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My gay male nurse

I woke up and Jay, who was a nurse and a friend of Luke, my lover, and I, was standing over me smiling. He said, "Welcome back to the world". I could not figure out what was going on and where I was. He told me that I had been in an accident and I was in the hospital and had been in a comma for the last seven days. I asked him, "What accident? I do not remember an accident".

Jay told me some of the details of the accident and he told me the extent of my injuries. He told me that I had already recovered from most of my injuries except that my left leg and arm was partially paralyzed and now that I was conscious that I needed physical therapy and within time I would possible have full recovery and use of both my leg and arm.

Shortly after I arrived at the hospital, Jay learned about my accident and requested that he be assigned as one of my private nurses. He had been a friend of Luke and I for several of years.

I remembered that Luke had gone to Europe on business and was going to be there for at least six weeks. I asked Jay if Luke knew about my being in the hospital. Jay told me that he had talked to Luke numerous times in Europe and told Luke that there was nothing that he could do here and that he would keep him posted as to my progress. Jay said they were sending each other emails twice a day and he knew that Luke would be relieved to know that I had regained consciousness.

After Jay and I talked a few minutes, he told me that he was going to go and send an email to Luke and let him know that I was conscious and talking. He also needed to call my doctor and tell him the good news and he had to get some medication for me.

Jay was very tall young man with a smile and face that exuberates kindness, concern for others, and love for his fellowman. Jay was intelligent and had training for a physical therapist as well as a nurse. He was devoted to the medical field and to helping those who were placed in his care. Because of his profession and dedication, he had not had the time to meet and pursue a lasting gay relationship. Most of the gay men he had met could not cope with his long irregular hours.

Within an hour after I regained consciousness, Jay had a pan of hot water, soap and washcloth and prepared to shave me and give me a bath. He closed the door and pulled the curtain around my bed for privacy and he removed my hospital gown. I lay in bed stark naked feeling embarrassed. While Jay was bathing me, I asked him if he had bathed me while I was unconscious. Jay smiled and said, "Yes that he had bathed me everyday". I asked him if I ever got an erection? There was a long pause and Jay was smiling. "The answer is no, but I certainly got some whoppers and had to go into your bathroom and jack off". I looked over at Jay and his dick was sticking straight out in his pants. I asked him if he got erections when he bathed other patients and he told me that he never had. Normally being a registered nurse that he did not have to bathe patients but in my case he chooses to bathe me because "he liked the looks of my damn good-looking body." He told me not to worry about his erection that with the aid of his hans that he would solve his problem in a few minutes. After the bath and lotion put all over my body, he disappeared into the bathroom. A short time later he came out and told me everything was under control and he began to exercise my arm and leg followed by a massage.

The next day Jay came into my room, smiling, and holding a copy of an email from Luke. Luke told me how much he loved me and wished that he could be with me. He said, "Jay and I have discussed your situation and I have told Jay to take care of your every need and I mean every need until I can get back home". I looked at Jay and he smiled and said, "Yep! Every need! When I talked to him on the phone he was very specific and told me to keep you satisfied, relax and comfortable no matter what I had to do". I said, "Well that is very considerate of him".

I still had no use of my left leg and arm. I was beginning to get some feeling and my muscles were cramping especially in my leg and left buttock. Jay would massage the areas until I felt some relief. He was very president in helping me with exercising and therapy. He and the doctor thought that I was making a lot of progress and could see no reason that within time I would make a full recovery.

The doctor decided that I no longer needed private nurses around the clock but he wanted Jay to continue spending full time with me because of his physical therapy training.

The next two days, I continued with the therapy and Jay would bathe, apply lotion, and massage me. Each day, Jay would obtain an erection and disappear into my bathroom. The second day he came out of the bathroom smiling and said, "My cock just had its therapy and I gave it one hell of a workout".

The next day, Jay helped me out of bed because he wanted me to try and stand on my leg for a few minutes before he began to exercise it. I was able to stand on it for a while but I was very weak however, I did have more feeling than before. We both were very encouraged. He had me lay back down on the bed and my upper thigh and buttock began to cramp. Jay closed the door and pulled the curtain around the bed and began to deeply massage the areas.

I could feel Jans hand and fingers hitting my asshole, dick, nuts, and feel my buttock flexing. I got a tremendous boner and Jay said, "Well you are getting better. Just look at that cock. It is fully load and ready for action. I must do something about that". Jay took my cock in his mouth and alternated in sucking and stroking until I shot off with cum landing everywhere. Jay cleaned me up and said, "Well you are getting better. Luke will be happy to hear about this". I reached over with my right hand and was fumbling around trying to get Jays zipper down and Jay reached down and helped me get his ridged cock out. I had only stroked it a few minutes until Jay ejaculated on the bed and me. He cleaned his cum off me and told me he was going to have to change my gown and the sheets on my bed.

Every day, I would receive one or two emails from Luke. Jay had been keeping him up to date on my progress and he was very happy about the latest report involving Jays and my most recent therapy exercise. He was glad that everything came out for both of us. We read between the lines and knew what Luke was referring to and gathered that when he was writing the email that someone was in the office with him and he had to be discrete in wording his message. He also said that he might be coming home sooner than planned but would only be here a few days before he had to go to Japan.

Jay had not had a day off for ten days and needed time to do some personal things such as laundry since he was out of clean clothes. A female therapist came to my room and helped me with my exercises. She was very professional and knew what she was doing but I did miss Jay and looked forward towards his return.

The next day, shortly after breakfast, Jay came in my room and handed me the emails from Luke and gave me time to read them before he got me out of bed and on my feet. I was able to walk to the bathroom for the first time and he stood behind my back and held me around the chests to support me while I pissed. It felt so good to be able to go to the bathroom and do my thing. He got me back to bed and I was able to do my leg and arm exercises without his help.

While I was eating my lunch, Jay went to the cafeteria to eat. When he returned, he told me that he had a treat for me. He removed the bandages on my head and said my head injures had healed enough that I no longer would need a bandage. He helped me get to the bathroom and removed my hospital gown. He turned on the shower and while the water was running to get warm, he locked the bathroom door from the inside and removed all his clothes.

This was the first time I had ever seen Jay nude and even though he was thin he had an appealing and very nice firm body and a large six-inch soft penis.

He helped me into the shower and joined me. There was a bench to set on and a bar on the shower wall that I could hold onto to support myself while standing. While I set on the bench, Jay knelt down in front of me and shaved my face and shampooed my hair. He then had me stand up and hold on to the bar while he applied soap all over my body paying special attention to my private areas until I had a tremendous boner. Jay put soap all over himself and he moves up close to my back and placed his erected cock between my legs and began to hump me from behind. His cock was rubbing my asshole and hitting the back of my nuts. He put his hand around my hips and stroked my cock while he was fucking me between my legs. I shot off on the shower wall and Jay shoots off between my legs. His cum ran down my legs and I could see it joining my cum that ran down the shower walls and going down the drain.

I turned around to thank him and he said, "It is all part of the duties of a good nurse". He dried me and he hurriedly dried off and dressed and put a towel around me and helped me back to my bed. He rolled the hospital bed down so that he was horizontal and had me lay on my stomach. I was exhausted and he knew that I had exerted myself by taking the shower. He removed my towel and laid it across my ass and rubbed lotion over my body and began to give me a massage. While he was rubbing my left leg, I fell asleep.

I do not know how long I had been asleep but when I woke up Jay was setting besides my bed reading. I moved a little bit and Jay jumped up and help me put on my hospital gown. He told me that since the exercise we had in the shower that I would not have to do all my usual exercises that afternoon but I did need to do some of them.

I had regain all the feeling and full use of my left arm, which was great because I am left-handed. I also had all the feeling from the middle of my thigh to my foot on my left leg. I still had some trouble with my upper thigh and buttock. Jay said, "You are making a lot of progress. Where you still are having problems is near my favorite part of your body. When I am working on your trouble areas I have an excuse to look and touch all your private areas". We laughed and he turned me on my stomach and began to rub my buttock. He slipped his finger down between the cracks of my ass and rubbed my asshole and asked, "Do you feel that?" and I answered "Hell yes!" He said, "Im just checking". He then slid his hand between my legs and cupped my nuts and dick. "Do you feel this?" I told him to quite fucking around are he would get me hard again.

I looked over and saw that Jays dick was aroused again and sticking out in his pants. I started to reach out to touch his dick and he told me to get on my back. Before I knew what was going on, Jay had gotten on my bed and straddled my chests and he inserted his cock into my mouth and began to fuck me. It did not take him long before he was nearing a climax and someone knocked on the door and Jay yelled out, "We are busy, come back latter". Seconds later he let go a load down my throat. He jumped off the bed and said, "That was a close one. You know if I were caught having sex with you I would be fired".

The next morning, Jay came into my room and almost immediately had me doing my exercises and after I finished he told me to rest a while and then he wanted me to get out of bed and walk for a while. He began to massage my leg and I fell asleep for a few minutes. When I woke up, Jay was standing beside my bed holding my bathrobe.

He had me out in the hall and with him holding on to me, I walked down to the nurses station and back to my room. I discovered that my room was the last room at the end of this long hallway and that was the reason there was very little traffic or noise outside my room and making it more private.

Jay stood by me while I got back into bed. He told me that at the rate I was going that it would not be long before I would be going home. He put his hand on my chest and told me to eat lunch and take a nap that he had an errand to run and would have a surprise for me when he got back.

After lunch, I was just dozing off, and there was a soft knock on my door and I looked up and Luke was standing in the doorway with Jay behind him.

Luke ran to my bedside and bent over and we embraced and we hugged each other. I was so surprised and Luke told me that Jay had meet him at the airport and brought him directly to the hospital. Luke and I talked for a while and he told me that he would only be in town until tomorrow morning and he had a flight to go to Japan where he had to take care of some business and he would be gone for another three or four weeks.

He told me that I looked great and that he was proud of me for the progress that I had made in my recovery. I asked Luke to go find Jay and bring him back to my room. When they came back, I asked Jay to come beside my bed and I took hold of his hand and said, "Luke this is the man to thank for the progress that I have made. He is responsible for my recovery and he has provided me with services way beyond the normal duties of a good nurse". Jay squeezed my hand real tight and went over and put his arm around Luke's shoulder and led him out into the hall. I heard them talking but could not understand what they were saying. In a few minutes they came back into the room and Jay picked up a magazine and slid a chair out into the hall and as he closed the door he told me to have a goodtime. Luke started taking off his clothes and I asked him what was going on. He said Jay is outside guarding the door and I am going to make love to you.

For about and hour Luke and I had sex and we both had climaxed and were laying in my bed still naked holding each other when Jay stepped inside the door and told us that we needed to get dressed that they were coming down the hall with a bed that he had ordered for Luke to sleep in during the night.

Two ladies rolled the extra bed into my room and as they were leaving a nurses aid came in with my dinner. Luke asked Jay to go eat with him in the cafeteria, while I ate my dinner in my room.

It was way passed the time for Jay to be off duty but he and Luke returned to my room and one of them set on one side of my bed and the other on the other side. Each of them took one of my hands and they appeared very gloom. I thought that they were about to tell me some bad news.

Luke spoke first, "Jay and I have been talking about your getting out of the hospital in a few days and my not being here to take care of you. Jay has agreed to stay at our house while I am gone and see after you. He will be working and you will be on your own for a number of hours at a time but he will be in and out to see about you. It is not fair for me to be gone for weeks at a time and leave you alone. I have told him that I want him to continue to satisfy your sexual needs. After I get back from Japan, there should not be anymore traveling for a long time and we can make up for the time I have to be away. I love you very much and I am sorry that I was not here when you needed me". Luke kissed me on my lips and hugged me.

Jay said, "I have talked to your doctor and he thinks you will be going home day after tomorrow and said that within a week that you should be able to go back to work half time and within two weeks you should be able to work full time. He said the main thing now is for you to continue your exercises and walking and to regain your strength. I have talked to Luke and he as asked that we continue to keep him informed of everything that going on including our sexual activities which he has encouraged me to continue. Does our plan meet with your approval?"

I had difficulty in finding the right words to say. "Luke I love you more than you will ever know. I could not have found anyone more considerate and loving than you. I know that if I were in your shoes that I would never be able to be as understanding as you are. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your trust and for your love". "Jay, I have never known anyone like you before. I appreciate everything that you have done for me. You are truly a wonderful person and it is a privilege to have you as a friend. I will always be in depth to you." "Now, Luke and Jay, your plan sounds great to me. Before I start crying would you guys please change the subject?"

Jay said he needed to get home and he told Luke that he would pick him up in the morning to take him back to the airport. He reminded Luke that his luggage was still in his car and asked him if he needed anything otherwise the luggage would be in the car ready to go to the airport tomorrow morning. Luke told him that he was fine that he would use my toiletries. He hugged both of us and waved goodbye on the way out the door.

Before Jay arrived to take Luke to the airport, Luke hugged and kissed me a long time telling me goodbye. I asked Luke, "I really do not understand your wanting me to have sex with Jay. I know you love me but please tell me how you could encourage Jay and I to do such a thing? Luke said, "You and I have been friends with Jay for a long time. I trust both of you. While I am away, as long as you guys tell me in detail what you are doing together, it does not bother me. If you would have sex with someone else behind my back then I would be very upset". Before either of us had a chance to say anything else, Jay came into the room. Before leaving Luke hugged me and kissed me on my lips and we both had tears streaming down our cheeks. Jay handed each of us a tissue and hugged each of us and grabbed a tissue for himself.

After I was released from the hospital, Jay took me home. Jay made sure that I took my exercises and walks and often, if he had time, he would walk with me. I was able to return to work and was pleasantly surprised that my workload had not piled up because my coworkers had worked overtime to fill in for me. Whenever Jay and I were off at the same time we slept together and always sent Luke full details as to our sexual activities. I learned from Jay how to give massages and practiced on him as often as possible and looked forward towards applying my new talent on Luke when he returned home.

Some one is really missing a gem of a man by not having Jay as a lifetime mate. Anyone that is a patient in the hospital who has him as their nurse is most fortunate, especially if they are a gay male who enjoys and needs very special attention.

My big fuck buddy

I met him at Home Depot. I needed some home repair items, plus it's a great place to cruise for guys. I stopped in my tracks when I first saw him. So big -- 6'4", 230 pounds -- in what I would soon come to know as his trademark outfit of jeans and t-shirt and work boots; tan, brown hair starting to gray, in his mid-to-late 40s. So big, so handsome.

I started following him along from aisle to aisle pretending to look for things. He seemed so masculine and rugged I figured he must be straight and I thought I'd just get an eyeful of him and then go home and add him to my catalog of masturbatory fantasies.

Imagine my shock and surprise when he took a couple of steps toward me and said, "If a hot guy like you keeps following me around like this, I'll have to ask you to come home with me for some really great sex."

That was six months ago. He has many men in his life, some casual encounters in the park, some lovers, and many in between. I am definitely in between those extremes, with fuck buddy status, coming over to see him at his place once a week.

He takes his t-shirt off and I am always amazed by the contrast between his tan arms and neck, and pale torso. He's hairy, but not excessively so. A nice crop on his chest and belly, the hair in the middle of his chest turning silvery-gray like so many guys his age. Sometimes he'll smack his belly full-handed with a resounding THWACK and a reddish print of his hand will clearly show through the fur on his pale skin.

He sits down to take off his work boots and socks, and I am busy getting naked. I am much shorter and smaller than he is, and he is such a great physical specimen that I feel insecure and wonder what he sees in me. But he is as physically attracted to me as I am to him. I don't know why, I just accept it and revel in it.

He stands up and takes off his pants. Like a lot of physically big men, his genitals are extremely large. Like a lot of men with really big genitals, he wears jockey shorts to keep them in place. They are usually worn thin and loose and I can sense rather than see the heavy burden swaying between his legs as he shucks off his jeans.

I'm naked by this time, with my hairy erection straining upward in the air. I walk over to him and pull his jockey shorts down and he is naked in front of me just like so many times before.

His testicles are not only very large -- the size of jumbo eggs -- but his scrotum is very loose and they dangle down between his ham-like thighs. Sometimes we start to make love sitting on the floor, and they lie on the floor between us.

His penis is probably about 7" when fully erect, but very, very thick. Like a lot of men his age, he is uncircumcised. Before his erection is full, he likes to push the heads of our cocks together, and then stretch his foreskin over both our cock heads to there is the appearance of one continuous penis between us.

But it isn't long before he is fully engorged and erect. The head of his penis is enormous, like a small baby's fist. It stretches the foreskin tight over it, and the angry red tip pokes out. Sometimes, I'll use the pre-cum that is leaking out of him all the time, or a couple of drops of lube, and take my fingers and just slowly roll his foreskin back and forth, on and off the huge, purple engorged head of his cock. When he's really horny, that can be enough to bring him off the first time.

His sex drive is unbelievable. Even if I'm only there for an hour or so, he'll get off twice. Over the course of a long lazy afternoon, four five or even six times isn't that unusual. On more than one occasion I have been so drained my balls ached, and as I helped him ease his genitals back into his jockey shorts, I would feel his penis stiffening and lengthening yet again and need to give him some more treatment.

He isn't a top, which is terrific because it would be virtually impossible to accommodate his beautiful big penis inside me. Though I know if he ever asked, I would have no choice but to submit.

No, he's a very enthusiastic bottom. One of the first times, I had my thumb up his anus, stimulating his prostate. I reached between his legs to grab the heavy dangling scrotum and placed it in the fingers of the same hand, so I was working his anus and balls with one hand, while jacking his heavy thick phallus with the other. His head kept pushing lower and lower onto the bed and his haunches lifted higher in the air.

Eventually I removed my hands and he stayed in that position, looking like a beautiful hairy submarine trying to dive. He said nothing and made no movement. "Do you have any condoms?" I asked. Wordlessly, he extended one hand and pointed to the bedside drawers. In it were a rainbow of every possible size and style. I selected one, rolled it on, and mounted him. In one smooth, clean full thrust I was in him to the hilt. I'm not crazy about anal, but it's okay, and I can make it last 15 minutes easily, up to an hour if the guy on the bottom likes it. He loves it that way, and will often jack himself off twice while I am continuously inside him.

As horny as he is, it's amazing the way he gets off. Pants and gasps and whimpers escalate to groans -- often shouts -- of the pleasure he is experiencing in his massive genitals. When he comes, instead of the fast, shooting squirts that come out of me, it is more of a gradual leaking, as thick, jelly-like strands just fall out of his body. The smell of his semen is acrid and sweet, and the amount is copious. Without the drama of a big squirt, nonetheless by the time he is done, a truly monumental amount of fluid has been expelled from his body, accompanied by those beautiful cries of pleasure.

I don't know where our relationship is going, or even if we really have one. Our sex is so intense, and we are so into each other. But it is clearly purely physical. He has never expressed any curiosity about me or my life, and there are mental and emotional boundaries that I am not meant to cross.

That's okay. He is just so smokin' hot. And he evidently feels the same way about me. Guess that will have to do.

Oliver and the con man

Bottoms Up, the local gay bar in a quiet neighborhood, has now been in business for twelve years, and their business is growing very rapidly. The number of customers has doubled each year for the past three years and the bar is undergoing an expansion. The increase in business, in most part, is due to the Old Queens Gang, a group of six older men who are regular customers of Bottoms Up. The group, for a few years, have met at the bar three or four times a week. The owner of the bar and the bartenders attribute the rise in business to the Old Queens Gang. In one corner of the bar, the owner placed a table and chairs with a sign that reads "RESERVED for the Old Queens GangTues. and Thurs 3:00PM to 7:00PM -Sat and Sun. 3:00PM to 10:00PM".

Over time, the Old Queens Gang has earned the respect and admiration of the other regular customers. They have the reputation of being compassionate, considerate and friendly to everyone in the bar. For the last several years it has been the practice of the group to circulate and greet newcomers and introduce them to others in the bar making them feel more at ease and welcomed.

The Old Queens Gang is also known for helping those that may be having problems, needing advice, or just lonely and needing to talk to someone. The members of the group consist of Jason, Tom, Joe, Buster, Bryan and John. Those that know the members never consider the group to be "old", "queens" or "a gang". Originally, the nickname was a joke, and has been affectionately carried forward.

During one of the Old Queens Gangs visits to the bar, a distinguished, well-groomed and nicely dressed man in his late sixties came into the bar. It was the first time the group had ever seen the gentleman. John approached the man and introduced himself and learned that the mans name was Oliver. After talking with Oliver for a short time, John introduced him to several other people and then introduced him to the gang.

In the manner that Oliver was dressed, his jewelry, and overall appearance, would lead anyone to believe that he was, or had been, successful in whatever occupation or profession he had pursued. After meeting the gang, he pulled a roll of hundred dollar bills from his pocket and ordered drinks for everyone.

Oliver dragged up a chair and joined the group. They spent about an hour talking and getting to know each other. Oliver had retired a couple of months ago and decided to move here. Bottoms Up was the first gay bar that he visited since moving to the city a few weeks ago, and was the second time he had ever been in a gay bar. Almost immediately, Oliver began to relax and feels at ease with his new friends. As the conversation progressed, Oliver revealed that he had known he was gay since his teens, but because of conservative profession, he had to remain closeted. Now retired, he was ready to allow himself to be openly gay and explore his sexuality, for the first time. Oliver explained that he had never had a long-term sexual relationship with anyone, only a couple of discreet sexual encounters while he was in college, but remained completely celibate during his professional years. His preference was a man between twenty-five and forty years old. He had no idea how to go about meeting someone that age but was anxious to meet a younger man and eager to have a meaningful relationship.

There was a moment that everyone was talking to each other and John used this opportunity to speak with Oliver. John was trying to be tactful in offering some advice to Oliver. He began by saying, "Oliver, I know this is only the second time you have been in a gay bar. A gay bar is sometimes dangerous because you never know who is going to be in the bar. Often there are some men in gay bars that have ulterior motives and are on the lookout for easy prey, especially vulnerable older men. There are some precautions to take in order not to attract these men. I think that you may wish to think about a few things before going to a gay bar again. You wear very expensive jewelry and clothing, and you have shown that you carry a large amount of money. Someone that may try to take advantage of you could notice one or all of these things. There are a lot of crazy and untrustworthy people sometimes in the bar or hanging around the outside of a gay bar. So for your safety and protection, I am suggesting that you dress down a bit, not wear large diamonds or gemstones, and carry only the amount of money you will need at the bar. I am saying this in hopes that you may heed my advice and avoid being in danger at some point." Oliver expressed his thanks and admitted that it never had occurred to him before.

Oliver decided that he needed to go home. He told the group how much he appreciated them being so nice to him and he thanked them for visiting with him. Tom shook Olivers hand and gave him a slip of paper with his name, email address and phone number and said, "Oliver, you have made six new friends this evening. If you ever need us, please feel free to get in touch". Oliver reached for his billfold and handed Tom his card with a phone number and tells Tom that he will be hearing from him.

A week goes by and none of the gang has heard from or has seen Oliver. On several occasions the group had talked about Oliver and how concerned and sorry they felt for him. The gang, per usual, was at the bar and Oliver walked in with his arm around the shoulders of a younger man. Oliver brought the younger man over to the group and introduced him as Frank. Oliver said, "This is the love of my life. We met three nights ago in a gay bar downtown. Frank moved in with me yesterday." The gang was appalled, surprised and shocked. Frank is a hunk, between twenty-five to thirty years old, nice facial features, neat appearance, and a trim, muscular body.

After talking with Frank for a few minutes, the gang realized that there was something about Frank that was askew. The ways and things Frank does and says, along with his personality traits, immediately raised red flags. Frank was arrogant, self-centered, loud, and abnoxious. He had no qualms about asking Oliver or others for drinks or cigarettes. Frank had been drinking before they arrived at Bottoms Up and now he was very drunk.

Oliver was acting like a lovesick teenager and was hugging, kissing, and could not keep his hands off of Frank. The gang was at loss for words and did not know what to say. Oliver took Franks hand and said, "Please excuse us, we want to have a few drinks alone before going home", and they departed.

After Oliver and Frank left the table, the Old Queens Gang was looking at each other, shaking their heads in disbelief. Tom looked around, to be sure Oliver and Frank are not in hearing distance, and said, "I just cannot believe that Oliver is so stupid". Buster replied with, "Oliver is so damn naive and must be out of his ever-loving mind". Joe shook his head and spoke up, "I asked Frank what he did for a living and his answer was if your young, good looking and really smart, you do not have to have a regular job."

Each member of the group showed concern but at this point they didnt know what to do. A few more comments were made, and they realized that Oliver and Frank had left the bar. The consensus of opinion of the gang was that Frank was, perhaps, either a hustler or con man, trade, or both, or looking for a sugar daddy, and seemed lacking in morals.

Tom asked what everyone thought about himself and another member of their group contacting Oliver to invite him for lunch or dinner to have a talk with him. Everyone thought this was a good idea, and John volunteered to be the second person. Tom and John agreed to meet for breakfast the next morning.

The next morning, while Tom and John were having breakfast, they worked out their strategy as to how to approach Oliver with as much tact as possible. Their first hurdle was to get Oliver to agree to have lunch with them without Frank being present. Tom called Oliver and extended an invitation for lunch. Oliver agreed, but asked if he could bring Frank. Tom said, "No, John and I want to talk you about some business, and we wish to do so privately." Oliver asked what kind of business and Tom replied that they would discuss it at lunch. Oliver agreed to meet them.

During lunch there was the usual chitchat, but as soon as Oliver finished eating, he pushed his plate towards the center of the table and asked what kind of business were they going to talk about. John looked at Oliver with a big smile and said, "Oliver, that was an excuse to talk to you alone. The Old Queens Gang is concerned about you and we feel that you should know about our concerns. Since you are in the process of coming out of the closet, perhaps we may be of assistance and/or offer you some advice." Oliver wanted to know what kind of assistance and advice.

Tom explained to Oliver that coming out at any age is difficult and perhaps even more difficult at their age. "My friends and I have been out for many years and as a result, between us, we have obtained a lot of wisdom and experience that we are willing to share with you. Being gay and adjusting to a gay lifestyle is difficult at best. Perhaps it is none of our business but that is the business that we are here to discuss with you." John asked Oliver if he wanted to hear what they had to say or if he wanted to drop the whole topic. Oliver lowered his head and replied, "Okay, I will listen to anything you would like to say, but that does not mean that I will take your advice, particularly if it has to do with Frank." Johns response was "It sounds like what you may be saying is that you may be having some doubts about Frank, but you may not want to explore these doubts."

Oliver admitted that he had acted very immaturely, irresponsibly, and rashly. "I am not dumb. I know that something is not right with Frank, but I guess that I just do not want to admit it to myself and give up my dream. I know that I have rushed into this too fast, but I am so lonely, and have wanted someone with whom to share my life for all these many years. Yes, I know that I should have dated Frank awhile to get to know him before allowing him to move in with me. He was so convincing and said that he was the one and only for me, and we should start living together immediately. It was the answer to my prayers to have someone to want to live with me."

Tom wanted to know if Oliver was aware, that there are a few individuals around that prey on other gays, and especially older people, just to get what they can and to take advantage of them. Oliver said the thought had never even occurred to him. John said, "Tom and I, as well as the rest of the gang, believe that that is what Frank is doing to you. We believe that he is a hustler and/or a con man that seeks out older gay men, such as you, for the sole purpose of either looking for a sugar daddy or obtaining money, valuables, or anything that would be beneficial to him. Because of our experiences and having been around the gay world, we summed up the possibility that Frank was a bad apple when we first met him. We could be entirely mistaken, but we feel obligated to warn you of the possibility. It is up to you to determine what you wish to do about your relationship with him. For your sake, just be careful and think things through."

Oliver was quiet for a moment and said, "You know, yesterday Frank and I were in bed and had just had sex, and he asked me if I knew how he could become my legal guardian, so if something happened, he could take care of me. There have been some other instances where Frank had asked about my finances, insurance polices, and other questions about my personal affairs. At the time, I thought that it was a strange thing to ask, but I soon forgot about it. Another thing that I ignored at the time when Frank moved in with me, was that all he had was a couple of suitcases with some nice clothes and his car. He said he would move in his other things later. Any one in their right mind should have known that something was not right."

Oliver continued, "I am beginning to wonder if I am in love with Frank, or if I am in love with the fantasy or dreams that I have had all these years. I guess, if I really faced the facts, I know that I am physically attracted to Frank, but I really honestly do not like the man. Right now I am just very confused, and I am, at this very moment, facing reality for the first time."

Oliver again thanked Tom and John for their concern, and the concern of the others in the gang. He said that he had a lot to think about, but realized that he must come to some conclusions, make decisions, be firm and act rapidly.

As Oliver was leaving, he asked Tom when would be the next time the gang would meet at Bottoms Up, so that he could personally thank the other guys for their concern. Tom replied that they would get together tomorrow afternoon or early evening, but if he needed anything or needed to talk, to call him.

Tom purposely did not tell Oliver that the gang was getting together later that day. He felt like Oliver needed some time to figure out what he was going to do.

About two and half hours after Tom got home, he received a phone call from Oliver. Oliver was obviously upset and was having some difficulty in talking. In a few minutes, Oliver was calming down and was telling Tom what had happened. "When I got home, Frank seemed agitated and asked what the business meeting was all about. I told him that it was personal, and Frank became irritable because of my answer. Frank shouted, "Oh! So Goddamn personal that I was not invited for lunch". I went to my bedroom and shut and locked the door. I looked in my jewelry box, and some of my jewelry was missing, and money in my chest of drawers was gone. I then went to my desk and found that a number of my blank checks had been taken, and I also found some of my credit cards missing."

"I immediately decided to call the police, but Frank had come to the bedroom door, and discovered it was locked. He became irate when he discovered that I had locked the door. He began to bang on the door and was yelling at me to open the Goddamn door. I told him I was in the bathroom, and I would be there in a minute. I made a quick decision, based on believing that Frank had no reason to know that I was aware of his transgressions, and I opened the door."

"Frank came into the bedroom and saw the lid to the jewelry box was open, the drawer in the chest of drawers had not been shut and the cover to my desk was not in place. He knew that I had discovered some of the things that he had taken. He became furious. His anger was completely out of control. He was yelling profanity and screamed at me, "Damn it, Oliver, if you had been five minutes later, Id have been gone!" Then he grabbed me and shoved me against the wall and he slugged me and I fell to the floor, pretending that I was unconscious. I just lay there very still, and I was afraid that he might kill me."

"I guess that he was so mad and could not control his temper that he was not thinking logically. Frank for certain had an anger problem. I would have thought that he would have grabbed his things and what he had stolen and run, but he continued yelling, throwing and breaking things throughout the house. He was also collecting other valuable items that he was going to take when he left."

"A neighbor had heard the commotion, yelling and all, and called the police. The patrol car must have been nearby because it did not take them long to get here. I heard the police siren before they pulled into my driveway. I locked the bedroom door again, and I managed to open one of the windows in my bedroom, and I yelled, Help! to the police, and told them there was a crazy man in the house destroying my property. The police broke down the front door and subdued Frank. They asked me, if I wanted to press charges, and I told them, You better believe it. Frank was handcuffed and the police read him his rights."

"One of the policemen looked in Franks billfold and found what he needed for identification. They took Frank to their patrol car and locked him in the back. One of the policemen called into headquarters while the other policeman came back into the house for me to give him a statement as to what had happened. I told him everything from the time I met Frank to the time the policemen arrived."

"After the policeman finished taking my statement, he asked if he could look around. I, of course, told him he could. He made notes as to the damage Frank had done and he asked to see Franks belongings. All of Franks things were packed in his suitcases, which leads me to believe that Frank had planned on taking what he could and leaving before I returned home. Among Franks things, the policeman found the items that I had just discovered missing, plus a few other things that belonged to me, and he found a gun. The policeman said that he needed to take these items as evidence and that he would list the items in his report. I signed the report and he gave me a copy."

"The policeman started to leave when he remembered that he should search Franks car. After the policeman searched Franks car he came back inside and told me that he did not find anything. I asked the policeman what to do with Franks suitcases because I did not want Frank to ever come back into my house. He suggested that Franks suitcases could be locked in the trunk of his car and he would move the car out of the driveway and park it in the street in front of the house and then give the car keys to Frank. I helped the policeman carry Franks suitcases and things to Franks car. As the policeman and I got near the car, I overheard the policemans partner, who had been on the radio talking to their headquarters, telling the officer that Frank had a warrant out for his arrest and that he had also broken his parole. I returned to the front doorway to my house and watched the policeman move Franks car. He got into the patrol car, and as the police car was leaving, I looked directly at Frank, and gave him the finger."

Towards the end of the telephone conversation, Oliver repeated, "Thank you, thank you, thank you, Tom! You guys most likely have saved my life. I was so stupid. If you all had not been concerned, I may not have wised up to Frank. It could have been much worse, and he even could have killed me."

Tom asked, "Is there is anything I can do to help, or would you like for me to come keep you company for awhile?" Oliver replied, "No, thank you, I am doing okay."

Oliver was going to makes some telephone calls to try get his front door fixed and then clean up a few things. "After my front door is repaired, I am going to fix my self a stiff drink and then I am going to lie down for a spell. I am looking forward to seeing the gang tomorrow afternoon."

Tom went to Bottoms Up, got himself a drink, and was waiting for the other members of the gang to arrive. After everyone had arrived and were seated at the table, Tom and John gave them a report as to what took place at the luncheon with Oliver, and then Tom brought them up to date as to what happened when Oliver returned home. Everyone was elated that things turned out as well as they had.

Joe raised the question, "Who do we know that we can introduce to Oliver?" They all thought a few minutes, and Jason and Bryan both at the same time said, "GLEN!!!" Buster yelled, "Perfect!" Glen is a nice looking, professional, and all round great guy, who is around forty years old. His better half was a gentleman in his mid-sixties that the gang knew and considered a good friend, but had suddenly passed away about five months ago. The gang had tried to be supportive of Glen after his partner died. Glen had had a hard time accepting the death of his lover for seventeen years. Glen has always been attracted to, and associated with, older men. He always enjoyed the company of the Old Queens Gang, and they liked Glens company.

The gang agreed that Glen was the likely candidate to be introduced to Oliver, but that in no way were they going to rush or push them on one another. Tom thought that perhaps Oliver may need some time to recover from his ordeal, but on the other hand, meeting Glen may be the best thing for him.

The next day, the Old Queens Gang assembled at Bottoms Up. Glen happened to be there and Jason and Bryan took it upon themselves to tell Glen about Oliver, and tried to determine if Glen may be ready to consider meeting and dating someone. Glen was a little reluctant at first, but then began to show more and more interest and asked questions about Oliver.

While Jason and Bryan were talking to Glen, Oliver arrived, ordered a drink for himself and for the members of the gang, and then joined them at their table. Jason and Bryan brought Glen over and introduced him to Oliver. They all had set down and the bartender brought the drinks Oliver had ordered, and he asked the bartender to also bring a drink for Glen. Oliver offered a toast to the Old Queens Gang and told them how much he appreciated their concerns for him and what they had done for him.

Light conversation and jokes continued for a while and various members of the gang began to excuse themselves to circulate and visit other regulars and men visiting the bar for the first time. It was not long that Glen and Oliver were the only people left at the table. They found no problem in talking and getting to know each other, and were enjoying each others company. About fifteen minutes went by before the gang members began to reassemble at the table. Everyone was having a great time. As it was getting a little late in the evening for the Old Queens Gang, various members began to say it was time for them to go home, and within a few moments they all agreed that they must depart. Each began to say goodbye to each other and to Oliver and Glen. As the gang started to leave, Oliver announced, "Glen and I have a date tomorrow night for dinner." Everyone hugged each other and the gang was on their way home leaving Oliver and Glen in the bar.

Frank went to court for his hearing and trial, at which time Oliver testified. The judge revoked Franks parole and sentenced him for two more additional years, due to what he had done to Oliver. Frank will be in prison for at least eight years, without a chance for parole, and may receive additional years, if found guilty, when he goes to trial for the outstanding warrant for the other case against him.

Several months elapsed, and Glen and Oliver had become a serious couple, and they seemed to be very content and happy. They had decided to continue to date each other for another couple of months before officially moving in with each other. They were practically living together anyway. If Glen was not at Olivers home, Oliver was at Glens home, or they were out somewhere together.

So, the Old Queens Gang is, again, successful in doing a good deed for others, and is always ready for their next challenge

Uncle ken

It was a hot summer holiday, I was hot and bored, and so I decided to find my playmate, Wai to fool around. I cut through the back yards to his house. I knocked on the front door but there was no answer, but the door was slightly opened without locked. I went in the house and noticed that no one was home, but something caught my eye. There were a few magazines, on the table, with sharp colors. I figured no one was home so I started looking through them. I was surprised to see they were all porn magazines. I sat down on the couch and started to look through them. There were girlie ones on top but as I looked lower I saw guy ones. I never saw porn magazines before and felt my teenage cock rising. I came upon one of the magazines that had guys having sex with boys. I started to sweat looking at them, and got super hard and started leaking pre-cum. The shorts I was wearing stuck out like a tent and had a big wet spot on it.

I lost track of time as I stared at the pages of guys fucking these boys. All of a sudden I heard a cough, it was Wai's dad, and I called him Uncle Ken. Being just 18, I was so scared and said nervously, "I'm sorry, please don't tell my parents I looked at these". He assured me that it was ok and that he would not tell as long as I didn't tell, I agreed. I was about to go when he told me that Wai had gone to his grandmother's for a couple of days with his mother. I got up and he saw my hard-on and said, "Hey Shane, you can't walk out like that, look down". He continued to say as I looked down and saw that wet spot was big, "Take off that suit and I'll wash it, so that your parents won't know about it."

I did. I gave him my stuff and stood there naked with a boner. "Hey Shane, grab a couple of magazines to look at if you like it." I did what he asked.

Uncle Ken was a handsome nice guy, 40 years old, 6' tall, muscular and tanked skin. He always wears shorts like football shorts with bulging thighs. I sat on the couch, reading the porn magazines, naked as he came near me and said, "I have something special for you." I managed to take my eyes off the magazine for a second, and noticed between his legs was a large bulge. He left and came back with some tapes in his hands and played one of them.

It was a gay porn movie. I looked up and saw an older guy fucking a boy up his ass. I became more excited looking at this film and got a huge hard-on. I got up never taking my eyes off the film, and sat next to Uncle Ken. He rubbed my body gently, my back, ass, between my thighs. I didn't realize it but I was moaning. I looked down and saw Uncle Ken had a hard-on and his shorts tented out.

After a moment, Uncle Ken finally asked softly, "So, Shane, what is it that you'd like to do, I'm at your service."

I fidgeted nervously in my seat and said haltingly, "I don't know."

"Do you like big cocks," Uncle Ken asked while taking off his shirt and exposing his smoothly muscled tanned chest.

"Yes," I replied softly, "I love big cocks."

Uncle Ken then took off his shorts and I couldn't get my eyes off his bulge as his bikini underwear came into the view.

"Why don't you pull these down for and see for yourself, I hope it doesn't disappoint you." With my hands now literally shaking, I reached out and after hooking my fingers in the waist band, took a deep breath and began tugging them down over his firm thighs, and as the rapidly thickening dick popped into view, it was thick and long.

I gasped and stammered, "I don't believe it, how big is it, and it's incredible."

"I'm not sure," he whispered, "Why don't you feel for yourself and tell me how big you think it is." I nervously reached out my hand and softly caressed the big head, and then pumped it slightly while Uncle Ken moaned softly, "Ohhhhh Shane, good boy."

"Oh god," I moaned, "It must be 9 inches long, is that about right? Can I suck it, please can I suck it?"

"No," Uncle Ken said out loud, "I want you to have it in your ass; I want to fuck you, my little Shane."

He slowly laid me on my back and spread my legs while I still pumping his cock. My young 5 inches cock thrusting up into the sky. He pushed away my hands and lubed his cock with his spit and stuck a finger up my asshole, I moaned, "Ouhh Uncle Ken."

He placed me between his legs, and gently brought me down. Carefully, Uncle Ken lowered himself down and with practiced eased his throbbing cock inside my asshole I felt a burning sensation, and then realized half of his cock was already up my ass. I couldn't hold myself up any longer and brought the whole thing up my ass. I whimpered a little, "Relax, sure you'll enjoy, son."

I felt a strong desire burning inside me, I begged him to fuck me, "Uncle Ken, please fuck me. Aahhh" He placed my feet on his thighs and kept lifting me up and down, and he pumped and pumped, thrusting hard into me. I was moaning, "Aahhh Oowww Aahhh" And I started to jack my own cock.

"I've never felt so full in my whole life, you are incredible, Shane." He gasped as he began fucking me harder and faster, thrusting deep into me.

Feeling his climax approaching, Uncle Ken pushed his cock once more and deeply thrust into me and yelled loud, "AahhhUchhh I'm cuming." He shot his hot load inside me.

"Aahhh Oowww" By then, I shot too, all over my chest and Uncle Ken's stomach.

After cleaned ourselves, Uncle Ken gave back my clothes with a smile on his face, saying, "That's our secret."

Mr thompson

Let me start out by describing myself. I am 21 years old. I am 67" tall and weigh 240lb. I am not built, nor am I skinny but I am a good size for my frame. My dick sticks out to 6.5" and I am cut. I have hairy legs, ass, back, and have hair on my pecs and a good treasure trail going on.

I like to go the local YMCA a couple of times a week to try to stay in shape, but mostly to hang around in the locker room with all the men. I like to head to the Y around 10am. That seems to be when there is a good number of guys working out, taking time from work or what not and spending time at the Y. I usually see the same men in there on the days I go. I pick a section of the locker room where I am kind of hidden but I can see men come in and out, use the scale (naked), look at the mirrors and look into the other sections. Many of the men look so amazing naked, but there is one man that comes in that I just can not take my eyes off of.

His name is Mike Thompson. On many occasions upon visiting the weight room and the locker room I would over hear the other men talk to him and about him. He is 45 years old, about 63" and has a great muscular body--hairy legs, hairy forearms, hairy chest, hairy butt, great bush, smooth sack. But the best part about him was his piercing blue eyes. Many days I would see him in the locker room or lifting weights and I would stop and stare at him, not even realizing it. I would wake up and catch him looking back.

So there I was slowly undressing facing the walkway and the mirrors to watch guys come in and undress. I had pulled my shirt off and was sitting in a chair taking my shoes off when Mike walks in the locker room and walks over the section of lockers adjacent to mine. I could tell that he had already worked out because he was all sweaty and was carrying the sweat towels provided by the Y. He opens the locker and struggles to pull off his sweaty tank top. I could see his well defined ass through his shorts because of how soaked they were, they were sticking everywhere which made a great image. He kicked off his shoes and pulled off his socks.

At this time I had started to get hard watching him strip. Im sitting there, looking right at his ass and my shorts tent up. I was not wearing a jockstrap, just my boxer briefs and athletic shorts which did no good in keeping it down. He bent over and pulled off his shorts revealing his jock strap. I was in heaven. Jockstraps are my Aphrodisiac, the one thing that no matter what makes me hard. He rips off his jock strap, grabs a towel, turns around and sees me staring right at him. I realize that I have been caught and look at his face. I see his eyes and can not look away. He began to walk over to the sauna at the end of all the lockers. I quickly take off my shorts and boxers grab a towel, wrap it loosely around my waste to try to hide my hard on and walk straight to the sauna.

I see Mike sitting on one side of the sauna all the way in the back. I could tell that he had just turned it on because it was not very steamy yet so you could see all the way back. I turn the timer on for a little more time and walk in and sit next to him with about a foot and half between us. I had half the towel on the seat and the other half wrapped on top of my lap to hide my dick, but you could still tell it was hard.

I have no idea what I am going to do nex, but I knew that I want as much as I could get out of him. So I start to move my arms to my sides and I touch his hairy leg (on accident). He looks at me and I look immediately away. I do it again but touch him a little higher up on his leg, nearly at his waste. This time he scoots over and sits right next to me. He reaches over and grabs my 6.5" cock with his left hand and starts stroking it. I am now so hard it hurts. He continues to stroke my cock as he himself begins to get hard. I lean over and put my lips on his cock head and just let them rest there as I breathe on his cock and he gets harder. I put his head in my mouth and start to tongue his piss hole. I then start moving farther and farther down, each time coming back up until I finally get his whole 8" cock in my mouth and my nose is in his bush.

I pause there, rub my nose in his bush, and play with his cock with my tongue. I pull up and he puts a hand on the back of my head and the other on my back. I grab his balls in one hand and start massaging them, one at a time. Little bit here, little bit there. I put my other hand on his extremely hairy chest and start playing with his nipple. It begins to become hard, giving me something to play with. I start moving faster and he moves his hand down my back and starts playing with my hairy crack. He slides away which makes me stretch farther for his cock and which also lifted my ass up off the bench. He moved his fingers to my hole ands starts playing with it. He sticks his finger in his mouth and gets it all wet. He puts his finger back to my hole and starts massaging the rim, occasionally sticking part of it in, moving his finger around in a circular motion. He puts his whole finger in and I felt my cock grow full of cum. I knew he was about to cum soon so I worked faster and faster his cock. As I did this, he moved his finger faster and faster in my ass. His shaft thickened and His head blew his cum into the back of my throat. He shoots three good streams in my mouth. As he did this I too blew my load all over the floor. I focus my attention on his sensitive head and lick and suck it clean. He is moaning in pleasure. I sit up and he starts massaging my softening dick playing with my head. Fingering my piss slit and getting his fingers all sticky with my cum. I put his fingers in his mouth and walk out.

I sat there thinking "What the fuck just happened?" I leave and head to the shower. As I return to my locker I see a note saying "Want more? My house, 1 pm today." Directions to his house followed. It was now noon and it would take at least 45 minutes to drive to his house. So I quickly change, not even paying attention to the other men there and make my way to his house.

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