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My brothers secret

My brother Scott was the perfect son. Straight As, didn't come home drunk, didn't smoke, and was captain of the track team. Me, I was none of that. Scott is 5 years older than me and had left for school in L.A. three years ago when I found out his secret. I had gone to the city to get some new porn when I saw the DVD "BiBoys Balling" featuring "Scott Free" aka my brother. Of course I had to get it. Not only was he fucking pussy, but he was sucking cock, rimming assholes, and taking it up the ass. It was awesome. He had also done one straight porn, a solo tape, and two gay videos. I can't tell you how much cum I spilt watching Perfect Scott being Mr. Nasty.

Soon I wanted to do more than just watch. I was graduating from high school this June and figured if I behaved myself, I could get Mom & Dad to pay for a trip to California to visit my big brother. Let me tell you, it was hard to behave, but that June I was flying out to see Scott. I had a chubby the whole trip. Scott was looking good when he picked me up at the airport. It was all I could do not to start sucking him off right there. Back at his place, Scott asked me "What do you want to do, little brother?" You should have seen his face when I said "I want to suck your cock and then fuck your ass!" "Wha..what makes you think I'd do that?" "I've seen your films, Scott." "My films?" Scott was starting to sweat. "Yeah, this is my favorite one." I pulled out "My Brother's Fucker" from my carryon and tossed it at him. Scott looked so sexy blushing. "I..I can explain..." I grabbed his crotch and planted a sloppy kiss on him. When he stopped resisting, I broke the kiss. "I can't wait to hear your explanation" I laughed. Then I pushed Scott back onto the couch.

"I've already seen you naked - hard - and doing all sorts of nasty things. Would you like to see your little brother now?" I tightened my jeans so he could see the outline of my turgid cock. Scott gulped and then nodded "yes". He already had a wet spot on his jeans. I stood in front of him and slowly unbuttoned my shirt. Leaving the shirt on, I rubbed my abs and chest. I pulled the shirt partly aside and pinched my right nipple. "You like?" I pulled my shirt off and tossed it at Scott. I raised my arms over my head and licked at my underarm. I unbuttoned my jeans and started to unzip. Scott leaned forward, his eyes focused on my jewels. But I played the tease. He had seen enough to know that I had gone commando. I turned around and grabbed my own ass through my jeans and squeezed. I wiggled my hips and made my jeans slowly fall off. I grabbed my bare ass this time and pulled the cheeks apart. I felt Scott's hand grabbing my ass. I slapped his hands away. "No-no! I'll tell you when!" I bent over and exposed my hole. Wetting a finger, I pushed it in. Scott started moaning as I finger fucked myself.

I pulled my finger out and straightened up, my back still to Scott. I gave my cock a couple of quick tugs to get it rock hard. I turned around and waved it at Scott. He licked his lips and moved to the edge of the couch. Scott reached for me, but I waved him off. "This is my show big brother." I approached my brother. There was a bit of precum on the tip of my cock. I rubbed it against his cheek. He closed his eyes and moaned. I rubbed it under his nose. Scott's mouth was already trying to suck me in. I let him have it. Oh God, my brother was good. His mouth was warm and wet. His tongue lapped all around my cock. I instinctively grabbed his head and he grabbed my ass. We both were going to get as much of my cock in his mouth and throat as we could. When Scott's finger found my hole, I blasted my load right down his throat. And professional cocksucker that he was, Scott swallowed every drop.

I sat down next to my brother. The wet spot on his jeans had grown considerably. "I think you better take those off." Scott smiled at me and stood up. But instead of taking his pants off, he grabbed my head and pushed my face right into his crotch. MMMMMM My tongue licked his jeans as my hands clawed to pull them down. Scott stepped back and undressed for me. He sat back down next to me. Two naked grinning brothers. He put his hand behind my neck and pulled me towards him for a kiss. I've tasted my own cum. I've even shot directly into my own mouth. But tasting my cum in Scott's mouth was even better. "Now let's see how good a cocksucker you are, baby brother!" Scott pushed my head into his lap. Licking his precum off his cock was much better than licking it through his jeans. And Scott was quite the leaker. I licked and sucked. My head bobbing up and down. I reach under and started playing with his balls. When my finger started up his crack, Scott pulled me up. "I know you want to fuck me, baby brother, but I want your ass first. Have you been fucked yet?" Now it was my turn to blush. "Only with my finger."

Scott pulled me over his lap. Whack! Whack! Whack! Then he spread my cheeks and tickled my hole. It was just like in his movie. Scott hawked a spit wad right on my hole and started to work his finger in. It felt so good that I started whimpering. "Baby brother like that?" I whimpered louder and nodded my head. "You ready to get fuck?" "Yeah! Fuck me! Fuck me real good!" Scott slapped my ass a couple of more times. "My naughty little brother is going to get what he deserves!" Then he stood me up and brought me over to the dining room table. I bent down over the table and Scott kicked my legs apart. He slapped his cock against my asscrack. I reached back and spread my cheeks. "Oh baby brother really wants to lose his cherry, eh?" "Fuck me you slut!"

I could feel Scott's cock at my hole, pushing to get in. It didn't seem like it would fit in when suddenly "UUUUHHHH GOD!!!!!!" Scott held in me for a few seconds "Oh brother, your ass is so hot and tight." Slowly he started moving around. "Fuck me Scott! Fuck me good and hard." Scott pulled almost out and then slammed into me. "You" Slam "want" Slam "it" Slam "Brother?" Slam "Yes! Yes! Yes! More!" "Squeeze me! I clenched my ass around Scott's cock. Scott grabbed my hips and started jackrabbit me. I could feel my balls pull up. I was going to cum again. "Fuuuuuuccckkkkk!" I blasted across the table. My ass clenched tight. Scott still managed to push in a little bit more. He pulled me up and kissed me while he unleased into my ass.

We cleaned up together in the shower. Scott phoned out for a pizza. While resting up for round two, I asked Scott if he was making any more movies.

My friends dad

When I was 18 and a senior in high school I had a friend named Kyle. Kyle's parents had divorced a few years earlier and he lived with his father. Kyle's father was a cop on the local force and worked the overnight shift. He would let Kyle pretty much do as he wanted on the weekends, as he knew if anything bad ever happened he would hear about it first. Well I got into the habit of spending weekends at Kyle's house where we would go out until late and come home and have the run of the house. My parents assumed we were not getting into trouble, because Kyle's dad was a cop.

One Friday night there wasn't much going on, so Kyle and I had turned in kind of early. I, as usual, was sleeping in the guest bedroom, which was located above the garage. About 6:30 in the morning the garage door opening woke me up when Kyle's dad came home from work. When I woke up I was really thirsty, but couldn't go down stairs to get something since I had a morning hard-on, so I waited about 15 minutes, but it hadn't gone away. I figured by this time Kyle's dad had gone to bed so I went down to the kitchen in just my boxers.

As I was going to the kitchen, I could see into the family room and saw one of the best sights of my life. There sat Kyle's dad in the recliner with his police uniform shirt undone and his pants part way down, watching a porno and rubbing his half-hard cock through a pair of briefs. He saw me and acted embarrassed and I said I was getting something to drink and went to the kitchen.

Now this did not help my morning hard-on in the least. Kyle's dad, Ben, is Irish/Italian with wavy dark red hair and an olive complexion. He is about 6'4", 260 very solid muscular pounds, and has a huge chest dusted with red hair. I had masturbated about him several times in the past. I waited in the kitchen a few minutes and then headed back upstairs.

When I went by again, Ben had moved from the recliner and was now on the loveseat but was still watching the porno and rubbing his cock. He looked as I went by and said he had a long night and needed some relief before he went to bed. I told him, "I understand; no problem," thinking I would have to go upstairs and jack off thinking about what I just saw.

Then he said, "Well it looks like you need some relief too," pointing to my tented boxers. "Why don't you come on over and watch too: it is always better when you have something to stimulate your mind while you are jerking your cock." I thought hell yes! Anything to watch this stud jerk off!

We sat next to each other and played with our cocks through our underwear for a while when Ben asked if I had ever jerked off with anyone before. I told him I hadn't and he said it was a lot better if you jerked each other's cocks, and asked if I would be interested. I said, "Sure, why not?" and we pulled our pants down and he took my 7" hard meat in his big rough hands and started jerking it.

I had to look twice at his big 9" inch uncut member. I had never seen an uncut cock so close let alone hard and couldn't believe the skin still covered the head and hung over when he was hard. I grabbed it and started jerking it, rubbing the skin back and forth over the big purple head.

After about 10 minutes, Ben said they had busted a frat party earlier in the night and he had caught several couples fucking upstairs and couldn't get the thought of their hard young hard bodies out of his mind, and that I had a really nice body too. He then said, "Let's go to my bedroom where we can be more comfortable."

When we got to his bedroom, I sat on the bed while he locked the door and undressed. Then I got a great view of his awesome body and big cock, which was half-hard now with huge, low-hanging balls, which I noticed he kept shaved.

He came over and shoved his cock in my face and asked if I would please suck him. Well I had sucked a few cocks in my day but never one so beautiful, so he didn't have to ask me twice. I sucked him for a while; then he moved me around on the bed to the 69 position and started sucking my cock. Pretty soon he told me he couldn't take it anymore and blew his load in my mouth.

He rolled off me and started jacking on my cock. He then asked if I would do something for him, and I told him anything. He said he was sorry about pushing his cock in my face but he hadn't been with a guy for years and was so horny. I told him that it was okay; I enjoyed it.

He then asked me if I would fuck his ass. I right away said yes thinking my dreams had come true. He went to the bathroom and came back with a condom and lube. He put the condom on my raging cock and lubed his ass. He then lay on the side with his leg up and I entered him from behind. Slow at first, as he was so tight but he kept begging for me to fuck his ass harder and faster. It was great fucking this big muscular cop, and him begging for it. By now he was hard again and stroking his cock. He said when I was ready to cum he wanted me to cum on his cock so he cold finish jacking off with my hot cum.

A few minutes later I couldn't take it any longer. I pulled out and shot on his big uncut dick. He used my cum to jack his big cock while I played with his big balls and within a minute he shot a second load.

We lay there for a few minutes and then he said we better clean up and I'd better go back upstairs before Kyle wakes up. We went into the master bedroom suite, which has a huge steam shower and showered together. I got hard again just watching the water glisten off his big hairy masculine chest. When he saw my hard cock he said, "Well, I will have to take care of this before you go upstairs."

He bent down in front of me and sucked my cock, while playing with my soapy asshole. It didn't take me long before I came all over his hairy chest. We finished cleaning up and I went back upstairs to bed.

We had many adventures after that in the early morning hours when he would come in from a long night's work and I would help him relax.

When i was young

I knew I was gay since I was in the 5th grade, and have had sexual experiences with a family member since I was very young. I was a cute Korean kid and always got a lot of attention, from men more than women oddly. Maybe I was already an expert in seducing grown men, without even knowing it.

I was in junior high, maybe 13 years old. My dad owned a business and had around 10-12 men working for him. A few were Hispanic but most were Korean. I think two were married and the rest single. If I wasn't in school, I used to hang out there often, either in the warehouse or by the front where the office was as well as the store. Many of them would spend time talking to me, asking for my assistance, even though they knew I would get in the way more than be a help to them. They would often tell me how cute I was, and after enough time passed and they felt more comfortable, there was horse-play. A couple of them tried to grab my crotch or grab my balls, and some even gave me playful kisses on the cheek.

I remember this one guy, fresh out of the army; he must've been about 25 and very attractive. One night, work ended late, and as my dad and I were about to head home, he asked if he could get a ride home, to which my dad said sure. We were in one of the smaller delivery vans; my dad was in the driver's seat, so he and I had to share the passenger seat. The only way for both of us to be comfortable was for me to sit on his lap.

The drive was about 15 minutes, but my dad had to stop by my uncle's place to pick something up. On the way, with the van bumping along, and me fidgeting to get more comfortable, he put his arms around me to hold me steady, and then, a few minutes later, I noticed that he started getting an erection. I was so grateful that he asked for a ride and that I had to sit on his lap. I probably put him in agony, squirming there on his lap, trying to feel his length against my ass; all the while my dad is talking to him about this and that, oblivious as to what his young son was doing just a foot away.

We reached my uncles place and my dad told us he would only be a few minutes. I wasn't sure what would happen now that we were alone. I stayed there on his lap, his arms were still around me, and his dick was still as hard as a bat. I slowly continued to move my ass around, side to side and up and down. I thought I heard a gasp or moan coming from him. Then he started moving as well, slowly pushing his hips up to meet me when I pushed down, and his arms were wrapping themselves tighter around me. I could also feel his hot breath on the back of my neck and on my ears. This was getting unbearable for both of us but we continued to hump like that in the van for a little while longer.

Then all of a sudden he told me he had to go piss, got out of the van walked across the street toward a mailbox and unzipped. He was about 35 to 40 feet from the van, so I couldn't make out his dick, especially in the dark, but it was clear he wasn't taking a piss. He was jerking off. I was disappointed he stopped our little humping session, but I was also excited to see him jerking off, even if it was in the dark. Shortly, I saw him climax and I don't think I blinked the whole time. He zipped back up and got back in the van, put me on his lap and acted as if nothing happened. He did give me a little squeeze, a mini-bear hug from behind.

Another time when I was 16 or 17, I was goofing around in the warehouse, I had jeans on and my crotch looked very impressive, to anyone who wanted to check me out that is. Mr. K, one of the men who continually told me how cute I was, came over, cupped his hand on my crotch and said, "I knew you had big balls" and chuckled. I pushed his hand away and said that he was being so silly. He told me I should let him see it sometime. I think I blushed.

Now that I was a couple of years older, I was able to go out on simple deliveries as a helper. One Saturday afternoon, Mr. J had to make a quick drop in the city and my dad told me to go with him. There was a lot of traffic, and we just killed the time listening to the radio. Mr. J loved to listen to music. On our way back to the warehouse, there was nothing good on the radio and so Mr. J asked me to sing, he knew I was attending the school of Performing Arts as a vocal music major. I sang 'summertime' from Porgy and Bess, and Mr. J was so impressed. He said, "That was so beautiful, I just have to give you a kiss." and he just leaned over and kissed me on the cheek.

We were on the Long Island Expressway, and the traffic was bad, it looked like a parking lot. He asked me to sing another song. I don't remember what I sang, but I remember that I wanted to do a good job so that he would kiss me again. After the last note was sung, he again leaned over, said how great that was and kissed me, but this time; he held my face with both his hands and kissed me on the lips. I was surprised for a second but quickly returned the kiss, a sweet little closed-lip lingering peck.

He looked at me a little surprised and got back to the traffic and the radio. He was married anyway, and I didn't feel right about wanting to do more with him. But he was cute!

A few weeks later, I went out on another delivery, this time with Mr. K. We stopped at several places, me being the good helper; I stacked the boxes to be dropped off, while he went to and fro from the truck. After the last stop, he brought me back an ice cream cone and a soda for himself. We sat in the back of the truck just taking a break. We started chatting and at one point he reached over and tried to feel my crotch. I smacked his hand away and while smiling, told him to cut it out. He said that I looked so sweet and cute today that he just wanted to give me a kiss, and that we could close the back door to the truck if I feel nervous about someone seeing us. I told him to stop joking around and he said he wasn't joking at all. His facial expression changed at this point, he looked kinda sad and pathetic. "I really want to kiss you" he said, and I kinda felt bad for the guy, sitting there looking so sad and pathetic. I thought, what the hell, why not, so I told him okay.

He quickly got up, pulled the door closed and came over to me. I leaned up to his face and gave him a quick peck on the lips, but it was over before he knew it began. I looked at his face just hanging there, seeing in his eyes that he wanted more. He grabbed my shoulders with both his hands and pulled me to him for another kiss. Our lips met, and this time the kiss lasted 2 or 3 seconds. He pulled me away from him and I saw in his eyes lust and passion and hunger and heat, and he pulled me back into him and stuck his tongue into my mouth. He was holding me and kissing me so hard that it hurt a little and I started feeling a little scared. I pushed him away telling him to stop.

He said, "Please, I won't hurt you," and with that he pulled me to him again and kissed me, this time not so rough, and I kissed him back. We were in an embrace and my dick started to harden. He felt it on his thigh and started grinding his wood into me. We kissed like that for several minutes and then he dropped to his knees and opened my pants. He sucked my dick and balls fast and hard, like someone who had starved for a long time. He loved playing with my balls, sucking it, licking it, smelling it, kissing it, nibbling it, and fondling it. The guy was a true scrotum freak, but I didn't mind, I liked my balls played with, and it was fun seeing him having so much fun with my balls.

He sucked my cock and liked playing with my foreskin too. He gave it all the attention he gave to my balls previously. And then he stood up suddenly and opened his pants, leaned back and told me to suck his cock. I got down on my knees and gave him the best blowjob he probably ever had. Started slow, licking the head and the underside with my tongue, and after several minutes of that took his head in my mouth and sucked on it, swirling my tongue around driving him mad, then went back to licking it with my tongue, all the while him trying to shove it all in my mouth. I tortured him for a while then finally took all 7 inches into my mouth and down my throat. His knees buckled and he was shivering. I wondered if maybe this was his first time or was I really that good. Ha ha I was just glad he was enjoying it so thoroughly.

I milked his 7" with my lips, tongue, mouth and throat for about 10 minutes and I knew he was getting close, his eyes were all rolled up and he was whimpering like a wounded animal, sweat dripping down his face. He took my head in both hands and was fucking my face, and after a couple minutes of that, he pushed my face away off his dick, took his cock in hand and started jerking it hard and fast. His face was all contorted and was sucking air in through his teeth. his hand was moving so fast it was a blur and then he said, "I'm gonna shoot!" and with that shot a huge load across the truck and hit the side, once, twice, three times, slowed down his fisting and let the fourth load drip out and off his cock. I moved in and took him in my mouth again, sucking the last drop out and down my throat. He looked surprised I did that, but still his eyes showed he loved it.

One night, my dad had to leave early and asked the warehouse manager, Mr. Y, to lock up and drive me home. Everyone else was gone except for me, Mr. Y, Mr. K, the army guy and a new guy, who was 22 years old or so, tall, lean, with a cute face. The four of them got some beers and started drinking in the warehouse. They gulped it down so fast; they were on their second bottles in no time. Mr. Y asked if I wanted one, and I said no. They goaded me into having one. Now, I'm a light weight, it takes very little to get me drunk, or at least tipsy, and even less to turn my face beet red. You know the Asian flush.

Once I turned red, Mr. Y, K and army guy all made remarks, how cute I was, how sweet it was that I turned red, blah, blah, blah. I was actually not flattered, kinda bothered to tell you the truth, and was wondering how I would explain my flushed face to my parents, and who the hell is gonna drive me home?!?! Not any of them if they don't stop drinking!

They kept up with the compliments, cute this and cute that, and Mr. K says, he probably has a cute dick too. To which, army guy chimes in, "and a cute ass." Mr. Y and the new guy are just chuckling, but their eyes were staring at me, glued to my face and crotch. Mr. K started rubbing his crotch, and then army guy grabbed his crotch. Mr. Y and the new guy just looked at Mr. K and army guy, then each other, and then back at me.

I was getting a bit nervous, trying to figure out in my head if this was all a setup and what were they up to...

Old Hunger Sated

I'm an older 'straight' guy whose wife lost interest in sex several years ago. Since I've still had lots of sex interest but don't want to be unfaithful, I masturbate more than anyone would believe of a man aged 65. And I enjoy it as much as I did when I was 16.

I have come to love my cock. I love just holding and massaging it. I enjoy looking at it when it gets totally hard and large. Maybe it's strange, but I've come to think of my cock as simply beautiful and when I go to internet sites I look for pics that have good views of large cocks having sex with lovely women.

Over the last several months I've noticed that the sight of those hairy men with big thick cocks turns me on more than the women do. It doesn't matter what color or shape, I just get hot looking at pictures of cocks. And I've wondered about myself. Am I now so late in life turning gay? If I am, why or how can it be.

Then last week, things started to change--rapidly. I took my car over to a neighbor's for him to check it out for me. He's a great mechanic and has been a good friend for 20 years. He looks like a Norwegian Lil Abner. About 6'2", 180 or so, lots of blonde hair and bright blue eyes, with a great friendly smile.

In all the time we've known each other I've never thought that much about his statistics, looks, etc. In fact when he and his beautiful wife come over to swim or have a drink, I usually ogle her big tits hanging out of her small top. Even though she's in her 50's, she's still got one fine body. Her ass is a bit large but firm (yeah, I've bumped up against her a time or two) and sexy as all get out with those big green eyes. A few times I've even thought maybe she was giving me the come-on when she sits by the pool in her swim suit and spreads her legs so that little is left to the imagination---God, what fat pussy lips!

But back to my story--gee, now I'm starting to get a bit hard just thinking aboutlast week. Robert was wearing no shirt and only a pair of shorts that were too short to be in style and very loose. As I watched him slide his upper body up under the car to the point that he could no longer see me, I nearly popped my pants when I saw his super huge cock hanging down his leg. He was wearing no underwear and his cock was highly visible to me as he moved around under the car.

This was my first opportunity to stare openly at a man's cock other than my own. Years ago I might even have been revolted, but now..... Now I was looking at the most beautiful thing I could imagine. The hair around his cock was thick blonde, his balls hung loose and heavy. And when he'd turn or twist, that long beautiful thing would flop and show itself to me in a different view. Damn, I got so hot that there was no way I could keep my cock from hardening.

I don't mean to brag but I've got about 8 inches of thick uncut cock. Women loved it back when I was younger and my wife used to go crazy when she rode my cock as I lay on my back and she straddled me. She'd fuck us both out of our skulls and beg me to pull her nipples until they stuck out almost an inch. But, alas, that's ancient history.

Back to my friends garage. He kept teling me to bend down so he could show me what he was talking about. Now, I wouldn't know an oil pan from an exhaust pipe, but I got down on the floor with him and....oh, shit!!! His balls were right in my face and his cock was much larger and semi-rigid. Maybe even a bit larger than my own. I wanted to just grab it and hold it.

His foreskin was long over the huge head of his cock. Looking like it had been whanked a few times too. Then I noticed that when I could see his face he was looking directly at my crotch and the hump that my hard cock was creating in my pants, My boxer shorts weren't holding it down at all. And with the beautiful show I'd been watching---long hard full shaft with veins out prominently, head larger than the shaft with the skin stretched tight around it---my cock was well within his view and showing loud and clear.

I was afraid of what he would think and started to get up where he couldn't see my swollen cock. Then it occurred to me that he must be interested if his cock was hardening so. And about that time, the huge pink head exploded out from the foreskin without his even touching it. As the skin rolled back I must have gasped out loud. He rolled his dolly out from the car and looked me in the eyes for several long seconds. All the time that lovely huge cock was getting even larger and harder.

My God! He was breathing hard, his eyes had that glassy look and I knew at that moment he was hot and it had to be from showing me his cock and seeing my reaction. There was no hiding it. My cock was sticking out like a tent pole, my face was flushed and I was panting like an old hound dog on a hot day. But by now I didn't care.

Man, did I ever want to touch, hold, that beauty. I wanted to take his cock and feel the heat that I knew was inside it. Robert just isn't as shy as I am so he eased my indecision by unzipping his shorts and pulling that lovely white cock out from his shorts. By now it was perfectly hard and stiff and stretched tight with the foreskin rolled back behind the head that was now so purple and full. I could see the glistening spot on his hole where the lubricating precum had oozed out. I HAD to have his cock and he was willing to give it to me--I was almost sure.

Among all the tools and junk he had been working with, I'd not noticed that he had his remote garage door opener there near him. He took it and pointed at the garage door. Down it came. The garage now seemed so private. I knew his beautiful wife was working today and wouldn't be home for hours.

Robert very softly said, "Come here, James" and reached out for my pants. He caught me by the waist and before I knew what was happening he had opened my pants and pushed them down my legs. Then he grabbed my cock and we both groaned as he took it in his hand. I was totally wet and the skin slipped back over my cockhead smoothly, easily. I've never had another man touch me before. When his firm grip pulled my cock toward him I thought I would pass out. It felt like nothing I've ever known before. The heat was so deep right down in my crotch and my balls were so full that I thought they would explode before he did anything more. I needed to cum as badly as I ever had in my life. My legs were shaking violently with my excitement such that I could hardly stand.

Then Robert got up on his knees in front of me and grabbed my cock into his mouth as though he were a starved man. He pushed his face into me and took all of my cock deep down his throat...all the way until his lips were touching my sack. Nothing I've ever know felt like that. Here all this time I'd wanted to see and touch another man and suddenly my friend had me in his mouth and was working the underside of my shaft with his tongue--wet, hot slick with his mouthful of saliva. His slightly rough tongue rubbing over my sweet spot was too much.

Since my only sex for a long time was my frequent masturbation, this was by far the strongest, wildest, hottest orgasm I've had for years. I couldn't help the loud groans as I pushed my cock further into his mouth and down his throat. The cum kept coming in great spurts as he slid his mouth back so he could take it all in his mouth without losing it down his throat. With his mouth full of my cum, he raised up and held me close and brought his lips to mine. Then as we opened our mouths, we shared my cum and I was amazed that it was so good. I was still trembling from the tremendous pleasure as he went back down on me and again licked off the remaining drops of cum. His wet lips and tongue were slurping loudly as he cleaned me off.

Robert seemed satisfied with our quck sex frenzy although he had not yet had an orgasm. So as I raised him up and knelt before him, he said "Hey, Joe, I wanted to do that. I've wanted that glorious cock of yours for a long time. you don't have to return the favor." Robert went on to tell me that his sex life hadn't been good for years and he, very much like me, had started having dreams of gay sex. With me as his partner. no less. I'm nearly bald, several years older than Robert, somewhat overweight and don't consider myself sexy at all. Little did I know that Robert was having those feelings and watching me for some sign of interest for a long time.

As he told me of his interest, I got so hot that I couldn't be still and started shifting from one foot to another as my cock started to harden again. Robert's beautiful cock had never gone down. I couldn't resist, I had to have his cock in my mouth. I needed to make him feel as good as he had made me feel. As I started to go down where I could kiss and suck his balls, and then he lay back down on his dolly and spread his legs for me. Oh what a beautiful sight. I couldn't take my eyes off his full balls and hard cock.

Then I found myself kissing and licking all around his balls and my tongue was going up the crack between his ass cheeks and suddenly i wanted to go deep into his ass. As my tongue darted around his hairly asshole he groaned and his breathing got very fast and heavy. Robert put his hands on the back of my head, encouraging me up into his ass. I was so hot that it was the most natural thing to do. Just kiss and lick deep into his ass. with that large hot cock sticking out where I could hold it with my hand while I reamed his ass with my stiff wet tongue.

Before I knew what was happening, I felt huge spurts of cum hitting the back of my neck and shoulders. Robert was gasping and groaning as if in great pain and pushing his ass even harder into my face. God! I made him cum without even getting his cock in my mouth. I had to have that cock in my mouth. So while Robert rubbed his cum all over my neck and shoulders, I took his softening cock in my mouth and sucked and licked. I sucked hard and the blood stared to engorge his cock head again--just what I wanted. Although he had cum forcefully just moments ago he was already getting hard again as my tongue kept massaging his long hard cock in my wet hot mouth. I was enjoying the feel of Robert inside me so much that I didn't recognize the build up and commencing of his orgasm until I felt more hot spurts hit the back of my throat. Before I thought about it, I swallowed the slippery fluid, savoring every drop. As he relaxed and came down, Robert said coyly "Well, I shared with you. Then you kept all of mine for yourself." Then he bent down and started kissing and licking the cum that had begun to dry on my shoulders.

Ah, we both had been starving men and now we were so well fed that there was nothing but contented, relaxed warmth and satisfaction. As I started to put my shorts back on, Robert said "Hey, Eve won't be home for a long time yet. Wanna go in and have a drink or three and think about this some more?" We both knew that this wasn't the end of something wonderful, rather just the beginning.

Truckers boy

Here I was 18 years old making my first big road trip. My sister had just gotten married and I was heading to see her and her new husband for the weekend. After several lectures from my parent about driving to fast, stopping in rest stops, and making sure I was wide awake while driving I finally got on the road. I knew the trip would only take three hours but I told my parents I would go slow so I would be there in 4 hours.

Well one hour into the trip and I got a frickin flat. Oh well it was nothing to change a flat so I got the spare out of the trunk and set up the jack. Just then an old ford truck went by, the driver slowed down and pulled off just a head of me. Out climbs this guy about 48 years old, flannel shirt half open, smoking a big ole cigar. as he got close to the car he yelled out, "Hey, boy, got a flat?" I thought, gee he sure is a bright one. He walked up to me as I was jacking the car up. I glanced up and about fell over. Looking back at me was the hottest guy I had seen in a while. Salt and pepper hair, big thick stash, a thick furry chest pushing open his flannel shirt and a big shiny wedding ring on his finger. I dropped my eyes lower and could feel my cock getting hard he had the biggest bulge I had ever seen and hanging down his leg was a good thick piece of daddy cock. I could feel myself shacking and I knew if this guy stayed around I would be sporting a big hard on in no time and I would never be able to change this tire.

"Move on out of the way, boy, you need a man to do that." Well if you're willing to do the work, go for it, I thought. I stood up trying to hide my now half hard cock. He went to work and in know time had the tire changed and was telling me where I could get the flat fixed, a local truck stop just down the road.

I told him thanks and offered him some cash for helping me. He just laughed and said, "Boy there are other ways you could be thanking me." I thought well now would be a good time to play dumb. He went walking back to his truck so I guessed that was the end of it. By now I had to really piss so I slipped off into the bushes on the side of the road to relieve myself. I heard him start his truck so I just relaxed and started to let my piss fly. Just as I was really im to it I saw him watching me only this time he was holding his thick uncut cock in his hand and he had a grin from ear to ear. My cock started to grow and there was no hiding it this time.

"Boy, I just thought of a way you could thank me." He was twisting the skin between his fingers and pulling his big hairy balls with the other hand. How I was really thankful that I had taken the short cut that my dad had told me about. I dropped to my knees and smiled at him. He walked right up to me and shoved that big thick uncut cock in my mouth and started fucking me like I was a wet pussy. I could taste the remains of piss and man sweat in the foreskin of his cock and I was really liking the fell of his cock working its way down my throat.

With out any warning at all he grabbed the back of my head and shoved his cock as far into my mouth as it would go yelling, "Suck that cock, boy. Daddy needs to cum."

I was so lost in what he had just said than I felt my cock start to shot out my own load and I was lost I was cumming and I had not even touched my cock. Just then re roared like a wild animal and I felt his cock unloading his hot cum into my throat. I thought I would choke he was shooting such big loads, one, then two, then three, as his cock shot out his last load he roared again, "Oh ay, boy, eat daddy's fucking hot cum, suck me you bitch boy."

Just as quick as it happened it was over he shoved his still hard dripping cock back in his jeans turned and walked away. then he stopped and turned and said, "Make sure you stop at the truck stop."

"Sure thing, Mister. Sure thing." I cleaned my cock with my shorts and cleaned my knees the best I could. Still half dazed from what had just happened I climbed back in my car and headed on down the road. About 15 minutes down the road I saw the truck stop, just off the main highway it looked more like a big parking lot for truckers, a few cars and one old building that looked like it would fall down in a good wind storm. Then I saw the sign, "Beverly's Place, Good Food Bad Service." Just below that it said, "We fix flats for free." Hot damn I was feeling lucky.


This place was a real dive, there where 5 people in the diner and one was a big over done lady with a name tag that said Bev. I ask her where do I go to get a flat fixed. With a sharp tongue she said well I guess it would be out back. I looked around, everyone that was in the place was looking at me. There was one guy that was worth looking back at he was about 40 and looked like he might have been one of the truck drivers. He had a big thick mustache and goatee, big brown eyes, a grin on his lips that made my cock stir. I looked away and ask Bev where the bathroom was she snarled down the hall. I turned and started towards the hall. As I passed the big guy I looked at him and I knew I was looking at trouble. I hurried in to the bathroom wishing I could just get out of this place.

The bathroom had not seen a cleaning in years the smell was a cross between piss and sex. There were two stalls at one end and a sink and urinal at the other. I jumped in one of the stalls hoping I could hide out and get my nerve back. It took me a moment to adjust to the lack of light and as I looked around the stall I was greeted by a very well used glory hole. Dried cum covered the wall along with some very interesting writing. I dropped my shorts and sat down, the seat was wet and I soon realized I was sitting in some ones cum. I had just got my whit's when I heard the door open and foot steps walking towards the other stall. My heart stopped I was so nervous and this place just did not seem like some where to be trying to see some guys cock.

There was just enough light to see that the guy on the other side was dropping his pants and I could see his big hairy ass as he sat down. He was wearing a blue work shirt and I knew he had to be the big guy from the diner. My heart was pounding and I was sure he could hear it. I looked thru the hole and I could see his big arm resting on his leg, he sat back and I was able to see his crotch, his thick brown bush was like a magnet for my eyes and I knew I would be hard in no time, but I couldn't look away. He spread his legs and ran his big hand down to his bush, I saw he was wearing a wedding ring and I thought well at least you can check him out and jack off to it later. His hand was going lower and I thought damn is this guy playing with his cock. I sat back making sure he could see my now hard cock and wondering what the fuck was I thinking this guy could beat the shit out of me for just being hard.

I sat forward again and I could see he was rubbing himself, he reached down and lifted up his cock and balls, his cock was semi hard and he was uncut with a lot of foreskin covering the head of his cock, his balls where covered in thick brown fur I had never seen that much hair on balls in my life. His cock was thick and I was dying to slide my tongue in that skin and taste his man juices. Just then he let a huge fart and said that's just for you boy. My heart stopped I was speechless. He laughed and said that's what a man smells like, do you like that boy? I couldn't say a word. He stood up and I thought he was leaving but then I saw his ass covering the glory hole and he pulled his checks apart and said lick my ass boy.

His ass was so hairy I could not even see his hole. He told me again to lick his ass, only this time his voice was very demanding and I knew I was now in trouble. I moved closer to the hole and I could smell the musky shitty scent of his hole. I was so lost in the lust of sex that I only knew that this was a once in a lifetime chance and I was not going to pass it up. I slide my tongue across his hairy crack and I could taste his dirty ass. I wanted to pull away but I wanted his ass more so I pressed my tongue into his hole and I was in heaven his ass tasted of him, his sweat, his shit, the scent of him made me go wild and I was eating his ass and he was moaning that he loved it. Eat my ass boy oh ya get that tongue deep in my fucking shit hole, oh ya clean that big hairy ass you fucking fag boy. Just then he farted his ass hole opened and my tongue went in him and I was smelling his shitty ass and I was also tasting his ass hole even more. He laughed and said that was great, maybe later you might like to drink my piss. He pulled up his pants and I was begging him to let me suck his cock, he just laughed and said your one horny little fucker. I wanted him so bad but he just closed up his pants and walked out.

My mind went wild I was thinking this guy will tell everyone out there that I am a cock sucker and I well get the shit beat out of me before I can get away from here. I pulled up my short and headed to the hallway, as I came out of the bathroom I saw a rear exit and I think I ran to the door. I was now outside and the sun was blinding I looked around and I saw a garage I wanted to get in my car and drive away but I had to get that damn tire fixed I walked over to the garage and there was a guy under a car working I ask him where do I get a flat fixed he grunted right here but your going to have to wait for me to get done under here first. He said bring your car back here and I will be with you soon. I went out front and jumped in my car and went to the back lot near the garage I was glad that I was out of sight of the people in the diner but I was still feeling nervous and I just wanted to get out of this place.

the guy under the car started to push his way out and when I saw his face, I got a big ass smile. He was the guy from the road who helped me and he just grinned and said well boy looks like we meet again. He was wearing green cover all's and he didn't have a shirt on and I could see his wonderfully hairy chest and the big bulge in his coveralls was something I knew very well. He stood up and walked over to me and said well boy how's that cock of yours doing as he reached out and grabbed my crotch. I was getting hard and I knew he could feel the precum that was all over my cock. Looks like you been playing with that thing again boy. Your dripping like a waterfall. I turned red and just stood there. He laughed and said relax boy its just you and me and I am sure you know I don't mean to hurt you. I was rock hard and I wanted his cock so bad I could taste it. Lets get that tire of your fixed and then we will see what we can do about that hardon your sporting. He wrapped his big arm around my neck and guided me towards my car.

He had my tire fixed in no time and we headed back in the garage. He closed the garage door and told me to head to the back of the garage to the store room. Once we where in there he was like an animal he pulled off his coveralls and was pulling my cloths off of me. He went down on me and I was moaning, oh daddy suck my cock oh ya that is so great. His finger was pushing at my fuck hole and I was trying to ride it. I wanted him in me and I made sure he was well aware of that fact. Oh boy your ass is so hot, ya you want this big daddy cock in you,dont you boy. Oh yesss. Oh please fuck my sir PLEASE FUCK ME. With that he spun me around and his tongue was in my ass and I was getting a tongue fucking like I never had before. He stood and said get ready boy this is going to hurt. He reached his hand up and covered my mouth and with one fast shove his whole cock was in my ass. I tried to scream but he had my mouth covered and he started to fuck me. He was working my ass fast and hard and I was in such pain I didn't think I would ever walk again. He slammed his cock in me and with each thrust I was feeling him grow bigger and harder, and I was also starting to like the pain and my ass was now meeting his thrusts. His hand was off my mouth and I was begging him to fuck me. Oh daddy fuck my oh ya oh God I want your cock. Fill me with your cum daddy make me your bitch. He slammed into me and I felt his cock pulse as he dumped his hot cum deep in my ass. My cock throbbed and I was spilling my boy seed all over his coveralls as his cock kept filling my ass with his seed. His sweaty body was going limp and he pulled his cock out of me and said well boy I told you I wouldn't hurt you. He grinned and laughed and just looked at me...


He grabbed his coverall's and put them back on. I could see my load on the right leg and I smiled to myself knowing he had no idea it was there. There was a banging at the shop door and he looked at me and said, "Stay put, Boy, we are not finished yet," as he walked out of the room and closed the door.

I could hear voices but was not sure who he was talking to. I looked through a crack in the door and there stood the trucker I was sucking earlier. This guy was hot. He was about 6 foot tall with a big burly chest covered in fur and he had that daddy look that drove me crazy. The guys where laughing and I saw the trucker point to the leg of the coveralls. ''Looks like you spilt a load all over your self, buddy." They both laughed and I was sure I would be in trouble for what I had did. They talked more and the guy with the coveralls lit up a cigar, he offered one to the trucker and he lit up also. I wanted to get out of here but the only way out was to go into the main shop and I was not sure that would be wise.

They both looked at the door and my heart stopped. The trucker said something to the shop guy and started walking towards the door. Just then the shop door opened and a very handsome guy walked in. He was wearing dress clothes and he said something about having a flat and needed it fixed so he could get back on the road. "Well, Guy, I can take care of that for you but it will cost you." The guy got a puzzled look on his face as the shop guy wrapped his arm around his shoulder and started outside. He turned to the trucker and said, "Let me know when you have dropped your load, Buddy. I have an idea we may have another taker here." I slipped to the back of the shop as the trucker came thru the door I was standing there naked and my heart was racing, the business man turned and I know he saw me there naked as the trucker came walking in.

The trucker walked in and shut the door. He didn't say a word, he just walked up to me and pushed me to my knees. My face was at his crotch and he took a drag on his cigar and exhaled in my face. The smell was suprising to me and I felt my cock start to get hard. He shoved my face into his crotch and said, "Get that cock out and get it hard, fucker. I don't have all day." I popped the buttons on his jeans and out came the cock I had been sucking earlier. His cock was dripping precum and I slid my tongue over the head to taste it. I was hooked. I slammed his cock in my mouth and started working him as fast as I could. I wanted his cum so bad. He let me suck him for a while then he pushed me backwards and I landed on the ground. I looked up at him and he shoved his big dirty work boot on my chest and said, "Just stay still, boy." I could feel the tread of his boot on my chest and I was rock hard and wanted his cock so bad. He just kept smoking his cigar and watching me with this big ass grin on his face. He rolled me over on the dirty floor and said, "Well, fucker, looks like you just got that ass of your worked over." I didn't say a word. I just laid there wishing I could get his cock again. He order me to stand up and spread my ass cheeks. I did as I was told and with that I felt him exhale smoke on my ass. He took the wet end of his cigar and rubbed it in my hole, he pushed it in some and pulled it out and took a drag on it. "Man, that taste goods. Just like a wet boy pussy should." He did this three more times, each time pushing his cigar in just a little more, then taking a drag, exhaling on my ass and back again. At this point I was moaning each time he pushed that cigar in me and I wanted him to keep on doing it. I looked between my legs and I saw him stroking his fat cock, pulling the skin back and pushing it forward, I pushed my ass back letting him know I wanted his cock but he just laughed and said, "When I am ready, boy, that ass will be mine." He dropped his cigar and crushed it out on the floor, then he slapped my ass as hard as he could. I jumped and he grabbed my hips and slapped my ass several more times. I had tears in my eyes it hurt so bad but I knew if I pulled away it would only get worse. Then all of a sudden I felt his hot breath on my ass, and his tongue was in my hole and he was licking the shop guy's cum that was dripping from my ass.

He spread my cheeks till it felt like my ass was going to rip open and his tongue went in me deeper and he was moaning and I was moaning. "Ya, boy, feed me that ass. You're full of cum and I want to get it all out of you so I can make room for my own." I pushed my hole open and I felt the cum slipping out of me. He licked like an animal and I was pushing as hard as I could to make sure he got all of it. He wrapped his big fur covered arm around my chest and pulled me up against his chest. I could feel the hairs on my back and his cock was pointing right at my wet hole. He turned my head around and slid his mouth over mine. I could taste my ass and the shop guy's cum, as his tongue went wild in my mouth. I pushed back on his cock and with that he shoved his whole cock in me with one quick thrust. His cock was very thick and much larger than the last one I had had and I was trying to move off him but he just kept thrusting it in me and working my mouth with his tongue.

My ass was raw and with each thrust I could feel every vein on his now rock hard cock. I was standing at this point and it was not the best way to be getting this big trucker's cock but I loved the feel of his fur on my back. He pulled his cock out and told me to get on my back on the floor with my legs in the air. I did this as he was pulling off his shirt and pushing his jeans down as far as he could get them. He climbed on top of me and I felt like a mountain was over me. He felt my ass, found the hole he had been in and again shoved all his cock in me in one fast thrust. I grabbed his chest and pulled the hair but this just made him even more crazy and he started pounding his cock in me. I pinched his tits and he roared like a bear and said, "Ya, fucker, work those tits, ya, pinch them." His mouth covered mine again and I could taste the cigar and cum and my ass juices and I went wild I was meeting his thrust with my ass and with each slam I could feel his balls climbed higher and I knew that at any moment he would be filling my ass with his seed.

The shop door opened I could feel the breeze as someone came in. The trucker never missed a beat he just kept fucking me and I didn't care who was watching I wanted his cum. I could only think of that. His body stiffened and I could feel every muscle get hard as he roared and screamed, "Oh, fuck, here it cums, boy. Take that fucking cum, boy, fuck my cock." I felt him explode and it was one, then two, then three, then four. He was not slamming in me anymore. He was just letting his cock fill my ass with his cum. Sweat was running off him and I could taste it and feel his breath on my face as he fought to catch his breath. His body was crushing me and I could hardly breath. His cock went soft way too fast and slipped out of me as he rolled off me. I looked up and there was the shop guy with the business man watching us. The shop guy looked at the business man and said, "Fuck him now." The guy was white with shock. I could tell he was hard in his dress slacks but I don't think he knew that this was how he was going to pay for getting his flat fixed. He looked at me and back at the shop guy and was pushed to the ground between my legs. The shop guy yelled, "Fuck that ass, bitch. I want that ass so raw he wont be able to drive out of here." With that the business man pulled his cock out and I knew I was really going to be sore from this. His cock was as thick as a beer bottle and had to be at least nine inches long, covered in skin and he was shaved clean. He pulled the skin back and the head popped out. My God that will never make it in my ass. He had the biggest mushroom head I have ever seen and he was covered in stinky head cheese so strong I could smell it as soon as he pulled the skin back. The shop guy yelled again, "Slam it in his ass. One thrust. He likes it like that ..."


The business man was shaking like a leaf. His eyes told the story he was horny and not sure what he should do. I reached for his cock and said, "Sir, may I clean his cock for him before he fucks me?"

The other two looked at each other and said, "Sure, boy, suck that cheesy cock clean."

The business man moved up towards my mouth and I was so lost in the smell of his cock I could think of nothing else but having it in my mouth. Slowly I touched the tip of his cock with my tongue and as I rolled my tongue around I could finally taste what I wanted; that sweet cheese that was just below the head. I scooped some up with my tongue and what a sweet reward. I slowly took all of his cock in my mouth and I was lost in the taste and the hardness of this man's member.

He moaned softly and whispered, "Oh, ya boy, suck me please, suck my cock."

I took more of him in me and could taste the precum dripping out of his cock. I knew he would not last long his cock was rock hard now and his body was tight from the pleasure. I sucked him with all the love I could. I wanted his cum, his body went stiff and in one quick moment he spilled his hot sweet cum in my mouth. His cock head was so big I could not get him in very far but I was happy of that fact I could feel his cock erupt and his head swell as he filled my mouth with his cum. It was sweet and I loved the taste.

He collapsed on top of me and was shaking from the orgasm he had just had. He jumped up and looked at the other two guys and said you, "Bastard, what the hell did you make me do?"

They laughed at him and told him to hit the road and to keep his mouth shut or he would be the next one to be sucking cock. He all but ran out of the shop.

I was done, my ass was so sore, and I knew I wanted out of there. The trucker walked over towards me and stood looking down at me. He smiled and said, "Boy, you're a mess. You need to clean up."

With that he pulled his cock out of his pants and pointed it at me. I thought what is he doing? Then he started to piss all over me and I was so shocked I could not even move. His piss hit my mouth and I could taste it on my lips. It was salty and hot and I found that I was loving this wild shower he was giving me. The shop guy joined him and I was being covered in his hot piss.

When they finished the shop guy threw a shop rag at me and said, "Dry off, boy." He walked out and the trucker stayed watching me. I looked up at him and he smiled

He leaned down and said with a sweet voice, "Boy, you know that from now on you're this trucker's boy." He reached down and slowly put his lips to mine. He kissed me in a very warm and tender way and I knew that as long as he wanted to I would be his boy.

Three years have passed and I am still his boy, only now he is in control and I perform for him, sucking cock when he tells me to, giving my ass to any trucker he wants to have it and on some special nights he lets his friend rape me like in the early days. He is my trucker daddy and I am his boy, maybe some day we will see you on the road and he will give me to you to use for your pleasure...

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