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Big daddy

I looked at my son, Travis, sitting across from me at the kitchen table. His face still had an innocent look even though I knew he was no innocent - especially after what I had seen tonight. And remembering what I had seen tonight filled me with hot desire for the smooth toned body and angelic face of my son. My cock hardened with lust. My nostrils flared as I breathed in Travis' sex odor as well as my own. A bead of sweat rolled down the side of my face as I watched Travis take a swig of beer. His lips forming a perfect O around the bottle neck. Travis then placed the ice-cold bottle against his nipples, making them become more erect. His shirt had been off for some time now. Whether due to the summer heat or the sexual heat, I didn't know or care.

If you had told me that I would be have such animal lust for my boy two years ago, I would have busted your head open. That's because two years ago, I didn't know Big Daddy. He was a big man, over 6'7", and stocky too. A real brick wall type build, but with a slight pot belly. His hair was black and pulled back into a pony tail and he had a big, bushy, curly beard. He looked like a biker and he was a biker. I had just moved in next door after my divorce. I didn't think we would have anything in common and was a little intimidated, but I did the neighborly thing and went over to introduce myself. Big Daddy had one of those personalities that just made you want to be friends with him.

Over the next couple of months, I would be watching out for Big Daddy, make excuses for going over there, hang out, help him with his yard, work on his bike, share some beer. "Just being neighborly," I would tell myself. Now I know it was because I was attracted to him. I noticed that he would often have a bunch of his biker buddies over. I started dressing like Big Daddy. Then Big Daddy put the moves on me. He started off making comments, which became more and more sexual. We played like this for about a month. Then one day, I said how his biker buddies hadn't been around for a week. Big Daddy said how they had gone on a run, leaving him hard and horny. Then Big Daddy asked if I wanted to be his bitch. Oh I made a big fuss about saying, "No!" but it also struck me that I was hard and I seem to always be hard around Big Daddy. Big Daddy just glanced down at my crotch and said, "You are hot for it!" Before I could protest or run away, he grabbed me into his arms and kissed me long and hard./p>

Right there in his backyard, Big Daddy pushed me to my knees. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his Hog. It was fat and greasy. I could smell the cheese under his foreskin. He slapped it against my cheek a couple of times. I was a little worried about being out in the open like this, but then Big Daddy grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. I instinctively let my jaw open and let Big Daddy stuff his cock in. I loved it. I didn't care who saw me know. I wanted everyone to see me sucking on that monster cock. My hands grabbed hold of Big Daddy's ass and I pulled him closer, swallowing more even as I gagged. Big Daddy laughed and said, "You sure are hungry!" There was a timelessness while I sucked that cock for the first time and yet at the same time Big Daddy pulled it out of my mouth all too soon. I knelt there panting and gasping and trying to get that wonderful cock back in my mouth. Big Daddy just laughed, then pulled me up and kissed me again. He led me inside and up to his room. He stripped me and shoved a finger right up my hole. It hurt a little, but I just moaned and hugged Big Daddy./p>

That night Big Daddy made me his willing boy. He had me suck on his cock and balls, chew on his nipples, and lick his ass. He made me bend over the dresser and spread my ass cheeks. And he made me beg - beg for more and more and more. I licked and sucked and chewed. I dripped a gallon of pre-cum and came again and again. The best was when Big Daddy fucked me. After that night, I was Big Daddy's even if I didn't know it. I managed to stay away from Big Daddy for a week, but then I went over his house. Big Daddy smiled a big shit eating grin when he saw me at the door. "I knew you'd be back, boy!" I made some noise about wanting to talk about what happened between us, but Big Daddy's smile just grew bigger and he pulled out his cock. I was on my knees in less time that it took to say this. After that I came by every night to please Big Daddy and to please myself./p>

I came into Big Daddy's circle of biker buddies. They were a great bunch of guys. I was a little nervous about them figuring out what I was doing with Big Daddy. Big Daddy told me that he had fucked each of the guys. I couldn't believe it, until I saw how the guys would pair up and the wild and free sexual playing everyone took part in. At first, I just stuck by Big Daddy. Gradually, I became friends with all the guys and Big Daddy encouraged me to experiment with his friends.

You are probably wondering what all this has to do with me and my son, sitting in my kitchen, barely containing ourselves. In my relationship with Big Daddy and playing with his - my new friends, I was always the bottom. It was good, but I wanted more. I wanted to be a full-fledged biker. To do that I had to show all the guys that I could be a top-man. One of the guys, BJ, said he knew a hot number for me to prove myself on. Big Daddy asked if it was the kid from last Saturday. When BJ said it was, Big Daddy turned to me and said, "He's a great fuck. Nice and tight." A couple of the other guys agreed and also claimed this kid really knew how to suck a cock. I was like, "Bring him on!"/p>

And so, it was planned that tonight would be my initiation as a biker. The guys would get this hot to trot kid and warm him up for me. Then right there in front of everybody, I was to show what type of cocksman I was. Big Daddy had taken me out to buy my own bike. When we got back to Big Daddy's, I could hear the guys had started in already. My cock was hard and leaking as I walked into the living room. All the guys were in a circle, their pants pulled down to their knees. I could see in the middle was someone sucking on one guy while getting fucked up the ass. The guys parted a bit. I watched as this smooth ass was taking a pounding from BJ's cock. I unzipped my pants and dropped them to my ankles. I couldn't remember my cock ever being this hard. I walked up to BJ and pulled him off the kid. "This is my ass!" I shouted as I plunged into the hottest tightest hole I ever fucked. The Kid's head came up off the cock he had been sucking and he cried out. That's when I saw it was my own son, Travis. I froze, but only for a second because that is when Travis' ass began to milk my cock. The guys started cheering me on and Big Daddy put a cigar in my mouth. And so I gave into the feelings and began to fuck my son./p>

Big Daddy later said that was the best fuck he ever saw. I fucked the cum right out of my boy's dick, to the delight of everyone there. His ass spasms as he shot gave me my nut and I blasted deep in him. I pulled out of Travis' ass, stood him up and spun him to face me. The shit-eating grin on his face dropped when he saw me. Before he could react, I did to him just what Big Daddy had done to me, I grabbed him tight in my arms and kissed him. I could see by his face he still had questions, but he held off as I pushed him down, stuck my cum covered cock into his mouth, and said, "Suck it clean!" The party kicked off in full gear after that. After a bit, I grabbed Travis and headed over to my place./p>

So here we were. I don't know what I liked better, knowing I was a real biker now or that my son was such a hot number. I got up and walked over to Travis. I pulled him up and kissed him hard and deep. I broke our kiss after a couple of minutes. "What do you have to say, Son?" Travis reached down, grabbed my hard cock, and said, "I love you, Dad!"

Solarium sex

Allen's stiff prick slid sloppily up and down Donny's ass crack as he hugged Donny tightly, his breath pumping hotly into Donny's ear, accompanied with small jets of spittle. Donny's head had fallen backward in languished relaxation as he gave in to the multiple pleasures coursing through his body, one of which was the hard dick massaging his ass cheeks. Every once in a while Allen's angry dick tip knocked at Donny's puckered hole. And though their bodies were thick with sweat, not only from their heated rutting but also because the solarium seemed more humid than usual, Donny could still feel Allen's thick matt of chest hair sliding sensually across his back like a warm wet rag. The intermittent sucking sound when Allen lower chest pulled away from Donny's back added to both men's pleasure. And then there was the matter of Allen's expert hands. The men, locked tightly together with Allen's arms wrapped around Donny, Allen's hands alternated between caressing Donny's pecs and manipulating the monster hanging between Donny's legs.

"Fuck, I love this," panted Allen as one hand journeyed around Donny's pec, stopping every once in a while to pinch the nipple lightly, while the other hand squeezed and pulled on the massive cock, still relatively flaccid but already leaking copious amounts of precum that either fell to the solarium's damp floor in rich wet drops, or splattered onto any one of the men's combined four legs as Allen's manipulations caused the gigantic log to flop around.

As Allen was about to slowly insert his aching cock into the furnace of Donny's ass, both men turned their heads to the right as they were greeted with a, "Hey, guys, want some of this?"

Donny's 19 year old intern Karl stood at the solarium's entrance, arms raised as if he were the star football player who had just scored for the team, clothed only in Donny's black leather chaps and a worn wife beater. The chaps were real. Donny had worn them for years, riding at his family's ranch. The thick leather was scarred with age, which made Karl's smooth taut muscled flesh look very inviting. The two men watched the blond muscle boy's hooded dick harden and stand up in mere seconds as he gazed on the men's frenzied movements. They smiled, remembering what it was like to have a dick go hard that quickly.

As Karl walked toward the two older men, a broad smile worked its way across his youthful baby face, his straight dark blond hair starting to plaster to his head from the solarium's humidity, and his nervousness. Yes, a baby face, but the body was all man. Both Donny and Allen reacted to the sight of the muscle stud approaching them, his massive pecs, and now rock hard dick, bouncing in unison with each step. The thick leather of the chaps creaked mutely as the age softened leather slid along Karl's leg muscles, caressing them as the teen's muscles bunched and relaxed with each step. Allen groaned into Donny's ear; Donny's monster started to waken.

Karl stopped a couple of feet in front of Donny, his eyes riveted on Donny's hardening cock. He'd never seen a cock that big. Though Karl had seen the outline of it in his boss's clothing numerous times, his mind wouldn't accept that it could actually be that big. But his mind, nor his steel hard cock, could ignore the reality of the veined shaft hanging in front of him.

While Allen lost himself to focusing on the thrilling sensations spiraling around his body caused by his dick rocking along Donny's trench, Donny stared at the muscle pup's smooth face. Sweat was starting to run down Karl's slightly reddening cheeks. Though Donny had eyed his young intern appreciatively in the past, only now did he notice Karl's puffy lower lip and imagined what it would feel like locked against his own lips, or moving slowly along the warm bumpy length of his own dick.

"Whoa, cowboy, whoa," yelled Donny as he grabbed Karl under his arms, stopping the teen from ending up on his knees. As the full weight of Karl's body rested in Donny's arms, his hands cupping Karl's damp armpits, Karl's face was suspended momentarily across from Donny's chest. As Karl moved his eyes up to look at Donny wondering why he was stopped from his journey toward wrapping his lips around the largest cock he'd ever seen, he took in the sight of Allen's hand as it manipulated one of Donny's pecs and also spotted one of Donny's biceps, shining with sweat and bulging from the effort of holding the teen. Karl's dick twitched in reaction and a tiny bubble of precum oozed out of his slit.

Donny pulled Karl up and toward him, slamming his mouth onto the young stud's, sucking it hungrily. Karl responded energetically by sucking back, letting his tongue play the submissive puppy role to his boss's alpha tongue, and reached to pull Donny toward him. His hands slipped in between the pressed bodies of Donny and Allen. Karl was rewarded with having his hands lost in the damp heat of the two older men's bodies sealed together by sweat. As he pulled his boss's body into his own, Karl's palms pressed into Donny's back and Allen's sea of chest hair rippled across the tops of his hands. It felt really nice.

For his part, once Donny had a lip lock on Karl, he wrapped his arms around the kid and worked his hands underneath the wife beater. Donny felt more blood surging into his cock as he journeyed around the wide and smoothly muscled back. Pressing even more against the young man's back, Donny slid his hands southward, curved in at the base of the spine and slipped under the tied leather waist of the chaps.

Karl moaned into Donny's mouth as Donny's hands staked their claim on Karl's ass flesh and then jammed their crotches together. Donny squeezed, marveling at the firmness of Karl's cheeks, and started rhythmically pulling the teen's midsection to his. Karl's hard abs pulsed against Donny's stomach as the two breathed in and out.

With his hands still firmly holding Karl's melon cheeks, Donny suddenly pushed Karl away from him, his forearms locked underneath the rear waist of the chaps. He raped the muscle pup's man body with his eyes. Karl's eyes glowed with sexual need in response as Donny moved his hands to the kid's shoulders.

Feeling the two pull apart and his hands suddenly freed from the warm prison of Donny's and Karl's chests, Allen reached out blindly, landing on Karl's chest. He worked each pec forcefully, ripping the frayed material of the wife beater and stretched his head around the side of Donny's to be able to visually feast on his handiwork. Karl's head fell backward. A grunting moan snuck out of the teen's mouth, and both Donny and Allen realized that a pleasure zone of Karl's had been tapped.

Donny leaned forward and started sucking on one of Karl's neck bones, then moved his mouth down to a pec, forcing one of Allen's hands away. Allen set both hands working on the other pec as Donny's mouth locked onto the nipple of his mound of teen muscle. Donny then started chewing on the one nipple while Allen pulled on the other one. Karl's body started to quiver in response.

"Stop!" shouted Donny as he let go of the pec with a trail of spit connecting his mouth to the nipple, pushed Allen's hands away, grabbed the teen's cock, and squeezedhard. "Don't you cum, assholenot yet!" Allen watched over Donny's shoulder as Karl's quivering body gradually came to rest while grunts of pain came out of the kid's mouth. The whole time Donny had one fist surrounding Karl's joint, the other was holding firmly onto the back of the muscle kid's neck.

"Let goit hurts!" said Karl. Donny let go and pushed Karl down to his knees. Karl landed on the tiled floor, the leather chaps protecting his knees. Now at eye level with Donny's dick, Karl forgot about the dull throbbing pain in his own dick.

"Want it? Want to taste it? Can you make it harder?" Donny teased as one hand played with his cock while he held Karl's chin with the other, rubbing his thumb over Karl's lips as Karl tried to trap the digit in his mouth. "Here, practice," said Donny as he slipped his thumb over the teen's pouty bottom lip and into his mouth. Allen went back to Donny's pecs and pressed his face against the back of Donny's neck as he listened to Karl noisily suck on the thumb. Karl had wrapped his bulging arms around Donny's legs and ran his hands along the older man's inner thighs.

Donny let go of his dick, surprised at how much harder it was getting and how quickly, grabbed the hair on Karl's head, pulled the kid's head upward roughly, and while taking his thumb out of Karl's mouth, stared and said, "Do it." Karl's open mouth had saliva running out of each corner. He bent slightly and sucked in as much of Donny's dickhead as he could. Donny hissed as he sucked in air. Sensing Donny's new level of arousal, Allen took his cue and shoved his dick into Donny's steamy tunnel. Normally Allen took his time working his way into Donny's shit chute, but this time he was just too hot to wait. Luckily, since the two men were regular fuck buddies, Allen only had to wait a short time before he started long dicking Donny.

Meanwhile, Karl was lost in his worship of Donny's tool. By now, it was just about at full mastreally, really full. He had let go of the head and was how working his mouth up and down the length of the tube as his biceps hardened while locking his arms tighter around Donny's legs. Though careful not to bare teeth, Karl had stretched his lips over his teeth and was gently chewing on his boss's manhood. Karl's manipulations kept Donny's dick pointing downward. Karl's saliva streamed to the tip of Donny's dick, mixed with the flow of precum, and a steady stream of thick liquid fell to the tiled floor.

Having spent a few minutes using his hands to help guide Karl's head around his dick, Donny now lifted Karl to a standing position by his head, looked into the glazed over muscle pup's stare and ordered, "Turn around and pull your ass cheeks apart." Karl did as he was told. It took a moment for Donny to line up his dickhead with the kid's tiny pucker, what with the sexual frenzy of the moment and Allen's pounding away in back.

Donny reached for Karl's waist and pulled the kid toward him as he pressed his hardness against the teen's unrelenting backdoor.

"Relax asshole!" and then Donny felt the head of his dick pop into Karl. With a grunt and a mighty effort, he then forced half the length of his cock into the teen's asshole and felt the muscles inside spasming. As the waves of pleasure on his dick matched the waves of teenage butt muscle moving around his dick, Donny moved his hands to Karl's ribcage and pulled the kid closer to him, his chest against Karl's sweaty back skin, the wife beater now less than a rag. Donny then locked a hand onto each of the firm pecs, and held on to them as leverage as he began pumping in and out of the heated tunnel.

The three men were locked in one fuck. It was one body, one asshole, one dick. The only sounds were the coordinated grunts of the three men, with the sound of the waterfall at the other end of the solarium adding a musical texture.

Allen came first, his open mouth on Donny's neck, grunting out bursts of air and spit with each flex of his dick inside Donny's ass. He continued his fucking motion while shooting and much of his load leaked out, running down both his and Donny's legs. He stayed pressed against Donny's back, panting.

Donny felt his own end approaching, pulled out of Karl's ass with a noisy pop, spun the dazed kid around to face him, and pushed him down to his knees.

"Your face," Donny barely panted out as he looked down at the teen's baby face, "your handsnow!" Karl realized what his boss wanted, wrapped both hands around the obscenely huge dick, and ran them back and forth along its length, his own painfully stiff dick drooling precum as he focused on pleasing Donny.

"Look at me," came out in a ragged whisper. Karl looked up at Donny. As Donny stared at the baby face, tremors ran through his legs and he watched his ropes of cum shoot out and mix with the sweat on Karl's face. Karl instinctively closed his eyesand opened his mouth. Some of the load went into the open mouth; most of it landed on Karl's face, or shot off to each side, landing with splats on the floor.

Donny lifted the muscled body of the dazed teenager and began noisily sucking his own cum off the kid's face. Karl pressed into Donny, his leather covered legs pressing against Donny's, his dick rubbing at his boss's waist, aching to unload.

By this time, Allen had pulled out of Donny's ass and he'd moved around behind the standing Karl. Allen pressed against the hard muscled body of the teenager, and reached down to rub the now very warm, very wet, and very soft leather of the chaps. He rubbed harder and harder, feeling the kid's firm leg muscles underneath.

"Don't," Donny ordered as he pushed both men away. As the three sweaty men separated from each other, Donny grabbed Karl's shoulders and locked eyes with him.

"You don't cum nowand not later tonightand not tomorrow morningand not tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow night, you meet me here and I want you in full football gear. All of it, you hear me? And you'll cum tomorrow night. You'll cum a lot. You'll cum when I make you cumyou'll cum till it hurtsand then you'll cum even more. Understand?"

Karl nodded to his boss. Donny and Allen embraced as they watched the muscle teen walk away. As Karl's ass cheeks pumped and dimpled with each step, Donny imagined them covered by shiny skintight football pants.

First poppers

I have only been with older gay men - the first time, I was 18, hitchhiking home after school and had just finished smoking a joint and a fat man about 55 picked me up. I got in the car and said hello; as I turned to him I noticed that his tee shirt was pulled up over his belly and his pants were unzipped down so far I could see his pubic hair. Under my feet, the floor was covered with magazines. As I went to go move them, I noticed that the covers were covered with pictures of sex between teenage boys and older men. I had never seen anything like that before, and I started to blush.

When I turned my head to see if he had seen me, he smiled at me and pulled me over to him by my belt loop and said, "Try not to step on them, they're very expensive and hard to get." I could tell how strong he was by how easily he pulled me over to him. He left his hand on my upper thigh, but I pretended not to notice. He turned right and pulled over on a small little street; I thought it was to move the magazines. He must have smelled the pot on me because he smiled and said, "I bet a guy your age loves to get stoned".

He said the pot was kid stuff, and asked me if I had ever tried poppers; I told him no, I didn't know what they were, so you reached into his pocket and he handed me a little brown bottle. He told me to take two big sniffs, but I told him I didn't know what he meant. He said that was okay - the first time everybody needed some help. When he went to go put the bottle under my nose and hold my nostril, he put his thumb on my lips and told me it might be easier if my mouth was open.

When I opened my lips a little, he slid his thumb in and told me that I had to open my mouth just enough to cover his thumb in order to get a good hit. I am sure I was blushing beet red; he said I wasn't doing it right, them islets should just be barely touching his thumb.

He said, "Look, your lips should be this far open, barely touching my thumb," and started to push his thumb back and forth in my mouth. I didn't know what to think; there I was on the side of the road with a man holding my head, and making me suck his thumb. Then he held the bottle up to my nose and told me to take the deepest sniff I could, one in each nostril. I did, and the next thing I knew, he was pushing my head down toward his lap. As I opened my eyes, I saw that his penis was out of his pants, very stiff and very big.

My mouth was still open from before, and he lifted his hips while pushing me down, and his big penis went right in my mouth. I had never actually seen a man's erection before; it was huge and stiff. I don't know why, maybe it was the poppers, but there I was, my head spinning, and letting a man pump is penis back and forth in my mouth. He said that was perfect, that I should make an o-shape with my mouth like I was taking a hit. He held the bottle under my nose eight and ten more times, and since I couldn't breathe through my mouth, I kept getting rush after rush.

Suddenly, I noticed that I was getting hard, and that the head of my penis was sticking out from under the bottom of my shorts. I was very embarrassed that I was getting excited because I was letting a man was push his penis in my mouth. He said that it was natural to get hard while I was sucking on him, and to pull my own cock out and play with it. He kept holding the poppers under my nose while he was making me go up and down on him. I knew it was nasty to do, but the poppers made me crazy. I got so excited that I had my first orgasm right there while he was making me suck on him. Even after I came, he made me keep going up and down over him all the way to his house. When we went inside, he also had some coke and speed that he shared with me.

His roommate, who was around 60 also, came home and got with us. What was so exciting was the way they wanted to have sex. One would hold my head while I was on my knees and push it back and forth over the other ones hard penis, or making me lie on my back and doing like pushups over my mouth. They kept giving me hits of poppers and speed while I did it and telling me stuff like I liked to get it pumped in my mouth like a girl and what a soft pussy mouth I was to fuck.

I don't know why but I kept going back over to their house. When their tenant moved out, I moved in to the guest house behind their house. They don't make me pay rent, but they like to invite older women pals over and make me suck dick while the women watch and say how to be a good mouth boy for my elder. The gals also like to ass and mouth fuck me with dildos while everyone smokes coke and speed which is hot because they are lesbians and make me do girl stuff to them in front of the landlords.

Wild jacks

"That's it boy. Suck that dick like your life depended on it," Cameron said, holding Cody by his silky blonde hair. The boy was on his knees, with his shorts down around his ankles. Cameron got off on seeing his smooth naked ass while his pretty lips were wrapped around his dick. Cameron held him still and fucked his face slowly. "You don't know what it's like boy. Living up here in the asshole end of nowhere; with nothing to look at outside but the fucking snow. And nothing to look at come night time 'cept the ugly mug on the guy in the next bunk." Cody knew all right. The oil workers were big hard men. They braved the cold and ice everyday, depending on each other for their lives. Come Friday night, they wanted a little fun with a pretty boy. Women didn't come around the camp. "You better do a good job boy," Cameron said, digging his fingers deeper into Cody's hair and pumping his big dick faster and faster into his face. "That's it boy hold still. I'm gonna come in your mouth just like a pussy," Cameron said, shoving his dick deep down the boy's throat. "Here comes my load faggot and you better not spill a fucking drop," he said, the force of his thrusts pushing the small boy into the corner of the bathroom stall. He came like that, every thrust pushing Cody's head hard into the wall behind him. He was relieved when Cameron finally let him go and dropped seventy-five dollars on the floor. "Great job faggot. You suck dick better than a bitch," he said stuffing his huge dick back into his pants. Cody pulled his shorts up and went back to waiting tables. Three waiters worked the bar tonight. Friday nights were always busy. Out in the bar, the man sitting alone in the corner watched as first Cameron came out of the bathroom and then in a little while, Cody. He'd been waiting 'til he saw Cody again to get another drink. He signaled the boy for another beer, wondering if the man had fucked his ass or his face. Cody brought the beer over and set the glass down. A little slopped over onto the table. "Clean that up boy," the stranger said. His voice was low and deep in the back of his throat, like a growl. "Sloppy work pisses me off." Cody hurried to clean up the mess. This guy looked like no one to fuck with. Trent watched the boy's ass move. He was bare-chested and his denim cutoffs barely covered his smooth bubble butt. Cody could feel the man's dark eyes boring into him as he cleaned up the mess. He stole a look at him out of the corner of his eye. His weathered face had fought a lot of long hard winters. He was big and bulky, like all the men in Wild Jack's. The rolled up sleeves of his dark red flannel shirt showed his bulging biceps and his huge forearms. But this guy was different from the big clumsy men who were the bar's regulars. There was a stillness about him that bordered on arrogance. A hard coldness that was like the land he worked mysterious, alluring. It was in the way he sat, the way he looked Cody up and down with naked need and desire. He controlled everything he did, and did nothing he couldn't control completely. It was all or nothing with him. Cody was irresistibly drawn to that stillness. A little beer spilled onto the crotch of the man's jeans. Cody couldn't help but notice the bulge outlined by the wetness. The man grabbed his small arm in his huge hand and pulled Cody close enough for him to see the beer stuck in his mustache. He saw a cold hard glint in those dark eyes that made his dick push against his tight shorts. "You're a bad waitress boy. I oughta make you lick that shit up. You suck dick any better than you serve beer faggot?"

Trent saw fear mixed with desire in the boy's eyes, and his cock started rising to the occasion. He squeezed his arm harder. It would be good to fuck a pretty boy whose ass was all broken in.

"Yes Sir." Cody smiled nervously, trying to ignore the pain in his arm. "You wanna meet me in the last stall?" There was something about this guy that made Cody feel something he'd never felt before. You could tell a mile away that he'd take what he wanted, and afterward you'd be begging for more. "You fucking stupid bitch!" Cameron's loud bellow carried across the small bar over the voices of the drunken men. They were used to Cameron's tantrums. Everyone ignored him. Except Cody. He knew Cameron was coming for him. Cameron stormed across the bar, moving through the men in his way like a mini-tornado . "Uh oh," one of the men over at the pool table said. "That faggot's about to get his ass kicked." Their drunken laughs were like far off thunder loud and booming but harmless. Cameron grabbed Cody's arm and dragged him out of Trent's grasp over to the dim light near the bar. "Something wrong Sir?" Cody said. His voice trembled like Jello on a violent sea. "You damn right boy. Look at that," he said, pointing at a white cum stain on his tight black jeans. "I fucking told you to be careful!" he screamed into Cody' face, and backhanded him hard across the face. The petite boy was no match for Cameron's bulk. He flew across the room like a rag doll and landed at Trent's feet. Cody turned his back to the wall and saw Cameron bearing down on him like a bull chasing after a red flag. "Is there a problem friend?" Trent said, standing up. He looked Cameron in the eyes with the calm of a man who's met death eye to eye. "Yeah there's a goddamn problem. This fucking faggot needs to learn a lesson. I told the bitch to be careful," he said, reaching down to drag Cody out of the corner. "Well maybe he could just apologize," Trent said, moving in front of Cody. He seemed oblivious to the other man's rage. "Look Mister, why don't you just mind your own fucking business," Cameron said eyeing the stranger. "You'll stay healthy like that."

Trent shrugged. "I ain't no health freak. How 'bout you friend?" This guy had pissed him off. Yeah, the boy was a faggot, but that wasn't a reason to beat him up for fun on a Friday night. Everyone in the bar was watching. This was the best entertainment they'd had in months. No one ever went up against Cameron; he was built like an ox. "He's a salad man," a drunken voice yelled out, making all the men break out in loud drunken laughter.

The two men faced each other like bears about to wrestle. They were evenly matched in size and strength. But Trent radiated that stillness Cody had sensed earlier like the controlled power of a sleek panther on the hunt.

Cameron drew back his ham-sized fist and struck out, but Trent ducked him easily. The two men went down and rolled around on the dirty floor and when they came up, Trent's huge muscled arm was wrapped around Cameron's neck. He was gasping, struggling just to breathe. Cody held back a dark smile. "There you bastard," he thought. Cameron had beaten him up more times than he could count. "There. Now you know how it feels." "Now I'm not a violent man," Trent said in the calm, neutral voice of someone discussing the weather. "But that boy was serving me a beer and you interrupted him. I think you owe the waitress over there an apology," he said, ignoring Cameron's frantic struggles. "Fuck you," Cameron said in a strangled voice. "I've never killed a man," Trent said, talking slowly, like someone with all the time in the world. "But you keep pissing me off and come the summer thaw, they're gonna find your sorry ass floating in the river out back." His grasp tightened around Cameron's neck, making his face almost purple with rage and humiliation. "Sorry," he managed to gasp. "Now let me the fuck go asshole."

Trent let him drop to the floor. "You okay kid?" he asked, turning to the blonde boy cowering in the corner. "Yeah, sure, I'm fine," Cody said, hating the tremor in his voice. "Here," Trent said, handing the boy his beer. "You look like you need this more than I do."

"I don't need nothing," Cody said, turning to go. He was embarrassed and humiliated that a hard man like the stranger had seen him cowering in a corner like a scared little boy. "Sure kid, whatever you say. But I think your buddy Cameron over there is just itching to rearrange your pretty face," he said, looking over at the bar. Cameron was sitting on a stool seething, just waiting for Trent to leave. Trent turned to go, and Cody saw Cameron getting down from his barstool. "Hey Mister," he yelled after Trent. "Yeah kid?" Trent said, turning back to him . "You think maybe you could give me a ride someplace?"

"Sure thing boy. Let's go," he said, and Cody followed him out into the howling night wind that blew bitterly cold. Outside, driving down the lonely highway, Cody watched the aurora borealis lights chase across the night sky. When Trent's hand stole into his crotch, he spread his legs, and gave himself up to the darkly lit night. The ride up to Trent's cabin seemed to take forever, like they had somehow fallen into a place out of time. The road took them on a winding path up through the mountains with only the northern lights to show the way. Cody somehow knew that he had left his life at the bar behind him forever. When they finally got there, Cody got out of the truck and Trent practically dragged him through the snow. He unlocked the front door, letting the warm air out into the cold, dark night. "Get in there, faggot," he said, and pushed Cody roughly inside. Cody was beginning to have second thoughts despite himself. His dick was hard and he wanted more than anything for this guy to fuck him, but something in Trent had changed. Cody backed up a step when he came through the door after him. That hard coldness he'd sensed at the bar wasn't under cover anymore. Trent walked by Cody, ignoring him, and started stacking wood in the huge stone fireplace built into one wall of the cabin. "Take your clothes off faggot," Trent said without turning around. Cody stood still, not sure what to do. His throbbing cock was rock hard, but at twenty-two, he'd seen a lot, and he was a pretty smart kid. Suddenly coming home with a stranger in the middle of the night didn't seem like such a good idea. The boy's fear and desire intoxicated Trent. He was gonna have some serious fun with this slut tonight whether he liked it or not. He let him stand there a minute until he got the fire going. When it was blazing strong and high, he got up and walked over to Cody. Without a word, he unzipped the boy's shorts and pulled them down. "Turn around and bend over on your knees bitch." Cody obeyed, relieved. Good. All this guy apparently wanted was to fuck his ass. Maybe after that, he wouldn't be so wired.

The boy's ass was round and smooth. When Trent finished with him, it would be red and welted. Trent took off his thick leather belt and doubled it. He grabbed hold of Cody's balls and squeezed. He groaned in pain and tried to struggle. "Maybe you got a hearing problem boy. I fucking told you to get naked," Trent said and brought the strap down hard on his smooth ass as he tightened his grip on the boy's balls. Cody yelped and struggled violently. Oh fuck, he'd swapped one psycho for another one. "Stay the fuck still faggot or I'll pull these goddamn things off. I don't even see what you need them for anyway, you cock sucking bitch," he said, yanking on his balls. He brought the strap down one more time, hard enough to make Cody scream. But he didn't. He grunted and whimpered softly. The pain in his balls and on his sore ass was horrendous, but his cock was so hard it hurt. That stillness radiated from Trent even now. It felt like a powerful animal lived under his skin, straining to get out. That immense controlled power gave him a strange kind of high. He was afraid and it hurt like hell. But in his head the pain felt good, like a drug, and he wanted more. Trent looked at the two red welts rising on the boy's ass already. He was gonna fuck this masochist slut good and hard, but not yet. "Turn around whore."

Cody turned around on his knees and looked up at Trent. Cody's dick was rock hard and now there was more desire than fear in his blue eyes. "Get naked bitch," Trent ordered. He watched with hungry eyes as the boy slowly took off his t-shirt and shorts. His pink nipples were hard on his smooth hairless chest. His silky blonde hair fell just past his ears and his pink lips came together in a delicious pout. He was aching to strap this boy's ass for real and fuck him hard. "You feel that boy?" he said, pulling Cody by the hair and rubbing his face roughly into his bulging crotch. "You're gonna take all that up your ass tonight and you're gonna love it no matter how hard I give it to you. Aren't you faggot?" he said letting go and slapping Cody's face hard. The blow rocked Cody and took his breath away, but he managed to stay on his knees. "Yes Sir," he said, his hand going to the side of his face. "Don't worry bitch. I won't mess up that pretty boy face. Not as long as you do what you're told. You piss me off and I'll carve it up like a road map."

Cody was silent, but his heart galloped hard in his chest. He knew Trent meant every word. "Anyone fuck your ass yet tonight?"

Cody looked up at him with the desperate look of a cornered animal. Suddenly he didn't want to be just another whore. He wanted to be Trent's whore. He wanted to be able to say, 'No Sir, you're my first.' But Cody's days of being a virgin were long gone. Trent sensed his fear and desperation.

"It's alright faggot. I know you're a fucking whore." He stepped even closer to Cody and pulled him by the hair until his head was pulled back painfully as far as it would go. "How many faggot?" Trent's eyes bored into him, through him. There was no escaping those twin knives stabbing deep into the heart of him.

"Two Sir," he said, closing his eyes against silent tears. "You know what you need boy?" Trent said, letting go. "No Sir," Cody said, his eyes on the floor. "A bath," Trent said. Upstairs in the bathroom, Cody was kneeling obediently at Trent's feet with his round willing ass high up in the air. His head rested on the floor on his hands. "You stay just like that boy while I run a nice hot bath for you," Trent said, opening the pipe and letting the hot water run into the huge bathtub. He put the rubber plug in the drain, thinking of what it was gonna feel like to plug his new boy's ass. "I'm gonna have to clean up that whore ass boy. Who knows how many of those nasty fuckers really had your ass tonight," he said reaching for the enema bag already filled with warm soapy water. "Please sir, only two, I swear," Cody said, not daring to move or even look up. He shot a terrified glance at the huge enema bag. "Shut the fuck up faggot," Trent said, slapping Cody's vulnerable ass hard with his big calloused hand. "I'm gonna put this hose inside your faggot ass, and you moan and cry all you want but you better not move even a muscle. You got that whore?" His huge paw came down hard on Cody's reddening ass again. "Yes Sir," Cody said miserably, his head hanging between his arms. Trent put the hose in slowly, and then raised the bag higher and higher, letting gravity fill the boy's asshole. Cody felt the warm water pouring into him and only his fear of what Trent would do to him if he disobeyed kept him from moving. "You like that water going up your faggot ass getting you all nice and clean for me bitch?"

Cody was sweating. Small droplets lined his forehead. "No Sir," Cody said, fighting desperately to stay still. "Wrong answer faggot," Trent said, taking out the hose and replacing it with a butt plug. "Here's what happens to faggots who give the wrong answer around here," he said, bringing his thick leather belt down hard on Cody's ass. Cody hissed in breath. His insides felt like he was gonna bust. The cramping pain in his gut became his universe and Trent was God in his universe of pain. "Let's try it again. You like your enema faggot?"

"Yes Sir," Cody said, crying silently now. There was no sense fighting anymore. The pain would go on and on until Trent decided it was time for it to stop. "Good answer bitch," Trent said, unzipping his pants. The sound of total surrender in Cody's voice gave him an electric rush of pure desire. Nothing mattered to Cody now except pleasing Trent and giving him all the right answers. "Turn around and get over here you little cock sucking bitch!"

Trent's hard throbbing dick was sticking out of his unzipped pants. He was long and thick and even through the cramping pain, Cody ached for the feel of that cock pounding up his tight hole. "Here's your reward faggot. Suck my fucking dick you little whore," he said, grabbing Cody by the hair and shoving his dick deep down his throat. Cody's lips felt good wrapped around his hard, aching dick. He could see tears trailing down the boy's cheeks. But when he looked up at Trent and their eyes met for an instant, Trent saw Cody's naked need to be owned and used like a bitch. Fire raced through his blood and he fought the urge to just rip out the plug and fuck him hard enough to make him bleed. Instead, he grabbed him by the hair and fucked his face hard. "You know what bitch?" he said, pumping his thick dick hard into the back of the boy's mouth. "If I don't take that plug out pretty soon, your tiny little insides will just bust wide open and it'd kill you. Not quick either," he said, fucking his face slow now. "Uh uh. You'd take a good long time dying like that." Cody panicked and suddenly the cramps seemed three times worse than just a second ago. "You know what that means boy?" Trent said, sinking himself to the hilt in Cody's mouth. His throat was fucking bottomless. "It means I fucking own your life, doesn't it faggot?" he said, easing himself out of the boy's mouth. "Yes Sir," Cody said, the cramps were so bad now, he trembling. "And since I own your life, that makes you my fucking faggot slave, doesn't it boy?"

"Yes Sir," Cody said. Trent grabbed his hair and forced his huge cock down his aching throat. The thought of truly belonging to someone like Trent made the pain seem like a red hot heat burning the man's will into him, completely obliterating any will of his own. "Who does your life belong to boy?" Trent demanded, pulling his dick of the boy whore's mouth. "To you Sir," Cody said. "What does that make you boy?" he said grabbing Cody's hair and forcing him to look up into his hard eyes. "Your faggot slave Sir," Cody said, meeting those dark eyes. Trent let go. The cramps were making his petite body shake from head to toe and tears tracked down his soft cheeks. When Cody's mouth reached blindly through his tears for Trent's rock hard cock again, his need to fuck his beautiful masochist ass roared through him, like wildfire, making his nerve endings hum with raw animal lust. "Bend over boy," Trent said. Cody bent over obediently, even though it hurt horribly. "Listen to me faggot," Trent said and put a soothing hand on Cody's trembling ass. "I'm gonna take this plug out now and don't even think of letting it out 'til you get on the toilet. You hear me?"

"Yes Sir," Cody said. "Thank you Sir," he said. He was grateful because for the first time in his life he was exactly where he wanted to be. He took the plug out and Cody sprang up and got on the toilet. He was utterly humiliated that Trent stood there and watched while he relieved himself. Afterward, Trent gave him a long hot bath and washed his hair. "Don't you feel better now with the stink of those drunks washed off you boy?" Trent said, when he'd finished drying Cody off. "Yes Sir," Cody said. "Get downstairs boy. The fun's about to start," Trent said, smiling wickedly and flicking Cody's naked ass with the wet towel. Downstairs, Cody sat in front of the roaring fire, wearing leather cuffs. He felt cleaner than he'd felt in years. It was like Trent's enema and bath had washed away his years of being a whore for anyone with a dick and a dollar. "Crawl over here boy," Trent said. He crawled over to Trent. When he'd gotten here tonight, two wrought iron lanterns had been hanging from the two black heavy duty hooks in the ceiling. Now, a long wrought iron bar hung by two thick black chains from those same hooks. Two open padlocks were attached to each chain, just above the bar. "Stand up faggot. Put your hands on the bar." Trent used the pad locks to secure the rings on the leather cuffs to the bar. He passed his hands lightly over Cody's naked body, paying special attention to his round smooth ass. He slipped two fingers inside the boy's ass. His hungry hole practically sucked them in and Cody moaned softly. "Goddamn boy. You're such a fucking whore I bet these fingers don't even feel like nothing, do they faggot?" he said, slipping his fingers in and out of the boy's tight, hungry hole. He reached around with his other hand and stroked the boy's rock hard dick. Cody moaned louder and moved his hips to the rhythm of Trent's hand. "Who owns you?" Trent hissed into his ear. "You do Sir," Cody said, his dick throbbing and aching. "Please Sir, please just fuck me Sir, please," Cody begged. Trent's fingers slipped out of the boy's ass and he gave his balls a hard squeeze. Cody cried out but said nothing. "Who the fuck do you think you're talking to boy? One of those sad sack drunks back at the bar? I'll fuck your ass all right. When your ass looks like the faggot slave you are, then I'll fuck you hard and show you your goddamn place you fucking whore," he said, giving his balls one last savage squeeze.

Cody screamed in agony. Trent stepped back, picked up the leather belt and brought it down hard on his ass over and over again. Cody's head rested on one arm. His feet were wide apart and planted firmly on the ground. The belt left angry red welts on his ass with every blow. Cody tensed with every stroke of the thick, heavy leather belt. Each stroke filled his head with a red haze of pain that pushed everything else out. There was only the pain and him. It filled him, consumed him until he became nothing but the pain. Trent stuck his finger up Cody's ass, and the boy moaned in ecstasy. He was desperate to get his ass fucked. "See what a whore you are? Your ass is all welted up and you still wanna get fucked don't you?" he said, slipping another finger inside the boy's greedy hole. "Yes Sir," Cody said, not daring to beg for Trent's cock up his ass. "You see now boy that I fucking own you?" Trent said, and slipped another finger inside Cody's tight hole. The boy pushed his ass back to meet Trent's fingers. "Yes Sir," Cody said, breathing hard. "Please Sir," he begged. He couldn't help himself. "Please what boy?" Trent said, moving his fingers slowly in and out of Cody's fuck hole. "Please give your faggot slave more of your leather belt Sir? Is that what you meant to say boy?"

"Yes Sir," Cody said, pleasure roaring through him, making him almost dizzy. "Let me hear it whore," Trent demanded, reaching around and squeezing Cody's nipples while he fingered his ass. "Let me hear you beg for it like the slut you are."

"Please Sir," Cody said. "Please belt your faggot slave's ass Sir," he said, sticking his red, aching ass out for the belt. Trent brought the belt down on Cody's ass again and again. The boy grunted and whimpered but he kept his ass out to receive every blow. With every welt he raised on Cody's ass, the boy belonged more and more to him. His whimpering moans were as intoxicating to Trent as a fine, aged scotch. He ran his hand over the welts on the boy whore's ass. He was whimpering and breathing hard and when Trent took his cock in his hand, the boy almost exploded.

"You want more boy?" Trent said. "Yes Sir, please Sir, whip your faggot slave's ass Sir. Please," Cody begged, sticking his ass out and moving it sensually from side to side. The sight of Cody's welted ass sticking out, begging for more consumed Trent with the unbearable need to fuck his faggot ass. For Cody, it was like he'd been waiting all his twenty-two years for a beating like this from a man like Trent, whose still power was irresistible. Trent's heart hammered in his chest like some wild drummer calling ancient Gods. His animal need to fuck his ass and own this masochist slut whipped through him like a primitive, savage hunger. He laid into the boy's ass over and over again, showing him no mercy. Cody's body hung limp and unresisting. He was inside the pain, floating in a pool of desire and need so deep it would never be fulfilled while he still lived and breathed. Cody's whimpers became screams of agony and Trent could see that his delicate, abused ass was about to bleed. He made himself stop. Trent got the keys and undid the padlocks. Cody's small body fell to his knees and he sobbed at Trent's feet. He stroked the top of the boy's head gently. Cody rubbed his tear- streaked face along the length of Trent's throbbing cock. "You ready for me now boy? You ready to show me what a fucking cock sucking faggot slave you are?"

Cody answered by taking Trent's thick tool into his mouth until it touched the back of this throat. He almost exploded right then and there. Trent couldn't wait any longer. He pushed Cody roughly onto his back. "How does your ass feel boy?" Trent said, rubbing the head of his dick against the outside Cody's hungry hole. "It hurts Sir."

"Good. Rub your ass on the carpet you faggot whore. I wanna see you hurt yourself for me."

Trent watched the boy rub his aching ass into the hard rough carpet while he lubed his throbbing tool with K-Y and got ready to give him the fucking of his young life Cody was crying softly again. "Hurts doesn't it? Good. That's how a whore's ass should feel when he's getting fucked," Trent said, teasing Cody's hole again. "After tonight boy, you're gonna be my fucking whore," he said and sank himself slowly into Cody's tight hole. Cody moaned softly. His hole ached trying to take all of Trent's incredibly thick cock. He fucked him hard, pulling all the way out, and then slamming his thick pole hard into him over and over again. Trent watched the boy squirming under him, grinding his aching ass into the rough carpet. "Play with that faggot whore cock boy. I wanna see you come like a dog after I whipped the shit out of you," Trent said sinking into Cody's hot hole again and again. He slapped the boy's face. "Who fucking owns your ass now boy?"

Cody's ass was on fire and Trent was fucking him like a demon. Yes, he fucking belonged to this man who could take what he wanted and give him what he needed. "You do Sir," Cody said, moaning, panting hard. "What are you Cody?" Trent said, fucking him savagely. He slammed his cock into him, battering away the last shreds of his will. "Your faggot slave Sir," Cody said, his hand sliding up and down his desperate, throbbing shaft. "That's right boy. You're a fucking animal who doesn't even come without permission," Trent said, plowing deep into Cody's tight fuck hole. "You're my animal now. I fucking own your faggot ass," he said, grunting and using his powerful hips to slam his incredibly hard cock into Cody's hot, aching asshole like a jackhammer. "Please Sir, please can I come Sir?" Cody begged desperately. "Go ahead, you desperate whore. Come like a dog after I beat your whore ass." Cody exploded and bucked and thrashed. Trent couldn't take it anymore. Seeing Cody come like that after he'd humiliated and abused him made his throbbing cock explode inside the boy's tight hole. "You're making me come, you fucking whore!" Trent said, shooting his load deep into Cody's tight asshole. He slipped his dick out of the boy's abused hole and drew him close. Cody rested his head on Trent's powerful chest and reveled in the feeling of belonging to someone for the first time in his life. "Please don't take me back, Sir," he whispered, almost to himself. "Not on your life son," Trent said. A small, contented smile crossed his face and he kissed the top of his new boy's head as he gently stroked his silky, soft hair.

Visiting uncle mark

My parents went to Antigua for a week during Spring Break in my senior year of high school. They were pretty controlling and packed me off to my Uncle Mark's while they were gone. Normally, I'd have made a stink about being old enough to stay home alone, but the thought of a week with my hot young uncle changed my mind. He was my mother's "baby" brother, about 31 or 32 at the time, single and living in an apartment in the city, 60 miles away from our semi-rural digs. He ran a small landscaping business and was a "hands on" kind of guy. With all the hard-scape work he did, he was pretty buff. I was not very muscular yet, but I had a slim, smooth build that was hot in its own way.

The couch in his one bedroom apartment was hard as a rock. After hearing me toss and turn for an hour, he invited me to join him in his king size bed. I felt a little weird, but anything was better then that couch. Nothing happened right away. We both fell asleep. The first light of morning was breaking through the curtains when I awoke with a typical morning hardon. Well actually, not typical at all. My boxers were down around my knees. Uncle Mark was mated to me spoon fashion with his arm draped over me gently massaging my flat left tit. I could feel his bare hard rod along the crack of my ass. He was moving his hips gently, so that his cock slid slightly up and down the crack. I found it hard to believe that he thought I wouldn't wake up, but I wasn't sure and didn't want it to end, so I pretended that I was still asleep. I squirmed a bit and moaned as though I was having a hot dream. Hell, I thought, maybe that's all it is.

Uncle Mark began to hump my crack more seriously. He pulled me tight into his body. I couldn't pretend to be asleep any more and didn't want to anyway. I took my own good sized cock in my hand and began to wank off. He knocked my hand away and took my member in his fist. The contact of another man's hand on my cock was too much for me. I began to spurt at his first touch. He didn't stop when I finished. I moaned with exquisite agony as my balls contracted in protest. Uncle Mark jammed his hips against my buttocks. I felt the eruption through his cock before I sensed the warm wet pool collecting between his abdomen and the small of my back. I didn't count them, but he must have gushed at least a dozen times. When he was done, he rested for minute then went into the bathroom and took a shower. While he was doing that, I reached behind myself and scooped up as much jism as I could manage. I brought it to my mouth and flicked my tongue at it tentatively. It tasted different from my own, a little more sour. I gobbled it down eagerly.

After showering, Uncle Mark went down to the kitchen. I decided that I wanted his dried cum on me all day so I didn't shower. I dressed and joined him. He asked me how I wanted my eggs, looking at me as though nothing unusual had happened. Throughout the day, he acted "normal" and completely ignored my obvious discomfort with the situation. By the end of the day, I figured that we were just going to pretend it hadn't happened. It was a one-time thing between two guys who were just a little too horny. We were watching the beginning Letterman, when he got up and announced that it was time to hit the hay. Frankly, I was beat and the idea sounded good to me. I had been afraid that, if I got into bed with him again, I couldn't keep from getting a hardon but, tired as I was, it would probably be okay.

I was a little nervous, but Uncle Mark was as nonchalant as ever. I figured that everything was cool and that what happened that morning was never going to be mentioned again. I went into the bathroom to piss and brush my teeth. I was in my boxers when I entered the bedroom and found Uncle Mark standing there buck naked, feet at shoulder width with his rock hard cock jutting a good four inches past his fist. He looked at me expectantly but said nothing. I walked up to him a dropped to my knees.

He brushed my lips with the tip of his cock. I let my tongue flit out and taste the clear sour liquid oozing from the slit. I followed with a less tentative lick around the crown, then, summoning up my courage, I opened up and took the fat head into my mouth. Uncle Mark was uncut, but the head was well past the end of the sheath. I had trouble believing it. My first taste of cock and it was Uncle Mark's! He took my head in his hands and pushed me down on himself. I tried to take the whole thing in, but it was too fat and long for a novice like me. I choked and Uncle Mark took pity, pulling me back off it. I let it fall out of my mouth and began licking his groin and balls. They were beautiful, massive things that I took gently into my mouth one at a time. Uncle Mark moaned but he still didn't say a word.

After a few minutes, Uncle Mark pulled me to my feet and spun me around onto the bed, so that I was lying crosswise on my back with my feet still on the floor. He grabbed the waistband of my boxers and ripped them all the way off. Then he knelt down and put my legs over his shoulders. His head went down but he didn't stop at my cock. Instead, he went below and took a long lick from my asshole to my balls. I sighed heavily. Then I felt his tongue darting into my asshole. I moaned loudly, but I took my cue from him and uttered no words whatsoever. He worked my butt furiously with his tongue. I was in heaven.

Just when I didn't think that I could take any more, Uncle Mark pulled back and stood up. He leaned forward forcing my knees into my chest and placing the tip of his cock against my now sloppy asshole. With no lube other than his own saliva, he pushed in. I didn't really know how to open up, but that didn't stop him. I screamed as he rammed his big bone deep inside me. When he had me fully impaled, he stopped and held me tight. We lay like that for a good five minutes, me crying quietly and him licking the tears from my face. After a while, the cramps subsided and Uncle Mark pulled his hips slowly back. I ignored the pain and concentrated on the feel of his hot cock inside me. He pushed back in and my own cock throbbed in response. Slowly he increased the length of his strokes and sped up the rhythm. Eventually, he was slapping my butt cheeks loudly with his hips at the bottom of every thrust. Even though it hurt, I reached around and grabbed his ass pulling into me time after time. I wanted to cry "Fuck me, fuck me hard, Uncle Mark," but our unspoken pact of silence held me back. Once again the friction of our bodies caused me to cum first, and again Mark followed in short order.

I savored the sensation of the hot juice in my rectum as Uncle Mark repositioned us lengthwise on the bed all without pulling out. We lay like that for about ten minutes until his softening dick popped out of my hole. I made a small whimpering noise as it did so and he smiled. He shifted slightly to the side in order to get his weight off me. His left leg was draped over mine, so that each of our cocks was pressed against the other's thigh. His left arm was draped across my chest. Within a minute of his head hitting the pillow, he was snoring softly, his face only inches from mine. I regarded him carefully. Shaggy, red-brown hair framed an angular face, good looking but not fag pretty. In fact, apart from the closely trimmed beard, it was like I was looking in a mirror with a time delay. For years, family members had remarked how much we looked alike. Pictures of him in high school were dragged out to prove it. Of course, my lanky body was nothing like Uncle Mark's buff one, but old pictures of him in a swimsuit showed that he was as gangly as I in high school. I ran my hand down his muscled back and let it linger on his bubble butt. Maybe some day I drifted off.

We went on like that, fucking like bandits in the morning and the evening and playing uncle/nephew for the rest of the day. He did as much work as possible from home, mostly keeping track of his crews and lining up new jobs. We went to a baseball game on Sunday and a museum on Monday. That last one surprised me. On Wednesday night, he took me to a bar with a lax carding policy. A couple of girls hit on us and we let them follow us to his house. We fucked--the four of us in the one bed. Mine was a little on the thick side, both physically and mentally. Uncle Mark pulled a couple of condoms from the drawer of his bed stand. I hadn't realized he even had them. I fumbled putting it on, but my fuck partner helped me with it. Unlike our earlier Uncle Mark got his partner off in a just a few minutes. I went on for a long time while they watched. My partner came in wave after wave. Her friend said she got herself a winner. The truth was that I was having trouble cumming. I finally faked it, figuring that the rubber would hide the truth.

When I pulled out, Uncle Mark was hard again. His partner asked if he wanted to go another round. He shook his head and said, "Watch this." He got behind me and pushed my face into the pillow between them. As he pushed his throbbing cock into me, they screamed and scrambled out of bed. They grabbed their clothes and headed for the bedroom door, but stopped and turned to watch. For about a minute they watched him plow me wordlessly. Then they giggled and left. After our fuck the next morning, Uncle Mark made breakfast and talked admiringly about my staying power the previous night and how his "date" would have liked to have had a go with me. He made no mention of how the night ended.

For the rest of the week, we tried everything I had ever heard of and more. On Thursday night, he put me across his lap, cock-to-cock and spanked me until we both came. It was way hot. The next morning my ass was purple. When my parents came to pick me up, Uncle Mark announced that I was going to work for him in the summer and live at his place. It was news to me, but I eagerly agreed. He assigned me to the hardest jobs and I began to fill out. He also got me a temporary membership in his health club and showed me how to train. We fucked nearly every day and still never discussed it.

On the last night before I left for college, I watched him looking down at me after he had cum and I realized that Uncle Mark was in love with me. Not that he loved me like an uncle "loves" his nephew. Not that he had the "hots" for me as I certainly still did for him. No. He was "in love", whatever that means. It's not something I understood then (or even now) but I figured I could use it. He bought me things throughout my college years and sent me a fair amount of cash. In return, I spent every third weekend or so at his place and I enjoyed every minute of it. I also worked for him during summers. Of course by that time, I was fucking a lot of college hotties closer to my own age, many of whom I picked up working out in the gym.

Along the way, I became more versatile and Uncle Mark had to adjust. I don't think he really liked being bottom all that much, but he was willing to switch off with me in order to keep me coming around. By the end of my junior year, I was every bit as buff as he and a dedicated top. For the last summer, I lived with him but didn't work. He still gave me all the money I needed and took the bottom role permanently. After I went to med school across the country, I didn't see him very much. We haven't fucked more than half a dozen times since then. He drinks too much now and is starting to go to flab. Sad. Whenever I see him at my parents' house, he looks wistful. In all that time neither of us had ever said a word about our sexual relationship or his feelings about me. I feel bad then. I really appreciate those first fucks with him and I surely enjoyed the later ones.

But, shit! I have my own life to live, and these are a lot of men I haven't fucked yet.

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