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Danny the heating engineer

I was in a really bad mood, for the second time in as many weeks my central heating failed, and as it was October, although the weather was not freezing, it was just cold enough in the house to be uncomfortable. I phoned the heating engineer and stated my problem; they assured me that an engineer would be with me that morning. I asked that they should not send the previous engineer as he had assured me that the problem had been solved.

In the meantime I switched on the emersion heater, shaved and had a bath. The bath warmed me and put me in a better mood. I had the radio on and decided to make a cup of coffee. I was feeling human but wished the engineer would turn up fix the problem. Then I would be able to get on with the weekend that has just began.

Minutes after, my wish was granted, in more ways than one. The doorbell rang. When I opened the door my heart jumped into my mouth. This amazingly good looking guy was standing there with a smile on his face. He told me he was the engineer and could he come in and look at the boiler and electrics. I was so taken aback by this vision of loveliness that I could only nod. At the same time I realized my cock was going on a horn and I was only wearing boxers and a white towelling dressing gown. Because it was a narrow hall way I had stood back as he came in and now I pressed past him to take him into the kitchen. He may have felt my cock brush past him.

He checked out the boiler and then turned his attention to the electrics which were under the work surface. Seeing him bending down did nothing to help me loose my erection. Even though I had pushed my cock up, it was still obvious.

Suddenly he turned around and started to talk to me about the possible fault. I noticed a few times his eyes wonder down my body to my cock. I knew he knew I had an erection. He said he had to go out to the van and get some tools. I asked him if he wanted a coffee. He said, "Great."

I thought after I poured his coffee that I would have time to go upstairs and change into some jeans, but as soon as I poured his coffee he was back, closing the front door after him.

I pointed to the cup of coffee on the table and invited him to sit down. As he sat down I noticed the fly on his jeans was undone. This made my cock jump into full hard erection so quickly that I sat down near him. This also gave me a good view into his open fly. I could not believe what I was seeing. He was not wearing any underwear. I could see his pubes and the base of his cock.

As he took a drink of his coffee, I could see him look down at my crotch. This made my cock jump, which he saw. Looking up at me, he smiled and moved his hand to his fly and pulled them right open. Getting his hand down his jeans he pulled out his cock. Working his foreskin over his helmet he soon got an erection. I pulled open my dressing gown. Putting my fingers into the fly of my boxers, I pulled out my cock. It was so wet and hard. He quickly knelt down and with his hands on my knees push my legs open and moved his head down and took my cock into his mouth. His mouth moved slowly down my shaft, not stopping until his mouth and face were pressed into my groin. He was really working my cock in his mouth; getting his tongue between the ridge of my helmet and between my foreskin. He worked my cock so well that I knew if he continued doing this I would shoot my spunk very quickly. I wanted to do the same for him, so I reached down and moved his head with my hands away from my cock. Looking up at me, I smiled and told him I wanted to do the same to him. So we swapped positions. Taking his cock in my mouth, it was so easy to make it slide right the way back into my throat. I worked his cock as he had mine; I could taste his precum oozing from his piss slit. I wanted this to last a long time, I could hear him groaning with pleasure, as his breathing increased. Suddenly he started shaking and pushing his cock deep into my mouth, he shoot string after string of hot thick spunk into my mouth. Boy did he taste good. Still with his cock in my mouth he remained hard, so I continued to gently lick into his foreskin, I wanted every drop of his spunk.

Exploits of jay

Jay was a happy boy who lived in one of our larger cities. He took life as it comes, with little or no complaints. His one draw back, if one could call it that, was the fact that he was so pretty, not handsome, pretty, like a girl pretty if you know what I mean.

Jay lived with his dad and mom in a four room apartment, small enough that there were few secrets of the house hold. When his folks had sex, he heard every word, every little sigh or groan and the loud squeak of the bed springs.

Even as a boy Jay knew what it was all about, what with talking with the other boys and the magazines. His little dick would get hard and he loved playing with it, loved the sensations it brought, he may not be able to cum just yet, but he sure loved stroking himself and thinking about the day when he could.

Then his mom had to go live with her mother and take care of her till her time came, which no one knew how long that would be. Jay and his dad made out ok, but his dad took to drinking more and more, he was never mean to Jay, quite the opposite, he would hold him and tell him how pretty he was and how much he loved him, then put him to bed.

Jay remembered the first time well, it was a saturday night, his dad came home late, drunk again. Jay had made coffee for him and had a cup with him, his dad rambled on as usual, then they moved to the bed room and Jay helped him off with his shoes and undressed him.

He noticed he was not wearing his shorts, probably left them at some gals house, he thought. Jay had seen his dad's dick before, sometimes when he peed, but this time it was hard and standing straight up as his dad rambeled on.

His dad lay back, pulling Jay with him, slipping Jay's shirt over his head, then removed his other clothes till he was naked also. "Such a pretty boy you are Jay, pretty as any girl, nice and soft," he mumbled, his hands playing over Jay's young, smooth skin.

Jay never argued or tried getting away, he just assumed his dad would pass out like always. This time though he never, he was kissing him now, forcing his tongue in Jay's mouth.

His dad wet one of his big fingers, then slid it between Jay's buttocks, forcing it inside his tight little hole. Jay bit his lips to keep from yelling out, it hurt a lot, but he wasn't going to yell like a sissy, not in front of his dad.

His dad was a big man, solid from a life of hard work and Jay could feel that strengh as his dad hugged him. The finger was moving around now and sometimes in and out, it still hurt, but not near as bad.

The another finger joined the first, and the pain was there again for awhile, as they stretched his ass open wider. After the third finger enter, Jay closed his mind to the pain, letting the fingers have there way as he tried to relax.

All this time his dad was kissing and tonguing his mouth, then his face, sucking his little nipples, then biting on them. It surprised and confused Jay when he found he was enjoying it, his little cock was rock hard.

"I'm gonna fuck you boy, just like I do your mamma, gotta have some relief boy, just gotta," his dad said, breathing faster now. He got up, telling Jay not to move, and he never, after all, where would he go, and besides, he never wanted to leave.

His dad came back with a can of crisco, took some on his fingers and worked it up Jay's ass, it helped the finger go in this time. Then he rubbed some over his cock, which by now looked to Jay like a monster.

Laying Jay on his belly, he took him by the hips pulling him to his knees, tucking them under his chin as Jay's young, tender ass stuck up in the air. His dad was really excited now, as he guided his cock between the soft cheeks of Jay's ass.

Jay felt the head touch his puckered anus, then stretch him open wide as it went in. He started to scream, then stuck his fist in his mouth as his dads cock slid slowly up his bowels till his belly was against Jay's ass.

His dad was rubbing the cheeks of Jay's ass as he whispered soothing words to him, sometimes using his moms name instead of his.

The pain had subsided a lot, as his dad let his cock soak.

Then he raised his hips removing his dick all most all the way, but stoped before the head left Jay's ass and he once again shoved it back in to the hilt.

Again and again and again, he raised up and down, plugging Jay's sweet virgin ass. He now had his knees on the sides of Jay's body moving in closer so as to get more dick up his ass.

Jay found he was pressing back against his dads cock with each thrust, he was actually enjoying it being inside of him. A lot of the older boys had tried to fuck him and he thought of it often, but was always afraid to. Now, he was being fucked and loveing it, fucked by someone he loved him dearly.

His dad had pulled back but still not removing his cock as he turned Jay over gently, raised his legs over his shoulders, then slid in all the way again.

He's fucking me, just like he fucks mom! And an excitment flowed through him from head to toe.

His dad had Jay's short legs bent back beside Jay's head now, still humping in and out slowly, making it last as he lay forward kissing him. Without actually knowing he was doing it, Jay had wrapped his arms around his dads neck, holding on to him as they kissed.

Then his dad began to move his hips faster, making the springs squeak like mad as there bodies bounced up and down. His dad threw his head back as he groned and slammed up Jay ass hard and deep as Jay felt something warm oozing out of his ass and down the crack of his ass.

He then felt a sensation in his little dick and balls he had never felt before and he thought at first he would pass out, but fought to hold on as his dad removed his cock, leaving his ass feeling like it was open big as a coffee cup.

His dad cleaned him up, telling him how sorry he was and for him top please not hate him.

Jay assured him that he loved him and he didn't care how often he needed to do that, it was ok, he liked it to.

"Don't ever tell your mom boy, she wouldn't understand," he said, and Jay promised him he would never say a word.

That was not the last of it, Jay's dad would be ok for a week maybe, then come home and make love to him again, fuckinh his little ass off.

This had been going on for over a year now, even after his mom came home his dad would make some excuse for her to get out of the house so he could enjoy a good fuck with Jay. Then his dad done what he had always told Jay not to, he told someone.

He had been drinking with his best friend Wayne and let it slip. Jay liked Wayne, he was like a god father to him, always had been. He was a huge man, had never married, muscles everywhere, he would pick Jay up like a rag doll.

Then one week end his mom was down town shopping and his dad was working extra that saturday for the over time, when Wayne came by. But, thats another story for later...


If I didn't get a good fuck in before tomorrow evening, Tonya and I would be out of the medals for sure. We'd come to the Paris Grand Prix with good hopes of standing on the platform, but my timing was all off in the twists and throws we'd attempted in our practice session tonight, and I knew it was because I was so jittery from not getting my rocks off since we'd been at Skate Canada a couple of weeks ago. I'd hunted all over the skating rink yesterday and today, but none of my usual fuck buddies were here, and I had no idea where to cruise for a quickie in Paris.

I sent Tonya off the ice before our practice time was up, telling her I was just off this evening and there was no use taking a chance on her getting hurt during a botched throw. I told her I'd continue practicing jumps on my own, trying to get rid of the jitters so I'd be straightened out before our short program competition tomorrow night straightened out. That's what I needed to be, straightened out and then drained of cum before tomorrow night. But I couldn't tell Tonya that. She knew I swung that way, of course, but she didn't know how much I depended on sex to keep my strength and timing up.

So, Tonya skated off to the locker rooms, and I continued practicing all alone in the gloomy practice rink. I had no idea who had the practice time following mine, but I could have shouted for joy when I saw the French silver medal holder, Andre Larreau, skate out onto the ice and start his warm-ups. A sweet little piece of blond ass, Andre had turned eighteen a few weeks ago, which now made him free game. My fuck buddies and I had even speculated on who was going to get the first crack at him, and now here he was, gliding his tight little butt cheeks around on the ice in this deserted practice ice rink and batting his long eyelashes at me in invitation, and me in a bad way for sex, the very definition of the lighted match meeting the can of gasoline.

Wasting no time, I stripped off my practice T and skated back into the center of the ice. I was in great shape and my skin-tight practice leotard basket showed off not only my great length and thickness but also my immediate need, so I knew if Andre was at all serious underneath that teasing that had driven several of us crazy for the two years he'd been skating professionally, he'd take the bait.

And take the bait he did. We started out pretending at least to be into our individual practice regimes, but our eyes were glued to each other in an undeniable mating dance. Andre skated over to the boards and stripped off his practice T, feigning that the heat was getting to him, but we both knew that I and my magnificent body and obvious need were getting to him. When he glided back onto the ice, our routines came into synch and drew together into ever tighter circles, until, in a cloud of ice shavings, we both stopped dead, facing each other, very close. Both of our chests were heaving from the intensity of the syncopated ice dance. I leaned my head down to the much shorter, more compact solo skater, and he tilted his head up, meeting my lips with his. Our tongues twined, and I found he had a knob-headed stud in his tongue. I thrilled in anticipation of how I would make use of the stud and laughed to myself at the similar surprise the French youngster was in for.

With one hand on his butt and the other on the small of his back, I arched Andre's torso back and attacked his pert little erect nipples with my lips and teeth, leaving him in no doubt about my need and my intention to ravish his body. He was giving little yips of pleasure and pain and buried his fingers in my hair, giving at least token indication of trying to pull me off him. But his fingers slipped away, as I lifted him off the ice and slid his body up mine while moving my lips and teeth down to his belly and navel, which was pierced with a gold ring that got a workout from my tongue, teeth, and lips.

I let him slide down my body onto the ice and pulled his face into my crotch.

"Suck me," I said, "And then I'm going to fuck you." I had no idea whether or not he understood English, but he must have gotten my drift, because he pulled my leotard down to below my pelvis and gasped when he saw my surprise. I had a silver ring with a round knob on it pierced into the helmet of my dick. I felt him shudder as he began to work on my cock, mesmerized not only by the opportunities the cock piercing offered but also by the quickly engorging length and thickness of me.

I didn't give him much time to think about what was happening, though, because my main goal was to get my rocks off and win a medal at the Paris Grand Prix. As it was, I let him work my cock in his mouth longer than I had intended, because that stud on his tongue running along the underside of my cock was sending chills up and down my spine. However, in short order, I had pulled Andre back up to where I could lock my mouth onto his. He wrapped his legs around me above my hips, and I skated over to where the boards broke to accommodate a judges' table.

Flipping Andre around, I laid him on the table chest down, pulled his leotard down to his knees, and went for his ass hole with my tongue. With one hand on the small of Andre's back, I held him down on the table. The other hand explored his cock and balls and gave them some appreciated attention.

Quickly, though, I had Andre's ass wettened with my tongue and widened with my roaming fingers, and I crouched up and over him and got the helmet of my cock into his ass opening. Andre whimpered and complained under me as I worked to gain entry, and the whimpers increased to gasps of pain and objection as I pushed into him a few inches. I stopped, giving his ass canal a chance to adjust to the size of my cock, and then, punctuated by his exclamations in French, I pushed on in to the hilt. The objections turned to moans and sighs and more accommodating French phrases, as his tight little ass opened to me and I began to slowly pump him.

I dug my hands into his pecs and pulled him up to me. He turned his head, and we kissed. He looked at me in a dreamy expression and spoke for the first time in a thick English.

"The cock stud," he said. "The feeling."

"You like?" I asked.

"Yes, I like very much," he said. "Please. Can you fuck harder?"

"Sure," I said, although I didn't respond immediately. I twisted his torso so that I could get my teeth at one of his nipples, and he gasped and moaned at the attention I gave him there.

After a few minutes, I let his torso descend back onto the table top. I wanted to twist him around and fuck him from the front. In my urgency and realizing that I wouldn't be able to strip off Andre's practice leotard over his skates, I lifted my own skate-clad foot and sliced through the crotch of his pants, freeing his legs. I slowly spun him around on the table top then on my buried cock, turn him on his back and lifting his legs in the air with my hands. His hands fluttered up my torso, and I began to deep fuck him. He was letting out little yelps of pleasure and whispering sweet nothings to me in French. He began jerking himself off, which was just as well, because this was all about sexual release for me to bring my performance on the ice to its peak, not about any need he had.

When I was about to cum, I pulled out of him and shot off across his belly and up into his pecs. I buried a fist into his long blond hair, lifted his head to mine, and gave him what I had intended to be one last, deep, brutal kiss. But, while we kissed, Andre's hands went to my cock and pulled me back into him. His hands went to my butt cheeks, holding me inside him, and he writhed under me and his lips flew over my chest and into my pits. He was nipping me and rolling that tongue stud over my flesh. He wrapped his strong legs around me, below my buttocks, and I felt my cock coming to life again. I had the brief fear of his skate edges slicing into my tender butt cheeks, but Andre carefully held them away from my body.

I had thought I was finished, but Andre thought that I had more to give, and Andre proved to be right. This time, he wrapped the strong fingers of a hand around my balls and rolled and pulled them and held me to his pelvis until, many long minutes later, with Andre fucking himself on my cock with the rhythm of his strong leg muscles, I had cum deep inside him.

I took this as Andre's statement that I hadn't done anything to him that he didn't want done. But this time when I pulled out and away from him, I left him laying there, spread-eagled on the judges' table and skated back out to the center of the ice, where I performed a perfect triple salchow jump. After showing the French youngster what else I could do well, I skated over to the boards, snatched up my athlete T, and skated back to the exit to the locker rooms, not looking back to the blond French skater at all.

I knew now that I'd be in prime condition for the double's short program tomorrow evening. The Frenchee's ass canal was so tight and I was so big and long, however, that I wondered if he would be able to unbow his legs and fight through the ass pain for his own men's short program the following evening. But I didn't care one way or the other. He wasn't competing in the doubles. Regardless of the damage I might already have done to him, I reminded myself that I'd have to check the practice session schedules running up to the long programs to see if Andre would be available for another private workout session before the long programs. None of my regular fuck buddies had come to this competition.

What a first kiss

My summer had gotten off to a slow start, just finished high school and wanted to take the summer easy. Well the first thing I knew was that I needed money and just my luck I had notice an ad for summer help right down the block from my home. A couple days past and I was ready to apply, it was simple yard work. I walk up to the door and ring the bell, than suddenly the door open, a grey haired man said, "how can I help you son," in a warm voice. I told him that I was applying for the position that was in the local paper, right away he asked when I could start.

After a few months things were going good I had a few extra bucks and the job was easy. When finally it happened; I had been doing some yard work when a down pour of rain came. I started to walk to my old car when I heard a voice say, why don't you come in from the rain. Quickly I agreed to come in he than said, go to the bathroom and get out of those wet things. I did, but in the mean time I had notice there were no towels. A knock on the door and he came in with a big towel, before he enter the room I quickly put my hands by my private area, he started to laugh a little and said he had seen it all, because he had been a doctor for almost forty years.

With that said I took the towel and began to dry myself and he left the room, but took my wet stuff and said he would dry them. Again he called my name and I walk out to his front room and sat in a chair when he offered me a cold beer, which I took right away. We talk for what seem like a couple of hours, I found out more about this warm caring man. He was 74 years old and never married and liked to travel, but he had a bad back so he could not work so much in his big yard. Something had happen I notice he also had a bathrobe on and he would touch my leg every so often.

He finally got up from the chair and ask if I needed another beer, I said no problem he quickly got myself a beer and ask if I would like to watch a movie with him I said again no problem without even thinking about my stuff, or the six pack of beer I had already put away. The movie started and "holy cow" it was a sex movie, but with two men. He looked at me and ask if this would be alright again I said no problem, when he sat in the chair next to me he put his hand on my knee this time he kept it there. He suddenly without saying a word kiss me on my lips and he sat back in his chair; I had never been kissed by anyone in my life.

But I felt something was about to happen when I felt his had go under my towel and reach for my penis, it felt so good as he play with my penis, than he got up from his chair and walk over to me and started to kiss me again, this time I kiss back. Then he stood over me and reached for the towel and took the towel from me and put to the side of the chair. He said what a great body I had as he played with my penis some more when he stopped and take his robe off, I just kept looking at his cock not hard but it looked great. he took my hand and I got up from the chair and we began to kiss each other while we played with each other cocks, than he started to push me down, I knew right away as I got to my knees I put his penis in my mouth and began to suck him off and I touch his nipples and big balls.

I could feel him about to cum and boy did I want it. He cum wasn't much but to taste him it felt wonderful. I finally went back to kissing him when he looked in my eyes and said, "I was hoping that you were gay and every time you came to do my yard I would get in my robe and play with my cock just thinking about you."

Well that was a great summer my first love was with a gentleman who today I still love with all my heart. He showed me love and the gay life. Our love would last for almost ten years I didn't get to the part were that special day he would also top me in his warm bed, that's for another story. Remember your love and I hope it with another man not that so called other sex.

That's all for now...

Ryan and kyle

I have been courting Ryan on line for months, from what I could see of his torso shot he sent me he was built beyond reproach. Golden locks cropped short, brazen blue eyes that spoke to me saying "don't fuck with me unless you have the cock to back up the fucking". His upper body showed ample boy strength that he was obviously given at birth and is not likely a guy who needs to work out. What really interested me, were his tiny nipples that just begged to be sucked.

A few weeks ago while chatting on line he told me that he and his boyfriend of the hour were coming to Toronto to do a modeling shoot for one of the major department stores new underwear introduction. He said they had reservations at a Courtyard Hotel on Yonge Street but the rate was really high. Right off the bat I offered him the use of my spare room instead of a hotel, he said he would think about it and at the very least took my cell number so that when he came to town he would call me so we could all get together for a drink.

Having been in a provocative industry for a long time had provided me a very ample salary. Earlier this year I bought a penthouse condo in the Toronto downtown core. I had made a few alterations to it as I was the shared guardianship of an extremely mentally deficient cousin. When the condo was built I had a security company install all kinds of surveillance cameras in the room and in the bathroom. Of course since I had the money I went with the top of the line wide angle hidden cameras (I think they are called "micro dot cameras") that provided a color image instead of the choppy black and white cameras. Also as an extra preventative measure I had a concealed pass thru put in just incase he had a seizure in the night so I could get to him quickly. All of the cameras were hooked to a recording device with a motion record function in my bedroom, concealed in a very nice 15 century armoire I have. He has since been placed in a group home and is doing fine there so because he was no longer with me I had the perfect room to offer to Ryan and the flavor of the month.

Ryan and I chatted on line for several weeks and in true form to Ryan he started to give me the run around about not being able to see me while he was in town and not having time to go for drinks which was his way. You see Ryan by all explanations of the word is a god. I on the other hand am a fat older daddy that his youthful nature has no use for. He made it ultimately clear that it would be a cold day in hell before I ever saw his naked pics and that I should be satisfied that he even talked to me as he did not offer conversation to too many people that were not in his mind "beautiful". I reserved myself to the thought that I would never meet him and began to put him out of my conscious thoughts.

It was a cold rainy night in October when I heard the sirens blare. I looked out of my window and could see a huge blaze burning in an apartment building. It was about 8pm in the evening and by the size of the fire I knew that this one would go on for hours. As I was turning in for the night about 11pm my cell rang.

"Hello." I said. "Mike, it's Ryan," the voice said. "Ryan who?" I inquired. "Ryan from Ottawa," he said.

The first thing that went through my head was the little fucker has been out drinking and has called me in a drunken stupor.

"I have a problem," he said and continued, "our reservations at the hotel have become a problem."

"Ryan I travel for living, if there is a problem they hotel will fix it." I replied.

"The problem is, it had a huge fire earlier tonight and well they won't let anyone in" he replied.

The smile across my face grew to encompass both cheek bones, and I said to him "not a problem, tell me where you are I will come and pick you up and you are welcome to stay here". I drove over to the area of the hotel parked and started walking as you could not park within two blocks of the fire. When I arrive I searched the crowds for Ryan based on the picture in my head of what he would look like. I didn't see Ryan but what I did see had me awe struck, a tiny little light skinned black boy with tiny hips and an awesome smile. His pearly white teeth lit up the night as he smiled. His tiny frame made my dick go hard as I moved closer to have a look at this stud in a tiny body. What a pleasure it was to stand behind him and pretended to watch the fire. Tight blue jeans and a tight white t-shirt covered only just so subtly by a form fitting leather jacket. I was so close to him I could smell the hair product he had in his tight nappy curls.

While I stood there sort of looking for Ryan but paying more attention to this young stud I heard him say to this guy beside him. "Do you think it will take Michael long to get here? I really have to take a leak." I looked at the guy beside him and there he was the guy I had fantasized about for months.

"Actually I am right behind you" I said.

Ryan and the boy turned together and smiled from ear to ear. We said our hellos and I lead them to my car making as much conversation with the hot boy as I could. At this point the challenge was Kyle, not Ryan. As I drove to my condo I conjured a plan to make Ryan pay for his obstinate attitude he had given me for over a year. Come hell or high water I was fucking Kyle tonight and Ryan was going to watch.

We get their gear up to my condo and settled down together in the gallery to have a drink. Ryan kept commenting on how nice my condo was and how clean it was. I pride myself on showing off my "things" so my apartment is always spotless.

Wanting to get all the info on Kyle as I could I started asking inquisitive personal questions of him, things like what his back ground was ethnically speaking. He answered by saying, "My dad is African American and my mom is from Costa Rica."

I continued with, "So do you get the big $10,000 jobs that Ryan gets. He tells me he does a couple per week". His face turned red and he looked right at Ryan and said, "You fucking liar, you are not good enough to turn a $10,000 dollar gig and we all the know the makeup on your mole never stays on, just like now, so there's no way you are pulling 10K gigs!"

I immediately turned to Ryan and sure enough the little fucker had a mole the size of a Q-tip end on his upper lip. It was not pretty and made me feel so good to know that this hot man had a flaw. Yeah I know we all had flaws but this proud little brat had a big one, noticeable to all, right on his lip. I felt sorry for him all the while laughing my guts out on the inside.

Ryan immediately moved his hand to his lip and asked through the fingers on his face "where is the bathroom" I directed him to it as he grabbed his "makeup bag" and ran to the head. As soon as he left the room I put my arm on the back of the couch and moved in close to Kyle sitting right beside me.

I was hoping to seduce him quickly as I only had minutes before Ryan would come bounding back into the room perfect and prim. I looked deep into this hot little boy's eye, and as I began to speak, he spoke first saying "so tell me do you have a boyfriend because I have to think a hot bear daddy like you would have to have a boyfriend". Not only was I stunned my cock shot up hard against my track pants. His eyes went directly to my crotch.

"You know," he said putting his hand on my engorged member, "Ryan and I are not a couple since he fucked around on me and since you have showed us three bedrooms there is no need for me to sleep with him in fact I think I would rather find out what other talents this tool has besides growing on command," he said as he lightly stroke my aching drooling tool.

As Ryan returned to the room prim and proper ready to go out and take on the world he announce since he had not been to the gay district of Toronto he was going out for a drink, he asked who wanted to join him and we both declined. I gave him a pass card and an extra key and told him that this was my house not a brothel and he was not to bring a trick back for an evening of pleasure

"Why would I?" he replied, "all I want is sitting on the couch right there and I know for a fact he is safe here cause he does not like big old guys" he said with a sneer. I laughed it off and took it as another rude comment the little bastard offered up, but took it because he was so fucking hot. Though I never mentioned it, through the whole conversation on the couch all I could do was stare right at Ryan's huge cock. His jeans did nothing to hide the ample offering pulsating in his skin tight jeans.

I walked Ryan to the door and as he left he leaned in close and said, "I really appreciate your help this weekend, I know I am a total jerk sometimes but when you're this beautiful that is my right." He kissed my cheek and said "if Kyle is asleep when I get home I will come to your room so you can suck me off before you go to sleep, okay. I know you want to, but that's all you get, be happy I don't usually offer these things to fat guys". He giggled his evil little giggle kissed my cheek and left. I could hear his belly laugh in the hall. I was so upset with him it almost made me cry. How could this little bastard affect me so and in the same breath make me feel so miserable about my body.

When I returned to the gallery I was obviously distressed so without looking at Kyle I went to the bar and took a bottle of Kettle One out of the freezer, no glass just the bottle turned towards the couch and almost dropped my bottle. There on the couch was a naked half black half Spanish boy slowly stroking a massively hard 9 or 10 inches of drooling uncut cock. His smooth boyish looks, lightly tinted skin looked ever so striking on my white couch. The weight of his body made a smooth indentation into the plush pillows that surrounded him. I was sure I heard angels singing as I walked to the couch and offered him the bottle.

He reached up for the bottle but moved passed it in slow but calculated precision reached the top of my track pants and in one movement had them lying around my ankles on the floor. He took the bottle from my hand the cap from the other replaced it on the bottle and put it on the floor. He removed his tiny frame from his placement of ecstasy on the couch and sat directly in front of me. His face was directed at my seven inches of drooling meat that ached to find the recesses of his throat. Kyle stood up and even standing fully erect he only reached dead center of my chest. He lifted up my t-shirt and with a little help from me it joined my track pants on the floor. There we stood naked as the day we were born exploring the finer details of each other's bodily recesses.

With a motion of his hand he directed me to the couch where I placed my 6'2" 260lb frame in a relaxed accessible position. He lowered his body to his knees and positioned his tiny frame between my legs. He lifted my legs one at a time and placed them on his shoulders. With a few shifting movement he rested his head on my taint (taint your ass, taint your balls) and began to slowly flick his tongue up the underside of my balls and down to my hole, lingering on each spot for a few moments lathering my balls or slowly inserting his very hard wet tongue deep into my wanting willing hole.

The feelings of utter and blissful passion strapped my body with pleasure and dire need to return all these needful wanted attentions. His competent tongue on my ass was replaced by two fingers gently probing the inner most reaches of my colon. His tongue worked its way up and down the length of my drooling cock as he lapped up all of the leaking juices and looked deep into my eyes as he showed me the syrup of love making on his tongue before swallowing the elixir of great and premeditated passion.

As his fingers penetrated my ass he moved his tiny lips to the head of my cock and took the head of my ultra sensitive prick deep into his mouth. How he knew I will never know but then he began to gently use his teeth as he dragged his pearly whites up and down my 7 drooling inches. All you could hear in the room was my overly excited moans of outright pleasure. He never made a sound and is the quietest cocksucker I have ever met.

I had to stop him because his talent for cock sucking was coaxing the 2 weeks of pent up cum from deep in my nuts to within millimeters of the end of my cock slit. I lifted him up to meet my face and we looked deep into each others eyes. His pre cum lathered tongue searched the reaches of my throat looking for a place to deposit his cum coating so that I would be able to savor it later. While he lay there on top of me my fingers found his sweating drooling hole and I fingered him as gently as I could. He was gorgeous but tiny and I did not want my fingers to hurt him. This finger action drove him nuts and before he could reverse himself into a 69 position over my face which I wanted to do as I was dreaming of sucking on his tiny black hole, I stopped him. Held him close and asked if he would like to get more comfortable. He snuggled in closer and said "yes please sir".

I stood up and as he stood up I picked him up and walked him down the hall to my cousin's room. The bed was laid out with white pillows on a goose feather duvet and several toys and sexual pleasures in the bed side table. I laid him gently down and bade him to wait a moment while I did a few things before we continued. I showed him the bed side table and a cabinet that had many sexual toys, straps, chains and a very interesting sling in it that very few of my sexual conquests had requested to use. I left him and went to my room.

I opened the armoire and directed all of the cameras in the room to focus on the bed and the 5 feet around, over and beside the bed. I could see Kyle inspecting the sling and a very devilish grin crossed his face. I was sure to be showing this boy the pleasures of sex with a horny old bear daddy that has all the toys. I slipped a fresh tape into two of the recorders and made sure that the machine was set up to switch tapes when one was full so that our sex play would all be recorded. I then returned to the room to inquisitive looks from Kyle while he stood holding the sling.

"I've seen a sling before and used one but this one is very strange; how does it work?" he asked.

"I will tell you and we can use it if you allow me to film us while we do it." I said. "Only if I get a copy," he responded and continued, "obviously Ryan forgot to mention that even though he is here on a shoot I on the other hand am here auditioning for a porn website".

What luck not only to have a hot boy in my bed I have an up and coming porn star. I showed him where the cameras where, and his only comment was "pervert". I laughed as he did and mention to him that I was not a pervert but a voyeur and well prepared at that. Again we both laughed.

With his help we positioned my "bungee sling" on a hook through the ceiling. My builder was not only good but was also a leather daddy and since I lived in the penthouse he had drilled the hole right up through the roof and had anchored the eyelet bolt from the other side with a 2 foot square iron panel for added support. With a pulley system I adjusted the sling over the lower center of the bed and asked Kyle to sit in it as I did this. Next I adjusted the height of the sling based on his weight. He watched intently but with some confusion. When everything was set I used the pulley system to raise the sling above the bed. I indicated for him to lie down on the bed face down. He did as he was told.

I lay down beside him and before I began to enjoy the back side of this boy's formal offering I used a remote to turn all the cameras on. One quick check in my own bedroom of camera angles and a few adjustments and were ready to how you say "fuck our brains out!"

I returned to the room looked at the clock radio, it was already 1am and the bars would be hoping for at least another 2 hours. I settled in next to him and he turned to greet me as I lay down and said to me. "Daddy (fuck I love it when a guy says that) I'm all yours, teach me how to be a good son". What wasn't hard before was certainly hard now. I leaned into him and we kissed for what seemed like an hour. I then rolled him over on his stomach and made my way down his soft supple boyish body. I lay down between his legs and opened the gates of pleasure with my fingers. My tongue found his tight little pucker and I began to lather his hot tight hole with the well traveled well educated tongue, I so greatly appreciate having. He wriggled beneath my relentless assault on his tight little hole. Once in a while I would force a finger or two or three deep into the passages that soon my cock would be probing.

I gently lifted his body effortlessly and positioned his engorged massive uncut drooling meat at the entrance to my throat. While lathering the rod of glory I inserted my lubed fingers deep into his ass. I was having so much fun sucking this boy that I almost forgot the sling hanging precariously above us. I looked over my shoulder and eyed it with evil glee. I replaced his cock under his body and again concentrated on his rose. I went to town on him and he responded by forcing his ass deep on to my face begging in a soft voice for Daddy to fuck him. In one of those long deep guttural utterances he begged me to stop for if I didn't he would be wasting his load on my duvet. That was the sign I was waiting for.

I lowered the sling on the pulley, anchored the other end of the rope to a rope tie on the bed post and picked him up and placed him in the rubber sling. The seat of the sling has a huge hole in it so by nature of the rubber as he sits down it opens his ass up wide as he sits waiting. Now remember this is a single strand bungee sling hanging from the ceiling, it takes a little getting used to but when you have it in place the possibilities are endless.

When he was positioned I stood in front him and bade him to suck my swollen cock. I needed him to offer Daddy his throat and his ass as a willingness to participate in the ecstasy he was about to endure. He gladly slurped away on my cock until I felt I was ready. I gave him an unwrapped condom and he put it in his mouth and slipped it over the end of my cock. I made sure it was fastened well and looked down to a very disgruntled face.

I forgot that I was using Lamb Skin as there was no way a regular condom could take the punishment his ass was about to endure. I apologized and he smiled with, "It's not the first time I have had a bad taste in my mouth". We both laughed and I lay down under the sling and positioned my cock under the hole in the sling. I lowered the sling so that my cock was inside him by only an inch or so. He moaned loudly as my cock slipped effortlessly into his anal canal. I let him get accustom to it and then told him when he was ready to bounce using his body weight.

His first bounce was too hard which is usually the case and his body weight forced his ass all the way down onto my cock and then I grabbed both sides of the sling and held him there, whether pain or ecstasy his voice filled the air as I let go of the sling and let the bungee cord take care of the retreat. When my cock was again one inch in side of him I stopped the motion of the sling and looked into his eyes, his facial expressions trumped his tears and he looked at me with soft lips pursed and whispered, "I'll take it from here". With that I let go of the sling and he began a slow bouncing motion which forced his ass deeper and deeper onto my cock with each motion. He screamed out begging for deeper and even deeper penetration as he forced down harder and harder with his body weight.

I too was in the throngs of building a huge orgasm I could feel his hot wet hole massaging the lukewarm cum deep in my nuts. With every downward motion of his body I was treated to a hot wet slap of his well lubricated ass on my balls. We fucked like this for almost 40 minutes when I felt him groan and peak with an effortless non forced sigh with which he arched his back in the sling grabbed his throbbing member and knowing there is no stopping a boy and his orgasm, I grasped the sides of the sling in both hands held him down onto the base of my cock and with all the strength I had left I spun the sling so that not only was he bouncing down on to my cock he was also spinning.

His first shot of cum landed on my face and chest, his second on the bureau close to the door, his third on the window next to the bed. Squirt after pent up squirt of cum flew from the end of his hugely engorged cock splayed the room with unparalleled precision as he unloaded his man juice. With the last drop milked from his now receding member I lost all control, I lifted him up off my cock and removed the condom and unloaded two weeks worth of cum all over my chest, face and stomach. I was spent and so was he.

He steadied himself with his legs stood up, shook the last remainders of cum off the end of his purple head and proceeded to lie beside me where with expert tongue used to the delicacy of cum, cleaned any remainder of our orgasms off my body, cock and even off the headboard. He settled in close to me relaxed his body, kissed me gently on the lips and snuggled into me with but a simple parting before exhaustion stole his words "awesome Daddy, fucking awesome". With that said he snuggled into my body grasped my wilting member and blissfully passed into a well deserved nap.

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