick. He moaned and his defense vaporised instantly.

With every inch I sucked it deeper into my mouth I felt his body weaken. I let my tongue run small circles around the thick, throbbing shaft that now filled my mouth. Like my own, Dad's cock became thicker towards the base, and when it was just over halfway in my mouth my jaw was already open so wide it hurt. The smooth, silky head entered my throat. I took a last deep breath and swallowed. Dad moaned with a deep voice as his cock started stretching my throat. I really wanted to prove to my dad that I was no sissy, even though my throat hurt and I could hardly suppress my gagging. I really wanted to show him what a good cocksucker I was. I took hold of his hips and pushed my face forward. As the last inch of his cock slid between my lips Dad let out a loud cry. "Ohhhhyeeaaah god DAMN!"

We both froze, knowing Mom must have heard him shout. From the bottom of the stairs we immediately heard her sobbing voice, "Jack! Ricky! Are you guys fighting? Come on, no fighting please, it's hard enough as it is."

Dad immediately shouted back to stop her from coming upstairs, "You're right dear, it is hard enough. It's just so hard to swallow!"

I wanted to laugh out loud but the big monster down my throat only made me gag and I almost spit it out. Dad pulled his cock out and grinned at me while slapping it against my face. I tried to wrap my lips around it but every time he pulled it away and slapped me again. "So I see it can be done. And you really like doing it, huh?" I nodded enthusiastically. Dad rested his dripping cockhead against my lips. "It's true, this is something girls can't offer you. In fact, most girls can't even take your daddy's dick." He chuckled.

From that moment on the ice was broken. Dad was now convinced of my sucking skills but by no means satisfied. He pushed his cock back between my lips, pushing it deep into my face in one thrust. I loved every inch of it and Dad obviously enjoyed every time his smooth cockhead slid in and out of my throttle. "Where did you learn this, young man? Or are you a natural?" I shrugged. "Maybe I'll explain that later, Dad. I like having my little secrets." I wrapped my mouth around his balls and started licking and sucking. The coarse hairs tickled my tongue and the big shaft threw its shadow over my face, twitching and bouncing on my forehead. "Oh god, that feels almost as good! No girl has ever done that to me. Is that another one of your dirty secrets?" He started pumping his dick with his fist. "I don't think it gets much better than this. Guys together, I mean."

That was a pass I hadn't dared hoping for. "Well, Dad, there is another thing guys can do together! But you might think it's gross." He slapped his cockmeat against my face once more. "Try me, son. You've got me curious." Drops of precum leaked on my face, telling me just how curious he was.

I jumped to my feet and turned around, pulled down my jeans and boxers and leaned forward over my desk. I turned my round, firm butt toward my curious father. "Look Dad, you can put your dick in my butthole. That is really the coolest thing guys can do." My dad looked at me in disbelief. "No way! In that tiny little hole of yours?" I pulled my cheeks apart and relaxed my sphincter, showing him how flexible it was. "So, it's really true what they say? Queers really do that?" He didn't sound as much shocked as much as he seemed puzzled. I was shocked to hear my dad call me queer but at the same time his straightforwardness turned me on. It made my asshole twitch and Dad put his strong, warm hand between my buttcheeks to feel my soft, flexing rim with his thumb.

"I'm not sure, son, that really is nasty. Maybe you can just suck me a bit more?" But as he spoke his finger massaged my itching asshole and I saw the blood pumping through the veins on his rockhard cock, telling me it really wanted to nest itself between my firm young cheeks. "Come on, Dad. Your cock's got spit and precum all over it, it'll go in like an eightball." Actually I wasn't so sure if I could take that huge rammer, but I sure as hell wanted to give it a try.

"Oh, what the hell! I asked for it didn't I?" He threw off his shirt and stepped out of his pants that were still around his ankles. He breathed heavily and sweat was running down his body. I lay down on my back at the bed and pulled up my legs, exposing my rosy butthole to my dad. He didn't need much explanation and stepped forward. He put one foot next to me on the bed and positioned himself over my butt, the shiny purple head of his dripping cock resting heavily between my asscheeks. Just to make sure, I quickly spit in my hand and lubricated my asshole as much as I could. He looked at my face and winked. "You ready, son?" Before I could say anything I felt his big cockhead enter my ass and I took a deep breath in anticipation of what was to follow. I was happy I had been practicing quite a bit in the last few days with Jon, and the cop in the park had a dick almost as thick as Dad's, but nowhere near as long. Without much consideration or finesse Dad pushed inch after inch into me. My ass burned and twitched, but that seemed to turn him on only more. Sweat started dripping from his grimacing face. My hole felt as if it was being ripped apart but my cock got harder while the rockhard pillar sank deeper into my ass. Pretty soon I felt Dad's balls land on my butt with a heavy slap. My gut was now completely filled with dad meat, throbbing against my aching ass muscle that held the base of his shaft in a firm grip. Dad took my ankles in his hands and with a look of amazement on his face he looked down to his big batter buried deep into his son's ass. For a few seconds he let his leaking cock get used to the new sensation.

"This really is amazing stuff, son." Dad gasped. "I'm really beginning to see why you like guys so much." Having said that, he started pumping. It hurt like hell at first but it got hotter with every long, deep stroke, slickening my hole with more precum. He attacked my ass with vigour, driving the whole length of his shaft back and forth. His balls bounced against my buttcheecks and I was ecstatic, getting fucked by my own Dad's huge manmeat. His rowdy, rough manner made it very clear he had never done anything even remotely like this but his rockhard curiosity made me feel closer to him than I had ever felt before.

Then his eyes started to blur, the look on his face was fierce and nasty like I had never seen my dad. "I-I'm gonna shoot, son. I'm gonna fill your tight little boy ass. You really helped your daddy understand. Here's is my thanks, boy. Here it comes, here it cumm-UUMMMMSSSSS."

His body started shaking and I felt his shaft pulse against my sphincter. Dad's piss slit opened wide and started to shoot deep into my bowels. A warm, soothing stream started filling my guts with what seemed like a gallon of cum. Five, six times Dad roughly rammed his meat deep into my ass to shoot another gusher, and another. His wild attacks ripped me apart until I felt I couldn't take much more. I let out a loud cry, "FUCK! DAD! STOP!".

His last hard stroke pumped the cum out of my prostate and my load shot straight up in the air, right into Dad's grimacing face and heaving chest hovering over me. He wiped the sticky goo from his cheeks and licked my thick gobs from his fingers, grinning and smacking his lips.

At the same time Mom started shouting again from downstairs, "Jack, what's going on up there? Are you beating our son? Stop that, do you hear! It's not his fault and ... and I'm sure we'll all be fine."

Just as unprepared I was for the sturdy way Dad had entered my butt I felt totally empty when he suddenly pulled out his shlong from my battered sphincter. A gush of warm, sticky juice gulped out of my spasming asshole ass the thick cockhead popped out. He jumped to his feet and looked confused for a moment. Then he shouted back to his wife, "It's okay dear, Rick was explaining some things to me and I just shot off a bit! But I think you're right, we'll all be fine."

Dad smiled and patted my cumdripping ass, looking at it pensively.

"So, this is what you guys do together, huh? It's really ... interesting. I can see why you don't mind being gay."

He started picking up his clothes from the floor and hesitated, looking at me as if he was waiting for something.

I grinned, "Well yeah, Dad, I'll be just fine. I'm really glad you understand. And there is even more that guys can do together! So if you want me to explain some more ..."

I thought I saw a look of relief on his face. "Sure. If you don't mind, son. I guess I need to know a lot more to fully understand. But first I'll go talk to your mother, so she can go to sleep. But when I come back, you will have a lot of explaining to do!"

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