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Cruised by an older man

I was 21, closeted, extremely frustrated and horny; I was 5' 2", fairly toned and extremely young looking. The ironic thing about the whole situation was I lived in San Francisco area yet was too afraid the to explore the gay places I've heard of. Finally, after yet another night of hanging out with a straight hunky friend who I had the worst crush on, I decided enough was enough and I was going to the Castro and see what kind of men were around. Knowing nothing of the Castro, I headed to the one place I was familiar with--Tower Records. I was practically begging strangers to pick me up and as I passed them by with my wide-eyed interest and curiosity. The word "cruising" hadn't entered my vocabulary yet but I was trying to discretely check everyone out while casually perusing through the racks of CD's.

After 30 minutes into this, I decided it was more frustrating being surrounded by guys I wanted to sleep with than hanging out with my unrequited love. I paid for the CD I chose and walked out of the store upset at the whole thing.

While waiting at the crosswalk, I noticed an older guy (around 40, I guessed) standing near me looking at me, smiling. He was attractive, nicely built and had moustache. He had been at Tower, too, and he struck up a conversation about the CDs we just bought. We were still talking after having crossed the street and walked to my car. He asked me if I was interested in listening to some music; his apartment was just around the corner. I leaped at this chance!! His name was Travis and he was an architect. I was amazed at his abode; lithographs and statues of naked male bodies decorated his place. He put on some music and asked me if I wanted something to drink, which proved to be a glass of wine (which helped me calm down.)

He asked me how long I've been out and I told him that this is my first time (outside of the prepubescent experimentation) being with a man (not "boys"). He chuckled, smiled and said, "We'll have to make this a night to remember." I was practically ready to throw myself at his mercy! We kissed tenderly (wow!) and touched each other. He asked me if I wanted to go in his bedroom, I nodded and led me by the hand to his dimly lit bedroom.

We kissed some more but I was getting impatient for me and he sensed this. So he started unbuttoning my shirt and unbuckling my belt while we were kissing. I tried to do the same but fumbled badly when I reached over to unzip his pants--his huge hard-on distracted me! He smiled and undid them himself and he cooed in my ear, "You'll love what I have planned." We kept out underwear on while making out; I finally reached out and touched the head of his dick poking out.

He looked at me and asked me to tell him what my limits are and I said, "We have to use a condom." He smiled devilishly and mentioned that he only uses condoms for one thing. I didn't answer him back and just smiled back at him. By this time, we've both squirmed out of our underwear and were enjoying every inch of our bodies. I was smooth, he was hairy, I was dark-skinned and he was was heaven. All this time, I noticed that he was caressing my butt with his fingers and as the making out got hotter, his fingers drew closer to my hole until he finally started playing with it. He then had me get on all fours to so he can face fuck me slowly while he got on his knees.

His dick was about 8" and thick so I had a hard time sucking him off but he was slow about it. He asked me to close my eyes, breathe deep when he asked me to, hold my breath, repeat it with my other nostril. I did as he requested not knowing what it meant. I heard open the nightstand drawer, then I felt him cover one nostril and this strong smell was emanating from somewhere underneath my uncovered nostril. I breathed deeply, held it, and then did the same with the other nostril. Suddenly, my head was spinning, the music seemed distant, his big cock tasted better and his playing with my asshole more pleasurable. When I opened my eyes, I saw condoms, a small brown bottle and a bottle of lube that he was setting down on the nightstand. He said he wanted me to relax more. I felt this cold slick wetness on my asshole, which made his finger playing better. After a few minutes, he grabbed the small brown bottle, went behind me and he told me to breathe in like I did earlier. I did and he did likewise. He started stroking my young cock from behind while I felt his slick cock rub against my butt and back.

I put one finger, then two and he asked if it hurt. I replied no and started humping even more. He grabbed a pillow, put underneath my stomach and laid me down on it. I was so freaking excited and high on the whole thing that I didn't know what to think!! My head was still throbbing when he grabbed my hand and guided it to his condom-covered cock. I was so nervous and afraid of what was to come next. He told me to let him know if I want him to stop with anything and I nodded. Then, it happened. At first, I felt his thick rod poking at my opening and he pushed ever so slightly. I winced but tried to be a trooper. He took it out, grabbed the bottle lube and poured more on my butt (and I presumed his cock.) He slowly poked his dick up my hole; he stopped, and then went some more in while holding my hips with his hands. I felt searing pain and I asked him to stop!! He did but he didn't pull out. I told him I don't know if I can do this and he told me to relax.

I asked for another hit of whatever was in that little brown bottle. It seemed to lessen the pain and heightened my pleasure. After letting the effects sink in, he slowly entered me some more all the while asking me if I wanted him to stop. I told him to take it slow. He started sliding his dick in and out but not all the way in. He told me the worst was over and best was yet to come. I couldn't even say anything; with my head spinning while concentrating on the pain I felt which slowly subsided as he continued his in-and-out motions. He said he was only halfway in and that he wanted to somewhere new. I had tears in my eyes but I didn't stop him as he took deeper and deeper motions. He noticed and offered me his underwear to bite on. After doing so, he started fucking me full on, sliding his fat cock almost all the way out, then sliding it all the way in. I was in pain but I didn't want him to stop.

Finally, his pace quickened. I was grabbing on to his sheets and biting on his underwear to muffle the sobs I wanted to let out. As soon as he saw me grabbing his sheets and proceeded to pound my recently de-virginized ass. I was shocked! He was so gentle and now he was like an animal, calling me dirty names and telling me rude things. He told me you'll never forget this moment for this rest of your life and that I should be proud of having a titleholder screw my ass for its first time. He asked me if I wanted to stop and meekly, said no. He whispered that he wouldn't have even if I wanted to because I've gotten him too excited.

He slowed screwing my ass, and flipped me on my back. He said he wanted to see my face while I was getting screwed. He ordered me to take more deep breaths of the brown bottle stuff and when I was sufficiently high, he lifted my legs up in the air and positioned his cock against my asshole. He hadn't entered me yet; he said look over at the mirror. There, I saw me on my back with a dazed look in my face, with my legs on his shoulder while his huge dick was positioned at my asshole. He told me to watch how well I can take a man's dick and he proceeded to slowly enter me.

Pain and pleasure felt one and same at this point and I let myself go. I saw his face grimacing while he was pound my ass, his nuts slapping against my butt. Then, it happened. I came while he was fucking me, which he laughed about and proceeded to ram me harder and faster. I was starting to freak out because it was starting to hurt more than it felt good but I knew he wouldn't stop until he reached his own climax. He let out a yell and pounded my ass hard a couple of times while I was still cumming. He stopped moving, his sweat pouring down his brow and smiled at me. I smiled back despite my tears and said thanks.

He smiled again and said, "I'm not done yet."

Love of the beach

Hello my name is Tom; I am from Long Island NY and enjoy being with men over 60 and doing it outdoors, there are some beaches out here on the Island that cater to gay men and I am glad to have found some and some older men who do enjoy having a younger very horny guy like me for some hot fun. And I like to be watched and dream of someday be filmed with some older men at least 3 at once.

I have always liked men over 60 that is because my first experience and all my other ones had been with them.They know how to make me feel great. Here is my fantasy but I do know these men personally.

One day I was sunbathing nude at a beach called Tobay Beach, while laying there with a nice hard on an older man named John came up to me and started to watch me JO this got me hotter. Then he just came over knelt down and started to work on my hot fat cock. When hard I am 7 1/2 inches and nice and fat, not cut.

He started sucking and licking it nice and slow, just stopping before I came. Then worked on it again always stopping just in time; this was driving me crazy. As he was doing this I noticed 2 other older men watching and stroking each other, this really got me going, so I motioned to them to join in.

One got down on his knees in front of my face and stuck his cock to my mouth which I took in and started to make love to it and he started to work on my nipples. The other positioned himself under Johns mouth and started to work on my ass with his mouth, while John just kept on sucking it. Boy this was driving me crazy, all i wanted was for this to never stop. he slipped fingers in me while rimming I was moaning and begging for them not to stop and told them to enjoy me as they want I just wanted to be their sex toy slut.

The man turned out to be Jim stopped rimming me and was working on his cock which was bigger then mine and lubed it up so he could slip it in my hot horny ass, I wanted it so bad. John stopped came to the front of me and kneeled next to Gene, so I had them both in my mouth at once and they both kept playing with my nipples, by now I was like a dog in heat.

I wanted to please all of these men any way I can. i worked on their cocks had them face fuck me, I wanted them to cum down my throat all over my face anywhere they wanted. I loved it and wanted more.

The sun was beating down on out hot bodies, Jim was fucking me nice and slow with slow strokes I could feel his cock in me all the way up and down his shaft in and out. Then Gene and John were ready to shoot their loads allover me when Gene started to cum also. I had cum on my face in my mouth all over me and in my hot ass that I jack off with them so I could cum when they did.

I could not ask for more. After we all shot our loads we rested, talked and planned on meeting again. Hopefully when this happens I real life so other men can see me in what I love very much. So that is my fantasy, but the beaches are real and I do go to one up here on the North Shore that is secluded and hope to meet some older men for some fun in the sun.


All that summer I spent as much time as I could over at Al's basement. But as fall rolled around I had to begin practicing with the First Baptist youth chior for the Christmas contata. This put a real damper on my free time, so I couldn't get over to Al's very often. I was in a perpetual state of horniness. Around the third week of practice I was given a solo on O' Holy Night which required me to practice on Saturday morning with the youth chior director, Mr. Verner.

Thomas Verner was retired from the Atlanta Symphony where he played cello. He was about 63 years old and a batchelor. An "old batchelor" as my mother called him. That meant he had never gotten married. Mr. Verner had known me since I was about 6 years old and in the childrens chior.

He always asked me to do a solo in his productions, and I enjoyed doing it. I loved to sing and was good at it.

I got to the little annex behind the church where we were to practice at the same time as Mr. Verner and my mother asked if he could run me home after practice as my Dad was working and she had to drive to Macon to visit her Mother. Mr. Verner said sure and we went into the building.

This building was an old Army barricks that had been given to the Church and had high windows all around the walls. There was a piano, a record player and a few chairs. I pulled a chair up to the piano and looked over the chart. Mr. Verner could play the piano pretty well so we practiced for about an hour. I did very well Mr. Verner said. "Have you been practicing over the summer, Danny?"

"No sir. I haven't done any practicing over the summer. We had a new neighbor move in, and I've been helping him in his basement", I said. "Oh? And who is this new neighbor?" Mr. Verner asked.

"Oh just a guy named Al. He's about your age, and he used to play the sax in bands",I said.

"Really! I think I know him. He's an old friend. We used to hang out together. I saw him just this week at the Post Office. He said he had found a boy next door to help him out, but I had no idea it was you." Mr. Verner smiled a funny smile that made me feel strange. I wondered if Al told him about us? I was sitting on the piano bench beside Mr. Verner and he seemed to move a little closer.

"Let's try this from the beginning and then we'll call it a day", said Mr.V. I finished the peice and he gave me a big hug and told me what a good boy I was. He kept his hands on my shoulders as he finished the hug and looked deep into my eyes.

"Danny, I think I know the kind of help you've been giving Al. He's a demanding fellow and I've known some other boys who have helped him also. Some of them have been my friends too. They used to help me also. Would you like to help me now?" he said. As talked to me his hands started rubbing my shoulders and neck. He then slid them down my chest to my nipples. Mr. V started to pinch my nipples as he licked his lips. "I would love to see how you helped Al out. I bet you love it don't you? I bet you can't wait to get your little lips around a nice, hard cock, can you?" I was shocked to hear Mr. Verner talk like that, but I was so horny, and he WAS pinching my nipples, and my little dick WAS tenting up my dress pants that I just nodded my head yes.

That was all it took. Mr. V went over to the door and locked it, turned around and dropped his pants and kicked off his shoes. As he walked back to the piano he took off his shirt and I got my first look at his cock. It was HUGE!! I know now that it was almost 10" long. It was thin, but hard as a rock and stood up tall, pointing to his equally outsized nipples. He came up to me and stood me up on the piano bench. I was as tall as him then. As he placed my hand on his hard cock he kissed me, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth. Now I couldn't control myself!! I started jacking his cock as fast as I could. When I stuck my tongue into his mouth he grabed it with his teeth, then sucked it as far into his mouth as it would go.

Somehow we ended up lying on a pile of chior robes with my clothes off and my little 4 1/2" cock in Mr. V's mouth and his cock head in mine. We couldn't really 69 since I was so short, but his dick was long enough that I could get the head into my mouth while he ate mine. As he scooted down and started eating my pussy his dick slid almost all the way down my throat!! I chocked some, but then got into going up and down on it. It was a beautiful cock. Long, with a gorgeous cut head and thick veins that I could feel as they pushed in and out of my mouth. I loved sucking him. And he was eating my pussy better than Al ever did!~

"Mr. Verner?" I said, as his dick popped out of my mouth, "I need to be FUCKED!! I love your cock!! It's beautiful!! I want to feel it in my pussy!! Please fuck my pussy now!!please fuck me hard. I love it!!"

"OK, baby. Just climb on top and I'll fuck you good. Your pussy's good and wet and I can see it throbing, just begging for cock." Mr. V was already on his back, so I swung around and climbed up till his big dick was between my ass cheeks. I grabbed it and guided it to my hole.

"Now Danny!! Push that ass down on the Chior Directors dick!! Fuck yourself with his big dick right here in church!! I'll baptise you with my cumm!! Do you want it?? Do you want Daddies cum??" he said. I sank down till I felt his cockhead parting my lips. I took a deep breath, screwed up my nerves, and jambed myself down on his huge piece of manflesh!!

"Oh yeah, fuck yes!! I want your cum in my pussy!!Fuck my pussy!! Oh shit, it's so big but it feels so good!!" I screamed as I bounced up and down on him. I could feel every inch as I rose and fell on his big meat. The inside of my asshole was on fire and only a big dose of cum could quinch it's thurst!! This fuck felt better than any other fuck I'd had. Maybe because he wasn't as thick as Al or the other men who had used my pussy. Maybe because he was longer. I don't know. All I knew was that my asshole felt sooo good. I moved my ass around to feel that long dong probing parts of my pussy that I didn't know I had!!

"Come on, cocksucker! Fuck me good!! Slam that pussy down on Daddies big dick!! I'm gonna cum!! I'm gonna shoot my cum right into your stomach!! Oh, fuck!! Oh, fuck yeah!! Cumming in your pussy!! Shooting hot cum in your little boy pussy!! Take it!! Take it, you slut!!."

I could feel his cock throb as he shot his cum into my asshole. I felt so good, knowing I had milked Mr. V's sperm out of him! I looked down as my own little dick spewed my watery cum out onto his chest. I leaned down and licked it up. I had learned to love the taste of cum, even my own. As I leaned down Mr. Verner's cock pulled out of my ass with a pop!!

"Pussy fart!!" I said. Mr. Verner busted up over that. As I cleaned his cum and my pussy juice off of his cock, he kept saying,"Pussy fart!! Pussy fart!!"

What daddy doesnt know cant hurt him

The day was like any other day, I had come home from working out after school, and when I arrived home no one was home. It was just me, my mom, and my dad living together. My parents had been all wigged out about me being 18 and only have a month left of school before I left off to college but I couldnt have been happier. But as I was sitting there watching TV I heard a car pull up I quickly looked out the window to see Chad"s truck pulling up the drive way. Chad was my dad"s best friend, and boy was he hot. I knew I was gay for quite some time but never could tell anyone. I had been told I was hot by the girls at my school and I guess they were right. I"m about 5"11 with short blonde hair, grey eyes, and ever sense I was a freshmen I had taking a weights class, so my arms were large, my chest defined, and my abs hard as a rock, plus I had a light golden tan.

But Chad, Chad was beyond hot ever sense I was 14 I wanted Chad. He was about 6"2 feet tall, black hair, blue eyes, no facial hair but a slight five o"clock shadow, his arms were huge, and in the summer when he come over to swim in our pool I got to see his awesome chest and even better abs, all covered in a thick mat of black hair that trailed down into his swim trunks, I wanted to suck him off so bad. I quickly ran to the couch and waited for him to knock on the door and when he did I quickly answered. When I opened the door he smiled and I took him all in. He was wearing a white sleeveless shirt, showing off his big arms, and blue gym shorts. I was in a black muscle shirt and black shorts and for a moment I thought he was checking me out.

"Hey Jimmy, your dad home?" Chad said casually.

"No he"s not, he"s working second shift along with my mother this week." Chad seemed to be struck by the thought "Oh shit thats right, he told me about that. Hey do you mind if I use your bathroom?" I stepped aside letting him in. "No Chad I dont mind come on in."

"Hey follow me maybe you can answer my question." We walked to the bathroom he stood next to the toilet and pulled his dick out, I couldnt believe he was peeing right infront of me, his dick was thick and hung like a horse and he had four skin, I loved four skin. I watched as he fulled back the skin and began to take a piss, I wondered to myself that if his cock was that big soft, how the hell big was it hard. I heard my name being suddenly called out.

"Jimmy, hello you there I was asking you a question." I suddenly snapped back. "Oh yea what was it again?" Chad smiled what you never seen another cock before?" I blushed, "Well yea but never one with four skin before..." Chad seemed shocked "Really, man I love my four skin." Chad quickly pulled his cock back in his shorts. "So like I was saying, does your dad have a stereo I can borrow, some of the guys want to listen to music whilewe work." I thought a moment, "No he doesnt but I do."

"Great! Can I borrow it?" Chad asked, "Sure it"s in my room and up with me and get it." So me and Chad walked up into my room, once in my room I got the old stereo I had and drug it out of the closet, when I turned around Chad was laying on my bed without his shirt on, his strong, powerful, hairy chest and abs open for me to see. I froze, and Chad smiled.

"I"ve noticed you looking at me Jimmy, and I"ve got to say it"s kind a hot," Chad looked down to his chest and abs, "You like what you see Jimmy?" I couldnt speak but my rock hard 8 inch cock spoke for me, when Chad smiled he laughed, "I can see you do, come lay next to me." Chad said moving across my bed, I moved and layed down next to him, he layed on his back. "So Jimmy nows your chance what do you want to do with me?" He didnt have to ask twice, I ran my hands through his hard hairy chest and bent in kissing his nipples making them hard in my mouth, Chad moaned making me hotter. I felt him pull at my shirt and I let him take it off, he rubbed his ruff big hands over my back as I kissed across his hard hairy chest and abs, I could see his giant cock growing. I moved my kisses down to his shorts and pulled them off, letting his now 10 inch hard thick cock pop out, I gently ran my tongue over his hard cock, loving the taste.

"Oh Jimmy mmmmmmmm yea ooohhhh." Chad moaned as he ran his hands through my hair, I took his bull sized balls in my mouth giving them each a good cleaning in my mouth before I returned to his cock. Chad gently put his hands under my arms and gently pulled me up so my face was close to his, he hugged my hard body close to his, I could feel his coarse hair against my smooth hard chest and it made fire race through me, I could feel his large giant cock against mine and it maide me moan. He kissed me running his tongue deep in my mouth, his big powerful arms wrapped around me. He suddenly broke away from me.

"Fuck Jimmy, your so hot, let me fuck you." I couldnt resist, this was the moment I had waited for, I quickly got on all fours and Chad got up on his knees behind me, he removed my shorts and spit in his hand running it all over my asshole occsionally sicking a large finger in making me moan and grip the bed in pleasure.

"You ready boy?" Chad said with a sly grin.

"Oh fuck yea Chad mmmmm fuck me hard." He slowly inserted his large 10 inch cock inch by inch in my tight ass, I moaned his name deeply and gripped my head board. When his giant member was fianlly in me I looked back to see sweat trickling down Chad"s hairy body, he moved one hand around to my cock and began to jerk me off and the other rested on my hip. "Get ready for the ride of your life Jimmy." Chad whispered as he began to pump his large cock in my ass. His cock felt so good, and hot and hard that soon I was nearly screaming in pleasure, Me bent over and kissed me on my shoulders, I could feel his hairy chest and abs against my back as he fucked me harder and faster. With each thrust of his cock Chad let out a manly grunt. I moved my hand under my legs and began to massage Chads giant balls as he fucked me hard and fast. Soon he was fucking my so hard my head board was bashing against the room wall.

"Oh fuck Jimmy, can I cum in you?" He asked despritly.

"MMMMMMMM yea Chad, please cum in me, I want you to cum in me." Chad began to move faster and hard slamming his cock into me, I felt his body tense up "Oh fuck Jimmy here it cums!!!!!" Chad shot his large load up in my ass, I thought for sure I was going to explode, his load was so big I felt some shoot out my ass, I suddenly sucummed and felt my body tighten up, his large hand jerking my cock was finally to much as I felt my cock expand and I shot my large load all over my bed moaning loudly.

Chad and I laided back down together, his soft cock still in my ass and one of his hands running over my hard chest, I could feel his hard hairy body on my back, and his hot breath on my neck.

"We"ll have to do this again sometimes Jimmy." Chad whispered in my ear.

"I think I"ll be stopping over at your house much more often Chad." I said back not wanting him to pull out his cock out of my ass.

Jabins story

My name is Jabin and I live in the suburbs of Salt Lake City, Utah. I've grown up with a very conservative Mormon background. It is July of 2000 and I just turned 18 years old. I graduated high school last month. I've been accepted into a private university in the fall and I am working part time at a drug store almost a mile from my house. I usually have to walk to work because I don't have my own car and my parents always need theirs.

If I'm not at my job or with friends, then I am usually working out in my room. My appearance and condition are very important to me. At 18, I am 5'9" tall, 155 lbs. I'm naturally tan and my hair is dark blond, and I have sparkling ocean-blue eyes. I've noticed that I seem to catch the eyes from girls at school and church.

At 18, I am still a virgin and very horny to say the least. I've felt attracted to boys since I was about 10 years old, but I hadn't acted on anything. One man who has caught my eye for several years is Luciano. He lives by himself in a house two doors down. I didn't know much about him, but I've seen him at neighborhood functions and doing work in his yard. Every time I see him we seem to make eye contact. He looks like he is in his mid thirties, 5'11", about 170 lbs and in very good shape. He has clear, olive skin and jet black, short hair. He wears fitted shirts a lot, and I can tell he has an awesome, built chest and incredible arms. From his appearance and also from hearing him talk, I can tell Luciano is definitely European, probably Italian.

My parents just left on a cruise to the Bahamas for a week. I am the youngest child (one older brother and two older sisters). I can tell that they are ready to live without children. They are incredible parents and I only want the best for them. I'm excited to be alone for the week as I have never really been alone before. I might finally have a chance to do something with a guy, but I am so naive, it's embarrassing. I really have no idea how to go about it. While I have several good friends that know I am gay, I don't know anyone gay and that can be very lonely.

It's Saturday morning and I'm up early to go to work. I think I will walk by Luciano's house, even though it's not on the way. I do this pretty often. Just from my brief encounters with him, I know he's different. Every other house in this neighborhood belongs to big families like mine. He lives alone in his big house. Also, his lawn is immaculately groomed and landscaped with lots of interesting plants and trees.

As I walk by his house I can see him digging a hole in the front yard, he's planting a tree. God, he looks so good. He's wearing a tight white T-Shirt and blue jeans. Another turn-on is the black work boots he's wearing. He is a total stud, very masculine. If he is gay, he doesn't live up to the stereotype that I've been taught. As I continue walking by, It doesn't look like he will see me. He seems very focused on what he is doing. Suddenly, he sticks the shovel in the ground like he is finished. My heart jumps, and he turns and looks directly at me. I quickly turn my eyes to the ground and continue walking. Out of the corner of my eye, I see him walking directly towards me. When he gets right up to me, just on his side of the fence, I stop and looked nervously at him. I can feel my heart pounding in my chest.

"Hey, you're Clark's boy, Jabin, aren't you?" he says with an Italian accent--so hot. "Yeah, you are Luciano right?" "Yeah, I remember seeing you at the barbeque in May," he says. He's looking at me up and down, very much turning me on. "Where are you going?" he asks. "Well, I work down at Safety Drug," "Isn't Safety drug down there?" he says pointing the opposite direction. 'Damn it!' I thought. "Well, I was early, so I just decided to walk around the block." He just nods. God, he's so good looking, a little perspiration dripping from his face. I finally get up enough courage to look him right in the eyes. "How are your parents doing?" he asks. "They're good; they are actually on a cruise right now in the Bahamas." His face seems to light up, "That's great, sounds like fun. Wow, so you're all alone then, huh?" "Yep" I reply. "Why don't you come over for dinner tonight, you're probably eating frozen dinners." My heart leaps in my chest. "Sure" I say. "That sounds good". "What time do you get off work?" "Three O'clock" "Okay, come over at 5:00, we can go for a swim before dinner." "Okay, Thanks Luciano" "You bet" he says and then he winks at me. I about melt right there in front of him. Work is a blur, I go through the motions, just anticipating going over to Luciano's. I get home about 3:30, work out on my weight machine for about 30 minutes and then hit the shower. I'm so nervous; I knew this might be my first real sexual experience. I put on my favorite clothes, grab my swimming suit, throw a little cologne on and head over. As I approach his house, I can see Luciano sitting on the porch. Again his face lights up when he sees me, I'm sure mine did too. He gets up and walks towards me. Luciano is wearing some nice jeans and a tight T-shirt. It shows off his perfect male form. He walks to the gate and opens it for me.

"Hey Jabin, boy it sure is hot today isn't it?" "It sure is." I hadn't even noticed. He looks into my eyes intently, "Welcome to my home, Jabin." "Thank You, Luciano." He leads me up to his house. When we get to the door, I can hear some light music playing. I think it's Sade. "Let me show you my house" We walk into his spacious living room. There's a staircase that goes up and a balcony that looks down into the living room. "Here is my living room." There is a large screen TV, with a leather sofa and love seat in it. Italian painting and dcor elegantly fill out the house. We walk down some stairs and he points in the first room. "This is my gym." There's lots of exercise equipment and a large TV. We continue down the hall. He shows me two spare bedrooms, one was empty, the other had some boxes in it, and there was also a bathroom. At the end of the hall, he opens the door and turns on the light. "Here is my office." It's very large, and there are large windows at the end of it. A large expensive desk occupies this room, with a computer. It is immaculately clean. We walk back upstairs and go up the curved staircase to the balcony level. There is another spare bedroom up there and then he opens the double doors to his bedroom. It is immense - decorated in the Italian style, very elegant. Large kind sized bed. There is a beautiful view that looks towards the canyon and mountains in the distance. He also has a walk-in closet and a bathroom that has a shower and a large jet tub. My own family is fairly well off, but this place even tops where I live. For a second in my mind I imagine taking a bath with Luciano so hot. Luciano takes me back downstairs. We walk through his spacious living room and enter his kitchen. "What would you like to drink," he says pulling different items out of the refrigerator. I see different juices and liquors. "Surprise me," I reply. He quickly makes up a drink and hands it to me. I have never even drunk alcohol before. He saw me look at them and he seems to get a little nervous. "It's not very strong, if you want, I'll make a virgin one for you." "No, it's fine." I say. It is time to try new things. And this is the beginning of a new life for me. I take my first drink and he just stars at me with his dreamy, bedroom eyes. I feel very nervous and excited. "Let's go to the pool," he says, gesturing his head toward the backyard. I have never seen his backyard before and didn't even know he had a pool before today. Like the rest of the property the backyard is very large, it goes right up against a desert canyon. The pool is beautiful - kidney shaped with dark blue tiles. The water is crystal clear, it looks very inviting. "Your whole place is beautiful." "Thank you Jabin." He points to a chair on the patio. I sit and he sits down next to me. "So, Jabin, what's going on with you? Did you graduate this year?" "Yeah, I'll be going to college in the fall. I received a partial scholarship" "That's great." "You have an Italian accent. Is that where you were born?" "Yes, my family came here when I was eleven years old. My father came here for work and for the opportunity that America provides. My parents put my two sisters and I through college. I was able to get my law degree 10 years ago. I originally got in with a law firm in Chicago after I graduated, but I was transferred to Salt Lake City to start an office here. I've been very happy working with this firm." Luciano is obviously very well off, but he comes across as extremely humble and gracious. "Wow, that's great." "So Jabin, what do you do in your spare time." "Well, I work out a lot, and I hang out with my friends. I also like video games, although I usually have to play at my friends' homes because my parents are very strict about what I do 'under their roof'" Luciano smiles, "Uh-huh, and do you have a girlfriend?" My stomach is getting a few butterflies now. "No". Luciano leans back in his chair and looked out towards the pool. "You know Jabin; we live in a very conservative area. Do you share in the same beliefs?" He's obviously referring to the heavy Mormon presence here. "Well, I do share in some of the same values, but I can't say that I share the same beliefs." "What values do you share with them?"

"Well, I definitely believe in the basic moral virtues, basically I think it boils down to treating others how you would like to be treated." "What are your feelings about homosexuality?" I decide that I'm going to give Luciano something to work with; I would go out on a limb. "I think that sexuality is not defined as rigidly as they would define it."

Luciano's eyes widen and he smiled and looks at me. "Well, Jabin, I would definitely agree with that. How would you define your sexuality?" Boy, I think to myself, he is definitely a lawyer. "Well, to be honest with you, I'm really not sure. I mean I think I have felt an attraction to girls, but I know I am definitely attracted to men. I don't know if it's just a phase I'm going through or what." He is looking right through me with those piercing eyes. "Well Jabin, what you feel is not uncommon. In fact I will tell you right now that I am very attracted to you. When I met you before I could tell you are different, and I'm not talking just about being gay. I could tell you had an open mind that was interested in exploring new possibilities. I find that exciting and attractive. Not that you need anything else to make you attractive. You are a beautiful, beautiful boy, body and mind, and I would really like to get to know you." My mind is reeling, Luciano is an even more amazing guy than I had even imagined. "Well, I think I would like to get to you know you too. I'm attracted to you too Lucianothis is difficult for me, because I have no experience," I mumble, looking down at the floor. He puts his finger under my chin and lifts my head so I can see his smiling face. "Jabin, if you ever feel uncomfortable, please tell me. It is important to me that you enjoy this experience." "Thanks Luciano." "Do you want to go swimming?" "That sounds great", I said. "Where can I change?" "Anywhere you want, Jabin", he says, throwing a wink my way. I chuckle a little. "Okay, I'll go in the bathroom." I change into my Speedo; I want Luciano to have a good look at my package and ass. I walk back out to the patio with the towel around my neck. Luciano isn't out there, he's probably changing. I walk up to the pool, taking in the beautiful scenery around me. The plants are all immaculately pruned; they look like they could be in a magazine. I hear Luciano behind me. "Wow, bud, you really do work out, damn!" I feel a little embarrassed. I turn my head and see Luciano in his European style short swim suit. Without his shirt on, his muscles are even larger than I thought. His olive skin is so rich, and beautiful. His pecks are squarish and perfectly formed. His shoulders and arms are perfectly proportioned and totally cut. I can see a six pack and a treasure trail. Luciano is somewhat hairy, but it is trimmed short. I can also see a large bulge and a perfectly shaped ass and beautiful legs. "Looking pretty good yourself, Luciano." "Thanks bud". Luciano is so incredibly humble, every time I compliment him, he blushes and seems embarrassed. He hands me my drink. I take a long swig and then put my towel and drink down. I sit down on the edge of the pool and put my legs in. He sits right next to me so our skin is touching. He looks over at me. "How do you feel?" he asks, his lips next to my ear. "Really good." He puts his arm around my shoulder and before I can even look at him, he leans over and falls into the water and takes me with him. We fall into the water and he wraps his arms around me. I can feel his defined chest and large biceps hugging me. For some reason, I feel totally at ease. I can actually be a claustrophobic person at times, but at that moment I felt like I was in heaven. I feel his lips touch mine and I can't believe it, I have wanted this so bad. I have never even kissed a guy before. He gently kisses me underwater; I feel his tongue touch my lips gently. I open my eyes underwater and see him through the bubbles, our eyes make contact, and we just gaze into each other's eyes while we kiss. This goes on for sometime until Luciano take us up for air. We both stand and are chest high. "I hope you don't mind Jabin," he said. "Not at all." He puts his hand on my back and slides it to the small of my back. I look at him and he looks right into my eyes. Drops of water are running down his hair, face, and neck, he looks like a Greek statue. He goes underwater and I can feel him touch my foot. Then I see that he is sucking on my toe. He then kisses me up to my knee and then to my upper thigh. He surfaces, wipes off his face, "I know you are a virgin". I feel a little embarrassed. "I want to savor this, how long can you stay?" "Well, I don't work until the day after tomorrow." "Great I'd like you to stay with me so we can get to know each other." "I would like that Luciano".

He gives me another big smile that just makes me crazy, "Let's see who can hold their breath the longest."

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